A Meal to Die For

Commission for Nereus. Thanks again!

	“K.O!” The TV in front of Lyana screamed as her match ended. 
She grimaced, that second loss knocked her out of the Mamano Revolution Ultimax double elimination tournament. It's not like she had expected to make it to top eight or anything, especially when this was one of the bigger fighting games out right now. She went four and two at least, so it wasn’t too bad. She sighed and unplugged her fight stick from the console, “Hey, good game,” Her opponent, an anubis playing on a much bigger fight stick offered her a jet black colored paw hand, “I haven’t had anyone make me sweat that hard all tournament!”
	Lyana gladly took her hand and gave it a firm shake, “Well, I’m at least glad it was a semi pro that took me out and not one of those sabbath scrubs. Or some black alp in a fursuit.”
	The anubis laughed, “I think you and I put most of that group into the losers ourselves!”
	Lyana was shocked. She was just some casual player, why would someone who was about to break into the pro league be interested in her, “Y-you watched my games?”
	“Yeah, I’ve seen you here before and you play well,” She casually praised, “At least you can go enjoy some casual matches now. Make sure you keep practicing, friend. See ya around,” The anubis gave a tiny wave before walking over to a man and taking his hand before the two walked off.
	Lyana frowned and brushed her white colored hair out of her face as she grit her sharp teeth. Like every other monster girl she yearned for the companionship of a man. It was instinctual and taught, something that they couldn’t avoid and Lyana was no different. Being a ghoul, an undead with a strange oral fixation, she was hungry for a man, both physically and mentally. She looked down at her fight stick and stared at her caramel colored complexion in the reflective plastic. She took the sucker out of her mouth that she idly sucked on and tossed the stem in a nearby trashcan before putting a fresh one in her mouth. Lyana found sucking on them calming, though she always simply told people she liked the sweet taste of the ones she bought. 
As she idled near where she had just had her game, she watched two others sit down for their match. One was a somewhat big guy that had a nervous and out of place looking danuki following him around. He smiled at the danuki as he plugged in his fight stick. It was a high end model, probably paid for by the ring tail. The second was a slender guy with glasses and short hair. He seemed to be alone and-- Lyana was stunned as he pulled a standard controller out of his bag. Who the hell played with a controller like that at this level!? The big guy picked Penelope, the smallest, pinkest cheshire to ever grace videogames and the current top tier pick, making the ghoul scoff silently. She was confused as the other guy picked Saltz, one of the few human characters in the game, a mid tier pick that didn’t see too much play in tournaments. A controller and a mid tier pick? She HAD to watch now.

	‘Jab, jab, quarter circle heavy, medium, special,’ Gavin told himself silently as he ran through the combo in his head. Just as planned, Saltz’s strange hits had priority over most things that Penelope could throw at him. On top of that, being a grappler helped lock down the current top pick and the guy next to him struggled to perform well. 
	“K.O!” The TV shouted as Gavin cinched the two to zero victory from his opponent.
	He shook his opponent’s hand and shook himself as the last of his anxiety induced shudders left his body, “Sheesh, I might have to switch mains,” A sultry voice behind him purred. He stared into her strange golden colored eyes before looking at her. It only took him a few moments to identify her as a ghoul, “Pretty cool how you bodied that guy. Didn’t even know you could do that with Saltz.”
	“I started playing him on whim when the game first came out,” Gavin explained, “Turns out I picked right, huh?”
	“Oh, absolutely. You got another game soon?”
	He shook his head, “I’ve got a little break and I need to eat.”
	“Well, I hope you don’t mind me tagging along and talking your ear off. Name’s Lyana,” She smiled.
	“I’m Gavin. Think they have a microwave over at the food court?”
	“Definitely. I’ve been to this venue a few times,” Lyana nodded as she followed him out of the space that the tournament had rented and into the main area of the large hotel, “See? Over there,” She pointed to a microwave near the coffee dispensers, “You ever been to one of these tournaments? I don’t see a lot of guys playing on controllers.”
	“Nah. I only played the first and second games in this series casually. I kinda decided on a whim after being stood up to come do this,” Gavin explained as he took his carefully packed meal from his bag and put the sealed main course into the microwave and turned it on, “I only play on a controller since I’m so casual about this. I’m amazed I’m five and one now. I know I’m gonna get knocked out next round. I’m up against someone that people keep telling me is a semi pro.”
