Don’t Mind Me

Commission for Iphidiris! Thanks again!

	My eyes felt glazed over as I stared at the three bright monitors in front of me with a dead expression on my face. Spreadsheets, emails, word processors and financial graphs littered all three of them. To say it was boring would be an understatement. I had already suffered through the day toiling away with numbers and data, fixing things that coworkers should have had done on Monday, and today was Friday. I rubbed my eyes, I could only wait for the day to end so I could return to the comfort of my apartment. As I looked out the window, I started to stare at the cloudy sky. I already missed the farm I grew up on, but mom and dad didn’t need my help there anymore. Most of my siblings were still working there or had gotten married and started their own farms. I had no real talent for it myself, even if I did enjoy it, but my strengths were unfortunately in numbers and numbers bored me. 
	“Anon!” A voice called somewhat angrily from behind me.
	I shot up straight and turned around face where the voice had come from, “Yeah, boss?” I asked as I swallowed nervously.
	The portly man behind me, a seemingly always annoyed or angry man was unfortunately my manager. His clothes were always a little wrinkled and his toupe was really obvious, “Is that report done yet?” He spat, impatiently tapping his foot.
	“James was supposed to work on that report,” I tried to clarify, hoping he would believe me as I was already bogged down with work. 
	“Well, I am asking YOU for it,” My boss grunted impatiently, “I want that in my inbox before you leave.”
	I bit my tongue and kept in the scathing remarks I wanted to hiss at him, “Sure, boss. I’ll get it done as quickly as I can,” He didn’t even thank me as he left, “Dung licker,” I hissed under my breath with a seething anger. I got up from my little desk and left the dreary cubicle to track down James. I hardly knew the guy, I had barely been here for two weeks but there was no way I would want to get to know him. Lazy, boring and just a general slob. He had to be related to some of the higher ups due to the crap he got away with on a daily basis. I was hardly surprised when I saw that he wasn’t even in his work space. There was no sign of him ever having been there that day. It was just like that damn city slicker to flake the day a big project was due. I suppressed a loud groan, as I made my way back to my work space. I was lucky he was courteous enough to save the report to a public intranet server so I could pick it up from where he had left off. I didn’t bother trying to look for help from anyone else. I knew they’d be just as helpful as James.

	With no remaining sunlight streaming into the building, I finally sent the finished report to my boss. I didn’t have much energy left for my drive home. I was looking forward to a drink and a quiet night-- as long as my roommate didn’t have plans for being loud. She wasn’t too bad, usually quiet and sweet, but she was strange. I got up from my workstation and closed it down. I picked up my things, turned off my monitors and left, turning off the overhead lights as I left, “Last wage slave in the office,” I grumbled to myself, “Weren’t monster girls supposed to prevent this crap from happening?” I wondered aloud, “Probably the reason almost none work here,” I scoffed. Even in the dead of night, the city around me was lit up so brightly that I couldn’t look straight up and see the stars. ‘Light pollution’ was what my mom called it and I couldn’t really do anything about it. My pickup truck was the last thing in the lot and with as much haste as I could muster, I stomped over to it and got it. 
I pulled out into the still somewhat busy streets and started to make my way back to my apartment complex. I struggled to change lanes in my massive beater pickup truck, but this time I only had to loop around once or twice rather than the usually four of five times that I did as I usually missed a bunch of turns. I got honked at and people shouted at me out their windows but I had to cut off a person or two to make it home due to how all these city slickers drove. Each incident made me more and more weary as I just tried to get home. I hated this city, unfortunately this was the only job I could find in my field that was still within driving distance of my parent’s farm and slowly, I was starting to hate the people in this city as well. After a bit more driving, I pulled into the parking lot below my apartment, unfortunately I was forced to park some distance away. I trudged into the building and got into the elevator, taking it up to the third floor. I slowly walked to my apartment and unlocked the door before stepping in and locking it behind me.
	“You are late,” A sultry voice called from the darkness of the room. She sounded strangely echoey and distant despite us being no further than twenty feet away from one another.
	“Sorry, Sepi’ida” I grumbled as I turned on the light.
