Of Mice On Man

    Commission for IftheArtistConstents (Minds), thanks again!

 “Hey, Cowboy!” Belle shouts at you. You wipe your brow and try to make yourself look presentable as she pushes her way into the barn. The mouse girl pushes up the brim of her cowboy hat and spits on the dirt ground. She glances at the mooing cows then to you, “Ya done shovelin’ shit?”
    “Yeah, Belle, I think so,” You grunt as you put the shovel down. 
    “Dinner’s gonna be ready soon. Come on outta there,“ You hurry out into the fresh air and take a breath of it, letting the clean breeze into your lungs and nostrils, “Ya did good today,” She firmly slaps your ass with a big cheeky grin on her face.
    “T-thanks,” You grunt in response as you look down at belle. She’s about four foot eight inches tall but makes up for a few inches of that with her big cowboy boots and hat. She’s wearing a flannel shirt and jeans. Her skin is tanned, her hair as well as the fur on her wrists and ankles are brown. She winks at you with her brown eyes before strutting off to the main house.
    “Don’t take too long, y’hear?”
    You sigh and jog to your little addition to the main house. The little building you reside in is a one room building with its own bathroom. You sigh with relief as you step out of the heat and into your little air conditioned room. You strip off your sweaty work clothes and take a quick shower.

    You quietly step across the tiling and peek into the kitchen. Danny is standing on a stool as she slaves away over the stove. She’s wearing form fitting black shorts that shows off her magnificent ass. A girl her size shouldn’t be able to have an ass like that, you think to yourself. She’s about four feet five inches tall. Her short black hair falls gracefully on her simple white tank top. She shakes her hips and flicks her mouse tail from side to side as she listens to some pop music on her little radio. She turns to look at you, her blue eyes light up as she spots you, “Anon! Thank the Maou! I need a big bowl from that cupboard!” 
You nod and quickly grab what she wants, “Heads up, Danny!”
You toss it across the kitchen to her and she easily catches it before dumping what she’s working on into it, “Thanks, Sugar! Go sit down and get cozy.”
    You nod and take a seat. You hadn’t even noticed the tiniest girl had arrived, drawn in by the delicious smell of food. The meek girl stands at around four feet two inches and hides from your gentle smile in her very large hoodie. She stares at you warily with yellow eyes from behind her thin glasses. Her messy grey hair forms a curtain that frames her cute face, “Hey, Mitzi,” You greet, still trying to get through to her. 
    “H-hi...” She whimpers at you before flipping the hood up and hiding her face. 
    “Mitzi! Are you still hiding from that boy?” Belle sighs as she steps into the kitchen, “He’s been living with ya for three months now, ya should feel at least somewhat comfortable with him around.”
    Mitzi grumbles and whines in response, still hidden in her coat, “Leave her alone, Belle,” Danny groans, “Getting mad at her just pushes her further in her shell.”
    “I reckon I should push you, Danny,” Belle sneers, “Stay outta my business.”
    “It IS my business! She’s my friend too, you reprobate!”
    “Oh, using yer big words again just to make me look like a fool? I should get the whip out again!”
    Mitzi whimpered, “S-stop, please...”
    Belle and Danny nearly start to throw things. You snap at them, “Stop it, both of you!” They stop and stare at you with wide eyes. You give them both a stern look. They turn to one another and apologise quietly. Mitzi breathes a sigh of relief and gets up from the table. She sets the table quickly while Belle settles in and Danny brings the food she made over. You gladly serve yourself a hearty bowl of beef stew. Belle and Danny start to talk like they hadn’t just been fighting. 

    “Three months in, how are you enjoying your time on the farm, Anon?” Danny asks you as you push the now empty bowl away from yourself.
    You shrug, “I shovel a lot of turds, but other than that I’m having a good enough time.”
    “Don’t ya start askin’ for a higher wage, ya hear?” Belle grunts. You aren’t completely sure if she is playing around or not. 
    You chuckle in response, “Maybe next month then? Maybe you could add a living room to my little house too. I could use a big couch and TV.”
    “Are you sure, Sugar?” Every time Danny calls you that, it comes out as a playful purr, strange for such a sporty woman, “Mitzi is gonna spend all her time in your house if you get a big TV,” Danny has a big grin on her face.
    “I... I wouldn’t impose on Anon at all,” Mitzi defends herself quietly with a small squeak.
    “I wouldn’t mind much. Someone to watch those shitty old movies with would be nice,” You admit quietly. 
