Dullahan Sisters

    “C’mon bro, don’t look like that,” My older sister chided playfully, “Community college was shitty to you and all, but now you’re in the ‘big league’ university. You’ll make way more friends.” 
    “You made friends easily because you’re in a sorority,” I sighed, staring out the passenger window and watching the trees whiz by. 
    “That has nothing to do with it! You can’t be bummed about your best friend moving to another state forever!” My older sister was a werecat. It had been years since the portals opened that brought monster girls into this reality. It had happened a few years before I was born and my sister was born a few months after. 
    “I can and I will,” I grumbled, folding my arms. 
    “Jeez, Anon,” She frowned at me, “If you won’t try to make new friends for me, do it for mom.” 
    “And if I don’t?” I was just being a shit head at this point. 
    “Well, I’ll drag you to my sorority during a party, and let every girl there have her way with you, as much as they want.” 
    I gulped, “I-I’ll see what I can do.” 
    “Hey, if you REALLY wanna make mom happy, find yourself a girlfriend.” 
    “I know, I know… She harasses me about that nearly every day.” 
    “She’s just afraid you’re gonna alp, bro.” 
“Maybe she shouldn’t have put this on my arm all those years ago,” I held up my wrist, brandishing the marks on my arms. 
“Would you rather have been molested when you were young? I know its hard for you to make friends, but things will be better here, you’re away from Lisa and you’ve got a whole campus of kids to meet!” 
I sighed, “ Yeah... Can you just drop me at the dorms? I’ve got another hour or two before classes and I wanna get settled in.” 
“Course bro, if you get in any trouble, call upon your big sis. You know my entire sorority would be willing to help,” She ruffled my hair. 
“Thanks, sis.” 
I took my headphones off as I sat in a seat at the back of the lecture hall. I heaved a massive sigh as I looked around the room. I wondered why I was taking a theoretical magicks class when I was a tech major. I couldn’t remember what had compelled me to take the class for elective credit, either. I rested my head on my hands as I waited for class to start, contemplating just dropping the class or just ditching. I jumped as someone sat next to me, a woman in a black gown. Her face was pointy and pale, she brushed her long black over her shoulder as she stared towards the front of the room as if not even noticing me. She wore thick glasses and a scarf around her neck. She leaned her staff against the table as she reached into her messenger bag, pulling out a plush pillows. Without looking at me, she placed one near me, to her left. I nearly screamed as she pulled a head out of her bag and placed it on the pillow. I nearly fainted as the head started to talk, “Geez, sis. Could you take any longer getting to class?” This head had a soft face and short blonde hair. She had cute blue bows in her hair, one on both sides that matched her eyes. 
    “You’re the one that made us skip breakfast,” The head connected to the body hissed. She removed her scarf revealing a noticeable scar connecting her neck to the rest of the body. She pulled a third head from the bag and slid it onto her neck on the left side, both heads attaching to the body. This head had features in between the other two and brown hair with green eyes. She glanced at me and started whispering to the pointy faced head. 
    The head on the pillow’s eyes wandered, settling on me, “Boo!” She screeched at me, making me jump, “You like you just saw a ghost!” She laughed. 
    The head on the left turned to us, “Cera, leave him alone. I apologize for my sister’s behavior. She gets a kick out of scaring people who have never seen a dullahan, much less one with three heads,” The currently disembodied head, Cera, stuck her tongue out at her sister. 
    “H-hey its fine,” My stomach churned and Cera began to rock around on her pillow while humming a tune, somehow throwing her weight around as she found a comfortable position. 
    “Shauna,” The brown haired head offered me her hand.  
    “Anon,” I shook it and gave her a small smile. 
    The third head with glasses leaned over and glared at us, “Anon, hm? Where does your name come from?” 
    “I-I think its Germanic?” 
    “Well, our names come from--” 
    “Nessa, stop lecturing him!” Cera groaned, “He doesn’t care and neither do I! No one cares!” 
    Nessa looked shocked, “W-well--” 
    “Both of you, can it,” Shauna whispered in a threatening tone. The three sisters all calmed down, “Anon, I must apologize for my sisters’ behavior. Again,” She reached into their backpack and pulled out two notebooks. They held a pencil in both hands, ready to take notes as the professor walked into the classroom. Both hands took notes as the two heads attached to the body both diligently paid attention to the professor as lecture began. I had a copy of the professor’s lecture slides printed out. I slumped in my chair as I struggled to stay awake. 
