Kitsune Story

[An early story that has nothing going on, really. Still cute.]

 I watched him, my obsession. He was sitting on his small bed, small device in his hands. He would touch the light that emanated from it and move his finger up and down. Every few minutes he would smile at something on the device. If I was lucky he would laugh at something. How I dreamed to touch that soft, brown hair of him. I looked over at the small lock of his hair that I had encased in amber. I needed more of it. His long eyelashes blinked softly, illuminated by the soft glow of his handheld device. His complexion on his light pale face was very clear right now, partially thanks to me. His lithe body was covered by an ill fitting sleeveless blue shirt. His legs were covered by the sheets of his blue bed. The white walls of his room were undecorated except for one white slate that he would write on sometimes. Wooden dresser full of his clothes, bookshelf that held his books and the trinkets he loved to collect. His desk where he drew and painted was where I loved to watch him work.
     I got excited as he took his shirt off, preparing to sleep. A messenger entered the room I was in, “Yukiko, the chief goddess is getting to her wits end with you.”
     “I know I am behind on my duties. I will go out tonight,” I told her, sighing, “You let her know that I will punish the wicked tonight.”
     “I will mistress. Good luck,” The messenger kitsune left.
     I groaned and returned to my divination. I had planned to visit him tonight secretly, but tonight I needed to work. Before I met him I enjoyed my job, but not as much now. I would spend all my time watching him if I could. I knew his daily routine, his likes, dislikes, all of it. 
     I magically placed my shrine in a strategic location. My target today was an avid hiker, musician and child rapist. My shrine’s entrance was a red gate leading to a stone path surrounded by sand along with a few stone fox statues on both sides. Past the sand were well trimmed bushes and cherry blossoms. The main building was small and red with gold details along with a donation box out front. It was sunny where I was in the world, far away from my sweet love. 
 The target came into my shrine out of curiosity. He approached me, giving me the ‘friendly neighbor’ approach that a predator may use.
 “Welcome!” I greeted him, disguised as a young shrine maiden. 
 “Hey there,” He greeted walking up to. His disgusting, out of shape body, underneath a greasy rain jacket and jeans absolutely disgusted me, “Nice shrine here. Did it go up recently?”
 “It has been here for a very long time, but it was recently reopened. Would you care to make a donation to help me keep it open?” I asked him with a cute smile.
 “Sure, sure,” He pulled out a wallet and removed some change.
 “Make sure you make a wish!”
     He nodded and placed the money into the box, sweat dripping from his brow. His wish was exactly what I had predicted; ‘I wish for money.’ He turned to me. A devious smile on his face, “So, you out here by yourself?”
     “Mhm. Goodbye!” I gave him a slight bow. 
     “Its not smart for a pretty little girl to be out here all alone,” He laughed a little bit before brandishing a knife.
     “A disgusting person like you shouldn’t threaten a sweet girl, hm?” I snapped my fingers and the man was crushed by a pile of gold coins. I sighed and snapped my fingers again, cleaning up the mess. I used to love tricking humans and even other kitsune but I had grown tired of it recently. Over one thousand years of doing this job, and I had recently grown tired, wanting something new from my immortal life. I had to do this five more times in a few hours. Each other time went almost exactly like this, each punishment just as extreme. 
     I spent most of my time dealing with people thinking of the object of my obsession, Todd was his name. When I was finally done I quickly returned to my personal realm. It was a small personal island with a cosy beach house, hot sand and warm water. I was sitting in the living room of this cosy house, lounging on soft pillows. I had my wonderful sake on the table, and my favorite noodles as well. I used my divination once more to view Todd, who was now awake, lying on his sheets spending time on his handheld device. I frowned, unsure if he had work today. Just like my sister, his work schedule was fickle. I knew what days he had to go to university and what days he usually worked, but this day could go either way.
     He stood up, and checked the paper on his white slate. He smiled and his eyes sparkled. I knew that look, he was going to visit me today. I started brushing luxurious white my tails, even if he wouldn’t see them, I wanted them to look perfect and beautiful. It helped my confidence when talking to him. I watched as he got ready for the day, paying close attention while he bathed. As he went out the front door, I snapped my fingers, teleporting to our usual meeting spot, placing my shrine around me. I thought back to when we had first met.
