Mamano INC

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 A child sat in bed, heart racing as the thunderstorm raged outside. Silently, he cursed the ryu that had moved in a few weeks ago, as there hadn’t been many storms before she arrived. The child hid under his sheets as thunder cracked in the air. Outside of the child's vision, a monster stirred under his bed. Slowly, the large monster crawled out from under, still staying outside of his vision, which wasn’t hard as the child still hid under his sheets. Carefully, the monster removed the covers to reveal the frightened child. He squeaked in fear as the monster’s claws moved to grab him.
 Gently and slowly, the monster lifted the terrified child and climbed onto the bed, resting his head on her large and plump thighs, “Ssssh,” She cooed as she pet the child’s head, “What seems to be the trouble, dear?” She whispered in a soothing tone.
 The child felt at ease, hardly cowering as the thunder cracked outside, “T-thunder...” He mumbled quietly. The monster’s flesh was soft and warm, seemingly made of a patchwork of blankets that smelled of freshly washed linens. The warmth and smell combined with how gently she caressed him quickly calmed him down. Little did he know that the monster had a natural magic that soothed him.
 “It can’t hurt you, dear,” The monster assured him. 
 “It’s scary...”
 “I’ll protect you from it. Sleep now. Young boys need their sleep to grow up big and strong. You want that don’t you?” She smiled, running her soft claws through his hair to comfort him. 
 Within minutes, the exhausted boy had fallen asleep. The monster waited a few more minutes before stirring again. She glanced to the nightstand where a half drank glass of warm milk sat. She lifted the glass and grabbed the bronze coin underneath and stuffed it into her bag. Carefully, the monster lifted the child’s head and set it atop one of his pillows before gently climbing off the bed and expertly and tightly tucking him in. With a smile, she slid herself back under the bed.

 Sally breathed a sigh of relief as she returned to the Sleep Floor. She stepped through the portal and shook herself. She was getting too old to be squeezing under beds like she was, “Sally! Good job!” Michelle grinned as she shut down the portal. Her eye stalks blinked at Sally as the technician of the pair set the machine to cool down before opening another portal.
 “Thanks, Michelle,” Sally smiled as she started doing some stretches, trying to get the back pain out before she had to go back in. She quickly brushed the dust off of her cloth like body so she could be presentable. Sally was a bogey, her blanket-like patched together skin was fuzzy in some places and mostly colored a dark blue with a few small patches that were purple on her back and arms. 
 The gazer, Michelle smiled as she marked something off on her clipboard with her natural black goo covered hands. Sally put the bronze coin in the much shorter, ashen skinned gazer’s hand and took a moment to rest. Although she loved her job and had been doing it for years, she was a little out of it now. She adjusted her shirt, ‘Mamano INC’ it proudly read in white text on the baby blue shirt which matched Michelle’s shirt with the same thing on it. With a quick adjustment to her usual comfy grey sweatpants, she glanced around, other ‘sleeper’ teams were taking a short break as well. Sally felt a pang of jealousy as she spotted the weresheep named Rachel as she returned from her duty through the portal and kissed her husband, who was also her technician, on the lips, “You alright, Sally?” Michelle asked without looking up from her clipboard. A few of her eyestalks watched Sally while the rest gave the gazer a full 360 degree field of view, “You’re getting that look again.”
 “It’s nothing. Don’t worry about it,” She averted her gaze to one of the other ten or so pairs that made up the sleeper teams. The technician could be anyone, but the sleepers themselves were mamano like weresheep with their magic infused wool, titanias with childlike demeanor and sweet personalities, yetis that could cuddle anyone into submission, holstaurs who were not afraid to feed others their fresh and warm milk and a surprisingly sweet and cuddly grizzly. 
 Michelle frowned and focused all her eyes on the bogey, “You’re still the top Sleeper! I don’t understand what you’re getting upset at Rachel about. You’ve got the top sleep time and everything!”
 Sally grunted but ultimately nodded. She was a bit of a big deal in Mamano INC. New hires asked her for tips, looked up to her and a few even told her that Sally had helped them once or twice when they were kids. Being a bogey, Sally was pretty much built for this line of work, “Yes, I do,” She agreed with the gazer after a long silent pause.
 “Well, you better hurry up, because Rachel is gonna catch up to your score today if you don’t!” The gazer pointed to the wall where an electronic board was. Sally was five up on the weresheep, but she had just gone into the portal again. Even if Rachel was good, she only had one or two strategies for helping kids sleep. Mostly hugs and lullabies, but sometimes she would give a bad case a blanket made from her wool.
 Sally nodded and stepped towards the dark purple portal as Michelle opened it. The bogey checked the clipboard for this case, “Baphomet, huh? A little older-- Okay a lot older than what I normally do. Ten minutes at most.”
 “Do it in five and I’ll buy dinner!”
 “You’re on,” A timer started as Sally entered the portal. She found herself in a closet. She pushed clothes for a smaller mamano that hung from racks aside and carefully slid the closet door open. She peered into a room lined with three bunk beds. Someone was snoring loudly and another, the baphomet, sat at the edge of her bed with a candle gently burning next to her. She had a half drank cup of warm milk on the nightstand next to her. She looked at Sally with wide eyes as she stepped from the closet. Sally held a finger over her mouth, signalling the baphomet to stay quiet. The baphomet nodded, “What seems to be the issue?” The bogey asked, hardly audible over the snoring witch on the top bunk.
“Please,” The baphomet begged, “I need something to either knock me out, or shut her up. Anything,” She explained as Sally knelt next to her and felt her blankets and sheets. They seemed comfortable enough, the mattress was a little too soft for her liking, but it was preferred amongst sabbath members. 
Sally nodded and rummaged through her magical bag, “Blanket... Sleep mask... Ah!” She grinned as she found what she wanted, “A pair of comfy earmuffs should do the trick,” She handed them to the baphomet. 
She struggled to fit them around her horns, but once she had them, she gave the bogey a wide smile, “Oh, so much better. Thank you very much,” She climbed under her sheets.
 Sally merely smiled at her, knowing that she couldn’t hear her. She tucked the baphomet in who instantly looked relieved as well as exhausted as the expert bogey wrapped her in blankets. Nodding that her duty was done, she lifted up the cup of milk and took the three gold coins underneath. Some believed that the amount put under the milk meant they’d get better service, but all received the same loving care from Sally. It wasn’t about the money or tips to her, not even about the ‘score’ that her technician Michelle cared so much about, she just wanted to help people. If helping people get a good night’s sleep was how she would do it, then so be it. She put the coins in her bag and returned to the closet.
Michelle glanced up from a menu as the portal spit Sally out, “Three and a half? Pretty damn good!” Sally grinned as she checked the timer. She tossed the coins to the pouting gazer who shoved them in their collection box, “Where’s dinner tonight?” Sally asked as she did more stretches. She hated appearing in cramped closets but it was a lot better than appearing under the bed. Being around seven feet tall had its perks, but being able to squeeze under the bed wasn’t one. 
 Michelle held up the menu in her hand, “That new burger place you’ve been salivating over is a little out of the way, but that's what I was planning on.”
 Sally nodded, “Come on, lets get outta here a little early. No way Rachael will catch up now.”
 “Yeah, yeah,” The gazer huffed. The duo started collecting their things. Sally put her few things in her briefcase and Michelle did the same, putting things like her tablet and laptop into a backpack that she quickly slung over her shoulder, “Look who’s coming,” She noted as her eyestalks scanned the floor.
 Sally turned as she heard the tapping of spider legs on the concrete, “There’s my top sleeper!” The arachne cried as she approached, “How are you, Miss Sally? Headed home?”
 “I’m fine, thank you, Mrs. Dreamweaver,” Sally smiled at her boss, “Hope you don’t mind us headed to dinner.”
Mrs. Dreamweaver shook her head and adjusted the glasses on her nose, “Of course not. You did more than your share today,” She smiled and brushed her fancy hairstyle back over her shoulder, “The board is still offering you that lead position, Miss Sally.”
 The bogey shrugged, “I don’t know. I’m getting a little old for this.”
 “We can’t lose you, Miss Sally! Without you, these new age sleepers won’t hit our quotas at all! Its our job to make sure the next generation of children gets a good night's sleep!”
 “When you say it like that, it sounds a little dumb,” Michelle shrugged, “N-not that I don’t love working here! I still don’t get why the Maou herself funds this.”
 Mrs. Dreamweaver gave Sally an incredulous look. The bogey chuckled, “She’s the best technician around, ma’am. Sees stuff no one else can.”
 Mrs. Dreamweaver cleared her throat, “Well, Miranda--”
 “Michelle,” The gazer corrected.
 “--Walk with me, both of you,” The arachne led the two away from the sleep floor. They walked into the receiving room, a sort of hub where people could get to any department within Mamano INC.
Michelle waved to her boyfriend, Charlie, who sat behind the front desk along with a few others. He waved back with a yawn, “My man is lookin’ pretty fine today,” She proudly mused to herself with a quiet purr as almost all of her eyes trained on the boy.
 “Mandy,” Mrs. Dreamweaver started again.
 “Its Michelle.”
 “When you were young, did you ever have those nights when you were a little girl where you just could not sleep?” The arachne asked as she led them down one of the halls of the corporate wing of Mamano INC.
 “Well, of course,” The gazer blinked as she gazed at the portraits of former presidents of the company. Mrs. Dreamweaver was amongst them as well as many others. Mostly monster girls, but a few men sat amongst their ranks. 
 “While we are small compared to the other branches of goodwill services that the Maou has put in place, we are amongst the first. A young witch had a dream, that none would go without a good night’s sleep,” Mrs. Dreamweaver stopped at a painted portrait of a young blonde witch in caster’s robes that looked like a nightgown, “A spell was cast upon the world, so that all who needed aid in sleeping could call upon those that would offer help. All it takes is a warm glass of milk and a coin or two, to help pay those that want to help.”
 Sally nodded, “I’ve been doing this since before we came to the new world.”
 “I remember when Miss Sally was just a fledgling green horn!” The arachne chuckled, “But she had a gift for it. She's a natural, Emily!”
 “Michelle,” The gazer sighed.
 “Anywho. That's why we exist,” Mrs. Dreamweaver sighed dreamily as she gazed upon the portraits of former presidents, “Any questions?”
 Michelle shook her head, “Not really. Ready to get outta here, Sally?”
 “Yeah,” She shook herself and threw on her jacket, “See you around, boss.”
 “Oh, Miss Sally,” The arachne excitedly tapped her long spider legs on the wooden floor, “You will be participating in the yearly Sleep Off, won’t you?” Said event was in roughly two weeks. The Monday after this one, and today was Friday.
 “The most exciting event where the best of the best help people sleep!” Michelle beamed with numerous eyestalks, “I’m excited already!”
 Sally nodded, “I’m still undefeated, aren’t I?” She boasted as her and her gazer friend made their way to the entrance.
 “Have a good weekend you two! Make sure she gets some rest in, Maria!” Mrs. Dreamweaver called.
 “It’s--” The gazer groaned, “Forget it. Come on, Sally. I’m hungry.”

