Working It Out Together

Commission for Iphidiris! Thanks again!

	The blaring of my alarm roused me from my slumber. Slowly, I rolled over and hit the snooze button to shut it off. With a stretch, I tried to push the grogginess from my mind. I sighed and stared at the ceiling with what little time I had before I needed to get ready for work. It was much too early to be forced to wake up to go to work. The sun was hardly up at this time and it wouldn’t be for another few hours. My bed felt cold and lonely like it did every morning. All I could do was pile on more blankets when that happened. With another yawn and a stretch, I finally got out of bed. In the dimness of the room, only illuminated by what little sunlight peeked through my windows, I could see my meager living space staring back at me. Twin sized bed, a simple desk with a comfy chair and a computer, a few posters on the walls, a tv, a couch and a kitchenette all had their places in my tiny, overpriced studio apartment. The only two doors were the bathroom and the exit to my little living space. I stripped down and slowly stepped to the shower as I tried to fully wake up and get my day going. After a quick and hot shower, I had a small breakfast and checked my phone. Social media was slow as it always was, my email box was nearly empty other than the obvious scams, and I had only received a single text from my landlord reminding me that rent was due in a week. With a sigh, I finished my cereal and completed my morning ritual by getting dressed, shaving and putting on deodorant. 

	I stepped from my car and pulled my jacket around me as I felt a cold wind blow down my neck. The light rain splashed against the concrete and my car, the sky threatening to unleash a torrent of rain. I quickly stepped to the front door of the pharmacy as I was eager to get out of the rain. I had been working in my grandfather’s pharmacy for years now. It was usually just me and him, but he had hired on two part timers to help out. Unfortunately I would be alone in the shop for most of the morning, but thankfully in such a small town there wasn’t much traffic at the start of the day. Really what I mostly hated was the boredom after I had finished my morning duties. Unlocking the front door, turning on the lights, cleaning up the storefront and putting the shopping carts outside were only a few things on the list of my oh so exciting opening routine. I had a few customers come in in the morning, regulars mostly. 
An old kitsune with thick glasses and graying tails was one of the sweetest women in town. She always came in every other week to pick up some medicine for her husband and some pills that were supposed to help her keep her tails fluffy, “Thank you, dear,” She smiled as I rang her up.
	“You are very welcome, ma’am,” I replied with a small smile. I started to bag up her things in a little paper bag.
	“Did you ever find yourself a sweetheart, dear?” She asked with a frown.
	“I’m… Working on it, ma’am,” I replied as I tried to keep up my already fake happy exterior, “Just looking for the right lady, you know?”
	“You will find her, sweet heart,” The kitsune assured me, “My hubby sure as shit took his time finding me!” She laughed at her own joke.
	I grinned back as I pushed the pain down, “Hopefully I won’t take that long!”
	“I simply cannot wait to see what kind of lucky girl you wind up with, dear. Anyways, I should be off. My hubby is waiting patiently in the car for me. Ta-ta!” She turned away, her silvery tails swaying behind her. 
	My interactions with the regulars were all about the same. Pleasantries were exchanged, I’d get their prescriptions and maybe the old women would give me a hollow compliment or two. Eventually, someone else stepped into my little store. I knew instantly that she wasn’t a regular. I put down what little was left of my coffee and watched her wander about the store. She seemed to be about my age, a mouse girl. She had brown hair and big brown ears. She slouched as she sleepily walked. Her long, thin and pink tail dragged on the floor. She uttered an exhausted groan as she grabbed some vitamins, chips, candy, and two energy drinks from the cooler. She stomped to the front and put everything in front of me as she stared with dead, tired eyes. 
	“G-good morning,” I stammered. I struggled to keep eye contact with the cute girl. With half closed eyes, she merely blinked at me, “Enjoying the rain?”
	“Eh,” She grunted.
	“Y-yeah, me neither,” I chuckled as I finished checking out her things. I gave her the price and she put a credit card into the card reader, “Here’s your things. Have a good day,” I gave her a smile.
