Sweet Yokai of Mine

    I shivered as I felt an evil presence. I had been praying she wouldn’t be able to find me where I was hiding. I glanced behind me, both of my friends had quickly left as they felt it too. A menacing presence attached to a massive woman quickly approached. She had my scent, it was useless to run and I could hear her loud skittering as her six massive, clawed legs stomped across the concrete. I turned away from her and stared at the vending machine. The colorful soda cans looked back at me, tempting me to buy them and drink their sugary, caffeinated, liquid insides. The skittering got closer and closer before stopping just a foot or two away from me. I could feel her single, evil eye staring into the back of my skull, “Yo. Anon,” She grunted.
    “What is it?” I asked in a somewhat polite tone as I hoped she would just go away.
    “Need some money for a soda?” She wondered, putting her big, clawed, hands on my shoulders. 
I grunted back, despite her radiating a sense of evil, I found comfort in it, “Nah, I’ve got it. You want a lemonade?”
    I felt her blow air out of her nose, “If you’re paying, fine. What are you doing back here? Trying to avoid me?” She forced me to turn around and face her.
    “I was trying to hang out with some of my friends. What do you want, Himiko?” I asked, putting on some form of defiance.
    She folded her black, hair covered arms that ended in four large claws with a chuckle, “You are just so CUTE when you get all aggressive!”  She poked my nose teasingly as she said the word 'cute' before adjusting the pink sash over her left eye as her exposed, crimson, right eye stared at me, “But those guys weren’t your friends if they dipped as soon as little old me came around. You’re better off just hanging out with me, Anon,” Himiko took the lemonade I handed her before wrapping her arm around my shoulders and started walking me to my next class, “I’ve been keeping you safe since grade school!” She reminded me with a grin that showed off her sharp teeth. I looked around as every other man, woman and monster girl in the school gave us a wide berth. I could recall those times throughout my life when other monster girls would try to get close to me in one way or another and Himiko would be there to scare them off. She had always been like this, ever since Mrs. Jano’s class, shortly after monster girls had come to this world. I grew up with monsters, I didn’t fear them at all, even Himiko. That woman was one of the most feared monsters in the world, an ushi oni. She had always been much larger than me, even without the gigantic hairy spider abdomen that her human torso sat upon, she was quite large and had striking grey-blue skin. With it, she was about seven and a half feet tall, counting the big forward facing horns on the top of her head, about a foot and a half taller than me. Her six spider legs skittered across the concrete as she walked me to my class. It was like this in middle school, in high school and now in community college. We had been inseparable for twelve or thirteen years now. 
Even if she was a little overbearing in how she tried to protect me, she was still my best friend. I chuckled, “Yeah, you’re right, Himi,” I gave her a little stupid smirk.
    The ushi oni gave me a quick scowl as she nearly spit out the lemonade. She HATED being called my dumb little nickname for her. Her long, fluffy ears wiggled and her grey-blue cheeks turned bright red, “Now say you’re sorry, Anon,” She pestered with a leer on her face.
    “For what!?”
    “For avoiding me and not telling me where you were! I had to sniff you out to find you!,” She jabbed a claw into my stomach, applying more and more pressure with each passing moment, “And for using that damned name.”
    “Okay, okay. I’m sorry, Himiko,” I quickly apologized. 
    “Good. I accept your apology,” We silently walked for a bit of time as we made our way to my next class. I looked at her out of the corner of my eye. Her lower body was covered by a black skirt, her chest was covered by a tight fitting leather jacket with metal spikes on the shoulders, “What are you doing this weekend, Anon?”
    I grimaced, I was afraid of where this was going. It was Friday and the weekend was almost here, “W-well, I was planning on doing some homework, maybe play some video games.”
    “And you’re gonna have me over, right?” She poked my stomach again with a big claw. 
    “I-I don’t know if I can, Himiko,” I admitted.
    “Who is gonna stop you? Your parents and sisters aren’t gonna be home!” She grinned, “How come I had to find out from them that they’re gonna be gone? You should be excited! You and me… alone,” She gave a raspy chuckle before finishing off her lemonade.
    I swallowed nervously. We had hung out before at my place and her’s, I tutored her in math after all, but we had never been alone together. Even when we were young our parents had never really left us alone. I knew I couldn’t turn her down. She knew the garage door code and where the spare key was hidden, if she didn’t decide to just break down the door. She could get in no matter what. I nodded nervously, “S-sure. If you need some help with homework, come on over.”
