Gazer (Gamer) Girl

        Commission for Breadbug. Thanks again!

    Kevin unlocked the door to his apartment and quickly stepped inside. He threw his gym bag down in the entryway and looked up as the loud noises of video games reached his ears. He sighed, “Zelda!”
    He heard someone scramble to pause their game before jumping up and hurrying to meet him, “Hi, Kevin!” The gazer stopped short, “D-did you shower there... Or...?” Zelda was wearing an oversized shirt to cover her body. One of Kevin’s old shirts with the Triforce on it. Fitting for her name.
    “Yeah, I showered at the gym. I’m all set for hugs,” Kevin smiled at her, holding his arms out for her.
    Her one big eye sparkled as her eye stalks examined her boy friend. She giddily stepped into his arms, game controller still in hand. The two both relaxed as they hugged their better half. Kevin got a better look at Zelda as he held her at arm's length with his hands caressing her shoulders. Her skin was an ashen color but her limbs were covered in that strange black material that felt a bit like a rubbery goo. Not even Zelda could explain what it was. All of her eyes were red with a somewhat yellow sclera. Her black hair was long and messy. While mostly slender, she had a bit of chub on her stomach, just big enough to grab and tease her with, “Hey! Can we play games tonight?”
    “Eh...” Kevin shrugged.
    “You said we could last night! And then we never did! You fell asleep on the couch!” The gazer whines.
    “It was a long day,” He shrugged as he meandered into the kitchen with Zelda close behind. Her numerous eye stalks glanced everywhere, checking for danger but most had their attention fixed on Kevin. The eyes on the stalks themselves were nearly identical to her main eye but with much smaller pupils. The stalks the eyes were attached to were long and made of a tough rubbery material similar to the substance on her arms and legs. The eyelids for the eyes were a little strange, they looked like some kind of petals around the eyes like a flower but the petals closed in on the eyes when they needed to blink, which is rarely. Kevin wasn’t sure if he had ever seen them blink. 
    Kevin grabbed the little bullet blender, some frozen fruit, yogurt and protein powder. Zelda frowned at the protein powder, she thought it tasted gross and didn’t like how grainy it made the smoothies taste, “Can I have one?” She asked.
    The man nodded as he started making hers first, “No powder, right? Extra pineapple?” He asked as he added juice to the fruit and yogurt for her.
    She nodded, “Yes and yes,” Kevin started the blender, making it to her liking. The couple stood silently, watching the colors of the fruits blend together into a thicker substance. Within minutes, Zelda was happily drinking from her cup, game controller still in her other hand, “Thank you~” She awkwardly hugged him with both her hands occupied.
    “No problem,” He sighed as he made his own smoothie, “What's for dinner?”
    “I’ll order some subs, okay? From that place you like?”
    Kevin sighed, “Money is a little tight, Zelda. Lets just cook something. We’ve still got some ham we could make some grilled cheese with.”
    “Okay...” Zelda sighed, defeated. 

    Zelda swung a knife around, slashing at the air as if she was still playing a video game, “You’re gonna poke an eye out,” He chuckled at her.
    “No, I’m not. I’ve been practicing!” She pouted.
    “Well, put those skills to use and slice these sammies,” He slid the two plates over to her. She carefully cut both in half, using almost all of her eyes to gauge where the middle of the sandwich is. She cut them both and pulled the slices apart, watching the gooey cheese ooze out from between the crispy bread slices. 
    “Ooooh,” She grinned at the food before turning to Kevin and hugging him, “Thank you!”
    “No problem, hon’. You wanna watch some TV? Or maybe a game?” He practically sang, trying to get her excited.
    Her eyes all lit up and turned to face him, “A game!? Of course I want to game! I know exactly what we should play too!” She grabbed her plate and rushed into the main room. She rushed back in just a few moments, leaving her plate behind. She grabbed a bag of chips and a soda for herself from the fridge before running back into the main room. Kevin sighed and grabbed a soda for himself before following her. Zelda was setting up Kevin’s old emulation machine, a computer he had built on the cheap just to play old games, “Sit! Sit!” She demanded as she finished up and grabbed the controller. Kevin stared at the TV as Zelda sat right up against him, leaning on his shoulder. He watched as the computer whirred to life, the TV showed the familiar splash screen prompting Zelda to frantically scroll through the consoles available before settling on the Super Nintendo. It clicked for Kevin what she was going for. ‘The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.’ Zelda’s eyes were sparkling happily at her boy friend, “We never finished it! You promised we would.”
    Kevin nodded, “Alright. You start. We’ll finish it tonight, it is Friday night after all,” He took a bite of the gooey, delicious sandwich as Zelda started to play, “You sure your parents didn’t name you after this series?”
    “No clue! I really only picked this game because my name is in the title,” She giggled.

