Milk Shakes, Muscles and Mamano

	The name of the diner rang out in my mind as I stared at the bright, colorful sign. A stylized, cartoonish dumbbell that said ‘MUSCLE’ on it was over a juicy burger stacked high. Almost everything you could ever want on such a burger with the simple non-word ‘BURG’ on it. MUSCLEBURG. I could only hear one sound, other than the cold wind of the night, and that was the grumbling of my stomach. As the name of the diner would suggest, all the staff were big, muscular monster girls. It was like a maid cafe but the staff could drag you out back to beat you up or beat you off depending on their fancy. I smirked at my own joke, wondering if either of those cost extra. I shook my head and tried to think straight.
	They were still open, probably for less than another hour and I could smell the wondrous stench of the greasy foods inside. I didn’t want to just go in, my meal wouldn’t be the same if SHE wasn’t there. I had been to this place three times now on my cold lonely night walks home from late night college studying, the first two times she had been there and prepared my food and the third she wasn’t and it hadn’t been the same at all. I sighed, even if she wasn’t there, I was hungry, after all. I took a deep breath, crossed the street and pushed the front glass doors open. I stood dumbly by the door for a few moments as I waited to be noticed by one of the large waitresses. I felt the ground shudder as someone stomped over to me. 
	“Hey there, loser, welcome to Muscleburg!” I glanced over at a tall salamander in a black 80’s waitress uniform with a small white apron on the waist, “Here to get some food or are you looking for a girl to take you home after getting you fed?” She smirked, showing me her sharp teeth.
	“Gina!” A voice boomed from the back as someone stomped out, “Leave that one alone,” She growled. My heart fluttered as I gazed upon her. Wearing the same form fitting black uniform was the woman I had been looking for. She was nearly seven feet tall, her short sleeve uniform showed off her large muscles and caramel colored skin. Her massive breasts were hardly restrained by the uniform, I could even see the tops of her breasts which were covered in freckles. She smiled at me, showing me her pearly white teeth and plump cheeks covered in freckles as well. Her blue eyes were partially obscured by her black hair which was done up in a very messy bun and sat beneath large, polished and waxed horns, “I know exactly what he wants. Come on an’ sit down, Sugar,” She purred as she gestured at me to sit down at the counter. I nodded and wandered over, taking a seat across from her. She walked over, her hooves clacking against the tiled floor. Her long muscular legs had soft looking, short black hair from the knee down ending at her hooved feet. While sitting down she easily towered over me, her massive breasts at my head level, “Same as last time?”
	“Sure, thanks, Bethany,” I gave her a smile as I set my backpack aside and got comfortable on the stool. 
The muscular minotaur nodded, gave me a little wink and flexed her arm muscles for me, “Comin’ right up sugar,” She grinned before moving to the back. I looked around, the restaurant was decorated with photos of various girls from the diner either posing with their husbands or weightlifting at the local gym that the owners of the diner also ran. I sighed as I tried to decompress in the warm and friendly atmosphere of the bar as an old jukebox played classic rock in the corner. Along with the salamander that had greeted me, there was also a smaller but still muscular dwarven woman who was currently force feeding liquor to all four dudes sitting at a booth. They all laughed and cheered as their friends were forced to down hard liquor. The salamander chatted with two smaller monster girls that sat together in one of the booths and past them was a lamia and a man who were obviously a couple chatting over a shared drink with two straws in it.
	I took the time to send some emails as I waited for my food. Thankfully I didn’t have to wait super long, “Here ya are, Sugar,” The minotaur gave me a little smile as she placed a burger with fries in front of me, “Hope ya’re ready to drink up!” She said as she rounded the counter with a tall, cold milkshake in her hand. She wrapped one muscular arm around my shoulders, forced my chin up and pressed her breasts to the back of my head, “Open wide!” She laughed as she brought the milkshake to my mouth. While she hadn’t done this before, I had that milkshake both times she had been here. It was delicious. I wanted it really badly and my nerves were quickly quelled as I felt her body heat and surprisingly gentle grasp. I slowly and nervously opened my mouth and let her start to pour the creamy, thick liquid down my throat. 