	“Oh, that anubis, right? Claire? She kicked my ass too.”
	The microwaved beeped and Gavin took his food out, “Really? Who do you play?” The two made their way over to a table.
	“Oh I play--” She stopped as he opened up his food. She was immediately hit with the wondrous scent of beef, tomato, onion, and chili powder. She stared down at his food. He had some kind of stew with those ingredients plus mushrooms and macaroni. It was obvious it was handmade along with the buttery, flakey looking rolls that he took out and the small side salad, “Delicious,” She mumbled.
	“Your food looks good. Looks like you put a lot of effort into it,” She commented as she stopped herself from salivating. 
	“Oh, thanks!” He smiled, “Really, other than games, cooking is my only other passion.”
	“Hey, I love cooking too! I don’t really need to eat, seeing as I’m an undead and all, but I love the taste!” She exclaimed.
	“You, uh, want a bite? For an undead you look pretty dang hungry,” Gavin offered. 
	“Sorry,” She laughed, “It looks really good!” She quickly grabbed a plastic fork from one of the dispensers nearby and gladly ate a bite of his meal. She made sure to get a little bit of everything so she could taste all the flavors together. Within moments she had decided that it was one of the most scrumptious things she had ever tasted, “Amazing!” She squealed as the flavors mixed in her sensitive mouth, her face contorting to that of pure joy, “The way all those different and wonderful flavors mix is simply divine!"
	“R-really?” He chuckled nervously, “If you like it that much, I’ll have to bring you more leftovers next time I see you.”
	She grinned at him, “What’s that? You want to see me again?” She teased.
	He nodded, “Yeah, sure. You like Mamano Revolution Ultimax too and my cooking. That’s all you gotta do to be my friend.”
	She smirked, “Well, if more of your cooking is involved, I’m more than happy to hang out,” She watched him as he ate some of his lunch, “Wanna grab coffee or something some time?
	Gavin nodded, “Yeah, I think I’d like that.”
	“Then it's settled!” Lyana grinned happily, “Here, gimme your number and finish eating. You’ve got a game to win!”
	“Y-yeah. Right,” He swallowed nervously. He wasn’t sure if seeing Lyana again or his next match had him more nervous. 
	Gavin sat alone at a small table near the back of a quiet coffee shop. He idly checked his phone and rapped his fingertips on the wood laminate table before a kikimora in a frilly apron sauntered over and placed a tall cup of coffee in front of him before stepping away to check on another customer, “Sorry I took so long,” Lyana grunted as she quickly stepped to the table her friend sat at. She dumped herself into the seat across from him with a tired sigh, “Work has been hell and it’s hardly lunch time,” She rubbed her face with her palms.
	“What is it you do? Work in a morgue?” He joked.
	“What? No-- Was that a jab at me being undead?” She humored him with a tiny smile, “You’re such a dummy,” The two had been chatting for a couple days through texts since the tournament, “I work in a call center selling stuff to people. Its not too bad, it pays a living wage at least. Or should I say unliving wage?” Gavin laughed at her little joke, “What about you?”
	“I do some online web design from home with a bit of a baking job on the side,” He suddenly frowned, “I wish I could just bake and cook for work, but finding a good restaurant job is so damn hard,” He sadly poked at the napkin his drink was sitting on.
Lyana frowned and quickly thought of a way to bring his spirits up, “I still can’t get over how close that match was!” She laughed. The Mamano Revolution Ultimax double elimination tournament had been two days ago and Gavin’s match with that anubis semi pro and the ghoul couldn’t get the replay of the match out of her mind.
	Gavin chuckled sheepishly, “It wasn’t too close. My nerves got the better of me and I flubbed a few quarter circles.”
	“You still went one to two! She absolutely dumpstered me in my match! You need to get a fight stick, Gavin,” She teased, “You’ll never go pro if that keeps happening to you.”
	“I’m not good enough to go pro,” He sighed as he took a drink of his hot, sugary coffee. He easily tuned out the sounds of the coffee shop around them. Other than the hard working kikimora that came around to ask people if they needed more sweets or coffee, he knew they wouldn’t be bothered here. 