    “Yeah. ‘Help,’” She chuckled to herself again, “I’ll bring drinks.”
    “Alright,” I looked up at the big building she had stopped in front of.
    She pushed me forward, “C’mon, Anon. You gotta get to class, remember? You’re gonna make me late at this point!”
    “Right, sorry. I’ll see you later, Himiko,” I called before hurrying to class. I pushed all my worry about the weekend from my mind as I turned my focus to my computer science class. I turned back to see her give me a little smirk and a wave as I pushed the front door open. 
    I woke up on Saturday. Light streamed in through the windows, and the house was almost eerily quiet. With a few quick glances around my room, I sighed with relief as I didn’t see a massive demon-cow-spider or her webbing in my room. It was only a matter of time before Himiko would show up and I needed to be prepared. I had been drinking holstaur milk for the past few years so I knew my bones would hopefully be able to withhold the punishment she was definitely going to bring. I decided to start with breakfast, something simple with a tall glass of milk. I put a shirt on and checked my phone. She hadn’t even texted me this morning. She was up to something, had to be. I stepped downstairs, through the living room and made my way to the kitchen, I--
    “Yo, Anon!” A voice pierced the silence of the morning. I stopped in my tracks and looked toward the oven. Himiko stood at the burners where she was making a tall stack of pancakes, “Morning, sleepy head. I was starting to think you wouldn’t ever get up.”
    “G-good morning, Himiko,” I stammered, surprised by her massive presence this early in the morning. I hadn’t even felt that imposing aura until I was standing right in front of her. 
    The ushi oni’s usual leather jacket was strewn over a nearby chair revealing the pink shirt she was wearing underneath with a cartoony skull being stretched across her large breasts. I had dreamed about those wonderful breasts before, “Hope you’re hungry. I made a lot for us to share.”
    “I had no idea you could cook… at all.”
    “Ushi onis being unable to cook is just one of your damn stereo-watchmacallits!”
    “Yeah! That!” She huffed and wiped her claws off on the apron, being careful not to pierce it with them, “Come on, let's eat.”
    I quickly went to the fridge and grabbed some milk for myself, hoping it would boost the durability of my bones a bit more, “Uh, why are you here so early?”
    “Early bird gets the… ‘worm,’” She giggled to herself, “Or maybe I should say early spider, huh?” With a laugh, she slathered her pancakes in warm syrup.
    I chuckled nervously and took the syrup as she passed it to me. I said nothing in response. I said nothing as I fumbled with cutting my pancakes and taking a bite. I had nothing to say. I knew why she was here and I was sure she understood that. I ate in silence, the only sound being either of us chewing or her sighing with contentment at her own cooking. It did taste good enough, a little over cooked but I couldn’t be too mad. I finished eating my portion and watched her gobble the rest of hers down, “So, uh,” I tried to get her talking.
    “Oh? Are you eager or something, Anon?” Himiko grinned.
    I growled at her, “Stop playing coy.”
    “So adorable,” She sighed happily. She slowly reached up to the seal covering her eye. It was a decorated sash that wrapped around her head. She gripped it with her big claws but let go, “No need to rush things, hm? We’ve got all day to hang out!” She grinned, wrapping her arm around me. Himiko forced me up the stairs as she squeezed up them herself and followed me into my room. She plopped her big spider body down onto the floor and watched me squirm as she put her jacket back on, “Whatcha wanna do, Anon?”
    “Just get this over with, Himiko,” I grunted. I wasn’t sure if it was my anxiety or some kind of frustration that made me act like this.
    She laughed, “Where’s the fun in that, Anon?” She pinched my cheek with her big claw before letting me go, “Hm,” It only took her a moment to find the TV remote. She flipped it on before grabbing a random controller and putting it in my hands, “Games usually calm you down, right? You just need to relax!”
    I sighed, “I really don’t want to, Himi.”
    “Call me that again and I’ll make sure you can’t walk for a month!” She growled with red cheeks and slightly wiggling ears.
    “Oh, what’s wrong, Himi?” I barked back, standing up, almost taller than her as she had her big spider body laid out on the floor, “You don’t like it when I call you that? Why? Does it make you feel… cute?” I taunted, ready to tempt death.
    She stood to her full height, glaring at me with her crimson eye, “Watch it.”
