Teacher’s Pet

Commission for Iphidiris. Thanks again!

    I idly tapped my fingers on my desk. I was in my english class, bored and tired. It was an early class which didn't help, and to be honest, I never was very good at english. I grumbled to myself as I looked at the score of my test again. A mid D score, not exactly something I could be proud of. My friend nudged me, “Another bad score, huh, James?” He grunted at me. The shit eating grin he would give me over this at the beginning of the term was completely gone. 
    I nodded with a frown, “How could you guess? Professor Irene wants to talk to me as well.”
    My friend frowned, “Well. Good luck with that. The professor kinda scares me,” He explained quietly with a shiver. 
    I glanced to the front of the lecture hall. It was a somewhat long room with cascading rows of seats each with little desks that could be folded down and used on them. The front of the room was a stage where a screen for a projector was pulled down. In front of the stage off to the side was a podium where the professor stood. 
Miss Irene. I understood why my pal was afraid of her, gazers were not the most common of monsters and their strange, almost otherworldly magic could make them dangerous. Professor Irene stood behind the podium where she pecked away at the keyboard of her laptop using two fingers. A childish method, but she made it work. She wasn’t raised with any technology so it made sense. I watched as her eight eye stalks all scanned the room on their own, each taking a moment to look at each student who still lingered in the classroom. My friend froze as he stared into the eye that glanced at us. Professor Irene didn’t seem to mind him. I thought completely differently of the professor. She was an older woman, sure, but I didn’t mind that much. I liked listening to her lectures even if I struggled to retain whatever knowledge she tried to shove into my thick skull. 
    Her black hair was long and curly. She wore it sort of messily on her shoulders, but she made it work. Her skin was an ashen grey color with portions of it being covered by that gazers’ signature black goo including her arms and legs. It seemed to me that she was in complete control of the stuff, too. The rest of her body was covered by a cream colored, woolen, turtleneck sweater and a long, black skirt with plain black sneakers under it. She also had a burgundy blazer draped over the nearby chair. As far as monster girls went, she dressed very conservatively, “I better get out of here, wouldn’t want you to have to wait to chat with her,” My friend smirked at me before patting me on the shoulder. 
    I nodded at him, my heart sinking. I watched him slink out of the room under the professor’s watchful eyes. He closed the door after him, leaving me alone with the gazer. Professor Irene slowly closed her laptop and put it in her bag, “Hello, Anon,” She offered me a small smile.
    “Hey, professor,” I gave her quite a weak smirk in return. I struggled to say more to her. 
    “I’m sure you know why I want to talk to you. Walk with me, would you?” She put on her blazer and picked up her bags. I just nodded and awkwardly waited around for her to be ready. Soon, we were both stepping out into the quiet hallways of the building, “Is something going on in your home life to affect your grades?” The professor suddenly asked, her face going flush, “S-sorry. That was quite a personal question and very callous of me,” She apologized quickly, flustered at her own comment.
    “N-no, it’s fine,” I chuckled nervously. I watched as she slowly unlocked the door to her office, “There isn’t much going on in my home life to be honest. Job’s kinda kicking my ass-- I mean, rear, but it's not too bad.”
    “The grocery store job, right? I remember you talking about it before.”
    “Yeah… Well…” I followed her into her office. Her desk was small and the walls were lined with shelves full of oddities. 
    “I know you’re a bright kid-- I mean, student, Anon,” She chuckled at her slip up, “I’ve seen your file before. Good grades for the most part. You struggle with a subject or two,” She sighed sadly and gave me a just as upset frown, “I cannot figure out just what is the matter. You seem to be paying attention. I’ve even asked your other professors and they all say you take tests just fine. Am I failing you as a teacher?”
    “No, no!” I assured her, desperately trying to relieve some of the depression she was feeling, “It’s just one of those classes I’ve always struggled with.”
    “But what could be the cause? Maybe you have… a-an outside d-distraction? Something keeping you from focusing?” She continued to pry as if I was some kind of science experiment.