	“Chug, chug, chug!” I heard everyone in the diner chant as the minotaur force fed me the delicious vanilla treat. I hardly had time to savor the creamy, sweet taste of her ‘special’ milkshake as she forced more and more down my gullet. Before I knew it, I had drank every drop of the delicious drink.
	She put the drink down and ruffled my hair, “Hey, ya did it!” Bethany exclaimed as if very proud of me. The other waitresses, the dwarf and salamander, both cheered while the other patrons laughed and clapped.
	“Oh, my head,” I groaned and gripped my head as a brain freeze started to afflict me.
	“Here, Sugar,” Bethany wiped my chin with a napkin before forcing my head between her large, warm breasts while caressing my neck and hair. Amazingly, it very quickly healed my headache. I pulled away from her and thankfully the surprisingly gentle minotaur let me go. She grabbed my shoulders as she breathed heavily, her face as flushed as I thought mine might be. She quickly regained her composure and let me go, “I’ll get ya another, Sugar. Don’t worry about me force feeding ya again, hon. Enjoy yar food,” She winked before disappearing into the back again. I could feel the thick, creamy shake hit my stomach. It felt good, strangely. Incredibly filling and either her holding me so close or the milkshake made me feel a bit more energized. I went for the burger, it was filling and well made, juicy with fresh toppings and melted, delicious cheese. I wondered how this diner had such great dairy products, “Here’s another one, Sugar,” Bethany smiled as she expertly slid a fresh vanilla shake down the counter to me.
	“Thanks, Bethany,” I gave her a nod and smile before downing some of the milkshake quickly. The minotaur watched me a little too intently, her face getting flush again as I downed the creamy, thick dairy drink.
	“Man!” I laughed as I put the half finished glass down, “This stuff is great!”
	“I-I’m glad ya think so, Sugar,” The big minotaur was flustered by just my words. She curled her hair between her fingers nervously, “Do ya want another, hun?”
	“I’m probably gonna burst soon, but yeah, I’m game for a third. Say,” I said, interrupting her as the flustered cow woman turned to go to the back, “What do you put in these to make them so good?”
	She glanced around the bar for a few moments, eyeing her co-workers and the patrons, “Well… How about ya stay a little past closing and I’ll show ya, alright?”
	I nodded, they would be closing in about twenty minutes after all, “Sure. Hopefully I don’t slip into a coma from drinking too many of these things in the meantime,” I joked as I went for the crispy fries.
	Bethany smiled, “Just don’t get yarself too full on food, Sugar. I’ve got another milkshake for ya comin’ right out!”

	“Night ladies!” Bethany called as the dwarf and salamander left through the front.
	“See ya, Beth!” The salamander called.
	The dwarf chuckled, “Don’t have too much fun with him,” She said rather darkly before the two slipped out. I was on my fourth milkshake, having set most of my burger and fries aside and giving in to the temptation of the cold and delicious shake.
	“Now then,” Bethany sighed as she finished locking the front door and pulling the blinds down on all the windows, “How are ya, Sugar?”
	“Full of delicious milkshakes,” I moaned, even if my stomach felt full, my body compelled me to have more. 
	“Good! Well, I guess I better show ya what ya are here for,” Bethany mused as she started to wander back to the back of the diner, “Just give me a minute!” I said nothing and just nodded as I puckered my lips around the straw of the milkshake and looked down at my phone. I didn’t have to wait long for her to appear again, “H-here,” she nervously called to me. I slowly looked up from my phone and nearly choked on the milkshake I had been slurping on as I gazed at the two wondrous mounds of flesh propped up by muscular arms and served to me on a tray. Bethany had a nervous, yet proud smile on her face as her caramel colored breasts jiggled slightly at every little movement she made. She came around to the side of the counter I was on, trapping me between the counter and her massive boobs. Her face was beet red and her eyes would not meet mine, her shy demeanor shining through her bravado. My gaze was transfixed on her perky brown nipples with drops of milk leaking out of the nipples.
	“I-I--” I mumbled, awestruck by the sight of such gorgeous bosoms and though I had already had four now, that urge to have another ‘milkshake’ was quickly overpowering my reasoning. That day I had gone from an ass man to a boob man in a matter of seconds. I was practically drooling at the sight of them in all their freckle covered magnificence.
