The First Step

Commission for 𝔐𝔦𝔱𝔠𝔥𝔢𝔩𝔩. Thanks again!

    I tried my best to steel my nerves. There was a strange tension in the air whenever I was around my wife Desdemona as of late. A beautiful echidna that I loved with all my heart. From her soft and cool lavender colored skin that was without a single blemish, her long green hair that always perfectly fell elegantly over her shoulders, her shapely and sensitive breasts, her pointed ears that adorably turned red when she blushed, to her long snake body of glistening green scales, every part of her was perfect, even the two snakes that hung from her head as part of her head that would gently kiss my cheeks whenever I kissed Desdemona on the lips! But, as of late, I would catch her murmuring when she was around me and thought I wasn’t listening. I also continually caught her staring at me intently out of the corner of my eye. When I turned to face her, she would get fidgety and turn away with an adorably blushing face. This had been going on for about a week now. I felt like there was something wrong, but I had no idea what it was. 
    Tonight, she stood at the stove and I sat at the dining table watching her toil over the meal she was making. Thin cuts of fish sizzled in a skillet as Desdemona flipped them and prepared a blend of seasoning and a simple side dish of roasted sweet potatoes and broccoli. She glanced back at me as she uttered something quietly to herself in a tongue I didn’t understand. Her beautiful face looked at me with soft yellow eyes before turning away, “Is something wrong, Des?” I asked, finally putting my nerves aside, “D-did I do something wrong?”
    “No, no, no!” She said, turning back to me. She looked exasperated but I felt like it wasn’t towards me, “It is me. I simply--” She looked frustrated again as her tongue failed to speak her mind. Her long forked tongue angrily flicked out of her mouth, “There is something I have been meaning to say...” Her snake body began to coil on itself in nervousness and the snakes up on her head writhed as they stared at me.
    I stood and approached her, gently taking one of her elegant hands in mine. She locked eyes with me as worry spread across her face, “How about we talk over dinner? I’m sure your wonderful cooking will calm you down,” She gripped my hand tightly as that red blush showed on her cheeks and pointed ears. 
    She nodded, “Y-yes, I am sure this nice meal will be wonderful for my nerves.”

    Desdemona sat across from me, pulling my jacket that she wore more tightly around her as she felt the chilly air. She wouldn’t let me turn up the thermostat very high as she claimed it would cost us too much. Her traditional echidna garb did little to keep her warm as it wasn’t much more than a bra and loincloth decorated with golden jewelry. Not that I complained that she wore it so much, it was honestly quite sexy in how revealing it was. Her tail nervously coiled around one of my ankles as she looked me in the eyes. I frowned, “You haven’t eaten a single nibble,” I commented as I took another bite of delicious home made food.
    “I-I have the butterflies in my tummy,” She whimpered.
    I set my fork down and took her hand once more, “Tell me what’s wrong, please. Let me help you.”
    She clutched my hand tightly and her nails dug into my skin, “Do you remember what I told you a few weeks ago?” I scratched my head as I thought about it but ultimately shook my head at her, “I-I...” She trailed off again as she swallowed nervously, “I’m going into heat soon,” She looked me in the eye, “A-and you promised w-we would try...”
    “Try for a baby,” I finished the sentence, remembering the conversation we had had in bed some time ago. A happy conversation where the two of us dreamed about having children together. I had uttered a tired promise for the two of us to try for one the next time she went into heat, “I-I remember now,” I started to sweat and shake slightly as my own tension arose.
Desdemona started to giggle as I began to look like she had been, “You look so cute,” She smiled through her nervousness. 
I was glad that my own fears surfacing were making her feel better, “D-do we still want to do it? I-I mean--” I asked quietly in an unsure tone.
    “Yes!” She interrupted, “You promised we would!”
    I sighed and picked up my fork again. I wanted to make her happy more than anything else, “Let's eat first. I’d hate for your wonderful cooking to go to waste.”