    I didn’t mind it much. I liked the attention, “Other than work? Can’t think of much. Home is quiet despite my sister monsterizing last week. She took to the new wererabbit body really well. She was almost excited about it.”
    “Oh, good!” The gazer smiled as she opened up her computer and quickly pecked at the keyboard, “Some women take to it badly. One of the other professors here claimed to be a dhampir for the longest time before she started exhibiting the symptoms of mana influx. Turned into a hakutaku two days later!” She laughed, “She was pretty upset for a while.”
    “My mom might change too. Her head is starting to itch,” I informed her, “I’m happy for them both.”
    “Really? Most humans from your town seemed to be somewhat against monsters.”
    “I guess my amicable view of monster girls just runs in the family. Well, a lot of humans still are for some reason and--” I gave her a strange look, “How did you know about my home town?”
    All of her eyestalks turned away from me in a strangely adorable fashion, “W-well… I think your friend mentioned it? He’s from the same town, yes? He can hardly look into one of my eyes, much less all of them like you tend to,” She laughed, visibly sighing with relief at her diversion and excuse.
    I shrugged, “Well, most mamano make him nervous. He never did enjoy those monster studies classes. Between you and me I'm afraid he's going to alp soon,” I risked a joke, giving the professor a smile.
    The gazer nodded, tapping on her keyboard again, “Understandable,” She kept nodding, dodging the joke as it went right over her head, “Perhaps a monster girl should claim you soon to help you avoid his-- soon to be her romantic advances? Just don’t go with a bicorn. Even I am terrified by their races’ zeal for their strange fetish.”
    I couldn’t tell if that was a joke or not. Maybe it went right over my head too, “Well… was there anything else you needed from me? I’ve got a little break between classes and I need to get some lunch.”
    “W-well,” With a stammer, she gave me a tiny, awkward smile as all of her peepers fixated on my face. I stared into them, almost transfixed on how beautiful they were, “You live on campus. I- I- I mean… right?”
    “Right. Yeah,” I found it strange how nervous she was just about asking me that. 
    “Well… I live quite close to campus. I, well,” She swallowed nervously, “I would be willing to offer you some private tutoring.”
    I was taken aback by her offer, “Private t-tutoring?” I’d be alone with her. At her house. The charming gazer that was also my professor. She was a professional woman, so I doubted she would try anything, “I don’t think I can turn down that kind of offer. When--”
    “GOOD!” Professor Irene shouted and grinned. Quickly, the smile fell away and she put on a cordial smile that only exuded a little bit of awkwardness, “Here,” She wrote down her number and address on a piece of paper, “You should easily be able to ride your bike there.”
    I wondered how she knew I rode a bike around campus. I recognized the street from my bike rides, “Alright. When--”
    “Tonight! Come by tonight around five. I’ll order a pizza and see if I can help you with your studies,” She smiled excitedly again.
    “You must love teaching a whole lot to do this for me,” I chuckled, “Alright. I’ll be there.”
    “Wonderful. I’ll see you at five sharp,” She smiled and watched me leave her office with all of her beautiful eyes. 
    I had a little smile on my face as I ducked down a nearby hallway. To be honest, I was totally excited for it and couldn’t help but wonder if I should dress up a little for tonight.
    Nervously, I peddled by bike across campus. For a mixed species campus it was pretty quiet. We obviously had the odd ‘surprise loving’ or ‘proactive dating’ from a monster girl at night like any other campus, but most were sensible enough to take it to the dorms. It was quiet at this time, a little before five, most people were in their dorms studying or had gone off campus for the night. I hurried up my pedaling, but not too much as to start sweating in my nice polo shirt, but fast enough to be punctual as I was expected to be. I swallowed nervously as I approached Professor Irene’s home. It was small and cozy looking on the outside with numerous types of small and colorful flowers lining the driveway and the steps up to her front door. I took my bike to the side of the house and hid it behind the trash cans before approaching the front door. I adjusted my backpack and knocked on the door, before quickly running my fingers through my hair to make sure it looked fine. 
