Bridgett Means Fire

3 thoughts on “Bridgett Means Fire”

  1. I remember reading this when you were adding it in small updates on pastebin, this story and the whole world you created around it always make me smile, especially the wholesomeness of this story in particular.
    I have always had one nagging question that I need to ask though, outside of the obvious answer that it wasn’t the way you wanted the story to go, why did Emily not return as a dragon zombie, you’d think leaving behind a husband and newborn daughter would be enough “unfinished business” motivator for that.
    Still, her looking out for Anon and Bridgett even in death is touching.
    Thank you for sharing the story of this wonderful family and universe with us readers.
    I always look forward to your updates and even if it seems no one is interacting on this site its mostly due to the fatigue of having to make an account for everything these days.
    Plenty of us look forward to your stories and check in often at the usual mango picking forum.

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    1. Thank you for your kind words, friend. It makes me really happy that people enjoy this story, despite it being a bit rough due to being one of my early stories.
      As for the question about zombie dragon, it honestly was just not something I ever considered! I mostly just wanted a daughter and mother of VERY different species. You could see it as her deciding she did what she really wanted to in her life, falling in love and starting a family, even if she wasn’t able to see her daughter grow.
      I’m glad you seem to really like this story and I’m very happy people seem to like that I went with the decision to keep building off of it’s setting and characters, even if I did drop (see: forget) a few details from it after writing ‘The Black Cat.’

      I don’t mind not getting much interaction on this site, I get enough elsewhere. People like you are a big reason why I keep doing this. I don’t feel the need to whore myself out on other sites, but maybe I’ll get there one day, but I’m more than content with what I have now.

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