    “Psst, Anon,” Cera whispered at me. I nervously looked at her as she started humming again, “Pick me up,” She commanded, her humming increasing to quiet singing in a language I couldn’t understand. I felt woozy and light headed as I got the sensation of something sliding into my brain. My hands slid themselves across the table towards the head. Cera’s smugness increased as I fell deeper and deeper into her spell, “Ow!” Cera groaned as the hard wood of her sister’s staff fell on her head.  
    I snapped out of the trance and pulled back quickly, panting heavily, “Cera!” Nessa hissed under her breath.  
    “What?” Cera played dumb. 
    “Stop using your music to charm Anon,” Shauna berated, “You just met him and are embarrassing us.” 
    “But he’s so cute!” Her face glowed red as she realised I was sitting right next to her.  
Shauna chuckled at her sister’s misfortune, “Again, apologies, Anon. Can I do anything to make sure there are no hard feelings between us?” 
Nessa was now completely interested, “I concur. I would hate for our future lab partner to have ill will towards us. Perhaps we could go out and on--” 
“Yes! A date!?” Cera excitedly demanded. The other two sisters blushed beet red as the staff hit Cera in the forehead again. 
    “Ahem. A friendly outing together.” 
    “Yes, perhaps to that ice cream parlor that opened up a while ago?” Shauna suggested, “So we can swap notes and stuff too,” She quickly added. 
    The three eagerly awaited my answer. My sister would kill me if she found out I said no to such an invitation. I nodded at them, “Sure, I’m down.” 
    I got two, small, celebratory fist pumps and three smiles for my answer, “Is this your last class as well?” 
    “Yeah,” I scratched my chin, a little nervous that I was now being scrutinized by three sets of eyes.  
    “We can go straight there after class!” Nessa exclaimed, “I mean, if Anon so wishes,” She quickly added. 
    “I’m down,” I shrugged. More grins and victory fist clenches from the girls. I was just glad we hit it off quickly. Even if Cera was intent on getting in my pants.  
Shauna and Nessa went back to taking notes while Cera stared at me, keeping her eyes on me, “Psst,” She whispered, “You can still pick me up if you want.” 
I looked over at her sisters, both engrossed in the lecture, “I- I am super curious about something,” I reached forwards slowly, sliding my hands across the table towards the disembodied head. I received a whack on the hand from a heavy stick. 
“Don’t give Cera what she wants, Anon,” Nessa scolded me as I rubbed my wrist,  
“My sister still needs to be punished for trying to charm you,” Shauna told me without even looking up. 
I frowned, “Got it.” 
Cera frowned and stared at the desk. 
The sisters, Nessa, Shauna and Cera walked me to the ice cream parlor with all three heads on one body, “Which one of you is in control like this?” I asked curiously as we walked down the quickly darkening street.  
The three shot each other confused looks, “We sort of just... walk. Our body sort of has its own will, but we can control it when we are connected to it,” Shauna explained. 
“But which one of you is in control now?” 
“Whichever sister is exerting the most willpower at the time will be in control,” Nessa told me. 
“See!?” Cera suddenly turned and grabbed the back of my neck, pulling my face into kissing range of the three sisters, Cera went for it, trying to kiss me. 
“Cera!” Shauna shouted, tearing her from the body with a wet noise. She held the wiggling and whining Cera under her arm.  
Both of them, Shauna and Nessa, gave me dark, embarrassed looks, “P-please, f-forgive our sister,” Nessa was breathing heavily, her face glowing red and pointed at the ground. Shauna looked mortified at me, her already pale skin was white as a ghost. Cera was writhing and complaining in her sisters’ grip. 
    “She- She didn’t hurt you did she?” Shauna asked.  
    I chuckled, “Just surprised me is all,” I knew I was blushing as well. 
    “Put me back on! I’ll be good! Please!” Cera whined. Shauna rolled her eyes and attached her back onto the body with another wet noise. I still couldn’t see what the connection looked like as they wore a thick scarf around their necks. Cera stared at the ground as we continued walking. 
    We got to the parlor and took a seat at a small circular table across from each other. The parlor had been a diner a few months ago and retained its red plush booths and comfortable cow pattern chairs sitting around small round tables. There was a lot of cow themed things around the place. I picked up the menu off the table and smirked, “This is way more fancy than I’m used to.”  