    “What the hell are ya on? Those old movies are great!” Belle gives you an enthusiastic smile, “What was that movie? I can’t be damned to remember these names. It had the Clint guy in it,” She snaps her fingers as she tries to recall the title.
    “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly?” You suggest.
    “Hell if I know.”
    “H-how are the sheepies?” Mitzi asks quietly.
    “Ya’d know if ya bothered to check on ‘em yourself,” Belle frowns at her. Mitzi sheepishly frowns and shrugs in response, “Hey, they’re fine. But ya should go see ‘em for yourself. They like ya.”
    “Probably because she feeds them tasty morsels,” Danny snickers, “Those pigs are jealous, Mitzi.”
    “T-they are?” Mitzi whimpers.
    “Sure, they’re smart animals,” You chime in with some teasing.
    “Probably smarter than Belle or Anon,” Danny grins.
    Belle rolls her eyes, “The cows are fine too, thanks for askin’. As are the potatoes and corn. Ya takin’ care of those chicks?”
    “Yup. They bite my tail, but I can put up with that,” Danny explains quickly.
    “Wrap ya tail around ya waist! I keep tellin’ ya!”
    “Yeah, whatever, mom.”
    “I-Is your room warm enough at night, Anon? Its getting cold... If you need it, I could... H-help--”
    “Zip it!” Danny suddenly orders, slamming a hand on the table.
    “Ya know the rules!” Belle points a finger at the smaller mouse.
    “I-I--” Mitzi’s eyes start to tear up.
    You sigh, “I get enough heat. Stop shouting at each other. You guys all bicker like a married couple.”
    “Maou below, you sound like Poppy, Anon,” Danny groans. You know who she is  talking about. The kobold you replaced. You met her a few times, a nice girl. You’re not entirely sure why she had to leave; something about her little sister Daisy getting married or her older sister Rose having issues with her band. Maybe both.
    “Ya would bicker too if ya had been friends with us for so long like we have,” Belle boast, “How long has it been, Danny?”
    She shrugs, “Dunno. I think our moms were best friends too. Mitzi?”
    She shakes her head, “A-almost just as long.”
    “How about that computer stuff ya do. How’s that goin’?” 
    “G-good. Making websites for other mamano is really easy. They pay really well too. If I don’t know something I just look it up!” Mitzi explains proudly.
    “You’re the only monster I know that can use tech better than me,” You sigh. Monster girls came into your world a handful of years ago now. Despite being born in the other world, Mitzi is strangely good with computers, “You didn’t have to clean up my room like you did, though.”
    “I-Its part of my chores, Anon.”
    “Cooking and shopping for you lazy bones is going fine too, thanks for asking,” Danny grunts.
    You sigh, “Thank you for your hard work, Danny,” You say mockingly.
    “Oh, you are so welcome, Sugar!” She mockingly shoots back.
    “Anyway. Ya happy with that shack? We got it all gussied up for ya before ya moved in,” Belle notes, “Wasn’t cheap, but ya do a good enough job to make it worth it.”
    “Uh, thanks,” You’re not sure if that was a compliment or something more backhanded, “The little room is nice and cozy. If it had its own kitchen, you probably wouldn’t see me ever unless I was working,” You joke.
    The three girls laugh nervously, “You sure you don’t need something to help keep you warm, Sugar?” Danny asks, all three girls eyeing each other carefully.
“WE could whip somethin’ up for ya if ya just ask...” Belle offers.
“S-something special...” Mitzi adds.
You give in pretty easily, having no reason not to trust the three girls, “Yeah, sure. Go for it. Whatever you three wanna do to keep me warm,” You say it dismissively and as more of a joke than anything. The room gets quiet as the girls start to glance at one another. Confusion and excitement is obvious on their faces.
“Need a drink, Cowboy?” Belle suddenly asks, breaking the silence, “I could use some whiskey and I think you need some too.”
“A mixed drink. Get him a mixed drink. A special one,” Mitzi pants.
“Uh, sure,” You agree, “I am a little parched.”
“I got it, Sugar. I’ve got a real special drink in mind,” Danny purrs. She gets up and pulls a bottle or three from her stash. All three go into a shot glass and are mixed with a fork. She pushes the glass into your hands and smiles at you.
You nod and take the drink. You bring it quickly to your lips and toss it back. You grunt at the taste, but it goes down smooth enough, “Woah... That was...” You groan as the room starts to spin. 
