Manticore Manor

    My heart pounded as I walked through the dark corridors of the mansion. I had a small flashlight in one hand and a handgun in the other. I nervously checked the sides of the magazine, seeing how much ammo I had-- only four. Three for the monster, one for me, seeing as I was definitely going to miss again. I had only seen whatever she, or IT was out of the corner of my eyes. There had been four of us at the beginning, wandering into a seemingly abandoned mansion to escape the rainstorm outside. I had watched each other man be dragged away by some sort of horrifying creature, kicking and screaming as they were pulled under the floorboards or into the darkness. I could do nothing to save them. 
 Thunder shook the mansion, making me grimace again as I pointed the flashlight at busts on small tables. It could be anywhere. I panted as I tried a door, looking for a way out. Locked. I frowned and kept moving, trying side doors as rain poured down and foliage outside thrashed against the building. I grabbed the door handle at the end of the hallway, a piece of paper was stuck to it with a large spine that oozed some unknown sweet smelling liquid. I grabbed the paper and unfolded it, messy writing screamed ‘BE MINE’ at me surrounded by a large heart. A key dropped out of the paper. I had been left multiple papers, most saying similar things and having useful items for me, the ravings of some kind of insane lover.  
I unlocked the door and pushed the door open slowly, checking for the monster. As I entered the door shut behind me, just as the others before had. I heard a click, the door behind me locking me in. I shined the flashlight around the room, the tiny beam illuminating tiny bits of the furniture. I was in a bedroom, a master bedroom by the looks of it. The massive chamber had furniture thrown around the room, clothes, jewelry and papers scattered everywhere. The massive bed was the only thing in the room in immaculate condition. The light bounced off shards of glass as I knelt down to pick up a piece of paper, hoping for a clue. I unfolded the hastily scrawled upon paper to reveal its message, ‘LOVE ME, ANON.’ If writing could screech its demands at me, this definitely would. 
    My back suddenly arched as pain shot through my back. I fell to my hands and knees dropping the gun and flashlight. I heard an unmistakable crunching noise as someone walked over broken glass and mirror. I turned my head and looked into the eyes of a demon. It-- She towered above me, licking her lips and staring at me with a starving look. She had long black hair, a fluffy black mane, black leathery wings, dazzling crimson eyes, a swaying, spined tail with a dripping wet maw and bestial legs and arms. Her three sets of folded, furred arms each moved independently as she strut towards me. She leaned down and plucked four spines from my back, chuckling maliciously, “You put up quite the chase, Anon. But the game is over and I WILL have my prize. You are going to taste DELICIOUS!” 
    “N-no,” I panted, a hot feeling was enveloping my groin, as if a hundred years of pent up sexual frustration had all just surfaced. 
    “Yes!” She cackled as she easily picked me up, holding my hands behind my back with two hands and carrying me with another two. She was panting hot air into my hair and on the back of my neck. I was thrown onto the bed as the monster removed the black coat she was wearing to reveal her all black lingerie and massive breasts. She chuckled as she crawled onto the bed, each hand gripping me, “I’m so HUNGRY, Anon. FEED ME,” She tore my shirt in half and tore my belt apart in the same motion before she went back to caressing me, feeling me. One hand held my hands above me as another gripped my chin, keeping me still, another still ran its fingers through my hair while the other three gently ran claws down my exposed skin, each headed to my pants. She ran her rough tongue up my face, tasting me. She gave me a wild grin as her hands gripped my pants, taking them off quickly. Her tail snaked up my leg, planting wet kisses on my thighs as it made its way towards my-- 
“CUT!” The director shrieked.  
The manticore blinked at me, releasing me slowly and looked down at my body as the lights came on. She looked back up at me and gave me an apologetic look, “No dice, Champ?” She kissed me on the cheek before lying on top of me, covering as much of my nude body as she could. She giggled as my face was buried in her neck fluff. 
“Yeah ‘Champ,’” The director sneered, “No massive erection for your smoking hot monster girlfriend?” The director was a small artsy fairy. She was a good person, but she could be harsh to me and everyone else on set, demanding perfection from all. The only person who seemed to avoid her ire was my manticore girlfriend. I was jumping from a poor ‘Shrek the Musical’ production in a tiny theater to a multimillion dollar horror-romance film after the portals opened about two years ago. A film that was going to put my dick and my first time having sex on the big screen.  