    The three girls chuckled in unison, “We’ve been here a few times. I would recommend something to you but everything is so good,” Shauna happily browsed the menu as Nessa pulled out her leather bound journal and flipped to a page. 
    “I want strawberry!” Cera announced, pointing at the menu. 
    “You don’t get any,” Shauna told her, “You’re still in trouble,” Cera started to whine. 
    “Anon,” Nessa called out, interrupting her sister, “I could hardly detect you earlier when I accidentally sat next to you in class. What kind of magic do you study?” 
    “Oh, I don’t do any magic. This probably messed with you,” I held out an arm and rolled up my sleeve. White, softly glowing runes were etched into my arm, “What do you mean accidentally?” I quickly added as Nessa grabbed my wrist and gently traced the runes with her finger. 
    “Sister, stop grabbing him,” Shauna whispered. 
    “Why can you grab him and I can’t!?” Cera whined as the grip on my wrist turned more sensual, running fingernails over my skin. I presumed that Cera was taking control. 
    “S-sorry,” Nessa pulled away from me, pulling their other arm with her, “To answer your question, I see things a bit differently than most do, seeing magic, energy or mana. My sisters here are my normal eyes when I need it. The runes on your arm are blocking my vision.” 
    “Then they’re doing their job,” I shrugged, “My parents had them put on my arm when I was young to keep me from getting... ‘claimed’ when I was too young. Keeps me hidden from a lot of girls, especially single and powerful ones.” 
    “Yet you still have it?”  
    “Haven’t met a girl for me, yet. O-or girls.” 
    The three stared at me before turning back to what they were doing before. Cera started blubbering again about not getting any ice cream while Shauna mused on what to get. I noticed Nessa taking sketches from memory of my runes. A large and curvy holstaurus approached us where we sat, notepad in hand, “What can I get for you, dears?” She asked with a smile. 
    “Uh, just two scoops of rainbow sherbet in a bowl for me,” I shrugged. 
    “Wonderful choice!” 
    “A chocolate sundae for me and my sister,” Shauna ordered, handing over a debit card, “I’m paying for all of us this time. Cera doesn’t get to order” She quickly added. The woman nodded and bounced off. 
    “I can pay for myself,” I sighed. 
    “The whole reason we brought you here was to buy you ice cream as an apology for my sister’s... shenanigans,” Shauna explained. 
    I frowned again, “Fine. Hey, you never really explained why you didn’t mean to sit next to me beyond not really being able to see me.” 
    Shauna stammered, “W-well, most people--” 
    “No one wants to hang out with the three headed freak. Why do you think we usually walk around as only one head?” Cera frowned at me. The three were uncomfortably quiet. Shauna and Nessa both gave small smiles as our ice cream was brought out. Cera was taken off of the body and placed on a pillow. 
    “Ah, I see,” I took a bite of my ice cream, unsure of what to say. I smiled a little bit because of the delicious ice cream. 
    “At least you like your ice cream,” Nessa smiled with a sigh, putting away her book. They had a spoon in both hands, slowly scooping ice cream in to Nessa and Shauna’s mouths. We silently ate, the only noise being Cera’s quiet whining and begging.  
    I reached over and rotated the pillow towards me, offering Cera a spoonful of ice cream. She stared at me with star filled eyes. The other sisters gave me a disapproving look. I ignored them, “Only if you stop whining, okay?” 
    “Anything!” Cera panted, opening her mouth wide. I gently put a small scoop of ice cream in her mouth before going back to eating it myself, “Hey, Anon? If you’re not practicing magic, what are you studying?” 
    “Oh, I’m going into computer science. What about you guys?” 
    “Witchcraft,” Nessa answered flatly. 
    “Druidic magic,” Shauna smiled. 
    “Bard!” Cera shouted. 
    “Ah, I used to wish I had been born with the gift of magic,” I chuckled. 
    “But you don’t wish so any more?” Nessa frowned while glancing at me with one eye. 
    “Its a lot of work and I’d have things like baphomets and familiars coming after me at all waking moments.” 
