Black Bird

    I let a small smile escape my lips as the warm sun beat down on me. A short break from the usual cold weather was much appreciated. I was on my way to the local park, lunch in my bag. I passed by the local liquor store and gave a polite ‘hello’ to the satyr sweeping the front of her store. It was nearly winter, the first winter with monster girls around. I didn’t mind them much, they were usually pleasant to be around-- at least when they weren’t aggressively courting me. Their new leadership wasn’t so bad, really. I pulled my coat around me as a cold breeze tore through me.  
    I looked around the park as I headed to my usual spot. I didn’t see anyone on this side of the park. I smiled, a short break from other people’s BS would be nice. I sat down on a bench underneath a tree that had lost most of its leaves at this point. I pulled out my sandwich and began eating, letting the warmth of the sun wash over me. I heard a shuffling behind me. I turned quickly, startled by the noise. I watched as a bird girl-- a harpy knocked over a trash can, spilling its contents on the ground. She picked through the wrappers and bottles with her feet. Her hair was jet black, ratty and shoulder length. Her black feathers matched her hair, her right wing looked injured and a little mangled with dried blood sticking to the feathers. The clothes she wore were covered in filth, matching grey sweatshirt with the sleeves torn off and grey sweatpants. She shivered as a breeze blew by, “What are you doing?” I asked with a bit of disgust in my voice as she kicked more trash around. 
    She turned to me, grey eyes wide with fear, “S-scavenging, human-stranger.” 
    “You eat garbage?” I asked in disbelief, ignoring what she had called me. 
    “Its not garbage! Its treasure! Look!” She held up a shiny foil wrapper in her little claw hands at the end of her wings, “Shiny!” 
    “Uh,” I stopped myself from calling it garbage again. I looked at the disheveled harpy up and down, I assumed she was a crow harpy from her size and scavenging behavior, “Good for you,” She smiled at me, her teeth looked a lot better than I expected, but could still do with a cleaning. As I looked her up and down, she resumed looking at me nervously, “Are you homeless?” 
    “I-I have a home, over there,” She pointed in what I thought was a random direction, towards the forest-like area at the west side of the park. I assumed her house was past that. 
    “Ah, ok,” I went back to eating my sandwich.  
    She stared at me, stomach rumbling, “Are you gonna finish that, human-stranger?” She was looking at my food. 
    I sighed, “Here. Just don’t bother me about food again,” I grabbed a tube of crackers from my bag and offered it to her. She looked at it, confused. I rolled my eyes and opened the tube, offering her a cracker. She nervously at one, hunger besting her fears. Her eyes went wide and she made a loud, ‘Mmmmmmmm!’ noise. She looked at me again, wanting more, “Take the tube.” 
    She looked like she was going to cry as she gently took it from my hands, “T-thank you, human-friend!” She started to sniffle before running off into the treeline. I rolled my eyes and finished my sandwich. I needed to get back to work. As I walked, I kept thinking of that harpy. Her disheveled, dirty look was kind of cute. If she was cleaned up, she might actually be really pretty. I shook my head, I had other things to focus on. Just as I was about to leave the park, I felt a quick, dull pain in my leg. I quickly slapped the spot thinking a bee had just stung me. Instead I felt something solid. It was a small pink cylinder with a tiny needle. There was a heart with a bow and arrow over it on the side of the cylinder. I shrugged, threw it on the ground, and kept walking. It must just be some prank, nothing to worry about as long as I ignore it. I started thinking of that harpy again, imagining her clean and in a wedding dress, smiling at me. I smiled a wide grin, excited to see her again. 
    Another lunch and another sunny day meant I was headed back to the park. I stopped at a convenience store and picked up some chips as I was feeling extra hungry today. The wind was picking up today, winter was arriving soon. I was hoping to see that harpy again, praying she was cleaned. I went to the same bench and pulled out my sandwich. I jumped as I heard a loud noise next to my head. Looking up, I saw the harpy from the other day perched on the back of the bench, “Hi!” She greeted me cheerfully with a smile. 
    “Hey, good to see you,” I returned the smile. She was wearing the same filthy clothes. She had ketchup stains on the corners of her mouth, “Did you eat today?” I tried to wipe the ketchup off of her with a napkin. 
