Buying a Shirohebi For the Night

    I rode the carriage that was sent to pick me up into the mamano part of town. I had expected it to be a little seedy and downtrodden, but they seemed to be doing well. They didn’t seem to use very much electricity compared to magical lights and torches. Monsters walked through the light rain and fog as they went about their business. It was like a chinatown, but for zipangu, a place from the mamano realm not too unlike eastern Asia. The aesthetic and architecture was also not too much unlike that of ancient eastern Asia. My heart pounded nervously as I stared out the window. I was in this town for one thing. To get my rocks off. My luck with human women had hit rock bottom since monster girls showed up and an associate of mine had spoken about how he went back to see the same girl every weekend. Pretty cheap too, apparently. Even when I had luck with girls, I had never cashed in my V card. Can’t really explain why, I guess at the time it didn’t matter to me at the time, but now with monster girls-- beautiful and exotic women on the prowl, my natural urges were suddenly peaking. Some said monsters were putting something in the air or the water, and I was inclined to believe them. While they had taken over our governments since coming here a few months ago, they left us to our own devices, mostly. Even then I knew very little about them and hadn’t bothered to learn their seemingly esoteric laws. 
    “We are here,” The driver of the small carriage announced. The robed woman jumped down from the driver’s seat and opened the door for me.  
    “Thank you,” I quickly thanked her and reached into my pocket for my wallet. 
    “Do not worry about paying me. Miss Shinsi has covered you. It is tradition for all of those that visit her inn,” She offered a small smile and gave me a slight bow, “Have a wonderful rest of your night.” 
    “Thanks, you too,” I turned and walked into the warm and welcoming looking inn. I stomped up a small gravel path lit by soft candle light. I shouldered my bag with my overnight stuff that I was instructed to bring. I was amazed with how nice the place looked. Like a real Japanese inn. A woman stepped through the curtain separating the lobby of the inn from the outside word. She wore a green kimono, had a brown and black raccoon tail, round ears on the top of her head and small glasses on her little button nose in front of her big brown eyes. 
    “Mister Anon?” She asked. I nodded, “Come, come! You are just in time for dinner!”  
    “Thank you, Miss Shinsi,” I smiled as she held the curtain open for me. I had spoken to her and set up this whole arrangement over the internet last week. 
    “It is no trouble dear. Oh, I hope you have the payment...?” She asked under her breath as she grabbed my arm to keep me from entering.  
    “Of course,” I put a little burlap bag of gold coins in her hand. It was only about a hundred dollars worth of mamano coins.  
    She weighed it in her hand, “Good! Good!” She grinned, “Come, come. Your partner for tonight is waiting!” 
    “W-wait, I don’t get a choice?” 
    “I showed the available girls your profile,” She pulled a tablet from beneath her clothes and held it up for me to look at as she turned the screen on, “and this one insisted you be put into her care,” I gazed upon the visage of a pale skinned woman. She had short white hair done up in two buns, piercing red eyes with black slits for pupils and pointy ears covered in white scales. She was absolutely gorgeous, “Is she to your standards? I could find another taker if you... Want another,” She added hesitantly.  
    I shook my head at the idea, “No, she’ll do.” 
    “Allow me to lead you to her chambers,” Miss Shinsi looked down at me, “Please take your shoes off here and place them in one of the cubbies over there. Take your bag with you,” I did as she instructed and tossed my shoes into a little wooden container before following her into a hallway. Like I thought, the air of the inn was incredibly inviting. Warm lights of various sources, comfy seats strewn about the lobby, a kikimora in a kimono serving sake to the few guests lounging there with their ladies for the night. I passed various girls standing in the wooden hall, onis drank something out of a bottle that they passed back and forth, a kitsune smoked a sweet smelling herb out of a long pipe and some kind of umbrella girl waved at me with a cheerful smile. I waved back, “This is her chamber. Have a wonderful night,” She slid the door panel open for me before wandering off to check on the other girls. 
    I stepped into the dark room and the door shut behind me, “H-Hello?” I called into the dark. 
    “Come sit,” A voice called softly with a somewhat thick accent. I couldn’t place what it was, probably because it was from another world. She lit a candle with a flame from her finger and set it on top of a low table. Even in the low light, her beauty was divine. She wore a beautiful white kimono. I took the seat across from her and set my bag and coat aside. She smiled softly at me, “I have been quite anxious to meet you, Anon,” I sat across from her on a pillow on the floor. 
