Other Creators to Check out

Just a list of other people to check out if you’re itching for more art or writing.

IftheArtistConsents: An artist that I’m a fan of, have commissioned more than a few times, and has worked with me on a few projects now, as well as a good friend.
His stuff is here: Minds, Pixiv Commissions

Spidernon: another writer with a much broader array of stories with more varied themes. Most likely the best Monster Girl related writer out there.
His stuff is here: Blog Minds

Yananon: A writer that I respect a lot. Does a lot of good work.
His stuff is here: Link

Einarrz: The artist who has done all of the ‘official’ character designs for Stranger in a Strange Land.
His stuff is here: @einarrz (Newgrounds, Pixiv)

If you want to see other artists that I like, check out my commissioned art page, pretty much everyone there is worth a follow!

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