	I stared at the purple mass of tentacles attached to an admittedly shapely body. Even where a normal woman’s hair would be, this monster girl had even more tentacles that gracefully draped around her shoulders, “No need to apologize to me. I was admittedly worried that you had gotten lost again,” She grinned teasingly with sharp teeth. As she moved, her body made moist squelching noises. If she wasn’t one of the sweetest girls I knew, I probably wouldn’t be as okay as I was with her form. There was really only one problem with her, I had no idea where I knew her from. When I had gotten this job in the city, she had been the first to congratulate me and offer to be my roommate as she was already living here. I had agreed, even then I wasn’t really sure how I knew her but I just went with it. I was desperate to move out after all, “I am sorry, I already ate but there should be left over mac and cheese in the fridge.”
	“Thanks, but I’m not very hungry. I just want some booze,” I tried to sound cheerful to keep her from prying, but like always, she somehow just knew.
	“Your boss forced you to stay there late, hm? How many times is that now?” The mindflayer prodded from the cozy recliner that she sat in. 
	I shrugged, “I don’t know…”
	“Three times already,” She reminded me, “You have hardly been working there for a month and it has happened thrice already.”
	“I can’t really do anything about it until someone else decides they want to hire me…” I grunted, “But that doesn’t seem to be happening either.”	
	“You poor man,” She sighed as she rose from her recliner, “Your circumstances will change, I promise. It will get better for you.”
	“You keep saying that,” I grumbled. I shuddered as I felt her hands on my shoulders from behind, gently squeezing and rubbing my muscles, “It’s not that I don’t believe ya, I’m just getting impatient is all.”
	I could feel her slimy tentacles caress my legs and waist, “You need to relax. It is quite unhealthy for your heart to be this wound up. How about one of my special relaxation treatments? Just for you,” She giggled as her hands continued rubbing my shoulders.
	“If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were comin’ onto me,” I chuckled.
	She pulled me over to the living room and put me on my own recliner and forced me to lean back and put my feet up, “I just want to help you rest and relax. It is the weekend after all! And I get to spend all of it with my friend,” She cooed.
“No plans, huh? You’re usually out every weekend and--” I felt something wet and slippery caress my ear, making me shudder.
	“Hm? What was that?” Sepi’ida cooed in my ear.
	“Where was I? Uh…” I shook myself and tried to find my derailed train of thought, “Well, we do usually hang out on the weekends, right?”
	“Yes we do, best buddy,” She teased playfully as she continued rubbing my shoulders.
	“Best buddy? Sheesh, you picking up that language from me? I’ve never heard any of you city slickers say buddy,” I paused for a moment, “You really call me your best buddy?”
	“Would you not say the same?” I could hear the frown on her face.
	“Well--” I shuddered again as I heard a slimy, squelching noise in my ear.
	“Well, yeah, we’re best friends, right? That’s why we moved in together in the first place.”
	“You are quite right,” I could hear the massive grin on her face. A glance at her showed that she did indeed have a smile on her lips showing her sharp teeth, “Are you feeling quite relaxed now, Anon?”
“Mostly, Sepi’ida.”
	“I can see that you need something EXTRA special to relax, hm?” 
	“Extra special?” I repeated and tried to get up.
	Her delicate hands grabbed my shoulders to keep me in place, “Ssh. No need to struggle. I have your health in mind, my friend. Rest. I will make you feel pure bliss.”
	“Bliss, huh?” She had done this before. She was right, I always felt better whenever I came to, “Fine. Do your weird mindflayer magic, Sepi’ida,” I sighed and leaned my head back, closing my eyes slowly, watching the squid woman’s toothy grin fade from view before I heard and felt the strange, otherworldly moist feeling again. I faded quickly, passing out as she gently touched my shoulders.

	I felt weightless but still kind of heavy like a strange out of body experience. My head felt hazy and my vision was dim, like I couldn’t see anything in my peripheral vision. The walls of the living room looked like a strange purple rather than the usual off white beige color. I felt like some slimy tentacles were holding me down on my recliner and caressing my skin with their moist tendrils. I didn’t mind it much, it felt nice like a full body massage. I sighed with contentedness as strangely smooth writhing appendages rubbed my weary body. I knew this was a dream, I had dreams like this many times. She would show up and... 
