The Warmth of an Undead

    I trudged home with my hands in my pockets. My bag lightly slapped against my waist, “Hey, you coming over this weekend?” My coworker, Josh, asked me, “The wife is busting out the grill for the big game,” His wife was a big minotaur. 
    I shrugged, “I don’t really feel like being harassed by her family about a wife,” I looked up at the dark sky and grey clouds that threatened rain.  
    “Aw, come on! You’re basically my brother, dude. And she doesn’t let you get messed with that much,” He whined. He was right, the minotaur was a very gracious and protective host. Her entire extended family would be there, massive cow women of all kinds. They intimidated me, “You know you love her cooking.” 
    Just thinking of those burgers and homemade shakes made me salivate, “Ugh, I’ll think about it.” 
    Josh suddenly stopped me, “Aw, its one of those checkpoints,” He scowled at the flashing red and blue lights. Monster girls on the police force were some of the very few that were actually comfortable driving and handling cars. Most merely walked or took horse drawn carriages everywhere. Something with the magic that brought those girls here two decades ago fried pretty much any motor vehicles. The only ones we had now were powered by some magic and pretty expensive to get your hands on. I had never been caught up in one of these blockades, but the police around here liked to set up them up in the road and check the ‘paperwork’ of any lone men that had the misfortune of passing through. Of course monster girls made it through without any issues, “I don’t like how grabby they get. Bitch got her scent all over me last time because of how close she was getting to me and breathing on me and my wife was piiiiissed. Let's cut through that alley.” 
    “B-By the graveyard?” I stammered I knew I was the most at risk with these checkpoints. I knew they were looking for single men to take home. 
    “What, are you scared? Or do you want that big hellhound to--” 
    “Shut up! Lets go.” 
    We hurried across the street and backtracked a small way to the alley. Josh went first with me close behind. The ground under our feet was gravel, to the right was a simple wooden fence to keep people out of a car lot. To the left was an old abandoned cemetery. My heart beat a little faster as I stared into the ever foggy graveyard. I was terrified of whatever was hiding in there, “They say, late at night, you can hear a ghostly wailing from the grave yard,” Josh teased, easily sensing my discomfort. 
    “Shut up dude. I know there's something in there. I’ve seen it,” I shuddered as I thought of the ghostly dark shape I had seen late at night after working overtime in the office.  
    “Whatever, dude. You’re just being paranoid, you--” He stopped as a moan echoed through the air, “What was that?” 
    “See!? There's something in there!” I hissed. We both peered through the vertical bars surrounding the haunted grounds and both desperately hoped to see some kind of movement.  
    “L-Look, c’mon, we should hurry. M-my wife is waiting for me,” Josh increased his pace. I was quick to follow suit. We both yelped in surprise as something slammed itself into the metal fencing. Josh took off running and I was left alone, stunned as I fell on my ass. I stared up at a moaning woman with ashen skin that was desperately reaching through the bars seemingly trying to grab me. I picked myself up and pressed myself against the wooden fencing across from her. She had dead looking, half closed, brown eyes, dirty, messy, grey hair and a dress that at one time might have been a beautiful and pristine white but now it was torn, muddy and incredibly disheveled. Her body seemed to be covered in old bruises, wounds, mud and anything else she might have rolled around within the confines of that wall, “Anon!” Josh shouted at me, “C’mon! Run!” My friend’s words tore me from my daze.  
    “Y-yeah!” I shouted back and slid myself along the wall until the woman had to pull her arms back through the fencing to continue to chase me. I ran, not knowing what else to do. Josh and I ran until we were out of the alley and into the business lined street on the other side. We both panted as we tried to catch our breath as people going about their business shot us weird looks.  
    “Man that cross country stuff comes in handy,” He laughs sarcastically, “But... shit. What was that?”  
    “You goddamn mongoloid,” I grunted, “An undead! We learned about them in Mamano Studies!” I honestly didn’t know much about them other than the tell tale ashen skin of most undead. 
    “But there's no undead monster girls around here, right?” 
    “Yeah, right,” I assured him, “But she’s here,” We both found it strange. 
    Josh paused for a second, “Oh my god, do you think there's more hiding in the sewers under the town!?” 
    “They’re not Skaven, you dumbass!” I shook my head at him, “Come on, I wanna go home and forget this,” I started walking again with Josh following. But I couldn’t forget her. I couldn’t push the image of her from my head. 
    Another distracted day of work. Partially from dodging my co-workers’ sexual advances, the other half being me thinking of that poor undead girl covered in injuries and mud. I left work alone as Josh got picked up by his wife, they had offered me a ride home with them in the wagon they rented but I declined. There was something I wanted to do. I walked along my usual route, with my hands in my pockets. Once more, the sky was grey and full of dark clouds. It was going to rain soon. Perhaps a storm was on the way. Even with no blockade, I turned down into the small, disused alley. There had to be a way into the graveyard. That woman just needed a bit of help getting out and she’d be fine, I told myself. I made my way down the fence being bold enough to step near the vertical bars. Like the day before, the messy zombie threw herself against the bars and struggled to grab me. She wailed mournfully and desperately like someone crying out in sadness. I continued following the fencing down the alley as I suppressed the urge to vocalise back at her in a similar fashion. I managed to find the gate, locked with a big chain and lock. The zombie woman kept up with me, currently just staring at me. If I got anywhere closer to the fence she would lunge at me again. I wondered what she wanted, my flesh, my love, or my wallet. I thought about letting her grab me just to see what she would do, but I wasn’t too keen on risking walking home pantsless.  
    “You come here to poke at her?” A voice suddenly asked. I looked down to see a small hellhound, stick in hand. She poked the zombie in the chest, “Its pretty fun.” 
    “Hey, come on, stop that,” I scolded, “She doesn’t deserve that.” 
    “Pfft, whatever gramps.” 
    “I’m in my mid twenties!” I growled, “I’m in great shape too!”  
    “Well, I’ll be sure to tell my big sister,” She gives me a bored look before going back to poking the zombie. She didn’t really seem to mind, she was more focused on trying to grab me. 
    “Stop that!” I shouted and snatched the stick from her hand. 
    “Hey!” The hellhound growled out at me and bared her sharp teeth. 
    “Go play some video games or something. I’m sure there's better things to do than torment this poor girl.” 
    “Poor girl? She’s a zombie. In video games you shoot zombies in the head.” 
    “Yeah, I know. But this is real life. You wouldn’t shoot me, right?” 
    The hellhound pup pouts, “I guess. You gonna tell me to go to church and pray to God before dinner too, gramps?” 
    “Nah. I’m not that kinda guy,” I shrugged. 
    “So... You just gonna stare at her?” 
    “I dunno, really,” I looked up towards the sky, “I just feel bad for her, disheveled, stuck in there and completely filthy.” 
    “You sound like you wanna marry her, geezer,” The hellhound pup giggles. 
    “W-well... I dunno.” 
    “You’re looking at her like big sister stares at the mailman. Without the wagging tail and flaming eyes,” She giggled at me, “I better get home. Mom’s gonna yell at me if she catches me talking to strangers.” 
    “Get home safe, kid,” I waved at her and was surprised that she waved back. I turned my attention back to the zombie. She seemed to have calmed down as she merely stared at me through the bars of the fence. I got a little close and put my hand near her. The zombie tried to grab my arm. She was surprisingly gentle as she touched and felt my flesh. 
    She looked at me and vocalised with a moan before bringing my hand to her face. She sniffed my fingers and put my index finger in her mouth. I just stared at her, completely enamored. Her skin and mouth were completely cold as well as her tongue. She didn’t use her teeth, only her tongue and lips. She was surprisingly careful as she tasted my skin. Eventually, she stopped and released me. She stared longingly through the fence as she moaned sadly. I frowned at her, not sure what to do. I fumbled with the lock, I could only hope it would magically open for me. Unfortunately it didn’t. I frowned at the zombie as she wailed at me suddenly, “I-I’ll come back, alright?” She moaned again, just as sadly. I frowned, “Goodbye,” As I started to walk away, the zombie followed me behind the fence, moaning and groaning the entire time. Her moaning and groaning increased in volume and desperation as I walked away. I felt horrible as I hurried home.  