    I heard someone almost run up to the front door before the numerous locks were undone and the door was cracked open. A single eyestalk poked out and looked me up and down. The door was finally opened all the way, revealing Professor Irene’s smiling face, “Hi, Anon!” She smiled. She had the same idea as me in dressing up. She had a nicer turtleneck sweater on that looked like it was made of a nicer material and a skirt that was just a little shorter than what she had on earlier. She also seemed to have combed her hair at some point but it had gotten frazzled again.
    “Hey, professor,” I smiled back, my heart pounding.
    We both stared at one another for a time before both of us shook ourselves, “C-come in, please,” The gazer grinned, “It’s pretty cold out there.”
    “Thanks,” I stepped into her house. I could already smell the pizza, “Something smells good.”
    “Yup!” She beamed, “Hawaiian just like you like, right? I mean… Everybody likes hawaiian, right?” She giggled nervously to herself.
    I chuckled with her, my voice just as anxious as hers, “Well, not everybody. No one ever wants to get it at a party. But it is my favorite, at least.”
    “Good! I, uh… got that impression from you! Or maybe I saw you with some. I can’t really remember for sure,” She had on this awkward high pitched voice, “Maybe I saw you with Sprite too so I got that as well!” She gestured to the two liter of soda that she had already cracked open, “Please, eat as much as you want. I uh, stress ate a little bit as I prepared for your arrival.”
    “Oh, thanks,” I looked around her house quickly. Just like her office, her living room had numerous shelves that carried odd little nick nacks and books written in languages I couldn’t hope to decipher. Books that didn’t make the cut in being given a spot on the shelves were stacked on the floor where they gathered dust. She had a large, deep couch that hardly looked used and a pleather recliner with its fabric cracked and stained from what had to be a decade of use. She had no TV here. The kitchen was small and wasn’t split from the living room at all. Even some of the counters here had oddities like a little pink salt monolith that seemed to have had some salt scraped off of it at one time or another. The dining table was a small four person table that had the pizza box sitting atop it. I opened the box and saw that the gazer professor had eaten only a fourth of it. I took a slice and sat down on a chair. 
    The professor watched me intently as I took a bite. She waited until I had chewed and swallowed before speaking, “So? How is it?” She asked with anxiety seeping from her words.
    “It’s what I expect from this pizza place. There’s a few others that are a bit better, but it’s still good,” I explained, “Pizza is pizza. It’s all good. Usually.”
    The gazer smiled, “What a wonderful outlook. Let me pour you a drink too,” Most of the unease seemed to have dissipated which in turn chipped away at my own. She took a seat as well and sipped soda with me and ate pizza. Other than glancing at one another every so often and maybe offering a smile, we hardly interacted. Professor Irene stood and looked at me after finishing another slice or two, “I suppose we should get started, right? You’ve got a quiz tomorrow, remember?”
    I grimaced as I thought of failing another quiz, “Yeah. We should start. Uh, here I brought my stuff,” I took it to the living room and put my notebook and textbook on the coffee table.
    Professor Irene sat next to me on the couch, “Well, let’s start with the things that will be on tomorrow’s quiz,” She picked up my text book and flipped it to the previous lecture’s page. She held the book at her chest for me to look at, “Look at this here,” I nodded but couldn’t help but glance up at her many eyes that scrunched tightly together as if to look at my face all at once. It was mesmerizing, “Anon?” The eyes pulled away leaving me to stare into her main eye.
    “Huh?” My head felt woozy for a few moments, “Damn… I feel kinda funny.”
    “Funny?” She said with a coy tone, “Sorry, you might have just gotten weirded out by all my eyes. It’s normal! Here, let's get you some more sugary pop. That’ll make you feel better.”