	“Are you feeling quite relaxed?” The soothing voice full of other worldly knowledge and power asked as Sepi’ida appeared next to me. She was the same as she usually was in these strange, lucid dreams. I suspected her brain magic made these dreams appear in my mind. She appeared like she usually did, but the purples and blues on her body were much more vivid and her yellow eyes glowed slightly.
	“Yeah,” I grunted and shifted, unable to move as the tentacles held me in place.
	She put a hand on my forehead. Her body was warm and a little slick from whatever mucus formed naturally on her skin, but it felt nice, “Hm. You still have quite a bit of tenseness in your form. Would you like some extra care, Anon?”
	“Well, if you’re offering it, Sepi’ida, how can I turn you down?” I smirked as the tentacles tightened their grip on me. 
	“Well. I will make sure you are not disappointed,” She smiled as she moved to stand in front of me. The smile never left her face as she knelt down before me, her finger tips running over my legs before she carefully went for my belt. Slowly, but without hesitation, she undid the loop and pulled the belt out before unbuttoning my pants and pulling them down to my ankles. She rubbed the bulge in my underwear with her palm. I gasped, making her smile, “Enjoying yourself already? I have not even begun.”
	I smirked back, my face completely red with embarrassment, “It’s a little hard not to smile when being cared for by such a lovely lady,” I complimented, I had no qualms speaking of the beauty of my friend in these dreams. I didn’t think I could ever really say them to her real face, so this would have to do. I really did think she was beautiful. Perhaps I would call her a gorgeous woman beyond compare, but there was no way I could let her know that. I was just some country bumpkin and she was a pretty woman from the city, way out of my league. 
	“You are such a charmer, Anon,” She smiled at me before caressing my thighs, “Must be that country blood in you,” Sepi’ida grasped the hem of my underwear, the only thing between my crotch and the air and gently pulled them down to my ankles. I shivered as my member felt the cold air. A few of the tentacles that made up her hair began to rub and feel my shaft, making me shudder again as she playfully ran her sharp fingernails over my thighs. Sepi’ida used only her moist tentacles to tease me and I'd admit it felt amazing if she asked, “Is this enjoyable?”
	“Ahn, yeah,” I grunted with a little moan.
	“You are just so adorable when you writhe,” She cooed as the tentacles gripped me tighter. The ones on my shaft wrapped around it and started to pump, the hot and slick sensation made me groan as she sensually squeezed my member. She stared at my face, watching as I shivered and groaned from the sexual teasing. She only got more and more excited as I kept moaning in pleasure. 
	Soon, the tentacles released my penis as the mindflayer licked her lips. Sepi’ida slowly lowered her mouth onto it, being careful with her sharp teeth as to not scrape them against my shaft. She began to joyously suck on me as if this was a most delicious treat. Her mouth made wet squelching noises just like her tentacles as her head bobbed up and down. She continued to stare me in the eyes as she pleasured me with her mouth, her plump lips kissing the head and the shaft before completely enveloping my member again. Her long tongue ran up and down the shaft as she bobbed, teasing the head before she kissed it. I tensed up as the feeling in my loins built up more and more. 
	“Sepi’ida, I-I’m gonna--” I gasped.
	She said nothing, she merely picked up the pace and used her tentacles to feel and massage my balls as she steadily continued. I grunted loudly as I came in her mouth, my spunk being shot onto her tongue and the back of her mouth. She continued to pump until I was finished, and even after she gave me a few more as she hungered for another of my climaxes. She gave me a smile, “Ah, you finally seem relaxed. Rest,” She ordered while she licked her lips clean, her tentacles resuming their massaging and groping of my body.
	“T-thanks, Sepi’ida,” I mumbled as I leaned back and closed my eyes, feeling her hands massage and caress my inner thighs as I drifted back into my slumber. 

	I awoke on Saturday morning and stretched. I was completely naked for some reason but just shrugged it off. It wasn’t too uncommon for me to sleep nude in all honesty. I couldn’t remember if I even had a drink last night but my head did feel a little fuzzy as if I was hung over. I groaned, rose to my feet and hurriedly got some clothes on before stumbling out into the main room. I very quickly spotted Sepi’ida as she hummed in the kitchen, preparing something, “Morning,” I called as I took a seat at the nearby table. 