    Zelda put down the controller as the familiar text scrawl began. It congratulated the player, being Zelda, her name entered in all capital letters, on making it there and putting the Triforce back together and getting to make a wish and all, “T-that's it? We did it?” She asks quietly in disbelief as the cast call began, showing all the locations and characters in the game set to cheerful 16 bit music. 
    “Yup. You beat Ganon! Good job!” Kevin congratulated her with a hug and a teasing kiss on the cheek.
    She sighed and snuggled against him, “I think I’d wish for another good game to play with my husband. If I had the Triforce I mean.”
    “Eh, I don’t think you’d need to. There's tons of other games like this, Zelda games even, for us to play after this,” Kevin shrugged and went back to drinking his soda. 
    “What are we gonna play next? Maybe something different before another Zelda game?”
    “Something co-op maybe.”    
    The two were quiet as they cuddle and listen to the triumphant music, “If you had the Triforce, what would you wish for?” Zelda asked earnestly as she leaned on her boyfriend. One of her hands wandered to his scalp and stroked his hair.
    Kevin sighed and put his hands in his lap, “I want a big family, Zelda. I wanna take care of a loving wife and a bunch of cute kids. That's what I want the most. That’s what I’d wish for,” He glanced over at Zelda as she gently stroked his hair, “Really old fashioned, I know, but--” He was shut up as the gazer pressed her lips to his.
    She slowly released him from her grasp, “I-I want that too,” She admitted, “I-I daydream about you and me making a family. I-I want to be that wife that you daydream about. Please,” She begged with her one big sad eye, “Let me be that for you.”
    He smiled, “Okay. I... I want you to be my wife, Zelda,” His heart started to pound as he realised what he had just said. 
    Zelda’s heart fluttered and every single one of her eyes smiled and sparkled at him, “I knew it! I knew you’d say it some day! I want you to be my husband too, Kevin!”
    “W-when should we--”
    “Tonight! Right now!” She demanded “L-Lets do it!”
    With a long- and a bit tired- sigh, he nodded, “Alright. Come on. Lets go to my room.”

