Radfem Turned Into Kikimora

    I woke up in bed, my pounding headache had finally subsided. I was ready for another day of fighting the patriarchy on the internet. I felt lighter, and energetic, like I had just shed 300 pounds overnight. I looked around my room, it looked like a tornado had passed through, knocking over everything and throwing things around. A bestial desire spread throughout my being. I jumped up from my bed and began to clean, making sure everything down to my pens and pencils were in order. I stood up and looked around, my desire to clean still not sated. I excited my small bedroom in my one room apartment and looked around at the rest of the house. Another mess, dishes in the sink, blankets unfolded on the couch and dust on the bookshelves. I shuddered and got to work cleaning this room too. I spent more time than I ever had cleaning. I vacuumed, dusted and washed dishes. 
    I looked around and wiped my forehead with my wrist. I felt something soft and feathery on my face. I looked at my own wrists, soft, brown feathers grew out of them. I looked down at myself, I HAD lost 300 pounds. I was thin! My new pizza diet must be working! It was a vegetable afterall! I went to the bathroom, realising I needed to clean that too. I saw myself in the mirror, my now thin face smiled back at me. My hair had changed from my bright blue side cut style to a long, feathery brown style. I looked down beneath my now much too large nightgown to see a pair of yellow, birdlike ankles and feet with a built in heels. I looked behind me to see a grey feathery tail now springing from my tailbone. Every part of my logical brain told me that this was wrong, so very wrong. My heart, soul and every other part of my brain told me that this was right. I was already beautiful, but now I was absolutely gorgeous. 
I frowned, my new, beautiful body might attract more eye rapists. I needed to clothe myself, but my old clothes were so ill fitting. I would have to brave a world full of rapists to buy new clothes. I shuddered at the thought of having to participate in capitalism. Why couldn’t the world just switch to glorious communism and let me have everything for free? I took one of my dresses and cut a length off of it so that it looked almost normal on me. I attempted to put shoes one, but they were much too large. It also didn’t feel like I needed to wear shoes with this new set of bird feet. I grabbed my purse and headed out into the world.  
As I walked to a nearby store, I tried to remember what happened just yesterday. I remembered being at a ‘refugees welcome’ rally to show my support for the brave women that fled their homeland to come here. I remembered a fight breaking out as some of the ralliers tried to remove a monster girls rapist and oppressor, or ‘husband’ as she called him. I didn’t remember much after that after a strange wave of energy blew over the crowd. 
    Even if I couldn’t remember much, our rallying must have worked! There were numerous monsters out and about. I scowled as I saw most were paired up with a male, almost exclusively white males. I nearly gagged as I saw a fluffy snake girl give her manipulative rapist an eskimo kiss. I watched numerous couples as they went about their business. The scowl on my face slowly disappeared as my vitriol and disgust ebbed away. I was left with a hole in my heart and soul. The emptiness I felt made me feel something strange and new, was it pain, or a longing for something I had never had before? I tried to shake the feeling without much luck. The more and more I saw couples looking happy and content the worse this feeling got. I wrestled with the thought that I could actually be DESIRING a man-- a rapist in my life. No, I was a strong, independent woman! I didn’t need a man! The more and more I thought about a man pinning me down and violating me, impregnating me and filling my life with joy and adorable, wonderful children... excited me. The thought of serving a man and loving him with all my heart made me smile. I shook myself, now in a cold sweat. I needed to get home, I had been brainwashed just from being around white men for too long, their aura of evil was decaying my minds and thoughts. 
    I made it home, two bags of new clothes under my arms. My wallet was thoroughly raped by capitalism, an evil construct by the white man. I got changed into jeans and a plain shirt. I looked at the calendar on my phone, I had been unconscious for a week! I must have been drugged by a potential rapist. I needed to call my work and check in, praying Mr. Goldberg hadn’t fired me from my job. I nervously picked up the phone and dialed in the office’s phone number. I attempted to call his office directly, but was surprised when a woman picked up, “This is the office Mrs. Fluffberg. How can I help you?” 
“I thought this was Mr. Goldberg’s office?” I asked, confused. 
The woman chuckled, “He was... bought out. Any other questions, dear?” 
“Uhm, yeah. I was wondering if I still had a job? I’ve been out for a week. My name is Danielle Green.” 
“One moment...” I could hear the woman typing on a keyboard, “I’m afraid not, dear. We already replaced your position. Good luck finding new work, bye bye now.” 
She hung up, leaving me listen to the harsh tone of my phone trying to tell me the other line had left. I put my phone down and sat down, unsure what to do. I couldn’t go to my parents for help, I had cut them both out of my life a few years ago when they both voted right wing. I needed money, I had expensive taste and needed my avocado toast every morning. I turned to the internet, looking to make some money. I enjoyed cleaning now, for some reason; so I looked for a job cleaning houses. One jumped out at me, ‘potential live in maids wanted!’ I smiled, perfect. I was fine with taking advantage of some well off families' funds. The one percent needed to be knocked down a peg. 
