Striped Samurai

I came home from work to my condo. It had been another exhausting day of avoiding the advances of my new coworkers. It had been about two months since monster girls had flooded into this world. I shifted my messenger bag on shoulder as I rode the elevator to the third floor. My neighbor and his new satyr wife were chatting quietly as they rode to the fifth floor. I walked down the hallway to my room slowly. As I was putting my key into my lock, with my hand on the handle. The handle gave, my door was unlocked. I groaned ay myself, if any of my things were gone, because of my negligence, I was going to be unreasonably upset, “Such a stupid mistake,” I told myself as I entered my apartment, “How could I--” My self loathing stopped as I looked around. There was a woman sitting on her knees in the middle of my main room staring at the door--at me. The first thing I noticed was her monsterous features, paw-like hands and feet with tiger patterned fur going up most of her arms and legs. Her tail flicked from side to side behind her. I stared at her one visible eye in fear, a single orange colored cat eye stared at me. Her other eye, the left, was hidden underneath her an eyepatch. Her muscular body was covered by a well fitting kimono of a black and red color scheme. Her light brown hair with a dark brown highlight was pulled up in a bun. Her large, clawed hand rested on the hilt of a sword, a katana, at her waist. 
    She removed her hand from her sword and stood before me. She stared at me with the same, blank and intense look, “Master Anon, welcome home,” She bowed in greeting. She was obviously not a native english speaker unlike most of the other monster girls I had spoken to. I kept staring at her, unsure of what was happening, “I was unable to learn how to operate your stovetop in time and was unable to cook you a fresh dinner,” She slowly got back on her knees and groveled in front of me, face placed near my feet, “I beg for your forgiveness.” 
    I stood dumbfounded in front of her as she stared at the floor, “I-I-I... Sorry, who are you?” 
    “Did you not receive my letter?” She was still in the same position. 
    I knew I had probably tossed it, “It must have been lost in the mail.” 
    The woman stood up before me and looked down into my eyes with the same blank expression. She stood at over seven feet, over a foot taller than me. Her look caused me to sweat, “You are a horrible liar, master.” 
    I groaned “Okay, okay, I think I got the letter but I couldn’t read it. Whatever it had been written in was not english. You got me, lady.” 
    “You could not read it?” She asked, only slightly angered, “I will need to have VERY harsh words with a tanuki when I return home,” She gripped the hilt of her sword. 
    “Uh, okay. By the way, you never told me your name.” 
    “How rude of me. My name is Kimiko Tora. May I also tell you why I am here?” 
    “Yes please,” I fell onto the couch, ready to hear whatever crap she was about to peddle me. 
    “May I take your bag and coat, Master?” 
    “Sure,” I handed them over. She hung my coat in the closet and hung my bag on the back of a chair. 
She returned to a kneeling position on my floor across from me, “In my homeland, we commune with spirits often. Recently, my clan heard of a man needing protection. That man was you, Anon. A horrible darkness is coming over you soon. A fighter of good and justice was required to protect you. The spirits chose me to serve as your protector. I had that letter sent at set about learning english. Soon enough, I was on a boat from Japan to America to find you.” 
    I looked at her, “Uh spirits? Like ghosts? They sent you to find ME?” I asked in disbelief. 
    “Yes. That is what I said, is it not?” 
    I grunted, “Yeah, yeah you did. I just didn’t want to believe you.” 
    She looked confused, “I am afraid I do not understand, Master.” 
    I sighed and growled out, “Forget it,” I pondered for a few moments, trying to figure out what to do. 
“You seem very upset, Master. May I draw you a bath or prepare some tea?” She spoke slowly with an apologetic tone and a worried look on her face. 
I got a feeling that she genuinely did care about me despite just meeting. I still was intimidated by her usual fierce glare and the face that she looked like she could bench three or four of me. But, damn, was she cute, even with all her scars and the eyepatch. The kimono she wore was black with red lotuses on it and the sheath of her sword was black with some gold flourishes. I thought for a few more moments, trying to convince myself to keep her around. I shrugged, deciding I might as well. Its not like she was my wife or anything, “Some tea would be lovely, thank you.” 
“As you wish, Master.” 
Having such a huge, pretty woman refer to me as master was a pretty huge ego boost. I took the small break I had to check emails on my phone. Within ten minutes, I had a delicate cup full of a sweet smelling tea placed in front of me, “What kind is this?” I asked as I picked it up. 
“A relaxing herb from my homeland, Zipangu. There are various ways to gain its benefits but this is the most common,” She explained as she sat on her knees next to the coffee table with her own cup of tea. 
I took a sip, it was incredibly sweet tasting, probably a little too sweet, “Thank you.” 
“Of course. Let me know if you require anything at all, I am trained in various housewife skills as well as having extensive training as a samurai.” 
“Housewife and samurai, huh? Interesting.” 
“It is tradition within my clan, when a samurai is sent to protect a man they learn how to take care of the household as to ‘earn our keep,’ as they say.” 
“So your, uh, clan does this often?” 
“Yes, it is our longest tradition to send our samurai over the world to protect others,” She reached into her kimono and produced a small ornate tube. She popped it open and pulled out a piece of parchment, “If you would sign this. I must send it back to my clan.” 
I took it from her, it was written in an unknown set of runes, probably whatever language the Zipangu people wrote in, “What is it?” 
“It is merely a document saying that I am here and you are willing to accept my services,” I saw my name was already on the document, the only thing in english. 
I shrugged, “Alright,” Without a thought, I signed it. 
She quickly took the document from me, “Thank you very much, Master,” She rolled it back up and put it in the tube. I watched her painstakingly light a candle and melt some of the wax onto the tube and press a stamp on it before placing it back into her outfit, “May I prepare you some dinner?” 
“Oh, no its fine. I don’t really eat dinner.” 
She looked at me, shocked, “Master, you can not fight on an empty stomach. I implore you to let me cook for you.” 
I looked at her, intense look replaced with some concern, “Fine. You need me to teach you how to use the stove, right?” 
The night was winding down. The large dinner I had of meat and rice was making me sleepy. Kimiko was diligent the entire time, never taking a moment to rest except to eat. She stood by my side while I flipped through some channels on TV. I paused on a monster-based sitcom just in time to hear a cheshire make a bad joke. I groaned and kept channel surfing, “Master, is something wrong?” Kimiko asked me, enamored with the screen. 
“Nah, just nothing good on TV. Might head to bed soon,” I turned to the news just to see the weather.  
“Am I to be relieved of my duties then?”  
“Yeah. Oh, I should show you to the spare bedroom.” 
“Excuse me?” She looked confused. 
“I have an extra bedroom that I hardly use. You can live in there for now rather than just leaving your belongings shoved under my couches,” I reached down and pulled a small sword out from under the couch. 
“Thank you very much for your kindness, Master,” She stood before me and bowed. 
“What is with you calling me ‘Master’ anyways?” I asked as I shut off the TV and helped Kimiko collect her things. 
“I am merely letting you know, despite my skills and size, I submit to you as master of this household. I am here to serve and protect you, Master Anon,” She gave me a tiny polite smile, the first time she had shown any emotion on her face that wasn’t mostly an intense stare. 
I couldn’t help but smile back, “This will be your room,” I opened the first door down the hallway, “I used to have a roommate. Most of this is his old stuff,” I gestured at the desk, nightstand, lap and dresser, “The bed is new though, never slept in.” 
As she stared at the room, an unsure look in her eye, I pulled the comforter out of the closet, “I-I am unsure if I can accept this room.” 
“Oh?” I folded me arms after I flopped the comforter onto the bed. 
“I am used to sleeping on a mat on the floor in a room with others in my clan. I do not believe this luxury should be spent on me,” She shifted nervously, “I would hate to impose like this.” 
“Take the room, dammit,” I grabbed her things and threw them on the bed, “Go ahead and get settled in. I’m in the next room down the hall. Let me know if you need anything.” 
“Good night, Master,” She bowed as I left the room. 
    I was awoken by a light shaking, soft palms gripping my arms. I grumbled, “What?” 
    “Master,” I had forgotten about Kimiko, “I have prepared you a bath.” 
    “Ugh, alright. Why did you feel the need to wake me up?” 