    “Y-yeah, same,” I nervously stammered as I struggled to make eye contact with her.  
    She stood as a kettle on the stove behind her began to cry. My eyes grew wide as I gazed upon her whole body. She had the body of a snake from the waist down. Beautiful pearlescent white scales covered her snake body. She slithered gracefully to the stove and came back with the kettle and two cups. She coiled up her tail around itself under her and began to pour the hot liquid into the two cups, “Is something amiss?” 
    “N-no, I h-haven’t seen a snake woman in person before.” 
    “Are you displeased?” She asked sadly. 
    “No, I was just s-surprised,” I smiled weakly, unable to get a hold of my nerves. 
    She set one of the drinks before me on a stone coaster, “Drink. It will soothe your nerves. You could smoke it as well if you would prefer.” 
I nodded and blew on the liquid. It was a black color but smelled incredibly sweet. It was a bit like whatever that kitsune had been smoking. It tasted sweet too. The after taste was a tiny bit bitter, but it was pleasant, “Thank you.” 
    “I hope you like noodles. I have been making some from scratch today. Just for you~” She giggled, “They will be ready soon.” 
    “I didn’t realise this was all part of what I was buying,” I chuckled, “A-am I supposed to pay you as well?” 
    “Do not worry, Anon. Miss Shinsi would not have let you come this far if you had not paid. I am more than happy to feed you,” She smiled at me. She jumped as a timer dinged. She got up again quickly and started dishing up two bowls of hot noodles. She put some meat from another pan into the bowls and then brought both over to the table. She lit two more candles to give us a bit more light to eat with. All the flames she used were magical and burned a bright blue.  
    “I never caught your name,” I whispered as she handed me a pair of chopsticks and a deep spoon. I looked down into the bowl at the meat and thick hot noodles. 
    She stirred her noodles and smiled, “You may call me Akiyama. You do not seem proficient with chopsticks,” She giggled at me as I started to struggle with them. She slithered to my side of the table and gently gripped my hand with her cold, soft fingers as she helped me learn. I glanced at her as her forked tongue shot out of her mouth for just a moment. She leaned closer, “Such a wonderful smell. Untainted spirit energy,” Her warm breath glided down my neck. 
    “H-huh?” I nervously shook a little bit. 
    “You have never lain with another woman, have you?” Her hands ran up and down my back before being placed on my shoulders. I shook my head, “Wonderful. I have never lain with a man either. No need to be embarrassed. Such a man is highly coveted in mamano society. Please eat. Your udon will get cold,” She returned to her own seat and started eating quietly. I watched her use the chopsticks to pick up the noodles then use her spoon underneath it as she brought it to her lips. I mimicked her to the best of my abilities. It was absolutely delicious. 
    “Would you lay out the futon, Anon?” Akiyama asked as she quickly did the dishes, “I will join you in just a moment,” I nodded as I pushed the table aside. The futon was folded up in the corner. I grabbed it and rolled out the dark blue mat and grabbed the large blanket too. Both were more than big enough for two people, “Do not worry about the extra blankets, it is sure to get hot and steamy in here tonight,” She chuckled as she slithered up to me. I nodded, only slightly nervous now after two cups of that tea she fed me. She once more, delicately yet firmly, put her hands upon me, “Would you like for us to slip into something a bit more comfortable or are you looking to get right into it?” She smiled nervously as she began to disrobe.  
    “Uh... Um...” I didn’t have a clue as to what I was doing.  
    She must have sensed my confusion and nervousness, “Do not worry, Anon. I will take the lead,” She let her dress drop to the floor and presented her nude form to me. Not a blemish on her perfect pale skin. She took hold of my wrists and gingerly brought my hands up to her breasts. I gently squeezed her shapely breasts making her gasp and moan quietly. As I played and teased, she undid my belt and let my pants drop to the floor. I stepped out of them and let her pull my shirt off. I fondled her breasts again, completely enamored by how soft and pillowy they were. She groped me through my underwear making me involuntarily shudder, “Someone is eager,” She smiled. I nodded nervously, “I will not keep you waiting,” She poked her fingers under the band that kept my underwear up and slid it down my legs, “Lay down, I will take care of everything,” I did as instructed and got onto the futon. I stared up at her. Her pussy was already leaking love juices, “Such a handsome man,” She giggled before snapping her fingers. All the lights in the room went out. I could hear her slithering around based on the loud dragging noises of her snake body. I felt her lay down beside me, her body was cold but pleasant feeling. Her hand carefully caressed my inner thigh, “Do you mind kissing?” 
