In Hell’s Den

Commission for MinutemanFMJ. Thanks again!

    “Private Oliver Woods,” I quietly introduced myself to my new squad while we sat on boxes of supplies in a foxhole.
    “What happened to the rest of your team?” Another private asked me as he loaded long brass bullets into his Lee-Einfield magazines. 
    “Shelled to hell and back,” I sighed.
    “How did you make it?” Another asked as he thumbed through his journal.
    “I tripped and crawled back after I watched them get obliterated,” I explained sheepishly as I flipped my metal helmet in my hands. One of the straps had broken and I had hastily repaired it with some string and a needle I had bummed off of another private. I wondered how he was doing. I prayed he had not gotten his skull blown open by some german sitting God knows how many meters away, or gotten blown to bits by artillery, or coughed his lungs out in the trenches from that damned gas. I did not want to be here. I was a damned farmer, I missed my ma and pa and the farm, “Britain’s finest... bah,” I muttered to myself. 
    “Don’t let the captain hear you say that, Woods,” The man next to me nudged me. His uniform was much dirtier than mine. His leg looked like it had been bandaged up from a grazing hit to his thigh, “Massif’ British nationalist. What did ya’ do before ya’ came ‘ere?” He picked up his rifle and fiddled with the bolt, opening and closing it, making sure that it was working.
    “Farmer. I miss it. Used to dread getting up early to milk cows, but I keep hoping I’ll wake up and be back in that bed,” A frown crossed my lips as I thought about it, “You?”
    “Worked in the factories. Started makin’ guns before gettin’ drafted. Dreadful here, kid. These trenches. I’ve been here too long.”
    “I miss green grass and blue skies,” I sighed as I tried to clean my uniform a little bit. The caked on mud wouldn’t come out of my already somewhat brown uniform, “Dreary greys are all we get here. The sky, the ground after havin’ been hit with artillery, even the dirt here looks grey. The only splash of color we see is the orange of the explosions and the flash of gun fire. Sometimes the red of blood before it mixes into the mud.”
    “Ya sound like a painter,” The other guy ribbed me, “I hope ya make it outta here alive, Woods.”
    “We are already in hell, friend. Just a matter of time before we get to see the Devil.”
    “If I had any liquor, I would drink to that, Woods,” He downed a pretty big swig of water instead.
    I shuddered as I heard a loud whistle, “Damn it all,” I shook myself, trying to prepare myself to charge over the trench. I threw my hat on and quickly did the chin strap.
    “Come on, lads!” The captain called into the fox hole, “For Britain!”
    “What’d I tell ya?” The man I spoke with earlier snickered, “Bleedin’ heart nationalist. Up and over, shoulder to shoulder.”
    I grabbed my rifle and loaded it, ready to go over. Ready to get this over with. I swallowed nervously, standing side by side with the people I had just met. Another whistle blew. I climbed up along with everyone else, leaning my head down as I stomped across the muddy, war torn earth. There was silence for a few moments before the cry of machine gun fire started to ring and the screams of bombs began to hail from the sky. The unmistaken sound of far off artillery, launching mortars through long tubes with a dull fwump before crying through the air and exploding into a hail of fire.
    I watched men get shredded by machine gun fire and get blown up by artillery. I shook in my boots, praying that my turn wouldn’t come next. I wasn’t sure if I was ready to see the pearly gates, “Incoming!” Someone cried. I looked up just in time to see something hurtling towards us, crying as it flew through the air.
    I didn’t even have the chance to scream before it hit us.

    I felt... Warm. I felt something ticklish and cool between my fingers. My eyes shot open, staring at the blue sky for a second before I started to squint. I sat up and looked around. My hands furiously pat my own body, making sure all of my limbs were intact as well as my body. All my limbs and head were still on. I didn’t seem to have so much as a hair out of place. I got up and took my helmet off, letting the sunshine hit my skin. I breathed a sigh of relief as the ringing in my ears subsided. Had I blown up? Had I died? It didn’t really matter to me at that moment. I took a quick look around. I was standing in a wooded area. There was grass beneath my boots and flourishing trees all around. Flowers of red, yellow and pink all swayed lazily in the breeze. I leaned down and picked a flower, smelling it, making sure it was real. The land was picturesque, something I could really only pull from my imagination in recent times. 
I looked at the ground, amazingly, my gear was here too. My rifle, my shovel, canteen, all my things. I grabbed it all and threw it on my body. Although I was happy to not be in the trenches, I still needed to figure out where I was. I waited for the signal to start marching. It took me a bit longer than I would like to admit to realise I had to start walking on my own. There was not a soul around to give me orders. I was my own man for what felt like the first time in my entire life. With a shudder, I started walking. I had my helmet in one hand and a single flower I had picked up in the other.