	“Good morning, Anon,” She smiled back before returning to her cooking, “How did you sleep?”
	“I think I slept well. You?”
	“Oh, quite well, I can assure you. Toast and eggs?” She asked as she stared at the eggs. I nodded in response, “How are you feeling today? Better than yesterday?”
	“Yesterday…? I--” I paused. I was completely unable to remember most of the previous day. I could remember waking up, going to work and a little bit of being at my job. Then I went home which was… pleasant, from what I remembered. I came home and… I heard a wet noise near my head, but I didn’t flinch as I had become completely used to her noises. I realised I must have had a wonderful evening with Sepi’ida, “Well, yesterday was nice. I don’t really remember my day at work, which is probably for the best. But we hung out and I think we watched a movie.”
The mindflayer giggled at me, “You are just as quite forgetful as you always have been, it seems. Maybe we should get that head of yours checked out.”
	“Hmph, maybe,” I gave her a sly smile as she slid a plate of food across the table to me, “Thank you for the food,” I took a bite of the eggs and nodded, “You make pretty good eggs for a city girl.”
	“Well, they might not be fresh from the chicken’s bum like you got back on the farm, but I have been practicing to make eggs nearly my whole life,” She smiled back before eating some of the food she made herself.


	With the sun still shining, I pulled into the parking lot. I wasn’t exactly early in being home, but it was still a good time. It was another friday and I was overjoyed to be off for the weekend. I didn’t really have plans, I never did, but maybe Sepi’ida had something in mind. I took the elevator up like almost every day I came home and entered my shared two room apartment. Surprisingly, I had made it home first. I immediately went to the kitchen and got a pot of water boiling as I started washing the dishes from last night’s dinner. Silverware, plates, bowls and anything else I could fit went into the tiny dishwasher and everything else I started cleaning by hand in a bath of hot, soapy water. I scrubbed the pans I had used for heating up the food and set it aside before grabbing another dish and started scrubbing it down. 
	I perked up as I heard the bolt turn and the door slowly opened. The wet squelching noise of Sepi’ida moving across the wooden floors reached my ears next, “Hm? Anon, you made it home quickly,” She noted as she set down her work bag and made her way to the kitchen. Her thin, purple coat came off next as she hung it up in the living room. She moved next to me to examine my work.
	“Yeah, made it out a tiny bit early and sped home,” I admitted with a little, proud smirk, “Still, you must have been a little late getting out of… What is it you do again?” I paused for a bit before shuddering as my mind went blank for a moment, I felt something wet on my neck for just a second and then it was gone, “Still, you must have been a little late getting out of your human resources job,” I commented, “I thought I would take a bit of time do some cleaning for you.”
	“Oh, how kind of you,” She smiled, “But you really should leave it to me. You only have two appendages to wash them with while I have numerous. I can do it much faster.”
	I grimaced and looked at her, “Come on, I’m not that bad at this.”
	“Of course not,” She relented quickly, “I just feel like you are wasting your time working with only two arms and no tentacles to help you dry,” I watched her rub her forehead wearily.
	“You alright?”
	“Work was quite rough today, Anon,” Sepi’ida explained in a tired fashion before moving over to the couch, “I require a bit of time to recuperate.” 
	I frowned and put the last of the dishes out to dry before following her to the couch. I had vague recollections of her helping me relax, rubbing my shoulders and… I couldn’t remember what else she did, but I did know she tried to help me when I came home exhausted, “Can I help you in some way?”
	She smiled at me with her tired eyes, “You are such a sweetheart, Anon. Yes, I could use a hand. Or both of them!” She giggled at her own joke before turning her back to me, “My aching shoulders could use some attention, my friend,” She undid some of the buttons on her shirt and let it fall a little off her shoulders, showing me her skin. 
	“Sure, especially since you’re nice enough to do it to me when I need it,” I carefully put my hands on her shoulders and started to gently rub them. She was warm, slick and felt a tiny bit rubbery. Surprisingly, I could feel bones and muscle under her skin.