I called up the place, “Hello?” I started, “I am interested in becoming a live in maid!” 
“Wonderful!” The kind old woman on the other end sounded absolutely ecstatic, “Come down to our place of business and we can get your paperwork sorted ma’am.” 
Within 30 minutes, I was there. The walk there was easy enough, uninterrupted by anyone as I defended my body from the gaze of any potential rapists. I walked into the unassuming building and into a reception area. I was greeted by a woman in a full maid uniform. She smiled at me, “Welcome!” 
“Hello,” I gave her a nervous smile, realising I was most likely going into an interview with no preperation. I was in casual wear too, “I called earlier about being a live in maid?” 
“Ah! Yes, I remember you. Let me get some paperwork ready~” She started getting papers together. 
“That’s it? No interview?” I was thankful I would not have to be eye raped by men just to get a job I deserved. 
“You’re a kikimora, dear. That’s all the interview I need. But, your attire could use some work. Do you plan on serving your master while looking like some hoodlum?” She frowned as she looked me up and down, “We’ll get you into something more suitable before we get you sent off to your master.” 
“Master!?” I asked, disgusted, “I will not be a SLAVE to a disgusting man!” 
She turned to me as she stood. She had the same wrist feathers and tail feathers that I did now. She stared at me with a confused and concerned frown. The silence in the room hung heavily as I quickly regretted my words. She smiled at me, as if she had some kind of realisation, “You were human just a few days ago, were you not?” 
“I am still human!” I growled, rather rudely. 
She chuckled, “No, you’re something better now. And I recommend you watch your tone when you meet your new master, young lady,” I grumbled incoherently, thinking about leaving, “I understand your body is still going through some changes and that this is all very strange to you, but I recommend you take this work. You will not have an opportunity like this again. We have very few people looking for live in maids currently, the next time you come back we could be all full.” 
The sweet smile she gave me made me seriously consider it, “I’ll do it,” I grumbled. 
“Excellent! Its an easy and cushy job. You’ll love it in time, I swear~” She presented the papers to me, “Just sign here. Also, what size are you?” 
I was quickly put into a maid’s uniform. The black and white fabric felt... right on me. A small smile spread across my lips as I looked at myself in the mirror. Mrs. Alexi, the other kikimora I met earlier gave me a wide grin, “You look wonderful!” She looked at a gold pocket watch, “And not a moment to soon, your new master is here!” She grabbed me by the arm and dragged me out to the main room. I was presented to a young man, about my age. He had short blond hair, fair skin and blue eyes. He gave me a smile, “Does she look to your standards, sir?” Mrs. Alexi asked. 
“She’s not a horrifying goo monster, so yes,” The man let out a weak laugh. 
“Go on, introduce yourself, deary,” She goaded me as she held my shoulders. 
A sudden compulsion came over me, taking control of my body, “I am Danielle, I look forward to serving you, master,” I gave him a curtsey, a polite grin on my face the entire time. I couldn’t drop the smile from my face or polite demeanor from my body no matter how hard I tried. Whatever part of me that once was Danielle Green, proud feminist and hater of men, had lost control. I felt silly now, but somehow more happy.  
“Logan. Nice to meet you,” He introduced himself. I wanted to ask about my salary and demand more than whatever he offered, but I kept my mouth shut as that strange force took control again. 
“Sign here please,” The older kikimora offered papers to the man. 
He nodded, “My mother already paid your fee, correct?” 
“Yes, sir. This one will take very very good care of you or your money back!” 
“I’d expect no less. My mother was very adamant on getting me a maid for my little home. Specifically a kikimora. I have no idea where she got all this information from, she gets turned into a vampire and suddenly she knows everything,” He rolled his eyes and signed the papers, “Sorry. I’m going on about nothing right now. Ready to go?” He turned to me with tired eyes. 
I wanted nothing more than to make his life as easy as possible. I had just met him, “Of course, m-m-m--” I mentally screamed at myself to stop. I looked down and shook myself, “My apologies master, I am ready to go.” 
I did something that I never thought I ever would, I got into a car with a strange man. I did so gleefully and eagerly, ready to serve him in anyway possible, “How’s your day been?” He asked quietly as we pulled out of the parking lot. 
“Very well, thank you!” I gave him a smile as he glanced at me, “I hope yours has been well in my absence.” 
“Yeah, pretty good. Got my car all fixed today. So... do you plan on actually living with me?”  
I was almost offended, “Do you not want me to?” That little part of the old me that was still kicking cheered, hoping to be rid of him.  
He frowned, “Don’t sound so sad. I’m fine with you living in, I’ve got a guest room.” 