    “Learning magic can be very rewarding!” Shauna exclaimed, pointing a finger at me, “I can make plants grow and summon woodland creatures to aid me--” 
    “I can sing songs that have various effects!” Cera excitedly bounced, “Like I can charm you, cast shields on you, hide you from your enemies... Basically, I’m the perfect wife and you should marry--” 
    Nessa scooped Cera up and dropped her in their side bag, “Apologies. I doubt you enjoy my sister hitting on you. I mostly brew potions and enchant items but I can cast offensive magics as well.” 
    “If you taught me magic what would you train me in?” I asked, trying to make more conversation about magic. 
    “Summoning or necromancy. I feel those would round out our skills.” 
    “Necromancy!?” Shauna hissed, “I would not let you teach him such VILE arts.” 
    Nessa huffed, “Vile? Sister, being able to raise others from the dead is not VILE. If you are so high and mighty, what would you teach him?” 
    “Weather magic. Being able to rain lightning and fire from the heavens on your enemies as well as bring gentle showers and sunshine to those who need it is a very noble art.” 
    “I wanna teach him how to ROCK and summon forth HELLISH ABOMINATIONS THROUGH HEAVY FUCK METAL AND--” Cera was shoved deeper into the extradimensional bag. 
    “Uh, I l-like the sound of--” I stammered, trying to lower the tension between the three sisters.  
    Nessa glared at Shauna, “Oh please, weather magic? You can already do that.” 
    “Only a little bit!” Shauna retorted, “I mostly deal with plants and animals.” 
    “And none of us summon any real help or even raise help, so that would be useful. Not to mention other spells available to necromancy and summoning.” 
    “What would he even summon!? Familiars? Shoggoths? Some other thing from beyond our world?” 
    “Anything better than squirrels and cats.” 
    “Oh, come on--” 
    “Hey,” I stood up, not wanting to listen to them argue any more, “I think I’m gonna head out. Thanks for the ice cream.” 
    “O-okay,” Nessa looked darkly down at her remaining ice cream. Shauna didn’t speak, she just stared at me with a frown. 
    “Don’t let him go!” Cera demanded from the bag, “I still wanna talk to him!” Her cries echoed from the pocket dimension she was stuffed into. 
    I felt a little guilty as I walked out of the parlor and into the cool air of the night. I put my headphones in, looking to drown out my feelings with some classic rock. I hummed while walking, staring up at the moon as I shuffled down the sidewalk. I was about half way back to campus and to my dorm room and a nice, warm bed and cozy feelings. Four people were walking down the sidewalk towards me, I didn’t recognize who it was before it was too late, “Oh, hi Anon~!” A feminine voice catcalled me. 
    I stifled a groan as Lisa, queen of the human bitches, stepped into the light towards me. She was flanked by three other human women, “Hey,” I scratched my chin, popping out my headphones. I may detest her, but I still didn’t want to be rude. 
    “What are you doing out here this late at night? Some horrid monster could snatch up my sweetie-poo if he’s not careful,” Her misplaced loving tone made me want to wretch. 
    I wasn’t interested in her at all, for numerous reasons, but her hateful and spiteful cult was the main one, “I’m a big boy, I can handle myself.” 
    “Come get some ice cream with us, Anon!” 
    I knew she was going to try and guilt me into paying. I had fallen for it a few times in community college, “No thanks, just got some myself. Got homework to do, see ya,” I pushed past them quickly and hurried back to campus. I could feel their scowls on my back until I turned around a corner. 
    Second day of magical theory class. I was a little excited, getting to work with the dullahan sisters again. I had my pre printed notes laid out before me, ready to write down anything I needed. I glanced to the side as a familiar face walked through the door. Shauna was the main head currently, the other two stuffed into their extra-dimensional bag. She wore a cloak in an attempt to hide her exhausted eyes. I gave her a smile that fell off as she took a seat far from me in the back row. My frown widened as she faced away from me, hiding under her cloak. I felt a twinge of pain in my chest as my only friend stared out the window, “Shauna!” I said in a hushed voice, trying to wave her over. She glanced at me, an uncharacteristically grim look on her face. She turned back to the window. I grabbed my stuff and stomped over, plopping down loudly next to her, “What the hell is going on?”  
    She turned to me with tears in her eyes, “I--We’ll get in trouble if we talk to you,” She whispered. I took a closer look at her fearful, obscured face.  
    “W-what happened?” I demanded. She turned away from me, a worried look on her face. I looked down, their ‘head bag’ was at her side. I glanced up, She wasn’t looking at me. I pulled the bag open and reached my hands in. If she wouldn’t give me answers, Nessa or Cera would. 