	“Well, maybe Saltz will get buffed and that horrible Penelope will get nerfed into the ground,” Lyana gave him a little smile.
	“Won’t happen,” Gavin quickly grunted, “Have you SEEN the main dev and his wife?”
	“No?” She frowned and folded her arms.
	“Penelope almost looks exactly like the main dev’s baphomet wife. Yes, her tits are really that big,” He found an image on his phone of said baphomet. 
	“She even dresses like that!?” Lyana was astonished to see that the large chested baphomet was even dressed up in the frilly red and black magical girl outfit like she was in the game, “What the hell!?”
	“Yup. No way she’s getting nerfed. I could see Saltz getting nerfed since he does well against her,” Gavin pointed out with an angry scowl.
	“Well, then we’ll get you on another good character,” The ghoul assured him, “You can memorize combos way better than I can.”
	He blushed a little at her praise, “Nah, you’re still way better than me. We played a little bit at the tournament and you were beating me with superior reflexes and predictions.”
	“Oh, you’re just being too sweet now,” Lyana laughed back. She checked her watch and frowned, “I gotta get back to work soon, sorry, friend.”
	“Hey, I get it. Oh, here, this is for you,” He pulled out a plastic container with a lid from his bag and put it in her hands, “It's the rest of that stuff you tried at the tournament. I wanted you to have it.”
	The ghoul excitedly snatched it from him, “Really!?”
	“Yeah, you seemed to like it so much, I thought you’d like it more than me,” Gavin shrugged.
	“Hey, thanks a lot!” Lyana felt the need to go further in expressing her thanks but wasn’t really sure how, “Maybe I’ll eat this when I go back to work. This reheated stuff is good but makes me wonder how your cooking would taste fresh! Maybe next time you’ll have to bring me something you just cooked up!” She joked.
	“Next time? Yeah, sure. We’ll figure it out later when you don’t have to hurry back to work,” Gavin smiled.
	“I can’t turn that down, especially if you’re offering to cook for me!” She grinned, nearly salivating at the thought of him making another delicious meal for her. She felt something warm in herself as her new friend smiled back at her, “I’ll see you around, Gavin,” She rose from her seat, finding it quite hard to just walk away from him. After a bit of working up the courage for it, she left the little coffee shop.
Gavin felt a little sad watching her go. She was fun to hang out with and she loved his cooking, on top of that they shared some interests. He wasn’t sure what else he needed in a friend, to be honest. Silently, he went back to his coffee as he wondered what she thought of him. 

	It had been two weeks since the Mamano Revolution Ultimax double elimination tournament that both Lyana and Gavin had attended. The two had still been chatting over texts and online voice chat since they had gotten coffee together. The two had also been playing Mamano Revolution Ultimax as well as its predecessor Mamano Rumble Gaiden online together to practice. The gaming sessions were filled with all sorts of theory crafting, banter and trash talk as the two tried to improve their combos and skills at the game. She definitely enjoyed her time spent with him, but she also had some doubts about him feeling the same, “Ugh, the weather could be better. My hair is gonna be RUINED if it rains!” Lyana growled at the sky as she stood near a parking lot at the park. Whatever powers were at play seemed to ignore her as the fluffy white clouds continued to roll across the sky. She scowled at the clouds that started to cover up the sun. If the weather messed up her hair and this little meet up she was having with her friend, her day would be completely ruined.
	“You’re gonna go blind staring at the sun like that,” Gavin chuckled as he joined her. The two were in the lower area of the local park. It was used a lot less often than the main, larger area at the top of the hill, “Can undead even be affected like that? I don’t really know how much bodily functions you retain compared to the living,” He shrugged. He had a bag to keep food hot in one hand and a more mundane bag in the other. 
	“I’m a lot more lifelike than you think, Gavin,” The ghoul grinned with her sharp teeth, “Come on,” She gestured for him to follow as she picked up the blanket she had brought with her and started leading Gavin to a spot she had picked out earlier, “I don’t want you to think of this as rude, I’m just really excited to try your cooking, but what have you prepared for today?” She was nearly salivating at the thought of his cooking, she wanted nothing more than to try whatever he had brought. 