    She let me, thankfully, “Yeah! I got a whole hot dog from the cart salesman!” 
    “Wow, that's really nice of him.” 
    “He dropped it on the ground, dusted it off and let me have it.” 
    “O-oh. Where is it you live exactly?” I asked, offering her some chips. 
    “My box. Oh! This is for you!” She reached into the pocket of her sweatshirt and pulled out a card. It was a Magic: The Gathering card specifically, it was in a protective sleeve. A holographic Goblin Fireslinger, “Shiny treasure! For human-friend!” 
    I smiled, “Thank you,” I put the card in my shirt pocket. I found her incredibly endearing and was touched by the small offering, “What do you mean ‘your box?’” 
    “I live in a box those trees. My wing doesn’t work very well anymore so I live on the ground,” She pointed to the treeline again, “I’ll show human-friend my home!” She hopped up and bounced excitedly as she stared at me. 
    I packed away my lunch and followed her into the trees, “What’s your name?” 
    “Uhm, what do the children-friends call me? Bird-Brain! That’s what my name is!” She smiled. 
    “I think they’re making fun of you when they say that,” She looked at me blankly, “Like being mean to you.” 
    “No! No, I am friends with them. They would not be mean to me,” She assured me. 
    “Well, what did your parents call you?” 
    “Four! I was the fourth baby!” 
    I held my head in my hands. What the hell had this woman been through? I Iooked at her, “How about I give you a name?” 
    I quickly wracked my brain for a name. The first thing that popped into my brain was ‘The Raven’ by Edgar Allen Poe. She was a crow. I shook my head, thinking of something else. I couldn’t come up with anything clever, “Uhm, Poe? No... Uh, Eve,” I pulled the name out of my ass. It felt cute, at least. 
 “Okay!” She excitedly trotted into a clearing. There was a blue tarp with numerous holes attached to two trees and staked into the ground on the other end. There was a large box under it, “My box!” She presented it proudly. There was a blanket in the box, also full of holes.  
    She smiled at me, expecting a response, “Are you... Happy... Living here?” 
    “I love it! I’m free and dogs only attack me sometimes.” 
    “You get attacked by dogs!?” I exclaimed, horrified. 
    “Sometimes. They did this to my wing,” She explained cheerfully. 
    “Well, as long as you're happy,” I gave her the bag of chips, “I gotta go back to work. See you later.” 
    “Bye human-friend!” She gave me a hug, getting me really dirty. 
    “Its Anon, Eve.” 
    “Okay! Anon-friend! Bye!” Eve waved as I left. I frowned. I wasn’t sure if I was frowning because I was late getting back to work or the state that Eve was living in. I shook my head and kept walking.  
    “A-as long as she’s happy,” I told myself despite my intense desire to take her home. I didn’t know where this longing for this dirty crow woman I had just met came from. 
    I sat at home, a comfy three bedroom house, watching the news while browsing my phone. Rain pounded against the windows as cold winds threw them into the windows. I frowned. I was definitely frowning because of Eve, “She likes living like that,” I reminded myself, “She’s... Happy,” I tried to calm myself down. Lightning flashed and thunder shook the house. My heart pounded, I hated thunder. I could only think of how much Eve might hate thunder, especially being stuck outside. I turned up the news only to hear that all this water was going to freeze overnight. I started to panic, Eve was going to die if I didn’t do something. That box was going to get destroyed and she was for sure going to be soaked to the bone. I jumped up and threw on a coat. I grabbed a second one and ran to my car, lightning struck near me as I unlocked my car. I made a groaning noise and hopped in and turned it on. I rushed to the park, hardly able to see in this weather.  
Parking as close to the small wooded area as I could, I jumped out and ran into the woods. I had my second coat in hand as I hurried deep into the woods. All the tightly packed trees looked the same as I wandered, the rain soaking through my clothes. I looked around, no idea where I was. I felt a force pull me, a strange ghostly and warm feeling. Without thinking I followed it. By some divine act, I found the clearing. The tarp had blown away and the box had turned to mush. Eve sat on the ground, hole filled blanket around her, wings covering her head and ears, “Eve!” I put a hand on her shoulder. 