	“Yeah,” She merely huffed before trudging back out of the store. I sighed and got back to work. I knew my grandpa would be coming into the store in only a few hours and then I’ll get to go on lunch. I hoped that the day would pick up at that point.

	I walked through the sparsely populated streets with my bag slung over my shoulder. I only had a bottle of water and my lunch with me. Work was rough, but at this point I was more than halfway done with my shift. I walked by monster girls on the street and just like every other time I was simply ignored. I wasn’t really sure if I preferred this or not. Just like any other man, I desired the companionship of a woman, but I wasn’t sure if I would ever find it. With monster girls around, most found it much easier to wind up with a partner but for whatever reason I struggled just as much as when they were merely a fantasy of the lonely people of this world. I shrugged and kept walking to the local park. The sun beat down and staved off most of the cold from the remnants of winter, but still I found nothing but a chill running through my body. Spring was here and with it came sun and rain. For now the rain from this morning had subsided giving way to a warm and sunny day. Not warm enough for shorts, but warm enough to sweat a little when wearing a coat. I basked in what little sunshine was out for as long as I could on my little lunch break. Soon I would have to return to work at the pharmacy. At least my grandfather was in now and I’d have someone to chat with during the lulls in activity. 
	With long and quick strides I walked into the park. There were a few people around, I spotted a dad with his three golden yellow colored kobold daughters playing catch with a frisbee. I watched for a few moments as the tallest pushed her two sisters out of the way and dove for a low flying throw. The family all giggled as the younger two tackled the older one. I quickly looked away as some weird deep buried instincts started to rear their heads. It was what I imagined what single or childless women would go through when looking at other women with their own babies and children. I had heard it referred to as the woman’s maternal instincts going wild or them ‘going baby crazy’ for one reason or another. I had always wanted a family of my own to raise and love. A loving wife, a boy and a girl, that’s what I wanted. I desperately wanted them now. It was hard to find human women at this point so they were out. Monster girls were my only option but I was having issues with them. All I could do was bide my time and wait. 
	I stepped across the soft, damp grass as I tried to push my own baby crazy emotions out of my head. I had better things to focus on like the model kit I was in the middle of back home and my exercises. I was proud of the gains I was getting no matter how minor they were compared to what some other people were getting. I was just glad I had the little gym at the apartment complex all to myself. As I walked toward my usual seat, I saw a couple having lunch together on a bench and the feeling came back. The man sat on the bench and pulled bits off of a sandwich and fed the white colored cockatoo harpy that perched on the back of the bench by hand. She would squawk, chirp, and sing happily before demanding more in her sing-songy voice. The man would chuckle and give her some crackers or fruit. 
	“I’m not lonely,” I lied to myself, “Just gotta keep working on me,” I said quietly as I tried to keep myself in high spirits. Trying to keep myself busy, I walked a little further than normal and found an empty bench on the edge of the park facing the street. Past that street was a quiet neighborhood that I drove past on my way to the pharmacy. It had some smaller houses, probably something perfect to move into if I had a wife and maybe a kid or our second kid on the way. I went for my lunch. Mustard, lettuce, cheese and thin slices of lunch meat turkey on two slices of nice and soft wheat bread, “Everything is fine,” I grunted as I chomped down on my delicious homemade sandwich. My mind began to wander. I first thought about the shows I was currently watching that I wanted to finish binging. Monster girls made some pretty good shows in nearly every genre. The only one I found lacking was action movies, they had to inject way too much romance for my taste. Not that I didn’t enjoy romance, it just… made me feel a little lonely when it was shoved in my face all the time. I sighed and let my mind wander further. It went away from movies, shows and anime and turned to romance again. I had to shake off the feelings of loneliness again. It, unfortunately, dominated my thoughts when I got on it. All I could do was finish eating and wait for the next thing to occupy my mind.