	Gavin smirked, “Maybe I should keep it a secret,” He mused, “Nah. It’s simple, I just brined some chicken in pickle juice for about a day, then buttermilk for another day, then I breaded it and threw them in a deep fryer and made a green onion coleslaw to top it with along with some hot sauce,” He explained, “Honestly kinda scared you won’t like it.”
	The ghoul stared at him with wide eyes, “Are you kidding!? That sounds great! Anything spicy is amazing! Well, usually. Ugh, why the hell did I have to pick a spot so far away!?” She growled at herself as she hurried up her pace. 
	Gavin smirked but bit his tongue, not wanting to tease the already upset ghoul any further, “I should have brought a game or something, too.”
	“I’ve got a little speaker that I keep in this jacket. Hopefully it's got power, eh?” She glanced at the ground, making sure it was clear of dog poop before laying out her blanket. She took her shoes off before stepping onto the blanket and folding her legs under her. Gavin quickly joined her after slipping his shoes off. Arduously and slowly, he started with the mundane bag. He pulled out two pre prepared salads first, two cans of lemonade, then four small bags of various chips, “No home made chips?” She wondered, a tad bit disappointed.
	“Look, I can make some decent, plain potato chips with a ton of work or I can buy these better tasting ones for fifty cents,” Gavin explained as he threw a sour cream and onion flavored bag at her.
	“Well… Alright.”
	“But homemade french fries? I can do that and those are to die for! Well, maybe not to die for a second time,” He boasted and joked as he finally went for the hot bag. Wrapped in tinfoil were two breaded, homemade chicken patties. He laid out a slice of bread next to each before transferring a patty onto each slice. Next was the coleslaw from the mundane bag, each was topped with a decently sized portion before the hot sauce came out. 
Lyana raised her eyebrows, she had seen that brand ‘Hellhound Heat’ before. It was one of the highest rated brands of sauce out there and it wasn’t cheap either, “Looks like you really went all out for this.”
	“I take food seriously and I think you do, too,” He offered her the bottle first, “Season to taste, right?”
	If Lyana had a beating heart, she knew it would be pounding heavily as he smirked and put the small, yet precious bottle into her hand. Even if she couldn’t even know what it felt like to have a beating heart, she had a pretty good idea now as she felt warm and fuzzy, “Yeah. Right,” She tore off the seal before unscrewing the cap and carefully pouring out a good amount of hot sauce onto the coleslaw and patty. She gave it back with a strange amount of reverence and watched as Gavin put a lot less sauce onto his. The top half of the sandwich bread went on and the ghoul hungrily snatched up her sandwich before taking a massive bite out of it. The still hot and crunchy chicken patty was juicy and delicious. She could taste the pickling juice and buttermilk that the chicken had soaked in. It was a strange combination, but with the equally crunchy and delicious coleslaw it was easily made to work. On top of that the hot sauce that spiced everything up brought it all together. Lyana was a little upset with how much she had put on it as it drowned out a lot of the other tastes that she so desperately craved more of. Still, the sandwich was delicious and she ravenously devoured all of it as quickly as she could.
	Gavin watched in awe, his heart fluttering as the undead woman completely devoured his cooking. He had been told he was good at cooking before, but he had never seen someone act like this with his food. The ravenous and almost desperate way she consumed his food made his heart pound. Was it fear that she would turn her sharp fangs on him next, or was it some warm and fuzzy feelings being developed? He couldn’t say for sure. She finished eating and struggled to keep herself from licking her hands to taste more of it, “Sheesh, I don’t doubt you love my cooking now,” He remarked.
	“Are you gonna eat yours?” She hastily asked as she stared at his untouched sandwich. Neither could tell if she was joking.
	“Yes, I’m going to eat it!” He took a big bite out of it. He slowly chewed, letting the flavors mix in his mouth before swallowing, “You gotta learn to savor it!” He said as she stared at him.
	“You’re probably right,” She sighed, “But it’s so good! I can’t stop myself!” She whined as she grabbed the bag of chips that Gavin had thrown at her, “I’ll have to order a double portion next time!” She decided, half jokingly.