    I nodded and closed my eyes. What was I feeling? What was that--

    “Anon?” I opened my eyes with a start, “You seemed to have dozed off!” Professor Irene laughed. I checked my watch. It read eleven PM on it. I touched my forehead. My mind felt a little foggy. Had I really been here for six hours? I couldn’t remember the lecture much. My mouth tasted like it had been rinsed out with Sprite. The sour lemon lime taste was nearly overbearing, “You alright? You’ve been complaining about a headache for a few hours now.”
    “Yeah… I’m okay. Did I do good tonight?” I asked, not really sure what to say.
    She nodded vigorously then put a hand on my shoulder, “You did better than you know. How about you go home? You look like you need some sleep,” I could only nod, unsure what was going on. The professor helped me up and walked me to her front door, “Bye, Anon! I’ll see you tomorrow!” She smiled. She seemed really happy at least, like some great weight had been lifted off her shoulders. I grabbed my bike and headed to my dorm, eager to sleep. 

    My head hit the pillow as soon as I got to my tiny one person dorm, still unsure why I couldn’t remember the tutoring session, “Oh well, she said I did fine,” I grumbled to myself, disappointed that I couldn’t remember the time I spent with her. I stared at the darkness of my room as I listened to the gentle whirring of my fan. When I closed my eyes, I almost felt like I was staring into her eyes, entranced by their gold and crimson beauty. I breathed deeply as I let sleep take me, my mind fixated on my professor. 
    “Anon?” I heard her voice calling to me through the haze of the dreamland. 
    My eyes opened slowly. I was back on her couch in her house. She had taken off her turtleneck and skirt. She was now wearing lace lingerie. Her face was flush as she stared at me, waiting for my reaction as her hand gently caressed my still clothed inner thigh. I got hard quickly, “P-professor--”
    She put a finger on my lips, “Shhh. It’s just a dream. I want you to do something for me. I need a bit of…” She swallowed anxiously as if this was the hardest thing in the world for her to say, “Help. Help relaxing. You want to help me don’t you?” She caressed my face gently with her finger tips. I blinked at her and nodded. She smiled, “That’s why you’re my favorite student. So sweet. My little teacher’s pet,” She giggled. She eased me to the floor then to my knees in front of her. She slowly pulled her lace panties down revealing her glistening pussy. I stared at her tastefully shaven snatch in awe. Glancing up, I saw the adorable, almost scared smile on her face and all my anxiety melted away. 
    I inched forward, I had never done this before but I was at full mast and eager to do what this hypnotically beautiful woman asked of me. I had seen this in porn before, I had a massive fetish for a couple performing oral on one another so I had some idea as to what to do. I kissed the sensitive insides of her thighs making her writhe and grunt as my stubble rubbed against them. Her fingernails ran through my hair, gently scratching my scalp as I performed foreplay on her. She gasped and took hold of my hair, forcing my lips against her vulva. I kissed her clit before extending my tongue and gently slipping it between the folds. She moaned as I started to lap at her womanhood, eagerly pleasing her as I put my hands on her slender thighs. Professor Irene ran her fingers through my hair as she panted and groaned with pleasure. I lapped and licked eagerly as I got into it, loving the taste and warmth of her womanly form. I could hear her panting get shallow as her body convulsed gently. More and more of her love liquid seeped from her pussy for me to lap at which only drove me madder. I wanted her to orgasm. I wanted to help her relax just like she had asked.
    “Anon!” I heard her cry before her surprisingly strong legs clamped against the sides of my head, holding me in place as her pussy started to grind against my lips. Even through her thighs I could hear her cries and howls as she neared climax. All they did was encourage me to be more ravenous in eating her out. Her legs wrapped around my head as her entire body shuddered. My mouth was splashed with more of her precious love juice. Her body went slack as she finished convulsing. Weakly she played with my hair as a big smile crossed her face, “Oh, thank you.”
    “Yeah,” I chuckled nervously as I tried to catch my breath, collapsing back onto the couch.
    “Hm?” She had numerous eyestalks trained on the bulge in my pants, “Let me take care of this for you.”