	“Ah, so that brain of yours can in fact remember something!” She teased as she glanced back at me, “You can be a little more firm. This body is not completely frail.”
	I nodded and started to put some more effort into it. She let out a nice, loud and contented sigh, “Seems like I’m doin’ alright then?”
	“Yes, mph, you are,” I could hear the big smile on her face as some of her tentacles began to caress and touch my wrists. They wrapped around them as more of her tentacles began to touch me. I didn’t mind much but they were getting a little close to my head.
	“Sepi’ida? Is something wrong?” I asked as I was being wrapped up in tentacles.
	She just chuckled at me before I felt the wet, slimy appendages climb my neck, touch my ears gently then--

	I blinked as my eyes opened. I was surrounded by a mass of vivid purple, gently caressing tentacles. I looked up as a hand ran through my hair, “How are you feeling, Anon?” Sepi’ida asked as she looked down at my face past her large, nude breasts with their perky deep purple nipples. I felt heavy, sluggish but also a little weightless as my vision remained dim. I quickly realised this was another vivid and lucid sex dream.
	“Good,” I replied as I quickly began to pitch a tent in my pants. 
	The mindflayer smiled with her sharp, toothy grin as her appendages felt my bulge, “You seem eager. I will make sure to take care of you, but you will be focusing on me today, my dear,” She helped me onto the floor, keeping me on my knees as she stroked my hair. Her lower tentacles slowly pulled back, revealing her already dripping wet vulva for me. Just as I suspected, she had no legs, just the tentacles to carry her around, “Whenever you are ready, Anon.”
	I nodded, even if it was a dream, I was eager to do this for her. I grabbed her hips gently as her tentacles began to softly grip me. My lips hastily moved to her glistening pussy. I kissed just above it, making her shudder before softly licking it. I tasted something bitter for almost a moment before it began to taste sweet. She gasped as I firmly inserted my tongue and felt around. It strangely continued tasting and smelling sweet, only making me want to keep going more and more as she started to gasp and moan. The mindflayer firmly grasped my hair, making sure to keep me down in her loins to lick and kiss her. The tentacles that were formed on her lower body undid my belt and pulled my pants and underwear down before beginning to stroke my already eager shaft. Her teasing only increased my zeal as she rewarded me for my efforts. I continued to lick and kiss as she began to grind herself against my face while moaning loudly, clearly enjoying my work. As her body began to shudder and shake, her stroking of my shaft got faster and she gripped my hair tighter, making me feel like she was going to tear some out, “Ahn~! Anon~!” She cried my name as a powerful shudder rocked her body. I could feel her love tunnel convulse as she climaxed, giving me even more of the sweet tasting juices. My own body shuddered as I came from the rapid stroking, her tentacles caught all of my spunk as she cooed and stroked my hair, “Very good,” Sepi’ida praised. We both breathed heavily, trying to catch our breath while I rested my head on her lap, “Sleep now, Anon. You have earned the rest.”
	I nodded as I closed my eyes, listening to her giggles as I came down from my post orgasm ecstasy.


	I folded my arms as I waited for the coffee machine to finish dumping out the brown, bitter, hot and caffeinated beverage I so desperately craved. I had been feeling more and more exhausted after each of my evenings spent with Sepi’ida, but I could recall enjoying spending my time with her. I just assumed the exhaustion was related to homesickness and me becoming accustomed to the city slicker lifestyle. She would help me relax a bit before we spent the evening watching movies, playing games or sitting around simply chatting over hot chocolate about work and goings on in the world. I picked up my cup as the coffee finished pouring and dumped in a hearty amount of sugar and cream to stave off the almost unpalatable taste of the once black coffee. I only took a single sip before a strange noise made my ears perk up and caused a horrible chill run down my spine. 
It was thankfully not the strange, moist noises that my mind flayer room mate made when moving around. It was instead a clacking of heels on the wood laminate floors of the small office as someone stomped nearby, “This is James, no?” The unknown woman asked in a commanding tone.
	“Y-yes,” I heard my boss meekly reply. 