“Just lay down, Cowboy. It’ll hurt less,” Belle grins devilishly as she helps you to the couch.
Danny caresses your hair, “Sweet dreams, Sugar.”
You black out.

You wake up groggily. Your head rings as your eyes adjust to the dim light. You feel hands on your bare skin. Warm, smooth and soft hands that tease your body. You shudder as one grips your cock through your underwear, “Oh, looks like he’s awake~” A woman snickers. Danny.
“D-do-- I-is he okay?” Mitzi whimpers.
    “I reckon he’s fine. Aren’t ya, chief?” Belle chuckles as she grabs you through your underwear again. You moan and struggle, but the binds on your arms and legs hold you down, “See? That's a normal reaction to being groped by a hot girl.”
    “But I haven’t touched him yet, Belle,” Danny grins. Another hand fondles your balls. You gasp and writhe as she molests you, “There we go. That nice, Sugar? You like that, huh? Oh, moan for me, Sugar,” She orders. You moan for her and Belle as the two work in tandem to grope you.
    “Louder now,” Belle orders as she touches you more and runs her fingertips on your inner thighs. The sensation is too much for you. You gasp and moan at the two girls’ touch. They stop all at once as excited giggles fill the air and you finally get a look around the room. You’re already a shuddering, panting mess as sweat pours down your brow. You stare at the three mouse girls sitting around you. They’re all nude, mostly, Mitzi still has her panties on. You take in their forms, Belle has a muscular two tone tan where her limbs and face are much darker shade than her body, the picturesque vision of a farmer’s tan. Danny is almost just as toned, but with slightly smaller breasts and a much bigger ass. You look at Mitzi with a bit of surprise, you hadn’t expected her to have breasts this large. The smallest mouse girl has the biggest tits. You’re in your room, which is a small comfort, but you’re tied down with very little slack if any at all for you to move around.
    “Alright, Sugar. Are you feeling alright? Need some water?” Danny asks as she settles in next to you, rubbing your chest with one hand and kissing your cheek with her plump lips. 
    You nod, letting her pour some water in your mouth. You swallow it as Mitzi shyly lays next to you, her head resting on your shoulder, “What happened?” You ask, demanding some answers, “Why am I tied up?”
    All of the girls look a little embarrassed, “Drugged ya, Cowboy. Sorry ‘bout that. But I’ll make it up to ya, don’t worry.” Belle’s expression turns from sad to a wide, devilish grin, “I’ll make ya feel real good!”
    “As for the ropes, Belle gets to go first. Drew the longest straw. Sorry,” Danny gently forces you to kiss her lips, “Its what she wanted. I’ll untie you when its my turn.”
    “I’m gonna make this boy squeal like a pig when I ride his hog!” Your underwear is quickly removed. 
    You feel something cold and wet as Belle strokes your ‘hog.’ She lubes you up, preparing you for a long, tiring session, “Oh, man,” You moan just at her touch, “W-wait, stop. A-are you guys sure about this?” You whimper as you feel some nervousness creep into your mind.
    “What’s wrong, Anon? D-do you not want this?” Mitzi asks quietly.
Danny huffs, “You’re not an alp, are ya, Sugar?”
    You scowl and grit your teeth, “Fuck no I’m not an alp! Don’t lump me in with those fags! I’m a man, the real deal, right down to the marrow of my fuckin’ bones!”
    “Ya told us to warm ya up, right? Ya asked for all three of us, remember? The rules dictate we all get our way with ya now. Don’t worry. The other girls will take their time and keep ya warm. I’m gonna make those legs buckle, Cowboy.”
    “T-the special treatment,” Mitzi mumbles as she caresses your hair. 
    “Show us that marrow, Sugar,” Danny kisses you again, “Be a big man.”
    “Be a good boy and cum when you’re told. Any sooner and I’ll get mad. Maybe I’ll have to punish ya,” Belle warns as she starts to straddle you. Your heart pounds with a nervous fervor. 
    “Anon?” Mitzi picks herself up and looks at you, “No need to be so nervous. We all love you with all our hearts and want you to be ours.”
    “Relax, Sugar,” Danny coos before leaning into your ear, “Belle’s just trying to psych you out,” She whispers before kissing you sweetly on the earlobe. Both mouse girls cuddle with you as Belle rubs her vagina on your cock. The lube she put on you and the warm feeling of her natural lubricant makes your cock incredibly slick. The feeling was unreal. 
Your hips buck and thrust as you try to get more of the wonderful feeling, “None of that!” Belle growls as she smacks you on the hip, “Lay still!”