	“I-I make it myself. With my milk,” Bethany explained sheepishly, “Really fresh, j-just for ya.”
	“Y-you milk yourself in the backroom?” I gasped, pitching a tent at the thought of it. Her grasping and milking her massive mammaries just for me, I wanted so badly to see that for myself, “Th-that’s pretty hot.”
	The minotaur nodded, her nerves calming down slowly but her face remaining red, “Ever since I first saw ya and the way ya downed my milk... oh, Sugar, ya’ve been just haunting my dreams, and lemme tell ya, they were pretty lewd. From that look on yar face I bet ya feel the same way I do,” She put the tray down and ran her fingers through my hair before grabbing a fistfull of it, “And right now, I’ve got the real deal and ya’re all MINE~” Bethany grinned down at me menacingly before pulling my head into her nipple. My mouth, without me even thinking about it, went around her nipple and began to suckle. Her strong arms wrapped around me as she started to shake and bite her lower lip. Within moments I got a mouthful of warm, delicious and creamy milk. I could tell almost immediately by the taste how similar it was to the milkshakes and even the cheese on that burger I had eaten. I sucked and sucked, getting mouthful after mouthful of delicious milk that only made me want more. I only stopped when the minotaur forcefully pulled me away and switched my mouth to her other side. Bethany firmly held my mouth to her glorious erect nipple which I suckled on just as eagerly as the first one. She started to moan due to my eager care for her sore nipples.
	“Oh, Sugar,” She gasped as she pulled me away, “I’m gettin’ too excited for my own good. How are ya?” She asked as she looked at me, a thin trail of lovingly made minotaur milk running down my chin.
	I looked into her proud, loving eyes, “Like I’m more milk than man,” I joked, leaning back against the counter as I felt groggy and full but still wanted more. I was so full I found myself unintentionally unbuckling my belt like I might’ve after a hearty Thanksgiving dinner.
	The minotaur giggled at my joke and let her hair down. Her wild and untamed mane sat majestically on her shoulders. I only got a few moments to take in her beauty before she assaulted me with her mouth, pressing her lips against mine and showering me with loving kisses, “Ya drink milk well, Sugar. That’s a damn good thing too, cuz my milk is gonna make your muscles grow and your bones strong,” One of her large, muscular hands was shoved down my pants where she started to fondle me. I writhed at her pleasurable touch as each finger, one after the other gently teased the head of my penis. I was too placated by all the milk to fight back as her hands then wandered down to my balls and felt them, squeezing and weighing them carefully, “Aw, Sugar, you shoulda just told me if your balls were feelin’ heavy. I woulda taken ya out back and given ya a hand!” She beamed at me before releasing my member from her grasp and licking each of her fingers clean of my precum.
	“Does that cost extra?” I kept flirting in a joking manner.
	Bethany smirked, “Not any money. Ya’ll be paying me back in a different way,” She had a big grin on her face as she picked up me and my things then put them over her shoulder as she carried me out the back exit. 
	I didn’t put up any fight, my lewd dreams were all coming true, and apparently so were hers, “How the hell is that stuff so good?” I asked.
“Well. Mom was part holstaur and dad was the son of a dairy centaur. I come from a long line of milk lovers, Sugar, and mine might be the most delicious and nutritious in this damn city!” She boasted, “And once you put a baby in me, hoowee! I’m gonna have the best damn milk in the state!” 
	She didn’t put me down as she locked the back door then made for her truck in the cold, unlit parking lot. The proud minotaur brought me to the red SUV, popped the back open to reveal the back seats had been taken out and the middle seats had already been flipped down. She sat me up on the bumper before laying out a blanket for us in the back, “Here? In your truck?”
	“My loins ain’t got time to hoof it on home, Sugar,” Bethany explained, “This pussy needs that dick. Now,” Bethany grabbed me and forced me into the back before climbing in after and closing the back of her truck. I laid limply, more than happy to let her take the lead and though the truck was spacious enough for the two of us, Bethany’s large and shapely form crawling over me made it seem… cozy. She first removed her uniform by tearing it off in a display of strength. She was down to just her panties which came off after my pants and shirt did. Soon she was running her warm hands down my body as she licked her lips hungrily. She kissed me again, pressing her lips to mine before pushing her tongue into my mouth and using it to wrestle my own. As she pulled away, I saw her already glistening pussy, “Hoo boy, ya’ve got a nice cock, Sugar,” She teased as she gave it a few strokes.