    Unfortunately for the both of us, I knew exactly how to set her off, “Ooooh, big ushi cutie is offended when I make her feel really cute, huh? I bet you actually LOVE IT when I say it!” I heckled the beast by poking her shoulder, “Here, I’ll say it again, just for you! Himi--”
    The enraged ushi oni tackled me to the floor. She hardly held herself back from really hurting me as she forced me to the floor, “You’re so damn lucky that I like you, you big dummy. Fine. You win. I feel cute when you say that. But you know what? I know how to get you RIGHT back!” Himiko had a malevolent grin on her face as her palms pushed my shoulders into the floor. She put her weight on me and leaned in close, breathing on my face. She leaned into my ear, almost close enough to kiss it. I heard her mouth open slowly as she inhaled deeply, “Oh, daddy~” She said sensually.
    “NO!” I shrieked, starting to fight to get out from under her.
    “Hm? Daddy doesn’t like being called that?” She said with mock wonder.
    “Himiko! You promised you’d never call me that again!” I cried.
    She scoffed, “Whatever happened to not calling me Himi!?”
    “At least you feel cute when I call you that! I want to die when you say that!” I whined.
    “Oh…?” I could hear some guilt in her voice, “I-I guess it does feel a little weird and dirty, huh?”
    I looked her in the eye, “More than a little, dammit!” She shifted her weight uncomfortably, “Can I get up?”
    “No,” She decided quickly, “I still have to punish you, don’t I?” She wondered smugly as she watched me squirm under her. She put her hands back on my shoulders and got really close to me again, “Maybe I’ll let you up if you do something for me. Just one little thing.”
    I groaned wearily. I knew I could handle her being physical like this. I’d been doing it for a decade or more, but I decided to humor her anyway, “What is it?”
    “Tell me I won. Tell me that you submit to me,” The demon cackled evilly, “Come on Anon. That’s all you have to do!”
    “No way,” I growled.
    She put on a smug grin before adjusting positions. She put her elbow on my chest and put her chin on her palm as she stared at me, watching me squirm as I tried to escape, “Then we’ll wait here until you decide to say it,” The smile on her face was so devious, so malicious, and teasing that it would have made a cheshire jealous. 
    “Oh yeah?” I grunted back, her elbow digging into me as I struggled. I reached up, trying to grab her big horns in an effort to make her get off of me. 
    With nothing more than a chuckle and another shift in her weight as she moved her head that made me close my eyes and grunt, the ushi oni dodged me. Her other hand put a claw under my chin as she forced my gaze to meet hers, “I admire your willpower, but I WILL break you,” She smiled.
    “Like hell you will,” I lunged for her horns again, going much quicker this time. She seems surprised before failing to avoid my grasp. One of my hands grabbed one of her horns. Surprisingly it was smooth and polished.
    “Anon!” Himiko jeered, “Let me go!”
    “No!” I  cried defiantly as I tried to pull down on her head to grab on with my other hand. She shifted, making me reflexively close my eyes in pain as my free hand desperately tried to grab ahold of something. I grabbed something that felt like cloth that I assumed was her shirt and gave it a yank.
    “ANON!” The ushi oni screamed loudly, startling me. I opened my eyes as she got off of me, smug that I had defeated her. 
    I looked down at the cloth in my hand.
    It was her seal.
    “Oh,” Was all I could mumble. I had of course never seen Himiko without her seal. Both of her crimson eyes stared at me with fear, “H-here, let me p-put it back on.”
    “Too late!” She suddenly changed expressions, “This is what you wanted isn’t it, you perv? You wanted me to take it off so I could hold you down a-and--” She grabbed me as she struggled to finish the sentence, “Looks like you’re getting your wish!” She cackled as the big evil grin returned, “Look out Anon!” She tossed me onto the bed like a rag doll, “I’m losing control! Here it comes~!” Her laughs were loud as I closed my eyes, preparing myself for what was to come.
    The laughs subsided slowly. I didn’t dare peek at her. I eventually heard some shifting before the large ushi one was standing over me, “Anon?” She asked in a sickeningly sweet tone, “What are you doing?”
    “D-did the seal not do anything?” I asked, daring to open my eyes to look at her.
    Himiko’s crimson eyes were less red and were more pink now. The pupils also looked strangely heart shaped, “Hm? The seal? I think something happened,” She shrugged, “Oh, you just look so cute!” She giggled before reaching down to scoop me up with her claws. She paused for a moment as she stared at said sharp, well manicured claws, “This won’t do,” She sighed to herself before quietly stepping out of my room with surprising grace. 