    She looked at me, she was shaking and her lips were blue, “A-Anon-friend?” She mumbled weakly. I threw my coat around her and picked her up in a princess carry and dashed back to my car. I looked around the dark woods, the only illumination I had was the infrequent lightning flashes. Everytime thunder sounded out, Eve would hide her face. I thankfully was able to get myself out of the woods and into the park and from there I found my way back to my car. I set a drenched Eve on the curb as I opened the rear door of my car. 
    “Come on, get in,” I told her, offering her my hand. 
    “N-no, I don’t wanna get in the scary metal box,” She whined. 
    “Please!” I pleaded, “You’ll freeze to death out here!” Lightning struck a nearby tree as thunder boomed around us. She ducked and covered her head, “Its safe in here, with me, I promise,” I gently took her wing in my hand. Eve looked up at me, lightning illuminated her face for a moment and in that moment her fear was gone, replaced by something else. Trust or even happiness maybe. She let me pull her up and help her into the back seat. I buckled her in and got into the driver’s seat. I breathed a sigh of relief as I looked down at myself. I was completely drenched through my skin and into my bones. I laughed, “I’m glad you’re okay.” 
    “Thanks to Anon-friend,” She smiled at me through the mirror. She was just as drenched as me. Thankfully the coat I put on her was mostly water proof. She shivered. Surprisingly, she didn’t freak out when I turned the ignition, the car rumbling to life. 
    I turned back to her and gave her a soft smile, “Are you feeling alright?” 
    “C-cold,” She told me quietly. 
    I chuckled, “I’m cold as hell too,” I turned up the heat, car still semi warm from when I drove over. I drove us home as calmly as possible, trying to keep Eve calm as I drove. She rocked herself side to side and kept her eyes closed.  
    “Anon-friend?” Eve suddenly called out to me. I looked at her in the mirror, “Where are we going?” 
    “My home. You can stay as long as you need to.” 
    “What kind of box does Anon-friend live in?” 
    “I live in a big house made of wood and some stone. Its warm and safe there. We’ll get you bathed and we can get to bed,” I told her as we pulled up to my house. I usually didn’t pull into the garage, but I knew I needed to for Eve. I carefully pulled in and threw it into park. I hopped out and closed the garage before helping Eve out, “Let’s get those wet clothes off of you.” 
    We stepped into the tiled laundry room, both dripping wet, “I can’t see the sky,” Eve told me, starting to panic. 
    “Calm down, you’re safe as long as I’m here. I’ll open a window and you can look at the sky, okay?” I held out my hand for her. 
    She stared into my eyes, “Okay, Anon-friend.” 
    I stripped down to my underwear, which was still soaked. I turned to Eve who was completely naked. I shielded my eyes from her flat body, “Could you keep your underwear on?” 
    “I don’t have any undies.” 
    “Okay, here,” I reached into my dirty clothes bin and grabbed a tank top I had worn only a little bit, “Put this on.” 
    I turned around to her, the shirt almost went down to her knees. From her mid shin down, she was covered in small, soft feathers and at about the knee her human legs turned into thin bird legs. She brought the fabric to her nose and sniffed it, “It smells nice. Like Anon-friend,” She shivered from the cold and sneezed. 
    “Let's get you cleaned up,” I threw our clothes into the washing machine and led her to the bathroom. 
    I started to draw up a bath, the water steaming as it filled the tub, “Ooooh. Water whenever you want it?” 
    “Yup,” I didn’t fill it up very high, “Okay, take the shirt off and sit in the water. Do... you need my help cleaning up?” 
    “I want Anon-friend’s help! I want Anon-friend to touch me!” She stripped and hopped into the water, splashing me as well. I laughed as she splashed in the water like a bird in a birdbath. 
    “Calm down. Sit and be still, you’re making a mess,” She smiled at me and sat down. She was still squatting in the tub. I didn’t want to mess up her wings so I didn’t put any soap in them, just made sure to get the dirt and dried blood out of them. I only had my soap so she would just have to smell like me for a while. She kept pushing herself into my hands making it a little hard to spread the soap on her. I was able to dodge her attempts to put her little perky breasts in my hands. I took a brush to her hair, getting all the knots out of it. She winced in pain but didn’t whine or cry, thankfully, “There we go,” I sighed as I drained the filthy water, “All clean.” 
    “Thank you, Anon-friend!” She wrapped her wings around me, getting me wet again. I helped her dry off, “Can I have some food?” 
