The Sex Express: A Bicorn Story

Commission for UncleTerri. Thanks again!

    I tapped my foot impatiently as I stood in the middle of a rattling subway car. Standing next to me was the most beautiful woman on the planet, “Anon, I’m bored,” Lisa, my gorgeous and quite loving bicorn wife whined. While she was the prettiest girl to ever live, she needed to be constantly doing something to keep herself entertained. She stood next to me in the somewhat sparse subway. There were a few monster girls and humans in the car with us, each was minding their own business with their faces buried in newspapers, their phones, or a book of some kind.
    I gave her a little glance, “Play on your phone.”
    “It died some time ago, my dear,” She sighed as she put her head on my shoulder, “Entertain me!” She pleaded.
    “Lisa,” I groaned, “I’m exhausted after our day shopping downtown. Just let me try to rest a little, would you?” My wife carried the things we had bought in bags that hung on both sides of her horse body.
    She grumbled to herself quietly before brushing her silvery hair over her shoulder with a huff. Her crimson eyes stared into my tired face for a few moments before relenting, “Alright. I will find some way to entertain myself,” She adjusted her sweater and the skirt covering her horse body before leaning down to eye level with me. I looked into her eyes for a moment before glancing up at her two polished black horns. 
    “What is it?” I asked with a little nervous smirk.
    Her lips curled into a smile “Just finding some way to entertain myself,” Her hands brushed against my cheeks before she leaned in for a quick kiss. She adjusted the collar of my shirt, “See any cute girls today?”
    “Yeah, of course… but…”
    “I don’t know. How do you think we should find other women?” I asked cautiously, knowing how overzealous she could be on the topic.
    “I think I have an idea or two,” She replied coyly with a smirk. She started to kiss me, teasingly using her tongue to lick my lips. I reciprocated her kissing, cracking my mouth open so our tongues could playfully wrestle in our mouths. 
    I pulled away from her, my face slowly beginning to glow red, “W-we’re in public!” I tried to back away from her but she wrapped her arms around me and began to kiss me again. I felt her hands start to get grabby, first touching my butt before her hand wandered to my loins. I shuddered as her fingers grazed my quickly stiffening member, “Lisa!” I gasped as my bicorn wife began to rub my crotch, “Lisa, People can see us!”
    “Let them look. I don’t care if they see my love for my husband!” She continued to kiss me passionately as she continued to touch and feel me. She put her hand on my shoulder as her other hand continued its aggressive sexual assault. I grunted as she started to look more and more excited.
A firm hand was placed on my other shoulder, “Got room for another?” A tall girl asked. Her exposed biceps bulged with muscles as her fingers gripped me. She was just about as tall as my bicorn wife, my face only came up to her breasts as well. Two horns jutted out the sides of her head over her long blonde hair. Her emerald green eyes gazed at the bulge in my pants hungrily as her large tongue flicked out of her mouth to lick her lips. Her large breasts were hardly contained by a button up flannel and her hooved cow legs were revealed below her torn up, hole covered jeans. A minotaur, it seemed.
    “Oh, Anon! See? I told you that you were quite alluring,” Lisa grinned, “What is your name, dear?”
    “Jill,” She introduced herself curtly. Her breathing was heavy and her other hand ventured to touch me like my wife was teasing me.
    “Lisa and Anon,” My wife introduced us, “Pleased to meet you. Oh, please do touch him, it excites me oh so much.
    “The pleasure is all mine,” The minotaur was quite firm as she gripped my package.
    “So eager for my husband’s body,” Lisa chuckled as she went for my belt.
    “C-can’t this wait until we get home?” I asked with a groan, “We can take Jill with us too!”
    “My dear, isn’t it exciting if we do it here?” My lovely wife pointed out as my belt was finished being undone. 
    “Yeah, it’s great,” Jill smirked. She groped me firmly again through just my underwear, “Gets the heart pounding!” The minotaur tore open her buttoned shirt with a grunt. Her bra was bright red, almost as bright as my face. The lacey garment came off next, revealing her large breasts with perky nipples. Each mound of fat and flesh was absolutely bigger than my head. I opened my mouth to speak but was shut up as Lisa forced my head against one of her new sister wife’s nipples. Almost instinctively, I started to suckle, almost disappointed when the cow woman’s breasts produced no milk. Lisa sucked on the other one, making the minotaur’s knees weak as we teased and sucked. Her hands rubbed the back of mine and my bicorn wife’s head.
I could hear other people on the train chattering indistinctly. After a minute or so of sucking, I was let go. The minotaur was a shivering, horny and blushing wreck as she looked at the two of us. Lisa’s hand went to the minotaurs crotch as she began to fondle her soon to be sister wife. I looked at the other passengers, most were blushing red and a few other monster girls were getting frisky with their own husbands. I gave them all an apologetic look as I turned back around to face the two horny, horned and hoofed women, “C’mere, handsome,” Jill grabbed me and held me against her now nude body. Her pussy was so hot and wet that I could feel it through the thin layer of cotton that was my underwear.