 I had just finished executing a serial murderer who was prowling the trail looking for victims. He had wished for power so I had granted him the power of self-immolation. I was sweeping the ashes off of the stone path when I heard his voice for the first time; “Hello?” He called as he approached, slowly walking down the path taking in his surroundings. He had already caught a glimpse of me, luckily I was still disguised, so I could not turn invisible or teleport away, “W-welcome,” I greeted him nervously. I had only dealt with horrible humans for a long time so I had no idea what to do. “I didn’t know there was a shrine here! Pretty rare here in America,” His genuine, kind smile threw me off. I had gotten very good at discerning the intent of mortals and what they would wish for, but I could not get a read on this young man, “Have you been here long?” “O-oh, I just took over as shrine maiden. Would be so kind as to make a small donation to help me keep it in top shape?” I asked him. “Sure! Only if I can come back and take photos sometime, perhaps doing an on site painting of this place,” He gave me a small laugh and a smile. “Of course! I would love that,” I had no idea where these words were coming from. The warmth of his personality was quickly warming my cold heart. As he pulled some money from his wallet, “Remember to make a wish!” I had no idea why I told him that. I was cursed to grant the wish of whoever placed money into my donation box. “Okay,” He nodded. He slowly placed the money in and I heard his silent wish; 
 ‘I wish someone would love me.’
 I stood, awestruck at this mortal. I had never heard a wish this wholesome and pure before, “I pray your wish will come true.”
 “Same here,” His face and heart told me what his words would not. He had been wishing for it for some time. We spoke quietly for a few more minutes before he waved and bid me farewell for now.
 His wish had come true.
 I had fallen for him.
 I was sweeping the path when my favorite mortal arrived, “Hello, Yukiko!” He greeted me in japanese. His blue dress shirt and khaki pants looked wonderful on him. 
 I ran my hand over my kimono to brush off any dirt or dust that could have gotten on it, “I can speak english, Todd. It is wonderful to see you again,” I gave him a small smile.
 “I know you can, this is just my only chance to practice,” He switched back to english, “Its great to see you as well,” He gave me a large smile.
 “Would you like to come in and get out of this chilly air? I was just making some tea.”
 “I would love to.”
 I brought Todd into a small building behind the shrine where we sat across from each other at a table, “How have you been?” I asked as I poured him a cup of tea.
 “Eh, schools hard. But coming out here is really relaxing,” He sipped on it slowly.
 “I’m glad that you like it here! I don’t see too many hu- people out here, but I look forward to whenever you visit,” I drank the tea, enjoying the taste.
 “I don’t think I would give this up for anything,” He said, smiling at me.
 I was shocked, “You like coming here that much?”
 “Yeah! Its like a wonderful small vacation. Though I would like to go to the beach sometime. Maybe with a cute girl,” He joked nervously, resting his head in his hand. 
 I got just as nervous as him, did he just call me cute? I fanned my face with my hand, “Oh, you’re such a sweetheart.”
 “You just reminded me!” He reached for his book bag, and pulled out his sketchbook, “I did this, for you,” He flipped to a page and showed it to me. He had drawn a photo realistic head shot of me. 
 From my wonderful hair to my perfect complexion, he had captured them perfectly. I sniffled, “I love it, Todd.”
 I looked up at him, a big smile on his face, “I’m glad you like it so much!”
 “I-I can keep this, yes?”  I held
 “Yeah, its all yours,” He laughed, “You gonna hang it up?”
     I nodded furiously, “I’ll put this up when I get home!”
     He laughed again.
 An hour later I was seeing him off, “Oh, I forgot to put some money in the donation box,” Todd exclaimed as we passed the front of the shrine. “Oh, you don’t need to, Todd,” I shook my head. “I know, but I want to.” I prepared hear his wish again. The money went into the donation box and I heard his wish, ‘I wish I could take Yukiko on a date.’ “Yes!” I blurted out. “What?” He looked at me, in shock. “I-I just remembered something!” I quickly moved up to him and wrapped my arms around his neck, “Thank you for the art.” His arms slowly wrapped around me, it was the most amazing feeling, “I guess I should draw you more.” “You should... come spend more time with me.” “I want to, but school and work take up so much time,” He released me and I begrudgingly let him go.  His face looked so sad. I put my hands on the sides of his face and smiled at him, “Keep your chin up, Todd,” He nodded, “I believe in you!”
