The Goblettes Waaagh Ending

 I stood, dropping my pants. The two goblettes stared at me wide eyed, “It's time. For the Waaagh. Get ready for a zoggin’!”
 “Boss! Boss! Boss! Boss!” The two screeched, slamming their hands on the bed in unison.
 I grabbed Gorka first, not before giving Morka a firm slap on the ass. Both quivered in anticipation. I rolled her onto her back and rubbed my cock on her wet pussy. She was whimpering and shaking as my cock began to throb. She stared up at me with nervousness and love in her eyes. I shoved myself into her with a cry, “WAAAGH!” I gave them what they wanted, exciting both further. 
 Gorka shouted it back as a moan as I thrust myself into her, Morka shouted just because we were shouting, “WAAAGH!” I was glad the walls were sound proofed some time ago. I thrust and thrust into the big titted gobbo, letting the savageness of the orks flow through me. I grabbed Morka and kissed her, letting her push her tongue into my mouth and desperately twisting and twirling it against mine.
 “BOOOOOSS!” Gorka screeched as her body shuddered and back arched. Her pussy quivered as an orgasm rocked her. 
 “Boss is real good at zoggin’!” Morka encouraged me as she caressed my body and kissed my neck.
 “More boss! More of ya zog stick!” Gorka begged.
 “Yeah boss! Give ‘er more!” Morka slapped my ass and I slapped hers back making her shudder.
 I grabbed Gorka’s hips and shoved my member deep into her again. I thrust into her as my other gobbie kissed my neck and gave me playful love bites on the shoulders. Gorka kept trying to shout out with another Waaagh but my thrusts kept interrupting her. Her large breasts shook as I fondled them. I didn’t warn her when I was going to burst. I grunted loudly and gave a few more thrusts before splooging inside of her, “WAAAGH!” I cried. The girls quickly joined in with my screaming, Gorka much more weakly than Morka as she orgasms.
 I pulled my still hard and throbbing out of her with a slick noise, “T-thanks, boss,” Gorka sighs.
 I blew air out of my nose and gently grabbed the other goblette. She whimpered as I put her on her stomach. Her little wings flapped nervously and she squirmed as I rubbed my firm member against her pussy. I could hear her whine nervously as I started to push into her. As I firmly slapped her fat ass, she moaned loudly before crying out with a somewhat weak, “Waaagh...”
 I started thrusting, her plump rear easily taking the punishment I dished out. Gorka sat on her back and took hold of my face, kissing my lips, neck and shoulders as I rapidly thrust into Morka. The thick goblette held out longer than the other, keeping her orgasm in as she waited for me to cum in her. Her fat ass jiggled as I thrust, a wet plap plap plap echoing out as I used her to pleasure myself, “Boss!” Morka shouted, “I-- I--” She bit the pillow with a whine.
 “I’m gonna--” I grunted as I thrust into her one final time before splurting my load and crying out, “WAAAGH!” I shuddered as I finished, rolling her back over and kissing her on the lips.
 The two goblettes wiped off my crotch before I put a pair of underwear back on. I plopped back into bed and hugged both of them, “Boss has da best zoggin’ zog stick,” Morka commented.
 “I love da boss!” Gorka smiled.
 “No, I love da boss!” Morka hissed.
 “Shush, both of you,” I sighed, “There will be plenty of zoggin’ for both of ya. In the morning,” I kissed both on the head and closed my eyes, trying to sleep. The two goblettes kept me up by peppering me with kisses. I didn’t stop them. I liked it too much.
 Both girls jumped as they heard a knock on the door. I blinked and got up, quickly throwing clothes on before opening the door up. Four green skinned orcs, an ogre, a high orc and a pig orc all looked at me, axes in hand, “Uh--” I started.
 They knelt, slamming the butts of their axes on the hall floor in unison, “Warboss! It’s da warband!” Morka shouted excitedly.
 “Dey heard ya Waaagh!” Gorka cried, “Warband! Come in!” Excitedly, all the orcs entered my apartment.
 I smirked, “I could get used to this. Alright, make yourselves at home, ladies. Tomorrow, we start krumpin’!” 
 I marched into my office. I had no shirt on. My session with my two goblette wives had brought out muscles and a six pack. My muscles were adorned with orkish war paint as per my wives’ request. Behind me, my small warband loosely marched, startling my former co-workers as they grabbed coffee cups and doughnuts out of their hands. My precious Gorka and Morka floated right behind me at shoulder level. Other people could see and hear them now, not that it mattered. 
 I walked up to Gwen’s office and knocked on the door, “Enter!” She called.
 I stomped in, my warband trying to follow me, “Wait here,” I told them firmly. Gwen looked up, confused at me and the numerous orks following me, “Hey, uh, Gwen. I’m just here to resign.”
 “O-Oh?” She stammered as she looked past me. The orks all started slamming the butts of their axes on the floor again as they waited.
 “Yeah. I, uh, had a new job opportunity come up. Thank you so much for this opportunity but these fine ladies have come to me to be their warboss.”
 “Warboss? Well... Good luck,” She rubbed her forehead, “Where are you headed, if I may ask.” 
 “Canada,” I grunted, “They’ve had it too good for too long. See ya, Gwen!” I smiled and turned back to my warband. They had picked up a water cooler, “PUT THAT DOWN!” I ordered. They obeyed and dropped it, splashing the water all over the floor. I gave Gwen an apologetic shrug and led my warband out of the building, marching north with the warband following me. 

