Tough Love

Commission for Zarama. Thanks again!

    I stared out the window of my tiny home. The sun was high in the sky, the gentle breeze was blowing, and the sound of birdsong filled the air. I turned away from it, I knew I had a few things I needed to do, simple chores and such. My mind was clouded by my rampant negative thoughts, self conscious doubt and anxiety plagued me as I thought of my friends who had all moved on with their lives while I was still stuck here, alone and stagnant. I needed to clear my mind, I decided on a whim. A walk usually helped me, so that’s what I decided to do. I left my home and stomped down the path to the river where I quickly found my route for my little half hour jaunt; I would follow a river and walk through the trees as my mind wandered. Most of my friends had gotten married at this point but I was still looking. I couldn’t settle down with just any woman, she had to be the one for me. The same thoughts came to my mind that did nearly every time I thought of girls. Sure there were a few skinny human women in my town and a handful of fat ones. But none of them were to my standards. I wanted a big girl, a tall one, not a wide one. One of an impressive stature and even more impressive muscles. Powerful and strong, more than enough to overpower me. Call me what you want, I don’t really care what people think of my tastes. I nearly salivated as I thought about it. The only problem was that the only human women who were to that criteria were order knights, and they usually only married within their little group of fanatics. Those women wanted equally strong men, which was only natural, but that of course meant human women could never give me what I wanted as I was not to their standards and I would probably have to turn to monster girls. I could only wonder if people would be disappointed in me for choosing this path, but did it really matter to me? If it got me what I wanted? Hell no, it didn’t matter. I snapped out of my daydreaming and back to reality, looking around for my familiar surroundings. I must have gotten distracted, I had ended up wandering much further than I had intended. 
    I sighed and went down to the shore of the river like I usually did when walking back. Not having been this far up river, I looked around. It was mostly the same as the rest of the river, a somewhat deep and slow current that was pretty good for catching crawfish and salmon in. Not very good for drinking; although the water was clear, too many people used it for cleaning. I would stick to well water. I continued along the riverbank, every so often I would pick up a stone and toss it, trying to skip it down river. I spotted an area I had not seen before. The river pooled in this area. The bank I was on stayed parallel with the rest of the river but the opposite side bulged out into a small sort of lake. 
    I was ready to walk past, but as if illuminated by sun rays, I spotted a woman. The most gorgeous woman I had ever seen. I scurried into some nearby bushes, desiring more than anything to watch her. She stood in the pool of water, it hardly came up to her thighs. The muscles across her body rippled with power as she moved with little grace. Ran a bar of soap along her muscles, illuminating them with a reflective sheen, while obscuring other parts with the cleansing suds. Her firm looking buttox was towards me and I could see a tail whipping side to side as she silently cleaned herself. If the tail had not tipped me off to her monstrous nature, her large claws and fluffy cat ears would have. The fur across her body was a cream color with dark brown tiger stripes marking her furred limbs. The skin on her gorgeous muscles was a dark tanned color and glistened in the sunlight, freshly cleaned for the day. I shuffled, adjusting my position as I stared at the beastly woman. The soft noise of my approach made her turn around, scanning the riverside for where the noise came from. Her cat ears twitched and her tail flicked back and forth as she looked for any threats. I caught a glimpse of her face. It was absolutely gorgeous, a beautiful face with strong, stunning features. Her hair was a dark auburn, her piercing eyes were a bright yellow and her mouth was full of sharp looking, but clean, white teeth. She frowned and went back to bathing herself, ignoring the noise I had made.
    I breathed a sigh of relief. A sudden noise startled me. A raccoon running out of a bush nearly made me yelp, but I managed to contain myself. I watched as the ring-tailed creature skittered away from me, just as startled as I was. I went back to staring at the beautiful, muscled woman. She was gone. I frowned. I had missed my chance to speak to her, “I’d better get going,” I murmured to myself as I was reminded that I had work I needed to get done before sundown.