    “It is five minutes before your alarm. Is this not more pleasant?” 
    I got up and stretched, “Yeah, I guess it does beat that shrill beeping.” 
    “Wonderful. Please go and take your bath, Master,” I got a good look at Kimiko, she was wearing only cloth wrappings on her chest and groin area, “I would come in with you and assist you, but your bath seems much too small.” 
    “I can clean myself, Kimiko.” 
    “As you wish.” 
    She bowed again as I left for the bath. IT was steaming hot. Kimiko was right, the bath was pretty small. It was a shower and bath combo, so it was to be expected. I quickly got myself washed up, preferring a shower but I didn’t want the water that was already here to go to waste. I got out, got dressed and headed out to grab some quick breakfast. Kimiko was already out in the main room, dressed and with a sword at her hip, “What, no breakfast?” I asked jokingly. 
    “I apologize. I only had the ingredients to create that dinner last night. I need to learn what foods you enjoy and how to prepare them,”  
    “Well, breakfast is usually just toast. Maybe some juice.” 
    As I got to preparing said breakfast, she watched intently as I took out some slices of bread and stuck them in the toaster as I continued getting ready. She watched the toaster intently. I heard the familiar sound of my toaster dinging and Kimiko yelping in surprise. I chuckled as I glanced over to see her standing with her sword drawn at the toaster, “Master!” She called, slowly sheathing her katana, “The toast is finished!” 
    “Thank you. Want butter on yours?” 
    “That will be fine, thank you.” 
    Kimiko and I walked down the sidewalk towards my office building. Any time a monster that was not accompanied by a man got too close to me, Kimiko would let out a low growl, causing them to back off. I shook my head, “You sure are protective.” 
    “That is my job, master, to protect you,” She humorlessly informed me. 
    I rolled my eyes, “Right. Can I ask you to not do that?” 
    “Mater, we cannot tell who is an agent of darkness and who is not. It is much safer to push everyone away from you for now,” She growled at a kikimora that politely said good morning to me. She quickly walked past us. 
    “I doubt the walking feather duster is an agent of darkness.” 
    “She could be a seductress for a greater evil.” 
    “Seduce me with cleaning?” 
    “You never know, Master,” She glanced at me, “You could have a thing for maids.” 
    “Well, I don’t. So calm down,” I changed subjects, “Do you have anything to do while I’m at work?” 
    “Of course. I am going to do some shopping and see about having your bathroom renovated.” 
    “Why do you need to get my bathroom renovated?” 
    “I require a larger bath. The current one is too small for me. I will cover all costs, of course. I do not wish to put a strain on your coin purse.” 
    It was tiny. There was probably enough room to fit in something a little bit bigger, “We can talk about that later. That’s my office,” I told her as I pointed to a building, “I’ll see you at home tonight.” 
    “I will collect you here after work, Master. I cannot have someone abscond with you on your walk home.” 
    “Ugh, fine. See you at five.” 
    Work was passing uneventfully, I continued work on a database project for the government along with a few coworkers. All this talk of darkness and evil beings had started to put me on edge, “Anon,” My boss, a succubus, startled me when she called my name from behind. 
    “W-what is it, chief?” I asked spinning around. 
    “Have you begun preparing for the stakeholder meeting?” 
    “Yeah, I’ll be showing the GUI I made that allows for easy data input and reading,” I pointed at the screen. I had no idea if any of that went over my boss’s head, she claimed to have learned a lot about information systems from reading numerous textbooks. 
    She smiled, “Excellent! Should--” She stopped, leaning in and tasting the air around me, “Finally found yourself a wife, Anon?” 
    “Excuse me!?” I recoiled in shock. 
    “I can smell her on you. A woman from Zipangu, even! Ah, that brings back memories of a wonderful vacation. What’s she like?” My boss leaned on the cubicle wall as she eagerly awaited my answer. 
    “Look,” I sighed, “She’s not my wife.” 
    “Ah, I see. Just dating right now, very cute.” 
    “No, no. She broke into my house last night claiming that I need protection. She came all the way from Japan so I felt bad about kicking her out and couldn’t bring myself to do it.” 
    “How romantic!” She squealed, “When will you two be getting married?” 
    I held my face in my hands, “I don’t know... We just met!” 
    “You have to get betrothed now while the passion is still fiery, Anon.” 
    “I don’t know if I have feelings for her yet, boss.” 
    She finally changed her tune, “I understand. Believe it or not I was a mid twenty year old once, unsure about everything. You’re still young, take your time.” 
    She left, leaving me alone with my work once more. I rubbed my temples, asking myself how I really felt about Kimiko before pushing the thoughts of her out of my mind. I had other, more important things to work on, I convinced myself. 
    “How was work today, Master?” Kimiko asked as we returned to my condo. She took my coat and bag from me. 
    “Fine. Apparently my boss can smell you on me,” I told her as I stretched, wincing as my back ached. 
    “Was that an issue?” She glanced at me, “Fold your arms.” 
    “Huh? Okay,” I did as she instructed. She moved behind me and wrapped her arms around me like a tight, good feeling hug. She mumbled something and lifted me up, popping my back. I let out a relieved sigh as she set me back down, “Thanks,” I mumbled as she gripped my shoulders, massaging them gently. 
    “Are you standing at work at all?” 
    “No, I’m just slouching at my computer mainly.” 
    “You need to stand more, you are going to have health problems in the future,” She instructed, leaning down and speaking quietly into my ear. 
    “Okay, I’ll try. What were we talking about?” 
    “Your boss smelled my mana on you. Here, lie on the floor.” 
    I again did what she told me, “Yeah, she was asking me about you and assumed we were married. How did you know that my back was bothering me like this?” 
    “I can read body language quite easily,” Kimiko hesitated, “If I may ask, what did you tell her?” She put her hands on my back. 
    “I told her that--” I let out a moan as she firmly pushed down on my spine. She started moving me onto my side and realigning my spine. I let her manhandle me as I groaned in relief. She picked me up off the ground and sat me on the couch. I was panting, but my back felt better than it ever had. 
    “Sake?” She gave me a small smile. I nodded, still out of breath, “What did you tell her?” 
    “I-I said that--” I stopped myself, “I just explained how we met.” 
    “Understandable. I suppose we did meet in a strange way,” I couldn’t read how she felt, disappointed maybe. She gave me a small glass of alcohol and quickly downed one herself. 
    “Yeah... Did you find what you were looking for around town?” I changed subjects. 
    “Yes, I did. I got a quote for the bath,” She handed me a paper. The quote was for a decently sized bathhouse style bath. Big enough for ‘two to sit in intimately,’ but not much larger than that. The price was more than reasonable, “and found the shops I was looking for,” She held up the bottle of sake. 
    “Nice,” I drank some of it, “Do you really want to go through with this bath thing? I can pay half of it if you want.” 
    “No need,” She told me firmly, “All I need is a go ahead from you.” 
    I sighed, “Go ahead.” 
    “Thank you, Master. Shall I begin preparing a meal?” 
    “Nah, I’ll get something going. You’ve done a lot for me, and I should be doing something other than sitting on my fat ass.” 
    “As you wish,” She apprehensively agreed. I got to making spaghetti with a side salad. Kimiko was eager to keep me company while I cooked, at least. 
    “So, what’s your story, Kimiko?” I asked over hot plates of spaghetti. 
    “What do you mean?” She asked as she inquisitively poked at her food. 
    “Like, why did you choose this lifestyle? What are all the scars from?” 
    “I was born into my clan. The middle child of a litter of three, born to a human and a jinko samurai.” 
    “Is that what you are? A jinko?” 
    “Yes. Most of my scars are pretty unremarkable. Merely fights with assassins wielding iron blades,” She seemed completely disinterested. 
    “As opposed to...?” I trailed off, expecting an answer. 
    “Demon silver. Iron draws blood and leaves wounds. Demon silver draws energy from its victim.” 
    “Ah, I see. I’m assuming you carry demon silver weapons then?” I asked between bites. 
    “You would be correct. I do own an iron katana, but I have very little reason to use it.” 
    “Got it, thanks for answering my questions,” I gave her a smile before focusing on my dinner. I poured some dressing on my salad. Kimiko, who was watching me intently, copied me. 