A second pair of breasts, my bicorn wife’s, pressed up against the back of my head. They weren’t nearly as big, but they were still firm and perky. Her hands massaged my shoulders as the minotaur went for my underwear, “A standing position? How remarkable!”
I got goosebumps as my hard member was exposed to the cold subway air. My nose was filled with the scent of cream and sweat from the minotaur and cherry vanilla from my wife. Jill grabbed my rear and forced the head of my member into her. She moaned again as her love juices began to drip down my shaft, “Your husband’s got a nice cock,” The minotaur groaned with pleasure. 
    “I know! He’s made to please!” Lisa giggled, “Anon, dear. Thrust into the nice lady, please. She’s so hot and eager for you~” With a muffled grunt and a quick gasp for air between the two pairs of wonderful breasts, I started to thrust as my own horniness from all the teasing and groping began to take over. The minotaur held me tightly as did my bicorn. She kissed my scalp while the cow woman moaned loudly. I stood on my tiptoes to thrust deeply into her as I grabbed her ass for support. I found a rhythm to my thrusting, “Isn’t he good?” Lisa asked, her voice was quivering and her breathing was heavy. I could hardly hear it from between the mounds of flesh that my head was encased in. 
    “Y-yeah, fuckin’ fantastic. He--” Her words were cut off by a loud moan that shook me. My thrusting speed increased rapidly as the feeling in my lower body began to build. My legs were aching from the strain but the pleasure was so intense that I couldn’t stop myself. My hips moved on their own, “Oh, god! I’m gonna, ahn--!” I could feel every muscle on her body locking up as her body shook. I was getting really close too. I grabbed her hips and thrust violently. She grabbed me and pulled me all the way to the hilt in herself. Lisa helped by pushing me in as well. The minotaur howled as her pussy shook, pulsating on my member which in turn made me cum. I was much quieter than the mooing cow woman as I shot my load inside her womb. We stayed still for a few moments as the three of us hugged one another tight.
    “Welcome to the family, Jill,” Lisa smiled.
    “Thanks,” Jill grinned back.
    “Here, sit, I insist,” The bicorn somewhat forcefully made the minotaur sit on the subway seat before getting on her knees in front of her. I got behind my wife and lifted up her skirt, “Oh! Anon! You wish to do me NOW? How scandalous!” She gave me a sly smile. I knew I had played into her trap, but I didn’t care. I was horny and running on instinct. I’d make her pay one way or another. I pushed her tail aside and slapped her horse ass making her moan. I rubbed my member against her wet pussy making her shudder violently, “No fair! Stop teasing me!” She groaned before going down on the panting minotaur. 
Jill, the poor girl, moaned loudly as she started to get stimulated again by the bicorn’s flexible tongue. She gripped the plastic seats to stabilize herself, “Damn,” Was all she could squeak out once Lisa started to play with and rub her nipples, fully assaulting her senses in a very sexual manner.
    I stopped teasing my bicorn wife and finally inserted the tip of my penis into her. Lisa moaned into the minotaur’s pussy, firmly held there by her sister wife’s powerful legs. I slapped her ass again for good measure as I started to thrust. It was just as tight and hot if not more so than Jill’s had been. I grabbed her and pushed myself deep in her, down to the hilt immediately before slowly pulling back and violently thrusting into her again. She was almost howling as she ate out the minotaur. I kept a quick rhythm, not giving her time to catch her breath or collect herself as I continued my rough pounding. Jill shuddered and moaned as well as Lisa got more and more vigorous with her tongue. I gasped as the feeling in my loins continued to build. A pressure that would burst at any moment, but I tried my hardest to hold it in for them. I tried to ignore the wet plapping sounds as I slammed my hips into my bicorn’s rear. I could feel her twitching and writhing with every thrust. She was getting close as was Jill on account of her howling. I slapped Lisa’s rear again, sending her over the edge just as the minotaur started to shout profanities in her own orgasm. The bicorn’s pussy gripped my shaft tightly, forcing my cum out as the pressure burst. All three of us moaned and gasped as we came as one. 
    “There,” I grunted, not daring to look at the other passengers. I plopped down next to Jill on the seat. She was covered in after sex sweat. I was too and so was Lisa.
    The bicorn shifted to being in front of me, “Let me clean you up, dear.”
    Jill grabbed her sister wife’s horns and pushed her back, “My turn.”
    “Oh, come on! We can share!” Lisa whined. 
    “Fine. You can have his balls,” Jill said smugly before taking my cock in her mouth. Despite my weariness, my member still stiffened as her lips and tongue began to work it. Lisa was eager to take part so she fondled my balls gently with her fingers and tongue. The two did more than clean me as they quickly made me cum again. Lisa glared as Jill ‘selfishly’ swallowed all of my load. Despite that, the two of them began chatting as if they were old friends as they helped me put my clothes on then helped one another put theirs on. 
    I closed my eyes and leaned on both of them, basking in their warmth as I finally got the rest I needed.

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