    “Get going to where?” A husky voice asked from beside me. I slowly looked towards where the voice had come from. The tall, beautiful, muscled woman was standing right next to me. She looked down at me with a somewhat bemused expression on her face, “Why are you hiding in that bush? Did that raccoon scare you?” She let out a strange laugh, like a ‘hu hu hu’ as she giggled at my stammering and stuttering.
    “N-no, I was… I was just on my way home!” I explained quickly as I pointed down the river.
    “Home? You live down river? I have never seen you there,” She smirked. She chuckled again as she looked me up and down. The way she spoke, that husky voice… and the way she stared… my brain told me to run. But with all of my blood rushing away from my brain to my slowly stiffening member, my brain functions started to deteriorate and my fight or flight started to wane. I just stared at the monster girl, taking in the wondrous sight of her shapely breasts and hard abs, “That isn’t fear on your face…” She mused as a curious expression showed on her face, “You are not afraid of me?”
    “Afraid? No, of course not!” I chuckled nervously, hardly able to make eye contact with her as she leaned towards me and smelled the air.
    “Hmph,” She huffed, “Your body language is strange. What is it you are feeling, then?”
    “Promise you won’t beat me up if I say something dumb?” I chuckled nervously.
    She folded her arms, “I suppose.”
    “It’s… well… a-arousal,” I said sheepishly. I found myself unable to refuse her.
    She leered at me, “Arousal? For me?” I nodded slowly in response. I got a single, strong exhale of air from her nose as she scoffed, “You are pulling my leg. Perhaps I should beat you for joking about such things, especially to an older woman!” She glared at me now. 
    “Oh, no, no, no,” I nervously backed away as she stepped towards me, her powerful claws balled into fists, “I mean it! I find you quite fetching a-and beautiful!” Despite what she had said, she looked quite young. Probably because of that latent demon mana or whatever it is.
    She stared into my face, mostly taken aback by my declaration, “What could you possibly find beautiful? I lack in your species’ feminine qualities. What beauty is there in me?” She made a sad expression that I could not bear to see. 
    “Even if you can’t see it, I can!” 
    “Now you are just making fun of me!” She hastily decided as she cracked her knuckles, “Unless you can prove it, I’m beating the shit outta you,” She growled.
    “I-- Well…” I sharply drew in my breath and steeled myself for whatever would follow as I undid my belt buckle, letting my pants fall around my ankles. My stiff member was completely obvious in just my underwear. I was fully prepared for a beating but how else could I prove I was telling the truth?
    The monster woman folded her arms and attempted to maintain her composure. Her face blushed red as she stared at my stretched undergarments, “So that is what that smell was,” She nodded, “What is your name?” 
    “Anon,” I put my pants back on.
    “Kirana. You shall be a suitable mate.”
    “Really!?” I coughed and tried to compose myself, I had to play it cool, I thought,“Alright. I agree.”
    “Good. Because I would have taken you even if you had said no,” The jinko smirked and grabbed me, hoisting me over her shoulder before stomping to the other side of the river and grabbing her things. I didn’t fight as she carried me through the woods, letting out a soft ‘hu hu hu,’ as she giggled to herself. I had a big grin on my face. I was more than overjoyed, elated even. My dreams were coming true. From the discomfort I felt from her shoulder against my ribcage, I already knew this wasn’t a dream.

    Kirana was a little rough as she unceremoniously dumped me onto her little sleeping arrangement. A strangely comfortable pile of furs, blankets and pillows. She threw some logs into the fireplace and got a small, warm fire going, “I suppose it is quite fortunate that I decided to bathe today,” She chuckled, “But you must prove yourself to me before I truly make you my mate.”
“Anything!” I panted, eager to prove my worth as her lover.
She pulled me to my knees. Her large, powerful and clawed hand ran through my hair a few times before the hand moved to the nape of my neck. In a swift motion that hardly strained her, my face was pulled against her rock hard abs, “You find my body arousing? Show me.”
