“Did you hear?” Ashe the baphomet asked her witch underling, “Another sabbath group got attacked the other night.” 
    The witch, Blue, nodded, “T-the survivors said Fuckman did it.” 
    The familiar, Wolfe, spat, “Pfft. Fuckman. What a goddamn joke! He’s just a guy in a panty mask! If he came here I’ll bet even Gizmo there could overpower him!” She looked at me with a smug look, “Or Tipp. Her green ass would absoultely DESTROY Fuckman!”  
    The goblin nodded proudly, “I’d have him between my thighs, licking my gash and BEGGING for more!” The familiar and goblin laughed. 
    “This is serious!” The gremlin, other than me, Jay, growled, “Fuckman is going after sabbaths now! He could come HERE! He beat up those HELLHOUNDS last month!” 
    “Pfft,” Ashe shook her head, “Those girls pushing the ‘white men fuck dogs’ agenda? Or the ones going on and on about white boys being built to breed hellhounds?” 
    “What I’m saying is, even without onii-chans, we’re way stronger than those hellhound skanks,” Ashe was right, all six of us were single. 
    I smiled, “Don’t let our fearsome Big-Fukker hear that,” We all snickered at the mere mention of our small and timid hellhound friend and sabbath member. The nickname was given with love, but we couldn’t help but tease her. I put the finishing touches on another B.O.O.B.S. unit and set it aside. [Biosynthetic Optical Onii-chan Bewitching Stimulant. See ‘Fuckman Versus the Loli Menace: Volume 3’ for more information!] We were in a pretty decently sized once abandoned warehouse. It was pretty common for mamano groups to take refuge within once abandoned buildings like this. The sabbath had set up shop here and brought us gremlins and goblins in to work on the B.O.O.B.S. The warehouse was full of boxes full of various tech along with cabinets and gremlin sized workbenches scattered around. I touched my own chest. My breasts weren’t that big right now. But I, along with these other shorties, wanted big boobs. It might be heretical in most sabbath groups to do something like this, but we gremlins and goblins weren’t sabbath. These fake large breast devices would surely get us our own men! I wasn’t sure why the sabbath wanted them, probably just for their own personal agenda. 
    “W-What happens to the girls that Fuckman... gets?” Blue asked as she shook in her little boots. She clutched her staff in fright. 
    “That's just it!” Jay shouted, “Fuckman takes them, they stop showing up to whatever group they were a part of and they’re eventually found with a loving husband! But there's no way these guys can be Fuckman! One of those hellhounds that got fucked into submission was found with a pretty chubby lookin’ dude a few weeks later!” 
    “And?” Tipp sighed.  
    “Its a conspiracy to keep mamano down! He’s been around just as long as we have but he shouldn’t be able to live this long! Its like the Liliminati! Or the Flufferburgs! Or that the portal event was an inside job! Or bigfoot. A-and ignis flames--” 
    “Jay, we get it,” Wolfe groaned, “But Fuckman was last seen on the other side of the country. We’re fine.” 
    “We could take him, easy,” Ashe scoffs, “He’s just a human.” 
    “A really big human, with big oiled muscles and a dumb mask,” Tipp pointed out with a shrug, “But a mask and oil won’t save him from your sabbath magic.” 
    Wolfe smiled smugly, “That's true. But what of your tech? Surely that can stop a human man just as easily!” 
    “Could hold one down too,” I smiled as I picked up a H.U.M.P. [Heavy Utility Mover Pack. See ‘Fuckman: The Odds are Short Stacked Against Him’ for more information!] I put the backpack on, and used the controls to move the big metal hands around. They were three pronged clamps that could easily hold the average man down with a single hand. We used them for heavy lifting as well as ensnaring cute boys. 
    “I’d use a paralyse spell on him,” Ashe put simply. 
    Blue nodded, “Perhaps infuse him with various venoms as well?” 
    “Good idea!” The baphomet cackled. 