    “N-no,” I whimpered as her hand moved to my shaft. Her tail coiled around my legs before she pressed her lips to mine. Her long forked tongue forces itself into my mouth to caress my own tongue. As she still made out with me, she lifted herself onto me and directly down on my member. I cried out in pleasure as the completely unreal sensation made my body convulse. In response, Akiyama coiled her snake body around the two of us. 
“Apologies. It is instinctual,” She wearily smiled. She wasn’t much better than me as her hips began to move. She was merely teasing my tip and the very inside of her love tunnel. Both of us were panting, moaning and groaning from the intense pleasure we already felt. Neither of us could hold it in as she went all the way to the hilt. Her entire body shook and her pussy quivered as she coaxed the precious fluid out of me. I gladly gave it to her with a loud, pleasure filled cry, “You-- You sound amazing. Moan for me,” She demanded as she went for seconds. Gone was her skittishness, now she knew what she wanted. She took me down to the hilt right away then slowly went up before coming back down a bit more quick. 
I suddenly realised something, “W-wait! I don’t have any protection on-- Uwahh!” I cried loudly as she forced another moan from my lips. I lost myself in the pleasure of her touch. Her fingers sent tingles up and down my spine as I writhed and shook from the feeling. She made me orgasm again just as she did.  
    We both panted as she collapsed onto me and her tail loosely uncurled around us. She giggled, “You make such cute faces,” Her arms wrapped around my neck tightly. 
    “Uhuh,” Was all I could sputter out.  
    I had no idea how long we lay there before she finally released my member from her pussy. She grumbled a little sadly when she did, “Do you desire for me to wash you? I would very much like to just lay here in this post ecstasy haze,” I shook my head, just wanting to lie in her arms and tail. She kissed me on the cheek before nuzzling against me and resting her head on my shoulder, “Wake me up if you need anything. Please sleep well.” 
    I nodded and fell asleep rather quickly. 
    I woke up slowly and lazily. Akiyama had uncurled me but still lay on top of me. My crotch felt sticky from our combined love fluids from the night before, “Good morning,” She grinned and kissed me on the lips, “A bath then breakfast?” She suggested. 
    “I-I was thinking you would just kick me out this morning,” I chuckled wearily. I felt good. Really good despite my grogginess. Sunlight streamed into the room through a crack in the curtains. 
    She looked offended, “Why would I do that? You are my--” She stopped herself as she searched for the right word, “Guest,” She nodded, “I will not force you to leave. I would be more than happy to host you for another evening.” 
    I shook my head, “B-But- This is all so weird. I’ve heard stories about horrible experiences with prostitutes and--” 
    She put a finger on my lips, “Because I want you to come back and lay in my coils again. Up, up!” She got herself off of me slowly and then pulled me to my feet. I was amazed with how strong she was. 
She kissed me on the lips before taking me to the bathroom and cleaning me and herself off. Afterwards, she made me breakfast before I decided I needed to go home. After a sad look and a kiss, she let me leave with no resistance. I took a carriage home, paid for by Miss Shinsi. I couldn’t get my mind off of Akiyama. Her curves, her beauty, her voice and her cooking. I wanted more of all of it. 
    I put a bag of coins in Miss Shinsi’s hand. She nodded as she weighed it from muscle memory alone. I felt a great weight fall off my shoulders as I stepped through the doors of the inn, “I hope you have another wonderful stay,” The tanuki smiled before returning to her seat behind the front desk, “Ah, I assumed you could find your way to her quarters again. Shoes off,” She quickly reminded me. 
    “I think I can,” I nodded with some newfound confidence. Akiyama doting on me last week had a lasting impact on me. Or anything else she did to me. I hurried along to her room. The girls I passed nodded and offered me simple pleasantries which I quickly returned. I grabbed the handle of Akiyama’s room and hesitated, wondering if I should knock.  