	“When is someone gonna cut me a break?” I asked the world as I desperately tried to think of something else to focus on. I stretched and moved onto my little bag of chips. Salty, crunchy, barbeque flavored chips. I grunted and looked around, watching the cars drive by as I idly munched on them. I blinked as I looked down at the grass under my feet. I saw something small and red dart across the grass out of my vision. I frowned and wondered if that had been a lady bug or something else. I shrugged, I didn’t care much for bugs anyways. I looked down as I went for more chips and saw the red thing again. It was a dot, a laser dot and it was trained right at my chest. My heart started to pound but I didn’t dare move. My mind raced as I tried to find somewhere to hide. There were a few trees but the treeline was too sparse. My next thought was that I was just over reacting, who on earth would wanna whack me? I haven’t really done anything to anyone, have I? What if--
	I jumped as I felt something strike my chest. I threw my chips aside as I gripped my chest. I had expected to look down and see warm and crimson blood on my hands but I didn’t see any. I sighed with relief and wondered if some dumb kid has just shot me with some over powered nerf gun with a laser on it. I looked down and saw a little black thing sticking into my chest. With my heart still pounding, I grabbed it and pulled it out. It was a dart with a black needle on it and a black plastic body. It was a cylinder that was about an inch long and maybe an inch wide with the needle protruding out of one of the flat ends. There was a decal on the black plastic, a pink heart with a silver arrow through it. I frowned as I turned it over in my hand. It hadn’t drawn blood nor had it even left a little hole in my coat.
	“Confirmed hit, over!” I heard a woman call with a bright and cheery voice. I shot up in my seat and looked around. A woman with large, pink, feathery wings landed in front of me with a proud look on her face and smiling pink eyes. She was wearing a pink digital camo uniform, a pink beret, and had an old looking bolt action rifle on her back that the wood had been spray painted pink on. I stared blankly at her. A garbled voice came through the radio, “Alright, I’ll make sure he’s fine, over,” She groaned, “Are you alright? Did the injection work?”
	“W-what?” I was taken aback, “Did you shoot me?”
	“You don’t know what the Cupid Corps are? Have you been living under a rock!?” She scoffed at me, “Our goal is to spread love in any way possible!” She struck a cheesy pose for me as she brandished her pink gold badge.
	I perked up, “Spreading love? I’m all for that! So what did you do to me?”
	Her eyes sparkled, “Good!” She grinned, “I shot you with the pink dart and now I just have to find someone else…” She quickly glanced around the park with a pair of pink binoculars.
	“Uh,” I held the dart up for her, “I got hit with this one.”
	She put the binoculars down and turned to me, “Th-that’s the… lead dart,” Her cheerful demeanor quickly faded away, “Oh no. Sweet Eros, its my first day and I already messed it up!” She put her head in her hands, “Uh-- uh,” She grabbed her also pink radio and turned away from me, “C-come in base this is arrow seven!” The radio gargled back at her, “H-he got hit with the lead dart, what do I do!? Uh, over!” I still could not hear the radio despite them getting louder. It sounded like this cupid was getting reprimanded. I felt a little bad since it was her first day and all, but I was also terrified as to what she did to me, “O-okay, I’ll tell him. Over. Listen, guy,” She turned to me, her face pale, “I-I gotta go back to base and get the cure. J-just stay here!” She was obviously starting to panic.
	The fear quickly spread to me, “W-what did you shoot me with? Am I gonna die?”
	“N-no! Of course not!” She assured me in a way that did not inspire much confidence, “I-I’ll be back! Just stay here!” With the powerful flapping of her wings, she took flight. I quickly lost sight of her as she awkwardly flew away with all of her heavy gear.
	“Just my luck, huh?” I mumbled to myself. I sat around and tried to finish my lunch but found myself sluggish and just not hungry. Having had nothing before lunch other than some coffee, I should have been starving still. I frowned and checked my phone. I only had a little bit of time left before I needed to be back at work. I sighed, unable to get away from my sadness and loneliness as I tried to think of something else. I wanted to wait for her to come back, but I couldn’t stay, I needed to continue to be reliable for my elderly grandfather. I frowned, got up, and headed back to the pharmacy. 