	I smirked, “Yeah, just for you Bethany,” I winked.
	“Oh, ya’re gonna make me blush, Sugar,” She kissed me on the cheek before lining herself up with my shaft, making sure it was up straight as she tried to mind the ceiling of the SUV with her horns. She gripped the shoulders of the front seat for support as she pierced herself on my member. A loud groan escaped her lips, almost like a loud ‘moo’ that only got louder as she took me down to the hilt. Her body shook as she took in the pleasurable feeling of me inside her. I grunted, my hands going to her low hanging breasts to tease her further. Milk dripped from her nipples as she started to lactate again from my teasing. Thick, creamy milk ran between my fingers and down her massive breasts as she slowly rode me. She huffed and puffed, her moaning and gasping getting louder as the pleasure shook her to her core. I could hardly keep in my gasps as the minotaur used my body to bring herself to the edge of euphoria and keep herself balanced there. 
	I had trouble keeping track of time, but after what felt like half an hour of this slow and torturous grinding Bethany picked up the pace, her body crashing harder against my hips as she went. The SUV shook with every pump, “Suck on my tits, Sugar,” She demanded, her arms wrapping around my head as she brought them down to my face. I was eager to oblige, letting her smother me with her fat boobs. The soft, yet hefty sacks of fatty and creamy milk  jiggled violently on top of my face as the minotaur rocked my world, but even as she shook and shimmied on my hips I still managed to get one of her firm nipples in my mouth and began to suck. The milk flowed as just my tongue flicked against the dark brown, firm bump. The wondrous nectar of life flowed into my mouth and down my gullet where it settled in my stomach. Bethany got louder and louder with every time I suckled on her, which only encouraged me to suck harder. The moaning almost turned into shouting as she cried out my name in ecstasy, her arms slowly closing in around me.  
Before I knew it she had forcibly grabbed my head and pulled me off her breast with a pop,shoving me onto her other nipple with a huff and a puff of air being blown out her nose. I caught a glimpse of her beautiful face at that moment and saw nothing but lust on her face between her wild locks of hair. I grabbed her hips, no longer content  to lay like a dead fish any more and began to thrust into her as I sucked on her other tit. Bethany was screaming now as my thrusting continued. The milk was starting to leak out of my mouth as I focused on the thrusting, my lips clamping down on her nipple as I used a bit of teeth. I was intent on giving her what she so desperately desired because I wanted it, too. My legs were bucking and shaking, Bethany was howling and shouting profanities mixed in with my name and declarations of love. Both of us were close to climaxing and the minotaur knew that. She took control, grabbing my shoulders and looking me in the eyes, “Oh man, I’m gonna milk ya dry, now! Come on, Sugar,” She coaxed me, “Cum in me!” She cried before letting out a loud mooing howl. Her already tight pussy clamped on my member, shuddering violently as it forced me to orgasm alongside her. As I came, milk dribbled from her teats, giving me a few droplets that fell onto my face as my eyes nearly rolled into the back of my head from the force of my orgasm. For a moment my mind was blank, I had never felt something so good. I was quickly shaken back to reality as the minotaur continued to shake her hips, the sensitivity of my post orgasm driving me further into the throes of elation. She kept milking me as I came, her lustful eyes gazing into my own, watching me moan and writhe as my balls emptied into her womb. 
As the waves of pleasure finally subsided, Bethany gave me one more kiss before rolling off of me, shaking the truck as she plopped onto her back, “Hoo wee, Sugar. That was some mighty fine ridin’ if I do say so myself,” The minotaur grinned at me. She playfully poked my nose and kissed my forehead as I panted, desperately trying to get more air, “Ya gotta milk me every day, ya hear? These breasts are gonna swell if ya don’t.”
	“With my lips?” I wondered.
	She giggled, “Ya can use ya hands too. I doubt ya can drink my whole stock every day. We’ll bottle some up to sell, I mean, if ya’re okay with that.”
	I shrugged, not really sure how I felt about it at that moment, “I’ll drink as much as I can.”