    Wolfe laughed haughtily, “Well, I’d just move earth to keep his feet in place then just stroke that cock till he begs me to fuck him! I’d tie him up and keep him as my little pet! For revenge for all of mamano kind!” 
    “Okay, Wolfe,” Jay wretched, “We know you’re a freak and wanna be some hunk’s dommy mommy,” She snickered. 
    Wolfe’s face immediately lit up bright red as her rage surfaced, “FUCK YOU, YOU BITCH--” 
    “Shut it!” Tipp groaned, “I don’t want to listen to your shouting! We’d all beat the shit out of him and one of us would fuck him. Let's all talk about something else!” 
    I chuckled, “Yeah...” I trailed off. As the other girls’ conversations turned to other topics, my mind stayed on Fuckman. Could his ‘killcount’ really be 410,757,864,350? Has there even been that many mamano in history? Even with human women included, that would be a LOT of fucking! I could hardly imagine a single man fucking that many wombs. Even someone like Fuckman. A muscular, masked and oily man. Somewhere deep inside of me, I wondered what it would be like to be pinned down and fucked like that. I was almost afraid I would enjoy it.  
    Another day of working with the sabbath. I sighed as I walked in the front doors. It was just me and the same five other girls again. I greeted Blue as she gave me a fresh stack of blueberry pancakes. I had already eaten but I couldn’t turn down that sweetheart’s cooking. I made my way to my station next to Jay and started working on more B.O.O.B.S. units, “Y-you don’t think Fuckman would come here, right?” Jay asked in a low voice. 
    “Dunno why he would. That other sabbath was gonna use their magic at a big metal concert to enthrall all the onii-chans they could,” I reminded her in a disgusted tone. I shuddered, “Fucked them all backstage and kidnapped them before they went on for their set. We’re just making these chest things to get big boobs,” I shrugged. 
    “Y-yeah but... These are made to BEWITCH! That could be seen as bad, right?” 
    “Can it. We’re not bad,” Tipp growled, “Mamano are the ultimate good! Fuckman is the antagonist you dolts. Next we should make something to kick his smug ass and prove mamano are the strongest!” 
    “Like what?” Ashe butted into the conversation, “Some kind of trap with live bait?” 
    “We could just use the B.O.O.B.S. unit,” I reminded them, “Its got one of those aether crystals to power your spell, right?” 
    “Well, yeah,” Wolfe frowned, “But that's no fun. We should do something with venom like Blue said!” 
    “Its simple!” Ashe cackled, “We fuck the Fuckman!” 
    I started to ignore them as I returned to my work. I just wanted this contract between sabbath and tech group to end. I was getting tired of baphomet antics. Their grand baph was especially annoying. I just-- 
    “Did you hear that?” Blue suddenly asked, snapping me out of it.  
    All six of us looked around slowly. Blue was right. We could all hear weird noises. Something thumped across the roof. Tipp gasped as her eyes grew wide, “Santa!?” 
    “You dumbass!” Jay snapped, “Santa is an RIN spook!” [Ratatoskr Information Network. See Jay’s book: ‘Robotic Harpies and Why the Maou Can’t be Trusted!’ for more information!] 
    “He’s real! I know it!” 
    Ashe growled, “Shut up! I need to--” 
    Everyone stopped as the ground shook slightly. We all turned towards the main entrance with dread and fear. The sabbath members grabbed their staves and spell books while Jay grabbed a H.U.M.P. and started putting it on. I reached for a hammer but changed my mind and grabbed a B.O.O.B.S. unit. I started fumbling with it and trying to put it on. Just then, the front door burst open with a loud slam. I turned in horror as I heard moist stomping on the concrete floors of our little warehouse. 
    It couldn’t be. It couldn’t be him. But... It WAS him. I could only watch in horror as the legends came true. The man entered, muscular body, cock at full mast, messy black hair and a mask on his face. It was like a Deadpool mask but the black stripe in the middle was panties and the red was skin color. The eyes were the same though. It was the dreaded Fuckman, here to rape the ‘evil’ from us, “Girls!” Ashe ordered with a firm voice to rouse the other two casters. 