	After another three hours of work I was about to head home. My body felt heavy, my heart felt cold and I was completely unable to shake the feeling of loneliness from my heart and mind. I had spent that last three hours hardly able to communicate with anyone and nearly unable to simply operate the register. My grandfather wasn’t picking up on my emotional state either which didn’t help, “You found any cute girls yet?” He had asked just like he did every day while he was refilling prescriptions.
	“No, grandpa. But you know I’m looking,” I could only smile weakly at him which he didn’t pick up on either.
	“I am sure you will find someone. We can’t all find our special someone so quickly. The longer you wait, the more special it will be,” He smiled warmly before returning to work. 
	“Yeah, thanks grandpa,” I turned away from him and tried to occupy myself by stocking the shelves.
	The drive home was short and without much of note happening. I pulled into my usual parking space and quickly scanned the parking lot for people. As I saw that the coast was clear, I stepped out of the car and hurried inside. The side entrance I usually took brought me inside and next to a scarcely used stair well. Sluggishly, I took light steps up the stairs as I desperately tried to get to my room and hide away from the outside world. I felt cold and depressed now. It wasn’t exactly new, but it felt worse than before, maybe the worst it's ever been. While wondering if that dart I had been shot by was doing this to me, I stepped into my apartment and locked the bolt behind me as I shuddered from a chill. I groaned and collapsed onto my bed in an exhausted fashion. I groaned and curled up before grabbing a blanket and encasing myself in it as I tried to warm up. I shivered as the chill ran to my core. The skin deep warmth that it provided hardly helped at all and I found myself wondering if I would be able to sleep tonight. I closed my eyes, hoping that I could in fact sleep the cold away. I could only hope it was some kind of overnight flu.

	I stared at my dark room. I felt miserable and groggy, though I had at least stopped shivering somewhat. I hadn’t slept a wink and it was now past seven. I was wide awake and restless despite how I felt. I sat up in bed, letting the blanket fall off of myself as I slid over to the edge. With or without the blankets, I felt the same, cold. My heart still felt like it had been replaced by a block of solid ice. Even if I wasn’t hungry at all, I knew I needed to have something. I grabbed some turkey lunch meat and ate it with a banana. My stomach felt a little bit better but I still felt frozen. I glanced at the bathroom and considered just taking a long hot shower, but today was supposed to be arm day, I couldn’t just skip it. I trudged around sluggishly as I changed out of my clean work polo into a plain short sleeve shirt, after that I slinked over to my dresser and grabbed a pair of sweats before dragging them up to my waist, tying them on and folding over the hem as I was still a little too thin for them. Lastly was my pair of old running shoes with fading colors. 
	Without checking the hallway, I stomped out of my apartment and made my way back to the disused staircase. From there I trudged down one of the back halls. There were two public areas set aside for use by people who lived in the small apartment complex. One was a little gathering area with a TV, some comfortable but old seats, an ancient pre monster girl era arcade cabinet and a big table that some of the older women in the apartment complex would play mahjong and card games at. Next to it was the mostly disused gym that I generally had to myself. To my surprise, there was someone else there. A well built monster woman sat on one of the benches doing bicep curls with massive weights. The first thing I noticed about her were her eyes, they were black as night with fiery red and orange pupils, coming out of the corner of her eyes were jets of flame that petered out a ways above her head. Those fetching and intense eyes stared down at the weight in her hands. With each curl she did, more fire spat out from her eyes. What I at first thought was a trick of the light making her skin look darker, turned out to be a real thing as she had an ashen complexion across her rippling muscles. Her features suggested some form of canine, arms and legs covered in a thick and black coat of fur; her hands and feet were more bestial than other monsters, more like paws though still shaped like the extremities of a human. To finish the look off, she had matching dog ears that stood straight up atop her head and a sleek tail that hung off the bench, wagging slightly.