	“Who’s the pretty lady?” James gruffly wondered aloud. I could imagine him lazing about, reclining in his seat with his legs crossed and a massive energy drink can in his hands. 
	I heard the woman scoff, “James,” I could hear the sound of disdain in her voice as she shuffled through some papers, “Ah, yes, I see. You bear the same last name as one of the former higher ups. And… I can see you are incredibly busy with your game of spider solitaire. I will leave you to it,” She gave one small laugh of disbelief before loudly crossing something out on her sheet. I heard her heels stomp on the wood again as she moved on. I heard her speak to the next person in the line of cubicles as I stayed still, payalyzed in wonder for some reason or another. 
	“And this is... Anon’s workstation?” She asked, “Hmph. Where is he?”
	My heart skipped a beat. I put the coffee down, leaving my desperately needed caffeine behind as I rushed back to my desk, “H-he should be here. I spoke to him this morning.”
	“Sorry, I’m here. I was just grabbing some coffee on break,” I quickly explained before plopping down into my chair and getting a better look at who I was dealing with.
The woman was wearing a black dress with a deep v neck and lacey, floral patterned sleeves that ended in brown feather covered cuffs that matched her just as feathery hair. She stared at me over thin rimmed glasses with emerald green eyes, “You may go,” She said to my boss. He looked ill but nodded and left my little cubicle space. The woman sighed and removed her glasses to rub her eyes.
	“You doin’ alright, ma’am?” I asked the woman. I quickly noticed the feather covered tail coming out of the back of her dress. Upon seeing that and her heel like bird legs I began assuming she was in fact one of those monster girls, a kikimora specifically.
	“Fine enough,” she replied as she picked up her clipboard again, “Most here are getting canned and I am not excited to break the news. At least the others are dealing with other branches of this business as well.”
	“Uh…” I scratched my head, “Am I getting canned?”
	“Hm?” She made a simple check on her sheet before looking back at me through her thin glasses, “No, no, no. Of course not. You actually have work open on your computer and your boss-- your former boss gave you a recommendation. On top of all that, I can smell the mana of a monster girl on you. So, that gives you a few bonus points in my boss’s eyes.”
	“Huh? Mana?” I scratched my head for a moment, “I don’t know what you mean.”
	The kikimora chuckled as she removed her glasses, “I see no reason for you to be worried about spilling the beans to little ol’ me about your love life, but I understand if you wish to keep it under wraps for one reason or another. Now tell me, what do you think of your boss?”
	I took a moment to respond as I was still reeling from that comment about mana. I shook myself as she stared at me expectantly, “Well,” I started nervously, “Kind of an ass. Sucked up to that James guy and all the higher ups. Made me stay here late more than a handful of times.”
	“And keep you away from your beloved!?” The kikimora gasped, “How reprehensible!” I wasn’t sure I knew the meaning of that word, “Noted. Thank you very much, Anon,” She turned to go but stopped at the entrance to my little work space, “Why not take off a little early today, Anon? It should spare you from hearing me berate most of your co-workers about the research I have done today. My bosses may not be happy about so many people being canned, but if this is to be a worthwhile purchase, it must be done.”
	“Oh, you’re buying this dump? Well, I’m excited to see what you ladies do with it,” I smirked as I picked up my things. 
	“Have a wonderful weekend, Anon. Say hello to the family for me,” She gave me a very warm smile before putting her glasses back on her face and walking off to go check in on the human resources team. I left before I could hear any other conversations but I did smile to myself at the idea of that woman chewing out my old boss. 

	I made it home without incident, the words of that kikimora still on my mind. Was I really covered in Sepi’ida’s smell or mana or whatever so much that any other woman could smell it? I had believed that that only happened after intercourse with a monster girl and we, although I had been dreaming about it of course, but we had never actually gotten that intimate. It was just something I was left to wonder about as I got home and got a headstart on my chores. Within the hour, the front door was unlocked and opened before my mind flayer room mate stepped into our apartment, “Hey, how’s it going?” I called as she took off her jacket and set her bag down on the couch.
	“You seem to be in high spirits for once. Did something happen?” She quickly noted as she moved over to where I did the dishes.