    I lay awake in bed that night. The rain slammed against my window as the wind blew hard. My little apartment shook as thunder struck the earth. I couldn’t take my mind off that poor zombie. I looked out the window and then at my clock. A little past ten. I jumped out of bed as my mind was suddenly made up. I threw on sweats and a thick hoodie before grabbing my backpack. I hurried out of my apartment and through the dimly lit halls. I jogged past the elevators into the staircase, taking three at a time as I ran down them. I used the fire escape door to sprint into the night and rush down the street. I was, at that moment, thankful for running cross country in highschool and middle school. I had used my training there to avoid monsters for the rest of my life. I ran down the dimly lit streets as I made my way to my destination.  
    I panted as I ended my 10 minute brisk jog. I stared up at the neon sign atop the hardware store. Open 24/7, a sign read. I knew exactly why too. I hurried inside and got a few weird looks from the more aggressive mamano that were shopping for power tools, crowbars and various other tools to break into their prospective husband’s house. A manticore gave me a sly look but stopped as I grabbed a pair of bolt cutters and tested them, “Jeez, chief. What do you need a pair of those for?” She asked a little nervously. 
    “Breaking into the old graveyard,” I muttered as I walked past her. The manticore looked like she had something to say but just chuckled and shook her head before strutting away. You hurry to the front and find a spot at the self checkout. I didn’t have it in me to wait for the normal check out or be hit on by whoever is manning the normal register. I paid and threw the cutters in my backpack. I hurried out of the store and started to run towards work.  
Thunder rumbled but that didn’t stop me. I rounded the corner and kept moving. Very few people were out at this time so I didn’t have to worry much about dodging cars or carriages. I saw blue and red flashing lights ahead, one of those police blockades. I grunted to myself and broke into a full sprint, they wouldn’t stop me. The two cops hardly saw me as I sprinted up, “Hey!” One of the two shouted as I jumped the barricade like a hurdle. I could hear one of them chasing me through the rain. I didn’t know how long I could outrun a much bigger girl, but I had to try. I panted as I ran as fast as I could through puddles and mud. I heard a loud thud. That cop must have eaten shit, I told myself. 
I ducked into the alley and hurried to the gate. It seemed like I had lost that cop. I didn’t see my zombie friend. I took off my bag and grabbed the bolt cutter. I put it to the chains and paused. I hadn’t wanted to resort to breaking and entering for this. I was worried about committing a crime, but there was some legal leeway in mamano court if I could prove I had to do it for love. That’s how a lot of monster girls got out of charges when hunting down their man. I started to apply pressure. Someone grabbed me from behind and slammed me against the fence, “Ugh!” I grunted in pain as my hands were put in cuffs. 
    “What the hell do you think you’re doing!?” The cop growled at me. A large red oni. Despite the heavy rain and wind I could smell some liquor on her. 
    “Look--” I panted, “There’s a girl in there, I need to get her out!” 
    “In that graveyard!? What the hell are you talking about, there's no one in there! There hasn’t been a living soul there in years!” 
    “No, please, I’ve seen her, a--” I stopped as I heard a familiar wailing on the winds. The sounds of sadness from my zombie.  
    “Huh,” The oni huffed, “Guess those rumors were true,” She quickly uncuffed me, “You plan on taking her home? I can’t just let a zombie roam the streets.” 
    I hesitated. I had heard of mamano falling for a man on first sight, it was a pretty common thing. But a human falling for a mamano on sight was a little more rare. I couldn’t quite place my infatuation with her. Maybe I felt like it was my job to take care of her or the loneliness and teasing had finally gotten to me. I nodded slowly, “Yeah. I plan to if she’ll willingly come with me.” 
    The cop nods, “Alright,” She grabbed the bolt cutters and easily snapped the lock, “Come on, hurry up,” She shoved the tools back in my hand. I nodded and threw it back in my bag. The oni opened the gate for me and I rushed in. I could hear her wailing in the wind. 
    “Hello!” I shouted as more thunder rang out. I heard another wail. I ran in that direction. I found a small stone building that might have housed a coffin at some point. Now it only held a crying zombie in the corner. She wailed as the thunder echoed once more, “Hey,” I grabbed her shoulder and shook her gently. She glanced up at me and moaned in confusion, “Are you alright?” I asked, expecting her to speak. The zombie gets up, completely soaked and covered in mud and throws herself against me in an awkward hug. She begins to wail again. She moans and cries in my ear as she pressed herself against me. She struggled to wrap her arms around me. I peeled her off and ignored the mud on me, “We need to go. Come on,” I started to walk away from her. She merely mewled and cried at me as I walked away. I frowned and grabbed her by the arm. I could only give her a small smile as I tried to lead her. She wailed every time thunder boomed, but wouldn’t cower or try to run. I had to walk slowly as she hobbled and dragged one of her legs behind her. I frowned again, wondering if she got hurt or just lacked the coordination to use both legs. She wouldn’t take her tired and empty looking eyes off of me but had stopped moaning, minus when she got scared. I led her out of the abandoned graveyard, shut the gate behind us and walked out to the street. It was going to be a long walk home. 
    I jumped as I heard a siren blare, “Yo! Kid!” The oni that chased me earlier shouted as she pulled her cruiser up, “Hop in the back. I’ll take you home,” She opened the back doors for us and gestured at us to get in. 
    I nodded and climbed into the backseat with the zombie falling in after me, “Thank you,” I panted, the exhaustion of my run finally catching up with me. The zombie leaned on me, moaning quietly. It almost sounded happy.  
    “No problem kid. Not even guys running away from soon to be wives run as fast as you did!” The oni laughs. Her partner, a smaller kobold smiles too, “Where do ya live, kid?” 
    I told her and they took off down the street, “Man, she looks like she’s been there a long time,” The kobold frowns. 
    “Yeah. I just felt really bad about her, I guess,” I ran my fingers through her hair as she put her head on my shoulder. I closed my eyes as I tried to ignore how dirty she was. 
    I led her into my apartment complex. Most of the hallway lights were off now as it was very late. I just wanted to go to bed now. But I needed to clean her up, I also wanted to figure out a name for her. I led her into the elevator and hit my floor. As the elevator rumbled and began to climb, she once again cried out in fear. I pulled her close to me and hugged her to calm her down. Slowly she quieted down until we reached the top. The last little bump made her groan. I walked out of the elevator and turned back to her. She was just standing there, completely hollow looking for some reason. I took her by the wrist again and pulled her out of the elevator. I pretty much had to drag her to my apartment before I threw the door open and pushed her in, “Okay...” I groaned, “Let’s get that off of you,” She stared at me blankly as I tried to remove the ruined clothing from her body. She wasn’t any help as I peeled the wet and muddy clothes from her body. She wore underwear that was just as tattered. I frowned as I looked at the rest of her body. Just as bruised and cut up as the rest of her. I gently removed the wrappings and underwear. She wasn’t the most pretty thing I had ever seen but it didn’t bother me much, I wouldn’t call her homely. She was still too cute and I found some comfort in that. In all honesty, the gorgeous supermodel tier mamano I usually interacted with intimidated me, “Come on,” I took her by the hand again, “Time for a bath.” 
    I had to pick her up and put her into the warm bath. She moaned, seeming somewhat happy. I started scrubbing her clean, making sure to clean out her wounds, “What am I gonna call you?” I wondered aloud. I couldn’t keep referring to her merely as ‘zombie.’ I pursed my lips as she moaned and groaned quietly at me, “Zomb...” I trailed off as I struggled to come up with a witty name. I shook my head, “My name is Anon,” I told her, realising I had never introduced myself. 
    She looked at me with dead eyes, “Aaaaaaa...” She moaned. 
    “A-almost,” I smiled. She repeated it a few times happily. I let her soak in the tub for a few minutes as I searched the internet for a name. A name leapt out at me seemingly randomly from a long list, “Mandeline,” I muttered quietly.  
    “Maaaaa...” She moaned. 
