Flies In the Face Of Love

Commission for bugseid. Thanks for commissioning me!

    I grimaced at Isabel as I saw the number of chip bags, candy wrappers and soda cans around her, “Did you just sit around and eat all day? Again?” I complained.    “I eat, Anon. It’s what I do,” Isabel flashed me a toothy grin before going back to watching reruns of Full House, “Could you move? You’re blocking the TV.”
    I could hardly muster a scowl before sitting on my recliner. The impish beelzebub watched me go with a little smile on her face. Despite her small, tanned body, I knew she could over power me with her chiton covered arms and and legs. The buzzing of her fly wings drove me mad. I hated it above anything else. But there was something about her. I had forgotten to clean up ONCE and left the window open and she had let herself in. I couldn’t get rid of her no matter what I did. But there was something about her in that smug and devious look, the way she looked down at me whenever I was in her presence... She was adorable. She wasn’t THAT bad really, “Could you at least leave me some to eat?” I asked for the hundredth time.
    “Come on. Just go get more. Didn’t you get that big raise recently?” The lord of flies asked me casually. I nodded hesitantly. I had gotten a raise soon after she had become my roommate, “Then you’ve got more than enough to go buy me-- us-- more snacks,” I grunted discontentedly as she threw more chips in her mouth and started to speak with her mouth full, “Well, maybe if you get on your hands and knees and submit to your lord I’ll start leaving you some scraps.”
    “Not in a million years,” I retorted as I watched the show with her. I glanced at her again. She wore one of my shirts, still stained from my sweat, while she sat atop her throne of blankets and pillows with her discarded trash lain around the floor and tables. She loved to wear my dirty clothes and would regularly switch it out for my ‘fresh’ gym shirt once I returned home from my workout routine, “Would it kill you to clean up after yourself?”
    “Why would I? You do it every time,” As if to accentuate her point, she lobbed the empty can of Pringles across the room. Despite her constant eating, she was still thin. All of her fat had gone to her ass and breasts giving her quite a shapely form.
    “At least get up and wear something somewhat clean,” I got up and glared at her, “Would it kill you to shower more than every three days!?” She didn’t stink-- I didn’t think monster girls COULD stink, I just found it annoying and gross.
    Her face suddenly turned to a sad pout, “Why do you keep shouting at me, Anon... Your house is so cozy...” She stared at me with sad yellow eyes as her antennae drooped, “You’re such a nice roommate, Anon.”
    I knew she was playing me like a fiddle or perhaps a pair of dirty bongos. I grumbled quietly at her, “Just stay out of my room.”
    “Oh, Anon,” Her devilish smile returned before she brought a can of flat RC Cola to her lips, “I wouldn’t dream of breaking in there and stealing your dirty clothes.”
    “Goddammit,” I swore.
    “You’re too uptight, Anon. No wonder your pals are all married now. I’ll bet they’re much more relaxed than you are,” She teased.
    I glared at her. Her smug look only faltered a little bit, “I’m single because I smell like your stinky ass.”
    “I do NOT stink!” She hissed back getting so aggravated that she leapt up from her seat and flew over to me on her small wings that buzzed in a high pitch. We both glared at one another. She looked me up and down and then smirked again. She flew into me, knocking some of the wind from my lungs as she smugly plopped herself down on my lap. She nestled into my lap, rubbing her plump rear against my crotch as she used me as her new throne, “For a man, you make a pretty good seat.”
    “Yeah... Well...” I trailed off with a sigh as I looked down at her shoulder length grey hair. Even if her hygiene could use some work, she still always went out of her way to look her best even on days when she didn’t go out. She lounged atop my lap, slouching as she used my gut as a head rest, “I can’t believe you still watch this show,” I couldn’t stay upset with her for very long.
    “It’s funny!” Isabel protested, “You just don’t get it, you pleb,” Her softer tone showed she wasn’t upset with me either.