    “Anon!” Shana turned to me, too late to stop me as I pulled the first thing I felt out. 
    “Anon!” Cera cried happily as I held her in my hands. Her blond hair was disheveled and messy. She had a black eye and a few cuts on her cheek. She was smiling a little despite the pain in her eyes. 
    I turned back to Shauna, “Tell me what happened, please,” I begged. 
    Shauna sniffled and pulled Nessa from the bag. She looked stoic as she looked up at me, her glasses were cracked, “We were ambushed by a group of six girls this morning,” She explained. 
    “Did their leader look like a massive whore?” I hissed, gritting my teeth. 
    “Yeah!” Cera nodded in my hands, “She said if I even looked at you they’d beat us worse.” 
“Even threatened to hurt you,” Shauna looked like she was about to cry.  
“Don’t you three know magic?” I angrily asked. 
“We don’t want to hurt anyone,” Nessa wouldn’t make eye contact with me. 
“Nessa,” I sighed, “I’m so sorry, all of you.” 
“Its alright, Anon. Its not your fault what some crazy skank does,” Cera chuckled. 
“She’s going to give you another black eye, sister,” Shauna sighed. 
    “Let that whore try! My love for Anon is my shield!”  
    “How did she even know we were hanging out?” I pondered. 
    “Rumors spread fast. Information spreads much faster especially amongst friend groups. I’m sure that's how she found out about our little hang out. She could already know about us talking right now,” Nessa noted. I glanced around the room, people were chatting amongst each other, our conversation was no more stand out than anyone else’s. 
    “Oh! Anon,” Shauna, her spirits a little bit higher, reached into their bag, “I-- I made this for you. An apology for fighting in front of you,” A plant in a small clay planter was set in front of me. I stared at the little green plant, confused, “It will start to grow delicious fruit in a week or two.” 
    “Put me on the body,” Nessa demanded of her sister. Shauna nodded and took the hood off, sliding her sister onto their shared neck behind a scarf. 
    “Can you get my gift too while you’re in there?” Cera asked, still purring in my hands. 
    “Of course, sister,” Nessa nodded, pulling two objects from their bag. 
The first was set before me, a wooden lyre, “I made it for you, with a little help from my sisters, of course,” I picked it up, tapping on the strings, “Its magic. Even without training you will be able to produce wonderful music with it!” 
“Here,” Nessa put a crystalline pendant on a necklace around my neck, “An amulet of protection for you. It will be more difficult to harm you in combat. We haven’t slept much in the past few days as we prepared these gifts. Even though Lisa threatened us, we felt the need to do something for you after fighting.” 
    “Thank you. I don’t really know how I can repay you all,” I smiled. 
    Shauna shook her head, “No need we--”  
    “Let me take those marks off your arm. I wish to see you with my own eyes,” Nessa pleaded, grabbing my wrist. 
    “Just like that? You’ll let me remove your one protection against marriage being forced upon you?” 
    “Yeah. I don’t know how you two feel, but this one seems to like me a lot,” I held cera against my chest, “I feel really guilty about what happened to you three. I also wanna piss Lisa off as much as I can now.” 
“A man after my heart!” Cera swooned. 
“We should go out tonight. Make a date of it,” Shauna grinned. 
Nessa started to sweat, “W-well, if my sisters want to date you, then I suppose I must come along.” 
“Don’t act like you don’t moan his name in your sleep,” Cera teased. 
    Nessa looked horrified. I laughed, “Hey, I’ve been thinking about you three as well, don’t worry about it.” 
    “Really?” Shauna gripped my arm and leaned in, “Naughty thoughts~?”  
    My face lit up red, “H-hey, I-I--” 
    “That’s my line!” Cera whined. 
    Nessa had regained her composer, “Hush you three. The professor is about to speak.” 
    Cera was taken out of my grasp and was attached to the body on my side. Every time I looked over, at least one of them would be staring at me before quickly facing the front of the room.  
    I walked along a familiar sidewalk, the cold air was nice and I was glad I had worn a jacket. I glanced at the sisters that walked beside me. The three of them were nervously looking around, “Hey, Anon,” Cera mumbled, “You… uh... “ She blushed and looked down at the ground. 
    “Do it, ask him,” Shauna whispered. 