    I felt like my eyes were playing tricks on me. It was dusk now, the once blue sky was now shades of bright orange and deep purples as the moon prepared to show its gorgeous face. I missed seeing the moons and stars just as much as I had missed the blue sky, the green foliage and the warm sun. The constant clouds and smoke of war had continually obscured them. 
I jumped again as I heard some rustling behind me. I turned around and could have sworn I saw something big leap out of sight just as I moved. I kept walking, praying I was just imagining things as the isolation and fear creeping into my mind was getting to me. As I marched along, in a line of one, I looked up to the trees. I froze as I saw a massive bird, it looked down at me, wings outstretched. I could only see its freakishly humanoid shape and the glow of its yellow eyes. I picked up the pace, nearly jogging as I kept looking for some sign of civilization. 
Another noise behind me made me turn around, I caught the form of whatever had been tailing me for an hour, maybe more now. Vaguely human in shape with slim, wiry limbs. I hurried along, trying to find somewhere to hide now. These bushes would do nothing for me, the one trailing me would spot me for sure. There! On the branches was the form of that massive bird again. What were these? I asked myself as my heart began to pound. Demons? I pondered silently. To the left, I saw some flames in the darkness that quickly vanished. To the right, I heard a low growl.
I started running, desperate for some respite from the demons that haunted me. What had that light been? I wondered silently. It was almost like a fire trailing me, maybe two little streaks of fire showing their faces to me every so often. I suspected it was the Devil, who else would have any power over fire? I could only wonder if this was some kind of test like the Bible mentioned Jesus going through.
I glanced up as I saw the bird-like form swooping at me. I wasn’t fast enough to duck out of the way before it crashed into me. I landed on my back with the beast straddling me, sitting on my stomach. I held up my arms to defend myself, but didn’t find myself getting clawed at or my eyes being pecked at. I slowly removed my arms as I heard giggling. I looked up into the face of a woman. A cute one. A very cute woman. She was young and had a thin face, her chest was bare save for feathers that were affixed to her skin. She leaned down and put her cute glowing eyes near my face, “Oooooh,” She blew sweet smelling breath onto my face with her noise, “Aren’t you a cute one!” She flapped her arms-- wings. Her arms were wings that flapped and blew cool air into my face, “I’ll take you back to my nest! And we’ll make a lot of babies! And--”
The bird woman cried out as another form tackled her. I sat up and watched the bird fight with another woman. She was much larger but still thin. It had to be the thing that was trailing me, “I found him first!” This second woman hissed as she pinned the bird. She glanced at me with eyes that shot fear through me. While the bird’s eyes had been human, this was a woman with brown soft looking fur on her limbs and eyes like that of a cat. Narrow slits that pierced my body and stared into my soul. Other than the strange animal-like features, she was quite beautiful with her soft features.
    “He’s mine! I touched him first!” The bird woman shrieked.
    “Shut your mouth before I lose my patience,” The cat woman hissed as the pointy ears on top of her head twitched. 
    “Off me, hag!”
    “No, you harlot!”
    I climbed to my feet, eager to get away. I turned away from them, ready to walk in the other direction. I took two steps, not looking where I was going, before my head collided with something squishy and warm. I looked up, terrified of what I was going to see. A woman with round ears on the top of her head, a warm smile on her lips, and arms that ended in furred claws looked down at me. She was quite pretty as well. I ducked out of the way as she tried to wrap me in a bear hug, “Where are you going?” She asked, genuinely sounding sad.
    The cat and bird leapt up, “You skank! I saw him first!” The bird cried.
    “No! I did! But I’m still gonna kick your ass, grizzly!” The cat hissed.
    The grizzly frowned and faced her two attackers as they leapt at her. All three girls fought in the grass, none gaining the upper hand or really injuring the others. I watched them, caught in a stupor, confused as to what I was seeing.
    A howl filled the air. A hellish cry to the moon overhead. The three girls fighting on the ground all shuddered and leapt to their feet. Each one scurried away, the fear obvious on their faces. I grabbed my rifle and pulled the bolt back, ejecting a single unused round and putting another one into the barrel. I picked up the unused bullet and started to slowly trudge through the woods again. I had my finger off the trigger and the safety on as I walked, terrified of what could have scared off those powerful looking girls. It was definitely not a man, most likely some manner of beast that stalked these woods.