    “Will you answer my questions?” She asked me. 
    “Of course.” 
    “How have you managed to avoid a wife thus far?” 
    “Isolation, bitterness, self loathing. Those are just off the top of my head,” I told her with a chuckle, “I swore off dating ages ago. Its not worth it to me.” 
    “Did something happen?” I heard genuine concern in her voice. 
    “Just some crappy girls in the past. Got my heart broke one too many times and it turned me into a shitty person.” 
    “Do you really believe that? That you are a bad person?” 
    “If you weren’t here for duty, I’m sure you would have left by now,” I downed another glass of sake and frowned, “Just like the others.” 
    “You have been nothing but kind to me, Anon. I appreciate that very much.” 
    “Hmph, I just feel bad that you’re stuck with me.” 
    She crossed her arms, “I believe you are fooling yourself, Master. You only claim to be those things to push others away out of fear of being hurt again. Perhaps you just need someone to love you and tell you how wonderful you are,” She gave me a small smile, “Anon, I--” 
    I glared at her cutting her off, “I’m going to bed. Good night.” 
    “I-- Good night, Master,” I watched her shuffle nervously as I dumped my plate in the sink.  
I went to my room, changed, and hopped into bed with a scowl on my face. I rolled onto my face, feeling a little bad about snapping at her like that. On the other hand, I didn’t need her acting like my therapist when she doesn’t know me.  
I woke up at two in the morning, needing to piss. I groaned as I got out of bed. I slowly opened my door and wandered across the hall. I flipped the bathroom light on and trudged inside. As I was about to pull my pants down, I heard a noise towards the bath. I jumped, Kimiko was lounging in the bath, drinking straight out of the sake bottle, “Anon,” She looked at me, a sad frown on her face, “Why are you not asleep?” She wasn’t wearing her eye patch, I saw her blind eye was a cloudy gray. 
“I-I just need to pee,” I couldn’t peel my eyes from her shapely breasts. 
“Do not let me stop you,” She took another swig from the bottle. 
    “Just don’t look, please,” I quickly peed and got to washing my hands, “I’m sorry for snapping at you like that.” 
    “I spoke out of turn and upset you. I should be apologizing to you,” She slowly climbed out of the bath, presenting her entire nude form to me. I couldn’t look away from her. Her large breasts bounced slightly as she stepped towards me, her muscular form highlighted by the water on her body reflecting the light. She got on her knees before me and bowed her head, “Please forgive me, Master.” 
    I shifted, trying to hide my erection, “I forgive you, Kimiko,” She looked up at me and gave me a knowing smirk before standing before me, “Now, I’m sorry for snapping at you like I did.” 
    “I expect you to grovel, Anon.” 
    I nodded and got on my knees, bowing my head, “I apologize for lashing out at you, Kimiko.” 
    “I forgive you. Now stand. A master should not be kneeling before his servant,” She helped me up, a sly smile on her face.  
    “Yeah, yeah. I never was huge on formalities anyways. I’m going back to bed, I guess.” 
    I turned to leave, stopped by Kimiko grabbing my shoulders, “Sleep well, Master,” She leaned in close to me, hesitated then released me into the hallway. I turned around and smiled at her. Maybe I didn’t want to be isolated anymore.     I went to bed with a small smile on my face.


    I sat at my desk and typed on my keyboard slowly. I was incredibly distracted. The eight hour grind was killing me. I couldn’t get Kimiko off of my mind. I found myself worrying about her, ‘I should have given her some money for lunch or invited her to come have lunch with me today,’ I thought to myself. On top of my regret, most every monster girl in the office was pestering me trying to figure out who the lady who they could slightly smell on me was. Thankfully, most left me alone when I said I didn’t want to talk about it yet, it was just a friendship right now. Most would chuckle and walk away when I said that. Other than that I would get a shrug and they would return to asking me about work stuff. I got out of work a few minutes early and rushed out of the building to our designated meeting place. It was a Friday and I was eager to get home. I frowned when I saw that Kimiko wasn’t there yet. I sat down on a nearby bench and pulled out my phone, entertaining myself with crappy phone games. 
    “Ayy, you,” An angry female voice called out to me, I looked up to find myself surrounded by three hellhounds, and a kobold behind me, “Look at you dressin' like that. You must be lookin’ to get raped, huh?” The leader stepped towards me with a hungry grin on her face. 
    “N-no, I uh, have a girlfriend,” I tried to stand up, but the kobold behind me was surprisingly strong. 
    “I don’t see anyone ‘round here sisters. Sure he ain’t lyin’ to us?” Another growled, unamused by my lie. 
    “Maybe we should teach ‘im a lesson?” The last chuckled. 
    “I-I dunno, sisters,” The kobold mumbled, “I-I think I smell--” 
    “Master,” I breathed a sigh of relief as Kimiko stomped up to the group, her wooden sandals loudly clacking on the concrete, “Are these... vermin bothering you?” She glared at the monsters surrounding me. 
    The kobold backed off instantly. The leader growled, “Hey, back off bitch, we found him firs--” I watched as the hellhound was cut down the instant she tried to shove Kimiko. She fell to the ground with a pained groan. I looked back up to see her standing in a defensive stance, sword at the ready. 
    “What the fuck did you--” The second hellhound took one step towards Kimiko and was taken down. 
    “Oh, fuck this! I’m not fighting a goddamn ninja!” The last hellhound ran off. Kimiko sheathed her blade. 
    I stared at the hellhounds on the ground, I was completely sure they were dead, “Relax,” Kimiko ordered as she reached into her kimono and pulled out a long Japanese style pipe, “They live. Demon silver blade,” She used the flames burning on one of the hellhound’s eyes to light the pipe before bringing to her lips and taking a long draw from it. The burning smell was sickeningly sweet. She blew a smoke ring above her head before turning her attention to the cowering kobold that the hound had left behind, “And now, what to do with you?” 
    “I-I’m sorry! It won’t happen again!” The kobold cried, falling to her knees and protecting her head with her arms. 
    “Just leave her alone,” I stood up and stepped over the groaning hellhounds, “Let's go home.” 
    “She has lain her hands on my master. This requires action,” She drew her sword with one hand. I watched as she slashed the air right in front of the kobold and sheathed her sword in one fluid motion, “The sin has been cut from your body. You may go home guilt free.” 
    “Th-thank you,” The kobold picked herself off the ground and ran off, tail between her legs. 
    “I didn’t expect you to have the capacity for mercy,” I joked as I breathed a sigh of relief. 
    “You have much to learn, Anon. It was not mercy. She was truthful in her apology, so I forgave her. It is the honorable thing to do,” She took another draw from the pipe, “Let us go home, hm?” She blew smoke over her shoulder before beginning to walk off. 
    I blinked at the hellhounds on the ground. They began to stir, groaning quietly. I hurried up to walk side by side with Kimiko, “Thank you for showing up when you did.” 
“I am sorry I did not show up sooner,” She looked disappointed as she snuffed her pipe and put it away, “Those hounds nearly had their way with you.” 
“Don’t beat yourself up over it. Let's just get home and get some rest.” 
“Hmph, yes, I could do with a bath.” 
“You had one last night! You’re gonna drive my water bill way up!” 
“Perhaps we shall bathe together to save on water? The new bath is ready,” She informed me. 
“In one day? How many people were working on it?” 
“Just five oni that love their job. Do you still desire to pick up snack food for this weekend?” She paused as we passed a convenience store. 
“Oh, right I did. Do you want anything?” I asked as I stepped into the store, Kimiko close behind. 
“No thank you, Master,” She warily eyed every other person in the store. I quickly grabbed some Pringles. I eyed the candy section, I knew I shouldn’t, but I really wanted to. I got some candy as well. I brought them to the counter, paid and headed out of the store.  
I was stopped by a group of three lolis. A baphomet, werecat and witch, “Hey, mister? Would you buy a box of cookies to help fund our group?” 
They had the discontinued girl scout lemon cookies. I NEEDED those, “Yes, give me--” 
“Master,” Kimiko interrupted me in a hushed whisper, “Do not buy the cookies. These small tempresses are trying to pull you to the darkness.” 