    “He likes you the best,” Nessa nodded. 
    “I like all three of you,” I sighed, a little embarrassed to be saying it out loud. 
    “Then you’re okay with holding hands, right?” Cera grabbed my hand with an iron grip. 
    “You said you like us, Anon,” Shauna smiled. 
    “We ARE dating right?” Nessa looked over at me. 
    My embarrassment grew, “Y-yeah I guess. I know monsters are quick to attach to someone they like so I shouldn’t be surprised.” 
    “Can I kiss you!?” Cera gleefully asked. 
    “No! Me first!” Shauna broke character as she lashed out at her sister with venom and desperation in her voice. 
    “We have to d-do it fairly,” Nessa hardly restrained herself, “A-and draw straws.” 
    “G-guys…” I stammered, sweating bullets. 
    “Oh! We’re here, come on,” Shauna returned to her somewhat cheerful and stoic attitude as she pulled me into the ice cream parlor. I was pushed over to a booth, they sat down first, patting the outer seat for me to sit down. The building was empty except for us and the holstaurus behind the counter. She waved at us as we picked up menus. 
    “I can have a treat this time, right?” Cera asked. 
    “Yes, sister,” Nessa gave her a small smile before turning back to the menu, “Do you want to split something again, Shauna?” 
    “I-I was thinking of asking Anon if he wanted to split something…” She whispered behind the menu. 
    “If you want to get a lot of rainbow sherbert, sure,” I chuckled. 
    “Just split a sundae with me,” Nessa pestered, “Let him have his childish ice cream.” 
    Shauna and Cera berated her for calling me childish until the woman came over to take our orders. I got the same thing I did last time, two scoops of rainbow sherbert in a bowl. Cera got a large chocolate milkshake while the other sisters split a sundae. They wouldn’t let me pay for them, “I feel pretty guilty about you guys just giving me things and paying for me. I want to pay you back somehow,” I sighed. 
    “Oh, don’t worry,” Shauna chuckled darkly. 
    “You will pay us back,” Cera cackled. 
    “In time we will get what we want from you,” Nessa stared at me, directly into my soul. 
    I chuckled nervously and rubbed my forehead. I knew I was starting to sweat again. I felt a firm grip on my thigh, Cera bit her bottom lip as my sweating intensified, “H-hey stop that,” I nervously tapped the table. 
    “Sister, there will be time to do that in private later,” Nessa growled at her sister.  
    “I just can’t help myself!” Cera laughed, “He’s so cute when he makes that face!” 
    “You’re embarrassing him,” Shauna sighed, “Though he is cute when he gets red in the face.” 
The three giggled with each other, “I should do more research on how to make a boy embarrassed and flustered like that,” Nessa whispered. 
I was given a few seconds of respite as the ice cream was brought to our table. I grinned as I looked at my bowl of ice cream. I turned as the trio tugged on my sleeve, Cera’s mouth was open, her eyes were closed as she expected me to feed her a spoonful. I sighed and did as she silently demanded, “I want some too!” Shauna opened her mouth as well. 
“I-I would like some too,” Nessa sheepishly confessed. 
    “Yeah, here you go,” I sighed as I picked up a spoonful of ice cream. 
    “Anon!” A shrill voice cried out behind us. I turned, groaning as queen bitch, Lisa, and her group of six goons glared at me, “What are you doing hanging out with that freak!?” 
    The three sisters had worried expressions, “Freak?” I repeated, standing up and folding my arms. 
    “Yes. Freak. Loser. Weirdo. Come on, we’re leaving.” 
    “No,” I growled defiantly. 
    “No!? You have a duty as a human man to get with a human woman rather than with some FREAK.” 
    “The three of them are more human in their pinky finger than you are,” I glared at her. An anguished, angry noise escaped her lips as she tried to slap me, bouncing off as she touched my skin. I looked back at the sisters, a staff in one hand and a small branch in the other, ready to cast. 
    “We wouldn’t raise our hands to protect ourselves,” Shauna grunted. 
    “But against a low life like you?” Nessa seethed. 
    “We will protect what is OURS,” Cera huffed. 
“Girls--” Lisa started to growl as the group flanked our table. 
    “You having problems in here?” Another voice growled by the door. This was the first time I was happy to see my sister. Four other, bigger girls followed her in, a manticore, a jinko, a cheshire and another werecat. Each wore a black leather jacket with a happy looking cat stitched onto the back. 
