Jackal of the Sands

I groaned in pain as I lay in the somewhat cool sand, “You alright, Anon?” A voice cried as my colleagues all gathered around the hole I had just fallen down.
“I think so!” I shouted back, lucky to have had so much sand break my fall. I had tumbled maybe twenty five feet down into a cave, separating me from the rest of the expedition.
	“We’ll try to find the entrance! Here!” A large flashlight landed in the sand next to me, “Take a look around!”
	“Why not just send one of those flying girls down?” I grunted quietly to myself out of irritation. Monster girls were a new addition to the world but not an unwelcome one. They were quite useful with their magic and special powers. They even made our Egyptian expeditions a lot easier. But now I was alone as my colleagues put some wood over the spot I had accidentally broken the stone ceiling at. I switched the flashlight on and started to look around. It was a tomb alright, one that looked previously untouched. Urns sat along the walls under hieroglyphics and around pillars that held up the ceiling. The hieroglyphics looked immaculate, their paint hadn’t started to wear off and they were easily readable. I didn’t dare touch them, but I unfortunately had no way to translate them. 
“Hopefully there’s nothing about a curse in here,” I chuckled as I pulled down my hood. I presumed this was some kind of storage room for things whoever was buried here was to take into the next life. As I shined my flashlight in the darkness I spotted the shape of a stone archway that led into another chamber. I nodded and headed that way. I walked straight through a T way intersection with a strange glass chandelier on the ceiling. Shining my flashlight at it illuminated most of the long T shaped hallway. I continued along, going straight into another chamber. My light vanished into the darkness, the chamber ahead had to be huge. I gasped almost as soon as I entered this room. It was a massive chamber unlike anything I had ever seen before. I was only a student in archeology, but I was pretty sure no one else had seen anything like this either! The huge room was rectangular with large pillars and arches along the walls that held up the ceiling. Between each pair of arches was a stone coffin that stood upright. I counted twenty of them, ten on either wall. Once more this room had a large crystalline object attached to the ceiling that when shined upon illuminated most of the room in a dim light. On the far side of the room was more storage with crates and jars. In the center of the room stretching across it was a pool and fountain surrounded by luscious green plant life. Some sort or rune dotted the floors around the pool of crystal clear water. I didn’t dare touch any of it. I knew something was off. I needed to find a way out soon. Without seeing a way forward, I started to head back the way I came.
	But… Something in my mind, way in the back, was curious. I could hardly resist the urge to check one of the sarcophagi. I approached one of the stone coffins and examined the smooth surface. There were no decorations or carvings on the face of the upright stone slab. I ran my fingers over it, just feeling how unnaturally smooth it was. I felt the ground shudder causing the thin layer of dust on every surface to be disturbed. I stepped away as the rumbling continued. A chill ran down my spine as I heard stone drag across the floor. Once, then twice, then four, eight, and twenty times. The one in front of me had opened as well. I found myself face to face with a person. Not a person wrapped in bandages with dried up skin and no eyes, this was a person wrapped in bandages who looked very much alive. A woman, I quickly assumed as the shape of her breasts were visible behind her dusty wrappings. 
	She groaned as she looked through me with dead, tired eyes, “Uuuugh…” She mumbled with an open mouth.
	“Oh my god!” I shouted as the living dead mummies around me started to move. I dropped the flashlight, CLACK! The light went out but I still ran off as I heard the shuffling of the monsters around me. Even without the flashlight, I saw a dim light back the way I came due to the sunlight streaming in from the hole in the ceiling. I didn’t bother to run into the chamber with nothing but jars. I ran and took a right into the next chamber, my boots loudly stomping on the stones as my heart pounded in my ears. I couldn’t hear the shuffling of the mummies behind me due to all the noise I was making. 