	“Maybe I’ll have you over and let you eat just as much as you want!” He joked back.
	“Oh? Are you inviting me over?” She teased, suddenly getting a little nervous.
	Gavin blinked as he realized what he had just offered, “Y-yeah. I am.”
	Lyana stared at him. Her nerves quickly getting the better of her, “W-well… Maybe, haha, we could make it like a date or something?”
He nodded, just as eager as she was to do this, “Yeah, we could play some games and eat some good food, right? Sounds like a fun, uh, date?”
	“Yeah! It does!” She insisted, “When do we wanna do this?”
	“Next weekend? That gives me more than enough time to prepare everything,” He decided.
	“Then it’s settled. Next week we’ll hang out and uh, date, I guess. I’ll make sure to bring some good liquor,” She decided.
	“I think I’d like that.”

	As the day of the date came, Gavin found himself getting more and more nervous. He had picked out two perfectly cut portions of steak and had been marinating them for several days, Lyana’s being a bit larger of the two, some fresh potatoes, mushrooms and other vegetables. He had a nice pair of slacks and a polo set aside for when he was done cooking. Handmade mashed potatoes, perfectly cooked steaks that had been pan fried in butter, a creamy mushroom sauce that the steaks would be covered with, and some steamed vegetables were all being prepared at the same time by a single man: Gavin. He was in his element as he went back and forth between different pans, the oven and a beater that was being used to mix up the mashed potatoes. He put a good amount of cream and butter in the mashed potatoes for taste along with salt and pepper. As the clock counted down to the designated meeting time, his nervousness started to fade. Gavin knew he had to wow Lyana with his cooking if he wanted to have her. She was definitely the kind of person who the quickest way to her heart was through her stomach. If she wanted to eat something good, he was going to give it his all.

	Lyana stood in front of the mirror. She wasn’t really accustomed to wearing dresses, but if she was going to knock him dead, figuratively, and conquer him, literally, she would need to look her best. She wasn’t sure if she was starving more for him or his cooking. She couldn’t keep him off her mind all week, it didn't help he would give her the occasional lunch pack. She day dreamed about him, either him cooking for her or sometimes the two just hanging out and playing video games, and sometimes, at night specifically, she would think of more… lewd things involving him. She wanted to make him her house husband, take care of everything he needed while he stayed at home, preparing delicious morsels for her to eat. On top of being a great cook, he was sweet and definitely good looking in her book. The glasses he usually wore had definitely grown on her, “There I go again,” She sighed to herself as the vision of him was completely vivid in her mind and would not fade no matter what she did. She ran her fingers through her hair, brushing her straight, white locks over her shoulder, “What I wouldn’t give to sink my teeth into that man,” She mused as she applied some light makeup to her face, mostly stuff to subtly highlight her features. She skipped the lipstick. It would all come off with dinner, anyways. Or the ‘dessert’ she might get if she was lucky. With a nervous smile on her face and a glance at the clock, she grabbed her coat and headed out the door.

	Gavin’s heart pounded in anticipation as he set the table. It had to be perfect, all of it. He jumped as someone knocked on his door. He knew it had to be Lyana, there was not a single other person that would be looking for him this late. He swallowed nervously and stepped to the door. Just as expected, the grinning ghoul was standing outside his apartment, “Hey, good to see you!” He smiled back.
	“Good to see you too,” She greeted and offered the six pack of beer she had brought, “Got these. Hope you like cider. Wow, something smells good!”
	“I hope you’re hungry,” He led her over to the already prepared table and offered her a seat.
	With a loudly growling stomach, Lyana took it, “Been savin’ space for this all day!” She grinned. 
	“Sheesh, you don’t need to starve yourself!” Gavin laughed at her ridiculous statement, “Well, I guess you don’t really need to eat.”
	“Exactly. But the thoughts of you-- I mean, your cooking, have been making me hungry for the first time in my unlife.”
	“Really? I’ll take that as a high compliment.”
	“You better! Now, lemme dig into this!” Lyana picked up her fork and steak knife and got to eating. She devoured the bulk of the main course first, the steak. It was cooked exactly to her liking, rare so it was warm, yet still a little bloody. On top of that, the creamy mushrooms that topped it gave it a little extra kick of flavor and smoothness. The steak practically ran down her throat before it even had a chance to melt in her mouth.