    “O-oh, n-nothing,” Lisa stammered, backing off. I heard a note from Cera, a banana appearing behind Lisa, slipping her up and sending her crashing onto the floor. Most of the room was brought to laughter as if charmed by a spell. Lisa started to tear up. 
    “This bitch harassing you two-- Four?” My sister asked, still chuckling. 
    I looked down at the sniveling Lisa, “Yeah. Beat up my girlfriend too.” 
    My sister gasped, looking at the dullahan sisters, she pinched my cheeks, “Girlfriend!? Oh, my little brother’s finally found himself--” 
    “I think we have other, more important things to focus on right now,” The jinko growled, her wooden sword rested on her shoulders. 
    “Oh, right,” My sister cleared her throat and grabbed the milkshake, dumping it on Lisa, “Fuck with my bro or those girls again and I’ll make sure you never interact with another person again. Capiche?” 
    “Y-you’ll regret this,” Her goons helped her up, finally done laughing. She looked down at the brown, chilly stain on her.  
    “Come on, get out,” My sister dismissively grunted before turning away from them. They left quietly, glaring at us. My sister yawned, “What a bunch of bitches,” She turned to the dullahan sisters with a big grin on her face, “So, dating my brother? Tell me about yourselves!” We were all squished into the booth, my sister’s friends ordering ice cream for themselves. My sister bought Cera a new milkshake. 
    “Uh, w-we’re sophomores a-at--” Nessa stammered. 
    “You’re brothers really cute can we have him!?” Cera interrupted. 
    “Cera!” Shauna shouted at her sister. 
    My sister laughed and her friends chuckled quietly at Cera’s outburst, “O’course. You have my permission to date my brother.” Cera sighed with relief. 
“I apologise for my sister’s forwardness,” Shauna frowned at my sister and me, “The other two of us would have liked to take this a bit slower, but our sister is trying her best to make this happen.” 
“Are you kidding? You could pin him down right here and I’d cheer you on.” 
I didn’t like the look Cera gave me, a look of lust and desperation, Nessa blushed as she covered her eyes with her hand and Shauna coughed, “W-well, t-thank you.” 
    “We’ll take good care of him!” Cera bounced with excitement. 
    “Good. I saw how you protected him from that slap on my way in,” My sister smiled, “Keep it up, alright?” 
    “Of course!” Nessa clenched her fist, giving my sister a determined look. 
    I glanced down the hallway behind me as I unlocked my dorm room. The shimmering, nearly invisible form of Cera leaned against the wall, tapping lightly so I knew where she was. I pushed the door open, nonchalantly holding it open for her to enter. She slipped in, running a hand along my back as she went, “Come on!” She whispered rather loudly. The men’s dorm had a strict no girls rule, but the rooms had been remade to be single person rooms and completely soundproof. Nessa told me it increased the thrill of sneaking in and having a night with their boyfriend or husband. I closed and locked the door behind me before being thrown onto the bed, Cera immediately straddling me, pressing her lips to mine as the invisibility faded. She sat up, throwing two fists in the air, “YES! I DID IT!” 
    “D-did what?” I asked nervously. 
    “Got your first kiss~” She happily giggled, “Let me get my sisters. I’m sure they want smooches too.” 
    I sat up, back against the wall. Cera put Shauna and Nessa on their body before each of them began looking around the room, “Your dorm is a mess,” Nessa frowned. 
    “Look, I didn’t expect to have a girl-- well, girls, over,” I sighed, “A-and its not that bad, just let me push--” 
    I was gripped by the collar, Shauna pulled me in and gave me a small, light kiss on the lips, “Your turn, Nessa.” 
    “I-I want to take the runes off first. So I may really see him,” She put me back on the bed and sat next to me, gripping my wrist, “This may sting, but it will be over soon,” Shauna and Cera watched intently as Nessa waved her staff over my arm, a burning sensation made me grunt. I closed my eyes as she slowly whispered an incantation. I felt light headed for a moment as the air in the room became charged with arcane energy. I felt a searing, fiery pain on my arm, “A-all done,” She panted, out of breath. I looked down at my wrist. The runes had been burned off, a patch of first degree burns covered my forearm.  
    “Let me take care of that, dear,” Shauna pulled out her small branch and waved it over her hand, a small amount of green ointment appeared on her palm. It felt cool as it was rubbed on my wrist, “Do you need a kiss too?” She teased. 