    “Put the shirt back on. I need to find you some underwear,” I checked my phone. It was a little past midnight, “Maybe tomorrow,” I mumbled, exhaustion hitting me like a truck. 
    “I can have food tomorrow?” She looked excitedly at me. 
    “Yes, I’ll get you food now too,” I got her a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I watched in wonder as she scarfed it down in less than a minute, afraid she was going to choke, “Okay, bed now.” 
    “I want to sleep with Anon-friend for warmth!” Eve smiled at me, “Can I see the sky first?” She sneezed again. 
    “You should brush your teeth, first,” I told her. She followed my instructions in brushing her teeth as well as she could as well as mimicking me as I brushed mine. I was surprised how dexterous she could be with the little talons on the end of her wings, “Okay, now spit,” She spat the toothpaste out on the floor and turned to me, beaming, “Try to get it into the sink next time, okay?” I pat her head and quickly cleaned it up. 
    I lead her to my room and pulled the curtains and blinds open. I hadn’t even realised it was still storming outside. Eve quickly stuck her face against the glass. Lightning struck nearby and thunder boomed, “Okay,” Eve moved away from the window and covered her head, “I don’t want to see outside any more,” I closed the window back up and watched her crawl into my bed and pull the sheets over herself, “Come to bed, Anon-friend!”     I got in bed, Eve hugged my arm and put her head on my  shoulder, “Good night,” I mumbled. I was left with my thoughts as the  harpy quickly fell asleep, snoring quietly. I still had no idea how I  had fallen for this goofy bird girl so quickly. I thought back to that  pink cylinder with a needle on it. Had that injected me with something? A  love serum? I found myself smiling as Eve started drooling on my arm.  It didn’t matter much to me, I was enjoying my time with her and that's  all that mattered at this point. I had run out of my house in a panic at  nearly midnight to try and save her. I yawned and pat her soft hair  again and adjusted my arm. I drifted off to sleep rather quickly.


I woke up alone in bed. I started to panic, thinking that Eve had run off. I sat up and saw her standing at the window. She had moved the curtains and blinds aside as she pushed her face up against the glass. She turned to me as I began shuffled around, “Good morning, Anon-friend!” She gave me a wide grin. 
    “Mornin--” I started to return the greeting. 
    “I have to go potty!” She announced, heading to my bedroom door and struggling with the knob. I got up and helped her, noting to replace the knobs with handles across the house. I lead her to the bathroom and showed her the toilet. I turned to leave, only stopping when she grabbed my hand, “I-I’m scared.” 
    I blinked, “Of the toilet?” She nodded. I sighed, “It can’t hurt you. Just sit down and go, okay? I’ll be right outside the door,” She shook her head violently and clutched my hand. I looked at her big, sad red eyes, “Ugh, fine. I’ll stay.” 
    “Thank you Anon-friend!” She lifted her shirt up and off before sitting down on the toilet. I took a little look at her semi flat chest. Her breasts were a little perky with adorable little pink nipples. She saw me staring and smiled at me, “Does Anon-friend want to touch my breast-nipples?” 
    “Finish going to the bathroom,” I told her, looking away while blushing.  
    A few moments later, “Done!” She beamed at me. 
    “Good job,” I pat her head, “Now push that down to flush,” I instructed. She did as I instructed, holding my hand the entire time. I got a look at her butt, much more plump than I expected. She was a little under five feet tall but still had a curvy body.  
Eve turned back to me, looking down, “Is Anon-friend needing to use the potty?” She chirped. 
“Not right now. Thank you,” I led her by the hand into the kitchen. I started making pancakes while Eve watched, “What do you want to do today?” 
“We need to scavenge for food and look for treasure!” Eve informed me excitedly. 
    “We have enough food here,” I explained to her, “If you want shineys, I have some things you can have.” 
    “Oh! Anon-friend wants to give me shineys!?” I had never seen her so happy before. 
    “Yeah. Is there anything else you want to do?” I asked again, flipping the pancakes over. 
    “I--” She looked blankly, “What do human-monster-friends do when they don’t need to scavenge for food or treasure?” 
    “Uh, well... Let's go to the store together. We can find something to do after.” 
“What’s at the store?” 