	I found myself staring at her face. There was something enchanting about her, despite being at least ten times as strong as me she had real feminine charm: long lashes, a cute nose, full lips and a slender face. The way her hair gracefully fell on her shoulders despite being mid work out, her muscles shaping her into one of the finest female forms I had ever seen with my own eyes. It was like someone had expertly carved her from marble in a way to compete with the sculptures of Michelangelo himself. Suddenly, the hound woman put down the dumbbell with a grunt. She looked up at me, making eye contact before smirking and folding her arms, which made me quickly and nervously turn away. My once cold heart started to beat a little faster. I hastily assumed it was because she had suddenly startled me. I tried as hard as I could to push her from my mind, she would just ignore me like all the other girls did and I wasn’t sure if I could go through that pain again, especially with how cold my heart was already. I started on my workout, I grabbed some dumbbells and started on my seated shoulder presses. The gym was mostly free weights with a few treadmills so I did what I could. As I got into the zone, doing my reps with little rest in between, I closed my eyes and focused on my aching muscles. I grunted and carefully put the weights down as my reps ended. A sigh escaped my lips and I stretched before opening my eyes, “Good form, guy,” A resonant and captivating voice praised me. I shuddered and opened my eyes to see the hound woman staring down at me. She stood a foot or two from me with her hands on her hips. A smirk spread across her lips in a somewhat sultry fashion, “Looks like you know what you’re doing.”
	“Oh, thanks,” I squeaked in reply and looked away from her nervously. The woman stood at about seven feet tall with shapely, womanly curves that drew in my  eyes against my will. She was wearing yoga pants that clung to those curves and a shirt that was much too small for her and revealed her toned midriff. 
	“Think you could spot for me?” She gestured to the bench where she had a bar set up with some heavy weights. 
	She had a presence about her, intimidating but also warm. I found myself unable to say no to her, “Uh, sure,” I nodded as my heart started to pound a bit harder and feel a little warmer. She smiled, showing me her sharp, pearly white fangs. I watched her saunter back to her bench, her tail wagging behind her shapely rear before she got down on the bench, laying on her back. It took me a moment to gather myself and follow her over. I stood near her head and watched as she gripped the bar and started her work out. I found my mind wandering as I stood by, ready to help her with what meager strength I had. My mind very quickly returned to her curves and shapely body. Her breasts seemed a little small but I had to assume she was wearing some kind of sports bra that compressed it for easier lifting.
	“Damn, dude,” I heard her say, “You fuck with that dick, or what?”
	I shook myself out of my daydreaming and blinked at her, “E-excuse me?”
	“You’re poppin’ a boner, dude,” She giggled as she put the dumbbar aside and sat up. I stepped away as I looked down. Even in my loose shorts I hadn’t felt… that. I blushed and turned away, trying to hide it even after the fact. It was way too late, she had already seen it and the embarrassment was killing me, “Don’t be so embarrassed. I’m not mad or anything. Besides, nothin’ wrong with liking what you see,” She got up and posed for me, turning her rear to me and flexing one arm as she peered at me over her shoulder, “These pants look great on my ass, huh?”
	“I-I… yeah,” I admitted sheepishly as I took a peek at her. 
	She laughed, turning back to me, “See? You just gotta be honest with yourself. What’s your name, guy?”
	“It’s Anon,” I answered as I turned to face her. Both of us sat on benches across from one another. I felt kind of warm and cozy as I listened to her comforting words and surprisingly soft voice.
	She smirked, “Mine’s Tiffany. You got a cute name. Almost as cute as your face.”
	“A-are you flirting with me?” I asked, completely bewildered.
	“Hell yeah I am. Takes a lot of guts to put a boner in the face of a hellhound you’ve just met,” She put on a more serious face for a few moments, “Besides, you’ve got this look about you.”
	“W-what kind of look?”
	“Like you need my help! Here, lemme help you finish your reps,” Once again Tiffany didn’t even give me a chance to say no.

	“...and twenty! Good!” Tiffany pat me on the back before helping me put the weights back up on the rack, “I knew you could handle it!”
