Art I’ve Commissioned (and Requested)

These are in no particular order. I merely wished for a single place to upload all art I commission.

The four main girls from my CYOA (plus one), Stranger in a Strange Land drawn by einarrz (Newgrounds, Pixiv)
Lady Joan Orwell, Pin Ironstone, Rose Summerfield and Tilde. As well as Nambra Faith. Lastly, Miss Manus from The Multifold Manus

Bridgett and Gwen from Bridgett Means Fire, Maxine Hamilton from The Black Cat, an unnamed Medusa for the icon of my site, a doodle of Ruth from My Friend From Hell, Valene from Walking a Familiar Path, Sybel from Summoned Affection, and “The Meeting of the Moms,” all done by IfTheArtistConsents (Twitter, Newgrounds) AKA: Cathyanon

Tilde, Pin and Rose as well as a solo pinup of Pin, a picture of Pin in armor, Pin doodle featuring a fat rat and another of her in the ‘High Chair Heaven or Hell’, a doodle of Joan and art of Cathedice from Stranger in a Strange Land, Kimiko, and Rald by IfTheArtistConsents (Twitter Newgrounds) AKA: Cathyanon

More art of Pin by IfTheArtistConsents (Twitter Newgrounds) AKA: Cathyanon

Pin in the hospital after dropping Fat Rat on her foot by IfTheArtistConsents (Twitter Newgrounds)

Cover art for Witch’s Guide to Wonderland featuring Kimiko, Bridgett, Maxine, Cheshine and Susan by IfTheArtistConsents (Twitter Newgrounds) AKA: Cathyanon

Absolutely adorable comic that I commissioned from IfTheArtistConsents (Twitter Newgrounds)

I love it so much.

Pin and fat rat dakimakura by IfTheArtistConsents (Twitter Newgrounds) Yes, this is getting printed. No, you cannot stop me. Update: I have the daki.

Pin Ref sheet by IfTheArtistConsents (Twitter Newgrounds)

Curtis, Rael, Arthur, Eric and Leoncio all from Stranger in a Strange Land also done by IfTheArtistConsents (Twitter Newgrounds) AKA: Cathyanon

Abby Nermal from An Aura of Chaos by coconut-pansy

Pin in glorious spats as well as a doodle by Axem as well as Pin and IfTheArtistConsents’ gargoyle Cathy grillin’ together and Pin and IfTheArtistConsent’s Hellwife chillin’ in a pool.

Pin in her armor in soot covered and clean versions, Christmas Pin, and Witch Pin by ViewtifulBeck.

Doodles of Pin and Bridgett done by LNight

Pin in a cute dress and as a marketable plushie by Greenworm Anon

More Pin art by Soupplz

More Pin drawn by Setz, Elzienine, Nav (Gift from IfTheArtistConsents), Gad, 2Sips, Bugseid, Snib, Cheapster, You, Boomslang, Henzo, Allison Chains, Graves of the Dead, Nito, Bugseid, HooksnFangs, <unknown>,

Art by Pumpkin Derp

Pin and Tilde chibis by Nuggets

Art by Amuys

Pin and IfTheArtistConsents‘ Hellwife done by scrib squab

Glorious Widget Midget in a long, cute shirt and her in dwarven garb by AkiBesuto

Pin, Neco-Pin, Neco-Maxy, and some Padarous drawn by Lotus Saint

Pin, Cathy (IfTheArtistConsents character), and Tilde By MoonLSU

Pin Ironstone, Rose Summerfield, Tilde, and Maxine by Kurovah

Poll reward from RandomFacelessNobody of Grace from The Cardboard Box Woman, Pin fixing the sink, and Miss Manus

Pin and Pin and Hellwife drawings by VIRUS

Unnamed Medusa and Kimiko Tora from The Striped Samurai by @SuketchiB

Unnamed medusas by XLBantz and thrensfw

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