Bicorn and Weresheep

   Commission for UncleTerri. Thanks again! 
    “Honey, please?”  
    “I’m not sure I’m comfortable with this,” You sigh.  
    “I know, honey,” Your wife sighed before standing up. Her centaur body is black colored, her human body and face were both gorgeous as well as her white hair. On top of her beautiful head is a pair of black horns. She’s a very lovely woman and you loved her with all your heart, but she was a little strange. Apparently it was normal for all bicorns to have these desires, but you weren’t entirely alright with it, “Can we just try? We could go out and ask a girl or two to come on a date with us! Maybe one thing will lead to another and we will take them back here and you can...” She trailed off dreamily. 
    “You want me to bang her,” You finished the sentence for her. 
    “Do not say it like that,” Your bicorn wife sighed, “You are just so wonderful, Anon, that I wish for nothing more than to share you with another mamano and form some kind of big family together! All the more love to go around!”  
    You frown as you put your pants back on. What a way to kill the mood after such a nice blowie, “Well... I guess that does sound nice,” You shrug. You also know that most mamano out there won’t go for it, “We need to be as open about the relationship being like this, alright? I don’t want you to trick some poor girl into it.” 
    “Oh, I would never do that!” The bicorn looked offended that you would even think that. 
    “Okay. We’ll go out to the bar tonight and see if we have any takers.” 
    “Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you, honey!” She wrapped her arms around you in a big hug and kissed you on the forehead, “Perhaps I should... Renew my scent on you,” She grinned as she got back on her knees in front of you at the foot of the bed. You’re already drained, but wouldn’t protest to more oral. 
    You bounce slightly to the pop music. Its a nice bar that's become a sort of mingling place for single people. While not exactly single, you and your wife Lisa were looking for another partner. It was a little strange to think about, but she seemed to be happy. She eagerly chatted up single mamano whenever she could, “Oh, my husband and I are looking for another partner for kinky three ways~” Lisa chuckled. The manticore chuckled nervously and stepped away without another word. Lisa sighed but turned back to you with a smile on her face. 
    “No takers?” You asked. 
    “Not yet. There has to be someone interested. I’ve been chatting up gals at work and anywhere else girls will give me the time of day. Don’t worry, they’re all ladies that I think you would simply love!” You nod, trusting her judgment. This was for her after all, “Oh! What about that raiju? She’s pretty cute~” 
    “Nah, come on. I need another drink,” You say as you wander up to the front. The barkeep gets your wife a fruity drink and you some rum and Coke, “What kind of girl are we even looking for?” 
    “Someone you like. I am not terribly picky. Merely one that is interested will do.” 
    You sighed as Lisa began chatting up two minotaurs, hyping you up as some really great guy. You knew she loved you as much as she said, so she wasn’t really lying, “Here you are,” the bartender put two shots in front of you, “From the lady down there.” 
    Lisa’s eyes grew wide as she glanced down the bar. At the opposite end, sitting on a barstool and staring down at the two of you was a weresheep with coffee brown colored wool and pale skin. She smiled at the two of you and gave a small wave before downing some more of her blue fruity drink. Your bicorn wife grabbed one of the shots and downed it before gleefully trotting to where the weresheep is sitting. You do the same before slowly following her. The two women had already started hitting it off, talking like they were old acquaintances, “Anon, this is Mia,” Lisa introduced the two of you. 
    “Wonderful to meet you, Anon,” The weresheep smiled softly. She looked sleepy as most weresheep do constantly, “Such a cute name too~” She gave you a sultry smile. 
    You chuckled nervously, “T-thanks.” 
    “Now, I assume you are interested?” Lisa asked, getting right down to business. 
    “In the two of you? Yes, of course. You’re both just absolutely gorgeous. Is it just the two of you?”  
    Lisa nodded, looking at you expectantly, “Why do you want in?” You ask. 
    “I merely desire a large family. The biggest families around are in harems, are they not? I would love to get to know you both better~” 
    You sigh, suddenly feeling something. She was right. You want a huge family too. Not many girls would jump at the opportunity like she had, “Let's skip the formalities. You too already like each other and I think you’re beautiful. Wanna take this back to the house, Lisa?” 
    She grabbed your shoulders, panting with excitement, “Yes! Come now, both of you! You may ride on my back as I ferry us to our den of love!” 
    You return to the bedroom with a nervous look on your face. You look to the bed, Lisa and Mia are fondling each other already, preparing one another for your cock. You have to admit, two girls this eager for you to fuck them is a pretty huge ego boost.  Lisa is gently grabbing Mia’s breasts while rubbing her clit. Mia on the other hand is roughly sucking on Lisa’s massive breasts while fondling her human pussy. They both look at you with smiles and blushing, beautiful faces. They both eagerly beckon your over to the bedside. Mia sat on the edge of the bed and Lisa stood behind you. The weresheep carefully unbuttoned your button up shirt and helped you remove it. Lisa went for your belt and unbuttoned it as she kissed your shoulders. Mia kissed your neck gently. Both girls put a hand or two on your loins and gently rub and stroke, preparing you. They’re both panting heavily, eager and wet to receive your rod. You are more than eager to give it to them, one after another, “Such a handsome man,” Mia giggled as she kissed you on the cheek. 