 Sally stared out the window at the dark reddish sky. The blood moon was a little bit brighter than it usually was, indicating that it was ‘daytime’ in the eternally dark city, “Yeah, just gimme a cheeseburger with onions and ketchup. Double the cheese, please,” Michelle told the waiter. He quickly scribbled it down, “And one of those baskets of fries for us to share. And a chocolate milkshake. Sally? What do you want?”
 “Huh?” The bogey snapped back to reality and glanced at the waiter, “Uh, a double cheeseburger with everything.”
 Michelle gave the waiter both of their menus and turned to her friend, “What's up? You haven’t said much the entire time we’ve been here,” Sally only grunted, frustrated by the gazer’s constant prodding. She stared at her water as she tapped somewhat violently on the table, watching the ripples form in her cup, “Sally,” The gazer turned all of her eyes to her friend, “You thought the waiter was cute, huh?”
 “W-what!?” Sally gasped.
 “I can see it all over your face.”
 The bogey quickly got defensive, “That's not what this is about! Plus that guy was totally taken!”
 “Pfft. Even a career focused girl like you has to settle down eventually!”
 “I don’t have time for a guy,” Sally growled quietly, “Gotta keep being the best sleeper on the team. That’s all I’ve got going for me.”
 The gazer’s smug look fell off her face, “Oh, come on, Sally! You’re good at those jigsaw puzzles too!” The gazer flinched as Sally gave her an uncharacteristically menacing look, “I-I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you. Tell me what’s wrong, I want to help you.”
 Sally sighed, “I’m out of my prime, Michelle. Even if I could find a guy that even began to strike my fancy, would he even like me back? I’m so old and busted now.”
 “Don’t say that!” Michelle gasped, “You’re lean, cute, sweet and a breadwinner! Any guy would be lucky to have you!” The gazer stood, displaying herself for her friend, “I’m fucking fat and dumb and I have a guy! The only thing keeping you--” She paused as the waiter carefully returned with her milkshake, “Thanks, bud. Anyways. The only thing keeping you down is your own self doubt! Be more assertive! Confident!” The gazer was right, she was a little thick, but Sally had always heard that boys liked that. The bogey was much leaner and a bit muscular.
 “I hope you’re right, Michelle,” Sally sighed but still smiled at her younger friend’s speech and energy.
 “Of course I am! I see things no one else can! And I see that you’re a queen!”
 “Thanks, Michelle.”
 “Is this why you haven’t taken that position the boss has offered you repeatedly, right? You think you’re gonna retire soon?”
 Sally nodded, “Maybe I should retire. I’m not THAT old, but I’m starting to feel the effects of age.”
 “I dunno. Some really like that womanly stuff,” Michelle shrugged as she loudly slurped down her milkshake, “Just find you one that does.”
 “Not like I meet a lot of guys in this line of work.”
“We could go to clubs and look for guys,” Michelle suggested, “Thanks again, Bud,” She smiled at the waiter as he delivered the two burgers and the large basket of fries. The gazer immediately went for the fries, trying a few of the dipping sauces that came with it, “Yo!” She exclaimed as she shoved a few fries in her mouth, “This campfire sauce stuff is SUPER good!”
Sally smiled and tried it, “Good, but I think fry sauce is still my go to,” She murmured before going for that. She tasted the burger too, letting the flavors fall over her tongue and moaning softly. Nothing on earth could beat a delicious burger in her mind. Other than her work, food was what she lived for.
 Sally and Michelle both ate quietly, thinking to themselves about the future. At least the gazer was. The bogey was focused on her savory, delicious food. 

 Sally rode in the elevator alone. The lonely ride to the fifth floor of her apartment complex was quick. Michelle had gone back to her own apartment, one she shared with Charlie in a different building. She stopped on her floor, stepping out, holding her briefcase in one hand and her coat over her shoulder. The halls were silent, it was just before the time when everyones’ alarms would go off and they would get ready for work. Using a key that was much too small for her big clawed hands, Sally unlocked her door and stepped into her apartment. It was a small one room studio apartment. She had a small kitchen stocked with tasty food, a futon couch, a TV that she hardly used except for on the weekend when she would binge watch whatever she could to just pass the time, a little desk with a little chair and a fan for those hot nights. The bathroom was the only other room she had and it was pretty standard with a tall shower, a sink and a toilet. 
 Sally closed the blinds and prepared her futon. She laid some blankets out on the futon and collapsed onto it. With a sigh, she looked around as she pulled her blankets over herself. A few photo frames were scattered about. Photos of Sally at work with a few co workers throughout the years, her parents and her, and a few with her and Michelle during a few girls nights out. Sally had met the gazer at work when her old technician got fired. Even if Sally was big and tough, she had lost a little too much fluff when her technician sent her to an order ambush through that portal. Human supremacist extremists. How they had figured out the simple magic to summon her, Sally would never know. Michelle hadn’t gone wrong with where she sent Sally yet, except for the time she sent her to a sleepover where the teenagers had done it just to see if it would work. 
 With another sigh, Sally rolled over. Even if she had friends and was a big shot amongst Mamano INC, she still felt lonely. The kind of almost crippling loneliness where you’re surrounded by people, but you still can’t shake the feeling, “Do they see me as a person?” She wondered to herself as she thought of Mrs. Dreamweaver, “Or am I just Sally, the best sleeper on the team?” She wondered before finally closing her eyes and trying to get some sleep. She knew she’d be haunted by this feeling all weekend.
 Sally stepped back through the portal and sighed, a little smile on her face, “How was it?” Michelle asked.
 “Fine. The little mouse girl was crying over a fish dying,” Sally frowned, “But, I managed to calm her down.”
 “Gave her one of those world famous hugs, huh?” Even Michelle felt a twinge of the heartwarming sensation that Sally exuded.
 “Of course. I can deal with any of these cases with my usual arsenal of calm talking, a few hugs, maybe some cuddling and petting their head. Finish up with tucking them in every time and you’ve got a happy customer.
 “I’m surprised more people don’t get addicted to your presence after a single night of you tucking them in,” Michelle sighed dreamily, “If I didn’t have my man-slave to tuck me in I’d probably call you more to come over and do it. To be honest he needs you to teach him how to properly do it.”
 “Next time you have me over maybe. Just keep in mind I’ve got a bit of that magic backing me up that I doubt he’ll have.”
 The gazer sighed sadly, “I know... I wish you could give him just a little bit. He tries really hard at least, which is almost just as good. Anyways, back to work. I got another one for ya. Adult male.”
 Sally groaned, “You know I don’t like these.”
 “I know, but he's not a paladin, even if he does live in a human only area. Works from home it seems. Hardly any social media presence,” The gazer explained, “You know how palidumbs can’t shut the hell up about their supremacy. It should be safe.”
 “And if he’s just looking for sex like the other ones?” 
 “Give ‘em the ol’ salamander special! Sleeper hold! Maybe a toss or two! Rough him up and make him think twice about ever trying it again!”
 Sally chuckled as she recalled her old coworker. The salamander hadn’t lasted very long, “Alright. I’ll be careful,” She stretched as the gazer punched the coordinates into the portal, “Be back soon.” 

 Furiously typing on his LED keyboard, a man finished his work about an hour early. With a relieved sigh, he sat back in his chair. He yawned and rubbed his eyes, still feeling fatigued from his lack of sleep, “Come on, Ben,” He encouraged himself, “Send this in and you can rest,” He told himself as he prepared to ship his work. His mouse hovered over the send button. He hesitated for a moment and grabbed his phone instead. A few minute break wouldn’t hurt, would it? The firm he worked for might knock his pay a little if he didn’t fill out his entire work time. He scrolled through his phone, checking various image boards for news about games of the video and tabletop variety. He frowned, same as always, every board was full of thirsty monster girls. Posts like: ‘My favorite board game is Monopoly! Wanna come play and fuck!?’ Barely anyone talked about what the boards were supposed to be about. Mods didn’t dare stop them, that was just asking for some kind of mamano to wind up at your house. No one knew how they found the mods every time, no matter what they did. 
 With a sigh, he went to the only place that was devoid of monster girl activity, the old boards from before monsters came to this world that were specifically about discussing monster girls, back when they were only a daydream. Ben yawned again, “Dammit,” He mumbled, “I gotta go to bed early, huh?” He wondered to himself. Something caught his eye on the old monster girl board, a thread about monster girls related to sleep. Ben didn’t recognize most of them. He scrolled through it, wondering if any of them could aleve his strife. Sleep to him wasn’t much more than a fleeting whimsy. He yawned again as he read people talking about how their particular girls helped them sleep. Lamia snuggles, gargoyle wings blankets, salamander choke holds and of course, lots of sex.
 He groaned. He had a longing for the warmth of another body, but living in a human town made finding a monster girl really hard. The allure of an exotic monster girl with fluffy paws or feathers was too hard for him to ignore. He wondered if it was possible to get a girl with both. With another yawn, Ben spotted an image that looked interesting. One of those ‘How to summon’ images, “Sleep demon?” He read aloud. It seemed simple enough. A glass of warm milk that you simply set on a mamano realm coin? A few anons in the thread replied and said that they had done it when they were kids and it had helped them a ton. With a frown Ben went for his drawer. He only had a single mamano realm coin. A silver piece. He didn’t know how much it was worth, really. Living in a human only city made it a little hard to get that silver. He had gotten it instead of a quarter when he went out for groceries. He prayed it would be enough. He yawned again and set the coin on the nightstand so he would remember to do it. He just hoped it wasn’t a sleep paralysis demon, but at this point he would try anything. 
He sent his work for the day off and stood, ready to wind down for the night. He looked around his one room studio apartment. He slowly picked up the clothes that lay around and threw them in the laundry basket. He had his computer desk with computer and laptop, a twin sized bed, a tiny couch with a coffee table where he ate all his meals, a small kitchen and the bathroom with the usual amenities. Ben went to the kitchen and quickly whipped up a basic quesadilla for himself. He sighed and plopped down in his chair, anxious to sleep tonight. He just hoped that those people downstairs wouldn’t be shouting all night long again.