	“T-thanks,” I stammered, a little awkward about being coached, “My arms are starting to give out,” I whined.
	She laughed, “Alright, I’ll let up a bit. Let’s do some stretches,” She grabbed two yoga mats and dropped them on the floor next to one another. Quickly, she started leading me through some rigorous stretches, sometimes helping me to contort my body a little further than I could do myself, “There you go,” She smirked as I grunted, “How long have you been living around here? I moved in just a few days ago.”
	“I think I’ve been here for a little over a year,” I answered.
	“What do you do for work? I do some construction work but things have been a little slow right now. I had to move down here for more work,” She explained.
	My back popped as she pushed me a little further into the stretch, “I work for my grandfather as a pharmacist.”
	She nodded and let up before helping me rise to my feet, “Sounds neat. Wanna hang out at my place?”
	“Uh…” I was a little shocked that she wanted to spend any more of her time with me, especially since we had only just met. Was this how monstergirls were normally?
	Tiffany smiled, “Woah, hey. I get it, you’re nervous. We can hang at your place, I’m sure you’ll be more comfortable there. C’mon,” She took my wrist and led me out of the gym, “Where’s your room at?” She switched to wrapping her arm around my shoulders as we walked. I gave her my room number without resistance. Getting close to her now, I felt her body heat, which could have thawed my frozen heart alone, I wagered. Even if she had just been working out pretty hard, she didn’t smell at all, or rather she smelled amazing like the smoke of freshly burnt wood at a campfire. Soon, we were at my apartment and I unlocked the door for the two of us. Stepping in first, I turned the lights on with the hound woman right behind me, “Damn, nice place, Anon.”
	“Thanks,” I nodded.
	She plopped down on the couch, “Real cozy. I don’t even have this much furniture,” I stood around nervously behind her, “Hey, quit looking like that and come sit down!”
	“A-are you sure? I’m kinda sweaty.”
With a smirk, her long arms quickly grabbed me and held me at arm’s length. Tiffany silently stared at my face for a few moments and I found myself only able to stare at her with wide eyes. Her mischievous grin slowly turned into a frown, “You’ve got that look in your eyes. You’re cold aren’t you? Lonely too?”
	“How did you--?”
	“Anyone with eyes could see it. You’ve got that look in your eyes like you desperately need some lovin’. C’mere, I’ll warm you up,” Before I could protest, I was yanked towards her and forced into a tight, hot and comforting bear hug, “Feel better?” With a nod, my head ended up in her breasts, resting between them and just breathing her in, “Sheesh, you need more help than I thought. Couch time,” She wrapped her arms under mine and lifted me up before carrying me to the couch. She put me down first before sitting next to me and forcing her weight on me, “Put on a movie, would ya?” I nodded and grabbed the TV remote to put something on. It didn't matter what it was, I was starting to feel something besides dead cold.

	My eyelids were heavy as my heart finally thawed. Tiffany had put my head on her lap some time ago and had been silently stroking my hair, “Never seen a guy this happy just to get some attention. Seems like you really needed it,” She had a big smile on her face as if she was enjoying this just as much as I was. 
	“Yeah, I did,” I gave her a smile.
	She stretched for a moment before returning to providing me with her warmth, “Did something happen recently? Or were you born like this? Mom used to say that dad was always lonely.”
	“Well…” I trailed off, “A little bit of both I think. Some crazy chick dressed in pink accidentally shot me with a dart earlier today. She left and never came back with an antidote?”
	“Was it a pink or black dart?”
	There was a sudden, rythmic thumping as Tiffany’s tail started to wag harder, “A black dart, huh? There’s only one cure for that!” As she manhandled me again, I was sat on her lap facing away from her.
	“What is it?” I asked, completely clueless.
	“I’m gonna have to get well acquainted with something you shoved in my face earlier,” I felt her big warm hand grab my crotch.
	“Woah, woah, woah! We just met!” I half heartedly protested.