    “Right,” They said in unison. 
    Ashe, Blue and Wolfe all lept into action despite their fears. They all began to shout in their ancient, forbidden tongue as the room grew cold and dark. The wind picked up and papers flew off the desk as the trio casted their terrible dark magic. At once they stopped and the ball of energy flew at Fuckman and struck his pristinely oiled skin. The spell bounced off his muscular body and struck the wall with enough force to shake the building. I gasped as Fuckman kept walking towards the trio, all of them paralysed with fear. Jay came to the rescue with her H.U.M.P. and attempted to strike our attacker with one of the robotic arms. He easily parried and grabbed the arm, pulling the gremlin into his grasp. She shouted and struggled as she tried to get away from him. Fuckman easily tore the H.U.M.P. from her back before pushing her to the ground and removing her clothes. Tipp began to cry for the gremlin as she was held down on her stomach. Fuckman forced his throbbing member into her without a sound. Jay was already wet so he easily slid into the hilt. The sabbath members started to scurry as the fucking began. I expected her to scream in terror, in pain even; but no, she moaned. And she moaned LOUD. Within a few thrusts, her eyes rolled up into her head and her mouth became involuntarily agape as her tongue rolled out of her mouth. The dreaded ahegao, in only a few seconds flat. The entire room was silent except for the lewd wet slapping sounds of Fuckman’s oiled hips slapping against the gremlin’s plump ass.  
    I could only stand and watch as Fuckman relentlessly pounded Jay’s tight cunt, “Oh my god,” I suddenly realised, “He’s raping her! Then he’s going to rape me! Oh my gooooood!” 
There was a loud noise as Fuckman grunted violently and Jay gasped. I covered my eyes with my hands as Jay arched her back and grabbed Fuckman’s hands, making sure he didn’t let go. I peeked as I watched Fuckman blow a massive load inside my friend’s gash. He even pulled out and got some on her back, “You fucker,” Jay growled as she went limp, “That’s ALL supposed to go in there...” Fuckman stood, leaving Jay to nap on the floor.  
    He looked around at the room, his now wetted cock already throbbing once more. His gaze passed over me and focused on the sabbath girls. They huddled in a corner, desperately trying to think of a spell. There was a pounding on the front door as Tipp desperately tried to get out of the building, “PLEASE! I HAVE A BOYFRIEND!” She screamed as tears rolled down her cheeks.. 
    “You lying bitch!” Wolfe shouted at the goblin. Tipp had never said she had a boyfriend before. 
    Fuckman grabbed Tipp and flipped her upside down as she screamed and cried. He took a long whiff of her vagina before nodding and bonking her on the head with his hand. The goblin was out instantly. Fuckman, with Tipp under his arm, vanished behind a tall stack of boxes, “Where is he!?” I cried. 
    I heard Wolfe shriek. I ducked behind the workbench and peeked over it. Fuckman had grabbed her and the other two girls were dashing to the other side of the building. The familiar blushed as she was gently laid upon her back and her shorts were torn open for Fuckman’s member. Oddly he didn’t look like his cock had already violently nutted inside of Jay. No trace of either of their love juices on him. Maybe he had cleaned up? I was more in awe than I was afraid of Fuckman. He was like a cryptid, one of those things that Jay kept going on about but here he was! I watched as he put Wolfe in a mating press and went to town. He was more gentle than he had been with Jay. He grabbed her hands and interlocked fingers with her. She smiled at him as the ecstasy overcame her. She looked happy as she was intertwined with the man violating her body, “Come on, big boy,” She teased, “Give mommy your cummies,” Fuckman nodded and grunted as he began to pick up the pace. Wolfe gasped and writhed from the pleasure before gasping loudly. He grunted as he filled her up, only a little bit of his cum got on her shorts. Wolfe happily rolled onto her stomach as Fuckman released her. She curled up as she took a post fuck nap. Fuckman vanished again.  
