A Day in the Life With my Big Cat Girl Wife

    I woke up in a cold bed to a blaring alarm. I was used to it at this point, but I wished she wouldn’t do this. Right on time, I heard the front door open and close. She was home so I got out of bed and went to check on her. She was on the couch, wiping her arm and leg fur clean, “Good morning,” I mumbled to her.  
    She blinked at me with her beautiful green eyes. She was a gorgeous woman with animal-like tendencies and pointy black ears on top of her head of long, luxurious black hair. Her hands were like paws, claws and all, her arms were covered in black fur up to the elbow and her legs were covered in black fur in a similar fashion. Unlike most other cat girls, she had a mane of fur around her neck, similar to a manticore or lion girl. She was wearing jorts and a black tank top. She turned her nose towards the air as I entered, as if I wasn’t worth her time, “Hmph,” She huffs. 
    “How was the hunt?” 
    “Fine,” She was always like this until her post hunt adrenaline died down. 
    I checked behind the couch, I knew she liked to hide things from me there. A terrified harpy bound in rope stared up at me from the floor where she lay, “Princess!” I shouted angrily. 
    “You weren’t supposed to see that! It was a gift for later!” 
    “I am so sorry,” I sighed as I pulled a knife from my pocket and cut the harpy loose, “Are you alright? 
She merely sniffled as I pulled her to her feet, “I-I’m fine,” I quickly scanned her body. It looked like my wife hadn’t cut her up too bad, “C-can I go home?” 
    “No!” My wife protested. 
    “Yeah come on,” I led her to the front door and opened it for her. The harpy scurried out and flew away. I glared at my wife, “Why do you keep bringing girls back!? I know you don’t want me to fuck them!” She merely growled at the back of her throat and scowled at me, “Sorry, I shouldn’t be raising my voice at you,” I sighed. 
    She sighed back. She knew she shouldn’t be acting like this either, “They’re trophies. From my hunt,” She explains. She didn’t seem to feel bad, in fact I know she didn’t. She’s way too proud. 
    “You can’t just mount live girls on your wall,” I rubbed my eyes with my hands, “You need to stop doing this, the police are gonna get involved some day.” 
    She huffs, “Hmph, they can’t touch me.” 
    “Well, I’ll visit you in jail, Princess,” I knew I was feeding into her self importance by calling her that. I glanced at her and my eyes grew wide, “Where is your collar!?” I demanded. 
    Princess gave me a scared look as I raised my voice again, “S-somewhere,” She said bluntly as she tried to maintain her regal attitude. 
    I groaned, “Why did you beg me to buy you that expensive thing when you don’t even wear it?” 
    “Its a sign of our marriage. But you had to buy one with a bell on it,” She explains haughtily. 
    “Yeah, like with a house cat, its so those other unfortunate mamano can hear you coming,” I shook my head, “I’m gonna get started on work soon. Do you need anything?” Princess doesn’t respond, still upset that I let her catch go. I shook my head at her and retreated to my office with only a cup of coffee and a bagel. 
    I was sitting on the couch, back to the armrest with my legs up on the rest of the couch with a nice soft blanket over them. My laptop was on a little tray that was elevated off the couch. The whole at home tech support gig wasn't that bad. If not for new laws that monster girls brought with them banning the ordering of food online, which was only implemented to force neets to brave the streets where they could get caught by a prowling mamano--which is how Princess got me--I would never leave the house. I had a scheduled phone call in about ten minutes so I was just killing time until then. I could hear something scratching at the door. I sighed before calling, “Enter,” Even if she acted like she was the biggest and most important thing in the universe, she still respected my boundaries and let my time in my office be my private time. 
    Princess swaggered into the room with a bottle in her hand. An alcoholic lemonade, her favorite, “Anon,” She merely said my name and looked at me expectantly.  
    “What?” I asked, pretending I didn’t know what she wanted. 