Ben lay in bed, staring at the glow of his phone as he tried to exhaust himself further. He took another sip of the warm milk and grunted, putting it right back on top of the silver mamano realm coin. He hoped this ritual would really help him. The insomnia was getting annoying, crippling almost, but he hoped whatever this ritual was could help. He wondered what a sleep demon looked like, but he doubted they would be in the market for a man. He groaned and rolled over, setting his phone down for a moment as he tried to find a comfortable position on his somewhat scratchy sheets. The mattress felt lumpy, making him struggle to find a position that didn’t feel like he was laying on a bed of rocks. He stacked both pillows on top of one another to get enough support for his head. He frowned and rolled back towards the edge of his bed where his phone lay on the nightstand. He snatched it up, pressed the power button, and frowned at the glowing display.
 “Its not good for your eyes to stare at those little screens,” A voice scolded gently, almost playfully, as a massive body sat on the edge of the bed. Ben’s heart beat quickly as he rolled to stare up at her, “Sssh,” The monster hushed him with a finger over his mouth-- more of a large cloth like claw, “How can I help you?” 
Her words did wonders to soothe Ben, “Well,” He mumbled quietly, not wanting the neighbors to hear him, “I-I--” He swallowed nervously, “I didn’t expect this to work... Especially since I found how to do it on that paranormal board on my favorite Korean basket weaving forum...”
 He could see her smile with big purple eyes that reflected what little light was in the room, “I get that sometimes, well, not the basket part,” She chuckled. Her voice was like an angel’s on Ben’s ears. Her laughter even more so. She was obviously mature and was easily a foot taller than the man, “Nervous?” She ran one of her claws down his stomach in an attempt to fool him, “What’s your name?” She asked as she lifted up his comforter and felt the material.
 “Ben,” He mumbled, “Yours?”
 “Sally. My, this comforter...” Sally trailed off with a disgusted look on her face that Ben couldn’t see.
 “What about it?”
 “No wonder you can’t sleep,” The bogey mumbled, throwing it off of him, “Dreadfully abrasive, hardly fluffy and offering almost no warmth!” She took hold of the sheets next, “Maou above what is the thread count on these!? I wouldn’t wrap the dead in this!” That was thrown off too. Ben was a little afraid as the monster flipped him over and felt the mattress beneath him, “Horrible!” She hissed as she felt the lumps. The pillows were last. Sally had to use all of her willpower to not rip them in half.
 “I-Its fine,” Ben whimpered, “I can sleep in it well enough. Its not like I have the money to replace anything...”
 “You poor thing,” The bogey took pity on the sad man as he lay on his back, only draped in a shirt and shorts, “Is it just these poor sleeping conditions that are ailing you? Are you too cold at night?” Ben shook his head as the kind monster laid his sheets and comforter on him, “Depression?” She asked as she put the back of her hand to his forehead.
 He shook his head again, “Just insomnia.”
 “Ben,” The bogey plopped herself down next to him. One of her clawed hands rested on his chest, “I’ve been at this for a long time. It feels like there’s something else.”
 Ben frowned and turned to face her, unwilling to tell this stranger what his personal problems are, “I’m fine, really.”
 Sally frowned, “I understand if you don’t want to talk. I’m just a stranger, after all. Well, here. How about I try the ol’ reliable?” Slowly and carefully, she picked up his head and put it on her lap. With gentle, warm caresses applied to his head and a hand sliding back and forth on his chest, she smiled down at him, “How’s that? Nice and cozy, hm?”
 Ben absorbed the heat that the woman holding his head in her lap radiated, “Yeah... Really nice...” He smiled, rolling onto his side, “Hey,” He quietly spoke up as he grabbed the coin under his almost finished glass of milk, “Am I supposed to give this to you?” He asked quietly.
 “I don’t like to take it until my work is done...” Sally frowned without ceasing her petting, “Its not about that money to me.”
 “No, take it. I insist,” Ben offered it to her, “Thank you for this. W-will I be able to summon you again like this?”
 She took the coin slowly, “Well... I’ll tell my technician to take any of your orders that come up,” The bogey giggled as she ruffled his hair. He was cute for sure and brought out a feeling that she usually only got when helping scared or crying children. An overwhelming need to protect and aid someone. She could only wonder if he was hurting in some way that he wasn’t letting on. Deep down, she hoped he would summon her back. She’d be more prepared next time, “Just repeat the ritual and I’ll come back as quickly as I can.”
 “T-that silver coin is my only mamano coin,” Ben sighed as the weariness became too much to bear. He let out a large yawn, “Thanks... Sally...” He murmured before letting himself sleep on the bogey’s warm thighs.
 Sally kept petting him, far longer than she usually did when helping someone sleep. She found it a little hard to leave him. She put the silver coin in her bag and fished out a few copper coins that she put in Ben’s hand. Slowly and carefully, even more carefully than she usually was, she laid Ben’s head on his pillows. He hugged one of the pillows and mumbled to himself incoherently. Sally pet his head and removed his blanket. She laid out the single comfortable blanket across his body. Her heart fluttered as he smiled sleepily. She shook herself, she needed to go. She had other work to do, “Call me back, alright, Ben?” She murmured, petting his hair one more time before moving to the closet and squeezing through it.

 “What took you so long!?” Michelle demanded as Sally slowly stepped through the portal, “I was starting to get worried about you!”
 “Oh,” Sally giggled, “Just had to spend a little longer with that one. No big deal.”
 The gazer peered at Sally with a few eye stalks. She was searching for injuries on her body or anything else that might have gone wrong, “Well... You look fine. Happy even. Did he give you a kiss or something?”
 Sally flinched, “N-no! I just had a pleasant conversation as I lulled him to sleep.”
 “Hmph,” Michelle shook her head, “Well, we’ll get you set up on another one.”
 “Alright. Oh, if he does the ritual again, please grab his file,” Sally said as she plopped down on a chair, thinking about Ben still. 
 Michelle nodded, “You got it! See, even with orders regarding human men, I pick good ones!”
 The bogey smiled, “Yeah, you did. I wish I could have stayed longer.”
 “Okay, weirdo,” Michelle chuckled and started looking through other orders, “How about... Young dragon girl. Those usually tough girls are huge babies when you help them, right?” Sally was spacing out, wringing the hem of her shirt while she thought about Ben and how cute he was when he slept, “Hey, Sally?”
 “Hm?” The bogey blinked as she perked up, “What is it?”
 The gazer scowled, “What's gotten into you? Where is your A game? The S tier sleeper!?”
 “Its coming back,” Sally insisted, “I just need a moment to rest. My back hurts a bit.”
 “We gotta send you to the chiropractor,” Michelle sighed, “Anyways. Little dragon girl. Should be easy,” With a few button presses on the machine, a portal opened, “Come on, Rachel is catching up!”
 “She can take the daily sleep record once in a while, Michelle,” Sally frowned. She stepped through the portal before the gazer could complain at her. The bogey groaned as she pulled herself from beneath the bed. She didn’t think she could keep doing this.
 “Hup!” She heard the little girl hiccup loudly followed by a small burst of fire. The dragon girl was already staring at her with wide, blue and watery eyes as Sally stood at her full height, “A-are you--” The dragon hiccuped violently again, illuminating her room for a brief moment and nearly scorching Sally.
 “Yes, dear. I’m here to help you,” The bogey smiled, “Let me guess, hiccups?” The dragon girl nodded as she hiccuped again. Sally sat next to her, “What’s your name, dear?” She asked, trying to keep her calm.
“B-Bridgett,” She mewled.  The little dragon had thrown her blankets off of herself revealing bright emerald scales and sharp claws out of fear of igniting the soft weresheep blanket she slept with. Judging by the claw marks on it, it was well used.
“That's a very pretty name, Bridgett. Now, to get rid of these hiccups I need you to be a big girl and hold your breath,” Sally instructed sweetly. Bridgett nodded and held her breath in a comical fashion, her rosy red and tear stained cheeks inflated, “Swallow three times now,” She told her as she fluffed the dragon’s pillows. They seemed to be full of the softest of weresheep wool. Sally wondered if Ben could use a pillow like it. It would be a step up from what he currently had.
 Bridgett groaned quietly, “I-It worked,” She sighed happily as she collapsed into her bed, “Thank... You...” Bridgett smiled.
 “Need anything else, dear?” Sally asked as she wiped the tears from the dragon’s cheek and loosely tucked her in. She moved onto petting the dragon’s short black hair, being careful to avoid her sharp looking horns. Bridgett reached her arms up, silently requesting a hug from the bogey. Sally chuckled and gave the dragon the biggest, warmest hug she could offer. The dragon sighed as she decompressed, it was as if all of her worries had instantly dissipated. Sally let her go and smiled, tucking in the girl using the weresheep wool blanket and fluffing her wool stuffed pillows, “Very lucky girl, all that wool must be wonderful.”
 “Mmmhm... Mommy makes them from her wool,” Bridgett mumbled as she sleepily blinked at the bogey.
 “Mom...?” Sally repeated, she was confused but she needed to let the girl sleep. She pet her hair, glancing around at the things in her room. A few drawings were up on the wall, sure enough there were drawings of a man with Bridgett, a few others that seemed a little more recent showed a weresheep with the man and little dragon. The most recent seemed to be the three of them with two babies. Sally chuckled, it seemed like a cute family. Sally took the dragon girl’s coin from underneath her glass of milk and left, struggling to squeeze herself back under the bed. She stayed for a moment, thinking to herself. That hadn’t felt nearly as rewarding as it had when helping Ben. It still felt nice, of course, but that feeling she got while Ben rested his head on her lap was amazing. She sighed and wondered if he would summon her again. 
 As Sally stepped back through the portal, quickly looking into the many eyes of an apologetic gazer, “Hey, Sally,” Michelle sighed. Sally knew she was about to go into some long winded apology, “I’ve been hard on you this week and I feel really bad about that. I should have realised that you were saving your strength for next week, saving your energy and triple S tier power for the big competition! I’ll take it easy, you’re right, its fine if Rachel gets a few points ahead of you on the daily total.”
 Sally suppressed a sigh. Michelle didn’t get it at all, “Thanks, Michelle,” She smiled anyways, “I just don’t have that strength I used to!”
 Michelle frowned and put a hand on her friend’s shoulder, “You’re pushing yourself too hard with your exercises.”
 “Those are the only things keeping me from turning into little more than a pile of warm blankets!” Sally laughed and took a seat again, “Give me a few more easy ones before the night’s over, would you?”
 “Sure, buddy. Got one here. Little boy, in a monster city. Should be a fast one.”