“No damaging the goods!” Danny growls.
    “Come on. You’re a chef, what about beating the meat?” She makes a lewd hand motion at her.
    “Not the same thing. At all.”
    “Whatever,” Belle grabs your shaft and gives it a pump or two before easing herself down onto you. She grunts as she forces herself down. Her pussy is tight and already eagerly quivering and sopping wet, eager to receive you. You moan as she starts to ride you, “Aaahn~!” She cries as she leans forward and puts her hands on your chest. She rises up slowly, teasing your shaft and making you squirm, “Come on, Cowboy! Moan for me! Lemme hear that mouth sing!” She slaps your hip again as she slams herself back down. The sudden overwhelming feeling makes you moan loudly, “That’s the shit, Cowboy! Remember, no cumming till I say.”
    “Just hurry it up, Belle,” Danny groans.
    She doesn’t respond, she only grins and continues her rhythm. A slow rise on the shaft, nearly pulling you out of her every time she does it then slamming her hips back down. She’s obviously enjoying herself as she moans and gasps while she feels every inch of you. Her fingernails drag down your stomach, her fluffy wrists gently grazing your skin. Danny nibbles on your ear as she giggles at your moaning and gasping, “Having fun, Sugar? Oh, I’m sure you are. Listen to you moan~” Mitzi pants heavily as she watches Belle have her way with you and listens to the sloppy wet noises of intercourse. 
    You cry out with a moan. Every time you do, Belle seems to get even more excited. She picks up her speed in response to the noises you make. You struggle to stay still as she teases you. The overwhelming sensation becomes too much to bear, “I-I’m gonna--” You start to cry.
    “Not yet, Cowboy!” She slows down, “Only when I say so. Three~” The cowgirl starts her countdown.
    The other two mice girls are getting excited too. They kiss and nibble your face and ears, “Come on, come on, come on!” Mitzi whines.
    “Two,” She picks up her speed, slamming and raising in quick succession. The wet slapping noise is driving you mad, your loins beg for release, and your mind is only focused on the pleasure. Belle suddenly cries out and slams her hips down, “Now! Now!” She cries. You exhale with relief as the pressure bursts. Her back arches and her pussy quivers. For how small she is, she cries and screams loudly, “Aw, ffff- shoot,” She pants, “I messed it up.”
    “It was your first time, Belle!” Danny laughs, “Don’t sweat it.”
    “Yeah, yeah,” She pulls herself off of you, a thick stream of your cum pours from her snatch, “Oh, Maou. Ya came a lot!” She pushes as much as she can back into her pussy, “Mamma always said not to waste any of this stuff.”
    You don’t even realise that your hands were unbound until you try to move to a more relaxed position. You rub your wrists as Danny undoes the binds on your legs too. She shoves Belle off of you and wipes you down, “That fuckin’ animal didn’t hurt you too much, right, Sugar?” 
“Y-yeah, I’m alright,” You pant as the next girl straddles you. 
    Danny is already much more gentle as she prepares you for her turn. After a quick wipe down, she gently strokes you and reapplies some lube. She takes the time to make sure the lube is warmed up too, “Nice and hard, hm, Sugar? Oh, you like that? You like it when I call you that, right, S-u-g-a-r?” She purrs and draws out her little pet name for you. It sends a violent shiver down your spine with only her words. 
Belle crawls up the bed and lays next to you and makes sure to gives you a lot of kisses on the chin and cheek, “Good round, Cowboy. Maybe we can squeeze some more outta ya soon.”
“Not until I get my turn!” Mitzy demands. 
    “Both of you, shut it!” Danny hisses, “Its my turn with my precious Sugar and I will not let you both ruin it for me. Come on, get up and stand over me.”
    You do as she demands, eager for more. She scoots to the edge of the bed and looks up at you. You stand before her, a full, lubed mast that is ready to penetrate her body. Her pussy is already wet, ready to receive your shaft. You gently press the head against her inviting pussy. She grunts as you try to push it in, a bit of resistance making it difficult. You soon slide it past the opening and deep into her. She cries out and smiles, happy to take you. You lean over her, grab her small form and begin thrusting gently into her. Danny grabs you back, pushing herself against you, greedily trying to pull more of your shaft into her. You give it to her gladly. She touches your body, panting and gasping as you do your work. 
    “Ahn~” She gasps, “Sugar, you’re gonna make me... Oooh,” She has a large, loving grin on her face, “Faster, Sugar. Really put those hips into it! I wanna see you sweat!”