    I lay in bed with Desdemona, both of us on our backs, only our hands were touching with our fingers intertwined.  She was in her usual revealing clothing that she enjoyed wearing in my company. I wore nothing more than my boxer briefs, “Des?” I called her name quietly as I stared up at the ceiling.
    “Hm?” She rolled to her side, trying not to disturb the flower petals strewn about too much.
    “You love me, right?” I asked as I restlessly locked eyes with her. The soft candle light from the flaming wax tubes strewn carefully around the room beautifully lit up her gorgeous features. 
    Her soft lips spread into a warm smile despite the tense look in her shimmering yellow eyes, “Of course I do. Do I not tell you that fact every day?”
    “Y-you do,” I stammered, blushing as her hand moved to the back of my neck, “And... You know I love you, right?” 
    “Of course I do,” She pulled herself against me as she caressed the nape of my neck. Her cool skin immediately began to sap the heat from my body. It was always a wonderful feeling as I very gladly and lovingly gave my heat to her. She pressed her lips against mine, sweetly kissing me as we both closed our eyes and enjoyed the passionate act. Both of us pulled away after a few moments longer than completely comfortable. We both panted as we tried to catch our breath. Her arms wrapped around me as she smiled again. She ran her fingers through my hair as my heart began to pound, “You are so cute when you are timid,” She smiled.
    “You’re beautiful,” I told her as my hands moved to her body. I felt the cool skin of her back as I hugged her back.
    Her hand slipped into my boxers, gently groping my slowly hardening member. She grinned, anxious to get started, “D-does that feel good, my love?”
I nodded, quickly becoming erect at her light touch, “Y-yes,” I smiled back as my hand went to her loins. I felt the wet and hot folds of her pussy as I tried to find the more sensitive areas of it. I rubbed at the top of her love tunnel, making her pant and moan as her face glowed a soft reddish color. One hand moved to her face as she gently tugged and I softly rubbed her clit. I could feel the natural lubricant begin to leak from her pussy as she moaned and grinded her hips into my hand.
“I-I-I am ready,” She moaned, “I desire your... Well...” She trailed off.
I nodded, showing I understood as she moved to the side of the bed and I stood up, standing over her, “A-alright,” I said to myself as I dropped my boxers revealing my throbbing cock. My eagerness to please my wife was much stronger than my fear and anxiety about the situation. More than anything, I wanted to make her happy. She had been wanting this baby for such a long time, she kept talking about having her own little snake daughter that she hoped would love her back just as much as she loved her. I sighed and stopped myself from continuing my own rant in my brain. I turned to face my wife.
    Desdemona lay on her back, looking up at me as she slowly lifted the cloth that concealed her private areas. I swallowed as I gazed upon her already wet pussy, ready to be pierced by my manhood, “Remove my bra,” She told me with a somewhat gentle command. I carefully took hold of the golden snake-shaped jewelry and undid the cloth that concealed her breasts. She took hold of my hands, once more placing them against the soft and cool skin of her breasts. She smiled as a gasp escaped her lips. I felt her nipples and rubbed her boobs like she wanted me to. Her tail wrapped around one of my ankles nervously like it usually did. She blushed heavily as she struggled to maintain eye contact, “I... I love you so much,” Was all she could stammer out.
“I love you too, just as much, if not more,” I smiled.
    She smiled, “More than I love you? Quite impossible!” She laughed before reaching up and taking hold of me. She eased me down so I would be on top of her. I grabbed my member and lined it up as she brought me in. With a quick motion, my cock slipped inside of her pussy. She moaned loudly as the pleasure shot through her body, making her back arch, “S-so sensitive,” She panted as her face glowed even redder. She smiled as she gazed into my eyes, “You are so handsome,” She ran her fingers over my chin as I began to gently thrust into her.
    I took my time, wanting to savor the moment as we tried to make our first child. I pushed myself a little deeper into her with each thrust. She moaned quietly, biting down on one of her fingers as she tried to keep herself from getting too loud. My hips moved up and down as my body demanded more of the wonderfully hot and tight feeling of her pussy. It slid against the walls of her pussy and brushed against her womb as I shoved myself in down to the hilt, “D-des,” I grunted as my breathing became labored from the intense feeling as well as the physical exertion.
    “Keep going!” She cried as she wrapped her arms around my head and pulled it to her own face, smothering me in kisses as she tried her best to stay still. Her long forked tongue slid its way into my mouth and danced about it, wrestling my own tongue into submission and holding me there as she forcibly made out with me. The snakes attached to her head also gently kissed my cheeks with their little ticklish forked tongues.
    My hips kept moving as my mouth submitted to her wiles. The intense pleasure was building up a pressure in my hips. My hands moved to her breasts as I continued to play with her soft and sensitive nipples. She moaned into my mouth as I picked up speed, sensing both of us were nearing climax, “I-I’m getting close, Des,” I warned her as my thrusting causing a gentle plap, plap, plap noise to echo throughout the room rhythmically as my own hips collided with her soft and smooth snake body.