    “I’ll take that as a yes,” I gave the zombie woman, now Mandeline, another smile. She struggled to return the smile as her constantly agape mouth’s corners lifted slightly up at me, “Alright, lets clean that hair,” I only had my shampoo. I shrugged, it would have to do. I scrubbed her scalp as she obediently sat still. With difficulty, I ran a comb through her hair to get all the tangles and knots out. Grey skin, grey hair and dull brown eyes. I touched her injured skin gently with a frown. I needed to do more research and figure out how to help her heal. I knew I would replace the bandages on her right arm and left leg as they seem to be the most injured. I was curious as to who wrapped those on her in the first place. I wondered how she ended up trapped in there and why no one ever helped her in such a long time. I shook my head and pushed those thoughts from my mind. She was happy now and I was exhausted. That was good enough right at that moment. She touched my arm with both hands quite gently, “Close your eyes, alright?” I suggested as I filled a cup with water.  
    She merely stared at me, “Wuuuhh...?” She moaned inquisitively. 
    I sighed, not wanting to hurt her. I gently pushed her forward and put my hand on her forehead to keep the soapy water out of her eyes. I yawned as I unplugged the drain, “Come on, its time for bed,” I had to lift Mandeline out of the bath and help her stand as I dried her off with a soft towel. After that, I hurried into my room to find some clean clothes for her to wear. She was a bit slow to follow me and as soon I got out of her sight she wailed loudly and sadly. I rushed back to check on her and as she saw me again she seemed to sigh with relief and smile again. I slowed down and led her by the wrist into my room. I threw one of my larger shirts on her as a dress and frowned as I realised I had no underwear for her to wear. I shrugged, I was too tired to deal with it. 
    “Aaaaah...?” She inquisitively tilted her head at me.  
    “Don’t worry about it,” I pat Mandeline on the head. Her hair was smooth now, at least. I felt a little strange just pretending that she was talking to me like any other being would vocalise. I choked it up to me being exhausted. I collapsed on the bed and Mandeline quickly followed me by climbing on top of me and putting her head right next to mine. 
    “Waaaa...” She moaned.
    “Uhuh. Good night to you too,” I smiled wearily as I pushed  her off me a little so she was laying on half of me with her head on my  shoulder. I felt her hands gently grabbing at my limbs and body as I  drifted off to sleep.


    I woke up to my alarm blaring. Mandeline started to groan in fear as my phone beeped. I groaned at her moaning and the alarm. The two noises mixed together almost immediately caused a minor headache. I grabbed my phone and turned it off, which in turn caused Mandeline to calm down. I blinked, I knew I was in no condition to go to work after my run last night. That meant a three day weekend at least. I groaned again and rubbed my eyes. Mandaline pressed her mouth against my cheek and ‘kissed’ it. It was more placing her open mouth against my cheek and licking it gently, “Cut that out,” I chuckled and gently pushed her off me. 
    “Bwaaa...” She moaned quietly. 
    “Good morning to you too, Mandeline,” I smiled. 
    “Maaaa...” She vocalised. 
    “Uh, you’re doing great,” I encouraged her, unsure of what else to do, “We had better go to the store today. You need clothes and I need food,” I sent a quick email to my boss and stretched out. Mandeline started to get grabby again. She weakly put her hands on my clothes and tried to grip them. Frist my shirt then my pants.  
She moaned loudly in a voice I hadn’t heard before, “Uggghhh...” It was like a stereotypical zombie moan.  
“Wh-what is it?” I asked as she drooled on my lap as she struggled to grab onto the hem of my shorts. She moaned loudly again before she began biting the cloth covering my crotch, “You’re gonna wake up the neighbors!” I huffed as I tried to push her away. She looked up at me, her blank look turning a little angry. She forced herself on top of me and pressed her moaning mouth against mine. Her wet tongue sloppily and clumsily tried to kiss mine. Aggressively, she started grinding her hips against mine. I suddenly realised what was happening; she was trying to sexually assault-- have loving intercourse with me. As I tried to push her off of me, she pushed my arms down and got more assertive with her grinding. I was surprised with how much I was okay with it. I had already brought her home, stripped her down and washed her nude body. Were we already in a relationship according to mamano law? She felt warm, most likely having absorbed my heat overnight. She stopped ‘kissing’ me and sat up. She groaned mournfully and started trying to remove my pants again, “Alright, just... Be gentle,” I whimpered, a little scared what she would do. Part of taking care of a monster wife was giving my body to her. At least that's what they drilled into our heads in mamano studies. If I didn’t take care of my wife, I could end up in one of those terrifying rehabilitation centers. I was less scared of Mandeline then I was the government, “My parents aren’t gonna like this,” I sighed. They already didn’t approve of my life choices. She looked at me quizzically but I didn’t explain anything to her. I removed my shorts, showing her my manhood. The inquisitive look was immediately washed away as a new look came across her face; hunger. She leapt at me and started using her mouth. It was messy, awkward and clumsy as she desperately tried to take my seed from me. 
    I panted and groaned as she finally finished hungrily slurping on my member. Her almost always open mouth, except when trying to swallow my spirit energy, smiled at me. She had gotten three servings of her little ‘meal.’ I had been completely powerless to stop her. She climbed back onto the bed and lay next to me before trying to ‘kiss’ me on the cheek, “Not after I...” I sighed, “...In your mouth,” Instead I pulled her head against my chest. She licked my chest instead. I felt wet all over from cold sweat. I needed a bath.  
I tried to get up but Morrigan started to wail at me, “Aaaaann...” She sadly pleaded with her eyes. 
    “You want to cuddle?” I asked. I was getting pretty good at figuring out what she wanted already.  
    She groaned again, “Muuuuh...” She pressed her head against my shoulder and quieted down. 
    “Guess you’re my responsibility now,” I shrugged before running my fingers through her hair. 
    She groaned at me with a little smile, “Loooo...” 
    “Lo...?” I frowned, unsure what she wanted. She repeated the same moan before giving up, “Yeah, same to you,” I closed my eyes, happy to give her a little more affection and cuddling. 
    After a shower where Mandeline wouldn’t leave me alone and was groaning at me to let her into the cramped shower/bath combo, I was getting ready to leave. I looked at my zombie standing in front of me. I had put another oversized t-shirt on her and a pair of sweats. She was like a large doll, I had to do her hair, dress her and wash her. When trying to discern what to dress her in, she was of no help. Her moaning and groaning was the only vocalisation she could do. She didn’t really seem to grasp the concept of nodding and shaking her head either even after I tried to teach her. She could follow basic and simple instructions like ‘arms up’ and ‘step’ when I tried to dress her. She seemed to understand ‘stop’ and ‘stay’ as well but whenever I told her to stop following me, she got obviously sad and anxious. She would immediately cry out and try to find me if I got out of her sight line. I still had not taken the time to learn the specifics about zombies or undead girls in general but I assumed this wasn’t average behaviour.  
“One last thing,” I told her as I strapped a backpack onto her. I didn’t trust her meager grip strength to carry groceries for me so I had to get a little creative, “There. Ready?” 
    “Uhhhh...” She moaned. 
    “I’ll take that as a yes. Need shades? A hat?” I gently placed a pair of sunglasses on her nose and a baseball hat on her head.  
    “Ugh,” She grunted and pushed both objects off of her and to the floor. 
    I laughed, “Alright you don’t like hats. Got it,” I quickly did her hair in a ponytail and led her out of the apartment by the wrist.  
    I knew the walk would be long on account of her slow shambling. Somehow, she seemed a bit quicker than the day before. I just assumed it was because of the lack of rain and thunder. Mandeline obediently followed me down the street without me needing to grab her. As other mamano and men passed us, I would return the pleasantries they gave me with a small wave and a ‘hello.’ To my surprise, Mandeline was trying to mimic me and flopped her hand at those that passed and vocalised with a soft and polite sounding moan. 
 Only once did she try to shamble into the street in front of a slowly moving carriage, “You’re gonna give me a heart attack!” I erupted at her after I pulled her out of the street. 
    “Waaaah...” She sadly wailed. 
    “Just be more careful, please,” I pat her on the head as I sighed. As soon as she had calmed down, we started walking again.  
    A few minutes later, Mandeline suddenly cried out, “UGH!” I whipped around to see her ducking down and covering her head with her arms. She was staring up at a little yellow butterfly in terror.   
    “What? This little thing is scaring you?” I held my hand up and the butterfly landed on it, “See? Nothing to--” 
    “UGH!” Mandeline jumped up and slapped my hand seemingly as hard as she could. The butterfly was turned to mush in her hand and mine.  
    “Ow,” I grunted as I looked at my stinging red hand. 
