Gremdam Fighter G

Raffle reward for Robbob. Thanks again!

    The gremlin stood still as the machine stretched the black skintight suit over her small, lithe frame. Her decently sized-- for a gremlin, at least-- breasts were accentuated by the glistening outfit as were her thighs, hips and ass, “Damn, I look good,” She grinned to herself as she looked down. She shook herself as the anticipation made her shudder. She took a moment to do her messy hair up in a just as messy bun.
     Ashe, the gremlin, tested the connection between her and her gundam, one of the many gundams in the tournament from the various factions of mamano powers. It was a feat of gremlin engineering, a somewhat short and stocky green and blue-green colored machine covered with some of the best armor the Maou’s Legion of monsters can produce. It was equipped with a small shield and a sword as well as a few ranged weapons that didn’t see much use. The gremlin checked whatever incoming feeds she had on her screens as she started to strut across an abandoned town, “Looks like that dumb windmill is out,” Snickered the gremlin. She wished she could have done it herself, but was still glad that Neo Hollands prick got what was coming to him. Looks like whatever mamano knocked him out also took him as a husband, “Good for her,” The gremlin hissed, still searching for her own man. 
For most mamano, this whole tournament wasn’t about glory or winning, it was about finding a man. The gremlin didn’t care much about being the victor or ruling space. Her country didn’t care much either. The dragons would probably win again anyways but its not like the human factions ever really won. Most mamano governments would govern the exact same way anyways, they all listened to the Maou. The humans whined that it wasn’t really fair, but its not like they could win and change anything. 
    The gremlin blinked as the fighter from the powerful dragon nation contacted her, “Oh, Ashe darling, would you be a dear and throw a match between the two of us? My hubby is watching and I want to look good. I am sure we will make it VERY worth your while~”
    “Yeah, yeah...” She grunted, “I’m still looking for someone.”
    “Your special man?” She chuckled, “Well... I heard he’s... A few klicks north of where you are now,” She winked, “I mean. I definitely DIDN’T lure him there.”
    With a smirk the gremlin took off in that direction, “Thanks. I’ll contact you when I’m done.”
    “You wouldn’t consider this as your payment, would--”
    “Hell no! You might be in a massive gold plated gundam but I could still kick your ass if I cared to,” Ashe threatened, “I’m hanging up,” And she did, before the dragon could respond. The dragon’s gundam was in fact plated in shimmering gold. Creeping coin gold melted down probably. 
    Ashe’s gundam stomped through the town. Her superior sensors picked up the Homo-Sapien Gundam♂ before it could pick up her. He was already damaged, probably from his fight with Shimmering Dragon Gundam that led him here. Zero had caught her eye this year, a handsome man in a sleek giant fighting robot, everything that Ashe wanted. Zero’s gundam was a standard white body with red and blue details and was covered in the male symbol (♂). The usual human design. Zero fought for a new human only nation. It was made to prove humans could stack up to monsters, “Hey, hey, big guy!” Ashe called out to him, “Ya come here often?”
    “Stop cat-calling me, monster,” He growled back. Ashe swooned, he was absolutely adorable, “I already scared off Shimmering Dragon, I’ll fight you off too. I’ll defeat you, here and now. Even if I am damaged, my human spirit won’t be defeated!”
    “Whatever, Zero,” She stood a handful of klicks away from Zero and his Homo-Sapien Gundam♂, “Your Homo-Gundam♂ is no match for me and my Stout Gundam,” She knew this was being televised and she wanted to play it up.
    “Stout Gundam. I know your weapons and abilities, monster,” Zero hisses as he fires a missile at Ashe. She took the full brunt of it, her armor absorbing the blast. As the smoke cleared she saw Zero charging towards her, polearm drawn. 
    Ashe yawned as she dropped into a combative pose. Homo-Sapien Gundam’s♂ weapons were easy enough to block. Wide, powerful swings that any other gundam might have had trouble dealing with these attacks, but Stout Gundam was built for this. Ashe blocked a powerful over head strike that surprisingly shook her machine. She responded with a sword slash that Zero failed to dodge most of. She left a gash along the lower body of Homo-Sapien Gundam♂, “Come on, Zero,” Ashe chuckled as he fired mostly useless machine gun fire in Stout Gundam’s hull, “Is that all you got? Where’s that human spirit?” She fired a missile back at him that he narrowly avoided. He dodged away from the cluster explosives, “Guess you do know my moves!” Ashe laughed, “At least some of them!” She dashed forwards and delivered another slash. He attempted to block with his polearm only to have it sliced in two by the energy blade. Zero dropped the halves and prepared for hand to hand.
    “H-how? That shouldn’t be possible!” He gasped.
    Ashe grinned at him through the display, “Superior gremlin technology. Looks like your Homo-Gundam♂ can’t handle it.” 
    “I’ll show you! Human♂ Power!” He cried as portions of his gundam opened up to take in more air flow and move quicker. He dropped low and started to fly at Stout Gundam. Ashe was only a little surprised at this. She dropped her weapons and prepared to grapple with him. She swung, ready to bring him to the ground. He went under it, bowling Stout Gundam over. They fought on the ground, trading blows and knocking over a few buildings. Homo-Sapien Gundam♂ managed to get on top of Stout Gundam and land a few blows to its shoulders and head, “Give up! I’ve won!” He demanded.
    “You forget one thing,” Ashe grinned, still cocky. 
    “What? What are you talking about?” He got up, nervous and wary of what the gremlin would do.