    “Anon,” She meowed again, this time with a bit more sass. She looked exhausted, which is expected after being up all night picking on smaller girls and getting into fights with hellhounds and dragons. She was a big strong girl, big and strong enough to go toe to toe with some of the strongest mamano species. But even then, she lost a lot of the time. She had some fresh scratches on her face and arms as well as a new tear in her tank top. I shot her a glance before patting my thigh, an invitation to sit with me. She set the bottle down on a chairside table before taking my laptop tray and moving it to the floor, “Its time for your break,” She informed me. She knew I wouldn’t take my breaks without her interruption.  
    She grabbed my chin and pressed her lips against mine. I could taste the tart liquid in her mouth still. Her rough tongue pushed its way into my mouth and brushed against my tongue. I used to hate it, but now it didn’t bother me much, “Are you mad at me?” Princess’s words brought me out of my small daze. I looked down at her as she gently kneaded on the blanket between us. She loved that blanket for some reason. 
    “No. I just wish you’d make better choices. I only raise my voice and get mad because I don’t want to see you get in trouble or get hurt.” 
    “You’re lying, you wouldn’t care if I didn’t come home at all,” Princess mewled. I suppose even the queen of this house can feel self deprecating. 
    “You know I’d be upset. I would panic and go looking for you as soon as I thought you were missing,” I assured her. I began to scratch her under the chin causing her to purr loudly. Her kneading moves to my thighs. Her sharp claws pressed into my soft, delicate flesh and gently punctured it. It wasn’t too unlike being lovingly bit by a wife. It made my skin tingle.  
One of her hands accidentally moved to my crotch. I got hard almost instantly. Princess looked up at me as her pupils turned into slits; the hunt was on, “A snake!” She shouted as a grin slowly spread across her lips. 
    “Princess, I have to be on a call in five minutes,” I pleaded. 
    “I have to save you from that snake!” She leapt off the couch and onto the carpeted floor. She landed on all fours and slowly crawled up to the side of the couch as her tail flicked to and fro.  
    “Princess--” I began to beg once more.  
    She pounced. In one quick motion the blanket was torn from my body, in the next, my shorts. I tried to fight her off, like I usually do, to no avail. She put one hand on my chest to hold me still as the other slowly pulled down my underwear. She pulled me so my legs were off the couch before she pulled my legs over her shoulders. She firmly held my legs in place with her big fluffy paws, “Oh, that's not a snake... How could you trick me, Anon? Well, I suppose I had better take care of this while I am down here. What would you do without me?” She grinned again before sticking her tongue out and slowly inching towards my already hard member. 
    My phone went off making my held breath finally exhale as a sigh of relief. Princess gave me an innocent look as she grabbed my phone and handed it to me. Her claws began to gently caress my inner thighs, “Hello?” I put on my friendly customer service voice. 
    “Hey, Anon. Just wanted to go over that new program installation with you. Is right now still good?” My client asked. 
    “Y-yeah now’s fine. Uh, are you on the download page?” I asked, trying to remain as casual as possible. Princess had me exactly where she wanted me. She pulled my legs over her shoulders again and then pursed her lips and put one finger in front of them. I jumped a little bit as she gripped my legs again with her claws digging into my skin. She breathed heavily onto my netherregions, her hot breath made me shudder with anticipation. At any moment, she could bite down on my ‘snake’ and I would be at her mercy. She knew I was loud when teased, hopefully she was feeling merciful. I started through the instructions with my customer. It was a very basic installation, the main reason I was on the phone was the help the customer through the somewhat confusing product registration part, “Just press the little gears awaaaa--” I suddenly uttered a quiet moan before slapping my hand over my mouth. Princess was very slowly running her rough tongue up my throbbing member. 
    “Is everything alright?” The customer asked. 
    “Y-yeah, just dropped something. Once you open the gears--” I shut my mouth again as her tongue was run up my penis again, “Then hit the general settings button, then navigate to another, then finally to the registration,” I started to walk him through it slowly. At the very end, I had to read off a small string of numbers. We couldn’t just email it to them for some reason. I started to read the string of numbers. My usually sadistic and teasing Princess merely happily kissed the head softly.  
    “Hey, thanks a bunch, Anon,” My customer happily expressed his gratitude. 