“Look, I’m really nervous,” I explained, quickly pulling my pants back on, “Its my first time and its going into a movie.” 
“Well its her first time too,” She pointed to my manticore girlfriend, “And you can SMELL how eager she is!”  
“Leave him alone, Wendy,” Maribelle, the six armed manticore, growled as she helped me up. She stood behind me and wrapped her many strong arms around me, “He’s trying.” 
“We can get you some E D pills if you need,” I was reminded by Wendy, “Just sayin.’” 
“He’s not getting any dose of my venom from those fake spines,” Maribelle reminded her. 
“Then shoot real spines at him! You just have to fuck him with your tail pussy!” 
“We had an agreement, Wendy. I do this sex scene my way,” Maribelle pointed three index fingers at her. 
Wendy stomped her foot as she landed on a nearby chair, “I know! But this is THE LAST SCENE in the movie! The climax! This needs to be perfect! We can’t half ass this!” 
I rolled my eyes, it was my dick on the screen. My career was going to be over after this so I didn’t give that much of a fuck. Maribelle would probably go on to be in some other films because of her unusual amount of arms, but there was no way I would have a career after this, “We’ve been filming for ten hours,” I reminded the two, “Can we take a break before you two start trying to kill each other?” 
Wendy sighed, “Yeah, we can continue filming tomorrow. COME BACK AT NINE TOMORROW!” She screamed at everyone else on set. 
    People and monsters started to file out. I turned to leave as well but hands grabbed my shoulders, forcing me up against Maribelle. We stood silently as everyone else left. I was released as soon as we were alone on set, she was frowning at me, “How are you feeling?” I asked. 
    “A bit of everything, Champ. Angry, anxious, excited and happy. Our first time, our mating ritual is going on the big screen! I know my vision of what we will do is different than what Wendy wants,” She leaned down and kissed me on the forehead. She had a strange way of speaking and moving, as if she was always on the set of some sort of play revolving around her. 
    “Lets go to the trailer and get some food. My treat.” 
    “You’re always buying me food, Champ,” She whined, “Can we do pizza?” She quickly changed her tone, “Oh, let me change out of this and get you a new shirt,” She quickly lifted up the bra, flashing me and sticking her tongue out at me. She laughed as my face lit up red before she turned heel and disappeared into the backroom leaving me alone for a few moments. I sighed and sat down in a chair.  
Two minutes later, Maribelle emerged from the back wearing a satin red dress with an open back. She tossed me a button up shirt that I quickly put on. She offered me a hand, “Care to walk me home, champ?” 
    I nodded and stood, taking her arm in mine, “Pizza tonight, right, Fluffy?” I gave her a little grin. 
    Maribelle winced at my pet name for her. She wrapped another arm around my shoulders and grabbed my hand with her third, “Of course. Maybe a bit of beer too?” I gave her a disapproving look, “Soda is fine too,” She decided.  
    She couldn’t control herself when it came to alcoholic beverages of any kind. She pulled me into the trailer and let me go, pushing me onto the couch and spreading out, putting her heavy head on my lap. She stretched out like a cat before finally resting face down, one set of arms wrapped around my waist. Her tail flicked from side to side as I started to pat her head, her ears twitched as I poked them gently, “Are you hungry right now?” She nodded, purring loudly as I scratched her behind the ear. I took my hand off of her as I went for my phone, getting a low growl in response from Maribelle, “Let me call the pizza place!”  
    She huffed as I called for pizza. When I was done, she grabbed my hand and forced it back onto her head. She was silent for a few moments, “Remember how we met?” She giggled as she rolled over. 
    I groaned, “Yup.” 
    “You were so cute in that musical. I think that production had some of my favorite memories of you.” 
    “You just liked it because you got to pull me underneath a costume with you and hold me down as you kissed me.” 
    “Yeah...” She frowned, “Do you think I’ll ever stop being cast as the terrifying monster in plays and movies?” 
    “You keep saying this is gonna be your big break! I’m sure you’ll find other roles!” 