    “Unhand me!” Ashe shouted as she was grabbed, “I will keep my--” She shut up as Fuckman tore a hole in her leotard. He held her up against the wall as he gave her a one way ticket to pound town. She moaned and gasped as the lewd slapping increased in volume. Again I only watched as Fuckman ‘punished’ her, “Please! Oh! More!” She gasped and pleaded as she ahegaoed. Her arms wrapped around his neck and her legs wrapped around his hips as she forced him to completely cum inside her. She went limp and slid to the floor with a big smile on her face. Fuckman wasn’t done with her. He grabbed his shaft and used her love fluids as lube as he began to jack off. Ashe smiled at him and fondled his balls gently. With a single grunt, Fuckman gave her the Bukakke Burial technique. [See Jay’s book ‘Bitcoins are a Tanuki Scheme and Why You Can Only Trust Gremcoin’ for more information!] Ashe was absolutely coated in it, inside and out. 
    Fuckman vanished once more. I looked around, more curious than afraid as to where he would strike next. I spotted Blue. She was sitting on a box of B.O.O.B.S. units. Fuckman approached her, “The hat stays on,” Blue ordered as she grabbed the brim of her witch’s cap. Fuckman nodded and gingerly removed her panties without any struggle and left it hanging from one of her boots. He gently touched her pussy with two fingers, teasing her. She moaned and gasped before grabbing him and trying to kiss him through the mask. He kissed her back before easing her back into the missionary position. He was incredibly slow and gentle with her as he pushed the head of his penis in her. She grabbed the brim of her at and pulled it down over her eyes as she gasped. Slowly and methodically, Fuckman pushed himself deeper and deeper into her with each thrust. They were like a loving couple fucking for the first time, so passionately and sweetly, “I-I’m gonna--” Blue was cut off as she involuntarily moaned and gasped. Despite her orgasm, Fuckman kept going. She moaned underneath him as he sped up and aggressively crashed his hips against her. He came, mostly in her, but he made sure to give her the 21 Cum Salute. [See ‘Demofaps and Recumlicans Volume 46’ for more information!] Fuckman helped Blue to the floor before glancing at me and stomping behind a wall again, leaving my vision.  
I was the last one. It was my turn. I climbed up on the workbench and adjusted the B.O.O.B.S. on my chest before I took off my overalls. I left the panties on for Fuckman. They were striped of course. He appeared at full mast, same as every time before. He stomped towards me menacingly with wet stomps. I was intimidated of course. An oily, muscled man with a panty mask and a fully erect cock can do that to a girl. I gave him an impatient look causing him to speed up slightly. He was a bit shorter than any other Fuckman that had taken those girls and didn’t have any kind of after sex residue on his still erect cock. I glanced at Jay, still sleeping peacefully on the floor. Guess she had been right about one of those crazy conspiracies after all. I wondered if she would write another book, I could see it now: ‘The Dreaded Fuckman and Why Gremlins are Built for Human Cock.’ I glanced back at Fuckman. He was before me, cracking his knuckles. I adjusted the B.O.O.B.S. unit again to try and charm him, “Just be gentle, alright?” I instructed nervously. He took hold of my shirt and pulled it off of me. He gripped the B.O.O.B.S. unit in the back and easily tore the binds. He pulled it off of me and threw it to the floor where it crunched on the ground. I gulped nervously as he touched my real breasts and played with my nipples. I grabbed his wrists, praying he wouldn’t stop as I moaned and whimpered at his mere touch. Unfortunately, he did eventually stop when my panties were thoroughly soaked. My breathing was already ragged as my panties were removed. My panties hung from one of my ankles as Fuckman gently pushed my legs apart. I grabbed his shaft and guided it in. Even as just the tip penetrated me, I threw my head back and moaned. The scent of that oil was clouding my mind and making me incredibly horny. It had to be. He grunted quietly as he moved one hand to my hip and the other to my shoulder. He thrust slowly at first. We both lost ourselves in the ecstasy pretty quickly, “Come on you dumb ape, show me what you can do,” I demanded dumbly. Taking the challenge he grunts and suddenly slams himself in me all the way down to the hilt causing me to howl loudly. I tried to grip him to hold his body close but the oil made it nearly impossible. He was like an animal, wildly pumping into me with his throbbing cock, “Come on! Give it to me-aaaah!” I cried out in pleasure again as he slammed himself down to the base of his cock within me. He grunted loudly as he suddenly came inside me. My body shook as I orgasmed, a natural reaction to his cum hitting my womb.  