    I nodded. I started to slowly kiss her abs and muscles. They were softer than they appeared, the muscles tightening with each kiss of my lips or twitching when my tongue grazed them gentle.. I shuddered with excitement, her body was warm and her hand on my head was surprisingly gentle as she let me explore her strong stomach and legs. Feeling her abs as I ran my hands over them was amazing as they tightened and hardened in response to my teasing, They were a testament to her strength. Her legs were like the tough trunks of a tree when she flexed them. I imagined her easily breaking boards or even logs over her knee as a show of strength. Just imagining her acting so strong and powerful around me aroused me further. Her body smelled of lavender like the soap she used and my mind went numb again as my penis got excited, stealing all the blood from my thinking muscle. My lips parted and my tongue rolled out of my mouth. Kirana shuddered as my warm, flexible muscle traveled over the small part of her body that she kept my face at, “E-enough,” She commanded in her husky voice, “You have shown me how you feel,” She nodded, “There is one more trial you must face.”
    “Alright,” I nodded, panting as I tried to catch my breath and wipe my face.
    The monstrous woman shoved me onto my back, nearly knocking the wind out of me. Before I could try to move, she was on me. Her mouth pressed to mine, testing and tasting my lips before she went in for the kill. My curious hands ran across the muscles of her arms and upper body with a strange, excited reverence that she seemed to enjoy just as much as I did. Her lips parted and her large, strong tongue came out. It wiggled its way into my mouth where it easily shoved my tongue around as she made out with me. The rough sandpaper feeling of it only enhanced the experience. She pulled away when she decided she had had enough, letting a heated sigh escape her lips, “Good. You have passed this first ordeal. Now--” She swiftly ran a claw across my body. 
My clothes came off of me like a shell that was torn open. Her actions had drawn a little blood on my chest and she quickly lapped up the few droplets before licking her lips, “You taste divine, Anon,” She told me with her usual ‘hu hu hu’ chuckle. I didn’t respond, I was too entranced by her body. Her hand roughly grasped my member. I was already completely stiff for her as she stroked me. She smirked and eyed me up and down, not caring if I was ready or not. She lined me up before lowering her body onto mine. There was a gasp that escaped her lips right as the head of my member entered her. A devious smile spread across her lips. She said nothing as her yellow eyes took the sight of me in. She forced herself further down my shaft, making both of our back’s arch from the intense feeling of pleasure. I panted and moaned as she shoved herself down to the hilt and stayed there, rocking her hips back and forth. I could feel the full weight of her powerful body pressing down on me, holding me down. My fingers traced her muscular stomach, still enamored with her body. She grabbed my wrists and held them above my head, grinning at me the whole time. Soon after, lifted up her hips before bringing them back down, slamming herself against me as she felt every little inch of my shaft inside herself. She gasped and shuddered before the smile came back to her face. 
She quickly found her rhythm, the slow, almost lurching movements of her body as she pleasured herself with my willing body. I writhed and moaned as her hips slammed against mine. The pleasure numbed all senses of pain I could feel as my mind went blank, only focusing on Kirana’s gorgeous face, her divine muscles and the way she was fucking me. I started to moan loudly and slightly struggle against her grip, “Struggle, Anon,” She panted, sweat from the exertion and heat softly dripped down her forehead. 
    I nodded, eager to please her, “G-get off of me,” I weakly said as I tried to wiggle out from under her.
    “Oh, I will do no such thing~” She chuckled in my ear before kissing my neck lovingly, contrasting the powerful and aggressive movements of her hips as she repeatedly slammed herself against me, “I can feel you throbbing. You yearn for release, yes?” She was right, my member was twitching and my body was shuddering as I tried to hold myself back. The feeling in my bruised loins was a little too much to bear at this point, “Keep holding it.”