 Ben leaned back in his chair, staring at the ceiling. He had the blanket that Sally had left him draped carefully. He couldn’t get her off of his mind. He had known before she had shown up that he was lonely, but it just felt like he was in a pit of despair now. He desperately yearned for her touch again, to feel her soft skin and her warmth. He took off his headphones as he got off the call with another angry, shouting person from his work. They were losing business to one of the many mamano owned businesses around them. Everyone was in a panic. Ben didn’t hate his job or the people he worked with, he simply yearned for something different. Taking a quick break he went back to searching on his phone. Sally was unlike any monster girl he had ever seen before. He wanted to know just what she was. Ben could vividly recall the womanly shape of her body and how it seemed to have been stitched together from blankets. He just wanted to know what she was so he could figure out what she liked. Maybe she had her own agenda or did something to people she interacted with? He couldn’t be sure. With a quick stretch, he picked up his headset again, ready to get back to work. 
 He yawned. It had been two days now since Sally had paid him a visit. He was itching to perform the ritual again. He still needed to thank her for the blanket and for helping him sleep that night. He also wanted to return the coins she had left for him as he felt a little bad keeping them. He didn’t want to return the blanket, but he would if she needed it back. Just the thought of Sally, and use of the blanket, were enough to help him sleep better. No more tossing and turning every night, well, not as much as was before. But the memory of her warmth and comfort was fading, he just wanted to refresh that feeling. He rubbed his face, “Just one or two more times,” He told himself, “She’s got better things to do than deal with me.”

 Sally found herself in a decently sized closet from which she peered out of. A lone kobold sat on her bed, staring at her TV as it played an ancient looking sappy movie. The little dog woman quickly spotted the bogey, “Oh! Thank god you’re here!” The brown hair and furred kobold’s tail wagged violently. 
 Sally left the closet and hurried to her bed side, taking care not to step on the baby toys and clothes that were strewn about, “What can I do for you?”
 “Look,” The kobold had dark circles under her eyes as if she hadn’t slept well in some time, “My Jackson-- My precious hubby. He’s away on business. I-I-I can’t sleep anymore without someone scratching me behind the ears!” She explained quickly as Sally sat on her  “Maxine told me about you guys, the Mamano INC or whatever... She said Bridgett had tried it and it had worked! A-And--”
 “Calm down, dear,” Sally spoke in a soothing voice as she felt the mattress, blankets, sheets and pillows. She nodded in satisfaction before turning back to the little dog girl, “Here, lay down,” She instructed, turning the TV off for her.
 The kobold lay stomach down, her head turned to the side away from Sally. Carefully, she started to run her claws down the dog girl’s head. Sally could hear her tail wagging violently, “Mmmmm...” She smiled, trembling at the bogey’s touch.
 “How’s that?”
 “Good... Thank you...”
 “You mentioned Bridgett earlier? Little dragon girl, right? I helped her the other day.”
 “Oh, that was you? Thank you so much,” The kobold rolled to face Sally, still smiling happily as Sally scratched her head, “Bridgett’s such a sweetheart. I hope my baby boy turns out good like she did. You got any kids?”
 “N-no...” Sally frowned sadly, “Someday, I hope. How’s your boy?”
 “Oh, he’s--” The kobold yawned loudly, “Great. My best buddy Ruth is pregnant now and I hope she has little hellhound girls. But if that doesn’t work out my other buddy Kimiko had triplets!” Despite the kobold’s excitement and joy, she was very obviously becoming more and more tired, nearing the point where she would fall asleep just from Sally’s rigorous petting.
 “That sounds lovely.”
 The kobold nodded, “Yeah...” She yawned again and snuggled into the bogey’s hand.
 “Sleep now. Pleasant dreams,” Sally smiled. There was a twinge of sadness in her as she wished she could spend the evening with Ben. Slowly, the excited dog woman fell asleep and the bogey quickly left. Once more, she was happy to help, but felt a desire for more. She wondered why Ben had become her obsession. Would she now rather just help one person at all times? Did she feel like he needed her that badly? Maybe it was simply love? She recoiled as she thought about that. No way she could have him. He was young and energetic and Sally couldn’t even crawl without needing five minutes to recover.

 “Sally!” Michelle cried as she ran back from the order dispenser, looking like she had fought another technician for the order in her hands, “Re-- repeat customer,” She panted.
 “Which one?” The bogey asked, her heart beating in excitement as she jumped up from the seat she was lounging on.
 “Huuumm... Ben.”
 The bogey stopped herself from squealing from excitement. She nodded as calmly as she could, “Alright. I need to get something,” She hurried to her briefcase and threw it open. She quickly stuffed the package of new sheets she had stored in there into her bottomless bag. She nodded happily as she turned back upon seeing that the portal was opened for her.
 “Ten minutes then?” Michelle asked. 
Sally knew it was really a demand more than a suggestion, “Thirty or so, I think. An hour at most.”
 “Jeez, are you suckin’ him off or something? Why the hell do you need so long?”
 “You wouldn’t get it. I’m off.”
 “Yeah, yeah. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do, alright?”
 Sally nodded and stepped through the portal with a big grin on her face. She quickly squeezed out from under the bed with a loud grunt. Ben put his phone down as she appeared, in all her beauty, “Good evening,” He mustered a small smile.
 “Wonderful to see you again, dear,” Sally smiled back, “Same issues as last time?”
 “Well, not as bad thanks to your last visit,” Ben smiled sheepishly.
 “Good to hear. Stand up, would you?”
 “Huh? Alright...” Ben got out of bed and watched as the shapely woman expertly threw the blanket off his bed. Next, with precise speed, she tore the pillows from their cases and stuffed the cases into her bag. She tore the sheets from the bed next and got rid of those as well. As if she had done this a million times before, she tore open the new sheets and laid them out on the bed and stuffed the pillows in their cases, “Do you spoil everyone that summons you like this?” Ben asked in awe.
 “Only the ones--,” She stopped herself from saying ‘really like.’ With a quiet chuckle she finished her sentence, “That really need it. Come, tell me how nice the new sheets are,” She pat the bed invitingly as she sat on the edge of it.
 “Before I forget,” Ben mumbled. He grabbed the coins that Sally had left him, “I-I wanted to return these,” He offered them in his palm.
 Sally shook her head and pushed his hand closed, “I’ll get them back from you eventually if you keep summoning my like this.”
 “I insist, Ben,” She smiled warmly. With a defeated sigh, he nodded and set them on the nightstand, “Good.”
“Thanks for the blanket too. Oh, and, uh...” He trailed off a little nervously as he sat back on the bed. The sheets were much nicer than the ones he had been using before. His heart sank as he imagined the price tag on them.
 “What is it, Ben?” Sally frowned as she carefully lay the blanket over him.
 “I-I don’t know anything about mamano, but just what are you? I can’t find anything online.”
 “Is that what's been keeping you up?” Sally wondered as she moved to use her lap as a pillow once more.
 “A little.”
 “Well, I am what has come to be known as...” She paused for dramatic effect as she leaned over him, “A bogey.”
 “Bogey? Like the bogeyman?” He asked.
 Sally shrugged as she began to caress his worried head, “I do not know. There are very few of us. I’m sure there are more out there doing what I do on their own.”
 “What is it you do?” Ben yawned, struggling to stave off sleep as his head rested on the bogey’s soft and warm lap.
 “I help people sleep. Not much more to it than that. I’m not sure if you’ll find anything on it, but its called Mamano INC,” Sally explained, slowly petting the man’s head.
 “That sounds--” He yawned, “Really nice.”
 “It’s much more competitive than you think,” She sighed to herself, “I’m almost too old to be doing this anymore.”
“It sounds like you love what you do,” Ben mumbled, rolling to his side as he prepared himself to actually fall asleep.
Sally nodded, “Well...” She stopped herself. She didn’t want to keep him up all night with the things that kept her awake all night, “I do love it. I always have. Feeling good now?” She didn’t want the subject on her so she thrust it back onto him.
“Yeah. I feel good now, thanks to you. You really don’t mind if I summon you here and take up your time? You’re so good at this I’m sure tons of people want this treatment.”
 Sally chuckled, “That’s some high praise. No, I have a few repeats but I try to get people to the point where they no longer need to summon me. Most of my visits only last a handful of minutes, to be honest. I’m more than happy to spend some time with you, Ben. No need to feel bad.”
 “Okay...” He sighed and closed his eyes, “I’m gonna try to sleep.”
 “Talk as much as you need to, Ben. I’m in no rush. I won’t leave until you are sleeping peacefully. How have things been for you?”
 “Work sucks, everyone is in a panic because some new monster owned business is taking a lot of our work,” He sighed, “Rumor is that people are being laid off soon. I can only pray I’m not one of them.”
 “Everything will turn out fine,” Sally assured him, “I’m sure of it.”
 “Thanks, Sally. For some reason, I believe it when you tell me that,” He smiled.
 “Good. How about you sleep now? You look exhausted.”
 “I-- I am...” He murmured, still wanting to spend more time in her care.
 “Good night,” Sally smiled as he drifted off to sleep, “Pleasant dreams,” Once more she struggled to pull herself away from him. It felt like she was straining her body as she carefully lifted him up and placed his head on his pillows. She desperately wanted to do something about his pillows and mattress. She tucked him in tightly, bringing a smile to his lips that made the bogey’s heart flutter. Instinctively, she caressed his head and leaned down towards him with the intention to kiss him. She stopped herself a few inches short and frowned. She wanted him, but wasn’t sure if she could have him. Everyone was counting on her to sweep the big sleep off on Monday. She didn’t know if she had it in her. Between her aching and aging body, she had new feelings. Feelings for a young man that had struck her fancy. For the first time, she really considered retiring. There was also the issue of Ben living in a town that didn’t allow monsters. She didn’t even know if he wanted her as much as she wanted him. After a long sigh and a kiss to his forehead, Sally left his room by crawling under the bed. 
“Hey, Michelle,” Sally stretched as she returned to the sleep floor, popping her back and sighing with relief.
 The gazer put down her magazine and closed the portal, “You look happy.”
 “Just a little refreshed,” Sally smiled, “Ben’s real sweet.”
 “What d'ya mean?” Michelle gave her friend a confused look. She had never seen Sally act like this before, “Sally? What’s going on?”
 “Nothing, Michelle,” The bogey frowned, “Like I said, he’s just sweet. He likes to chat. Its refreshing how he treats me like a person rather than some mythical being that shows up to help him sleep. You got another one for me?”
 Michelle slowly nodded, “Little kid. Dullahan. Easy stuff...” She stopped as she started activating the machine, “I’m worried about you, Sally. Is this guy doing something to you? D-did he... DRUG you? Did I mess up?”
 “What!?” Sally laughed at how ridiculous her friend sounded, “You know I could over power almost anyone I go to see. Anyways. I’m fine. I merely had a pleasant conversation.”
 Michelle sighed, “Alright. Just let me know if anything weird starts happening.”
 Sally smiled again, “Thanks. You’re a real friend.”
 The gazer instantly became a lot more chipper, “Well... I do try! You wanna grab food tonight?”
 “Sure. I’ll pay this time. Be back soon,” The bogey nodded and stepped through the portal again. 