    “Waaah...” She sadly wailed again as she grabbed my hand and wrist. She gave me the best apologetic look she could before trying to put my hand in her mouth. 
    “Don’t eat the bug!” I chuckled softly as I knelt down to wipe my hand on the grass, “Come here, I’ll help you,” She obediently flopped onto the ground and let me wipe her hand clean, “You don’t need to be scared of bugs, alright? I’ll keep you safe.” 
    As I helped her up, she vocalised and did her best to smile, “Loooo...” 
    I grabbed a basket as we got to the store, “Waaah...” Mandeline moaned as she observed others in the somewhat small general store. She shifted her weight back and forth nervously.  
    “Come on, let's find you some clothes,” I started to walk away. 
    “Waaah...” She moaned again and followed behind me. She was more scared about being left behind than she was of other people. I hurried to the clothes and started trying to pick stuff out for her. I would hold up shirts, skirts, pants and dresses of all varieties and colors but she would never show approval or otherwise of anything I held up. I wearily sighed again and just started picking out things that fit her. I went for breezy and light colored dresses as they would be easy to get on and off. I picked out a few packs of black panties with cute pink bows on them and for bras I was forced to reach under her shirt with them and just guess which ones fit the best. She seemed happy just to be around me.  
    I started to make my way over to the food on the other side of the store. I turned back to check on Mandeline only to find she was gone, “Mandeline!?” I shouted as I immediately started to panic. I could hear her crying out in fear a few aisles back in response to my voice. I dashed back and found her standing in the middle of an electronics aisle we had passed earlier. As soon as she spotted me she shambled as fast as she could to me and threw her arms around my neck as she moaned and cried softly, “I’m here, I’m here,” I cooed as I hugged her back. She calmed down pretty quickly and stepped back to look at me with her blank eyes, “Come on,” I waved at her to follow me. I turned back as I stepped from the aisle. Mandeline turned and stared at another product. Its eye catching box design was easily preying on her, “Mandeline,” I called again. She snapped out of it and stumbled over to me. I sighed as I realised this would definitely be a problem in the food aisles. I took her by the wrist and dragged her to the front. 
    “Uuuuh?” She cocked her head as she vocalised inquisitively.  
    “Yup,” I picked her up and put her in a cart before returning to shopping. I got some snacks first, “These are my favorite,” I showed her my favorite tube of chips and the kind of candy I liked before putting them in her lap in the cart. She stared intently at them. I got all other kinds of foods I needed quickly. Other than a few ‘how cute’ comments, no mamano or human bothered us as I pushed the cart from aisle to aisle. Mandeline would reach out and try to grab at any especially eye-catching food.  
    “Oh! Anon! Is that you!?” A female voice cried out suddenly. I immediately went into fight or flight as I recognized the woman’s voice. I wasn’t fast enough to stop her, “Look how big you’ve gotten!” The old minotaur laughed as she grabbed and squeezed my cheeks. 
    “I’m the same size as the last time you saw me, ma’am,” I grunted as I tried to push her hands off. Josh’s wife’s mother was a very large and very doting minotaur. Her body and large muscles were covered in light colored scars from before she came to this world. Her black hair was turning silver at this point. She had taken me in as a sort of surrogate son when I had moved to get away from my family as I was best friends with Josh at the time who was married to her daughter. 
    “UGH!” Mandeline groaned angrily and protectively as she attempted to get up and out of the cart. 
    “I’m fine, I’m fine, calm down,” I assured her. 
    I rushed to her side to calm her down, “You’re married!?” The minotaur gasped, “I am so happy for you Anon!” I heard my bones pop as the old minotaur squeezed me in a hug, “Who is this lucky lady?” 
    “Waaaa...?” Mandeline tilted her head at the woman. 
    “Mandeline,” I explained.  
    “Mandeline the zombie,” The minotaur nodded her head, “Pleased to meet you, little lady. Good thing you got him before one of my nieces! You bringin’ her to the BBQ?” Rather than saying the word, she loved to just say the abbreviation one letter at a time. 
    “Oh totally,” I smiled. It fell off my face almost instantly as I thought more about it, “W-well... I don’t know. I was thinking I might have to cancel. I’m a little worried about her to be honest. She’s really skittish and you guys are really loud and rowdy. I’m just afraid she’ll freak out.” 
    “Aw come on--” The minotaur stopped herself, “That's fine. I can tell you’re not messing with me. I just hope you two will show up next time, alright? I wanna see what kinda beautiful lady you’ll turn little Mandeline here into.” 
    “E-excuse me?” 
    The minotaur shot me a sly smile, “Oh? You don’t know that zombies...” She trailed off as she began to grin, “Just keep giving her all the love you can, alright? If I find out you hurt her I’ll personally find you. Understood, somewhat-son-of-mine?” 
    “Yes, ma’am,” I sighed. I gulped as I looked up into her glaring eyes, “Yes, second-mom,” I muttered quietly. 
    “Good! I’ll be seeing you. I’ll make sure to say hello to all the extended family for ya!” She walked off.  
    “Uuuuh...?” Mandeline groaned quietly. 
    “No, its fine,” I assured her, “I was pretty hesitant to go anyway,” I began to wheel the cart to the front. 
    I grabbed my phone and started doing some research. Mandeline idled near me as she stared at me. Every so often a soft moan would escape her lips. I wondered if she did it for attention because I would glance up at her every time she vocalised, “Zombies,” I read aloud as I opened a mamano government sanctioned page. I found their information to be pretty truthful other than the rare hyperbolization, “Zombies are formed from various sources... Blah blah blah,” I read aloud from the page as I skimmed, “Zombie wounds and ailments are healed with... Their man’s spirit energy. This same substance all enhances the zombies' looks tremendously over time,” I nodded, “Is that really all she needs?” I glanced up at Mandeline who gave me a happy look, “Well... Most zombies will turn into a wight if fed enough spirit energy. The time this takes is dependent on the amount of love and care they receive and how often they are in close contact with their husband and spirit energy provider,” I gulped as I looked at the wight page, “Wight...” A picture of a wight named Penelope smiled smugly at me through the screen. She looked elegant and beautiful, “Formed from a zombie or the body of a woman of renown through various means... Powerful, gorgeous and royal...” I sighed, unsure how I felt about being the husband of such a lovely monster.  
    “Uuuuh?” Mandeline asked. 
    “No, I feel like its going to happen whether I like it or not,” I shrugged. I couldn’t explain why I acted like she could really talk to me. 
    “Uuuuh?” She shambled to my side and hugged me. 
    “Yeah... You too...”  
    I sat in bed with a pained look on my face. Mandeline had become quite the looker. Her face was a little more lively and her breasts had become quite shapely. Her hips and rear had become quite plump as well. All these changes just from her morning meal of spirit energy. Sometimes she wanted more later and I would gladly give it to her. I felt it was my duty at this point. I was pouring all my energy into her when I wasn’t working. I couldn’t go to the office any more, I would get in heaps of trouble just leaving her here to just cry and moan. My boss understood thankfully. Her separation anxiety was the thing I dreaded the most. Mandeline sat next to me as she affectionately yet weakly grabbed at my form and ‘kissed’ my cheek like she usually did.  
It had been a little over two months since we met. I had been cooped up in my little apartment that entire time only going out to buy food and clothes that Mandeline was filling out bit by bit, “Uuuuh?” She groaned as she touched my face with her cold hands. Unfortunately she still couldn’t do much of anything beyond groan and carry things. She had been able to remove my shorts herself a few times now at least. 
“Not right now, honey,” I whispered as I pushed her hand off. I glanced at her worried expression. Every injury on her body had healed at this point minus the dragging of one of her legs. 
    “Uuuuh!” She protested as she tried again to touch me. She knew she couldn’t do much more for me beyond giving me every bit of the little amount of affection she could. 
    “No, I’m not mad,” I assured her, “Its fine, I can miss a night with the boys every so often,” I gave her a pained smile, “I’ve been missing them for a while anyways, they won’t miss me. I doubt anyone would if I vanished--well, you would for sure.” 
“That's why I left that human town I grew up in in the first place. You’d think human girls would be a little nicer to human boys when more and more of them are picking mamano by the day. I wanted to pick mamano but I’m just so intimidated by them.” 
    “Yeah, just a lot of crappy people. Even if they were awful, I do miss my parents. But I really don’t miss those girls that broke my heart,” I sighed. 