I felt a pang as he mentioned guest room, as if I desired more than anything to sleep in his own bed, to have him lay his hands upon me and hold me close. Despite this, I smiled, “Good! Oh, will we be able to collect my things from my apartment?” 
“Of course. I’ll see if we can get a moving company over there to get it done so we don’t need to worry about it,” He yawned. 
“A bit early to be tired, hm?” I teased. 
He looked at me with an exhausted stare, “Work and chores have been keeping me up late. I’m hoping you’ll be able to take some of that load off of me.” 
I wanted to call him a rapist and oppressor, I stopped myself and cleared my throat, “Of course, master. I will do all I can to make your life easier.” 
He looked incredibly relieved, “Thank you, Danielle. Also, don’t feel like you need to call me ‘master.’ Logan is fine.” 
I shook my head, watching his hands clutch the wheel, still imagining those hands on me, “I would prefer to be formal with you, Logan.” 
He grumbled a little bit, “Fine. Do what you want.” 
I gave him a pleasant grin, “Thank you.” 
I looked around the main rooms of Logan’s-- our home, and noted what areas needed to be dusted and cleaned. I found myself looking forwards to cleaning, something I used to dread and hate and now I was EXCITED to do it! For a man no less! Logan got off the phone and looked at me, “You stuff should be here tomorrow.” 
“Thank you!” I smiled at him, “You gave them my instructions, yes?” 
“Of course.” 
I looked down at the floor, “Your floor looks very clean, do you sweep and vacuum often?” I asked as I got on my knees, looking closer at the hardwood. 
“Well, this little guy does that for me,” He went to the closet and procured a small machine, “A roomba I upgraded myself,” He set it on the floor and let it loose.  
It made a vacuuming noise as it scooted across the floor. I felt nothing but disdain for the robot. I couldn’t describe the hatred, but I knew it had to go. It scooted near me, and I nearly stomped on it. I held myself back, master was right here in front of me, “H-how nice,” I faked a smile.  
“You hate it, don’t you?” He laughed loudly, “I was warned about this,” He picked it back up and stashed it in the rear of the closet, “The gremlin I work for told me that kikimora like you have a great disdain for robots.” 
I gave a sigh of relief, “What is it you do?” 
“Robotics engineer. I’ll keep robots out of my home.” 
“T-thank you. I’ll get to work right away! Do you want any dinner soon?” 
“Yes, please,” He replied, taking a seat on the couch. I continued looking around the house, I saw his office and noted the incredible amount of dust, the guest room where I was staying, and finally I entered his room. Dirty clothes littered the floor. I quickly picked them up, stopping as I noticed his underwear. I picked them up, that last fragment of me was disgusted by what I was about to do. I placed it under my nose and took a big whiff of them, his scent, his musk pushed that last defiant piece of me out. I smiled, eager to please my new master. I had a new purpose in life and I felt happy. 
I had only been working for Logan for three days. I had avoided calling him a rapist, oppressor or any of those other silly words I used to use the entire time. I was very proud of myself. I found the work I was doing to be fulfilling, but I still desired something else from him. To feel his hands upon me and lie in his arms... just before he pins me down and has his way with me. I wanted nothing more than to serve him with my body. I knew I needed to lay some charm on him, but I was unsure how forward to be. I had already marked him with my scent while he slept, so I had all the time in the world. But that did nothing to stop the feeling of intense need that I felt around him. I was polishing the coffee table with him sitting on the couch nearby. I would strike now, make him desire me just as I desire him. I presented my rear to him, plump underneath the maid uniform, placing it nearly in his face. He stammered quietly, unsure what to do. I took lead, realising I needed to prompt him to violate me. I pushed my behind into his crotch, feeling his hard member against me, “Oh, master!” I peered at him over my shoulder, panting heavily, “How scandalous you naughty dog~!” I rubbed myself against him for a bit longer before turning around completely. He held his hands up as if to defend himself. I grabbed his hands and placed them on my breasts, “Squeeze them, use me, master,” I begged, demanding he violate me, “PLEASE,” I breathed. He didn’t squeeze them, blushing heavily instead sitting still, unsure what to do. 
“D-Danielle,” He stammered, “Please release me.” 
I looked down at him, releasing him as he asked, “My apologies,” I stood back from him. I watched him stand and go to his room, quickly. I frowned, had I made a mistake? I thought he would be eager to violate me! Isn’t that what men do? Had old me been so wrong? I shook my head. I would MAKE him violate me. I WANTED him to rape me. I NEEDED IT. I looked around, “Master!” I called, “I’m going out for a bit! Do you want anything?” 
“No thank you,” He replied quietly behind his door. 
I knocked lightly on the door of my master’s bedroom, “Master, I brought you some tea!” I called cheerfully, praying he would have forgotten about earlier. 