“Clothes for you, maybe some snacks.” 
“But I have clothes. Why do I need more?” She pestered. 
 “Because those clothes are falling apart and you don’t even have underwear!” 
She shrank away from me and released my hand as I raised my voice a little, “B-but I like my clothes.” 
“Eve,” I turned to her after loading the pancakes onto the plate, “You can keep the clothes. I just want to make sure you stay warm. Have a pancake while they’re still hot.” 
She snatched it off the plate and stuffed it down her throat, “Mmmm!” She tried to grab another. 
    I pulled the plate away and held it over my head, “Eat it on a plate like a civilized person, err, harpy. Its better with syrup anyways. Don’t choke on it please.” 
    We sat down at the table. I quickly helped eve prepare her fluffy pancakes. I watched in mixed horror and awe as she ate nine pancakes like a starving animal, “That was good, Anon-friend!” Eve squawked with her mouth full as she finished shoveling pancakes into her mouth. The only reason she stopped eating was because there wasn’t any left. I only got to two of them before she finished them off.  
    “I’m glad you liked it,” She had covered most of her face with syrup, “Maybe you liked it a little too much,” She was just skin and bones and feathers. Perhaps she did need to eat more. 
    “Can I eat more sweets!?” She squawked again. 
    “I’ll buy you some candy at the store. If you’re a good girl.” 
    “Okay, Anon-friend!” She chirped at me with an excited smile. I held back a frown, wishing I was more to her than a friend. She wiped her face with the hem of the tank top she was wearing, flashing me. I saw that she really was just skin and bones, ribs visible under her perfect skin. I was gonna have to fatten her up, “Is something wrong, Anon-friend?” She asked, my frown poking through my stoic facade. 
    “N-nothing. You’re just worryingly thin, Eve.” 
    She gazed at me with her big red eyes for a few moments. She got up and walked over to me, leaning into my face. A grin spread across her lips, “Anon-friend really worries about me, huh?” She took my hand and placed it against the side of her head. Her grin widened as my face went red, “Can I have another bath?” 
    I snapped out of my stupor and stood up, “Y-yeah, I’ll help you clean up again. And get you a new shirt.” 
    “Can I have my old clothes?” She whined. I nodded and received a smile from the crow-harpy, “Can I see the shiny you promised me too?” 
    I nodded again and led her to my room. I pulled my closet open and reached into the back, pulling out a dusty red binder. I opened up the binder and turned it to a wide eyed Eve, “Behold, a small collection of foil Pokemon cards.” 
    I set the binder on the bed and let her browse through the pages, “I can have these!?” She shouted, excitement overwhelming her. 
    I nodded once more, “All yours. Collected them when I was younger and never could give them up.” 
    “Wooooow!” She kept flipping a page back and forth to look at the foil effects on the cards. 
    “Come on, you want that bath, right?,” I offered her my hand. She scooped up the binder before taking my hand, “Don’t take that into the bathroom. You’ll destroy the cards.” 
    “But someone will steal it if I don’t!” She whimpered, “I don’t want someone to steal Anon-friend’s gift!” 
    I blinked at her, “No one will steal it in here. You’re being ridiculous.” 
    “But-- but-- T-the outside! I can SEE it. There are people-bads out there with mean dogs! They want my treasure!” She fearfully stared out the opened window that was letting chilly air into the room. 
    I walked over and shut it as well as pulled the curtains closed, “Better?” 
    She slowly shifted her gaze to me, trembling slightly. She nodded, “Thank you, Anon-friend. You are very kind to me,” She paused for a few moments, clearly thinking or remembering something. She suddenly eyed me warily, frowning at me nervously. 
    “Come on, let's get you in that bath,” I held out my hand. 
    She continued staring at me, holding the binder to her chest, “N-no,” She told me. 
    “What? I thought you wanted a bath?” I frowned and walked towards her. 
    Eve stepped away from me, pressing herself against the wall, “You’re just being nice like that other human so you can hurt me!” She started to cry, trembling in fear. 
    “Eve, I would never hurt you,” I spoke calmly and pressed myself up against the opposite wall, “Who hurt you?” 
    She looked at me, then down at the binder in her clutches, “Anon-friend is not bad-Anon?” 