    “Who could love a face like mine?” I angrily asked myself, “No one ever has.” 
    “UGH!” Mandeline angrily groaned at me. 
    My anger turned towards her, “Easy for you to say. You’re just gonna turn beautiful and powerful and into actual royalty and I’ll be nothing but a faucet of mana for you,” She looked hurt. Like I had just stabbed her right in the heart. For the first time, she really cried. Tears flowed down her cheeks staining her ashen skin, “N-no, please don’t cry, I’m sorry,” I quickly tried to comfort her, “I’m just afraid you’ll push me aside for something better like everyone else has.” 
    Mandeline wiped her eyes and looked at me. Her eyes looked red and there was intelligence in them. She shook her head and moaned, “Love... You...” She poked her own chest with one finger and moaned again, “Love... You...” She poked my chest when she said ‘you.’ 
    It was my turn to cry as my vision blurred. As the tears began to flow, Mandeline pulled me into the tightest hug she could muster as she pulled me down into bed. She gently ran her hands through my hair as she gently moaned and cooed non coherently in my ear. Despite the cold of her physical body, I could only feel the warmth of her love flowing forth from her heart, “How can I love you back when I can’t love myself?” I asked. 
    “Uuughh...” She moaned sadly. 
    Her moan made me realize just how much I had sacrificed just to make her happy and comfortable. I was a little mad at myself for ever doubting my feelings for her, “I-I love you too,” I admitted, “I’m sorry I doubted it.” 
    “Love... You...” She moaned back.
     She kissed my scalp and pet my hair softly as she coddled me to sleep.


    I lay awake in bed. I couldn’t even remember how long it had been since I met Mandeline and took her in. She was starting to become gorgeous. With every passing day her once dull and matted grey hair was turning an opulent and silky white. Her once cute but plain face was turning stunningly beautiful. Her once dull and brown eyes were now vibrant and red as they darted about with some indeterminable amount of intelligence. Her skin, once torn and bruised, was now smooth and soft. It was still cold, but I never did mind it. Her movement was still slow and labored, but she seemed to have near full motor functions now. Her breasts, hips and rear had all become full and plump, very nice for grabbing. On top of all of that, she had become smarter and more aware. She would nod or shake her head when I asked her questions and she could vocalise a little more. Still no full sentences, but she could say my name, ‘cat,’ ‘hunger,’ and name a few of the food items I liked. On top of all of that, she had gained a small semblance of autonomy. She could walk into the kitchen and refill my water body or grab me a snack. If I moved far from where I was when I sent her she would still have a panic attack. Her separation anxiety was still crippling for both of us. 
    I hadn’t changed at all. Other than not being bitter anymore, I was still the same exact person as when I had found Mandeline all those months ago. Mandeline groaned softly at me in her now soft voice, “Uuuuh...?” She asked as she ran a hand over my bare chest.  
    “I’m fine,” I assured her as I ran my fingers through her silky smooth hair, “Just a little restless.” 
    “Yeah, work is kinda stressful. But you help me a lot in keeping calm and sane.” 
    She smiled at me, her mouth only slightly agape now, and grabbed my crotch jokingly, “Aaaa...!” 
    “Yes that is what I mean,” I giggled back, “You can have as much as you want tomorrow. Its the weekend, so I’m all yours.” 
    She groaned happily and cuddled up to me. One of her hands touched my face before she rested her head on my shoulder again, “Gaaaah...” 
    “Good night,” I told her for the third time that night. I felt a little bad for her, she had nothing to do all night except for rest with me. I had tried to give her things to do at night since she doesn't have to sleep, but she only wanted to lay with me. I let sleep take me as I lay in Mandeline’s arms. 
    I pat Mandeline as she finished with her breakfast. I had lost count of how much she had gotten using only her mouth. She refused to use anything else, I wasn’t entirely sure why. She smiled at me like she did every time after she was done, “Aaaah...” She moaned as she licked her lips. 
    I sighed as my muscles relaxed, “You’re getting really good at that,” I chuckled. She knew exactly what I liked. Before she would just be aggressive and coax out as many as she could in a short time but now she liked to tease and edge me by slowing down or just licking.  
    “Uuuugh?” She asked. 
    “No, I don’t need any more, thanks,” I panted as I tried to catch my breath. She had gone extra long today.  
She grunted and climbed on top of me, “Buhhhh.” 
“No shopping today. Just me and you.” 
    “Games? Maybe. I still haven’t opened that Wonderful Magical Cat Girl RPG that you made me buy.” 
    “Yeah... I did want it,” I admitted sheepishly, “Alright, time to get up,” Mandeline didn’t move. I sighed, “Okay, a few more minutes then we move this cuddle session to the couch.” 
    Eventually, she rolled off the bed and took the initiative in pulling me to the couch. I got everything set up and plopped on the couch next to her. She hugged my arm tightly and put her head on my shoulder as I started up a game, “Looove... Yooou...” She moaned. 
    “I love you too,” I whispered. 
    “Hunger...” Mandeline groaned after a few hours of games.  
    I frowned, “But you had so much this morning...” 
    She shook her head, “Hunger...” She repeated. 
    “Wha-- Oh, me!” I chuckled as she shot me a stern look. 
    “I know. I need to take care of myself. I’ll have lunch in a bit.” 
    “You know we can’t have a cat, honey. Landlord doesn’t allow it.” 
    She made an upset groan before calming down again, “Ugh.” 
    “Hunger...” She said forcefully as she poked my ribs. 
    “Fine! I’ll have lunch,” I huffed as I hopped up from the couch. Mandeline followed me like she usually did just to be sure I actually ate. I got some corn dogs going and returned to the couch.  
    “Chip... Soda...?” Mandeline asked. 
    I nodded, “Yeah, that’d be nice. Thank you.” 
    She kissed me on the forehead with pursed lips before shambling into the kitchen. I could hear her fumbling around in there, opening cupboards, the fridge and the pantry while moaning quietly. I went back to my game, ignoring how much noise she was making.  
I heard the oven ding for my corn dogs about 12 minutes later. I jumped up and hurried to the kitchen to take them out and collect Mandeline. I pulled my food out of the oven and shouted for my loving zombie wife, “Mandeline! Where are you!?” I didn’t get a response, “Honey?” I frowned as my heart started to pump a little faster. I wandered all around the little apartment looking for her, the bedroom, the bathroom and the living room. Nothing in any of those. My heart sank as I turned to the front door. It was slightly ajar. Mandeline’s sandals were missing too, “Oh fuck, oh fuck,” I mumbled as the panic and dread set in. She had never gone out on her own. What if she got hit by a car or got lost? As the hyperventilation started, I grabbed my phone and hastily dialed a phone number I had prayed I would never have to use. She had helped me and mandeline a few times in the past but I always felt a little guilty calling her on her personal phone. 
    A voice growled from the other end with slurred language, “What is it?” It was the oni that had helped me get into the graveyard. 
    “Are you on duty? She’s gone!” I yelled. 
    “Huh? Anon? That you?” The harshness left her voice. 
    “Yeah, M-Mandeline, she left!” 
    “Back up and calm down. Let me phone into dispatch to keep their ears open for any reports of a zombie on her own,” I could hear her mumble into her radio as I tried to control my breathing, “Okay, Anon. When did you see her last?” 
    “In my apartment. She kept pestering me to eat and I finally did. She asked if I wanted a snack or something and then she just disappeared!” I wailed mournfully.  
    “Any idea where she could have gone? Did you check everywhere?” 
    “I think so,” I started checking the cabinets and drawers. I found a lack of snacks in the house. I was out of chips, cookies and soda, “She’s not here.” 
    “And do you have any idea where she is?” She asked again. 
    “She went to get me a snack. We have no snacks here... The store!” I suddenly shouted. 
    “Which one!?” The oni demanded.  
I told her the name of the little local store that I usually took Mandeline to, “I’m gonna run there.” 
    “I’m kinda close... I’ll drive over and make sure everything is fine.” 
    I grabbed my running shoes, and usually carried things before I stretched my legs. I was in sweats and a t-shirt, pretty good for running. I darted out the door, down the stairs and left through the fire escape at the bottom of the staircase. It wasn’t a very long trek, it was made even shorter that my adrenaline made me run nearly as fast as I could. I had been doing my best to stay fit, but I was definitely out of practice when it came to running. I got a few looks as I ran in a panic, but no one got in my way as I kept an eye peeled for mangled undead bodies in the road. Thankfully, I never saw one.  