 “Thank you. I’ll see you later, Yukiko.”
 He waved at me as he walked back into the woods. I waved back at him, “You will see me later,” I whispered. I snapped my fingers and returned to my island.
 I watched Todd through the divination again. He wanted a date and I would give it to him. I watched him return home. His mother was angry at him over something that I knew wasn’t his fault. His older brother most likely had did it. I was furious watching this woman abuse my perfect man. He trudged up the stairs to his room and when he was about to open the door, I snapped my fingers, bringing him to my domain. I got up and looked out the window of my small abode. Todd stood on the beach, hand still out to turn the door knob. 
 “Todd! Over here!” I called as I stepped outside, disguised as the shrine maiden again.
 “Yukiko? What- What-” He looked terrified.
 “Come inside!” I beckoned him over with one finger.
 He cautiously walked across the sand over to me. He looked like almost had a panic attack when he went from the sand to the grass. He pinched himself as he reached the house. His face dropped even more than it already had, “What’s going on, Yukiko?” He demanded softly.
 “You wanted a date, didn’t you?” I smiled at him and pulled him into a hug.
 “But, where is this place? This looks like paradise,” He slowly hugged me back. 
 “I have not been entirely honest with you, please come in,” I gently pulled him inside. He looked around my small home and then at me. 
 “Who are you, really?” 
 “You know my name. Can I get you anything to drink?” I laid down on my pillows, and looked at him.
 “Uh, water?”
 “Of course!” I snapped my fingers and a cold glass of water appeared on the table in front of him.
 “How did you do that?” He slowly picked up the water and looked at it.
 “Magic, of course,” He looked at me blankly, “Here, let me show you,” I snapped my fingers again and removed my false form. He gasped as my beautiful form appeared before him, my tails on display for him, “Well?” I had a sly smile on my face.
 He just stared at me for at least a minute, “You… have destroyed my entire perception of reality,” He slumped over and laid down on the floor.
 “Did… Did I break you?” I asked him.
 “Yeah. A bit.”
     I sat on my knees and snapped my fingers. Todd was teleported to me, head on my lap, “Take all the time you need to recover.”
     He looked up at me with big round eyes and nodded. I placed one hand on his chest. I looked at his hair, just within reach. I had dreamed of this, running my fingers through his brown locks, gently scratching his scalp with my perfectly manicured fingernails. I hesitated, would he allow me to? Would he mind at all? Without another thought, I went for it.
     It was just as I imagined, soft and thick. Not as soft as my tails of course, but still wonderful. His eyes closed and he let out a sigh, “Yukiko,” He started.
     “Yes? What is it my dear?” I paused rubbing his head for a moment to hear him.
     “Why me? Seven billion people on this world and you choose the failing artist and self loathing student.”
     “Because of how kind you were when we first met, and the wishes you made. Do you remember what you wished for the first time we met?”
     He chuckled, “Love, right?”
     “You wished for someone to love you. I have never heard a more pure wish in my entire existence. You moved me to the point of obsession over you.”
     “And now what? You have me, am I stuck here forever?”
     “If you wish so, yes. Anything you want or need, I can provide for you. Any form you want me to take, I can. Be they real or imaginary, I can be anyone for you and wear anything for you.”
     He shot up suddenly, scaring me, “Can you wear a sundress? I’ll be honest, I used to imagine your human form in one all the time,” He sounded so intense.
     “Is that all you want? None of those anime characters you obsess over?”
     “Why would I need them when I have a beautiful kitsune goddess already?” The sincerity of his complements combined with his smile made my heart race.
     “You’re such a sweetheart Todd!” I did as he requested. My garb changed with the snap of my fingers from my elaborate dress to a simple white sundress, matching my hair and tails.
     “You look fantastic, Yukiko. Better than I could have ever imagined.”
     I sat next to him and wrapped my arms around him, “You’re too kind,” I ran my fingers gently through his hair again. He placed his hand on the top of my head and gently ran it down the back, “Again,” I demanded.

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