    “Of course not. I wouldn’t have gone out at midnight into the freezing rain to find you and bring you here.” 
    “Do you promise?” She demanded. 
    “I promise I’m not bad. I promise nothing bad will happen to you while you’re with me, okay?” 
    She nodded and gave me a weak smile, “Thank you, Anon-friend,” She set the binder down and reached for my hand. 
    I gave her a small smile and led her to the bath. She got in without much of a fuss after flapping her wings and splashing the water as she got in, “How are you feeling?” 
    “Very sorry for being afraid of Anon-friend,” She spread some soap on her body. 
    “Who hurt you?” I asked again, gently putting soap in her hair. 
    “A bad-man and his bad-dog. I was foraging in a gated-home-area, they have the best food. A bad-man yelled at me and the dog barked at me. I hid at the park and the bad-man found me and offered me food to come out. Then his bad-dog bit me and he hit my wing with a big stick. It hurt-bad to fly now,” She explained to me sadly. 
    I stared at her for a few moments, “I’m gonna kill that man, holy shit.” 
    “No!” Eve shouted at me, “No more hurting! I just want to play and eat with Anon-friend!” She splashed the water angrily. 
    “Okay, okay. Let me look at your wing,” I gently poked at her wing. She offered it to me as I started pushing her feathers back to take a closer look. There was a wound in the middle of her arm. It looked old, scabbed over but possibly infected, as well as their most likely being some kind of bone fracture from being struck, “I’ll nurse you back to health. I want you to be able to fly again. It makes you feel free, right?” 
    She nodded, “I don’t like living on the ground. I want to fly and live in a tree again.” 
    “You don’t want to live with me?” I chuckled, hiding an intense sadness. 
    “I’ll come see you!” She smiled at me as she got out of the bath, flapping her wings to get the water out. I helped her dry off the rest of her body as she squawked out a song. It was to the tune of ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,’ but the words she was crying out were seemingly random, words like ‘pancakes,’ ‘flying,’ and ‘shiney.’ One word she blurted repeatedly made me smile amid the cacophony of what could loosely could be described as music; ‘Anon.’  
 “Whats that song called, Eve?” I asked as I slipped a new tank top over her head. 
“Its my happy song!” She told me after finishing a chorus. 
“Happy song?” I asked, desiring to know more. 
“I sing about all the things that make me happy! Like Anon-friend! Anon-friend makes me happy!”  
    I chuckled, “I’m glad to hear that. Here, put your sweats on and I’ll take a shower real quick, then we can go.” 
    I grabbed a cart in the parking lot and put Eve in it. She perched on the far end of it. She weighed only about 80 pounds so it wasn’t too tough to wheel the cart around with her on it. She chirped at me, “Anon-friend! There's so many people here!” 
    I chuckled and shook my head, “Not that many, this is a pretty small town,” We walked into the building, Eve visibly becoming uncomfortable, “Look at me, Eve,” I called out to her, “As long as you’re with me, you’re safe. Okay?” 
    She looked up at the fluorescent lights and the people meandering through the building. She turned back to me, “Okay, Anon-friend,” She gave me a weak smile and looked around as we entered the clothing department.  
    “What do you like to wear?” I looked through jeans and sweats in women’s sizes. 
“Anon-friend’s clothes!” She shouted. 
    I laughed, “Other than that, you need your own clothes.” 
    “These,” She gestured to her sweats and sweatshirt. 
    “Sure. Do you want bras? Your breasts are a little... Small,” I said quietly. Eve picked up a bra from a nearby rack and put her face in it. The cup was as big as her face, “I guess not,” I threw some matching sleeveless hoodies, specifically made for monsters with wings for arms, and sweats into the cart, “What else do we need?” I asked myself as I moved to the next department. 
    “Anon-friend! Shineys!” Eve squawked as we passed some metallic plates designed to stand up to larger monster’s strength. She suddenly paused and her eyes went wide as she smelled the air. She dove into the cart and threw the sweats over herself to hide. 
    Before I could ask her what she was doing, a woman walked around the corner. A small kobold with brown hair and wearing a red harness attached to a leash. She wore a vest that said ‘SEEING EYE DOG’ and was leading a man with thick black sunglasses through the store. She greeted me politely, quickly followed by the man greeting me as well, “Good afternoon,” I replied as I passed them. I waited until they were out of earshot to remove the sweats from Eve’s body, “Afraid of dogs?” 