 “I don’t know what's gotten into her,” Michelle grumbled from the passenger seat of her precious boyfriend Charlie’s car, “Sally is acting weird and she won’t tell me why.”
 It was Friday evening before the girls’ shift. Charlie frowned and glanced at her as his car slowly coasted down the road behind a horse drawn carriage. The two of them having a car was a bit stranger in this city, “You’re overthinking this,” He offered.
 “Overthinking? When have I ever over thought anything-- Don’t answer that.”
 A quiet chuckle escaped his lips as he pulled into the Mamano INC parking lot, “Like I said, its nothing to worry about, Michelle.”
 “I still think something’s up!” Many eyestalks glared as the gazer objected loudly.
 Charlie laughed again, completely immune to her angry gaze, “Then talk to her. She’s your best friend.”
“Aren’t you my best friend?”
“Isn’t being your boyfriend, y’know, different?” He shrugged as the two of them exited his car and started towards the building.
 “I don’t know! I’m just really worried,” She hugged her boyfriend quickly, “I wish she’d talk to me.”
 “Well, you better figure something out, she’s coming here now.”
 Michelle quickly calmed down as she turned and saw Sally jogging toward them. She waved as she approached. The gazer and her boyfriend waved back, “Just act cool,” Michelle instructed, “Hey, Sally!”
 “Good morning!” The bogey called as she approached. She panted slightly and wiped her forehead, “Another dark day in paradise, hm?” She chuckled as she looked up towards the eternal red moon hanging in the sky, “Perfect day for a jog.”
 “Its easy on the eyes at least,” Charlie shrugged as he held the door open for the two ladies, “See you two after work!” He waved as he left for the corporate wing. The two girls headed towards the sleep floor and made a stop in the locker room so Sally could quickly shower.
 “Is everything alright?” Michelle asked nervously as she loitered near the steaming shower.
 The bogey let the hot water run down her soft body, “Are YOU alright? You keep asking.”
 “I--” She sighed, calming herself down, telling herself to drop it, “I’m fine. I’m worried over nothing, I guess. I’m gonna go prepare our station, see you in a bit.”

 Michelle looked through orders as they came in. More kids, a few teen aged mamano and humans... She sighed, still trying to push her worries out of her head. She shook herself as Sally joined her, “Hey, pal,” The gazer smiled weakly, her eyes darted around, some avoiding the bogey and other simply looking towards the ground, “Got some orders for ya.”
 “Thank you,” Sally smiled, “Did Ben put one in?”
 Michelle gave her friend a strange look, all of her eyes pointing to the bogey to see any changes in demeanor, “No,” Sally looked wholly disappointed, “Why are you so keen on seeing him?”
 Sally looked at the gazer, peering into her numerous eyes, “Can I not enjoy seeing someone, Michelle?” She grunted and folded her arms sternly. The other sleeper teams had already started their orders.
 “You’ve never been like this before!” 
 “Jealous I might have one other friend now?” Sally huffed as she took her coat off and threw it over a chair, annoyed with her friend’s constant worrying. She was even more aggravated that she felt like she had to keep her feelings hidden from everyone, including Ben. Her briefcase was set on a table with a loud thunking noise.
 “S-Sally,” Michelle whined as many of her eyes started to well with tears, “I-I’m not trying to accuse you of something. I’m just concerned.”
 The bogey sighed and hugged her friend tight, “I know. Thank you,” They looked at one another and chuckled, “Everything is fine. I... I just don’t know if I want to talk about it right now.”
 “Okay...” Michelle sighed, “Here, easy order. Do your thing, alright? I’ll stop freaking out,” She knew she was lying to herself.
 “Yeah and you keep doing yours,” Sally smiled as her friend opened the portal for her. 

 Michelle stared at the order in her hands. Ben’s order. She had all the power in her hands to just toss it out. Right into the shredder. That’s all she had to do to keep Sally on her S game all day. Sure, she’d be sad like she was on Tuesday and Thursday that Ben hadn’t done the ‘Rites of Good Sleep,’ but that wouldn’t affect her that much, would it? Ever since this Ben guy had rolled into Sally’s order que, she’d been a lot different. A bit slower at work as if she was taking her time, especially when summoned by him. The gazer turned on the shredder with a single button press. 
 She stared at it as it buzzed, the machine was eager to devour whatever paper Michelle would offer it. She took the order off its clipboard. But... Sally did seem happier. She was happy and Michelle wasn’t able to see anything wrong with her. Like Sally always said, the gazer could see things that no one else could and all she could really see was her best friend, a woman who really had nothing other than her job and her one friend who was more of a coworker than anything was really happy for once. 
 The gazer grunted, turning off the shredder and pushing it back under the desk, “Stop thinking about yourself,” She muttered to herself, “Its Sally’s record anyways. Not mine.”
 “Did you say something?” Sally asked, having returned from her last order recently.
 The gazer hadn’t noticed her for once and nearly jumped out of her skin, “Ah! Sally!” She yelped and turned to face her, holding the order against her chest, “I’ve got an order for ya... A hard one...” She trailed off.
 “Oh? Really? That's unusual for you to take,” Sally frowned, “Someone upstairs ask for me to take it?”
 “Nah,” The gazer grinned devilishly, “Its just that big baby you’ve asked me to keep an eye out for, Ben.”
 Sally giggled, glad to see her friend in a good mood again, “I don’t see what’s so hard about him.”
 “Maybe his boner for you. But I was mostly referring to how hard its gonna be to tear yourself away from him!” She cackled as she started readying the portal device.
 “I don’t even know if he likes me like that!” The bogey blurted out defensively.
 Michelle paused, right before hitting the big green GO button on the machine. She slowly turned to her friend, all of her eyes trained on her, “Do you like him like that?”
 “W-well... I don’t know...”
 “OH. MY. GOD,” Michelle squealed, “You TOTALLY do!”
 “SSSH!” The bogey put her hand over her friend’s mouth, “Not so loud!” She sighed, “I don’t know if he likes me! I can’t get my hopes up again! Look. He needs a new pillow. Think Rachell would give one up?”
  “If it helps him, it helps you, I’m on it,” Michelle grabbed a few orders and stomped past Sally. She stopped at the order dispenser and grabbed a few more randomly, “Hey! Rachell!” She called as she stomped over, “I need something.”
 “Hm? Oh, Michelle,” She put down her magazine, “What brings the greatest sleeper’s technician to my neck of the woods?” Her voice oozed with jealousy and resentment. 
 “A guarantee that you’ll get today’s top sleeper achievement,” She dumped the orders on their desk, “I know you love your man and its nice that you work together, but he’s not that great a technician. Good, easy orders, right here.”
 “Oh?” She rifled through them with her husband looking over her shoulder, neither were really sure what they was looking for or what made them good, “What’s the catch, Michelle?”
 “I’ll get right to it. One of those pillows.”
 “Pillows? Easy,” She grabbed one wrapped in shrink wrap off of a shelf and tossed it to the gazer, “There. Now--”
 “No, no,” Michelle threw it back, “I want one of THOSE pillows. You know exactly what I mean. The ones filled with your wool.”
 “My wool? Well...” Rachell acted all high and mighty, like she was too good for it.
 Michelle knew she wanted to beat Sally more than anything, “Maybe Sally could have a few missteps too. Some orders that slow her down a little bit? You’re pretty much guaranteed to do better than her today. You’re only a few behind after all.”
 “Bah! Fine!” The weresheep hollered. Her husband quickly grabbed the single fluffy pillow off the top shelf. It was covered in plastic to protect it, “But I’m counting on you.”
 “Yeah, yeah. I’ll make sure of it,” Michelle sighed. She returned to her station and tossed the pillow to Sally, “Take as long as you want.”
 “R-really?” The bogey was shocked but incredibly eager.
 “Yeah, well I promised Rachell she’d win today. So take it slow.”
 “Thanks, Michelle,” Sally smiled before stepping through the portal.
 “Yeah...” She sighed. But, she had a smile on her face, surprisingly, she was guilt free, albeit, a little mad that she hadn’t learned about this sooner.