	This room was bright as the crystals on the ceiling had light shining on them from some light in the corner bouncing off of a mirror. I stopped dead in my tracks as I saw another sarcophagus, this one made of silver with a jackal carved into the inlaid surface. The power that overwhelmed me before made me freeze and stare at the glistening tomb. I shook it off, there was a stone door to my right, I started to will myself to move but found myself unable to again as some of the mummies grabbed my arms and one wrapped her arms around my legs. All of them were women, strangely cute ones despite how cold their flesh was. Each had ragged hair of various colors and ashen flesh. The six that had me in their grasp forced me to my knees as the others moved to the coffin. My heart pounded as they began to open it. Two pulled it open while the rest stood nearby with cloths, urns, and fruits in their hands. I expected some kind of elder mummy, but instead it was a woman in a bikini with two tall pointed ears on the top of her head. A tight fitting strap of cloth held back her large breasts and a small thong on her wide hips. Her hair was black and long, her bangs falling over her eyes with a band of gold around the back of her head to keep her hair down. Her arms here folded, each was covered in similarly black fur up to the mid upper arm where it turned into a lighter grey puff of fur. She held a long staff in one hand. I watched in fear as the woman shuddered and opened her mouth, “WHO DARES--” She stopped her dramatic chanting to yawn, putting one fluffy black paw over her mouth, “Who dares awaken me?” She stepped from the coffin and wordlessly the mummies began to tend to her. Jugs of oil were poured over her dusty form then wiped clean, making her dark skin glisten in the dim light.
	She was beautiful. My heart had ceased its pouding of fear and now pounded with something else, “Oh my god…” I gasped as she took a fig from one of the mummies.
	“Your god?” She asked me, her plump lips spreading into a smile and her tail starting to wag, “I will allow you to call me that,” She giggled to herself, “A boy has awoken my tomb, it seems. A pale one at that,” She slightly licked her lips, “Did the Supreme Pharoah send you?”
	“N-no? I-I fell in.”
	“Hmph. That is where that draft is coming from,” She spoke with a thick accent that I couldn’t quite place. Her skin was anointed with oil before some white robes were placed over her glistening form. With the stomping of the butt of her blue and yellow staff on the floor, more crystals appeared, taking the light from this room and letting it flow into every other room, “Release him. Come along, boy,” I found myself unable to resist her will. The mummies followed us as the woman slowly sauntered through the tomb. The mummies all went back to the room I woke them up in and I could hear them splashing in the water, washing themselves off.
	“So you’re one of those monster girls, right?” I asked sheepishly, “I uh, haven’t seen a girl like you before. You’re like Anubis, right?”
	“Yes, I am an anubis,” She said without turning back to me. As we reached the store room she huffed loudly, “Look at the mess you made! I suppose it cannot be helped. You humans are quite clumsy,” Elegantly, she waved her staff and chanted a few magic words and suddenly the stone I had broken was floating in the air and then fusing back into the very spot each piece of rubble down to the smallest of pebbles belonged. I was sealed in, “There,” Next a few mummies came in and started to sweep up the sand.
	“W-wow. You’ve got magic too!” I gasped, “I’ve only ever heard of monsters with that kind of thing.”
	She smirked as she turned to me, “Of course. A high ranking servant of the Supreme Pharaoh must be proficient in the arcane art. Speaking of things we’ve hardly seen,” She stepped towards me. We were at about eye level with one another. With lightning speed she grabbed my chin with one hand. Her fur was soft to the touch but her claws were sharp, slightly piercing my flesh as she forced my mouth open, “I have not seen many pale men in my time. Your skin is quite… exotic,” She panted, “Good teeth, and despite the sweat you do not smell terrible. Quite the handsome man,” She purred, grinning at me.
	“You… uh… are… you smell good too,” I said nervously, my words mumbled and slurred due to her gripping and caressing my chin.
	She was stunned by my words before stepping away, “N-no!” She stomped her foot and pouted as her regal tone completely evaporated from her voice, “You are supposed to call me pretty! Serenade me with your words!”
	“W-well… uh…” I shuffled my feet sheepishly.
	She groaned and regained her posture, “Never mind. We shall continue as if you had. I require mana, boy. You made me spend mine and I must give all the mana I can to the Supreme Pharoah. I shall make you my conduit and through our time together we will awaken my master!”
	“You… planned this out?” I asked with a hoarse voice.
	“Of course!” Again, the regal tone was gone, “I spent EONS in that coffin sleeping! Of course I day dreamed about this! Where were we…”
	“You… said something about mana?” I hadn’t thought of mana since the last time I played Diablo Two. Admittedly that was only a few months ago.
	“Ah. Yes. You will provide mana for me. Come,” She ordered. My feet moved at her commanding words. I was taken through her sarcophagus chamber. The mummies were cleaning it up and bringing real furniture out of a closet. I was led into the next room which was a regal throne room. There was a large stone throne with a white carpet extending down some stairs toward another door, this was stone and seemed to be sealed, “Sit. Warm my throne for me,” She smirked.