“Uh, I can’t. Sorry,” I told the girls. 
“Okay! Thank you anyway!” They continued down the street. 
“How could you tell?” I asked my protective samurai as we continued walking. 
She glanced over her shoulder, “Sabbath coven. Not to be trusted or messed with. Stay away from them,” There was an almost terrifying intensity in her voice. 
“Okay, I’ll stay away from little demon girls, got it,” I gave her a small smile. 
“I just want you to stay safe, Master,” She gave me a concerned glance before we walking into my building. 
“I know you do, thanks for keeping me safe,” I chuckled as we boarded the elevator. A lone sphinx made the mistake of getting on with us, Kimiko stood deliberately between us, snarling at the sphinx if she even breathed in my direction. 
As soon as I got into my condo, Kimiko took my bag and coat and put them away before I slouched onto the couch, “Shall I prepare a bath for us?” She asked as she brought me a small glass of sake.  
“No, its a little early for that. I would rather bathe before bed,” I replied, desperately praying she couldn't figure out why I was really saying no. 
“As you wish. How about cooking for you?”  
“Sure, I’ll let you do that at least.” 
“Excellent. I shall begin cooking within the hour. How is your back?” 
“Just grillin’ me with questions, huh?” I let out a small laugh, “My back is fine, thank you. Still feels good from the work you did on it last night.” 
“Wonderful. It is my duty to plan my days around yours, that is why I ask,” She sat on the floor on her knees near me, I could have sworn she was looking at me longingly, “Do you have weekend plans?” 
“Not really. Might try to play some games though. Maybe see if I can get in contact with some friends. What are you gonna do this weekend?” 
“I believe I should give you some sword training. If something happens to me, you need to be able to protect yourself. Come,” She ordered as she stood and headed to her room. 
‘I thought I was the master,’ I wondered to myself as I stood and followed her. By the time I got there she had already set various blades on her bed, “That’s a lot of swords. What are they, exactly?” 
     “Four katanas, a nodachi, a few tantos, a multitude of throwing weapons,” She pointed at the blades as She proudly presented them, “and two bokkens,” She held up the two wooden swords and handed one to me, “I am very glad that I thought to bring them so I am not teaching you with sharpened blades.” 
    I swung the sword at the air like I had seen her do, “What's so hard about swinging a big metal stick?” I foolishly asked. It was a teasing comment, just trying to get a reaction out of her. 
    She glared at me as if I had just spit on the grave of a million of her ancestors, “Swing at me, Anon,” She held the wooden sword at her side as if it was sheathed, “If it so easy you will connect, right?” 
    “Uh, can I choose not to?” 
    “Swing. At. Me,” She demanded once more. I sighed, this wouldn’t end well. I held my sword in a similar fashion to what she had earlier, before swinging it like a baseball bat. Kimiko easily brought her sword up to block it with one hand, a look of surprise flashed across her face. She blinked, the anger returned. In one swift motion, she knocked me to the floor by pushing against my chest, climbed on top of me, and pinned me by putting the flat of the wooden blade against my neck and holding it there with both hands. Her look softened as I struggled underneath her, “I didn’t expect you to to put that much force behind it. I must say, I am a little impressed,” I had no response, she was pushing down slightly on my windpipe making me struggle a little to breath, “Beg me to forgive you, Anon,” She growled, pushing the wooden sword against me further, rage in her one good eye. 
    “Kimiko! Stop!” Was all I could utter in a pained cry. 
    Instantly, she pulled the sword back, still stradling me. I turned and coughed hard, “M-M-Master, I--” Tears formed in her eye.  
    I started laughing, confusing and interrupting her, “Calm down, I’m tougher than I look. Get off me, would you?” 
    “Of course,” She climbed off of me and stood up. She reached down to help me up but I pushed her hands away, electing to sit on my knees. I bowed my head to her, ready to grovel, “Stop, Master,” Kimiko demanded before I could speak, “I do not deserve your kindness and an apology after how I acted.” 
    I looked up at her, guilt wracking ever part of her, “I set you off. Don’t feel too bad about it,” I gave her a smile. 
    “I went into a battle rage. On my own master. I am supposed to be a master of self control, only losing myself when necessary. To think I would lose myself at a time like this when you are only acting like a fool. The only thing I deserve right now is death,” She reached down and pulled me to my feet before falling to her knees, placing her face at my feet, “Master, I beg for your forgiveness. I know I do not deserve it, and that I have brought great shame to myself, but I beg you for this one kindness so that my guilt may be relieved somewhat,” She quickly reached for her bed, I was afraid she was going to grab her iron blade and do herself in right here, but the katana she grabbed she held up for me to take, “I present you this, a treasured blade from my family, as an offering to you, my Master.” 
    I took the sword from her, checking the blade. The slightly pink blade shined brightly in the light. The hilt and sheath were both inlaid with gold designs on top of a white fabric. It felt old and heavy in my hands. I turned my attention back down to Kimiko, “I forgive you. Are you sure you want me to have this sword? Its like an ancient artifact.” 
    “That is exactly what it is. It is yours now,” She replied as she stood before me. She bowed to me, “Thank you for your kindness once again,” She pulled out her pipe again and lit it with a match. She inhaled deeply from it, letting the smoke sit in her lungs. 
    “You deserve it no matter what you think. What is that you’re smoking?” I opened a window so she could blow the smoke out it. 
    Thankfully, she got the message, “It is the same sweet herb that you drank in the tea I gave you. This is but another way to partake of its effects,” She exhaled a large amount of smoke out the window, “This, sake and a bath are what I need tonight. I would wish you to partake of my relaxation ritual with me as well.” 
    “Sure, if it makes you feel like there is no bad blood between us.” 
    “Thank you. I will begin dinner now. Go ahead and relax, Master.” 
    I sat at the table across from Kimiko, her eyes were glued to the food she had made us. She hadn’t spoken to me since we sat down. She picked at her rice with her chopsticks, barely eating, “Kimiko, what's wrong?”  
    She continued looking down, “I have been thinking. What if I am the darkness in your life? What if I am just here to hurt you?” 
    “You make one mistake and now you think you’re some kind of evil,” I couldn’t help but chuckle a little bit, “You’ve been nothing but a blessing to have around. Making sure I stay healthy, safe and well-fed is more than any other woman has done for me. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me.” 
    She slowly looked up at me, her sad frown slowly turning into a wide, happy smile. She coughed and brought back her usual intense look, “I appreciate your kind words. Allow me to finish my food and I will prepare the bath.” 
    I stood outside of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around my waist, “Master, the water is hot and ready for you,” Kimiko called from inside the room. 
    I was incredibly nervous, “Promise you won’t do anything weird!” 
    “I promise to be as non-lewd as being nude together allows,” She cracked the door open letting steam exit the room. She grabbed my arm and brought me inside. She was already naked, smoking her pipe slowly. A full bottle of sake and two glasses were set on the edge of the large tiled bath, along with a few other smaller bottles. She turned and climbed into the bath, sitting on the built-in bench, “Come, sit,” I nodded and got into the bath with her, being forced to sit in her lap. She handed me a glass of sake, “Would you like to try my pipe?” 
    “No thank you,” I was leaning forwards, elbows on my thighs, a glass of sake in one hand. I closed my eyes and let the heat of the water soothe me along with the sweet smell of whatever Kimiko was smoking. 
    She pressed her hand against my back, causing me to jump. She chuckled, “It is only soap, Master. Or is it me that scares you? Relax and let me take care of you.” 
    I nodded, letting her run her hands over me. When she was done with my back, she rinsed me off before wrapping her arms around me and pulling me against her. She started lathering my chest, “I’m not a baby, I can wash myself, Kimiko.” 
    “I am aware of that. I merely wish to make your life easier, Master. Allow me to rinse you off,” My head was placed right between her large breasts. I sat nervously as she slowly and carefully got the soap off my chest, “In my culture willingness to show yourself nude to another is the ultimate sign of trust, showing you have nothing to hide and no need for weapons. I trust you like this. Do you trust me?” 
    “I have no reason not to trust you, Kimiko,” I shifted into a comfortable position, “If you wanted to do something bad to me you have had ample opportunities.” 