“E-enter,” He replied. I pushed the door aside and entered with a tray of tea and some other snacks, all baked myself. He gave me a tired smile. 
I poured him a cup, “Here, this should help wake you up.” 
“What is it?” 
    “A special brew of herbs I picked out for you! Try it!” I pushed the cup towards him, ready to force feed it to him. He turned around in his computer chair. He took it from me carefully. 
    “Okay, okay,” He took a sip, “So, about earlier... What came over you?” 
    I gave him a wide cheshire grin, “Oh, I’m not sure. I’m sure it will not happen again.” 
    He downed more of the brew, “Okay. What if I kinda... Liked it?” He looked up at me sheepishly. 
    “Then I would be VERY happy,” I giggled, watching him drink the rest of it. I quickly snatched the empty cup from him. 
    “Are you okay? You seem--” He blinked heavily, “What was in that?” He demanded just before blacking out. 
    I was over joyed, the drug I had bought worked! I picked up my master carefully, I didn’t have much time. I set him on his bed and quickly stripped him down to his underwear. I ran to my room and grabbed a small velvet bag and four lengths of silk rope. I tied my master down to the bed by his wrists and legs and set the bag nearby. I stripped down to my underwear and straddled him. I waited. I wanted him awake for this.  
    His eyes opened slowly, “Danielle, what is going on?” He struggled against the binds.  
    I drooled as I ran my hands up and down his chest, “You are going to violate me,” I informed him, “RAVAGE me,” I panted, rubbing my sopping wet pussy against his throbbing, hard cock through his underwear.  
    “But you’ve got me--” He started.  
I put my hand over his mouth, “That does not matter. All that matters is that I have you right... where... I... want... you~” I drew out the last part of that sentence by interrupting myself as I gave him deep kisses on the lips, “Now,” I grabbed the small bag and opened it up. I produced a glass tube with three needle-like spines in it. I tried to recall what the manticore I bought it from had told me. I took off my panties, letting my love juices drip onto my master’s chest.  
“Danielle, please--”  
I shut him up by shoving my panties in his mouth. He looked up at me, nervous as I went back to rubbing myself on him, panting and moaning from the pleasure. I took out two of the spines and jammed them in his leg. He yelped in surprise. I didn’t think he could get any harder but I was quickly proven wrong as his member became fully erect. I took my bra off and lastly I tore his underwear off. I got another huff of his smell as I brought it to my nose. His cock stood straight up on his own. I pushed myself onto it, letting out a howl of pleasure as I pushed myself all the way down the shaft. 
I orgasmed almost immediately just from the intense, sudden pleasure. I could hear my master moaning through the gag. I couldn’t stop myself, I lost control and began slamming my hips against him. I kept moaning loudly, eager for him to come inside of me. I put my hands on his, interlocking our fingers. I looked down into his nervous eyes, “Do it,” I panted, “Come in me,” I demanded, “I NEED IT,” My pace increased, goaded him to come. His body shuddered as he blew his load inside of me. I felt like I was filled with warmth, happiness and love. It was better than any drug I had ever tried. I needed more. I kept slamming my hips against him. I cupped his face in my hands,  a smile on my lips as I forced him to come again. Those feelings returned to me every time I forced him to come inside of me. I orgasmed violently every time I made him ejaculate in me, his hot, gooey rape fluid making me more excited than anything had before. I couldn’t get enough of it. 
I couldn’t tell how much time had passed. My pleasure filled evening had gone on for so long that my brain refused to comprehend time anymore. I was dripping with my master’s-- my husband’s love juices mixed with my own. The manticore venom had finally subsided and my hubby lie on the bed, panting. I took the gag from his mouth and gave him a loving kiss. He looked at me and smiled, “Holy shit,” He gasped. 
“Master, you’ve made a mess~” I teased, running my finger along his semi-hard penis, “Let me clean you up~” I licked my lips. He shuddered as my rough tongue ran up and down his member, then his stomach. I smiled at I finished, “Better?” 
He nodded, “Can you untie me?” He pleaded carefully. 
I stroked his shaft gently, “Maybe. Or I could keep having my fun~” 
He whimpered as I picked up the pace, wrapping my lips around his shaft, eagerly sucking him off. I NEEDED to taste more of him. I smiled as I listened to his moans and whimpers, loving every second of it as I continued having my way with him. He filled my mouth with another load. I swallowed, feeling quite full now. I was full of love, warmth and hopefully a baby soon. But, if I wasn’t pregnant now, I’d tie him up again and try once more. As badly as I wanted a baby in my oven. I also wanted more of him, long nights with him. I untied him, giving him a kiss on the cheek. I laid down on the bed with him, our warmth lulling us into a deep sleep, “I love you,” I whispered. 
“I-I L-love you too,” I caused him to stammer as I grabbed his crotch again.

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