    “I hope both of you are ready,” Lisa grunted as she reached past you and shoved Mia back onto the bed. She pushed you towards the already nude and carefully shaved weresheep bush. She has a tiny patch of soft wool just over her snatch. Lisa grabbed your shaft and guided it into the sopping wet sheep pussy. Its hot and tight, making you grunt as you enter. Mia moaned quietly as you pushed yourself in, taking her virginity with every inch of your shaft. You put hands on her hips to help you thrust into her gently. Lisa grabbed your hands, putting hers over yours as she continues to guide your hips, “Good boy~” She moaned in your ears, completely turned on just from watching you fuck.  
    “Ah! I-I’m--” Mia shouted, cut off by her own moaning. You can feel her quiver and watch her back arch, already orgasming from your gentle touch. Lisa nibbled on your ear and kissed your neck, moving her hands to hugging you, letting you do your thing as you fucked Mia. You knew she would want you to cum before switching to her. Your hips are moving on their own as you grunt and moan from the intense pleasure. You move a hand to the weresheep’s breast, fondling her and making her howl with pleasure, “Anon!” She cried your name. You can feel Lisa breathing even harder as a reaction. The weresheep’s wooly legs suddenly lock you in place, your cock down to the hilt in her, “Cum in me!” She demanded. 
    “Yes! Anon! Cum!” Lisa screamed, the excitement oozing in her voice. You hadn’t even realised you were this close. You orgasm quietly, moaning into the weresheep’s breasts as Lisa pushed you down onto her. Mia panted, releasing you from her leg lock and grabby, hugging arms, “Oh, wonderful performance, both of you!” Lisa clapped, “Anon, if you would be so kind,” She gestured to her back. You nod and strip your sweating body from the weresheep. Mia grabbed you again for a quick smooch on the lips before letting you go. As soon as you step aside, Lisa’s mouth is down where your cock just was. Her tongue felt up the weresheep’s soft, fleshy thighs as she licked up the love juices before they could drip to the floor. Mia moaned softly while Lisa groaned, gladly lapping up every drop she could. 
    You get behind the excited bicorn and drop to your knees. Her pussy is impossibly wet. You’ve seen her wet before, but that was a creek compared to this ocean of love juices. You stroke yourself a few times before shoving yourself into the bicorn’s pussy. As you did that, she stuck her tongue into the weresheep’s snatch. All three of you moan in unison, a line of sexual pleasure as you all feel the best you ever have. Lisa has complete control over her pussy as she clamps down on your cock with her hot, wet, love tunnel. Just like Mia had orgasmed fast, Lisa came quickly. You thrust about five times before her pussy held you still, trying to milk an orgasm from you. Fortunately for the both of you, you have a bit more stamina in you. You slap her ass and start pushing herself into her then bringing it slightly out and shoving it right back in. The bicorn moaned loudly in between bouts of eating out the weresheep. Mia is in a haze of pleasure from being cummed inside and now being eaten out by an impossibly eager bicorn. You slap Lisa’s ass again, making her moan, “Such a naughty boy!” She laughed, now molesting Mia’s breasts again, “Orgasm with me, won’t you, honey?” You can only nod as you moan in response. Again, the feeling like you’re about to cum snuck up on you. As Lisa orgasms again, in turn her pussy milks an orgasm from you. You moan loudly as your precious love fluid is shot deep into her. You collapsed onto her, panting heavily.  
    “Anon! Come lay down!” Mia called as she moaned. Lisa wasn’t done with her, still gleefully eating her out. You lie next to the weresheep. Lisa adjusts both of you carefully, allowing Mia to put her mouth around your cock, cleaning you up as she played with your balls. She’s obviously a novice at using her mouth, but it still feels amazing as she slowly brings you to climax again as she cleans your member off. You cum in her mouth, prompting Lisa to assault Mia’s mouth with her own. Both are eager to eat your cum.  
Once they were finally finished, Lisa snuggled up to Mia, “Come rest, honey,” Lisa ordered, patting the bed next to Mia. You nod, completely spent and tired now. You snuggle up to the weresheep, letting her wrap you in a fluffy hug. Turns out those tales about weresheep wool helping you sleep were true. Your eyes are already heavy, “You both did wonderfully tonight~” Lisa cooed. 
    Mia is still panting, “As did you. May I refer to you as my sister-wife now?” 
    “Of course, sister-wife!” Lisa giggled, kissing her then you on the cheek, “Now sleep, both of you. I will make waffles in the morning.” 
    “Homemade waffles? That sounds delightful! Now sleep, both of you. Allow my wool to lull you to sleep.”     The two still excitedly chatted about collecting more sister-wives as you drifted off to sleep.

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