    “Cum in me!” She cried as she rapidly approached her own climax. She moaned loudly as her entire body began to writhe at the pleasure, unable to keep herself still any longer. In a sort of lamia leg lock, her snake body coiled around my hips, forcing me deep into her. I thrusted rapidly, eager to give her the seed which she so desperately and depravedly cried for. With a loud and bellowing cry, I stuck myself as far into her as I would go and arched my back as did she. In the same moment, her pussy began to quiver and move, trying to milk the cum from my member as I blasted my load into her womb. Her nails dug into my back as she moaned loudly in ecstasy. 
    After a couple spurts of cum into her womb, I collapsed on top of her. I felt spent as Desdemona ran her fingers through my hair and caressed my shoulders. We lay in the after sex heat of one another’s bodies, hers was now completely wamed up by our copulation, “Des...” I trailed off, unable to mumble much more than her name. I looked up into her eyes. I saw love, satisfaction, and happiness on her face. But one other thing that filled me with worry. A hunger. A deep rooted hunger for more of me. Without a word, she placed me on the bed, using her tail to pin me down as it coiled around my ankles and then my wrists, “Des! W-what--” I cried.
    “Hush now,” She smirked as she interrupted me, “And be still. I will take care of everything,” She cooed as she kissed my cheek. She took hold of my member again which was still erect and lined it up with her vagina. I didn’t raise a fuss as she lowered herself onto me. She squirmed and got comfortable, “Oh, yes,” She muttered to herself as she lay on top of me. I shuddered as she forced me into her. She was still hot and wet for me, eager for a second round. 
    While I had been gentle and cautious with our first round, Desdemona was full of lust and was throwing caution to the wind. Her hips wildly and mercilessly pounded against mine, as if her hips had a mind of their own. My wife stared me in the eyes with a loving look on her face as if completely oblivious to how she was ravaging me. The previous gentle noises of sex were replaced with a violent and wet slaps as she voraciously fucked my body. Her hands caressed my face as I cried out in desperate moans. She smiled, watching me squirm with love wholly in her eyes. Once more, her mouth pressed to my lips and her tongue easily slithered its way into my mouth. She closed her eyes as she lazily made out with me, more focused on the violating that was occuring. I could only lay in her grasp as she had her way with me. I whimpered as her fingernails ran over my skin gently. 
She moaned into my mouth as she took my member to the hilt, shuddering and quivering from the feeling. Her rhythm picked up as the feeling of a nearing climax neared in both of our loins, “Cum in me again,” She moaned, hardly audible above the lewd slapping noises, “I need to be sure my womb is filled with your loving seed!” 
    I panted as sweat ran down my brow, “A-anything for you,” I groaned as I smiled weakly. She smiled back and kissed me again on the lips, contrasting the violent fucking that my hips were being subjected to. 
    “Oh!” She cried, “My love! Now! Give me your love!” She moaned loudly with a cry that reverberated throughout the room. Crashing her hips against mine, she took every little bit of my cock inside of her pussy, the tip of my penis brushing against her womb as she orgasmed violently. Her pussy quivered again as it demanded my cum. I came in her womb, filling it with my cum as I came just as strongly as the first time.
    Desdemona and I both panted, lovingly staring one another in the eyes before making out again. She slowly unwrapped me and slithered into the bed. Some of my cum leaked from her pussy which she very happily pushed back into her womanhood, “I must make sure we sire a child,” She explained as I gave her an incredulous look, “I must keep as much of your precious seed as possible.”
    I nodded and lay with her, head resting on her shoulder, “You think you’ll get pregnant from this?”
    “I pray so!” She smiled as she leaned on me and kissed my scalp, “I have my love for you and my faith in the heavens. I just hope both are enough,” She smiled.
    “Do... You have a name picked out?” I asked weakly, still recovering from the beating she gave my hips. I was sure she did, she was the kind of girl to plan everything out beforehand.
    “Well. I was thinking Minerva for our first,” She told me as her tail gently coiled around me, nothing firm enough to hold me in place, merely a full body loving hug, “I have had that name in mind for so long. I hope you do not hate it.”
    “I love it,” I smiled as I ran my fingers through her now messy hair, “I-I’m really nervous, Des.”
    “My love,” She smiled as she rolled on top of me, resting her head under my chin on my chest, “Everything will work out for us. I am sure of it. But you must rest now. We will begin preparing for our daughter once we are sure I will be graced with a swollen, love filled belly.”
    I smirked, “Alright. I love you.”
    “And I love you too,” She smiled as she wrapped herself around my body.

    I woke up in the morning without the usual heat of Desdemona’s body against mine. I wondered if she had already gotten up to get ready for the day. I felt something wet wrap around my member causing me to shudder. I threw the blankets aside revealing my wife below the covers. Her tongue ran up and down my cock, playfully teasing every inch of it before she slowly placed her lips around the heads and pushed it down, taking every centimeter of it in her mouth, “W-what are you doing?” I asked as I moaned.
    “Are you suddenly a prude, my dear?” She laughed, “Do you not enjoy this? I thought you may enjoy being woken up with a little oral.”
    “N-no, I love it,” I gasped her tongue wrapped around the head of my cock.
    “Good. Now lay back and rest. I will take care of everything.”

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