    She nodded at me and sat up, “Did the bad-dog leave?” 
    “It was just a kobold, Eve,” She blushed, embarrassed, “Well, she was a bit scary for a kobold. Let’s get some more stuff and head home, Eve.” 
    “What do we need, Anon-friend?” 
    “Medicine stuff for you, soap for you, maybe some food to help fatten you up.” 
    “All things for me? What does Anon-friend want?” 
    I frowned, “I don’t know if I can have what I want, Eve.” 
    She gave me a confused frown before turning her attention to the distracting wrapping of the nearby candy, “Anon-friend! Can I have sweets?” 
    “Yeah, of course,” Her face lit up as she grinned at me. Seeing her happy made me smile at least. 
    Eve winced as I put some disinfectant in her wounds, “Such a tough girl,” I chuckled as I went for the bandages.  
“Am I a good-girl, Anon-friend?” She asked as I started to roll the bandage around her wing so she wouldn’t pick at it. At the area that hurt the most, I placed a small, sturdy stick as to keep her from fracturing it further or moving it around too much. 
“Yes. You are, swee--” I coughed, catching myself from calling her sweetie, “Eve.” 
    “What did Anon-friend almost say?” 
    “N-nothing. Ignore me. What do you want to do now?” 
    “Can we play something?” 
    “Like what?” 
    “Umm...” She looked down for a few moments, “Can we play house? Like I used to play?” 
    “Sure. Give me a role and I’ll do my best.” 
    “Okay! I’ll be Eve-wife, and you can be Anon-husband!” She walked over to the wall and started to mime cooking. 
    I felt a pit in my stomach, “A-alright. What are you cooking?” 
    “Uhm, pancakes!” 
    “Nice. What should I do?”  
    “What do husbands do?” 
    I smiled a thin smile. I was surprised that her asking questions to answer my questions never got on my nerves, “Uh, they go to work to make money.” 
    “Then do that, Anon-husband!” I nodded solemnly and stood on the other side of the room. All the years of working at a grocery store came back to me in a moment. If I wasn’t sad already, I was now, “Anon-husband! How is work?” 
    “Eh,” I shrugged, the frown plain on my face, “Its goin’.” 
    Eve frowned back, the smile dropping from her face, “Is something wrong, Anon-friend?” 
    “N-no, I’m fine. Let’s keep playing.” 
    “Okay!” She smiled at me, going back to her fake cooking. I stood still for a few minutes as I faked scanning groceries, “Work is over, come home, Anon-husband!” I nodded and walked over to her. She handed me an imaginary plate, “Its pancakes!” 
    “Thank you,” I sat on the couch and stared at the nonexistent plate. 
    “Uhm...” Eve rubbed her chin deep in thought, “Oh, I remember!” I gave her a confused look as she sat next to me, “Thank you for your hard work, Anon-husband! I love you!” She grinned at me and hugged my arm. My vision blurred as I stared at her. I had no words for how much I loved her and wanted to be with her, “What’s wrong!?” She shouted as tears rolled down my cheeks. 
    “Nothing,” I cried, wiping my eyes and looking away. 
    Eve got on my lap, straddling me, “Why is Anon-friend sad-crying?” 
    “I’m fine, I’m just a little sad today.” 
    “But WHY sad?” She demanded an answer, “Does it have to do with Anon-friend’s cryptic answer at the store? What is it Anon-friend cannot have?” 
    “It doesn’t matter. I just want to make you happy and keep you safe,” I replied, “As long as you’re happy, I’m happy.” 
    “But... Anon-friend is crying,” She pestered, “I want to make Anon-friend happy!” 
    “Eve,” I looked down, “You want to be a free bird and fly free and live in the trees and do whatever you want. I can’t do that with you, I can’t be free. You’d be so much happier marrying a man living in a van or a hermit. I want nothing more than for you to be happy and free, Eve.” 
    “Anon-friend wants me to be his... Eve-Wife?” I nodded slowly and sadly. There was a deafening silence in the room. Eve must have been putting everything together in her head. She brought her injured wing in front of her, tearing the bandages off of herself before biting down on her wing, nearly howling in pain as she reopened her wound. 