 Anon’s warband headed north, the orks taking men and fucking them to make bigger and bigger Waaaghs in their warcamp. More and more orks of every kind as well as any other monster girl willing to answer the call such as goblins, hobgoblins, ogres, lizardmen, salamanders, minotaurs, and even the odd dragon and soldier beetle joined the warband. Most men who got krumped by their new ork wives were glad to join up. More krumping usually solved the problem when they didn’t want to join. The orks wouldn’t allow any of their men on the front lines or in raiding parties except to carry things back, except for their fearless leader, ‘Warboss Anon da Pink: Chosen Warboss of da Great Green Gods.’  The goblettes Gorka and Morka continued to be his faithful wives and durable, green, loving and self warming cock sleeves. The more he came inside the embodiments of the great green gods, the stronger he became. He never fully embraced the orky way of talking.
 As they crossed the border into Canada, the high elves and the wood elves scoffed, not taking ‘Warboss Anon da Pink: Chosen Warboss of da Great Green Gods’ and his Waaagh seriously. Within three months, the warband had uprooted the elves and taken their cities all across Canada, forcing them into Quebec and everywhere east of it, not even the orks dared to tread where the French once did, nor did they understand the language of the Newfoundlanders. They considered the language witchkraft of the worst degree and steered clear of it.
 ‘Warboss Anon da Pink: Chosen Warboss of da Great Green Gods’ sat amongst his spoils on a comfortable plush couch with a plump well fed goblette on either side of him. His women caressed his chest, thighs and anywhere else they could get their hands on as he drank from a skull goblet with one hand and read his phone with the other. He and his wives had warm furs draped over their bodies. He yawned as he finished checking what little news had been put out about his conquest. No one except for the elves themselves dare publish a story on it out of fear of getting krumped themselves.
 “Boss?” Morka asked as her hand wandered to his loins.
 “All done readin’ boss? It’z almost time for da bubble bath!” Gorka grinned excitedly.
 Anon nodded and picked up Gorka, kissing her sweetly on the forehead then moving onto Morka and doing the same, “Yeah, that sounds real nice. My muscles ache.”
 “We love da boss!” Both cried happily as they sweetly assaulted him with kisses.
 “Yeah, yeah. Love you guys too,” ‘Warboss Anon da Pink: Chosen Warboss of da Great Green Gods,’ grumbled, glad he was alone with the two. He lifted both, one under each arm and headed for the bath as he thought about things that could have been. A cushy and well paying office job, a house and kids with the goblettes. Maybe he’d get around to it eventually. He shook himself, he had other things going on. 
 ‘Warboss Anon da Pink: Chosen Warboss of da Great Green Gods’ reign would last many years. Even when his reign ended, due to him leaving the warband on good terms, another would rise to take his place, continuing the rule of orks in the lands now known simply as ‘Ork-Land.’

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