Gavin sat with his arms folded, watching smugly as she hungrily devoured his cooking, “Good, huh?” He asked. She nodded feverishly, completely loving the meal, “Y-you really should slow down and give it a chance to melt in your mouth before swallowing!” He laughed before taking a bite of his own steak. He had cooked his steak a little longer, but it was still a little juicy and still melted in his mouth.
	Lyana managed to control herself for a moment and did as Gavin suggested, savoring the flavor of the steak, chewing it and feeling the texture. For that short time she really appreciated the work that went into the meal. She took the time to taste everything else, the salty, buttery, and creamy mashed potatoes and the perfectly steamed vegetables with a wonderful crunch to them. Everything had obviously been meticulously prepared by him over the course of the week. He had worked himself to the bone just so she could scarf it all down without a second thought. She grabbed a beer and downed it, letting the bitter taste of the cider clean out her mouth as she thought about all the work that had to have gone into this meal, “Hey, Gavin?” She said quietly as she grabbed another drink and opened it for him.
	He carefully put his silverware down and looked at her, taking the drink just as slowly, “What’s up? Something on your mind?”
	“Well… I guess I just wanted to thank you. I’ve never seen someone put so much effort into a meal like this. My mom didn’t even do stuff like this for her husband and of course never for me since I don’t really have to eat. But… I’m not even your girlfriend and you’ve gone through the trouble of doing ALL of this!” She said with disbelief, “It's all done perfectly too! I’m just so blown away by it,” She took a few more bites of everything just to prove her point.
	Gavin, feeling a little smug as his plan to woo her was working, gave her a wide smile, “Well, yeah. I think you’re a person worth putting all this effort into. You obviously love my cooking and stuff just as much as I do and having you around has been a real pleasure, believe me. A lot of my human friends aren’t nearly this great to just spend time and play video games with,” He couldn’t bring himself to just admit how he felt about her. That he loved her and wanted her. His heart was already pounding nervously as he tried to figure out what to do. She was drop dead gorgeous in that dress. The make up she had on only accentuated her beauty even further. He wanted to kiss her, to tell her how he really felt but his nerves kept him from saying anything.
	While idly chewing and eating her food, Lyana tried to find the right thing to say back to him, her monstrous instincts were screaming in the back of her mind to just take him and make him hers. She knew she couldn’t bring herself to use force on him to get what she wanted, “Hey,” She said as they were both nearing the end of their meals, “Got any plans for dessert?” 
	“Dessert? I hadn’t really thought about it. Well, I’ve got some ice cream in the freezer and some toppings in the fridge,” Gavin offered sheepishly as he finished off his mashed potatoes.
	“W-well…” Lyana trailed off as she tried to find some smoother way to say ‘Hey! Let me suck and fuck that cock for dessert!’ She had to ease into it, figure out if he was really interested, “What do you think of this dress? I picked it out for tonight, lemme tell you it wasn’t easy!" She laughed weakly.
	“Huh?” He shot up, already blushing, “Y-y-y-you look great! A-and that make up you have on looks expertly done. It all looks fantastic on you!”
	“R-really?” She stammered back, just as nervous as him. Was it working? Was she really charming him?
	With a nod and nervous smile, Gavin spoke again, “Yeah. I-I wouldn’t lie to you about this. I-I-I… Y-you…” He trailed off, unable to find the words.
	Lyana knew she had to start to lay it on thick, “You know. F-for dessert I could really go for some, uh, bratwurst,” She joked.
	“You know! Uh, like… your wienerschnitzel? You know?” She tried to push the joke further.
“I don’t think I…” Gavin was at a loss, “I didn’t make any wienerschnitzel. Sorry, I feel like I’ve disappointed you. But--”
	“NO!” She stood up, making the table rattle, “I want YOUR hot dog! The kind in YOUR pants!” She explained, a little less 'subtly.' 
	Gavin blushed, “Oh, I-I was… uh still thinking about food.”
	"So was I," She licked her lips and gave him a toothy grin, "You know, a guy making all this food for a girl like me, I might start to think you like me. So I thought 'what better way to end the night than with some of your world famous sausage in my mouth?'" She joked, still unsure how he felt.