We both panted as I leaned on him, my eyelids feeling heavy. I assumed it was that oil again. I could only wonder what was in that oil. Fuckman scooped me up in a princess carry before stepping past my fallen comrades. He said something garbled to another masked man in a robe who nodded and picked up Jay after finishing writing on the wall. Three more masked men all came in through the front door and handed the guy carrying me robes. He set me down on a box and quickly put the robes on before picking me back up. I caught a glance of Tipp in the corner, tied up, gagged, and still unconscious, “Don’t like goblins, Fuckman?” I pretty gently and playfully slapped his chest.  
He chuckled, “Go to sleep,” He urged. 
    “If I pull that off, will you die?” 
    Even with the mask, I know he’s rolling his eyes, “It would be extremely painful,” He gives me his best Bane impression. 
I grinned giddily despite my brain and body wanting to shut off and go to sleep, “You’re a big guy.” 
“For you,” He finished. I smiled and finally closed my eyes as he walked out into the morning sunlight and towards a big truck. 
    I woke up slowly and groggily. A pair of arms were wrapped around me, not very strong looking arms but still familiar. I could still smell trace amounts of that oil on his arms. I pushed the arms off of me and rolled over. He was definitely the same size as the ‘Fuckman’ that fucked me yesterday, minus the huge muscles. He was a little scrawny and younger than I expected, but that didn’t matter much to me. I kissed him on the cheek and wrapped my arms around his neck. He stirred and rewrapped his arms around me, “Sup, stud?” I asked.  
    “Hey,” He groaned, “They didn’t tell me I’d ache this much.” 
    “Was that magic or what?” 
    He shrugged, “They just gave me the mask and told me to strip. You kept mumbling about Fuckman in your sleep.” 
    “Okay, yeah,” I playfully slapped his chest, “Maybe I WANTED to get boned by Fuckman! And now I’ve got my own Fuckman! You got any more of that oil?” I quickly added, wanting to feel that exhausting, erotic sensation again. 
    “The horny oil? I dunno I put the mask on, got huge and suddenly I was covered in the stuff. It was mostly instinct from there. I really wonder what kinda magic was in it. Oh, and we can’t really tell anyone about the whole Fuckman thing and give away the secret,” He shrugged apologetically. 
I frowned, “Well, I guess I can try to reverse engineer it. Gotta be some trace amounts on your skin... So what secret society put you boys up to it?” 
    He scratched his head, “Not really sure, they really only sent one guy and he was really secretive. I just remember him having a face that looked kinda hairy because of his beard and big ass shoes.” 
    My mouth hung open, “B-Bigfoot?” 
    He gave me a weird look, “Bigfoot? Really? Did I get the crazy one?” 
    “No,” I quickly tried to recover, “The other gremlin, Jay, was the crazy one. I-I was just joking.” 
    “My brother got her,” He scratched his head, “So I hope you two were friends.” 
    “Your brother doesn’t have a clue what he got himself into. My name’s Gizmo by the way,” I pushed him onto his back and straddled him. 
    “Doesn’t matter,” I interrupted him, “Right now, you’re my Fuckman,” I licked my lips as I ran my hands down his chest, “Come on, just try to defeat me, Fuckman!”  


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