	With a chuckle, her grip got firmer, “Back in the old days, monster girls would see a man and just know if they were the one. I’ve been looking for YEARS, Anon,” She started to pant as she felt me start to get stiff, “And I’ve found the one. I’ve got him in my arms and I’m not letting him get away.”
	“You don’t have to be cold and lonely, Anon. I’ll be right by your side to keep you warm and happy. Don’t you want that? All you gotta do is say yes.”
	I could feel her hot breath on my neck. It gave me goosebumps to think about her and I could only imagine finally having that family I always wanted, “I’ve been looking just as long as you have for my special someone,” I said with confidence in my voice. "and I can’t see myself with anyone else now, Tiffany. So yeah, I want this."
"YES! LET'S DO THIS!" Tiffany had me on the carpeted floor in seconds. With ravenous hunger, my clothes came off in a flash of torn fabric. Next, her lips were pressed to mine as she lapped at my lips before forcing herself on me. Her clothes came off just as fast and her beautiful ashen body was laid bare before my eyes. I could see nothing but pure joy--and a bit of hunger-- in her eyes, “I’m so happy,” She told me in between barrages of warm kisses, "I want to make you happy, too. Let me show you my feelings for you," She breathed heavily before straddling me. 
	She rubbed her hot and wet pussy against my already throbbing member, licking her lips in anticipation. I found myself getting excited as well, even if I instinctively covered my face in embarrassment. "No way," She pretended to chide me before grabbing my hands and placing them on her thighs, "I wanna see that handsome face on display,” I did as I was told and watched her rise up, hover over my member for half a second before taking the plunge, piercing herself on me with a triumphant cry. Her hips began to rock, making the floor creak as she rose up and slammed back down. She was completely in control of our pleasure, and soon she was leaning over me, her shapely breasts pressed against my face. "Come on, Anon, haven't you ever wanted to tease a girl's nipples?" I grunted and rolled my head between her breasts in search of them, taking one of her nipples in my mouth and gently licking and sucking it, “Good boy,” She cooed between her pants for air, "Just like that. Don't forget the other one…" I grunted at her between her heavenly, smokey smelling breasts before searching for the other one. Once I had my lips around it I bit down gently. Tiffany squeaked excitedly before getting more assertive with her movements. She slammed down against me with force, making the floor shake slightly, “You’re doing great!” She praised before raising herself up to stare into my face. One of her hands caressed my face before grabbing my chin and forcing my head up so she could kiss me. Again I couldn't help but notice how warm her lips were before she parted them and forced her hot tongue onto mine. As I reciprocated her kisses, I only seemed to excite her further. She pulled away, leaving a trail of saliva between us before she positioned herself over me with a grin, either of her hands beside my head, "Alright, buddy, your turn, gimme some thrusts."
	“Yeah,” I said weakly. I firmly grasped her waist and pushed my hips up into hers, making her moan as I pierced her. 
"That's it, you're doing it,” Tiffany continued to encourage me as she pet my hair, “Just like that. You're… almost… THERE!" She grunted loudly and grabbed my wrists, forcing them over my head, “I’ll tell you when,” She instructed. She had been going easy on me until now, that much was evident. She roughly started to ride me, slamming herself down like a piston. I could feel her powerful legs start to buckle. The pressure in my loins had built to the boiling point and I was struggling to hold it in, "Just a… little bit… more!" She shouted, her panting blowing smoke down onto me. Her panting was turning into cries which became a howl as she shoved herself down to the hilt of my member, “Now!” She howled in pleasure. Her pussy clamped on my cock like a vice as she began to orgasm, her entire body shuddered and her back arched as my throbbing penis was forced to cum inside her. 
	I couldn’t stifle my cries as I shouted her name, "TIFFANY!"
	“ANON!” She shouted back as she gripped my wrists tightly and leaned over me, her violent orgasm slowly subsiding as mine followed suit. I groaned at the residual pleasure as I basked in Tiffany's heat, both of us panting while we laid on the floor, “Good boy,” She ruffled my hair as her tail wagged violently, “How are you feeling?”