    Completely bewildered as to what she could be doing, I got up and followed her down stairs. There I found her in the closet by the front door as she looked for something, “Himiko…?”
    “You can just call me Himi, Anon!” She said back before exiting the closet. Each one of her claws, both of her horns and even the two smaller front legs under her human torso were covered by a tennis balls now.
    “W-who are you and what did you do with the REAL Himiko?” I asked.
    The ushi oni giggled at my ‘joke,’ “You always were a kidder, Anon. Come here,” She didn’t give me the choice as she picked me up in a warm and tender hug, “I can’t be hurting my best friend, you know?”
“Never been an issue for you before,” I grunted as she started to easily princess carry me.
    “You are just so adorable!” She giggled, “That face you make when you're grumpy, oh, I could just eat you up!” Himiko said as she carried me back to my room. She sat down in the clearing of my room before sitting me in her lap. One arm wrapped around my torso while the other gently caressed my hair, “How are you?”
“Uh… f-fine,” I mumbled, “Why are you acting like this, Himiko?”
    The ushi oni suddenly gripped me tight, “Call me Himi,” She said firmly.
    “O-okay, Himi,” I stammered out anxiously.
    She returned to stroking and caressing my head with a smile, rosy cheeks and admittedly adorable wiggling ears, “Thank you, Anon,” She turned me around to face her and ran the back of her clawed hand down the side of my face, “You look quite handsome with a shaved face. You must have shaved last night, was that just for me?”
    I shoved her hand away from my face as a bit of anger came over me, “What has gotten into you, Himi!? You’ve never so much as given me a real compliment, and now you’re getting all grabby and lovey!? This HAS to be some kind of trick! Cut it out!”
    Himiko' eyes were genuine and gentle. A soft smile spread across her lips as she put her hands on my shoulders, “Does this make you… uncomfortable? Or is your heart racing as fast as mine is, Anon? Is that what worries you?”
    “You’re not making any sense!” I blurted out as I tried to get off of her lap.
    Himiko’s powerful arms easily held me within her grasp as I struggled. She sighed at me before forcing me onto my back, “Maybe this will help you,” She put one hand on my chest to hold me still as she pressed her lips against mine. It was a swift peck that I hardly had the chance to process it in the moment. She left me lying on the floor until I got up by myself, “Do you get it now, Anon?”
    “I thought ushi onis got violent and super rapey when their seal came off,” I changed topics, trying to avoid talking about it further. I had shoved the seal in my pocket for now.
    “I don’t really know. I’ve actually never taken it off,” She laid next to me on the floor. We had hung out like this before. Lazing around, staring at the ceiling or sky, usually listening to whatever latest album either of us had picked up. It was comforting and familiar, unlike her current state, “The seal holds back most of an ushi oni’s emotions, without it, they run wild. I suppose I was not full of rage but something else.”
    I smirked, “You always were a weird one,” I teased, “I wonder if this part of you has always been here,” I glanced over at Himiko. She had been staring at me ever since her seal had come off. 
“Probably,” Her pink eyes blinked slowly before smiling at me, rolling onto her side and pulling me towards her and into a warm hug, “I just can’t keep my hands off of you!” My head was forced to rest against her bosom as her tennis ball covered claws ran across my back and head like a soft massager, “But, you don’t seem to mind much, hm?”
    “W-well, no. You acting like this is pleasant, albeit a bit strange,” I admitted quietly. I could still feel her familiar aura, but instead of being cold and menacing, it felt more warm and loving than anything.
    “Would you rather I have turned aggressive and had my way with you?” She teasingly asked as she let me lay on my back again before towering over me once again.
    “Well, no. You’ve had more than twelve years to force me into it… but I guess that never felt right to either of us, huh?” I sighed, “Thanks for keeping all those other girls off my dick over the years, Himi,” Before she could respond, I leaned in and kissed her on the cheek, letting her know how I felt as well. 
    Her entire face lit up red and her ears seemed to shake in joy as she once again forced me down, “I’ve had my eyes on you since I first came to this world, Anon. That class, you were always a sweet and adorable boy. And the rage I felt when Molly tried to make sweet on you during lunch.”
    I laughed, “You still think about that!? Oh man, you TRAUMATIZED that sweet little dullahan!”