    “What if everyone wants to cast YOU for romance roles after this movie and I’m stuck back in that tiny theater,” She timidly tapped her fingers together starting from her top hand and making a wave down to her bottom hands. She looked at me with her sad, red eyes, “I’m afraid I’ll lose you to some young, gorgeous, kitsune actress. I’ll be seeing you on the screen plowing her from behind as she screams your name,” She wiped her eyes, “Please don’t forget about me when you make it big time.” 
    I stared down at her and grabbed one of her many hands, “I’ll tell them they have to cast you as my love interest if they want me so bad. But my career is over after this movie anyways,” I sighed, “I’m gonna get violated and its going into a movie. My career will be dead as soon as it begins.” 
    Maribelle gasped, “What are you talking about? There is nothing more romantic than the first time between a husband and wife! This is going to be huge!” 
    “Even if you’re violating me?” 
    “Its not me violating you! I am merely being proactive in our holy matrimony!” She reached up and caressed my face, “Are you sure you are okay with this?” 
    I smiled at her, holding her hand against my face, “Yeah, I am. Anything to make you happy. You’re the one who got me this gig after all and have already staked your claim on me.” 
    “I won’t take the part unless Anon plays my love interest!” She recited part of her conversation with Wendy, “I showed her some of your acting in musicals and some other plays and she agreed!” 
    “She was hardly on board with it. I don’t think she’s on board with it still.” 
    “Well, we will show her, shant we? We will give her our best performances of our acting careers!” 
    “I don’t know how much acting I’ll do with your tail pumping me dry.” 
    “You’ll be performing such high level acting, real emotions and feelings coming out as we make passionate love for the first time in our lives!” She comically brought the back of her hand to her forehead, swooning dramatically, “I am so glad this will be caught on film!” 
    “Most people are mortified when their sex tape comes out. You seem incredibly excited to put this out to the world. Its like some weird form of voyeurism.” 
    “You act as though romance is some sort of fetish!” She huffed, folding her arms and glaring at me. I shrugged and tried to pat her head. She pushed me away and sat up, pushing me so I was now the one laying down on the couch as she straddled me. She put a hand on each of my shoulders, two on my head and two on my chest. She gave me a kiss on the cheek, “I love you... I have been given the opportunity to prove to the world how much I love you with this film. Even if we never work in film again, I will have this one thing that will make me happy for the rest of my life. We can run away together and open our own theater in some third world country where no one will ever recognize us!” 
    I grinned at her, unsure if she was joking on that last part, “I love you too. I’d rather run away to somewhere beautiful and live off the land, performing for any random passersby if they pay our small fee.” 
    She laughed, “Like, we emerge from a cave, illuminated by candles and perform a two person act for them on a poorly constructed stage in exchange for a McDonalds meal or half a pizza?”  
    I nodded, “I probably get molested by you at the end of every play.” 
    “Of course! True love is the best moral for any performance!” I received another kiss, this one more passionate than before. She flopped down on top of me, lying on top of me and wrapping all six arms around me. 
    “Don’t fall asleep yet, fluffy, the pizza should--” I groaned in pain as six sets of claws dug into my flesh. 
    “I’m not sleeping, Champ,” Maribelle growled, “I want that damn pizza. Pet me and tell me I’m pretty,” Shet didn’t have long to rest as a knock sounded on the door. She jumped up and threw it open. There was an intern at the door, pizza in one hand and two liter of soda in her other. She nervously handed the food over to the starving manticore, “Thank you, dear,” She teasingly pat the aspiring actress on the head before closing the door. I could see a glint of a smile on the interns face. She didn’t even wait for me before throwing the pizza on the table, grabbing a slice in four hands. She pulled out two cups and poured us both a cup of soda while each hand brought the pizza to her mouth so she could take a bite of each. 
    “Thanks,” I smiled as she handed me a slice and a cup of soda.  
    “You think we should write a new scene before tomorrow?” I nodded, my mouth was full so I couldn’t speak, “So, you pick up the paper with my note on it and then I come up behind you?” 
We stayed up late discussing the potential climax of the movie. 
    I emerged from make up to see Maribelle and Wendy arguing. I groaned as I hesitantly stepped towards them. Maribelle glanced at me, “Champ, get over here,” She growled. I picked up the pace, being pulled against my girlfriend by three arms, “Tell Wendy our plan.” 