    As I walked through the dark, my heart pounded. I needed to rest, but I didn’t feel safe anywhere I went. The hairs on the back of my neck stood on end as I wandered through the woods. I had to be going in circles. These trees all looked the same and the grass didn’t keep my boot marks. The light of the moon was hardly enough to guide me. I hadn’t seen any of those three girls again and I was unsure if that was something to celebrate or not. I swallowed nervously, the rifle was feeling heavy in my hands and my gear was digging into my shoulders. I needed to rest but I felt like I couldn’t stop now. I paused for a moment, putting the rifle down, propping it up against a tree. I panted as I caught my breath and took a sip from my canteen. I was out of water. I was starving too. I groaned and leaned against the tree. 
    I glanced behind me. I could see that fire again. It was moving towards me, definitely. I picked up the rifle, aiming it and flipping the safety off, ready to shoot. I swallowed nervously, my mouth completely dry. I waited till I saw the whites of its eyes but I hesitated as the being came into view. Definitely a woman, but her skin was ashen. Similar to the bear and cat ladies from before, her legs past her knees were covered in a thick coat of fur. Her arms from the elbows down were the same. Both ended in sharp claws. Her chest and loins were covered by some cloth, but her muscular abs were still visible. She stared at me with quite literally fiery eyes. A jet of fire shot from the corner of both eyes. Neither eye had whites, the sclera was black surrounding bright red eyes. She sauntered towards me, standing at way over two meters tall, not counting the dog-like ears on the top of her head. She grinned at me with pearly white and sharp teeth, “How you doin’?” She called at me.
    I shook in my boots, pointing my rifle at her, “I-- Uh--” I stammered.
    She laughed, stopping about four meters away from me. Her tail wagged rapidly, “Put that toy down, boy,” 
I shook my head, “Stay-Stay away from me!” I squeaked.
    She laughed even more boisterously, “Oh? A fighter?” She stepped towards me, grinning wildly, obviously excited. 
    I pulled the trigger, my heart dropping as I only heard a loud click. In a panic, I pulled the bolt open and closed it again, chambering a new round. Another click with no bang. the hound woman stood near me, watching me panic with a smile on her face. I grabbed my bayonet and affixed it to my rifle. I thrust it at the woman with a wild cry. I watched as my blade merely slid off of her skin, leaving the smallest scratch. She laughed at me, “B-back! Back Lucifer! My faith in the Lord protects me!” I cried as I threw down my rifle.
She looked confused, “Lucy-fur? I kinda like that,” She shook herself, “Well, since you’ve been so much fun. I’ll give you a head start. Five...” I took a few steps away from her as she leaned down and picked up the rifle, “Four,” I turned and ran, leaving some of my gear behind as I tried to escape the demon, “Three,” She shouted. I couldn’t hear her until I heard a loud howl that sent a shiver down my spine. I turned back, looking for her. I could see the fire charging right for me. I kept stepping backwards, my mind racing on what to do. I took a step, losing my footing as I fell back, hitting my head on something hard. I could feel the air leaving my lungs as I started to faint. My lungs emptied with a moan of pain as I watched the woman run towards me, a look of fear on her face as she carefully started to pick me up.
I blacked out as she carefully cradled me in her arms.
    I groaned in pain as I woke up. My eyes slowly fluttered open, revealing the stone ceiling above me. I rolled to my side, I was in a decently large cave towards the back laying on a sort of makeshift bed. A tiny fire crackled, illuminating the area and providing heat as it roasted some meat sitting above it. Rain poured outside the cave. I sat up, my head ringing and hurting making me clutch my head in my hands, “Take it slow,” I heard a woman order somewhat softly as she plopped down next to me. It was the hound woman. She stared at me with concern in her eyes as she wrapped her arm around me, rubbing my shoulder with her big hand, “You took a bad fall, boy. Drink,” She ordered as she put a bowl in my hands. 
I stared down into the clear water for only a moment before downing it. My fear of this woman had been replaced with a feeling of comfort as she tried to take care of me. I sighed with relief as the cool water slid down my throat, “Good boy,” She cooed as she ruffled my hair. I set the bowl down in front of me as I tried to gather my bearings. She had stripped me of my dirty clothes and left me in my underwear and tank top. I touched my neck, feeling a leather thing applying pressure to it. A collar? I tried to remove it, “Leave that,” She growled and bared her teeth. With lightning speed, I took my hands off of my neck, “Good boy,” She praised again, gently forcing me onto my back, “Good boys follow orders, hm?” She grinned as she stroked my hair and scratched me under the chin. 
    “Wh-who... What are you?” I squeaked. 
    “Do you really wanna know?” She had a sly smile on her face, “It’ll cost ya,” Without a second thought, I nodded, “You’ll be calling me Lucy. I like that name a lot. As for what, hellhound,” I stared at her blankly as she stood, “Name?” She demanded.
    “Private Oliver Woods,” I answered immediately, too worried as to what would happen if I didn’t.