    As soon as I ran into the front of the store, I heard the sad wailing. I ran to the front by the cash registers. Mandeline was standing at the front by the office with a tube or two of my favorite chips in one arm and a case of my favorite soda in the other. There were a few workers standing around her trying to figure out what to do with her. I pushed past them without a word and wrapped my arms around Mandeline’s neck, “Uwaaah...” She moaned as she calmed down nearly instantly. 
    I pulled away from her and shot an exhausted look at the store manager, “I’m so sorry, did she try to walk out with this stuff?” 
    She shook her head, “Went to the register and just stopped functioning.” 
    “Everything alright?” The oni asked as she strutted up with her kobold partner. 
    “Oh, officer. Everything is fine,” The manager got visibly nervous.  
    “Are you alright, honey?” I asked Mandeline as the officer and manager chatted quietly.  
    “Hunger...” She gestured with the snacks. 
    “I don’t need those, just come home, please.” 
    “Ugh...” She moaned unhappily. 
    “Okay, I’ll buy them,” I sighed as I caved into her desires near instantly. 
    I quickly took them to a register without a line and bought the items, “Ugh!” She insisted she carry the bag. I nodded but carried the soda myself. Exhaustion very quickly crept into my bones and muscles.  
    “You alright, Anon?” The kobold quietly asked. I nodded. Mandeline moaned mournfully, “C’mon, we’ll take you both home. You don’t look like you could walk if you tried, Anon,” She snickered. 
    I collapsed onto the couch. My clothes were drenched in sweat and my bones ached. I rolled over and looked at Mandeline. She was standing near me wringing her hands. She had the same sad and apologetic look on her face since I found her at the store. She hadn’t made any moans either, “Mandeline?” I said her name. She shrunk away from me as if I was about to shout at her, “I’m not mad. You just scared me a little is all.” 
    “I am sorry,” Mandeline whimpered. 
    “Yeah, its fine. I forgive you--” I stopped and looked up at her. She was staring at the floor looking guilty, “Mandeline, did... You just speak?” 
    “Hm? No, you are just--” She blinked, “Ah, I... I CAN speak...” She looked down at her hands. With the clenching of her fists and the shaking of her arms, a pair of reddish spectral claws appeared over her arms, “It is done,” She started to giggle before turning into a full haughty cackle as if she was a villain that had just defeated the mighty heroes. She brought one of her hands up to her mouth, “Oh, yes! Oh, Anon, look what I have become thanks to you! Come to me, darling! Let me show you my love!” She held her spectral arms out invitingly. She smiled at me, waiting for me to step into her arms. 
    I frowned, “M-Mandeline...” I trailed off as I stared into her gorgeous visage. 
    “Now now, mister,” She scolded, “Don’t you say something self deprecating!” Her voice sounded regal and commanding as if she was a woman used to being in charge.  
    “N-no, that's not it. I’m covered in sweat and I stink.”  
    She looked at me blankly before bursting out into laughter, “Oh, my darling husband. I very much love the smell of your... Smell. But, I suppose neither of us had our morning bath. Come, I will wash you,” She reached out a hand for me with its palm up. Nervously, I put my hand in hers. She clenched my hand gently in her claws before leading me to the bath, “I feel absolutely wonderful, darling! The hunger I felt once was that of need, but now it is of love, passion and desire. My love, passion and desire for you! Did you eat? I was not here to see it.” 
    “N-no, I ran to find you right after taking it out.” 
    “My knight in shining armor~” She giggled, “Allow me to ease your weary muscles and aching bones with my affection,” She turned on the shower, “Disrobe, darling,” I did as she commanded. Despite only being in her simply divine presence for a few minutes, I was wholly hers as she spoke to me in her commanding, yet soft voice, “How do I look?” She asked quietly as she took off her dress and started the water. 
    “Amazing. Absolutely gorgeous. Beyond comparison. Do you need me to keep going?” 
    “Well, I do not NEED it. But I would love it if you did,” She put her claws on my face and caressed me gently, “Come, into the shower, darling,” I nodded and stepped into the small shower. Mandeline followed me, “You may touch, darling,” She rolled her r’s in a way that made my spine tingle, “Every part of me is yours. After all, you made me into this,” She grabbed my hands and placed them upon her chest forcefully as hot water washed over our skin. 
    “Every time you touch me or even speak I feel a tingle,” I shuddered, “How are you doing this?” 
    “Although I do not have full control of my magic, I can easily control the pleasure you feel. With just a touch--” She grabbed my shaft with her claw and pumped once. I couldn’t hold back my moan, “You are putty in my hands. I could take every little bit of your spirit energy with just a single touch-- Do not look so nervous, I will not demonstrate such a power. Oh, I can not wait to have you in bed tonight~ I am going to cook you the most delicious dinner, my darling. I will not say that you belong to me, as I have kept you cooped up in your home for far too long. But this,” She tightened her grip on my shaft, “Is all mine.” 
    “No,” I shook my hand, “I am yours. I want to be yours, every little bit of me. I love you.” 
    “My darling,” She grinned, “I love you too. You have no idea how happy you have made me. For dedicating yourself to me and putting so much energy into me, you will live the rest of your days and beyond that in luxury!” 
    I wasn’t sure what she meant by ‘beyond that.’ But I nodded at her, “Sounds wonderful,” I put my head on her shoulder and exhaled an exhausted sigh. She  
hummed as she washed my body slowly, leaving tingles all over my skin as she went.  
    “Such a tired boy. I will be sure to pamper you as much as possible tonight. I am blessed to have a man as caring and loving as you,” She purred in my ear. I nodded and just let her run her hands over my body until my body got kinda wrinkled from the water. 
    I sat at the small table and watched my Mandeline gracefully danced around the kitchen as she used her magic to cook for me. A pan was on the stove, heated by a magical red flame. A prime cut of steak was on the pan, she had run down to the store to get it for me. She had been ferried by a strange black spectral carriage pulled by ghostly horses. In another pan was some mashed potatoes she had made from scratch. She was currently working on making a bit of sauce for the steak from scratch. The oven dinged as the rolls she had been making from scratch since lunch were finished, “Would you like wine with dinner, darling?” Mandeline asked as she wiped her claws on her apron despite only using her magic to cook and move things. 
    “Ah, sure,” I watched as an expensive looking bottle of red wine floated over to me and poured itself into a fancy wine glass in front of me, “How did you pay for all this, dear?” I asked warily, “Where did you buy it? You were gone for a while. There’s no way going just down the street took that long.” 
    She cackled, “Do not worry your pretty little head, darling. Everything will be revealed in time. Do you think white looks good on me?” She points to her brand new white frilly apron that she wore over a crimson dress I had bought for her at some time, “Or black,” With the mere snap of her fingers the apron turned black. 
    I blinked in surprise, “Everything you wear looks amazing on you. Those curves are driving me mad.” 
    She cackled again, “You are such a sweetheart. I can’t wait to sink my teeth into you tonight, darling,” She gave me a menacing grin, “Food is ready~” She sang as a plate is piled high with a juicy, tender steak, mashed potatoes and a few bread rolls. I stared down at all the wonderful food in front of me, “Is something amiss, dear?” She sat across from me with her own glass of wine and a frown on her lovely face. 
    “I’m... I’m just amazed how you changed. Thank you for the food.” 
    “Oh, you will see many more changes in your life soon, darling. Now eat. I wish to observe my man be happy and full from my cooking,” I nodded and obediently started eating. 
    I lay on my back panting as my wight wife finally released my member from her own sexual parts. My face was wet from her kisses, my neck and shoulders stung from her love bites and my chest burned from when she dragged her claws across my chest.  I groaned as she rubbed my aching hips. She cackled quietly, “Is my darling husband feeling well?” 
    “Yeah,” I panted, “Feeling great.” 
    “I apologize. I lost myself in the ecstasy of you taking my virginity. I just simply HAD to have every last drop of spirit energy in your lovely body.” 
    “Feels like you did,” I was already falling asleep. 
    Mandeline kissed me on the lips, “Sleep, darling,” She held my head against her chest and pet my scalp, “You are not... Uncomfortable around me, are you?” 