	I nodded with a smile on my face, “Some monster girls are buying the company. Shit canning my boss and most of the dick heads I work with it seems.”
	“Will you not be sad to see them go?” She wondered.
	“After the crap they put me through? No way. Plus, maybe they’ll promote me since I smell like you and all,” I joked.
	 Sepi’ida turned pale, “S-smell like me?”
	“Yeah, the lady said I had some of your mana on me. Any idea why that is?” I asked, just wondering what explanation she had.
	“A-are-- Are you accusing me of something!?” She suddenly got defensive. Her usual cool, calm, and collected demeanor had shattered as she moved toward me on her squelching tentacles.
	I frowned, “No, of course not! What the heck has gotten into you?” I demanded as she shied away from me.
	She sighed, suddenly looking quite exhausted, “I-I am sorry. Today was just dreadful!” 
	“What happened?” I asked as I helped her over to the couch and sat her down. 
	“Oh, no need to fret over it, dear. Just sit with me, your company is what I need right now,” She offered a weak and hardly assuring smile as she pat the seat next to her. 
With a sigh, I sat down, “What do ya need?” I asked, not sure if I should give her space or not. 
“Would you… hug me?” She asked cautiously as she inched near me, “I merely require a bit of physicality with my best friend.”
“Sure, I can do that,” I nodded and leaned toward the mind flayer, letting her put her head on my shoulder. 
Her arms tugged on my shirt as they wrapped around my torso. I hugged her back, doing my best not to tug on her tentacle hair or shirt as she nuzzled against me, “See? I feel so much better already,” She chuckled. I could feel her tentacles touching my shoulders and slowly making their way to my neck.
	“This is kind of a long hug,” I mumbled, a little uncomfortably as her tentacles felt my skin. 
	“Sshh,” She whispered as they caressed my ears, “Relax, dear.”

	I came around slowly. There was no light coming into the room through my thick curtains. I stretched my heavy limbs and glanced around at the candles that dotted the room, wafting a few pleasant and relaxing scents throughout it. Was I dreaming again? I quickly realised I definitely was based on what I saw next to me. A tall woman with blemishless, purplish red skin stood at my bedside. She wore no clothes, her wide hips, tentacle legs and shapely breasts with perky, purple nipples were all on display for me as all of her clothes were already removed. It was Sepi’ida for sure.
	“Anon?” She said in a giggling, hushed whisper, “How are you feeling?”
	“Like a dream,” I yawned, looking down at myself. I only had underwear on, “How about you?”
	“I am quite happy,” She whispered as she climbed atop me. She straddled my hips, her warm, moist tentacles rubbing up and down my legs and body, “I wonder what it is you think about me…” She mused as she put her hands on my shoulders and brought her face close to mine, her hair tentacles touching my skin and chin teasingly.
	“Well…” I trailed off, thinking of the words, “You’re a great room mate. Really helpful to have around and nice to hang out with,” I said, having no qualms praising her in a dream.
	As she kissed me on the cheek, I shuddered, “Anything else? Something more… passionate?”
	“Uh… you’re my best friend?” I chuckled nervously as she got even closer to my face. 
	Her yellow eyes were unblinking as they stared into mine, “Hmph. I suppose I must force you,” She said in a dark tone. Before I could protest or ask what she meant, she pressed her lips to mine. Her long tongue easily parted my shocked lips and slipped into my mouth to wrestle with my tongue. I was easily disarmed by the most beautiful woman I knew suddenly being so forward with me. Sepi’ida’s tentacles suddenly forced themselves into my ears, making me grunt as I shuddered. The mind flayer pulled away from me with a big smile on her face as the tentacles went deeper into my ear canals, “Shh,” She grinned, “I just need to make a few, quick adjustments and you will be exactly what I need,” She cooed as she caressed my face before kissing my chin again. I could feel the tentacles wriggling around in my brain, rubbing against it as it prodded at the wrinkles and folds of my mind It was strangely pleasant, a nice, almost loving caress as one of the tentacles suddenly drove deep, making me and Sepi’ida both gasp in union, “You taste so wonderful, my dear,” She panted, “Just one little change and you will be all mine.”
	“Ughh…” I grunted back, unable to speak as her mind probing tendrils paralyzed me.