    “You do not know what hearing you say that means to me. Would you be willing to wash my back, Master?” 
    I smiled, “Of course.” 
    She stood before me, back to me, smoking slowly on her pipe. I stood and started lathering soap on her. Her back was covered in scars. One stood out to me, one that went from her left shoulder down to her waist. I absentmindedly traced it with my finger, causing her to shiver, “Master,” She begged, “Please do not tickle me.” 
    “Or what?” I teased, finger poking at her back. 
    “I-- I will do nothing to stop you, do as you please,” She looked down, defeated. 
    “I won’t tickle you, let me rinse you off.” 
    She sat back down, forcing me into her lap again. There was enough room for the two of us to sit on the bench, I had no idea why she insisted on this, “Thank you,” She wrapped me in her arms again, letting out an elated sigh. 
    “Is your clan usually this cuddly and intimate with their masters?” I joked as I took another drink of sake. 
    “I--I--” She pulled her arms off of me and folded them, “I apologize, I forgot my place,” She snuffed her pipe and climbed out of the bath, “Please enjoy the rest of your bath, Master,” The absolutely joyless tone she used made my heart ache. 
    I didn’t even have time to tell her to stay, she was out the door so quickly with only a towel wrapped around her. I drank the rest of my sake in an uncomfortable silence before pouring another glass. The once comfortable and hot bath now felt empty and lukewarm. I got angry at myself for upsetting her and drained the water. I sat on the edge of the bath wrapped in a towel, ‘What am I doing?’ I asked myself silently. I sat in the empty bathroom alone, I didn’t have an answer to my question. I left the bathroom to find Kimiko standing in the hall dressed in what looked like a gi. She nodded at me with a blank stare, “Get some sleep, okay?” I pleaded. 
    “I will, Master. Good night,” She was completely neutral in tone. 
    “Good night,” I put my hand on her shoulder. A small comforting smile on my face. Her intense gaze softened slightly. My hand moved closer to her neck and I pressed my forehead into her shoulder I let out a long sigh, unsure of what I wanted to say to her, unsure of how to tell her how I felt. 
    “Master,” She whispered, grabbing my shoulders and pulling me away from her, “Maintain your composure in front of your servant. Rest. You have a relaxing weekend ahead of you,” She gave me a small smile. I nodded and walked slowly to my room, looking at her over my shoulder. 
    Saturday was going slowly, I was playing Soul Calibur Two while Kimiko stood nearby, scanning the room every few moments. It was after dinner and she had maybe said 15 words to me all day. I felt no joy in the room as I played through the story mode. Eventually, I tossed the controller down in frustration, “Is something wrong, Master? I was sure you had him this time,” Kimiko commented. 
    “Ah, nah, that guy is some B S,” I was mostly frustrated with myself. Thankfully, she didn’t pick up on it, or chose not to, “I think I’m gonna go out tonight.” 
    “Where are we going, Master?” She asked. 
    “I was thinking of going alone, maybe with some friends,” I told her gently. 
    She looked taken aback, “Master. I must implore you not to go alone.” 
    I rolled my eyes, “Why? What is the problem?” 
    “Because another monster--” 
    “Could force herself on me, I know.” 
    “Am I upsetting you, Master?” 
    I clenched my fists, “I can’t do this anymore, Kimiko. I don’t want to be your master any more. I want to be something different.” 
    “I see. You wish to be rid of me.” 
    “No!” I shouted, “I want to be able to spend time with you and just hang out or something. I don’t want you to feel like we can’t talk and be... friends or something... more. Like dating, ya’know?” 
    I sat silently, waiting for Kimiko to say something to me. I stood and looked at her standing behind me. Her face was flushed and she was breathing heavily while gripping her sword tightly. She stared at me, her one good eye’s pupil was heart shaped, “Master... It is a full moon tonight... I... I... Must control myself,” She closed her eyes and attempted to regulate her breathing, “I must. Be. Strong.” 
    I pondered for a few moments, trying to remember what that meant. It hit me like a boulder, the full moon brought about lust in a monster and raised their aggression, “Aw, shit,” I stepped away from her nervous as to what she would do. 
    Her eye shot open, “Where are you going, Master?” She growled. She stepped towards me, shaking the room as she stomped. Her sword was halfway out of its sheath. 
    Fear shot through me, “N-nowhere. Just the bathroom! I need to piss!” I took a few careful steps away. 
    “Are you... LYING to me!?” She demanded, glaring. I took a few steps back, still moving towards the bathroom. She took another step towards me. As soon as she made a fast movement, drawing her sword. I dashed into the bathroom and locked the door. She tried the handle. I heard nothing for a few moments. I sighed in relief. What a fool I was. The door flew open as Kimiko shoulder checked it. The door fell off its hinges, slamming on the ground. I stifled a scream as she slowly turned her head towards me, “Aaaaaanoooonn...” She stepped towards me. I stepped away, very little space between me and the bathtub. Another step towards me, sword drawn, “Why do you run away from me? I thought you wanted to be... something MORE.” 
    “I-I-I--Ah!” I let out a surprised noise as I slipped in a little puddle on the tiled floor as I stepped back. The back of my head slammed into the edge of the bathtub, “Fuck!” I shouted in pain, grabbing my head. 
    Kimiko gasped and rushed towards me. In one motion she swooped me up in her arms and dashed into my room. My clothes were removed in a few moments before I was set gently on my bed. I watched her take off her kimono, revealing the cloth wrappings around her woman parts. She climbed into bed with me, clutching me tightly with her arms, pulling my head near her neck as she gently pet me. Her legs wrapped around mine, immobilizing me, “Master... Nothing can hurt you now... I am so sorry,” She sobbed quietly. I let her cry it out as she continued to grip me tightly. 
    “Kimiko,” I spoke quietly in a soothing voice. I reached a hand up and caressed her face, “I’m okay, don’t cry.” 
    I was pulled up to face level with her, “You... You are not upset with me?” 
    “I could never be mad at you for long,” I laughed despite the pain. 
    She blinked, the heart pupil returning, “Master... You are MINE tonight,” She held me still as she rubbed her face against mine as she made a deep rumbling noise in her throat with a happy and content smile on her face. Chuffing, I later learned what it was called. I shifted, trying to get a little more comfortable. Claws dug into me as she growled. 
    “Okay, okay, I’ll lie still,” I pet her as she went back to rubbing up against me. 
    “Master, you smell wonderful,” It was almost a moan as she pressed her face against my chest. 
    “Is it the fear or the blood?” 
    She chuckled, “All of you. I want ALL of you right now.” 
 I thought she was going to ravage me, but all she did was continue clinging to me and making noises. She breathed heavily on my neck, mumbling in her native tongue. I reached up and scratched her behind the ear. She made a few more happy noises before starting to snore loudly. 
    We both fell asleep, hugging each other. 
    I woke up with Kimiko still wrapped around me. She was awake, softly chuffing as she rubbed her cheeks against my chest. I pat her head, “How are you feeling?” I ran my fingers through her hair. It was down right now and fell around her shoulders. 
    “I am well. Very well, thank you. How are you, Master?” She asked without letting me go. 
    “I thought I said I don’t want to be your master anymore.” 
    “May I speak to you from the heart?” 
    “Permission granted,” I slapped myself for still playing along as her master. 
    “I enjoy serving you. Keeping you safe and healthy is what makes me happy. Making you happy makes me happy. Please do not make me give this up, I still have a job to do protecting you.” 
    I sighed, “Alright. I’m still your master. When this darkness thing ends, maybe we can start dating.” 
    “Of course, Master. Do you wish for me to begin breakfast?” 
    “Nah, keep resting with me.”
    She smiled at me, “As you wish.”


    I woke up to Kimiko nuzzling against my face, that same deep chuffing that I hear every morning was music to my ears, “Master. It is time to wake up,” She whispered into my ear.  
    I opened my eyes and smiled at her, “Good morning,” I whispered as I sat up and stretched. She stood next to my bed wearing a black kimono with pink flowers on the right side. I sat up, “Are we gonna try to get back into the sword training soon?” I eyed the antique sword that I had hanging above the TV in my room. 