    I hesitated, “A-a little.” 
    “Darling!” She gripped my face and looked like she was going to cry. 
    I frowned, “W-well, you know why I feel like that. Part of the reason I never found a mamano for me was because they all intimidate me with their power and beauty. You’ve become the epitome of both of those things. I-I still love you, of course. I’m just worried.”
     “I will prove it to you that I will love you forever. I will  prove your worries as unjustified. Tonight, sleep. Tomorrow, I will fill  every bit of you with love,” She pulled my head against her chest and  stroked my hair while she hummed a sweet tune. I quickly drifted off to  sleep, wondering what the future would hold.

    “Are you... Still hungry like you were before?” I asked embarrassedly as I lay in bed with Mandeline. 
    “Of course! I still need your energy to power my spells,” She grinned as her claws ran up and down my body. She had just drained me last night, but I felt completely fine today, “And I know that you LOVE it when I use my mouth, darling. I am amazed I did not turn into a ghoul with how much you loved it,” Her joke flew over my head, “Stand,” She put her hair back in a ponytail slowly, “Do you want me to lay on my back on the bed? I do not need to breathe~” 
    “Uh...” I scratched my head, unsure what she meant. 
    “Oh, you are much too pure, darling. It is adorable. I look forward to soiling that purity,” She gently pushed me against the wall and dropped to her knees, “Can’t have you falling down,” She removed her own clothes, one of my shirts, and flashed her goods at me, “Maybe I should use these some time? I wish to use my entire body to please you.” 
    “M-maybe,” I grunted nervously as she merely waved her hand towards the ground to magically drop my pants.  
    “Such nervousness. So cute~” I watched her use her magic to manipulate my member. It felt like having numerous soft and warm hands gently pumping and stroking me. A few ghostly claws become visible as they run their fingers over the sensitive parts of my body. She puts my penis in her mouth and begins to move her head back and forth slowly. She worked slowly and methodically, almost exact the opposite of when she was a zombie. The ghostly hands pumped vigorously as she very slowly moved her head. I pushed myself up against the wall as she worked my spirit energy to her liking. I had expected her to go quickly and be done with it. I thought she was above this and I didn’t deserve this kind of thing. She was a truly regal lady, she didn’t need to be taking her time to do this. There was love in her eyes as she looked up at me and gently placed her hands on my hips. She pushed my hips to the wall firmly and took me out of her mouth, “Darling? Is everything alright?” She asked with a frown as she stopped gripping me with her magic. 
    “Y-yeah. Your magic is just a little overwhelming,” I chuckled. 
    She frowned at me for a moment before a little smile spread across her lips, “Alright, darling. Give me your seed whenever you are ready~” 
    Mandeline dumped me on the couch and sat next to me, “Feeling well, darling?” She asked quietly, “I did drain quite a bit from you this morning. I suppose I just lost myself in it~” 
    “Feeling great,” I panted with a chuckle. She snuggled up to me and habitually drained a touch more energy from my body just by being near me. It was a nice, warm feeling as a visible piece of my energy left my skin and into her, “H-honey,” I stammered, deciding it would be best to voice my concerns now. 
    “Hm? What is on your mind?” 
    “W-well... Aren’t you above kneeling before me and... Sucking on me now? You’re--” 
    “Stop,” She ordered firmly, “I could just drain all your delicious spirit energy with the touch of my fingers,” She straddled me as I sat up on the couch, “But I love it just as much as you do, darling. Your taste, your moans, the way you squirm and wriggle at my touch and the way your member throbs, desperate for more when I start to tease you. I gain just as much as you do from these little morning sessions. I feed upon your energy and in turn, I fill you with as much pleasure as I can. But, if you do not like it...” She trailed off with an obviously fake frown. 
    “N-no! I-I do like it. I like it a lot,” I admitted sheepishly, “I love it. Please don’t stop.” 
    “Good boy,” Mandeline purred. I had done exactly as she wanted, “But I still must punish you for questioning your queen and wife...” She sighed sadly as if this was the worst possible thing she could have to do, “As punishment you will be servicing my nipples. They are quite sore and require you to firmly lick and suck on them,” Once more, she removed her-- my shirt she was wearing to reveal her plump and heavenly breasts, “You will begin now,” She firmly grabbed my hair and shoved my face against her breast. Obediently, I put her nipple in my mouth. Her body was still somewhat warm from this morning. I sucked and licked as she held my head in place and stroked my hair. She cooed and whispered words of encouragement in between soft moans. She grinded on my erection, pleasing me just as much as I was pleasing her. I felt a pleasurable, loving sensation as I suckled on her nipples. She roughly grabbed my head again and forced it to the other one, “Do you not understand now?” She whispered, “When you please your lover, you feel wonderful!” I could only nod in response as my mouth was full. She let out another moan as I started sucking more vigorously, “Ah, Anon, I--” Her body shuddered as she stopped grinding against me. I could feel her love juices leaking through the fabric of my shorts. She released my head and began cuddling with me, “I love you, Anon. I am not above expressing my love in seemingly one sided physical forms.” 
    “I-I love you too,” I panted, finally able to breathe again. 
    “To the shower, darling? I have not yet taken the time to REALLY show you what these hands can do~” 
    I woke up the next day to my alarm. Mandeline whimpered at the blaring noise until I turned it off, “Man...” I sighed, “Back to work.” 
    “Resign,” She ordered. 
    “Huh? I-I can’t... I have to eat and pay the rent.” 
    “Did I not say I would take care of you?” She scoffed, “Quit,” She demanded, “You do not enjoy the job and thus should not have to work it.” 
    “H-honey, with what money? I know you don’t have to eat anything-- other than me, but I do!” 
    She sighed, “I was going to let you acclimate to my new form for a few more days. But I suppose I must quell your worries now. She stood and hurried to the kitchen as there was a loud ‘thunk’ noise. She returned with something in her hands. A letter sealed with a black wax seal. She broke the seal and showed the contained parchment to me.  
    “Dear miss Mandeline...and her husband Anon,” I read aloud as I skimmed the page, “A-A formal invitation to your forever home? The kingdom of the undead? W-what?” 
    “Mhm. I would have allowed you more time to settle in and explore my new body, but you have forced my hand. Get dressed in something nice. A carriage will arrive soon to carry us away.” 
    “We’re moving? What about my things? I-I have to pack and-and--” 
    She placed a single finger on my lips, “Do not fret. I will take care of everything. Now, give me a kiss and a hug. I am just as nervous as you.” 
    I started murmuring to myself, “I-I’m gonna mess this up for you. Royal undead society. I’m gonna--”  
    She kissed me on the lips to shut me up, “Do not worry. Just look cute and you will do well. I will handle everything. I promise,” She offered me a gentle smile before hugging me firmly. I hugged her back, unsure of what else to do. 
    My heart pounded as the carriage rolled down the cobblestone path. I had no idea where we were now. We had only been riding for maybe thirty minutes and it felt like we had left my home town and traveled to another country. The grass was a dark green, and past that was nothing but a thick layer of fog containing drab manors and macabre buildings. Every woman I spotted were zombies, wights, ghouls and ghosts. The few men that I spotted actually looked human. Maybe a little ashen, but more lively than some of their undead wives. I turned to Mandeline who had been death gripping my wrist for the entire ride, “Where are we?” 
    She shook the dread filled look from her face, “The undead kingdom. It lies within the realm between life and death.” 
    “I can hardly see anything here,” I frowned. 
    “Oh, you merely need to become acclimated to the fog. You will see more of the beautiful architecture in time. We are nearly there. Please, lend me some of your strength,” I looked into her worry filled eyes and smiled. I hadn’t seen her skittish and worried side since she had transformed from a zombie into a wight. I gave her a reaffirming kiss on the cheek, “Thank you,” The carriage slowed to a stop in a circular lot before a large black and grey manor. 
    “What is this place?” I asked in awe. 
    “Home, silly. Oh, a few of the neighbors have come to greet us,” She shuddered as she went for the handle of the carriage door. I grabbed her wrist and kissed her on the lips now. 
    It was my turn to give her a confidence boost, “You’ll do great,” I smiled at her. 
    “I-I do not know, darling...” 
“Remember what I said when that butterfly scared you?” 