    I stared out my window into the darkness of night. I had retired to my bedroom some time ago and the noise of the TV had finally stopped. Isabel must have finally gone to sleep. I got up from my desk and left my room quietly. My room exited into a small hallway then out to the living room and kitchenette. As expected, Isabele was completely conked out on the couch amongst her pile of pillows and blankets. Her wings buzzed idly as she dreamed of tormenting me further no doubt. I could tell by her little shit eating smirk. I picked up one of her blankets and laid it over her. I made a note to wash her nest soon. As quietly as I could, I picked up her trash and tossed it into the trash can I carried with me. Once I had finished up, I nodded with satisfaction and glanced at Isabel again, still sleeping. I ducked down and dug through one of my cupboards. I grabbed one of the pastries hidden behind pots and pans and took it back to my room where I enjoyed its delicious apple and cinnamon filling before finishing up the work on my computer and laying down to sleep. 
    I grumbled quietly to myself as I returned to my apartment. Work was long and arduous. I just wanted to relax and maybe watch some TV with Isabel and have a pastry or two, “I’m home!” I called as I entered the apartment. I put my bag on the floor and hung up my coat before taking my shoes off slowly.
    “How was work?” Isabel called back. 
    A confused look crossed my face, “Uh… Fine, really.”
    “Good to hear. Thanks for cleaning up after me, Anon!” She snorted.
    I scowled, “I need to wash some of your blankets. They’re covered in crumbs and stuff,” I explained as I stepped into the living room. 
    Isabel was still lounging on her pile of pillows and blankets. It looked as if she had eaten a little less snacks today and I could only wonder if we were out, “You goin’ to the store any time soon? I NEED more sour cream and onion chips.”
    I sighed, “Can’t you go to the store yourself? You don’t do anything all day.”
    “I’m watching House Flipper! I gotta watch this shit! I mean, look!” She pointed to the TV as they showed the before of a house covered in trash that had been left behind by the previous owner contrasted with the sleek, clean and modern house they turned it into, “They RUINED that house!” She got up, flying as I approached her.
    “You’re so weird,” I grimaced as I took her blankets.
“Come on, you love me. I know you do,” She teased as she flew around my head. 
    “Maybe I would if you weren’t such a damn slob,” I grumbled, “Stop leaving your crap everywhere.”
    “Nah,” She smiled fiendishly as she buzzed closer and closer to me. She followed me to the washing machine out of boredom and watched me load in her dirty blankets, “Can you get more of those apple pastries when you go shopping today? They were really good and I want more.”
    “Pastries--?” My eyes grew wide. I pushed past her and went to my hiding spot. She had eaten every single one of them, leaving behind only one that had numerous little bites taken out of it, “Isabel!” I let out a rage filled groan, “Those were MINE! I wanted to eat one of those today! They were my favorite snack!” I cried as I angrily put my face in my hands.
    “But Anon… Aren’t I your favorite snack?” Isabel grinned impishly as she floated a few feet off the ground. 
The buzzing resonated deep in my ears, making me feel a little ill, “What the hell are you talking about?” I grunted, “Those damn pastries were my favorite and you ate ALL of them!”
    “Well, I’ve got something else you can eat!”
    “Isabele,” I started to growl, “I don’t--”
    With lightning speed, the beelzebub lunged at me. I gasped as the air was forced from my lungs when she tackled me to the ground. I struggled in vain as I tried to get the diminutive bug girl off of me. She finally settled down as she straddled my chest. She stared down at me like she stared at a bag of unopened Cheetos puffs, “I’m not offering. Your lord is demanding,” Lifting up her over sized shirt, she revealed she was wearing nothing underneath. Her pussy was bare and already dripping with her love liquid, “Shaved and cleaned, just for you. Just for that hungry mouth of yours,” Grinning like a mad woman, she gripped my hair. I tried to resist and fight back, but she was too strong. Her pussy was pressed against my lips as her thighs clamped to the sides of my head, “Come on, Anon! If you want out, put that tongue of yours to work!”