    “Perhaps sometime soon. I am still afraid of hurting you again.” 
    “Oh? You’re afraid of something? I thought you were a fearless samurai,” I chuckled as I changed into my work slacks and polo. 
    She ran her knuckles down my spine, making me jump, “More fearless than you, Master. I will get your breakfast going.” 
    I followed her out quickly, sitting at the table, “I’m a bit nervous today.” 
    “You will do wonderfully, Master. You will... ‘Kill it,’ at your meeting today,” She gave me a small chuckle at her own joke. 
    I shook my head, “If you taught me some fighting, maybe I could actually kill it today,” I retorted with another joke. 
    “Master, my fighting style is only to be used in defence of myself or my master. If I taught it to you, I would expect you to abide by the same code.” 
    “Of course.” 
    The toaster dinged, sending the toast a bit into the air. With lightning reflexes, Kimiko drew her sword, spun around to face the toaster, and sliced all four pieces in half. The pieces fell around the toaster as she abashedly sheathed her sword, “I forgot about the ding.” 
    I laughed as she picked up the pieces and got to lightly buttering them, “I wish I could do things like that,” I mused as I was handed a plate of toast. 
    “Perhaps one day. First I have to get you to hold a sword right, then to swing, stab, block, parry and dodge correctly,” She poured me a glass of orange juice and sat across from me at the table, “Reflex training will come naturally, Master.” 
    “What comes after all of that?” 
    “Well, if you are serious about what you said last weekend, Master. Perhaps we... Start our own clan? That is, if you know what I mean,” She had a sly smile on her face as she winked at me. 
    I wiped some sweat from my brow, “Uh, ha ha, yeah I know what you mean,” I started sweating more when she licked her lips. 
    “Master, we should get going. You will be late for work.” 
    “Shit, you’re right,” I quickly adjusted my pants to hide the fact that I was currently full mast before Kimiko helped me put my jacket on and handed me my bag.  
We took the elevator down and walked out into the cold of the morning air. I shivered as a breeze nipped at my skin, “You may wear my kimono over your coat if you are cold,” My servant offered. 
“And make you walk around in your wrappings? Hell no, I can live.” 
“Such a kind man, always thinking of others,” She chuckled. 
“Do you get into any combat when I’m not around?” 
“Sadly, no. There is not much use for my kind any more,” She looked down, “Should I just give up the blade? Perhaps take up another hobby?” 
    “Even if you put the sword down, do you think you can put your fierce and protective spirit? Can you stop fighting for the rest of your life?” 
    She thought for a few moments, “I believe I could, I am skilled and well versed in self control,” She told me proudly. 
    “What if I set you off? I seem to be the one thing-- other than the toaster, that can get through that iron will of yours.” 
    She grumbled, “I do not fear the toaster. I am just aware that electronics will rise up one day and I am prepared to fight them in your name.” 
    I laughed at her excuse, “Anything you say. Well,” I sighed, knowing I would have to spend another work day without her presence. I just smiled at her, knowing I’d get to see her again in nine hours.  
    “I will see you after work, Master,” She awkwardly wrapped her arms around me. A tight hug. I hugged her back before heading into my office. 
    I took a deep breath before walking into the meeting room. I was the last one in, as always. I had to put a few finishing touches on the application I was showing. I sat at a meeting table with my boss, a gremlin a group of stakeholders and customers. The gremlin stuck her tongue out at me as I prepared my laptop. She was the leader of another team and believed we were in some sort of competition with one another even though our projects worked hand in hand. 
    My boss gave the usual long winded beginning of meeting speech about how we’re all giving it our all and we will get these projects done. She turned the table over to the gremlin. She had no presentation, as always. She brought out a tome, some kind of spell book augmented with tablets and other mechanical features it didn’t need, “We’re getting it done. Got this here to cast a big spell and get the data we want.” 
    “Does it work?” One of the stakeholders asked, a weresheep and higher up in the state government asked. This project was supposed to be for this city, but the state government wanted it now. I still hardly understood how any of this was supposed to be useful.  
    “Well, Gwen,” The gremlin seethed at her, “No. It blows up. But thats because my boss and HR want to put more humans and girls who have no clue about magi-tech on my team!” 
    “O-ok,” The weresheep just wanted to get away from this shouting gremlin now. I wanted to as well, “Anon, could you begin now?” 
    “Of course,” I plugged my laptop in and turned to one of the wall mounted screens. My GUI I had developed came into view, “Here’s the interface we just finished. It connects with our server which will hold the special information and the city’s already existing server that has information like where they live.” 
    “Is it ready for a demo, Anon?” My succubus boss asked. 
    “Yeah. Here, I’ll put my name in here and hit search. As you can see, my address is here, height, hair color, marital status--” I froze. My marital status read ‘married.’ I clicked it and was forwarded to another page. Kimiko Tora. I shook my head, I was still in a meeting after all, “As you can see, it takes you to... my wife’s page when I click on the marital status. There’s a bunch of other stuff here, but we’d be here all day if I went through everything. If you’re interested in a complete and in-depth list email me and I’ll have a list sent to you.” 
    I sat back  in my chair, a 1000 yard stare on my face. My boss gave a closing speech, answered a few questions for the stakeholders before the meeting broke. Questions like ‘who has access to this information currently?’ The answer was me and my boss. I tuned out most of the conversation as state representatives gave us some new requirements if they were going to use the product. As soon as everyone else my boss turned to me, excitement on her face, “You got married!?” She squealed. 
    “I’m not married,” I shook my head in disbelief, “She tricked me. Kimiko tricked me.” 
    My boss put a hand on my shoulder, “Are you alright, Anon?” 
    “I’ll be fine. I just... need a few moments.” 
    “You can take the rest of the day off if you want to, Anon,” She picked up her things and headed towards the door. 
    “There’s only an hour left, boss,” I slowly packed up my things and headed back to my team, all eager to ask me how the presentation went. All I said was ‘good’ and sat at my desk. I opened up the GUI on my desktop and looked at myself again. Again, the marital status read married and led me to Kimiko’s page. I had no idea what to do. I had no idea how this had happened. I printed a copy of the page, still unsure if I wanted to call Kimiko out on this.  
    I slowly left work a little late, mind still reeling at what had developed today. I spotted Kimiko who was confidently striding towards me, her tail swishing back and forth behind her, “How was work, Master?” She gave me a small smile as she stood before me. 
    “It was fine,” It wasn’t really a lie, the meeting went well besides that one hang up. 
    “Is something wrong?” I should have known that she would sense something. 
    “Oh, just got a nasty surprise during the meeting. Some new requirements for my project if we want to get a much larger user on board.” 
    “Ah,” She didn’t understand, “Shall we be headed home? I have a new recipe I wish to try making for you. I pray it will cheer you up a bit and give you the vigor required for another day of work tomorrow.” 
    “I hope so,” I was quiet for most of the walk home, suffocated by my own thoughts and fears. I only spoke when Kimiko asked me a question or made an observation.  
    I got home, Kimiko took my coat and bag and I sat down on the couch staring at the floor, “Master,” She got on her knees directly in front of me, “What is wrong? I am very much missing your usual chipper attitude,” She put her hands on my knees, and looked at me pleadingly. 
    “Just... We can talk later. I need to think about some things.” 
    She looked at me intensely for a few moments before breaking out into a small smile. She reached up and caressed my face with her surprisingly soft hands, “Take your time, Master. You can speak to me about everything. I will listen to anything you have to say.” 
    I nodded and gave her a weak smile, “Thank you.” 
    “I shall prepare dinner now. How do you like your hamburgers cooked?”  
    “Uh, medium well is fine.” 
    “Where is the deep fryer? I have had some potatoes soaking in water since lunch.” 
    “You’re suddenly interested in American food, huh? My small deep fryer is in the bottom of the pantry and needs some oil.” 
    “Thank you, Master. Hopefully dinner should be ready in an hour.” 