    “You told me not to be afraid and that you would protect me,” She smiled back as the memory came back, “And I should have realised you will continue to do the same, darling. I will continue to lean on you for support and protection. Now, you step out and then help me down the steps, alright?” 
    “Yeah,” I did as she had commanded and stepped from the vehicle. The neighbors, three gorgeous wights, not as gorgeous as my Mandeline, of course, with various colored spectral claws stood with their husbands. I was shocked with how... Normal the men looked. One of the groups had a daughter with them. I turned and helped Mandeline down the steps of the carriage and onto the cobblestone. She took my arm in hers and we walked in step with one another up to the groups of other undead. You can only watch as the wights all begin excessively formal and extravagant introductions of themselves and their husbands. One of them hands Mandeline an incredibly expensive looking bottle of wine which she graciously accepts. After introductions, the wights begin to chatter and gossip. The husbands, all looking bored, step away from the conversation as they wave for me to follow. 
    I swallowed nervously as they looked up at the manor I would now be calling home, “Looks like your wife went with a pretty humble size,” One notes. 
    “Huh? Oh, uh, yeah,” I chuckled. 
    “You should see Gabrielle’s home. Married a loli lover and has to compensate for her size with her manor,” The guys all laugh at their joke. 
    “You play games of the table top or video variety, Anon?” One of them asked me. 
    “Yeah, I do. I like both,” I nodded. 
    “We do game nights twice a week while the wives all get together for socials. Just gotta show up so they can all parade us around and flaunt how much they love us,” He chuckled wearily. 
    “Gets a little old, but its tradition or something,” Another shrugs. 
    “S-sure, game night sounds fun,” I nodded. 
    “Hey, no need to be so nervous. Wights are all showy and flashy, but they’re just loving wives deep down,” He chuckled at me, “Looks like we’re heading out. Catch you this weekend, Anon!” The guys wave at me as they return to their wives.  
    Mandeline said a few farewells to the other wights before scurrying to me, “Did I do well? How was your conversation with the men?” 
    “You did fine. They invited me to game night.” 
    “Oh, how exciting! We have already been invited to a few gatherings,” She smiled at me, “Come, come! Allow me to show you around!”  
    My head swirled as I was shown room after room. Large dining room, a ball room, guest rooms, library, a cellar, my personal office and many others that I never would have thought to put in a home. The decor in nearly every room was quite macabre and drab. I didn’t mind it much, except for how chilly the house was. My office and the guest rooms had not been decorated yet as that was my task to decorate them. I decided to just put the meager things I had from my apartment into my office. The final room I was shown to was the master bedroom. It was the coziest room in the house. Unlike every other drab room, this one was full of comfortable amenities. A large plush bed, a large deep couch with soft and fluffy pillows and stuffed animals, and some nice bright furniture. Mandeline lights a candle with magical red flames. She gasps, “Look!” She hurried to a basket set on the bed. She pulls up the blanket and squeals softly as she pulls out a little bundle of fur. A small white kitten mewled in her hands. She handed it to me. It felt cold. Cold like Mandeline’s undead skin.  
I should have frowned at that revelation, but I smiled at her, “Finally got your cat,” I chuckled. 
    “Yes! One that will not require as much care as I would like, but I will still care for her the best I can~” She grins at you as she pets the cat, “B-but I will be sure to take care of you much better than Mrs. Fluffy here.” 
    I smiled, “I’m happy for you.” 
    “But are you happy? I would hate to learn in years that you do not like the home...” 
    “W-well, I just... How? How did you afford all of this?” 
    She smiles, “I would not like to discuss the specifics of my job. Just know that I have only gone out at night to perform my duties. It is a job that only powerful wights are able to do, and as such has a large starting bonus with which I was able to secure our forever home,” She looked at me with pleading eyes to not question further. 
    I nodded, “Well...” 
    “Please, Anon, my darling,” She took hold of my hands after putting her cat down, “You have earned this home and this life. Every kind thing you have done for me, although you did not know, caring for me, feeding me and loving me has earned you this. Everything I am and have is thanks to you.” 
    “I do like it! I love the home. Its a little big which is my only complaint,” I chuckled. 
    “We will fill it up with our children, darling.” 
    I nodded, “Alright. Well, what do we do now?” 
    “Oh, we need to prepare! I have so many social gatherings to make up to you since I kept you away from your friends for so long! This weekend, we should have your friends and their wives over as well as your... Second mother? I believe you called her?” 
    “I-I-- Yeah. Are you gonna say the party is to die for on the invitation?” 
    We both giggle at each other, “Sure, darling. But for now, we should break in the bed,” She took the basket and cat and moved them to the couch before grabbing me and throwing me onto the bed, “Would you like to try for children tonight? Maybe we need more time to settle in?” 
    “Y-yeah settling in would be a good idea.” 
    “I am going to ride you in every room of this house,” She sighed dreamily, “The bed is first.” 
    I grunted as Mandeline gently touched my body, leaving tingles all over it, “Close your eyes,” She instructed before pouring a bucket of water on my hair, “This bath is much nicer than the old one, is it not?” 
    “Yeah, its great,” I quietly nodded. The bathroom was quite large and the warm bath that she used her magic to heat up was also equally large. 
    “Oh, how I wish to go another round with you,” She chuckled quietly, “But I know you need rest,” She kissed me on the chin, “I must be patient, we have many more rooms to... Have a little fun in. How I wish you had undead stamina.” 
    “I am joking, darling! But perhaps I am not above using manticore venom on you,” She teased, “I will enjoy your life with you. But in undeath, you will enjoy all the benefits that my magic will bring you.” 
    “You’re going to wait for me to die of natural causes?” 
    “If that is what you would prefer. I will take care of you the best I can as you grow old.” 
    “So, I’ll get old like a normal and you’ll look like a thirty year old goddess forever?” I asked as I hugged her close to me, “I’m not complaining.” 
    “My form may change to suit your tastes as they change. But your natural life will be extended by mana. But, if you want to become an undead before your natural life expires... There are many painless ways. My magic will always be on hand to bring you back to me.” 
    I swallowed nervously, “M-maybe.” 
    “We will talk more later, darling. We have your entire life to decide. Enjoy the warmth of the bath with me. I wish to bask in your company for as long as I can.” 
    Two years. It had been two years nearly to the day since I met Mandeline in that abandoned graveyard. We had gone back and fixed it up, the bodies there deserved it even if no one was around to visit it any more. We also had set up a portal to the undead realm so our living friends could come visit us easily. I lived in luxury as I worked on any hobbies I decided to pick up. Mandeline had picked up art and music and I had begun to learn to code and write. I found myself going to three to five social gatherings every week. Sometimes we even made the journey to Josh’s place to watch the big game with his extended family. Mandeline always made a big show and deal out of how much she loved me and appreciated me. My surrogate minotaur mother found us adorable. The get-togethers with wights and other undead were much more pleasant and reserved than I had ever expected them to be. Nearly every gathering was the same. Everyone arrived extravagantly by carriage, showing off their love for their husband through various means as everyone chatted in the ball room or dining table depending on how large the party was. The men, who were still alive, would eat-- undead seemed to enjoy watching us eat to a near uncomfortable degree. At most gatherings the men would split off from their wives to play some Smash Bros or Dungeons and Dragons. We were all uncomfortable when it came to using undead as villains in tabletop games now. 
    I found myself in a hospital room within the undead realm. Mandeline had done fantastically in the delivery, other than the fact she had nearly shattered every bone in my hand as she clutched me tightly with her claws. She was handed our child, our first born, the first of many. She stared in disbelief. We had a baby boy. Most mamano didn’t know how to raise boys as until they came to this world, they had been unable to have boys. I touched his little hand as he slept peacefully wrapped in his little blanket, “L-Look, darling,” Mandeline teared up.  
    “I can see him,” I chuckled.  
    “D-do I need to start eating to breastfeed him? O-Or will my diet of spirit energy be enough for me to feed him?” 
    “Honey,” I smiled, “We’ll figure it out.” 
    “Y-yes... You are right, darling,” She started to cry tears of joy, “I’m so happy, darling. I love you. I love you so much.” 
    “I love you too,” I kissed her on the forehead and pet her hair as she grinned at me through the joyful tears. I was madly in love with this woman, and I knew I would die for her happily in the end.  

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