	“Sure,” I nodded and sat down on the large cushion in the seat. I put my hands on the armrests and soon found I could not remove them. My legs wouldn’t move either, “What’s going on?”
	“You will make a fine husband,” She announced as she dropped the robes off of herself and handed the staff to a nearby mummy. Next her breasts were revealed to me, spilling out and showing me their glistening caramel brown, bouncing form. Finally she removed her thong.
	“Oh! You’re doing that thing! What did your leaders call it? Proactive dating?” My heart pounded with anticipation, “Sweet! I’ve been waiting for this!”
	“W-wait!” Her tone shifted again as she handed her clothes over to the mummy who quickly left, “Can you not just PRETEND that you are going to fight back?”
	“You… want me to struggle?”
	“Of course! Every mamano wants that!” She sighed and stepped up to me and undid my belt, “We are doing this anyways. Come on, get into character!” The anubis threw my pants aside and slapped her own face. Next she began to undo the buttons on my long sleeve shirt, “Such nice, manly muscles,” With a purr, she began to run her hands over my chest. I shuddered at the strange sensation as she caressed my body, “Already hard, hm? You must be eager to praise your goddess.”
	I nodded eagerly, my member already throbbing in my underwear, “Yes!”
	She gave me a look, “In character, remember?” 
	“Right. Um. I’ll never submit to you, woman?”
	“Good, good. You are getting it,” She ran her fingers through my hair playfully as she praised me. With a hand to her mouth she cleared her throat, “Oh, boy. Tsk. Tsk. I will show you that I am undeniable! Your heart, soul, and body will all submit to me!” My underwear was removed. She paused for a few moments as she stared at my penis, “Uh,” She swallowed. I couldn’t tell if it was her nerves or her excitement that made her pause. After a few moments, she once more cleared her throat, “This member will… be a fine tribute,” With one hand, she stroked me, her large fluffy fingers feeling down to my balls and up to the head of my penis. I groaned in pleasure after only a few moments. I could see glistening liquid on her thick, inner thighs. With a long, deep breath and an exhale, she climbed on top of me, her back to me. Her rear was in my lap and her hot, wet pussy was pressing against my cock. She started to grind, both of us shuddering and panting as we shared in the ecstasy. The anubis stopped quickly as she moaned loudly. Her hand grabbed my wet shaft and stood it up before piercing herself with my member. Her tail wagged violently and happily, blowing my short hair off my forehead as she slowly rose up and brought herself back down, “Oh, god,” She groaned.
	“Yeah, you can call me that,” I teased her. She said nothing, in response she only increased the speed in her fucking. Her legs brushed against mine as she grabbed my wrists for stability andshe began to quickly ride me. We both threw our heads back in unison as we both got closer and closer to climax. 
The anubis suddenly threw one leg up and put it straight up as she rotated just above my member before coming back down on it, now facing me. Her arms wrapped around my neck as her slamming against my hips reached top speeds, the lovely goddess of the sands whimpered in my ear as she started to shudder and her ears flattened against her head. I could feel the same pressure building as my orgasm neared. She gasped and bit her lips as her pussy quaked, clamping on my member as I started to cum in her. I moaned loudly as I splurted, one load after another into her womb as she slowly continued to ride me, forcing as much as she could out of me. We both sighed as we cuddled in the post sex heat. Her tail continued to wag before she kissed me on the cheek, “That was… nice…” Her face was almost entirely flush.
	I smirked, my hands and legs were now free. I pushed her bangs out of her face and stared into her gorgeous brown eyes, “What was I supposed to say earlier? You’re beautiful?” I kissed her on her full, plump lips.
	“Perhaps we can role play together again sometime,” She kissed me back, using her tongue to flick against mine as her big paws stroked my head, “I can sense people outside my-- our tomb. Should I kick up a sandstorm and make them go away?”
	“It's just the rest of the expedition,” I shook my head, “They’re gonna want to take a look around and I might have to go back to the school.”
	“No, your place is here. I do not mind if they look around but they may not take my husband. I give them a week before they find the entrance. Until then, we will have wonderful nights full of passion, my sweet husband~” She purred before kissing me again, “Would you like to use the throne again or shall we head to the bed? Perhaps the sarcophagi?”
	I shrugged, “Your choice. Uh, goddess.”
	She grinned, “I am so happy that I will not have to spend my nights alone anymore. I love you, husband.”
	“Love you too,” I smiled back before she picked me up and giddily led me back to the bedroom.

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