    I stared out the window at the dark streets, the food had just finished. It was about seven thirty, “Dinner is ready!” Kimiko called as she set the table. I had been stewing, growing angry as I waited for the food. The anger stemmed from me trying to figure out how this supposed marriage had come about. Was Kimiko just using me to get out of Japan? Did she really love me? Had she been telling me the truth? I felt nothing but agony as I thought about it. I had just confessed some feelings for her the other day and now I felt nothing mattered, like I was hurt again by another woman. I sat in my usual spot across from Kimiko as she placed a plate in front of me. She looked at me expectantly, wanting me to take a bite of the burger and fries. I did, “How is it?” She demanded. 
    “Very good, thank you,” I replied, trying the crispy hand cut fries, they were also good. 
    “Wonderful!” She happily went back to eating her burger with two patties on it. I was frustrated with her fake happiness. I ate slowly, planning my next few moves. I just wanted to get out and be by myself for a while.  
When I finished eating, I looked up at Kimiko who had finished eating a while ago and was giving me a small smile, “I need to go out for a while,” I told her. 
“It is dark, I shall accompany you, Master.” 
“Kimiko. I found out something at work. Something about you,” I showed her the papers I had printed. After a few seconds of reading, the confusion on her face turned to fear as the color drained from her face. 
“Master, I can--” 
“Kimiko,” I interrupted her, “I need some time alone. I just can’t trust you right now,” As I started to put my coat on, I thought I heard Kimiko start to cry. I left with nothing but the clothes on my back and a key to my condo in my pocket. 
I stared up at the sky as I sat on a bench in an almost completely disused park. The moon gave me some vision despite being mostly concealed by clouds. I was curious what kind of excuse Kimiko would have for me when I went home. I doubted she would be gone when I returned. I wondered if I would have to call the police to remove her from my home. Get the police to remove what had been the only source of happiness and warmth in my life in a long while. I sighed as I placed my head in my hands, making an anguished noise. I heard a noise, someone approaching me. Multiple people. I looked up. A small group of lolis had approached me. 
“Hi, mister,” It was the same ones that asked me to buy a box of cookies, “Are you alright?” The leader, a baphomet, asked me. A werecat sat on the bench with me and the third and fourth members, a kunoichi and an inari stayed with their little wagon of cookies and a second, larger wagon with nothing but a blanket in it. 
I shrugged, “I just feel betrayed and sad now.” 
“I’m sorry to hear that, onii-chan,” I was confused why she suddenly started calling me that, “Want a box of cookies?” 
“I don’t have any cash, sorry.” 
“On us! Take it! We don’t like seeing onii-chans sad.” 
They offered me a box of those lemon cookies, the ones that the girl scouts stopped making years ago, “Sure, what the hell,” I opened the box and ate a few cookies. I sighed happily, I loved these cookies. 
“How is it?” 
“Good! I haven't--” I felt woozy. All four of the lolis gave me menacing grins as whatever they had put in the cookies took affect. 
My heart raced, I tried to stand and run, but I could not will my body to move, “You should sit, onii-chan. You might get hurt when you collapse,” She cackled as my vision blurred.  
I went limp, still partially conscious. I was on the verge of blacking out, “Load him in the cart! We need to get him to the hideout before anyone sees us.” 
“Alright, boss!” The other three saluted the baphomet before picking me up and putting me in the cart, draping a blanket over me. I blacked out as the cart started being wheeled away. 
I woke up, tied up with quite a bit of rope. I heard a crank being pulled as I started being dragged up towards the ceiling. I was hanging from the ceiling, wrapped in ropes. A bright light was shined in my face as the baphomet from earlier stepped towards me. My head was at the same height as hers, “How are you feeling onii-chan?” She pushed me with a grin on her face, causing me to swing. 
“Put me down, I’m gonna vomit,” I pleaded, my stomach churning. 
“Put him down!” The baphomet called into the darkness. 
I was slowly lowered onto the floor, “Better?” 
“Yeah, thanks,” I sighed, trying to remember what was happening. Everything came to my mind all at once, “What do you want from me?” 
“You’re working on a program for your government, right?” 
“Uh, yeah?” A laptop was brought out of the darkness by the werecat, my work laptop. 
“We want into your system.” 
“Why? Its not even done!” 
“Who told you that? That lying gremlin?” They brought out the magi-tech tome that would supposedly explode. She opened it and uttered some magic words causing the tome to light up and drew in arcane energy around it. Words began to fill its pages and attached USB memory. All data like preferences in women 
“You mean you’ve got that part working and just need my end to complete this project? Then what?” 
“Then we find perfect onii-chans for all of us!” The overhead lights turned on and I saw I was in a warehouse with a few crates off to the sides against the walls. There were roughly 12 lolis, all either on some children’s play equipment or messing with stockpiles of weapons. All of them were cosplaying as ninjas. A closer look showed me that all of their weapons were toys.  
“And if I refuse?” 
“Hmph. Then we will edit your entry in your precious database and make you legally married to me! My own onii-chan!” She cackled, “That way, I may use the laws of this land to get what I want from you!” 
“Look, even if I wanted to help you, I can’t. I need my phone so I can connect to the server.” 
“Call his phone! I know onii-chans always have their phones!” Another loli shouted. 
One of them pulled out a phone and called it. It rang, I of course didn’t have it on me. To my surprise, someone picked it up, “This is Master Anon’s phone. He is not here right now, can I take a message?” It was Kimiko. This phone mader her sound much more higher pitched. 
“Listen here, servant. If you don’t bring your master’s phone to us, I’ll rape him and make him my husband!” The baphomet cackled again. 
Kimiko was silent for a time, “Where are you? I’ll bring it. Anything for him.” 
“The old canning warehouse down by the docks. Come alone. If you call the cops we’ll make sure you regret it.” 
“Of course. I’ll be there soon.” 
My heart started to race. That calm tone Kimiko had put me in a panic. I looked at the baphomet, “You need to let me go.” 
“Let you go!?” She laughed. The rest of the loli ninjas laughed as well, “Why would we ever do that? You know what? Just for such a dumb demand, open up the database. I want to make some edits to his page.” 
“Change his name to Anon Doodoohead!” One called. 
“Oh! I like that!” The baphomet was handed my laptop and she started reading the page, “Married?” She looked up at me, “I don’t smell anything on you.” 
“We... had a fight and that's why I was alone,” I explained, “She’s gonna come here and--” 
An explosion rocked the warehouse, when the smoke cleared, a warehouse door had been blown up. When the smoke cleared, a lone woman stood amongst the rubble. Despite the tiger mask she wore, I knew it was kimiko. She was wielding at least five swords covering her body. She slowly scanned the room before drawing a katana I hadn’t seen before. The blade was black and had no shine. She ran a hand over the blade and runes lit up with a purple glow, “Spell breaker!” One of the shinobi called. 
“We are the shinobi sabbath!” The baphomet drew two plastic knives, “We won’t back down from a fight!” She confidently told her group. They all leapt into action, forming a small tactical formation in front of Kimiko. Kimiko wielded the sword with one hand, resting it on her shoulder. Her other hand was near the opening of her kimono. I feared for the sabbath more than I did Kimiko; inverse ninja theory and all that. The baphomet foolishly cast a spell at Kimiko who cut the bolt of energy in half in an instant. A smoke grenade was thrown into the group, shrouding them all in fog. I was a little disappointed by the fact I couldn’t watch the carnage. When the smoke cleared, Kimiko stood victorious, few cuts on her body. She breathed heavily underneath her mask. I was surprised that she hadn’t cut down any of them, merely disarmed them. She sheathed the black blade and drew her usual demon silver katana. 
“Stand your ground, sisters!” The baphomet attempted to reinvigorate her comrades. It didn’t work, they scattered most hiding behind crates, larger toys and anything else they could find.  
    Kimiko took one step towards the unarmed baphomet, who instantly fled as well. I could hear some of the lolis cry as my protector continued to stomp into the warehouse, “Kimiko!” I called out to her, struggling against my binds. She looked at me then back to the sabbath. She slowly moved towards me and cut me loose. I hopped up and her a hug, surprising her, “Let’s go home.” 
    “Master,” She growled, “I cannot forgive these vermin.” 
    “Kimiko, I’m fine! I don’t care about them! Let’s just go, please,” I pleaded. 