    Kevin took Zelda to his room on her back with her legs dangling over the side of the bed. She stared up at him with every eye she had. Her usual nervousness and skittishness that caused her to constantly be checking her surroundings had vanished, replaced by a new obscene and warm feeling. Kevin put his hands on her body. It was a little cold to the touch. Zelda shivered as his hands felt her flesh. His hands moved to her nipples, they were hard and were of a dark grey color. She gasped as his hands began to nervously and cluelessly tease her, “Kevin,” She panted his name as her legs wrapped around his hips. Looking for some kind of pleasure, she grinded her panty covered loins against his. Even through two pairs of underwear he could feel the intense warmth and wetness of her pussy. Kevin pulled away from the intense feeling and took a moment to breathe, “What is it?” Zelda asked.
    “I-I’m... I don’t know where to put my hands,” Kevin mumbled, trying to deflect from his real worries.
    “Come here,” Zelda sat up and offered him a hug that he gladly accepted, “I can see that you’re nervous,” She giggled at him as her hand traced his spine, “Man, you’re looking really good,” She ran a hand over his chest. He had muscles forming quickly and his abs were starting to show.
    “Thanks. Working out has been, uh, working out for me,” He chuckled nervously, “Maybe you need to go too,” He grabbed at a little bit of her stomach chub.
    Zelda whined in response and weakly tried to push his hand away, “Noooo!” She cried, “I don’t wanna!” 
    Kevin laughed at her expense and hugged her again. She quickly reciprocated the hug despite the tears in the corners of her one big eye, “You look gorgeous just the way you are,” Kevin whispered
    “Mmmh... Any more compliments for your loving girlfriend?”
    “You have beautiful eyes. I feel like I would get lost in them if I stare for too long. Even if you’re not using your magic on me.”
    Zelda giggled again, “I love you, sweetie.”
    “I love you too,” Kevin took a deep breath, “I-I’m ready to try again. Where... Do you want my hands?”
    “First. I want those lips right here,” She pointed to her pursed lips. Kevin nodded and gave her the kiss she wanted, “Second, I’m really nervous too. We’re in this together, sweetie. I want you to be mine. Make me yours,” She took a deep breath, preparing herself, “Third, touch me,” Her hand went down to his underwear and started to caress his cock, “I wanna feel your hands on me.”
    “W-where is this side of you coming from?” Kevin gasped as Zelda began to molest him.
    “You think I sit around all day and just twiddle my thumbs? I’ve been daydreaming about this for so long. Just about as long as we’ve been dating. I’ve spent every day preparing for this,” Her hand slipped into his underwear and grabbed his shaft. She stroked and teased his cock as his hands started touching her sensitive bits. One hand played with a nipple while the other one rubbed her through her panties. Zelda’s other hand firmly took hold of the nape of Kevin’s neck as she forced him to kiss her again. Her tongue slipped into his mouth, tangling and wrestling with his. The two grunt and moan as they fondle and touch one another. 
Zelda swiftly grabbed the hem of his underwear and pulled them down. She panted as she stared at his cock, the natural lust of a mamano coming over her as her face reddened. She looked up into his eyes as she started to remove her panties, revealing her cleanly shaven pussy, “Fourth... Hold my hands and hold them tight as you fuck me,” She demanded as she lay down, her legs wrapped around his hips and pulled him into position. Kevin rubbed his cock against her, making her moan quietly as she eagerly waited for him to penetrate her. 
    Kevin took a nervous breath and grabbed hold of his shaft. He guided himself into her, penetrating her pussy with only the head of his cock. Zelda’s back arched as a soft cry came from her lips. He started to gently thrust into her, his shaft going deeper and deeper with each thrust. He took hold of his lover’s hands and gripped them tightly. She gripped him back, pulling somewhat on his arms as she greedily tried to pull him deeper into her. Kevin grunted loudly and shoved himself down to the hilt in the gazer’s pussy. She moaned loudly as the pressure that had been building in her loins was released. The intense feeling of her shuddering orgasm made Kevin lean forwards over her.
    “Kevin, sweetie,” She panted in his ear, “More. I need more. Now!” She demanded. He nodded, adjusting himself and beginning his thrusting again. He jammed his cock in her, slamming his hips against her as the loving, lust filled part of his mind assumed direct control of his hips. It didn’t take long for Zelda to start to feel another orgasm building, “Kevin!” She cried loudly, gripping him tighter. Her legs were vice-like as she desperately tried to keep him from pulling out. 
    “I--” Kevin gasped as Zelda moaned loudly in his ear, “I’m cumming!”
    “Kevin! Cum in me! Please!” Zelda begged as she started to orgasm. The pressure burst forth from Kevin’s loins, his cum filling Zelda’s womb. She continued to cry his name as her powerful orgasm milked his cock dry. Kevin couldn’t utter a cohesive word as he panted and grunted from the ecstasy. As soon as he was spent, Kevin went limp and lay on top of his girlfriend turned wife, at least by some standards. She ran her fingers through his hair, “You alright, sweetie?”
    “Yeah,” He grunted as he got off of her and kissed her on the lips again. A short, sweet kiss, “I love you, Zelda,” He admitted quietly.
    “I love you too, Kevin,” She lovingly grinned as all of her eyes tried to stare into his. 
He picked himself up, his manhood was covered in her natural lube and her pussy was leaking with his cum. Both of them were covered in their own sweat and their lover’s. Kevin could smell the sweet, almost intoxicating scent of the aftersex glow as he reached down and carefully picked up the exhausted gazer in his arms. He laid her down in the bed and climbed in next to her. Most of her eye stalks rested on a pillow, also exhausted. One or two stayed awake, observing the two lovers as they clung to one another and tried to find a comfortable sleeping position. One of Kevin’s arms wrapped around her and gave her something to rest her head on. His other arm rested on her hip. She was almost hot to the touch, a comfortable and sleepy warmth that threatened to quickly pull Kevin into the same sleepy state Zelda was in. Her arms wrapped around his neck and the tired feeling began to overwhelm him. 
Zelda looked up at her man, overjoyed that she finally had him. He belonged to her and she to him. Her one big eye gleamed as a big smile spread across her lips. She played with his hair, her fingers caressing his scalp, “Good night, my love,” She whispered to him as she lulled him to sleep.
    “Night, cute stuff,” Kevin yawned and snuggled his head against her scalp.
    Zelda giggled and loosened her hug on him. The feeling of love, warmth and comfy sleepiness was overbearing. She gave in, letting herself drift off to sleep along with her lover.

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