    I nodded. Kirana picked up the pace even more, throwing my hands back as she braced herself against me. She hunched over me as her claws dug into pelts on either side of my head, supporting her body with her mighty arms. I kept my hands above my head, not able to move and not wanting to displease her. She was like a wild animal, a hunter ravaging its catch as it feasted upon the pleasures of its flesh. I was a more than willing participant, much more willing than most prey would be. The monstrous woman let out a roar as the thrashing of her hips turned violent, “Now! Do it!” She commanded through gritted teeth. Like a dam breaking, the pressure in my loins was freed. I cried out as the cum violently splurted out, shooting deep into her womb. The monstrous tiger woman grabbed my hands, her fluffy fingers interlocking with mine as she squeezed with enough force to nearly shatter them as she yelled in pleasure. The walls of her pussy quivered and convulsed as it tried to coax as much cum from my cock as it could. It felt like our orgasms lasted an eternity as we both joyously cried out in pleasure. Eventually, my cock was exhausted and my balls were emptied. Kirana stared down at me, a little smirk on her face as she blew air between her clenched teeth.
    “D-did I pass?” I wheezed as I went limp. My body was hot and sweaty as I lay in the aftersex warmth. 
    “I would say you passed with flying colors, my sweet,” The tiger woman was just as sweaty. The way the dancing flames accentuated her curves and muscles was magnificent. I wanted more than anything to touch them again. Without a word, my hand was touching her, running my fingers up and down them. “Hu hu hu,” She chuckled before finally releasing me and getting off. Her pussy leaked with my cum. She absentmindedly scooped what she could to keep it inside and grunted in satisfaction as she began to stretch, “You seem to enjoy my body like a zealot in worship. You almost make me think my muscles are a fetish for you,” She lay down next to me, pulling me against her, “I think I like that,” She smirked as she settled on to the makeshift bed. 
    “Almost?” I echoed, nearly feeling offended, “I must not have shown you how much I like them, because they most definitely are! They’re really sexy!”
    The woman laughed, “I like your vigor on the topic, despite our rigorous session. You shall be a fine mate.”
    “So, uh,” I stammered, hard again as my face was pressed against her collar bone. I could feel the muscles of her arms squeezing around my nape as the surprisingly soft fur of her forearms brushed over my cheeks, “So does that make you my wife?”
    “Hm?” Her legs crossed over mine, completely immobilising me before one of her hands began to caress my head and nape, “I suppose those are the words your people use for it. Husband and wife, yes. Is that what you desire for me to say, husband?” She chuckled in my ear as a shiver ran down my spine, “Rest, dear husband. Your body will need the strength for tomorrow’s lovemaking session,” She chuckled again before resting her chin on my scalp. I wiggled to get my arms free and wrapped them around her neck. I nuzzled against her body and let sleep take me rather quickly. 

    Everything happened so quickly after that point. Kirana made an Anon shaped imprint on the bed nearly every morning and night for a week. After that we moved back to the village I was living in. Most people there already knew her from when she traded in skins and animal meats for things she needed so they were fine with her staying. She even asked my parents for my hand in marriage as she believed that was a human custom. With a bit of coercing, they agreed to give me up. 
    The wedding was short and small. As she had already claimed me, she found it unnecessary but my parents insisted. The sheepish expression she had on when her lovely muscles were concealed by a gorgeous white wedding dress was something I knew I’d never forget. It was almost as sexy as her naked. It had been around a month now, but I still day dreamed about convincing her to put it back on.
    “Anon?” Kirana said my name quietly. 
    “Hm?” I shook myself and stared at her. She was wearing a form fitting shirt and pants that both accentuated her curves and muscles. 
She brushed her long hair out of her face and chuckled, “Are you thinking deeply again? My husband does enjoy spacing out, doesn’t he?”
I nodded, “I was just thinking about you. It feels like just yesterday we met on that river bank, does it not?”
She frowned and shook her head, “It has been nearly a month, my husband.”
    I sighed and shrugged, “Always so literal,” I set a tip for the meal on the table and stood up, “Ready to go?”