    She shushed me with a finger to my lips, “No buts. Relax, handsome. I’ll take good care of you,” I grunted as she undid my zipper and pulled my penis through the front hole of my underwear. My rock hard erection throbbed as it was exposed to the cold air, “So cute!” She grinned, every single one of her eyes were trained on my member. I couldn’t say anything before she laid out next me and put her mouth over my member. I moaned loudly and threw my head back as the pleasure overwhelmed me. Professor Irene was just as eager as I was. My mind went hazy as I received my first ever sexual experience from my professor-- well, it was only a dream. She sucked loudly she was obviously inexperienced but more eager and happy to do it than anyone else would be. I was already close from eating her out and humping my pants, and it took very little for her to make that dam burst. I cried out as I orgasmed.
    I woke up as I came in the dream. My body felt sweaty as if I really had been performing oral. I took off my sheet and threw them aside only to notice the big wet spot, “A wet dream?” I noted, “A pretty powerful one,” I grumbled as I noticed how wet my pants were. I got up to get ready for the day, knowing that I needed to throw my sheets in the wash now. 

    I waited at the front of the classroom to receive my test score. We were the only two that remained in the classroom. Professor Irene made a big deal about it, hiding the paper from me until the last moment. I turned it over and looked at my midterm score. 81 percent, a low B. A bit lower than the quizzes and homework, but still good. I sighed with relief as the professor giggled and beamed at me, “See!?” She put a gentle hand on my shoulder, “I knew you could do it!” 
    “Thank you so much,” I grinned at her, “Looks like your tutoring is paying off even if I can’t remember them,” I had been going to her house a few times a week for three weeks now. Every single time I had similar wet dreams where I ate her out and usually received oral, sometimes a tit job. 
    “Of course, Anon. I like helping you. It's... fulfilling,” She grinned. 
    “Well, I probably shouldn’t eat up so much of your time. I think I’m--”
    “No!” She threw her hands over her mouth nervously as she shouted, “I-I mean, no, you’re not taking up my time. I’m enjoying it. We need to keep your grade up, anyways!” She quickly over explained, “Then, we can make sure you pass this class!”
    I quickly relented. I was honored that she’d take time out of her life just to help me, “Alright. I’ll let you keep tutoring me. But can I please buy dinner every so often? I feel kinda bad letting you feed me so often.”
    “Don’t worry your pretty little head over that, Anon. I’ll keep taking care of you-- I mean it. Just come over tonight at the usual time, alright?” She grinned excitedly at me.
    I nodded, “I’ll be there.”

    The culmination of all of my learning in Professor Irene’s english class was at hand. The full term of lectures, the quizzes, the homework, and most importantly, the one on one tutoring that the good professor had given to me. My heart thumped hard in my chest as I slowly circled answers on the test. There was a little smile on my face as I slowly worked on the test. I had become much happier since my tutoring sessions with Professor Irene. Her face had looked a little bit brighter as well and most of her anxieties had completely evaporated by the day. My own shyness, at least around her, had disappeared in a similar fashion. I glanced up from my test and stared down at the front of the room where the gazer stood, eyeing the crowd of students. One of her eyes locked with mine and we both smiled at one another before going back to our tasks. 
    I slowly watched as my other classmates left the room after turning in their tests. Professor Irene wished each of them a wonderful break between terms as they left quietly. Soon I was left alone in the room with the gazer. I could feel her eyes staring at me and my test. I just as steadily and carefully filled in my answers, my anxiety slowly building as I neared the end. As I finished the last of the test, I went back through it and checked my answers. I sighed, ending with just a minute or five to spare, “All done, Anon?” Professor Irene asked. She smirked at me as I came down to give it to her. 
    “As done as I can be,” I sighed nervously as I handed it to her.
    “You did fine, I’m sure,” She assured me as she took my test, “Come to my office, would you?” I followed her out of the room and to her office. She sat at her desk and I sat across from her. I was only a little nervous, “Anon. I just wanted to congratulate you,” She grinned, “I’m so proud of you as my student! You really turned it around this term!”