 Sally crawled out from under the bed slowly, grunting quietly as she struggled to pull herself from beneath the bed. She slowly stood, the pillow under one arm and a big smile on her face. Tip toeing to the bedside, she put a gentle hand on Ben and rolled him onto his back, “Good evening~” She giggled as he was forced to look at her. 
 “Hey...” Ben mumbled at her, a tiny smile momentarily appeared on his sad looking face.
 Despite her instincts shifting into overdrive, she stayed as calm as she could, “Dear, what's wrong?” She sat with him, ready to coddle him as much as he needed her too.
 “T-they... I got laid off,” He explained as he sat up, staring down at his legs, unable to face the kind bogey, “At the end of next week, I’ll be jobless.”
 “Oh, honey,” Sally moved to sitting next to him, wrapping an arm around him, “Everything will be fine, won’t it?”
 “All the jobs in this city are drying up, Sally,” He mumbled, wiping his face dry and leaning into her for warmth, “I don’t know what to do. The rent keeps rising and people are vanishing. Jobs are drying up and they’re not letting people out of the city.”
 “What!? They can’t just keep you locked in this city!”
 “I don’t have a car or anything, so they can very easily keep me locked within the chain link fence that wall off this city. I could probably get out without taking anything with me. But... Why the hell did I move to this city in the first place?” He groaned and shook his head.
 “Don’t beat yourself up right now, that’s the worst thing you can do,” Sally insisted, “Let me comfort you for now,” Ben started to grumble and looked away from her, unsure if he should give into her, “I think I know a way we can get you out of there,” She smiled, “Please. Let me ease your pain for now.”
 “Okay...” He stretched out his arms to her, giving into her desire to comfort.
 Sally started with a hug. Something firm and warm. She could feel him decompress, nearly melting in her embrace, “Isn’t that better? I brought something for you,” She rubbed a hand on his back before moving him back to the lumpy bed. She picked up the pillow and tore it open. Throwing his other pillows aside, she forced his head onto it, “How’s that?”
 He yawned, “It's great.”
 “You’re exhausting yourself from all this stress,” She sat on the bed, offering her lap as a pillow which Ben quickly took, “Not as great as my lap, hm?” He shook his head, “I’ll pet you until you fall asleep,” She began to caress his scalp again.
 His arms wrapped around her waist, “Please don’t leave me,” He begged.
 “Ben,” Sally could feel her heart aching, but she knew she had to return to the sleep floor tonight, “I’ll come back for you. I swear. I-I’m off the clock this weekend, but come Monday, I’ll be there for you.”
 “Thank you,” He slowly let her go and lay peacefully with his head on her lap. 
 “Stay strong, for me, okay?”
 “Okay. Even if you can’t get me out of this town, Sally... Thank you for everything you’ve done for me,” He whispered as the bogey pet his head firmly.
 “Of course, dear. Sleep now. You must be exhausted from all the worry. Rest and relax this weekend,” Sally ordered firmly in a very gentle tone. Ben grumbled in response but nodded, “Pleasant dreams.”
 “I hope you’re in them. I want dreams full of this,” He mused aloud.
 “I hope so too. I--” She stopped herself from admitting that she loved him, “I wish I could remain here with you,” She sighed. Her words fell on deaf ears, Ben was already asleep. She took the coin left for her like she always did. She turned back to him and kissed him on the cheek. She couldn’t help it, he was so cute when he slept. With a tiny smile at his peacefully sleeping face, she crawled back under the bed. 
 Sally returned to the sleep floor, Michelle was waiting for her with folded arms, “Is something wrong?” The gazer asked, dropping her annoyed demeanor.
 “Just worried about him,” The bogey admitted quickly, “He got laid off and can’t find any other work in his town. You don’t know how hard it was to stop myself from just kidnapping him.”
 Michelle frowned, “Any plan?” She went to shred Ben’s order.
 Sally took it from her quickly and folded it up, shoving it into her pocket, “I don’t know. I did promise I’d see him on Monday,” The bogey frowned, rubbing her temples, “I wanted to cry when I had to leave.” 
 “Monday? But Monday is the Sleep Off and--” Michelle stopped herself, “Just tell me what you need me to do, Sally.”
 “I don’t know. I need to change apartments I think. I-In case I want-- Need to kidnap him-- I mean, bring him back through the portal, probably,” Sally chuckled nervously. While it didn’t happen often, a few sleepers had brought people back through the portals with them before. Usually potential husbands. 
 Michelle nodded, “Did you get his phone number or anything? So you can check on him later?”
 Sally swore quietly, “I should have.”
 “Alright, well... Let’s just finish today,” The gazer mumbled, “We can figure out something this weekend,” The bogey nodded and waited for her to open the portal for her again, “I am mad at you for never telling me. What, did you think I was gonna be mad at you for having a crush?”
 “I felt like I was letting you down, not focusing on work and my--our score.”
 “You’re really silly, you know that, Sally?” Michelle smirked, “The score stuff doesn’t matter to me.”
 “It DID,” The bogey reminded her.
 The gazer nodded sheepishly, “Yeah...” She trailed off, “I gave up all our easy orders for that pillow and these ones need to be done. So... Good luck.”
 “I don’t think I’ll be able to pull myself away from him on Monday if I go.”
 “What about the sleep off? It’ll be the first year you don’t participate.”
 “I-I know. I don’t want to let everyone down,” Sally sighed, glancing at the opened portal, “I don’t know what I should do.”
 “We’ll figure something out!” Michelle assured her, “We gotta do our quota today. Just a few more, alright?” Sally nodded and smiled sadly before walking into the portal.

 Ben sat in his computer desk chair wrapped in the blanket Sally had given him. His monitors were on, but he didn’t have anything on them other than his desktop wallpaper. He was taking a break like Sally had said. He glanced down at his work laptop, not caring now if they went under. He wasn’t going to put in unpaid overtime for a company that was letting him go so soon, especially spending his weekend time staring at more spreadsheets. He was going to relax... and think about Sally. She had a nice body with wide hips and shapely breasts, a beautiful face and a soft, luxurious skin. The way her arms held him tight made him sigh as he thought about it. It was a little weird how her body seemed to be made up of cloth or blankets, but ultimately he didn’t mind it. Ben held a little clump of purple stuffing in his hands, wondering if it fell out of Sally’s body. It smelled like her at least. A flowery scent like fresh laundry or sheets.
He rubbed his aching shoulders and tried to imagine Sally massaging him firmly and telling him that she’s proud of him-- He shot up in his seat with a start, “Oh god, what am I doing?” He asked himself. He had met the woman only three times now and was already completely infatuated with her. He threw the blanket to the bed. He didn’t need another ordeal like that. Sally had to be a married woman. So beautiful and kind! She probably had kids! Ben sighed and returned to ‘relaxing,’ trying not to strain himself with his emotions. He wished he could contact Sally now. Or at least at all that weekend. He sighed and turned to his computer, looking for something to do.

 Sally jogged down the street in sweat pants and a hoodie. Working out could usually keep her mind off of her worries, but today the only thing on her mind was Ben. He would be sleeping right now, she thought. She had recently gone forward with moving to a bigger apartment. A two room with a main living room and kitchen. She still slept on the futon, the bed she had purchased didn’t feel right without another body in it. She eyed the Mamano INC building in the distance. She could probably go in there and go to his place. It was on her usual route. She made up her mind in an instant. She hurried up to the building. It wasn’t the biggest one around, it was mostly just the warehouse portion where the main portals were, the offices above that and a few more rooms for meetings and such. In the back, there were some spare portals ready to go, usually only used on special occasions. The building was open during the weekends, the part time sleepers were there along with a few full timers that worked weekends. 
 Sally walked in through the front and made her way over to the sleep floor. The people at the front desk didn’t bat an eye as Sally strutted in. After a quick shower and a change of clothes she walked onto the floor. The part timers were surprised, but happy to see her. She went around asking people how they were doing and giving them advice if they needed it. 
 “I thought you didn’t want the head sleeper position,” Mrs. Dreamweaver chuckled as she approached Sally from behind, “What are you doing here today?”
 Sally smiled warmly, “I could ask you the same thing. I just happened to be in the area and I stopped in. Are you working weekends now?”
 “A little. Just a half day. There has to be something bringing you here,” She led the bogey out of the sleep floor and towards the corporate area.
 Sally gave it up quickly, “Well, I was thinking about using one of the back room teleporters and visiting one of my regulars. I hope he’s doing fine, but I have no way to contact him. So...” She trailed off a little nervously.
 Mrs. Dreamweaver gave her an intense stare with her many eyes, “Of course you can use them. Do you need me to send a technician?”
 Sally shook her head, “I’ve been doing this long enough. I know how these machines work.”
 “Alright, I’ll leave you alone to it.”
 Sally hurried away and made her way to the back rooms. She jogged past meeting rooms and into a small room. A lone portal device sat in the middle of the room. There was also a dusty desk with operating manuals and a computer. She grabbed the folded piece of paper from her pocket and slowly input the coordinates, being careful not to get any numbers wrong. With a hum, the portal opened. Sally took a deep breath and walked into it. 
In an instant, she was in a dark room under a bed. She could hear snoring. Slowly and carefully, she pulled herself from under it. She stifled a pained grunt as she held her shoulder, quietly trying to nurse the pain away. She turned back to the bed as she heard a noise. Ben had rolled away from her in his sleep. With a little smile, she rolled him onto his back. One of her hands pet his sleeping head as she knelt next to the bed. She put her head on his chest, listening to his steady heart beat as she rubbed his stomach with her other hand, “I wonder what he dreams about,” She mused quietly with a little smile on her face.
 He stirred and blinked as he tried to roll. The bogey’s weight kept him from moving, “Sally?” He mumbled sleepily.
 “Sssh,” She hushed him as she continued caressing him, “Go back to bed,” She cooed.
 He nodded and settled back in on his wool stuffed pillow, “I love you,” He grumbled sleepily, as if he was just lucid dreaming.
 Sally’s heart skipped a beat before fluttering. She exhaled dreamily as she watched him sleep. Eventually, she stood, tucking him in carefully before kissing him sweetly on the forehead, “I love you too.”
 She rubbed her shoulder again before sliding back under the bed. As she exited the portal, she had a massive, happy smile on her face. She sat in the portal room after she shut it down, thinking about Ben again. 