The door slid open before I could even consider it, “I could hear you stomping down the hallway,” Akiyama giggled at me, “You can just walk in, Anon. My room is always open for you,” She held out her hand, palm up. I put my hand in hers and she pulled me gently into the room. She closed and locked it behind us with her tail as she began to sweetly assault my mouth with her lips and tongue, “How I missed you,” She cooed in my ear as she pulled me into a firm hug, “Your scent, your voice, your TASTE,” She sighed before going back in for kisses. 
    “A-are you this friendly with all your clients?” I asked nervously. 
    A bewildered, confused look came across her beautiful face followed by a polite laugh, “You are such a kidder, Anon.” 
    “No, I’m serious.” 
    Her smile remained as she lit a few candles, “If you say so. The dumplings I made are nearly finished. I hope you like them as much as the udon from last week.” 
    My stomach rumbled, “I’m sure I will.” 
    “Take your seat and I will join you shortly,” I did as she commanded as she returned to the stove. She had a bit more light in the room today. She really only had a little bookshelf full of a lot of books, a dresser with a mirror, a small katana mounted on the wall, a wall scroll depicting a long dragon, the kitchen area, her table with pillows, and her futon. The bathroom was in a separate room, “How was your week?” She asked quietly as she began to dish up for the two of us. 
    “Fine-- Well, good, really. Whatever you did to me last week has put me in some high spirits!” I laughed, “I guess I was hoping to get seconds on that. A-And your cooking.” 
    Akiyama giggled, “I am happy to hear that. My week was rather boring without your presence. I am running out of books to read. I will have to purchase a few more to pass this week a bit more quickly. Here, eat up, Anon,” She smiled softly as she gave me a plate of dumplings and a small side of rice. My stomach rumbled again as I started to eat, struggling only a little bit with the chopsticks.  
    Akiyama lay on her back on the futon. My belly was full of delicious food and now I was moving onto pleasuring myself using this beautiful woman, “Come on, Anon. Use me,” She smiled. 
    I took another drink of sake before getting on top of her, “R-Ready?” 
    She nodded as part of her tail coiled around my abdomen, “Give it me, handsome,” She gave me an encouraging smile as I slowly lowered myself into her. We both moaned in each other's ears before I started pumping into her. Her long, sharp fingernails scratched my skin as she wrapped her arms around my back. She howled my name as I continued to pump my member into her. She kissed my cheek in between whimpering moans. As I got close to cumming, I got ready to pull out, “Oh, Anon, please,” She moaned, “I’m--” She made another loud noise as she used her tail to force me to cum inside of her.  
    I collapsed on top of her. My arm and legs both ached from being on all fours over her, “Y-You forced me to...” I grunted. 
    She kissed me on the ear, “Why would you not want to? I could name numerous reasons for you to release your seed within my womb.” 
    “You make it sound like you WANT to get pregnant,” I chuckled, “You have to be using magic or something.” 
    She giggled, “Of course, Anon. I hope you do not mind that I want seconds of your delicious body,” She coiled around me and forced me onto my back. I didn't have time to protest before she began moving her hips rapidly. My mind went numb from the pleasure as she milked two more orgasms from me. She rolled off of me onto her side just to let me see a bit of my cum spill out of her, “It makes me feel so warm and joyus, darling,” She smiled. 
    I told myself that she must have some kind of fetish for it, “Y-yeah.” 
    She quickly wiped both of us down with a warm, damp rag before climbing back on top of me and giving me numerous kisses, “Did I drain you too much?” She giggled as she caressed my face. I shook my head and let it fall onto the pillow. She gave me another barrage of kisses before finally settling down and resting her head on my chest. 
    “I’m just amazed with how well you treat me. I’m paying for your company and I really feel like you...” I couldn’t bring myself to utter those two words. Love and me, “You do treat me a lot better than any girl ever has.” 
    “Of course I do, Anon. I would love to continue to shower you in affection and food~” 
    “I-I don’t think I have the money for that. Actually, I got a job offer in a mamano city out west,” I admitted. 
    “Oh! That is wonderful to hear, Anon! Will you take it?” 
    “Not sure.” 
    “Well, for now, sleep. Allow me to rejuvenate every part of you with my coils,” She wrapped herself a bit more tightly around me, “Please, sleep well.” 