    “Gee,” I got flustered, embarrassed over her praise, “It’s all thanks to you Professor Irene. Thank you so much.”
    “Of course, Anon. I had a wonderful time tutoring you. Even if you’re done with my class you could still… no, nevermind,” She sighed to herself. 
    I frowned. I didn’t know what she wanted to say, but I knew what I wanted to. With a surge of confidence, I looked into her main big eye, “Hey, uh, Professor Irene. There’s… something I was wanting to tell you,” I struggled to get the words out of my mouth like I wanted to.
    “Tell me something? What is it?”
    “Other than ‘thank you,’ uh, I enjoyed the time I spent with you. Even if I struggle to recall details of it, I had a great time and I’ve been a lot happier recently. So, thanks for that too. I think I developed--” Before I could say the word ‘crush,’ the gazer interrupted me.
    “Okay! I admit it!” Guilt flashed across her face, “I hypnotized you during our tutoring sessions! I was only going to use it to help you learn but I was so distracted by your handsome face t-that I took advantage of you! I was only going to do it once to get you to eat me out but it was so good that I kept doing it! And you’re about to tell me that you have a crush on me! But I can’t let you say that! I’m such an awful person!” She put her head in her hands.
    I stared at her. It made sense and strangely, I didn’t care, “Professor, even if you did hypnotize me, I still have a massive crush on you. You could have just asked me to give you oral and I probably would have done it!” I laughed.
    “You don’t hate me?”
    “No, not at all. I’ll prove it too,” I gave her a little smirk before touching her chin and pushing my lips against hers. We kissed, letting our lips touch in various fashions before we got adventurous enough to use our tongues and let them wrestle with each other. 
    The professor pulled away from me, panting and blushing just from our mild yet passionate kissing. She climbed up on the desk, sitting in front of me before tearing off her sweater and skirt, “Anon… Do you wanna do something naughty with me?” She grabbed the front of my pants, rubbing my already hard member.
    “It would be an honor, professor,” I grinned at her before unzipping my pants.
    She smirked, “Please, Anon, just call me Irene,” She pulled down my underwear, exposing my member. 
    “Whatever you say,” I smiled back as she pulled me toward her, my cock rubbing against her pussy, making sure both of us were ready before the passionate love making began. I kissed her again, making out with her as I lined my penis up with her pussy. I slowly slid myself into her, making us both gasp and writhe. I took hold of her hips and began to thrust into her. She gripped the edge of her desk as I shoved myself deep into her making us both cry out in pleasure. Neither of us cared if the other professors heard us. I leaned down on top of her, staring into her face. Irene looked away from me in embarrassment, “You have such pretty eyes,” I told her quietly before kissing her again.
    She giggled and gasped, using most of her eyes to stare into mine, “And yours are quite handsome. I could get lost in them forever. I love you, Anon. I have for longer than you know.”
    “I love you too,” I smiled through my panting, knowing that she had kept a very close eye on me for some time now. 
I began to thrust vigorously into her. We hollered and yelled like wild animals as we kept going at it. Our bodies poured with sweat as we kissed and smiled at one another. I could feel Irene writhing underneath me, she was going to orgasm soon and so was I. Her legs firmly wrapped around my hips and pulled me deep into her, “Anon!” She howled my name as I started to climax, squirting my cum into her. Her pussy quivered and shook as she came as well. We hugged one another lovingly as we panted and kissed. 
    My gazer wife gazed into my eyes and gave me a smile, “Don’t think this is guaranteeing you an A. Just because I love you doesn’t mean I’m going to fudge your grade.”
    I chuckled, “I would be appalled if you did try to give me one. I didn’t work my ass off just to cheat!”
    She laughed, “Good. Now keep going. I want to feel every inch of you again,” She grinned, her legs holding me inside her.
    I smirked, “Careful what you wish for. I’ve been dreaming about this for a while now,” I grabbed her hips and started to thrust again.

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