 Monday. The big Sleep Off. Michelle nervously picked up orders. The other technicians stood nearby but didn’t dare try to fight her for them, her gazer magic could easily stun any of them. Both only had one thing on their mind. Even if the gazer had never met this guy before, she was more than happy to play wingman for her friend. She shot a temporary paralysis beam at another tech who tried to snag an order that had just come in, “There it is!” She cried as she scooped up Ben’s order. She swiftly left the order dispenser and made her way back to her station. The other technicians swarmed the dispenser, trying to snatch up good ones.
Sally nervously sat in a chair, “Did he--”
 “Yeah. Your guy put one in, just like you expected. Want me to open it up for you?” Sally went silent as she glanced around at the other teams. They were all hyping themselves up. Most of them were doing so half heartedly, not expecting to do well. Sally got a few glances as the teams prepared. Technicians started putting in portal coordinates as Mrs. Dreamweaver stepped onto the sleep floor with her long spider legs. She smiled as she walked through, nodding as she saw everyone was prepared. The Sleep Off brought in everyone who worked on the sleep floor no matter what day they usually worked so all of the stations were packed. 
 “Sally? Mandy?” Mrs. Dreamweaver frowned as she noticed that the two weren’t ready, “Is something the matter? All these teams are eagerly awaiting their shot at second place!”
 Michelle felt sick to her stomach at Mrs. Dreamweaver’s little joke. She finally understood the pressure Sally felt about being the top performer. Were they really that good that the arachne fully expected them to sweep? The gazer wondered silently.
“Mrs. Dreamweaver,” Sally spoke slowly, choosing her words, “I understand if you want to fire me after what I’m about to say,” Sally had tears in her eyes, “I love this job, ma’am. I really do. But this weary old body can hardly take it anymore. I’m pushing myself to the limit,” She looked at Michelle who gave her a nod to keep going, “A-and there’s this guy who needs me tonight and--”
 “Stop,” Mrs. Dreamweaver huffed, “Sally. That’s all you had to tell me. We will reschedule the Sleep Off.”
 “Don’t,” Sally chuckled, “Give these girls a shot at it.”
 The arachne sighed sadly, “Alright. How about you use up some of that vacation time and stay with him? Michelle here will be head technician for a while.”
 “It's--” The gazer blinked, “You actually got it right...”
 “I might have to retire, ma’am,” Sally explained sadly.
 “We’ll see how you feel after your break,” Mrs. Dreamweaver gave her a small smile, “Michelle, if you would.”
 “Yeah,” She quickly opened the portal for Sally, “Go get ‘em, tiger.”
 “Close the portal after me. I’ll call you when I need a new one,” Sally instructed, “I’m making him mine,” She grinned maliciously as she stepped through.
 “What a sweet girl,” The arachne sighed as Michelle closed the portal.
 “Can you believe she kept the guy secret from me this whole time?” She scoffed, still a little miffed about it, “Who needs orders!?” The gazer shouted as she held up the few she had collected.

 Ben shuddered as he heard something. Anticipation was killing him. He was sitting up in his bed, waiting for the bogey to arrive. She crawled out from under the bed, grunting almost as if in pain, “Why the bed and not the closet?” Ben asked.
 “Don’t-- Ergh-- Know,” She grunted as she stretched. She climbed on the bed and sat next to him with a decompressing sigh, she wrapped an arm around him, “How are you?” She asked as she ran a claw up and down his chest.
 “Fine. Been relaxing like you said. I did next to no work today,” He admitted quietly with a smile, “I dreamed about you on Saturday. It was nice.”
 “I wish I had been so lucky,” She cooed as she cuddled up to him, “This is nice.”
 “Sitting together? Yeah. Wish I could do it with you more.”
 “Well, I’m all yours tonight. Took some time off.”
 He was shocked, “R-really? Just to spend time with me?”
 “Just for you. You begged me to stay on Friday didn’t you? Or do you not want cuddles tonight?”
 “No!” He almost shouted, his face lighting up red, “I-I want that more than anything... But...”
“Well, Ben. I’ll do anything you want,” She whispered playfully, half hoping he’d ask for sex. 
 “I don’t know,” He sighed sadly, stopping the bogey from simply lifting him and setting him in her lap, “I feel kinda awkward asking you to hold me.”
 “What? Why? I’m here to help you in any way you need,” She insisted.
 Ben looked at her with a frown, “But aren’t you a married woman? With kids and all that?”
 Sally stared at him, confused at first, then chuckling before she scooped him up and sat him in her lap. He squirmed but didn’t fight against her plush, warm body as it hugged him. One arm wrapped around his chest, the other went to his head, gently petting him. Her legs shifted, brushing her exposed calves playfully against his, “You think I’m married? With kids too?” She chuckled. He nodded sheepishly, “Well. Sorry to disappoint you, but I’m a single woman. No kids either. What on earth made you think that?”
 “T-those hips,” He admitted quietly, making Sally laugh, “A-and you’re so nice a-a-and pretty, I thought you would’ve been married for sure. You could have any guy you want.”
 Sally smiled and held him tight, her head moving to his shoulder and leaning into his ear, “Any I want?” She asked, “What if I wanted this one? The one I’m holding right now?” Sally could feel Ben's heart pounding, “What would he say?”
 “T-that... That he wouldn’t mind,” He admitted, “He wouldn’t mind being yours.”
 “Oh, sweetheart,” She cooed as she kissed his cheek, nearly making him faint from excitement, “You don’t mind that I’m older, do you dear?” She gently moved Ben, making him face her as she caressed him, touching him, lower and lower on his body. She could easily see his stiff member in his shorts but didn’t dare touch it. She hated the idea of forcing herself on her man-- For the first round at least. 
 “T-that’s the best part,” He was fully blushing now, “Y-you are a very pretty woman.”
 Sally knew this was it. This was the thing she had been waiting for, “Such a sweetheart,” She brought his face to hers and softly kissed his lips. Gently, she pushed her tongue into his mouth and fondled his. He reciprocated her kissing the best he could despite having no experience. She moved Ben aside and laid out her large body, “Do you want to know something interesting?” She asked, slowly removing her shirt letting her large plush breasts hang bare for Ben to behold, “A common masturbation method amongst boys is to cut a hole...” She removed her shorts, revealing her cute striped panties with a little bow on them, “ a stuffed animal,” She pushed her panties aside to reveal her glistening pussy, wet and eager for Ben to enter, “Then, they stuff themselves in it and... Well... We’re about to find out hm? Come stuff me, Ben,” She smiled slyly.
 “W-wait... We’ve seen each other like, four times now. This feels a little fast,” He tried to stall, averting his gaze from her gorgeous body that he had only dreamed about before.
 “Five, really,” Sally giggled causing Ben to give her a bewildered look, “I visited you on Saturday.”
 “That wasn’t a dream? Huh... Oh, shit,” He blushed as he remembered what he had said.
 “Mhm. You said you loved me, didn’t you? I love you too Ben. I’ve been driven mad with the thought of you. Let me stay here all night, hm? I’ll take good care of you,” She smiled sweetly as she propped herself up on the bed’s headboard. Once more, she outstretched her arms for him, “Please now, dear. Let me hold you. Let me hold my darling soon to be.”
 Ben nodded. He wanted this just as much as she did, if not more, “A-alright. I’m all yours,” He gave in as he removed his shirt and sleeping pants.
 Sally panted and blushed as she saw his bulge in his underwear. He scooted into the bogey’s arms as she spread her legs for him.  Both hearts pounded with love and anxiety as the bogey pulled his face into her large, warm breasts. Sally could feel the head of his cock brush up against her panties, making her breathe harder as he grinded gently. Ben lost himself in her soft plush body, letting her caress the back of his head as he snuggled his face into her soft breasts. She reached down and rubbed his cock gently through his underwear, making sure he was ready. He touched her, doing the same as he slid his hand down her panties and felt the soft fabric like folds around her pussy. She panted and trembled at his touch. Ben brought his hand to his face and tasted her love juices before pulling his underwear down, “Be gentle,” Sally whimpered, “Nice and slow, my love.”
 He nodded and watched as she pushed her panties aside invitingly. He slowly stuck himself in her, feeling every brush of the wet skin against his cock. He shuddered from the pleasure as did Sally, the two embracing one another tightly as Ben started to gently thrust into her. Ben’s grunts and mumbles were muffled by the bogey soft, luscious breasts that his head was trapped between. Sally was quiet as she whimpered and moaned, biting down softly on one of her fingers to keep herself quiet as the two cuddled tightly. She felt the wonderful sensation of her husband’s body heat and love. He gave her the physical manifestation of his love as gently as he could, “Just like that,” Sally cooed, petting and caressing him before pushing his hips against her, forcing him down to the hilt, causing him to cry out and his back to arch as the intense pleasure shot through him. Sally hardly stifled her moans as Ben continually pushed his member deep into her body, “You’re--Ahn--Doing so good, honey,” She encouraged him, “Nice and slow,” She smiled as she kissed his scalp, petting him and caressing him. 
His arms tightened around her body and he murmured something into her breasts, “I-I’m gonna cum, Sally,” He whimpered.
 “Please,” Sally moaned, hardly able to hold herself back from screaming in pleasure. After a few more thrusts, her body shuddered and gasped. One of her hands grabbed Ben and forced him into her, down to the hilt as her climax shook both of them. The feeling coaxed an orgasm from Ben as well, making him whimper as he shot his load into her, “G-good,” She cooed as her orgasm emptied his balls. She pet him firmly, biting her bottom lip to keep herself a little quiet. Both of them stopped shuddering and relaxed, lovingly hugging each other. Sally quickly put her panties back into place and helped Ben with his underwear. She took hold of him and held him tightly, bringing his head up to her eye level, “I love you,” Her eyes teared up as she smiled at him.
He looked her in the eyes, “I love you too,” He wiped his eyes, trying not to get emotional in front of her. 
 “I won’t judge you for crying, Ben,” She teased as she laid out on the bed. She laid on her back with her head on the wool pillow, “Come lay down, dear. I’ll be your mattress tonight.”
 “You want me to lay on you?” Ben asked as the bogey dried his eyes with the back of her hand.
 She nodded and scooped him up in a big hug, pulling him onto her before she laid the blanket over both of them, “Or would you prefer me laying on top of you?” With a giggle, she went back to caressing his head and hugging him with her other arm.
 “This is fine,” He breathed, all the stiffness of his body and worries on his mind disappearing  in the tightness of her hug and the gentleness of her touch.
 “Good. Sleep well, Ben,” She kissed him on the head as she watched him fall asleep. Sally lay awake, petting and hugging him happily. Eventually, she fell asleep, holding the love of her life in her arms as he quietly snored.
 It was the best sleep she ever had.
 “Sally, shouldn’t I go back to work?” Ben asked. 
 The bogey kissed and snuggled him as she held him on her lap, “Of course not. You’re my husband, I’m going to take care of you from now on.”
 “Sally...” He sighed.
 “No whining. We’re moving you out today. What do you need to take with you?” Sally asked as she held him tighter.
 “Computer... Clothes... A few books and stuff. The TV. Wait, how are we getting out?”
 “Don’t worry,” She kissed his ear and leaned back, “My friend should be here at any time.”
 “Is that why we showered already?” Ben chuckled as he remembered how she had fondled him in the shower. He was happy with how loving she was, it was nice and refreshing to be on the receiving end of a lover’s physical affection. 
 “I know we should prepare. But I just want to hold you,” Sally giggled to herself as she showered her husband in kisses and smothered him in her large, soft arms. She hugged him tight as they heard a strange noise.
 “Agh! Damn!” Michelle shouted as she caught an eyestalk on something while she slid out from under the bed. She was followed by her boyfriend Charlie, “Heeeey!” The gazer smiled as all of her eyestalks turned to stare at Ben and Sally.
 “We need to be quiet,” Sally explained as she finally let Ben go. His eyes were fixated on the gazer, another monster he had never seen before.
 Michelle nodded and glanced at Ben again as Sally went to the closet and started pulling things out, “What are YOU lookin’ at?” She asked Ben, putting on a glare from her numerous eyes.
 “N-nothing,” Ben whimpered.
 The gazer laughed at his nervous face, “I’m just screwing with you. C’mon lets get your stuff bagged up,” She tossed him a bottomless bag that said ‘MAMANO INC’ on the flap, “We’ve got three of ‘em but one should be enough,” Ben gave her a confused look, “Magic bags. Just stuff shit in there.”
 “What about the furniture?” Charlie asked as he eyed the bed and couch.
 “Leave it,” Ben shrugged, “Its junk anyways. Plus the landlady is a bitch, she can deal with it.”
 The gazer grinned with sharp teeth, “I see why you like him, Sally.”