    I nodded and let my head hit the pillow. As my weary eyes shut, she gave me one last kiss on the cheek before settling down.  
    It was week five of visiting Akiyama. I was no longer embarrassed or all that nervous about going to visit her. I gave Miss Shinsi her payment and hurried down the hallway. I cautiously opened the door to her room and stepped inside, “Welcome, Anon,” She cheerfully called through the darkness, “Udon again today. But I have a bit of mochi I made earlier for afterwards~” 
    “Thank you,” I took my usual seat and watched her work. She was as stunning as ever. Maybe even more stunning than usual, but I was probably just seeing things. My heart ached a little as she smiled sweetly at me. I couldn’t have her, I was pathetic, merely paying to bask in her beauty for a night out of desperation for a woman’s touch. But she kept treating me well, feeding me and holding me, “Uhm...” I nervously scratched my arm. 
    “Is everything alright?” She asked as she brought me a bowl of delicious noodles, “Did you get that new job?” She asks in a worried tone. 
    “Yeah, e-everything is fine. I did get that job. I actually wanted to speak to you about something, but I think it should wait until tomorrow,” I explained nervously. 
    She gave me a confused look but smiled as she sat across from me. The tip of her tail gently coiled around my ankle. As always, she felt cold to the touch but it was a pleasant cold, “I wanted to speak to you about something too,” She told me excitedly, “But, if you wish to withhold your speech, I will withhold mine,” She teased, “At least until tomorrow. Eat, darling,” She had begun calling me that. I was fine with it, but it made me ache for her even more.  
    As always, it was delicious. I slurped down the last of my noodles and chewed on the last bits of meat. I was going to miss her cooking, “Thank you for the food,” I smiled. 
    “Of course, darling!” She smiled, “Would you get the bed set up? I will join you shortly, of course. I will be just a few moments as I wash dishes,” I nodded and rolled out the futon. I took my shirt off and collapsed onto it, “Is something wrong? You have been frowning quite often.” 
    “Its nothing,” I mumbled. 
    “Oh, darling. I will ease the worry and pain from you. Just like I do every week,” She smiled sweetly again as she slithered to the bed. She removed her clothes as she approached and tossed it aside. She lay her nude form on top of me before quickly removing my pants and gently stroking my member. I could already feel that she was ready to go, “Just relax. Leave it all to me once more,” I nodded and sighed as she inserted me into her, “Nice and slow today,” She smiled as she started riding me slowly in what I had come to know as ‘reverse-missionary.’ She used her hands on my shoulders to support her torso while her tail gently coiled around us. Her hips moved slowly as she gently went further and further down my shaft. Her lips gently pressed against mine before a gentle moan escaped her lips. My mind kept going blank as she showered me with affection and pleasure, “Moan for me~” She giggled as a pleasure filled moan escaped my lips despite my best efforts to hold it in. She worked me slowly as she used my body to her liking, making me writhe and shudder as she saw fit. In only five weeks she had learned everything about my body, “You’re getting close, hm? No reason to hold back. Let it all out~” She whispered in my ear before moving her hips a little faster. I moaned at her touch, completely at her mercy as I lay in her coils.  
    “I-I’m-- I-I--” I grunted. 
    Akiyama pressed her lips against mine to keep me quiet as both of us orgasmed in sync. I didn’t know how she had gotten so good at it, but she always made me cum at the same time as her own powerful orgasms. She lay on top of me as she played with my hair, “Are you content with one time tonight? I would love to just lie in your arms tonight,” She asked quietly. 
    I nodded, “I’m fine,” I held her head against my chest as she snuggled up against me. I was always hesitant to pet her hair. The buns she did her hair in looked meticulously crafted. I caressed the back of her neck making her shudder. 
    “Oooh, darling. Your touch is wonderful~” She ran her sharp nails down my back making me shudder as well, “Now sleep, allow all your weariness to melt away.” 
    I nodded and closed my eyes as she kissed me on the chin. 
    “What did you want to talk about?” I asked Akiyama as she gave me a plate of pancakes. Oddly western despite her usual serving of eastern foods. 
    “Oh, you first, darling. You brought it up first,” She smiled at me as she poured some homemade syrup on both of our plates. 
    “W-well,” I felt a physical pain about what I was going to say, “I wanted to thank you. For having me and taking care of me so well while I’m here.” 