	As his confidence surged, Gavin looked her in the eyes, “I do like you, Lyana,” He admitted without a second thought, “I did all of this to try and wow you and make you like me.”
	“I already liked you!” She laughed, “You could have invited me over and gave me some oven pizza and I still would have wanted to fuck you!”
	“A woman like you deserves much more than oven pizza!” Gavin exclaimed, “I would make all of it by hand just for you!”
	Lyana reached across the table and grabbed the collar of his shirt. She pulled him into a deep, passionate kiss on the lips. She pulled away and grinned again, “That’s why I like you, Gavin. Always wanting to go the extra mile just for little ol’ me. Well, I can’t let you be the only person putting any effort in tonight. I’m gonna knock your socks off with this mouth, so are you game?” She lewdly licked her lips before showing him her long tongue.
	“Hell yes I am!” He smiled back, his member already hardening at just the thought.
	“At the table? Or…?” She trailed off as she looked around the small one room apartment.
	“Bedroom,” He quickly decided for her, before grabbing her hand and pulling her along with him through the apartment. 
	If the ghoul had a heart that could beat, hers would have been fluttering in that moment. She gripped his hand back, eager to taste him even more. As they got to the bedroom, she grabbed his shoulders from behind and leaned into him, gently nibbling on his ear teasingly, “You taste good,” She giggled as she lewdly licked her lips, “I can’t wait to see how your main course tastes.”
	“So, uh, how are we gonna do this?” Gavin asked as his nerves started to come back.
	Lyana kissed Gavin on the lips again, shutting him up, “I’ll take charge,” She explained before looking him up and down with a smile, “You look so… delicious. Even in all those clothes. We should do something about that,” She cooed into his ear before gently biting down on his earlobe again. Her strange, almost magical saliva made it pleasurable for the two of them as she nibbled on her soon to be husband. She took off her dress and tossed it aside, revealing her caramel colored and almost nude form. 
	Gavin panted, both from trying to catch his breath and from how excited he was getting, “You look amazing,” He praised as the ghoul took his hands and put them on her hips. 
She caressed his face and passionately pressed her lips to his again, her long, powerful tongue easily sliding past his lips and into his mouth to tease his tongue. She kept opening her eyes mid kiss as she felt him struggle slightly in her grip. She let him go and watched as he panted for air, “Ah, right, you need to breathe, I forgot!” She giggled as she watched his chest rise and fall before putting her hand on it. She could feel his nervous, pounding heart through his warm skin, “Your body heat is so wonderful,” She suddenly commented as she lifted up his polo and helped him take it off. Lyana’s slender fingers ran down his chest and stopped at his belt, “Nervous?” She asked as she looked at his face, already knowing the answer. 
	Gavin nodded, “Of course I am. I-its my first time. I’m just happy it can be with someone I’ve fallen head over heels for,” He gave a weak smile as he touched her cool, brown skin. His hands wandered down to her arms, then the sides of her chest and stomach, gently feeling the contours of her body between his fingers.
	“Well, I feel the same way,” She grinned back, “Just relax. I’ll do all the work,” She grabbed his shoulders and shoved him onto his back sending him crashing onto the soft bed. She grabbed his belt, hardly holding back her monstrous instincts as she carefully undid his belt. His underwear was torn off next and his already hard member flopped out. Gavin swallowed nervously as he saw the ghoul’s eyes turn hungry. Even more hungry than when she stared at his cooking. She got down on her knees and kissed the shaft, first at the base, then several times more, rising up the shaft before one long, wet kiss on the tip. She licked her lips, he tasted just as divine as she had imagined. Gavin was shivering in anticipation and from the light teasing. She grinned, happy that he was enjoying this just as much as she was. Her lips parted slightly as she took the tip of his penis in her mouth. Her tongue teased the tip as she playfully sucked on it. With a loud pop, she pulled her head back and released him from her hungering maw. As she tasted and savored the little bit of precum that had come out, she grinned again, “I think I’m ready for the main course! Are you?”
Gavin nodded, “Y-yeah. L-let’s do this,” He whimpered nervously. He almost wanted to ask Lyana to slow down, but it felt so good, he couldn’t dream of stopping her now. 