    “She tried to claim you! Her head wasn’t going to be the only thing detached from her body when I was done with her,” She laughed back.
    “And it only took four teachers and me to get you to calm down,” I sighed at the memories, “You only stopped because I was crying that you were yelling and going to get expelled.”
    Himiko shook her head, “I couldn’t let my precious Anon be upset,” She pet me again, “Can I ask you something, Anon?”
    “Of course.”
    We both lay next to each other with her arm around my shoulder, “You’re going off to university after this term, right?”
    I nodded, “Yeah. Gotta get that bachelor’s, remember?”
    Himiko looked at me with a big frown before grabbing me and rolling onto her back, my head in her bosom again, “I remember, of course. I don’t want you to go… I’m…” Her lower lip quivered as she hugged me tight, “I’m so scared. I won’t get to see you nearly every day anymore.”
    “Himi, I’ll come back to see you. Three and a half hours isn’t… that far to drive,” I sighed, knowing I was lying to her to make her feel better. I was lying to myself too, all to feel less guilty about it, “You’ve still got that construction job lined up, right? You’re gonna make some good money doing that.”
    “Yes, but… if you’re not here… I don’t know what I’m gonna do. You’re going to the big city to a big college! I can’t even go with you because this job won’t relocate me to another office without a REALLY good reason! I can’t protect you if you’re so far away! Do you know how many horrible danuki prey upon poor boys like you!? I’m so terrified someone is going to tear you away from me!” She suddenly wailed as she gripped me tight. I was thankful for the tennis balls on her claws otherwise I might have been shredded by them due to the pressure she was putting on me. 
    “Himi! Himi, don’t cry!” I comforted her as I struggled to calm her down. I dried her eyes as her sobs turned to sniffles, “I’ve got danuki repellant, remember? I’ve got a little copy of The Communist Manifesto that I throw at them, shits like kryptonite to them!” 
    She gave me a weak smile and nodded, “Yeah…”
    I wracked my brain, trying to think of another option. Some way that she wouldn’t have to worry about another girl preying upon me and violating me. I managed to squeeze out of her grasp and get my face near hers again, “Himiko, what is it you want?”
    “I want you. I don’t want you to go so far away from me… Anon, I love you. I can’t be without you. Before that seal came off and I started acting like this, I couldn’t bring myself to say it.”
    “I love you too. But I’m… scared,” I admitted as I averted my gaze, “T-to be a husband and eventually a dad. I don’t think I can do it.”
    Himiko grabbed me and forced me onto my back again, “Of course you can! And do you wanna know why you can?”
    “Why--” I was silenced as she passionately pressed her lips to mine, her lengthy and loving display of affection was reciprocated as best I could manage, but even in her gentle embrace I was powerless.
    She let me go, “Because every time I say, ‘wow, I can’t do these math equations,’ you always show me how with your patience and love. I can do the same with you! I’m gonna turn you into a good husband just like you turned me into a math-ma-whatever!”
    “Who cares!?” Himiko assaulted me with her lips again followed by her tongue. Her large and powerful tongue easily pushed my lips aside and started to gently flick against my own, sliding it across my tongue as she felt around my mouth. She let me go and held me against her large, warm body, “Anon, I know how nervous you are but… there is a way to fix this problem.”
    I could feel her hands wander up and down my body as her eyes nervously shifted around my face, studying my reactions. I nodded, “Y-yeah. I know. I’m ready to stop beating around the bush if you are.”
    She nodded, “Right,” Her shirt was taken off first, revealing her lacey bra to me.
    “Y-you look great,” I complimented her, trying to keep things from getting awkward.
    Himiko smiled warmly, “I-I waxed my horns just for you. And brushed my coat. And brushed my teeth. A-and washed my jacket. Oh, maou, I should have put some makeup on for you…”
    I kissed her lips for a moment to get her attention, “You look perfect. God, I can’t believe I’m finally doing this,” My heart pounded with anxiety.
    “I’ll be gentle~” She giggled as she scooped me up again and put me on the bed, “I’d help you remove your clothes, but…” She looked down at the bright green tennis balls that stuck to each of her fingers. 