    “Eve! What are you doing!?” I shouted, trying to stop her. 
    “I don’t want to heal! I want Anon-friend! Anon-friend makes me happy! I want Anon-friend to be my Anon-husband!” She wrapped her wings around me, “I love Anon-husband!” She gave me a grin as tears welled in her eyes. 
    “I love you too, Eve-wife,” I hugged her back, kissing her on the cheek. 
    “Anon-husband? Can we play a new game?” Eve kissed me on my cheek, pulling a bit away from me. 
    “Yeah, what do you want to do?” I stopped the bleeding on her arm with fresh bandages. 
    She grabbed my wrists and pulled my hands under her shirt. She forced my palms over her small breasts, “I want to make babies with Anon-husband,” She moaned in my ear as she rubbed her crotch against mine, “I wanna have beautiful half-Anon-husband and half-Eve-Wife harpies!” She dragged me to my bed and lay down on it, rolling onto her back, “Impregnate me, Anon-husband. Make me happy.” 
    “As you wish,” I smiled, full mast as I undressed my harpy-wife. Her legs greedily wrapped around my hips as I approached, ready to insert myself into her. I looked at her smiling face, panting lightly, her love juices already leaking out. I slowly shoved myself into her, grunting from the pleasure.  
    Eve squawked out a moan, “Anon-husband~ Anon-husband~ Give Eve-wife your precious seed~!” She sang as I started to thrust. I grasped her hips and thrust myself deep into her, humming along with the song Eve sang. I had no idea what the tune was, as the only song I was singing was one of passionate love and intercourse. I kept slapping my hips against her, pushing further and further into her incredibly, hot and wet pussy. Eve got louder and louder with her song as she chirped and squawked in pleasure, “Anon-husband! Ahn~ I-- Oh!” Eve threw her head back as she held my hips in a vice like grip. 
    Her pussy clamped on my shaft milking an orgasm out of me, “Fuck, I’m--” 
    “I LOVE ANON-HUSBAND!” Eve shouted right before I came inside of her. We both panted as we stared into each other’s eyes. Eve smiled at me again, “I’m so happy, Anon-husband.” 
    “I am too,” I panted, lying next to her on the bed.  
    “Can we play again, Anon-husband?” She hopped on top of me, pushing down on my shoulders. She didn’t even wait for me to consent before pushing herself onto my crotch, putting my shaft in her again. 
    I smiled, “Gotta make sure I get a baby in you, huh?” 
    She flapped her wings and gave me a kiss, “Yup! Now, hurry up and come in me!” 
    I got home from work and took off my coat. The few flakes of snow that managed to stick to me fell off as I gently shook my coat. Eve dashed into the main room, “Welcome home, Anon-husband! Thank you for your hard work today! I love you!” She threw her wings around me, “How was work?” 
    “It was good, thank you. The thought of you keeps me going, as well as our soon to hatch daughter,” I gave her a wide grin before I kissed her forehead. 
    “Have we thought of a name yet?” Eve wore an apron over her usual sweatshirt. Her breasts had grown quite a bit and she enjoyed teasing me with them, “I still like Eve-daughter.” 
    “No, no,” I chuckled as I followed her into kitchen. Our soon-to-be-hatched daughter was sitting in her special carrier that kept her safe and warm, “We’ll figure something out before she hatches.” 
    Eve pouted at me, “I want her to be Eve-daughter.” 
    I rolled my eyes, “I know. What did you cook?” 
    “Its always pancakes,” I chuckled. 
    “She can be named Pancake-daughter!” 
    “I’d rather call her syrup, or butter even. Or, juice even. 
    “Juice-daughter!” Eve happily squawked. 
    “I almost like that,” I kissed her on the cheek before plating up. 
    Eve sat across from me and watched me eat, “I put extra love and cinnamon in it!” 
    “Cinnamon-daughter?” I pitched. 
    “YES! I love that one!” Eve flapped her wings and chirped at me, “Anon-husband is so smart! I’m going to make sweet love to Anon-husband tonight!” 
    I gave her a weak laugh, my hips still hurt from last night, “Alright, Eve. Go plate up and we can put on a movie or something. Then you can smash my hips.” She gave me a greedy grin before grabbing my crotch then heading to the stove for her own meal.

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