    “Morning, Wendy,” I smiled meekly. 
    “Hey,” She said bluntly, tapping her foot impatiently, “May I remind you both this is MY movie?” 
    “Yes, but if you want pure romance, you should listen to your lead actors!” Maribelle huffed. 
    “I know you demand perfection, Wendy,” I spoke quietly, “But, flu-- Maribelle, wants our scene together to be perfect. Its just a slightly different set up that allows her character a bit more characterization before we get into it. It also allows me to get eased into it a bit more gently before...” I trailed off and nodded my head a little bit, “But--” 
    Wendy interrupted me, “I know you aren’t too familiar with monster culture, but you can just go ahead and scream, ‘she fucks me with her tail.’”  
    “Okay, but we--” 
    “I’m waiting for you to say it,” She folded her arms.  
    “Ease me into it before she violates me for a length of time using her tail to pump me dry,” I groaned, “Can I continue?” Maribelle and Wendy both chuckled at me, the tension in  the room quickly dying, “Okay. What the hell was I on about?” I scratched my head.  
    Maribelle picked up where I left off, “I think what Champ here is trying to say, is that we want this movie to be just as perfect as you do. Please, can we work together to edit this ending?” 
    Wendy sighed, “But you’re supposed to be a terrifying monster that is obsessed with our friend here.” 
    “I know the spine attack is just there for a cheap jumpscare,” Maribelle frowned. 
    Wendy stomped her foot in frustration before pointing a tiny finger at Maribelle, “Show me what you two came up with. Don’t get upset at me if I stop you,” After a short demonstration Wendy nodded slowly, “Fine. But you two better give me the most REAL and VISCERAL sex scene of your entire life!” 
I unlocked the door and pushed the door open slowly, checking for the monster. As I entered the door shut behind me, just as the others before had. I heard a click, the door behind me locking me in. I shined the flashlight around the room, the tiny beam illuminating tiny bits of the furniture. I was in a bedroom, a master bedroom by the looks of it. The massive chamber had furniture thrown around the room, clothes, jewelry and papers scattered everywhere. The massive bed was the only thing in the room in immaculate condition. The light bounced off shards of glass as I knelt down to pick up a piece of paper, hoping for a clue. I unfolded the hastily scrawled upon paper to reveal its message, ‘DO YOU LOVE ME, ANON?’ 
    “Well, Anon?” A sultry voice spoke behind me. I whipped around quickly, leveling the gun. My hand was batted aside, the gun coming loose from my grip. The six armed monster let out a disturbing laugh. I stepped back, illuminating her with the flashlight. She was completely naked, stepping towards me with her arms outstretched, to pull me into an embrace, “You have put up quite the chase. But the game is over and I WILL have my prize. You are going to taste quite... DELICIOUS!” She laughed again.  
I shook my head, stepping away from her, “No, please,” I begged. 
She licked her lips, lines of saliva running down her face, love juices dripped from both her crotch running down her inner thigh and the maw on her tail, “I’m so HUNGRY, Anon! FEED ME!” She panted. 
I stopped as I bumped into something behind me, the bed, “W-what do you want?” 
“You, Anon,” She cupped my face with two hands and pressed her lips against mine, “I will make you love me,” Five of her hands held me still as she forcibly made out with me. I struggled in vain, “Struggling only makes me hornier,” She whispered as she pulled away from me, a strand of saliva strung between our lips. Her sixth hand quickly undid my belt as she forced her mouth against mine again. As soon as she finished that she yanked my pants off and tore off my shirt, stripping me to my underwear and before throwing me onto the bed and leaping on top of me. My underwear was gently removed as she forcibly kissed me again. She broke character for a moment, “Are you ready?” She whispered directly into my ear. 
    “Yeah,” I took a deep breath as she rolled me onto my side, spooning me. 
    “All mine,” She giggled excitedly as she dropped back into character. Her arms wrapped around me, her chin pressed into the top of my head and her legs wrapped around mine, locking me in place. My heart was racing as her tail snaked up the bed, gently licking the head of my penis. I whimpered and closed my eyes as my dick began to grow. I ignored the cameras and lights around us as the bulb of the tail slowly glided down my shaft, the tongues working rapidly and greedily. Maribelle moaned before kissing my ear and gently biting down on it. I could hear her purring as I writhed and groaned from her tail. It firmly locked itself in place as the numerous tongues went to work. The tongues were much softer and gentle than the one in her mouth. I let out a moan of pleasure that was quickly cut off as a hand clamped down on my mouth.  