    “I’ve got it. I better help you too,” I took a deep breath before undoing my belt and dropping my pants and tossing them onto the side of the bed. Himiko was obviously getting turned on by my quick stripping which made me even more nervous. She panted as my shirt came off and her soft, fluffy paws were immediately drawn to my exposed skin. I shuddered with anticipation as she pulled me against her, “Himi…”
    Her hips moved, grinding her crotch against mine as one of her hands grabbed my butt and held me against her as she pleasured herself with rigorous dry humping. A moan escaped her lips that she couldn’t keep in, “Mph, Anon,” She panted my names as she blushed and wiggled her ears. Her heart pupils became even larger and a more vibrant pink, “Anon. If you have any doubts--”
    I kissed her on the lips to silence her as she gripped me ever so tighter, “I don’t have a single doubt,” I told her as I released her lips from mine, “I can’t see any other woman in my life, Himi.”
    The ushi oni smiled, the biggest most gleeful grin I had ever seen, one of pure joy and love as she went in for another kiss. It was fast yet passionate as her tongue rolled through my mouth, “See why I was so afraid of you leaving? Who would I have if another mamano snagged you?” She caressed my face, both of us simply staring into one another’s loving eyes.
    I blinked, “I’m beating around the bush again,” I sighed as I finally finished stripping. My erect member was shown to her, it was easily just as eager as the rest of me. I went for her skirt, helping her remove it. 
Himiko stopped me after I gazed upon her bare, glistening pussy. There was a little tastefully shaven, heart shaped bush above it, “My bra,” She demanded. I nodded and removed it. My eyes widened as I gazed upon her massive breasts, her perky bluish nipples were much darker than her bluish gray skin, beautifully contrasting the rest of her. I was thrown back onto the bed, both of us completely naked. Before I could move, the ushi oni was on top of me, her warm, loving body enveloping me in its heat. I could feel something wet grind against my cock. One hand went behind my head as she adjusted me to force one of her nipples into my mouth. She said nothing, she didn’t need to. I had numerous wet dreams about this before. Somehow, I felt like she knew. Maybe she dreamed about this too. I took her hard nipple in my mouth and flicked against it with my tongue, gently teasing it with my mouth. With each succkle or flick, Himiko seemed to shiver or moan. I found myself moaning against her warm and soft breasts as she continued grinding against me. 
    I frowned as she took the nipple from my mouth, “I-I’m going to start. L-last chance to back out,” She whimpered. I could feel her heart pounding behind her breasts. 
    “I’m ready,” I told her as I reached up and groped her breasts.
    She gasped before readying her other nipple for me, “Use your teeth this time,” She whispered sheepishly. I gave her a smile and a nod before she forced it into my mouth. I grabbed her hips, helping her guide my member into her pussy before she very gently and anxiously pierced herself on my member. I could feel some resistance as she kept forcing herself down. Something in her gave as I gently bit down on her nipple, making her inhale sharply. The ushi oni took me down the hilt, both of us gasping as the initial shock of losing our virginities to one another rocked us. I tried to take her nipple out of my mouth to say something to her, but she forced it back in roughly as she began to ride me. I grunted into her soft flesh as I continued to nibble on her nipple like she had demanded. She fell into a quick rhythm as she rose and fell, her hips pressing firmly into mine while she kept letting out loud moans. My bed frame creaked as she had her way with me, “You’re doing great, Anon!” The ushi oni shouted.
    My hips were starting to hurt, but the feeling of Himiko’s tight, wet pussy and the pleasure she was lovingly, and somewhat aggressively, forcing onto me was too good for me to really feel it. She would rise up slowly and slam herself back down repeatedly while sometimes adding in shorter and much faster small humps as a sort of fill in. My hands gripped her hips tightly, just trying to stay somewhat still so she could easily keep fucking me. I continued teasing her nipples but I could feel myself about to cum soon. Her love juices were pooling on my crotch and her pussy was starting to quiver, she was getting close as well, “Himi!” I barely got out through her breasts as my body shook, “I-I’m gonna--”
    She forced my lips back around her nipple and howled my name, “ANON!” She screamed as she put the last bit of strength she had into it. My bed groaned in pain before the legs gave out, neither of us noticing as Himiko hugged me tightly, making my joints pop from the power in her arms. The ushi oni’s pussy clamped down on my throbbing cock, making it impossible to escape. Her back arched and her pussy quivered around my member. With one more thrust I came in her, shooting my load into her womb as I cried out between her breasts. My sounds were muffled by the massive mammaries she kept holding me against. Her orgasm lasted much longer than mine, her pussy’s powerful quakes almost becoming painful by how hard she was gripping my cock. With me still firmly planted inside of her, the ushi oni collapsed atop of me, all of her weight pressing against me. Our bodies were body covered in glistening sweat as we lay in the after sex warmth and love. 