 Ben sat next to Sally at the burger joint. Michelle and Charlie sat across from them, “So, Sally, you gonna introduce us properly or are we gonna stare at each other ‘til the waiter gets here?” Michelle teased.
“Oh, um, right! Ben, this is my best friend and technician Michelle and her boyfriend Charlie,” Sally introduced them. She rubbed her shoulder, smiling slightly as she noticed that it didn’t hurt anymore.
 “Hello,” Ben smiled.
 “Hey, kid,” Michelle grinned. Charlie just waved, “Whaddya do for work?”
 “Well... Unemployed now to be honest,” He shrugged.
 “Sally, I’m sure Mrs. Dreamweaver will give him a job if you ask.”
 “I was just going to let him stay at home, I’ll take care of him,” Sally explained.
 Michelle scoffed, “Didn’t you say you were thinking of retiring?”
 Sally shook her head, “I can’t now, I want to support him. I’ll take the head sleeper role that was offered to me.”
 Michelle nodded, “That’ll make me head technician. I’m down for that. I’ve been needing a raise. Gotta get me and hubby outta that apartment and into a real house.”
 “Oh, congratulations, you two!” Sally clasped her hands together and grinned, “Why didn’t you tell me sooner, Michelle?”
 “Not like you told me about him, hm?” Michelle huffed. She put on her friendly attitude as the waiter approached. She ordered quickly for herself and her boyfriend. Sally ordered and Ben ordered for himself.
 “I can’t believe there's a whole organization to help people sleep,” Ben mumbled, “I’m still completely shocked.”
 Sally nodded, “I don’t really get it much, really,” She admitted, “But I love what I do.”
 “How do you feel that you’re married to the best sleeper?” Charlie asked, snickering with his gazer wife.
 “I’m gonna sleep like a baby every single night, man,” He laughed in response, “Pretty happy already.”
 “You won’t be when she keeps you chained to the bed all day just so it’s warm when she comes home!” Michelle laughed.
 “I’m not gonna do that!” Sally whined but the gazer gave her an incredulous look, “M-maybe once or twice.”
 “Sally, I wanna take the job that Michelle mentioned,” Ben said firmly, “I appreciate you wanting to take care of me, but I want to support you just as much as you do me.”
 Sally frowned but ultimately nodded in defeat, unable to say no to him, “Okay. I’ll talk to my boss tomorrow.” 
 “You mean when you come back to work! You’re on vacation, remember?” Michelle wagged a finger at her, “Take a break, dammit. Let your man heal your body.”
 Sally nodded, not able to say no to her either, “Alright... I’ll rest. But I’m coming back to work next week.”

 “There,” Sally smiled as she finished making the couple’s new bed. Four pillows, a soft comforter, a luxurious mattress and nice sheets. Ben got on the bed, laying on his back and let out a long sigh. Sally climbed on top of him, staring him in the eyes before kissing him on the lips and cuddling against him. The two lay together for a time, reveling in the others’ heat and embrace. Sally assaulted him with kisses for a moment before caressing his face, “Take your pants off,” She grinned.
 “Huh?” Ben looked surprised.
 “Come on now, beau. Pants off.”
 “Ugh, don’t call me that and I will,” Ben shuddered as he reached down and stripped off his pants.
 Sally sat up and removed her shirt, pants and panties quickly. She lay back down on him, taking hold of his shoulders with a little sweet smile, “Just hold your breath, okay?” Ben couldn’t respond before Sally pushed him under her, his face ending between her breasts before she started grinding against him, her wet pussy rubbing against his cock. He moaned beneath her, muffled by her breasts before she impaled herself on his throbbing cock. She smiled as he hugged her back, panting and moaning as Sally trapped him beneath her, gently rising up and bringing herself down on his member. She panted heavily and moaned loudly as she continually pleasured herself and her husband. The wet sloppy noises of sex were replaced by a gentle thudding noise like dropping a pillow on yourself. She drowned her face in the thick wool of the pillows as she let out a loud moan, silently begging her husband to cum inside her. 
 Ben couldn’t warn her as the pressure built. He was going to burst soon and splurt in her warm and soft insides. He grabbed her hips and pushed himself in her to the hilt, signalling her to bring herself down on him. He cried into her breasts as he came, giving her what she wanted. Sally’s body shuddered violently as she orgasmed, her pussy pulling as much as it could from Ben’s tired cock.
 Satisfied, Sally sat up on the tired boy, “I love you,” She smiled before laying next to him, caressing and hugging his slightly sweaty body as they lay in the glow of the after sex heat.
 “Love you too,” Ben mumbled as he was pulled into a hug and used Sally’s body as a pillow.

 Sally wandered up and down the sleep floor giving pointers to the new recruits. Michelle did the same thing but with a lot less tact and warmth. She did it out of a desire to keep anyone from getting hurt or sent to the wrong place. Sally always happily listened as the younger sleepers told her how well their orders were going. 
She adjusted the cute little bow she wore on her neck in an attempt to look more professional as she turned to face Michelle who wore a suit and tie, “Good day, huh?” The gazer asked with a grin, “This whole lead thing is pretty fun! I get to bark at the newbies all day!”
 Sally shook her head, “You’re a little hard on them.”
 Michelle shrugged, “Eh, they need me to push them.”
 “If you say so. I’m going on break.”
 “Alright, alright. Go see your man. I’ll go check on mine when you come back,” The gazer dismissed her.
 Sally hurried over to the corporate wing and found his office. She threw the door open and stepped in. She frowned as she saw that it was empty. She figured her husband must still be in his meeting. She stood in the corner, waiting to strike. She could hear him stomping down the hallway towards his office as he talked to someone else. As soon as he stepped into his little office that Sally had secured for him when he got hired, she scooped him up in her arms. Ben yelped but didn’t fight against her strong grip. She giggled as she kissed his scalp and dragged him to his office chair. The two tightly hugged and kissed before calming down and just calmly hugging each other, “How are you?” Sally asked quietly.
 “I’m alright,” Ben grinned up at her, “I’m sure you’re doing well.”
 “Of course I am,” She kissed him on the forehead, “I love my job.”
 “I know you do. I’m having a good time with my job too. Probably the most enjoyment I’ve ever gotten out of a job.”
 “Good. Mrs. Dreamweaver has told me how good of a job you’re doing,” She smiled sweetly at him and gently rubbed his shoulders, “I’m so proud of you, Ben.”
He blushed and tried to change subjects, “Are we gonna use that nap room some day?” Ben asked with a yawn. The nap room was a dark room in the corporate wing where people could go rest on the various soft furniture. Most people used it to take short naps.
 “We’ll get a couch or lounge seat in here and I’ll come and help you sleep for your breaks,” She giggled and kissed him again. The two both sighed, “Well, I better get back to work.”
 “Hey, Sally?” Ben called as she turned to go, “I love you.”
 “I love you too, Ben,” She smiled back as she left.

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