    “No problem,” I was sweating from Princess’s body heat and teasing but I couldn’t let a customer know I was being molested while on the phone, “If you need anything else or have any issues, shoot me an email.” 
    We exchanged pleasant and polite goodbyes before hanging up. I put the phone aside as Princess tilted her head at me, “Everything go well?” She asked with seemingly earnest interest. 
    “No thanks to you,” I grunted, “Alright, I’m all yours now.” 
    Princess giggled, “Mmmm. I think I am going to sleep,” She stopped gripping me and stood, “No touching your doodle,” She warned as my hand moved towards my own crotch. She could smell it if I even put my hand near it.  
    “Do you have to go out tonight?” I whined, “I miss your warmth in bed.” 
    Princess had her back to me, bottle in hand. She glanced over her shoulder at me, “Do you really?” 
    I put my pants back on and shuffled back onto the couch, “I know you love going out at night. I just wish we could spend a bit more time together,” I explained mournfully. 
    She stopped glancing back at me and left the room. I sighed and went back to my work. I replied to only a few emails before I heard a soft jingling noise. Princess held two things in her hands, a new bottle of alcohol, despite it being before lunch, and her soft leather collar with a tiny soft sounding demon silver bell. She set the bottle down and sat on my lap. Forcibly, she put her collar in my hand before looking up towards the ceiling. I scratched her chin, making her purr again before gently wrapping the leather around her neck and securing it loosely. She grabbed it and adjusted it with a low growl emitting from her throat, “Eugh. I’m not used to it still,” She mumbles. 
    “Don’t be such a baby.” 
    “How about you take a half day, for me?” She asks simply, ignoring my jab. Without waiting for an answer, she moved my laptop and put her head in my lap, “Need a sip?” 
    “I’m on the clock, Princess.” 
    “Then get off the clock, dammit,” She groans, “I just wanna spend some time with you! Its Friday! Our one month is tomorrow! You shouldn’t have to work!” 
    I stopped myself from reminding her she was just about to go to bed. I pat her head gently, “I’ll get the rest of the day off. How about we get something for lunch? I’ll call it in and you can walk and pick it up?” I offer, “I’ve gotta send a few more emails.” 
    “Sure...” She trailed off, looking like she had something else she wanted to say but stopped herself. 
    “Double bacon cheeseburger and a large fry, right? Maybe some onion rings too?” I put the idea in her head to try and get her to perk up.  
    “Onion rings,” She started to salivate. She got up and grabbed my shoulders, “Order it! I’m hungry!” 
    Despite being much larger than me, Princess demanded I always be the one to hold her. I got the feeling she wanted to be a little house cat like the five foot nekomata down the street, “Why can’t this movie be longer,” She whined as her favorite movie ended. A mamano horror romance titled ‘Manticore Manor.’ She always got a little hot and bothered during the end sex scene where the six armed manticore held her man down and had her way with him. I was amazed that porn was passed off as romance now. 
    “Want another movie?” I asked. 
    “Nah,” She rolled over and kissed me on the lips, “Its bed time soon, isn't it?” 
    I checked my watch, it was only nine thirty, “Uh--” I stopped as my heart began to race.  
    Princess’s pupils were already slits. It was time for the hunt once more. I knew this late at night she wouldn’t merely toy with her prey, “I’ll give you ten seconds,” She whispered, “before I begin my hunt,” She grinned and got up off the couch, “Better hurry~” She cooed. I rolled off the couch and scrambled to my feet, “One,” I rushed down the hallway of my small house, “Two,” I got out of earshot as I slipped into my office. I slid myself behind the couch and covered my mouth to mask my breathing. The house was silent. Princess’s sight, smell and hearing was leagues above my own, she wouldn’t struggle at all to find me. I could hear her prowling through the house. The light jingling of her bell and the opening and closing of doors, “I can smell you! I’ll have you between my claws soon enough!” She called with a giggle. It made my heart pound. The noises suddenly stopped. I felt a real terror, like when you completely lose track of the monster in a horror game. I nearly screamed as the couch was thrown aside, “THERE YOU ARE!” She screamed with a laugh as she pounced on me. I struggled against her, trying to remove her claws as she pulled the clothes off my body. She wouldn’t rip them, she knew how upset that made me. Suddenly she straddled me and put her hands on my face. The struggle had ended, “You’re not... REALLY afraid of me, right? You know I’m not a bloodthirsty monster, right? I just lose myself in the lust,” She gently caressed my face. 