	“Warm and happy,” I replied with a smile.
	“Good!” She kissed my face before getting up and pulling me up as well. She cradled my smaller frame and carried me over to the bed where she roughly tossed me into the mess of pillows and sheets. She got in after me and continued assaulting me with kisses and grabbing my crotch again. My eyes got heavy again as I snuggled up against her.
"Don’t you fall asleep just yet, we're only gettin' started, Anon!” She grinned before straddling me again, “I’ll go easy on you this time, think of it as a cool down before going hard again!”
	Despite my weak groan of protest, I was more than happy to continue into the night.

	I dutifully performed my opening tasks at the pharmacy like I did every day. I refilled everything I could out on the floor and checked in the two small deliveries I had that day. Despite my thoughts being on my hellhound wife, Tiffany, I found all of my duties were going by incredibly quickly. I felt warm, almost hot as I had a little smile on my face remembering the kiss we shared this morning as we went our separate ways for work. We were going to share a lunch together later today at the park. She had wanted to go to a restaurant but neither of us had the time that would take. Instead, we’d save that for a nice date this weekend that I had promised for her. She made a few of her own promises for this weekend for 'dessert.' I spent the morning cheerfully chatting with the regulars, the old kitsune and her husband, the young, eternally tired mouse girl, and a few others. Some of them, like the old silver kitsune, noted how much happier I looked, and even guessed that I had found myself a girl. Most of them wanted to meet her and I told them I’d have her come in with me a morning or two when she got some time off so they could say hello to her. After about five hours of work, my grandfather came in so I could be relieved from my post for lunch.
	“Ready to go on your lunch, Anon?” My grandfather asked as he hung up his coat.
	I shook my head, “Gotta wait on someone today.”
	“Oh? Going on a date?” My grandfather teased.
	I shrugged, “Something a little like that,” I said coyly with a smirk. 
	“You’re meeting with Tiffany aren’t ya?” My grandpa took a pretty obvious guess.
	“Nothing ever gets passed you, huh?” I joked, acting a bit like an ass.
	My grandfather chuckled, “She’s definitely put you in a much better mood, Anon,” He commented before going to fill a few prescriptions. 
	“Hey. I just need this,” A gruff voice told me.
	I turned back to the counter, “One second-- Oh! Hey, Tiffany,” I greeted the hellhound. 
	She giggled and switched to her normal voice, “Are my dumb impressions that obvious?” She grinned. She had a button up shirt and jeans on. There were a few stains on her shirt from work, but I didn't care, she made it work for her.
	“Nah, you had me going this time,” I chuckled back. I looked at the stuff she had brought up to the counter, “Tiffany, we talked about this,” I frowned as I grabbed one of the three energy drinks she had brought to the front.
	“What, come on! I just like how they taste!” She complained as I set them aside.
	“You’re gonna give yourself a damn heart attack,” I scolded as I looked back at the rest, “Are we really out of zinc pills?” 
	"We're gonna need them this weekend for all those protein shakes," Her grin widened as she spoke quietly, “Plus for all those after workout ones I get.”
	“Hello, Tiffany,” My grandfather called from where he worked.
	“How’s it goin,’ old man?” She greeted back with a wave.
	He smiled, “Quite well, thank you. You two go have fun on your little date. I’ll see you back here in an hour.”
	“Thanks, gramps!” Tiffany called, “Come on, finish checking me out, Anon! I’m hungry!” 
	“Alright, hold your horses,” I scanned the candy, soda and pills that she had brought up. After another minute I handed her everything in a bag and her receipt. I grabbed our bagged lunch from the fridge in the back and punched out for lunch. Soon the two of us were headed toward the park, walking hand in hand as we went. The sun beat down, and only a few large and fluffy looking clouds were in the sky. 
	“Wanna know something?” Tiffany grinned at me.
	“Is it that you love me?”
	With a pout, she nodded, “I do love you.”
	“Yeah I love you too,” I chuckled and kissed her on the cheek. 

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