    You nod, eager to pick up the pace. Danny lets out an elated cry as your hips begin to move quickly, pumping into her with a renewed vigor. You lose yourself in the feeling, allowing yourself to wildly thrust into the mouse girl, “F-fuck,” You grunt, “I’m gonna cum.”
    Danny wraps her fluffy thighs around you, “Come on, Sugar,” You lean down and hug her tight as you forcefully cum inside of her. Amazingly, the second time you came today was just as powerful as the first. 
    With a sigh of relief and a tender kiss on her lips, chin and neck, you release the second mouse. You look up, still feeling it. The beast within has taken control. Danny is pretty much out of it, panting and coated in sweat as she gives you one more smile, “Order up, Cowboy!” You look as Belle dumps Mitzi on the bed next to you. She’s all tied up for you. Her hands are bound behind her back, her legs are restrained together and her mouth is gagged. She looks up at you with helpless, hungry eyes, “One tied up soon to be wife. Served hogtied.”
    Wordlessly, you grab Mitzi and roll her onto her stomach. She mumbles behind the gag as you manhandle and caress her soft skin. Belle quickly wipes your cock off and Danny applies a fresh coat of lube to you. You take hold of her already wet panties and slide them down to her ankles. After a few quick tugs on your shaft and a smack on the ass from an over-eager Belle, you penetrate Mitzy with your shaft. She seems to scream behind her gag in pleasure, “Give it to her rough, Sugar,” Danny pushes you with her purring voice. You nod, more animal than man, a horny beast that is eager to bestow all three mice with a thick load. 
    You pound Mitzi’s tight pussy with your throbbing cock. Your hands wander over her body, slapping her ass or grabbing the ropes that keep her from squirming too much. She cries out and arches her back as you thrust yourself to the hilt in her. An orgasm, it seems. You don’t give her a break as your furious fucking continues. You decide to up the teasing by leaning over, putting most of your body on top of her. Your hands move to her large breasts, feeling and touching their warm pillowy form. Those encroaching fingers carefully move to their target, her nipples. You start to tease and play with them, pinching and rubbing tenderly. She’s nearly howling behind her gag, she must be reaching climax again. You’re pretty close too, but you want to release all of your sexual build up at the same time she does. You take one of her big ears in your mouth and gently nibble on it. Her body shudders as a powerful orgasm shakes her loins. The intense sensation is too much for you to bear, the orgasm that had been preparing is suddenly and forcefully coaxed out of you, blasting your sticky white stuff into the shortstack as you groan in pleasure. She goes limp, completely spent. You pull yourself out of her, your seemingly unending stamina finally running out. With your final ounce of strength, you untie the girl and flip her over. You kiss her lips lovingly, giving her all the kisses she deserves and more. She quickly slides her panties back up, making sure she keeps as much of your load inside of herself as possible. All three girls work in tandem to pull you into your bed and pile onto you. 
    “That was something, Cowboy,” Belle pats your thigh, “If only you had that stamina at work.”
    “Leave him alone,” Mitzi grumpily demands as she snuggles against you.
    “Mmh. Sugar, think you’ll be ready for more tomorrow? Maybe we need a schedule...” Danny trails off.
    “Screw that. A free for all is how we should do it. One guaranteed a day, at least,” Belle kisses your chin, “Isn’t that right, Cowboy?” You groan in response, too tired to think straight.
    “Let him rest,” Mitzi orders. You pat her on the head and wrap an arm around her.
    “Agreed. Our Sugar needs to be all ready for tomorrow. Big guy’s got work and three needy girls to tend to,” Danny settles in on your other side. Belle shrugs and rests her head on your chest, content to just sleep.

    “Right now?” You ask as Belle pushes you onto the pile of hay. 
She tears her flannel shirt and jean shorts off. Her underwear is off and tossed aside quickly. She undoes your belt and pulls down your work pants and your underwear. Her pussy rubs against your semi erect cock for a few moments before its hungrily inserted into her, “Just need a quickie, Cowboy, calm down,” She grins at you. She starts to fuck you vigorously. There's no teasing or playfulness, just raw passionate love making as she tries to forcefully yank orgasms from both of your loins... And damn is she good at it. She doesn’t bother counting down, she’s trained you well enough, you hold yourself back until you feel her pussy quiver and her mouth exhale with a breath of joy. You orgasm as she does nearly every time during this wordless dance. After she gets what she wants from you, she kisses you and steps back, admiring your panting, aching form, “Go clean up, Cowboy,” She instructs as your cum slowly glides down her inner thighs.