	Her mouth smiled again before pursing her lips and kissing the tip again, Gavin reflexively thrusting his hips forward, much to her delight. Her saliva made him even more sensitive, making him moan and twitch as she teased him again. The time for being playful was over, she was ready for her main course. She gripped his hips to keep him from moving before slowly bobbing her head up and down his shaft. He cried out in response, his now unnaturally sensitive member throbbed in the ghouls mouth, exciting her even more. Lyana sped up, feverishly slurping and sucking on his penis. Due to her over sensitive mouth, she got just as much, if not more pleasure as she tasted every inch of him. The rest of his skin that the ghoul had tasted had been heavenly, but his sexual organ was in a whole other league. Her head bobbed rapidly, delivering more pleasure to herself and to her lover. 
	Gavin writhed and moaned in rhythm with her movements, his mind was going blank with the sensation. He was entirely at her mercy as she ‘devoured’ him. His member throbbed, signalling how close he was getting to bursting. The pressure in his loins was getting to a point where he couldn’t hold it back any longer, “L-Lyana,” He cried out her name, his penis beginning to leak as he desperately tried to thrust his hips.
	The ghoul, her body shivering just as much as her ‘meal’s,’ could also feel herself about to orgasm. Eager to taste his pearly white seed, she picked up the pace, making him cry out before cumming in her mouth. Lyana’s bobbing slowed as she tasted his load on her tongue. It was a taste she had never had before, and even then she knew she was addicted to it with the first drop she got. Her body shuddered alongside her man’s as the two orgasmed in unison from her giving oral. Despite that, she kept sucking until every last drop from his orgasm had been shot into her mouth. She slowly pulled away, savoring the flavor of it before swallowing, “How was that, my love?”
	“W-wonderful,” Was all he could stammer. 
	With one teasing finger, Lyana ran a digit down his shaft making him moan and writhe, “Let’s try something else,” She offered, laying on the bed next to him, “You take charge.”
	With a nod, he got up and positioned himself between her legs, standing at the foot of his bed. He grabbed his still hard shaft and carefully jammed it into Lyana’s pussy. The ghoul’s sensitive lady bits shot near orgasmic pleasure though her in just a few pumps. She sat up and wrapped her arms around his neck, letting him take control as he started to shove his member deeper and deeper into her with every thrust. The saliva still coating his member was still making him extra sensitive, forcing him to cry out and howl in pleasure alongside the ghoul, “I love you,” He grunted, his mind overwise going blank as he stared at her.
	“I love you too!” She happily cried between moans before administering love bites all over his shoulders and ears. She was careful not to draw blood, even if his powerful thrusts were rocking her body. She soon felt an orgasm sneaking up on her, her body about to give in to her man’s will, “Gavin!” She shouted his name for all to hear as her legs wrapped around his hips. She bit down on his shoulder again, a way to keep herself from being too loud as her pussy clamped down on his member and began to shudder.
	Gavin’s member throbbed as the walls of Lyana’s pussy coaxed him to orgasm again. Gladly, he submitted to her body’s will and blasted his seed deep into her womb while she leg locked him into hilting her again. As the orgasms faded, he gently caressed the ghoul’s back and panted, trying to catch his breath, “H-how’d I do?” He asked, a little nervously.
	The ghoul released him from her jaws and rubbed his shoulders, still leg locking him inside her, “You did great. How about you get some sleep? Maybe you can give me more dessert in the morning?”
	“S-sure. I’m not opposed to that,” He shivered from the post sex haze as he lazily crawled into bed. 
	She crawled in with him, despite not needing sleep she wanted to hold him, “Maybe I’ll wake you up with another blow job. Then for lunch I’ll suck you off again and then we can just have sex for dinner! I’ll of course clean you up with my mouth and make you cum again. Oh, but before we go to bed, we--”
	“Lyana,” Gavin interrupted her.
	“I love you,” He said before kissing her on the cheek and cuddling up to her now warm body.
	“Yeah, I love you too,” With a grin, she held his head to her bare chest as she caressed his hair, “Sleep well,” She cooed before closing her eyes, imagining all the lewd things she would do to him.

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