    My words came out as a muffled grunting. I could feel my member stiffening in my pants. Swallowing my pride, I opened my mouth and kissed the outside of her pussy. She breathed sharply and caressed my scalp. My tongue lapped at her folds, making her squirm as she felt my hot breath on her loins. She grinded against my face as she desperately tried to get more pleasure from my mouth. I gladly used my tongue's flexibility to pleasure her.
“Fuck, Anon,” She panted heavily as I kissed and licked her womanly privates, “Y-you’re gonna make me--” She gasped and bit her lip as I stuck my tongue in her. I was in total control of her pleasure. She tasted divine. As long as I could keep her clean, I could get used to this, “Anon! Fuck!” She cried, her thighs clamped on my head again, and her love liquid oozed out of her snatch, which I happily lapped at. Her back arched and her body shuddered as I coaxed an orgasm out from deep within her. Once her shouts ended, she panted, desperate for oxygen. She collapsed and rolled off of me, laying next to me on the floor. She grinned at me, “Who knew you’d be such a good boy for me!”
    “You tasted good,” I grumbled as the beelzebub skittered towards me and started to lick my face. 
Shortly, her lips were against mine and she was quickly licking up all the saliva in my mouth. My now tired tongue was powerless to stop hers, long and powerful as it was. She put her chitinous hands on her own cheeks as she swallowed my saliva, “You taste good too! You might be my new favorite meal!” She grinned deviously as one of her hands went to my already erect member, “Oh! Anon! You’ve got a… Sausage? In your pants for me?” She chuckled, “Just strip. I’m gonna suck that fat cock dry.”
She rubbed me through my pants excitedly until I pulled my pants off. She stared at my member, now exposed to the cold air of my apartment, “Just be--”
    She shut me up as she dove for it, taking the whole thing in her mouth. I gasped as her lips and tongue slid up the shaft and started working the head of my penis. I writhed as her hungry mouth greedily lapped up my pre cum. She loudly swallowed it and shuddered, “Oh, man… So damn good,” She felt my balls, giving equal attention to each one as she teasingly blew cold air on my damp and painfully stiff member, “Your balls are so full... I better be a good wife and take care of that, huh? Just relax, Anon. I’ll take good care of you.”
    She shut me up again as her mouth slid down my cock. She bobbed her head for a bit before releasing my member from her mouth with a loud POP, “Huh? What was that, Anon?” There was an impish smile on her face.
    I twitched and writhed from the pleasure and sudden stop, “I--”
    Her mouth went back to loudly and greedily slurping on my member. This time she didn’t stop. Her head bobbed rapidly as she fondled my balls and stroked my shaft with each of her hands. The pressure was building rapidly from her stroking, kissing and licking. I threw my head back and thrust with my hips a few times as I got closer and closer. Isabel didn’t stop slurping and sucking, she only got more and more rapid as she realised how close I was. 
    “Isabel, I’m gonna--”
    I couldn’t finish my sentence before blowing my load into her mouth. The beelzebub shoved her mouth down to the hilt of my cock and let all the cum accumulate in her mouth. When I was done, she let my cock go from her thirsty mouth and took a moment to taste my spunk. She smiled and nodded before swallowing all of it loudly, letting my thick baby batter slide down her throat. She exhaled like she had just taken a long drink, “Delicious. Divine even. Those balls make the most delectable food I have ever tasted!” She cackled as she climbed on top of me.
    My chest heaved. That didn’t stop Isabel from licking up the few droplets of sweat that were on my body, “Wow…” Was all I could muster with my brain clouded from the intense pleasure. 
    “Wanna fuck tonight? I want those babies of yours as soon as possible!” She touched my face gently, “They’re gonna be so cute like their dad!”
    I blinked at her, “Do I have a choice?”
    “Not really. I’ll either ride you hard or keep slurping your dick up like a big noodle. Your pick which.”
    I sighed. I couldn’t tell her no, “Well, you still seem hungry…”
    “Damn right I am! But you must still be hungry!” She got on my face again. She didn’t smother me this time, “Come on, Anon! It’s your turn to chow down!” With another devilish grin, she started to grind on my face. I sighed and resigned myself to this pleasure filled state. She was lucky I found her to be so cute.

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