You nod and wordlessly pick up your clothes and throw them back on. You skulk inside, hoping you can get in the shower before anyone notices you. You slip in through the back door of the main house, “Hi, Anon,” A quiet voice calls. You sigh and turn to Mitzi. Her breasts are already on full display for you and you can feel a tightening in your pants, “Hm? Whats this?” She undoes your pants and reveals your throbbing member, “I had better take care of that,” She leads you over to a blank spot of wall. You lean against it as she places your cock between her breasts and gently starts to move. You relax your body and let her large mounds of flesh work your cock. She pours some oil over her breasts, lubing herself up as she teases you, “You always love this,” She giggles. She masterfully rolls her breasts back and forth. 
You throb and shudder as the warm sensation drives you mad, “Shit,” You gasp and start to thrust into her big tits.
“No holding back now. Cum when you’re ready,” She rolls your ballsack between her fingers, the last little thing needed to make you blow your load. You grunt, trying not to make too much noise as you make a mess, “Oh, poor thing. All backed up. Take a shower, I’ll find something to clean myself up,” You nod, lean down, kiss her sweetly on her eager lips then scurry off to the bathroom.
You move to the main bedroom. One more girl between you and the shower. Danny, “There you are, Sugar. Keeping a girl waiting. Come here.”
    “What do you want?” You ask coyly before giving her a kiss.
    “Stop teasing. Pants off,” She spreads her legs. She’s on the edge of the large bed you all sleep in. You drop your pants and push her onto her back. You rub your cock on her pussy for a few moments. You’re already lubed up, but you want to make sure she’s ready. You tease her nipples a little bit before shoving yourself into her. She pulls you in close. Your cock pumps and pumps her tight pussy. Just as tight as the day you took her virginity. Your hips move on their own, forcing you to thrust into her repeatedly, “I’m getting close, Sugar~” She teases as she leglocks you. You nod and give her a few more powerful thrusts. Her climax pulls the orgasm out from deep within your loins. The dam bursts and your cum flows forth into her womb, “Ahn~ Good game, Sugar,” She slaps you on the ass despite your annoyed look. She kisses you to make up for it, “You look like you need a bath, sweaty boy. Go take a warm one.”
    With what remains of your strength, you strip down and get in the shower.

    You step back into the bedroom to get dressed. All three girls are waiting for you patiently. They assault you and push you up against the wall, clamoring and arguing as they strip your towel off. All three of their mouths press to your manhood. They kiss and lick tenderly, quickly putting you at full mast, “Guys,” You grunt.
    “Sssh, Sugar,” Danny puts the head of your penis in her mouth.
    Mitzi licks the mid area of your shaft and Belle plays with your balls and kisses the base of your shaft. You pat each of them on the head and stay quiet. You know it’s easier to give into their voracious sexual appetite than try to fight all three of them. They take turns teasing the head of your cock while the other two stroke you or kiss the rest of your shaft. You sigh as the pressure starts to build. The girls greedily suck, touch and fondle you excitedly. Your hips start to buckle from the pleasure, threatening to knock you down. You maintain your footing, but only barely. You tense up and start to swear. The girls change how they pleasure you, stroking and fondling as the pressure comes to a head. They group close to one another in front of you, furiously jerking you off as they try to make you cum. They expertly coax a powerful orgasm from the head of your penis, sending your semen onto all three of them. They lustfully lap up all they can, letting the rest cover the top of their varying sized bosoms and faces.
    “I think that was faster than yesterday,” Mitzi notes with a giggle, “Love you, Anon.”
    Belle nods, “Cowboy’s doin’ really good, girls. I think he deserves some rest. Love ya, Cowboy.”
    “Rest, Sugar. We’ll come collect you for lunch. I love you,” Danny grins at you.
“I love you guys too,” You smile. The three girls smile back as they quickly file out of the room, headed to different places to clean themselves off. You slouch and slide down the wall, sitting and panting in the room by yourself. 
As sexually aggressive and demanding the three are, you seem to be doing well at appeasing all of them. You sigh and grin. It didn’t feel like paradise at first, but these mice have made your life worth living. You wonder when you’ll get one of them pregnant. You, and all of them, are really excited for that day. Until then, you’ll just have to keep trying. You wonder which one is gonna end up with a baby in the oven first.

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