As I got close to climaxing, she slowed down, only a few of the tongues were teasing me now. I whimpered and writhed, begging for more. A more sadistic side of Maribelle was coming out. She giggled and nibbled on my ear her tail started pumping again. I came before I knew it, her tail loudly slurping down my fluids. She took the hand off my mouth, letting me gasp for air as her tail gently licked my shaft again. Maribelle caressed my body and kissed my scalp, “Our first time,” She whispered happily. I relaxed, foolishly thinking she would release me. I felt something poke my leg, she had stabbed one of her spines into me. My heart sank as I heard her chuckle maliciously. As my erection returned, she started pumping violently. The tongues eagerly and hungrily licked as the tail moved back and forth on my shaft. The hand returned to my mouth as I started moaning again. I could hear her moan in my ear as if she was getting off to this.  
I came for the third time before she released me. My chest was heaving and I was panting, begging with my eyes  for her to give me a break. Six hands clamped down on me as she smiled at me. A small, seemingly innocent smile as I was injected with another shot of her venom-- three shots of her venom. She grinned as she slowly took my cock to the hilt inside of her. She howled in pleasure as she started to go up and down on me. I couldn’t hold it back at all as she used me to pleasure herself. I started to moan and was shut up once more as she pressed her breasts against my face. Her pussy was even better than her tail. It was the greatest feeling in the world. I came inside of her as she screamed out in pleasure. Her entire body shuddered as she orgasmed, her pussy clamping down on my cock and milking another orgasm out of me. She sat up, panting slowly. She looked back down at me, still grinning, “I love you, Anon,” Before I could respond, she pressed her chest against my face again and started fucking. 
I couldn’t remember how long we went at it, I passed out quickly after that. 
    I woke up in Maribelle’s arms. We were back in the trailer and I felt weak and exhausted despite sleeping for hours. I moved my arm, an IV was dripping a clear liquid into my veins. My body ached, scars covered where Maribelle had grabbed me. I rotated my hips and nearly howled in pain. I lie still in her arms, just wanting a drink of water. I whined as I tried to move again, “Sssh,” Maribelle nuzzled against me, “No whining, Champ.” 
    “I feel like shit, Maribelle,” I told her, pressing myself closer to her. 
    “Its ‘Fluffy,’ remember, Champ? Can I get you anything?” 
    “Water,” I cried. She obediently let me go and got up to fetch me a glass, “Did you suck me completely dry, Fluffy?” 
    “M-maybe. I didn’t mean to. Wendy got a lot of great footage for the movie!” I stared at the IV, “The doctor said you were dehydrated and they hooked you up with that. They wanted to take you to the hospital but... I got really aggressive and protective. They should be back to check on you soon,” I nodded. Maribelle took my head and rested it on her lap, “Aaah~” She brought the bottle of water to my lips. I obediently opened my mouth as she gently poured some water in. She caressed my face and scalp as she chuckled, “You should rest today.” 
    I downed the entire bottle and looked up at her. She was beaming at me, smiling happily as she rubbed my shoulders, “Now what?” I moaned painfully. 
    “Well, husband. We do whatever we want. How about a vacation-- no! A honeymoon! Perhaps a more traditional human wedding! Then another honeymoon! Oh, I’m so excited!” She grinned at me, “Maybe we could... Have a child?” 
    I looked at her pleading, crimson eyes, “Yeah, of course,” I smiled weakly as she gave me an excited smile.
     “I would hop on you right now if you were not hooked up to  that IV... Get better soon, okay?” She shook me gently, reaching for her  book as she rubbed my shoulders with two hands and stroked my hair with  another two. She quietly hummed a tune from a musical we were in  together over a year ago. I closed my eyes and let the sound of her  voice wash over me. I curled up against Maribelle and rested my head on  her neck fluff. She kissed my forehead as I started to doze off again,  “Sleep well, Champ.”

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