    “Of course! I am more than happy to!” 
    I ate some of the pancakes before continuing, “Honestly, you’ve helped me a lot. I was struggling a lot to just live my life. Things are looking up for me despite how everything changed only a few months ago.” 
    She put her hand on my wrist and tenderly caressed my skins, “That is all your doing. Do not give me praise for your own accomplishments.” 
    My heart felt icy cold as I prepared for the last of my speech, “I-I’m moving out west for that job. I’m trying to find a place to live right now, but I’ll be too far away to come see you. I don’t have a car and it’ll be way too much to take a carriage.” 
    “W-what are you saying, Anon?” She gasped. 
    “A-and...” I could feel myself breaking as I kept talking, “There's a girl I met and started talking to. Human girl. I-I’m thinking about--” 
    “WHAT!?” Akiyama’s sudden shouting interrupted me. I looked up from the food and up to her. The usually loving and caring eyes and smile was completely gone. Instead her irises and pupils had become small as she looked at me with pure rage, “ANOTHER GIRL!?” She demanded. I crawled away from her as her tail tried to grab me, “What about me!? What about us!?” The rage melted away from her face and tears began to fall, “How could you do this to me? Admitting you want to CHEAT on me!?” She started to sob, “Did I do something wrong? Was the udon last night over cooked? Cold?” She backed away from me in fear, the two of us were now on opposite sides of the room, “Do you have a reason? Or have you ALWAYS had eyes for her!?” The rage returned. I quickly grabbed my bag and ran out of the room as she readied herself to pounce. I didn’t stop to say goodbye to Miss Shinsi as I slipped on my shoes and ran outside. 
    “What the hell?” I panted as I hurried down the street, trying to find a carriage to take me home. I turned and looked over my shoulder, just to make sure Akiyama wasn’t chasing me. Thankfully I didn’t catch a glimpse of her white visage. I felt like I had done something horribly wrong. So utterly, horribly, terribly wrong. I just wanted to go home and sleep this horrible feeling away. 
    I woke up in the middle of the night. It was dark in my apartment. It felt cold and sad in my room as I pulled my comforter tighter around me. I still felt awful. It had only compounded as I wallowed in the feeling. I felt hollow and broken as I lay awake in bed. I couldn’t get Akiyama off my mind no matter what I did. I got out of bed wearily as I wanted to just drink my pain away and wet my throat. I stepped from my room into the thin hallway and into the kitchen. I used the screen of my phone to dimly light up my surroundings as I searched for the ever flakey light switch. I groaned as the light did nothing when I hit the switch. I had forgotten again to put a new bulb in, apparently. I shuffled to the fridge and pulled it open, squinting at the bright light as I looked for a drink.  
    I felt a creeping feeling, as if something was in my apartment with me. A slight gust of semi warm breath ran down my spine and across my shirtless back. I didn’t want to look. I didn’t want to know who was behind me. But I knew who it was. There was only one person who would break into my house in the middle of the night. I felt her hand travel up my back before she placed it on the front of my neck and pulled me against her as her tail wrapped around my abdomen, “Is she here? That WHORE?” Akiyama asked as she put a blade in my vision. A short, wooden handled tanto that her red eyes from behind me glinted off of. Her red eyes looked furious and insane. I feared for my life. 
    “I-Its j-j-just me,” I whimpered as tears started to form in my eyes, “Akiyama, p-please,” I begged quietly as fear shook my body. 
    She gripped me even more tightly, “Why? So you can go and run off with this woman to cheat on me?” She pressed her nude skin against me as the tip of her tail wrapped around my neck, “I just wanted you to love me, Anon. I loved you, why would you not love me? Was I not good enough during our love sessions? Was my cooking bad? Or have you only been using me only as a piece of meat to penetrate with your manhood?” She hissed in my ear as she grabbed my hair. 
    “T-that’s what it started as,” I explained as I broke down, “B-but I started getting feelings for you, someone I was paying to see, I couldn’t bear it. Why would you want someone like me? I’m pathetic!” 
    Akiyama released me slowly, “Do you mean what you say? Feelings for me? AND YOU DON’T HAVE FEELINGS FOR THAT WHORE!?” She growled in my ear. 
    I nodded, still crying from fear and sadness of my feelings coming out, “I only spoke to her once. I-I didn’t mean to hurt you, Akiyama.” 