    “Are we going home? Or did you have more of this date planned for us? Hu hu hu,” She chuckled, forcefully taking my hand and pulling me out of the somewhat fancy restaurant. I was yanked down an alleyway, the same way we had come from, “I feel quite exhausted from today’s festivities.”
    “You and me both,” I wiggled out of her grasp to stop and tie my laces. Kirana grabbed me, lifted me up and pushed me against the wall with a smug look on her face, “Hey! Cut that out!” I protested. 
    “Make me,” She teased before licking my cheek.
    “Come on! Get off!” I groaned again, only making her push me into the wall a little harder. 
    “Unhand him, vile beast!” A voice at the end of the alley cried. Kirana dropped me and turned, “I will not allow another monster to rape an innocent man!” It was a woman clad in armor. An order knight. She looked strong but not nearly as strong as Kirana. I felt my member stiffening as my monstrous jinko wife approached the knight.
    “A-actually, we’re already married. We’ll be going now,” I tried to diffuse the situation.
    “No. We will not,” Kirana folded her arms, “I will not allow one of these pretenders to come between my night with my man and me. Defend yourself, woman,” She hissed as she dropped low into her fighting stance.
    The knight’s muscles rippled as she got into a stance with her sword. Steel weapons and armor against the jinko’s natural claws. The knight struck first, stabbing at my wife. I didn’t fear for her life with good reason. She easily sidestepped the stab and brought her hand down on the knight’s shoulder, making her cry in pain as her armor caved in from such a heavy blow. She went for a small slash that made contact with the jinko’s clothes, cutting them and spilling some of her blood. She yelped in pain, “My husband bought me this shirt!” She snarled before raking her claws across the knight’s plate armor. The powerful tiger claws rended the metal armor, tearing it apart. The two continued trading blows, my wife getting a few more cuts on her body and arms while tearing at the knight’s armor. Soon, all of her armor had fallen away and she was left naked with cuts and bruises across her muscular body. Kirana dodged another desperate slash and delivered a punishing strike to her victim’s stomach. 
The knight dropped her sword and fell to her knees, “M-mercy, pl-please,” She could hardly wheeze out as she clutched her wounds. 
    “Hmph. You will live,” The jinko kicked the knight onto her back. She writhed in pain at her cuts and bruises, “Only because I know your order will hunt me down if I do more than beat you. Leave the order and do something better with your life,” Kirana chuckled and grabbed her opponent's sword and its sheath as well as the money from her wallet, “Trophy. A gift for my husband. As well as a way to repay me for the clothes you have RUINED,” She decided, “Anon, you-- Why are you aroused?”
    “Huh?” I shuddered as her mouth started to curl into a frown, “I don’t know. I think you look hot like that,” I tried to recover.
    “You lie to me?” She gasped, “Come, we are going home,” She growled, picking me up over her shoulder like she usually did when she wanted to display her strength.    

    “It seems I have not conditioned you well enough,” Kirana growled, “After all I have done for you, you dare LOOK at another woman like that?” 
    “I-I’m sorry, I-I was entranced by the way the two of you traded blows!” I desperately tried to explain to her.
    She grabbed my face with a powerful grip, “Liar,” She slapped me with her words and then her hand, “You have disrespected me. Your own wife!” She knocked the wind out of me with a somewhat forceful punch to my stomach. She followed it up with a leg sweep while still being careful enough to make me land on the sparring mat, but it still hurt somewhat, “I know humans are much less faithful than monster girls,” She picked me up and tossed me again. I grunted in pain as I looked up at her. She squatted down next to me, “I will not have my husband, my mate be promiscuous. It seems I must tighten your leash.  I must remind you of what you fell in love with,” She grabbed me again and made me stand up. She gestured for me to start. I nodded and came at her, wrapping my arms around her as I grabbed at her. She forced her arms between mine and forced them apart before grabbing me again and performing a somewhat gentle throw, “I do not enjoy punishing you, but if you rile me up like this you must be ready to face the consequences,” She forcefully brought my face to hers where she forced her tongue into my mouth. I was accustomed to the sandpaper like roughness. She pulled away, leaving a trail of saliva between our mouths. 