    My chest slowly stopped heaving, “Princess,” I chuckled, “I’m just playing along. I know you love this stuff.” 
    Her demeanor completely changed as she gently removed my shorts. I was down to my underwear. She picked me up over one shoulder as a show of strength before carrying me to the bedroom. Like a sack of potatoes being handled roughly by a grocery store employee, I was dumped onto the bed. Princess removed her own clothes but kept the ever jingling collar on. She straddled me and gently rubbed herself against my slowly hardening member. I could feel her love juices slowly leaking out and soaking into the fabric of my underwear, “Ready or not~” She with with a grin. In the darkness of the room, I could really only see the vague outline of her pale body as her black fur and hair were nearly invisible in the low light, “Here... I... Come,” She removed the last piece of my clothes before impaling herself with my member, “Come on, struggle,” She encouraged as she slowly began to move herself up and down my fully erect member. I tried to push her off while fully knowing the futility of it. A mamano that wasn’t on the hunt was much stronger than me, and one that was and had me in her clutches would easily be able to over power me. She grabbed my wrists and held them over my head as she grinned at me like a cheshire in heat. I would slip my hands out from under hers every so often and I would try again to push on her chest, mostly just to feel her large breasts. She was toying with me, letting me feel like I could escape before finally going in for the kill. She placed a hand on my chest and the other on my head, forcing me to look to the side as she held me down. She sped up her pace as I stopped my futile flailing. She was purring and growling amongst her moaning. She kept going faster and faster until we both suddenly gasped and held our collective breath. Princess threw her head back and growled loudly as an orgasm shook her. I shuddered as my precious baby batter left my body, filling my wife’s womb, “Oh, yes!” She cried as she began to pant. She removed her hands from my body and rolled onto her back next to me, “Another round? I’ll let you top~” Even if I was exhausted, I wouldn’t say no. I couldn’t say no. 
I panted and crawled onto the bed after a round of missionary. I was completely spent. Princess cuddled around me like I was a body pillow. She always enjoyed cuddling like this in bed ever since I met her. I could hear her heart pounding as my head was pressed between her breasts. I struggled against her bear hug and managed to wrap my arms around her neck. I ran my fingers through her neck fluff and hair as she gently ran her claws across my back. It already stung from how she dug them into me during entercourse when I was on top, “Hey,” She whispered, “I-I know I don’t say it enough... But I love you. I’m just scared I’ll say it and you won’t say it back. On account of... How I made you mine.” 
    “You mean the ‘proactive dating’ as the higher ups call it?” I chuckled. 
    “Yes! I just--” 
    “I love you. Never assume I don’t.” 
    “Even if I stay out all night getting into fights and kidnapping girls, won’t tell you my real name and I don’t have a job?” 
    “Well, why do you stay out at night?” I asked as I pet her gently. 
    “Because-- Because I want to get stronger. I want to be the strongest I can for you. I have to be able to fight off any girl for you,” She sounded completely serious. 
    I laughed, “You’re plenty strong. Its not like I go outside much anyways.” 
    “W-well, yeah. But still, what if they break in? I have to defend my man.” 
    “You’re just being paranoid, Princess. But, I won’t tell you to stop doing what you love. Just... Stop kidnapping smaller girls, please? Just catch and release.” 
    She grumbled quietly, “Fine.” 
    “I won’t pester you about a job. Its kinda rough right now. But why won’t you tell me your name?” 
    “You’ll stop calling me Princess. It makes me feel like your queen, that I am above others,” She proudly explained.  
I laughed, “It was supposed to be a knock against how big and crass you are. A dainty name for such a big strong girl.” 
    She giggled and squeezed me, “You’re such a nerd. I love you,” She said again. 
    “I love you too. Go to sleep, Princess.”
    “Alright, alright,” She yawned. I happily fell asleep in her arms.

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