    “I… love you…” I heard her yawn before completely going limp.
    I began to panic, terrified that her heart might have given out but my fear was quelled as she started to snore loudly. I breathed a loud sigh of relief and slid myself out from under her. Even is she was a little rough during sex, it was a lot more pleasent than I had anticipated. I grabbed my shorts and pulled her seal out of my pocket and carefully put it back over one of her eyes by draping it over her head. I felt her shift and hugged me tight again before resting her head on my bare chest. I stroked her long, soft, black hair as I felt myself drifting off as well. Soon, I was sleeping peacefully with the surprisingly gentle ushi oni. 

    I was woken up when Himiko started to roughly manhandle me. She groaned loudly as she changed positions, “Himiko?” I grunted her name, the fog of drowsiness beginning to leave my mind. 
    “Hey, Anon,” Her crimson pupil was back to its normal shape as she looked down at me. She took the time to examine my still naked body, “Damn, I bagged me a good one! So, how was it!?”
    “Huh? How was what?” I yawned as I tried to push the last of the post nap weariness out of my brain.
    She groaned and scoffed at me, “The sex! You took my seal off and I lost control! I don’t remember a whole lot, but I raped you into submission, right!?” She looked back down at me, “What the hell is up with these tennis balls? Was it… something kinda kinky?” She gave a confused look as she easily pushed the tennis balls off of her claws and brandished the pointy tips at me. She didn’t notice the two on her horns but I didn’t bother to point it out,” Looks like I bruised your hips a little,” She frowned, rubbing them for me, “Sorry… and I broke the bed frame!?” The ushi oni laughed evilly, “I’ll tell your parents that I’ll buy you a new one. Anyways, c’mon, tell me about it! I can vividly remember being penetrated by you for the first time and riding you for a long time and… oh man, you came in me, huh?”
    I nodded, smartly realising that I needed to keep quiet about how she had been acting, “Yeah… I did. Not much happened other than the sex.”
    “Well,” She wrapped her arms around my neck, “I’m sorry if it hurt. But I needed you to do it,” The nervousness in her eyes was completely gone, replaced with a familiar loving look and a soft smile.
    “Yeah, I know,” I smirked, “Himi, I love you too, by the way.”
    “I-I was getting to saying it!” Himiko’s ears wiggled adorably again, “I thought you were the shy one!”
    I shrugged and gave her a quick peck on the cheek, “Can we get up? I’m hungry.”
    “Oh, you’ll be getting up, alright. I’m eating good for lunch!” The ushi oni slid down my body and planted her breasts firmly against my member, rubbing them against it gently. It took her no time at all to get  me hard again. She stood my member up between her soft, warm breasts and began to make them rise up and down on me. She spit between them to slicken it for a more comfortable boob job, “Come on, Anon. I wanna taste you!” 
    “Himiko--” I was cut off by the slow pumping of her breasts turning firm and fast for a few moments.
    “What was that, Anon?” She grinned evilly. Each time I tried to say something to complain or protest, she would start to quickly fuck me with her tits. 
    “I-I’m getting close!” I cried out making her only pump me faster.
    As my member started to leak my precious pearly white cum, she put her lips over the tip of it and licked the head. I came again for her, blasting ropes into her mouth while she made little happy noises. As my hips stopped thrusting on their own and the orgasm faded, she swallowed loudly, making sure not to spill a single drop, “Alright, mister. You need to be cleaned up,” She picked me up in her arms and held me against her warm body, “You look so cute when you’re tired. I know I’m not gonna say it enough, so I’ll say it now. I love you and I will forever. I just hope you’ll love me back at least half as much as I love you,” She spoke in a whisper as if hoping my exhausted ears wouldn’t hear her. 
    “But I love you a lot!” I cried as she carried me to the bath.
    Himiko kissed my forehead, “Yeah, I know you do, dummy. But my heart is way bigger than yours.”
    “But--” I was shut up when she forced my head against her nipple. I gladly suckled on it for her as she caressed my body and even my member again.
    “Just be quiet. You need a bath, stinky. I’ll clean you up then I’ll feed you lunch, alright?”
    I grumbled and nodded in response but didn’t put up much of a fight. I was more than content to spend the rest of my life with her.

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