    She stepped away from me and got into a low stance. I did the same, ready to spar with her. She came at me, easily grabbing me and deflecting my blows. I could only struggle against her grip. She tossed me around a bit, roughing me up playfully as she chuckled, “Seems like you’re in a better mood,” I chuckled nervously as she got on top of me.
    She giggled back in her low voice before laying on top of me, “I cannot stay mad at you for long, Anon. But, I am still a little frustrated. It is time,” She grabbed me again, performing an expert judo throw and tossing me onto the bed, “My muscles are quite sore from protecting you and require… Extra attention tonight,” She stripped off her torn clothes and tossed them aside. She had splotches of dry blood across her body, “Wipe me clean before our lovemaking session, husband.”
    I nodded, hurrying to the bathroom and getting a damp, warm cloth. She sat on her knees and stared at me as I ran the cloth over her body slowly with a loving reverence, “I’m sorry. I hate upsetting you,” I told her quietly.
    “Then how come you get into trouble so often?” She chuckled before grabbing my crotch, “You will get your punishment,” I nodded but writhed as my member stiffened. She let go and I returned to my task, cleaning her body slowly and carefully. I ran my hands over her surprisingly soft abs, making sure to get every little bit of dried blood off of her body. She used two fingers to grab my cheeks and pull me in for another mouth invading kiss. She flexed her arms, knowing that I liked it, before gesturing to them. A silent reminder to wash and kiss them. I washed the kissed the flexing, powerful arm muscles before I tossed the rag aside and sat next to her. Her arm wrapped around my shoulders, “Anything else you wish to say before bed, husband of mine?”
    “Uh. I love you,” I smiled.
    “And I love you,” She grabbed me and flipped me onto the bed. She climbed on me as I tried to remove my clothes so she wouldn’t slice them up again. I got my pants off before she straddled me. My underwear came off quickly. I could feel her hot pussy against my throbbing cock, “Today was wonderful. Other than our little spat, I had a good time.”
    “Yeah, I did too,” I smirked, “That dinner was really good.”
    “Yes it was. Oh, I could do with another serving of that roast!” She chuckled as she rubbed her pussy up and down my shaft absentmindedly, “But, I suppose it is time for my main course,” She licked her lips and slipped the head of my cock into her. I shuddered as she took every inch of my member like she usually did. She shuddered before shifting to get comfortable. She grabbed my face and forced me to keep eye contact and she slowly rode me, “Comfortable, are we?” I nodded before a gasp escaped my lips. She was teasing me. She would slam herself down on me but rise up slowly. We both panted and moaned as she used my member to please herself. After a good handful of pumps she let out a roar and abandoned all grace in her fucking. 
The intercourse turned somewhat violent as she began to bring herself crashing down upon my hips. I cried out, half in pain and half in pleasure as she continued to have her way with me. I looked into her eyes and saw the same expression she gave that roast she devoured at dinner. I was her meal and she was through with toying with me. I put my hands on her hips as I attempted to stabilize myself. It didn’t do much as she continued to thrash me. Her claws moved to the sides of my head as she got her body over me. She was going in for the kill. The pressure was building in my loins as it was with hers, I could tell from the way she shuddered and huffed as she neared her climax. I was hardly able to hold my own back. Eventually her arms wrapped around me and her body quivered and her pussy shook giving me my que. I let loose, shooting my cum into her womb again. The spurts kept coming and coming as her pussy continued to milk me, making sure I was filling her to the brim. She collapsed on me and wrapped her arms around me, “Good,” She whispered in my ear, praising me quietly.
    “Yeah I love you too,” I chuckled as she pulled me into a firm and loving hug.
    “Sleep now. More ‘punishment’ tomorrow,” She laughed to herself as she snuggled me to sleep.
    “Wonderful,” I let the exhaustion take me as I lay in our after sex heat.

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