“Private? That's a cute name. You cut me pretty bad last night and it needs some kisses to feel better,” She declared in a mocking tone, “On your knees Private,” She barked, grinning. Her grin started to turn into an angry scowl as I hesitated. With a whimper I got on my knees. I closed my eyes, terrified as to what she would do to me. Her large paw hand pet my hair and held me still as she forced me against her hard and warm abs. She smelled of campfire and meat, “Lick and kiss,” she ordered. I rapidly started licking, “SLOWLY!” She barked. I whimpered again before slowing down, running my tongue across her hot abs. Her hand released me and started petting me again, “Good boy,” She muttered repeatedly through excited gasps. 
Was she getting off to this? I asked myself. Another smell reached my nostrils, the scent of sex. She reached down and tore off the makeshift skirt she was wearing. I could see the pink of her pussy now leaking with thick love fluids. I didn’t dare stop kissing and licking her abs. 
    She grabbed the collar around my neck and pulled me away, “Such a good and eager boy,” She leaned down and put her hands under my chin, cupping my face before kissing me on the lips, “Good boys get treats,” She pushed me onto my back again with force. As I tried to recover, she put something in my mouth and strapped it to my head. A gag. She grabbed my crotch with one hand and squeezed. I didn’t know if the tent I was pitching was because of fear or arousal as I stared at her massive, shapely breasts. She petted me roughly, “Is Private ready for his treat?” I nodded, eager now. She pulled my underwear off and started to stroke me before lining it up with her pussy. She gently slid me into her, gasping as her back arched. I tried to cry out, but my voice was caught in the gag. Her tight, wet and almost burning hot pussy was too much for me to bear. She grinned as she grabbed my wrists, holding them over my head.
    She lifted herself up and brought her hips crashing down into mine. I shouted, half in pain, half in pleasure as her massive ashen rear settled into me. She grinned at me, “Oh, Private. You feel so good,” She sighed and leaned in close to me, settling in as her arms wrapped around my head. Her hips rose and came back down again and again as she mercilessly fucked me. The fire in her eyes roared as she used my member to pleasure herself. There was a steady plap, plap, plap noise as the hound woman howled in pleasure. Lucy was drooling now, staring down at me as she let loose, losing herself in the feeling. Pleasure shot through my body as a feeling started in my loins. It quickly started to build, turning into a pressure forming right behind my cock. I started to cry out again as I struggled to hold it in, “Hm? You gonna cum, Private?” She grinned, “Ya gonna cum for me?” She asked. She was even more voracious at the promise of my love fluids, “Do it,” She barked loudly, “Cum in me!” She took the gag out of my mouth as I started to shout with pleasure. She grinned as she listened to me cum inside of her, howling my lungs out as I put my baby batter right into her womb, “Good boy, Private. Such a good boy. My little good boy,” She cooed as I turned into a quivering, whimpering mess, exhausted from emptying myself into her. 
    “Drink,” She ordered again as she pressed the bowl to my lips. I drank from it greedily, a few little streams of water running down my cheeks. She pulled it away and wiped my face, “Hope you liked your treat, boy. Now its time for me to get my fill,” She licked her lips and put my gag back on. She grinned at my tired whimpering as she started to fuck me again. Even if my body was exhausted, my member was not, with the last of my remaining strength, it stood at full length for her as she repeatedly pierced herself on it. Again and again she slammed against me, howling and shouting my name as she rode me like a stolen horse. The pressure built once more, I was nearing another orgasm, “Cum!” Lucy ordered as her pounding became even more ferocious, “Now! Hurry!” She cried as her back arched and her body shook. I felt her pussy quiver and firmly grip my member. It easily coaxed an orgasm out of me, making me cry out as I came inside of her again. She howled, shaking me with the strength of her cry. 
Lucy collapsed on me, her powerful pussy still held my penis with its powerful grip, “Good boy. I’m gonna have lots of fun with you,” She giggled as she pet my hair. The hellhound took the gag out of my mouth and sat me up against the cave wall. She grabbed the meat that was cooking on the fire and brought it over to me. Grabbing my body, she pulled me into her lap and held me against her, my head resting between her breasts. With powerful claws she tore up the meat, easily dropping it from the bone and setting it on a plate for us to share, “Eat, Private. You’ll need your strength for our next round of baby making,” She kissed me on the cheek before chowing down on a big chunk of meat. 
I picked up some meat for myself and took a bite of it. It was a little charred and needed some spices, but it was the best thing I had eaten in some time. I let myself lean into her hot body as she pet my hair. I stifled a laugh as I smiled back at her, I never would have thought that being in the clutches of a hound from hell would have been so nice.

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