    “Oh, my darling,” Her tone completely shifted as she put her blade away and pulled me into a warm, loving hug, “I knew you were just misled. I knew you wouldn’t purposefully hurt me,” She kissed my cheeks and then my lips and forehead in a barrage of kisses, “I knew you lived in the human cities, but did you never look into mamano law?” 
    “N-no,” I shook my head as she dried my tears with her hands. 
    “Well, having inseminated my womb, you are mine. More specifically my husband~” She giggled as if this was all some silly misunderstanding and not nearly a muder suicide, “I just couldn’t believe you would want to leave me... To CHEAT on me,” She laughed as another bit of rage crossed her face, “I love you, Anon,” She told me as tears formed in her eyes. 
    I hugged her back, “I-I love you too,” I nervously replied, still completely shaken, “W-will you come with me when I move?” 
    “Of course, darling,” She stroked my face and my hair, “Please, can we go to bed? Your home is quite cold and I require your heat,” I nodded and quickly got a drink before taking her to my room. She grabbed a blanket and threw it on the floor, “Although I love you. I must punish you for scaring me and speaking to that whore.” 
    “I must get you addicted to my body, my looks, my voice and even my smell. Why would you ever need to look at another woman when you have me? Hm? HM?” She tied my legs together and my arms above my head. Her tail also covered my mouth to keep me quiet, “Darling, you will understand that I am everything you will ever need,” She still looked somewhat insane. I struggled in a bit of fear against her tail, “Struggle, Anon. It only makes me more aroused,” She giggled before removing my pants and forcing herself onto me. There was no gentleness in her form as she began to have intercourse with me. There was love in how her hands caressed my face and body with her hands, but her tail and hips were brutal, “I am all you will ever need, yes?” She looked at me. I could only nod as she continued to roughly ravage my body. I moaned against the gag as I came for the first time. That didn’t stop Akiyama at all. She merely smiled sweetly and lovingly as she pushed me quickly to the next orgasm. Her hand burst into flame as she pressed it against my chest over my heart. My entire body was consumed by a warm, lustful feeling. My mind went completely blank except for my love for Akiyama and the thoughts of how badly I wanted her. I kept thinking about how much I loved her and how I wanted to start a family with her and spend all my time with her. 
I eventually fell unconscious after the fourth orgasm and probably before the fifth. But I wasn’t sure. The last image in my mind was Akiyama’s smiling face. 
    “How is the food, darling?” Akiyama asked me as she sat across from me at our small table. 
    I smiled, “Its really good. Its always good.”  
    “Thank you, darling,” She chuckled, “How was work?” 
    “Just fine, like it always is. Did you already feed the fish?” 
    “A little, but they could probably do with another scoop of food. I know you love feeding the koi. We should go out now, the sunshine is quickly fading and I would love to watch the sunset with you,” She struggled to stand to her full height. 
    I took her arms and pulled her up, “Don’t strain yourself, dear,” I sighed. 
    She rubbed her large, pregnant belly, “I know, darling. We are getting close to our first child,” She smiled excitedly, “Don’t let me forget to bring the blankets in before it gets dark.” 
    “I’ll do it,” I smiled as I walked outside with her. The backyard contained a beautiful koi pond and cherry blossoms. They were in full bloom. Past those was the hills and forests that surrounded our nice home. It wasn’t a traditional zipangese style, much to my wife’s disappointment, but the scenery made up for it, “I’m a little nervous,” I admitted as I fed the fish. 
    “About the baby?” Akiyama asked. I nodded, “Do not be. Sakura will grow up to be a wonderful young woman. You will do wonderfully as a father.” 
    “Thank you, Akiyama,” I smiled as we watched the sunset together. 
    “The blankets!” Akiyama shouted as she realised she had forgotten, “Bring them in, it is time to cuddle. I will lay out the futon,” She slithered quickly inside. I met here in the bedroom with the blankets in hand. She had already changed to her sleeping garb and I quickly got changed. I crawled into the bed with her and cuddled up against her, gladly giving up my body heat to my loving wife, “I love you,” She whispered as she coiled around me and held me close. 
    “I love you too,” I smiled as I kissed her on the lips. She put the candles out and we both peacefully fell asleep in each other's arms.  

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