	“Shh. You will forget all of this soon, my love,” She grinned lovingly, “Relax. You will be--” She suddenly pulled out of my brain, releasing my mind from her loving embrace as shock crossed her face. 
	My body jolted as if electrocuted by some unseen magic as the dream-like feeling evaporated from my mind and body. I felt normal, but Sepi’ida was still here. Naked. Stradling me, “W-what!?” I shouted, “Mind explaining to me what’s going on?”
	The mindflayer covered her face in shame, “I am sorry, Anon. P-please, allow me to wipe this from your memory--”
	“No. Sepi’ida, what have you been doing to me?” I demanded as the now bashful mind flayer continued to cover her face, unable to look me in the eye.
	She frowned, “I… I have been using you to feed. A-and, it started out innocently enough but you were so miserable and sad that I started to use my powers to help ease your mind. T-then the… more lewd things began. You were so scrumptious I could not help myself, I wanted to help you more so I began to put you into this dream like state so I could go further in your relaxation and--” 
	“So the sex dreams were real?” I asked, “Huh… explains why I smell like you.”
	The mindflayer nodded, “Yes,” She stared me in the eyes for a moment, “You seem… rather calm about this.”
	“To be honest, I don’t know why I’m not upset. Well, actually… maybe I do. You’re a pretty girl. What guy wouldn’t want that?” I explained as I gently put my hands on her hips.
	She smiled and peered at me from between her fingers, “You really think so? You really think this form is fetching?”
I nodded, “I think you should have just been honest with me. ”
“I doubted that you liked me like that. When I pried into your mind, I knew how you felt about it. I was surprised, to say the least,” The mindflayer giggled sheepishly. 
“But, still… I wish you had just talked to me about it,” I sighed.
	“I will consider that in the future,” She smirked. The two of us sat staring at one another, our hands idly running over one another's bodies as we nervously chuckled and gave small smiles, “Anon…”
	“I’m ready to stop beating around the bush if you are,” I announced, taking a hold of her hips again.
	“You always were quite brash. So be it. I am a more than willing participant,” Her lower tentacles unceremoniously removed my boxers, letting my erect member rub against her already wet pussy. 
	“So just to be sure, we’ve already done this before… right?” I asked as she gently grinded against me.
	“Intercourse of this variety? No. Oral and outercourse only. I have been saving this until I confirmed that you indeed… did love me. That or I ‘persuaded’ you.”
	“Is it really love then?”
	“Oh, silence you. You love me of your own free will and that is all that matters,” She chided before going in for a kiss that I reciprocated. Her long tongue once more forced itself into my mouth as her tentacles grabbed my shaft and balls, massaging them as she continued to prepare herself. My cock was stood straight up before she pierced herself on me. Her lips were torn from mine as she moaned in ecstasy. I gasped as she rose herself up on me before coming back down slowly, “Relax and let me take care of you, dear.”
	She continued riding as she shared the love with me. I felt a tentacle slip into one of my ears again as it poked at my brain. While it gently prodded it, I felt a massive surge of pleasure as the mind flayer’s pussy rose up and slammed down on my shaft, “You seem to be enjoying yourself,” She panted with a large smile. I could only gasp and shudder in response as she used me to please herself, “I can feel you getting close. You are twitching,” She smiled as she kissed me again. I struggled to kiss her back as her mass of tentacles gripped me, touching my body and holding me still while she continued riding me with relentless fervor. I couldn’t hold it back, and I was sure that Sepi’ida was just as close as I was, “Oh! Anon!” She cried my name as her back arched. I felt her pussy quiver as her body shuddered violently. I came inside her, blasting my ropes into her womb as we both grunted and sighed together. As I finished, my body went limp, sprawling out on the bed beneath the mindflayer. 
	“Damn,” Was all I could utter at her.
	She grinned, “Was it… mindblowing?” I groaned at her little joke as her tentacles started to grip and grope me, “How about another? Or another three?” She giggled as she started to ride me again. She stuck a tentacle in my ear again before I could complain.
	I knew I was in for a long night, but I loved her with all my heart and mind. I couldn’t complain much.

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