    “This pussy of mine throbs with an awesome power. Its burning grip that tells me to defeat you! Take this! My love, my lust and all of my horny! Shining Vulva!” She cried as Stout Gundams loins flew open and a laser blasted out, shooting straight through Homo-Sapien Gundam’s♂ head, “Article one of the Gundam Fight International regulations, a unit whose head section has been destroyed is disqualified.”
    “No!” Zero screamed as his gundam started to fall over. It landed with a thud and small quake on the ground. Stout Gundam rolled Homo-Sapien Gundam onto its back and used a specialised tool that shot out of its finger to crack open its cockpit. Another tool from another finger delicately removed Zero. Ashe placed him within her own cockpit as she licked her lips with anticipation. She activated a device, standard in most mamano gundams that restrained Zero in an adjacent chamber. With a smirk on her face, Ashe powered down her gundam and hurried to the room Zero was restrained in. He was starting to wake up, “I-I won’t let you have me,” He growled and struggled against his binds. 
    “Can it. Or are you a homo-man? You know what the rules are, Zero,” Ashe grinned as she tore away the crotch of her skin tight outfit. 
    He swallowed nervously, “A-article eight. Any man defeated by a mamano may be subjected to a raping, if she pleases.”
    “Right!” She removed the netherregions of his outfit, “And, oh boy, do I please.”
    “N-no,” He pleaded as Ashe started to rub her wet pussy on his slowly hardening cock.
    “Oh, come on. You love it. Can’t beat the monster pussy, huh, babe?” He gasped and moaned as Ashe grinded against him. She was right, he couldn’t beat it. Ashe stroked her man’s shaft and kissed the tip sweetly. She got a little taste of his pre, furthering her excitement as she fondled his balls and teased the tip of his penis by rubbing his glands with two fingers. He moaned and writhed at her touch, completely defenseless and unable to fight back in this combat. Ashe climbed atop her man, “Lick until I say to stop,” She ordered as she climbed atop his face and placed the lips of her pussy against his face. He started to lick, her pussy quivering as his warm tongue slipped between the flaps and into her pussy. She moaned loudly, relishing in the feeling of the man she loved being completely at her mercy. She grabbed his hair with one hand, forcing his face deeper into her snatch. His cock throbbed and leaked with precum as he excitedly licked at the gremlin’s loins. The long nights laying awake, dreaming of being dominated by a monster after she overpowered him. The thought of it excited him, though the thoughts were nothing compared to the real thing. He greedily lapped at her, he wanted to taste more of her, he wanted to taste every bit of her now, “Stop,” She demanded, taking away the thing he desired most. He craved more of her delicious pussy, but could do nothing to get it now.
 Ashe, now somewhat satisfied, grabbed his shaft and held it straight up. She wanted the real thing. She slammed her hips down, piercing herself on the man she had fallen for’s manhood. Zero cried out in pleasure, the intense hot, wet and tight feeling of the gremlin’s pussy was too much for him. She groaned with a big smile on her face. She took a moment to adjust herself, shuddering and panting at every small movement and throb of his knob. She looked down at the man under her, moaning and gasping at the slightest touch and grinned again, “This is where the REAL fight starts,” She rose up on his member only to slam herself back down, her thigh fat slapping against his and echoing a lewd sound throughout the chamber. Both moaned and gasped as their loins rubbed against one another. Zero’s hips desperately tried to thrust into Ashe’s pussy, causing him to cry out and beg for more from her as she slowed down. With another grin, she sped up once more, slamming herself against him.
Zero could only lay still as the gremlin had her way with him. All the way up his shaft with her hot pussy and then sliding back down. The feeling was too much for him to bear, with another cry, the man signaled he would burst soon. Ashe, while a little disappointed he was so close so soon, relentlessly fucked him, her hips pounding against his as she tried to forcefully yank the orgasm from his loins, “I-I-I’m--”
“Shut it and cum,” Ashe growled as sweat poured down her brow from the exertion. Doing as he was commanded, the sperm spewed forth, filling the gremlin’s womb. She sighed loudly as the warm feeling reverberated within her. Zero panted and groaned beneath her, his member still firmly lodged in her. He went limp, his once pleading face now smiling softly at her, “You think we’re done? No, no. You don’t get off that easily after losing to me twice. You’re done when I say so,” Ashe grins at him. He whimpered in response as the gremlin started to fuck him viciously once more.

    Zero collapsed, completely spent as he came for the fourth time. Ashe’s pussy shuddered as she orgasmed once more. She sighed and pulled the man out of her. Her womb was completely filled, a bit of cum pouring out of her mixed with her natural pussy juice. She grinned and crawled up her new man, planting a firm, wet kiss on his cheek, “There ya go. Had fun, babe?” She asked as she got up and wiped herself off. 
    Awkwardly and sheepishly, he nodded, “Wh-where are you going?” He asked as the gremlin returned to the cockpit.
    “Gotta make some cash so we can live comfortably. I hate those damned dragons, but I gotta bring the bread home for my man,” She explained as she fixed up her clothes, “Just be a good boy and stay in there. I won’t be long,” She called. Zero nodded and let himself fall asleep, too exhausted to move much. Ashe glanced at him and smiled softly, happy with herself and very pleased with the man she had caught. 

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