	“Good. It’ll make ya strong enough to princess carry me at our weddin’. It’ll also make you produce lots of that baby batter for our family. I plan on us havin’ a whole football team, so when them balls fill up I’ll make sure to take real good care of ‘em!” She gave me a grin as she grabbed my still erect member, “Let’s get ya home so I can give ya a nice, long and slightly more private session, Sugar. I’ll make ya cum between my tits, then maybe my lips,” She offered as she put her panties back on after pushing as much of my cum as she could before sealing it with her panties. Her uniform went on next before she gave me another kiss, “Love ya, Sugar.”
	“I love you too. Hey, think I can get another milkshake when we get to your place?” I found myself joking.
	“Sheesh, hun. You’re gonna suck me dry!” She laughed as she wrapped the blanket around me and helped me buckle up in the passenger seat. She ruffled my hair again and kissed me on the cheek. I finally let the food coma take over as I started to drift off to sleep, “Don’t fall asleep yet, Sugar. We’ve got another two, maybe three rounds of rodeo to go!” Bethany laughed boisterously as she pulled out of the lot and wrapped an arm around my shoulders.
	“One milkshake comin’ up, Sugar!” Bethany joked as she rolled her breasts back and forth in her hands. She was only in her panties and I was completely naked, torn free of the blanket I had been wrapped in moments ago. 
	“Thanks--” I was shut up as she forced the breast into my face. I eagerly lapped at the drops of milk that came out.
	“Not a whole lot for ya right now. Here,” Bethany forced me to switch sides and squeezed a single mouthful out for me, “All I got. I need a meal and I think I know just what I want,” She pulled her wild hair back up behind her head as she got on her knees, “Just gotta get some nutrition from my man,” She winked as she took my already hard member between her massive, warm breasts. She spat between them and rolled them back and forth to slicken them up. At the start she was gentle and slow, if only for a few moments as I started to moan. Her speed picked up as her excitement increased alongside mine and her eyes were transfixed on my face as I squirmed at her pleasurable touch, “Don’t hold back at all, Sugar. Let it all out for me.”
	I only grunted back, whatever words I had to say were silenced by a particularly powerful movement of her boobs flopping against my lap through the strength of her arms. Out of curiosity, she stopped using her breasts and began simply stroking my already slickened member. One of her hands gripped my balls gently as she felt them and massaged them. Her lips pursed and she kissed the head of my penis, licking up the precum before bobbing her head all the way down my shaft. Her soft, plump lips squeezed and sucked as her tongue ran along the underside of my member. Her head came back up, her lips only covering the head of my penis as she stroked and massaged my penis and balls. I couldn’t take it anymore. With a single cry, I erupted into an orgasm, my spunk being shot to the back of her mouth as her eyes widened in surprise. After a few splurts she freed my penis from her mouth, stroking me rapidly and forcing me to cum on her beautiful caramel colored face and breasts. She kept stroking until the cum stopped flowing.
	Bethany stared me in the eyes as she swallowed then slowly began using her fingers to get strands of cum off her face, licking each finger clean before moving onto the next as if to show me she loved it just like I loved her milk. Only when her face was wiped clean did she stand up, “Thanks for the snack, Sugar, but I think it’s time to hit the hay.”
	“Agreed,” My weary body was ready to pass out and she seemed to silently understand that as she picked me up and carried me to bed. 
The bed was a little small but we snugly lay together, her large and powerful arms wrapped around my frame. The minotaur was exhausted as well and she could hardly bring herself to joke around as she cuddled up to me, “Hey, sleep well, Sugar. I love ya.”
	“Love you too,” I mumbled from between her breasts and the pillows.
	“Now don’t go suffocatin’ yarself down there,” She sighed, “I’ll try not to roll onto ya.”
	“I’ll pull your tail and wake you up if it happens,” I smirked as I reached up and stroked her wild mane, “Night.”
	“Night, hun.”
	I lay happily with my minotaur wife, my belly full and my body still basking in the after sex heat. Bethany had started to snore rather quickly as she easily fell asleep. I felt myself falling asleep too and giving into the drowsy feeling before the minotaur rolled on top of me, starting to suffocate me with her tits. I decided that I would at least wait a little longer before I pulled her tail...

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