    “I’ll do it!” Cera volunteered.  
    Nessa took control of the body and forcefully yet passionately pressed her lips to mine, “My sisters did not fully explain to me just how handsome you are,” She whispered, caressing my cheeks. 
    “Stop hogging him!” Cera whined, “Its my turn!” 
    “My turn just started!” Nessa retorted. 
    “Sisters,” Shauna snapped, shutting them up, “I believe now is the time.” 
    “To take what we want?” Cera asked excitedly. 
    “What we need,” Nessa corrected. The three started to cackle maliciously as they turned to me. 
    “Take your pants off,” The three spoke in unison, sending a chill down my spine, “Now.” 
    I nodded slowly, knowing better than to turn down a horny monster, “Y-yeah.” 
    “Hurry, hurry, hurry,” Cera panted, grabbing at me as I nervously started to unclothe myself. 
    “Yes, please hurry. I am quite... HUNGRY,” Nessa sighed. 
    “I can’t wait to get a taste of you~” Shauna undressed herself, revealing large perky breasts and wide hips. They left the scarf on, keeping their necks covered. I hardly had a moment to take in the look of their body before they jumped on top of me. Spectral hands appeared and clamped down on my limbs, holding me still. 
    “Just let us take control,” Cera whispered into my ear as they quickly took me to the hilt. 
    “Y-yes, ah~” Nessa moaned, “Let us become one in loving, holy union!” 
    I panted heavily, sweat covered my body and my hips felt like someone had dropped a car on them-- twice. My chest stung something fierce, like claws had been dragged through my skin. Like all the fluids had been forcibly drained from my body to feed a three headed monster that was starving for my natural energy and mana. That monster was still hungry. Shauna, Nessa and Ceras’ heads were all thrown back, their collective breathing was ragged and shallow. They looked down at me slowly, smiles on their faces, “Another round?” Cera asked, all too eager to keep going. 
    “You’re going to kill him, Cera,” Shauna sighed as they got off me, Cera whining as they lie next to me on the small bed. 
    “How are you feeling, darling?” Nessa asked, a hand gently caressing my chest. I groaned quietly and weakly, “Dear sister, could you conjure our husband up some water?” 
    “Of course,” Shauna nodded, “Let me clean us op first” The sisters stood up, a shower of light, cool mist covering them. The glistening sweat on their nude body had disappeared, replaced by a sweet, cinnamon smell in the room. I looked down at myself, I had been cleaned up as well.  
    “Oh! I wanna wear his clothes!” Cera exclaimed, snatching a pair of sweats and a shirt off the floor.  
    “Help our victim get dressed, sister,” Nessa chuckled. I was quickly put in a pair of shorts and a tank top. The sisters climbed back into bed, spooning me.  
My head was gently raised as a floating ball of water was brought towards my face, “Drink dear,” Shauna whispered in my ear. I did as she said, almost immediately feeling refreshed and hydrated as I drank from the odd magically created ball of water. 
“Anon?” Cera whispered, kissing the back of my neck, “Can you hold me?” 
“Yeah,” I panted weakly, still hurting. Cera’s head was quickly dumped in my hands. 
“Mmph,” Nessa pouted. 
“You’ll get your turn tomorrow, sister,” Shauna scolded, “Let Cera have her turn tonight.” 
Nails gently grazed my chest idly, “Yes, sister,” She sighed, “I wish I hadn’t just removed those runes. I don’t want anyone else to look at my darling husband.” 
I scoffed quietly, Cera was resting on the pillow by my head. I quickly satisfied my curiosity by flipped her over and looking at her neck hole. A gentle stream of black smoke obscured the area. As an apology, I gave her a kiss on the lips and hugged her to my chest. The two sisters behind me spoke quietly of magic and runes and tearing portals through space. I caressed Cera’s hair idly as I closed my weary eyes, ready to go to sleep. Cera shuffled in my grip and looked up at me, “I love you, hubby~” 
“I love husband more!” Shauna kissed my ear. 
“W-what? I love him too,” Nessa whined. 
I sighed, “I love all three of you. Can I sleep now?”
     I got a firm hug from behind and a collection of kisses,  “Sleep, dear, Anon,” Shauna whispered, “We have studying to do  tomorrow.”

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