    She sighed and shook her head, removing the mask, “Only someone kind as you could forgive your own kidnappers,” She chuckled, “Hear this, shinobi sabbath!” She shouted, “If I EVER see any of you again or you threaten my master, I will ruin your group, salt your fields and make sure the rest of your lives are hell! And make sure you never find yourself an onii-chan!” The sabbath whimpered at her threats, “Do I make myself clear?” 
    The lolis gave a fearful, “Yes,” as they came back into the open. 
    “Good. Come, Master, I must see you home.” 
    We walked quietly, rain falling around us. We took a shortcut through the park where Kimiko stopped me, “Master,” She knelt before me, “I have wronged you.” 
    “Kimiko--” I started. 
    “Do not try to forgive me. I tricked you for your signature so I could claim you as my husband as a way to protect you.” 
    “So they could not put in fake paperwork to claim me as a husband as get what they want from me, backed by the law,” I guessed. 
    “Yes. It was merely another way of protecting you. It is also how my parents were married, her protecting him. I had always thought it to be very romantic. I am sure you wish to be rid of me now. Here,” She handed me a katana. I unsheathed it, the soft light of the moon glinted off of the iron blade, “Kill me, Master Anon. For my terrible sins against you. I just ask that you make it quick,” She hung her head, exposing the back of her neck to me. 
    I brought the sword up above my head. With as much grace as I could muster, I swung the sword at Kimiko. She blinked and looked up at me, confusion on her face, “I have cut the sin from your body,” I explained, “You can come home guilt free. Now get up, you’ll ruin that kimono,” I sheathed the sword and offered it back to her. 
    “How!?” She angrily shouted at me as she stood up, “How can you so easily forgive me after I continually do wrong!?” 
    “Because I love you. I want to be your husband. I was just surprised really, I don’t know how I could have doubted your true feelings for me. I guess I just wanted to propose to you in an old fashioned way.” 
    Her anger turned to shock as she stared at me. Even through the rain, I could see her tears, “Let's go home, Master,” She wiped her face with the sleeve of her clothes, “I-I-I love you too,” She told me very quietly. 
    We got home, both drenched with rain. Kimiko hadn’t spoken since the park. I grabbed the sake out of the fridge and poured us both a glass, “Thanks for saving me, by the way,” I dumped my work laptop and the magi-tech tome on my couch, “Looks like you vanquished the darkness, Kimiko.” 
    She slowly looked at me, “And you forgave them,” She chuckled, “Master, I do not think I can continue acting like this.” 
    “What do you mean?” 
    “This facade I have worn. I wish to open up to you more,” She took off her clothes and brought them to the laundry. 
    I looked at her, laughing a bit, “Of course! We’re married, right? Just be yourself with me.” 
    She walked up to me, a smile on her face, “I am going to bed, Master. You should soon as well,” She gave me a hug, took her glass of sake and drank it quickly. I watched her walk into my room, looking back at me with a smirk.  
I downed my sake and took a deep breath. I walked into my room, the lights were off, “Please don’t jump out and grab me,” I groaned, reaching for a lamp. 
The lamp softly illuminated the room. Kimiko was sitting on the edge of my bed, naked, legs spread invitingly, “Clothes off,” I nodded, stripping down, “Do you wish to take lead, Master?” She reached her arms out, desiring to hold me close. 
“I guess so. I’ve never done this before,” My heart raced as I walked into her embrace, she was already dripping wet and I was full mast. 
“Neither have I, love.” 
 She draped her arms over my shoulders, quickly pulling me into a deep kiss. I wrapped my arms around her waist, sticking my member inside of her. I slowly thrusted, easing us both into it. She moaned loudly into my mouth. She pulled her mouth away from mine, panting, a trail of saliva between us. She panted harder as I began to thrust into her. She nearly crushed my windpipe as she clung to me, her claws gently raking across my back. I picked up the pace of my thrusting causing her to moan loudly again, almost a howl this time. Sweat dripped down our bodies while we clung desperately to each other, unwilling to let the other go as pleasure caused us both to shiver and moan, “I-I’m gonna--” I panted, a little disappointed I didn’t last longer. 
“Giveittome,” She almost crazily demanded, “Don’tyoudarepulloutofme. IwantitsobadAnon,” She cried as she began to violently orgasm. Her muscular body clung to me, her legs wrapping around me, pulling me deeper into her as I came. It felt like she was squeezing every drop as we both orgasmed. When we were done, I slumped over, my head resting on her shoulder, “I love you, Anon,” She whispered into my ear between pants for more air. She brought a hand up and pet my head gently. 
“I love you too,” I groaned, my body hurting from her nearly crushing me. 
“I cannot wait to have a wonderful litter of children with you~” She sang as she pulled me onto the bed, spooning me. We were lying together, sweat dripping down our hot bodies. I attempted to roll over and give her a hug, “Let me hold you, Anon,” She tightened her grip on me, chuffing lightly. I nodded as she licked the back of my neck, her rough tongue felt wonderful on my skin. She started kissing my neck and scalp as I started to lazily drift off to sleep, “Sleep well, Anon.” 
    I woke up late. Kimiko hadn’t woken me up for work. The clock read 8:46. I tried to get up and get ready but large, powerful claws pulled me back up against my wife. A claw lazily traced my jugular as she mumbled in her native language, still asleep. I managed to grab my phone. I had a few texts from people at work asking me where I was, ‘Is everything okay?’ A panicked text from my boss read, ‘Anon, where are you?’ 
    I called her, just wanting to let her know that I’m fine. She picked up instantly, “Anon!? Are you alive?” 
    “Yeah, yeah,” I replied with a yawn, “I don’t think the wife is letting me come in today. She’s currently got claws on my throat. Just put me down for a sick day, okay?” 
    She was quiet, “I understand, Anon. I remember when I used to do that. Those claws sound pretty kinky~” She teased. 
    “Boss, please don’t--” 
    A large hand took the phone from me, “Who is this?” Kimiko protectively growled. She listened to my boss ramble for a minute, “Drinks? I would like that. A double date sounds wonderful, yes.” 
    I took the phone back, “Hey, if anyone is looking for the gremlin team tome, I have it. Some people stole it but I got it back. Also, my work laptop is here. If you--” 
    Kimiko nabbed the phone once more, “I am going to ravage Anon. Goodbye,” She hung up the phone, turning to me with hunger in her eyes. She got on top of me, running her hands over my chest, “I need more of your seed, Anon. I must be sure we have the strongest children.” 
    “Okay,” I whimpered, getting hard as she gripped my shaft, licking her lips as she stared into my eyes. 
    “Do not fear, Anon. I will not hurt you. Much.” 
    I was out, late at night. A cloak draped over my body, katana at my hip. I approached the warehouse, the one I had been kidnapped in. I approached the entrance, pushing the door open without a second thought. I observed the sabbath cult sitting around, bored. Their attention turned to me as I walked into the room, hood concealing my face. They quickly surrounded me, weapons drawn, “Who are you? How did you know we were here?” The baphomet demanded. 
    I took off the hood, a smile on my face, “Hello again.” 
    They all gasped, backing away from me, “Y-you! Wh-where is your protector?” Weapons were thrown on the ground as I turned to look at all of them. 
    “At home. I have something for you. Call me soft, or an idiot, but I kind of sympathized with your cause for abducting me,” I reached into the sleeve of my cloak and pulled out a scroll tube, “Information from our finished product. Roughly thirty potential onii-chans for you to look into.” 
    The baphomet slowly took it from me, opening it up and observing the papers, “Why?” 
    “Like I said. I sympathised with you. Just looking for love and all of that. Made me realize I had that love in my life already.” 
The baphomet gave me a huge smile, tears in her eyes, “Thank you!” I got hugs from most of them, “You’re our honorary onii-chan. Come back anytime you want to play.” 
I chuckled, “Maybe sometime,” I left, waving at them. 
I pushed the door open and left, “That was very kind of you,” A voice made me jump. Kimiko walked out of the shadows. 
“Honey, you should be in bed!” I walked over to her, putting my hand on her pregnant belly. 
“I could not leave you to walk around in the dark alone.”
 I shook my head, “Fine, honey. Let’s go home,” I took her hand and walked home, smiling at each other.

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  1. This was really really fun to ready. Super cute and wholesome, but with an excellent story to boot. Just wanted to say thanks!


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