I gripped the hilt of my mace as I prepared to open the think oak double doors. The demon priestesses throne room was just on the other side. I could hear the sound of bone on stone beyond, animated skeletons. I adjusted my chain and leather armor and shook myself. This would be our final battle. I would not lose. I kicked the door down, flattening three skeletons trying to hold the door closed. I saw her, the priestess. She wore a short black dress with a good sized breast window, that revealed her large breasts. She played with her short white hair while staring at me with her black sclera and red pupiled eyes. Her bare legs were crossed in front of her. She bit her red colored bottom lip and spoke, “Oh, no. The hero is here to stop me! End him my skeletal minions!”
	Her skeletons rattled towards me. Twenty of them. I smashed the skull of one of them with my mace and shattered the spine of another with my shield. I waded through piles of bones as I ended their unlife. I made it to the demon’s throne. She looked up at me, “Surrender, priestess,” I commanded.
	“Oh, Mr. Hero. You must be tired from your adventure. Come,” She stood and grabbed my wrist. I let myself be dragged along through a set of red silk curtains that I hadn’t noticed before. I was led into a dimly lit bedchamber, she sat me down on the bed. She gently removed my armor while whispering into my ears, “Use me, Mr. Hero. I am yours,” She rubbed my crotch and nibbled my ear. I was stripped naked, the priestess gasped as my erection was revealed, “Such a large, girthy sword, Mr. Hero. Please, put it to good use.”
	She grasped the shaft and slowly moved her hand up and down. I had no control over my own body, I was putty in her hands. Her lips locked with mine, giving me a light smooch. She grabbed the back of my head with her other hand and pulled me into a deep kiss, her warm tongue explored my mouth before gently grazing against my tongue. She pulled back again, a strand of saliva running between our panting mouths. Before I could act, she pushed me onto the bed. I watched her remove her dress revealing her nude body. She ran her finger nails up my chest as she climbed on top of me, gently rubbing herself against me. She moaned quietly and I could feel how wet she was already. She grasped my sword once more and stood it up. I grabbed her hips and pulled her down onto it. Her warm wet pussy squeezed around my cock, begging me to orgasm. I thrust into her, causing her to moan loudly. She leaned forward and pressed her large breasts against my chest. Her warm, soft skin felt heavenly between my hands and against my own skin.
	She wrapped her arms around my neck and held on tight as I thrust into her repeatedly, the pace increasing rapidly. I felt her clamp around me as she orgasmed, begging me to come inside of her. I ceased my heroic thrusting for a moment to wrap my arms around her and roll us over so I was on top. I continued my righteous pounding now in the missionary position, as God had intended. We kept our eyes locked before her eyes rolled up as we both neared climax, “Give me your holy seed, Anon!” She screamed as she orgasmed again, bringing me to orgasm as well. With one last mighty thrust, my sword spilled the last of the desired seed. We lay in eachothers’ arms as we gasped for air. She looked into my eyes and smiled, “I love you, Anon.”

	I woke up. My body and mind felt like I hadn’t slept at all. My crotch was moist. Another vivid sex dream ending with me splooging in my underwear. It was with the same chick every time too. Almost always ended with her telling me she loves me too. I looked at my phone. 5:30. I didn’t have to head off for class for a while, but I wanted to clean myself up. I headed to the restroom and looked at myself in the mirror, disgusted with myself. I noticed a red smudge on my chin. I assumed it was dried blood but when I felt the substance it was a sort of slick glossy material. At first glance I thought it was  I shook my head, just imagining things. 

	I slowly walked to class in the morning, the sleepless nights were taking their toll on me. My friend Max quickly ran up behind me and slapped me on the back, “Yo, Anon,” He greeted me with a smile. I tried to smile back at him, “Bro, you look like shit.”
	“Yeah. I feel like shit too,” I told him.
	“Dude those dreams sounded awesome until you started feeling like ass.”
	I gave him a glare, “I have no idea what to do boss.”
“Just wake yourself up from the dream,” Max suggested.
“How the hell do I do that?”
“When that chick comes out to suck your dick, just tell yourself that its a dream and you need to wake up!” 
I looked at him like he was retarded, “What?”
“That’s what I do when my lucid dreams start to go south,” He shrugged, “Just figure out what works for you, dude.”
“Sure, fine. I’ll try it. Anything to fix this shit.”
“Or you know, send her my way,” He joked.

I dreaded trying to sleep. It was only nine but my I felt like I’d pass out at any moment. I looked down at my sleeping arrangement, currently just a mat on the floor with four pillows and three blankets. I was trying anything to get some good sleep including changing what I’m sleeping on. I changed into some soft pajamas and got into bed. I passed out almost as soon as my head hit the pillow.

I was wandering around a large estate. The gothic architecture and vintage wood floors were definitely to my taste. A butler came by and handed me a glass of dark red wine in a crystal skull glass. Classy. I walked into a library and wandered past rows of books. I set the glass down and picked up a book. It was all erotic fiction. Some characters, although not explicitly stated to be me, were either named after me or the description of them matched me pretty well. All these books were roughly 600 pages long. I quickly put the books back and quickly left the library. I told myself that this was a dream. I entered a hallway of what seemed to be bedrooms.  
“Master Anon~” A voice called from a bedroom. I peeked inside and saw a girl with blonde hair, pale skin and piercing blue eyes. “Master, your faithful maid is here to serve you,” She was wearing french maid style outfit that hardly concealed her breasts and lady bits. She was standing next to a large bed. I was overcome with the same feeling as last time. I lost control of my limbs as I confidently strided towards her. I kept telling myself that it was all a dream and that I needed to wake up. She rubbed my crotch through my expensive pants.
As she started to undo my clothing, I finally gained some control of myself, I felt my body sag from exhaustion, “Stop,” I pleaded.
She looked up at me with surprise, she backed off immediately, “Y-y-you want me to s-stop?” She stammered, disbelief on her face, “But haven't I been making you feel good?”
“Huh?” I mumbled, startled by the desperation in her voice.
I woke up.

There was a weight on my chest. I looked down to see person lying on me, I reached over and turned my lamp on. The person quickly woke up and looked at me with yellow eyes. She put a hood up over her shoulder length silver hair. She had tears in her eyes. She scrambled to get off of me. I was surprised how much she towered over me. Looking down I was shocked to see her waist turn into the body of a silver-purple horse with purple flamed hooves. She looked around in a panic. Her gaze settled at something to my left. Without thinking, I dove for it. I hit my head on the metal object and grabbed it. I stood up with my prize and looked at her. I had been inches away from impaling myself on the scythe I now held in my hands. She looked at me, “G-give that back!” She yelled with tears in her eyes.
“Shh!” I tried to quiet her down, my family was still asleep. Surprisingly, she complied. She stared down at her feet- or hooves I guess, her face was red with embarrassment, “Who- What are you?” I asked quietly.
“I am a nightmare,” she whispered. “Marie.”
“Have you been visiting me in my sleep?”
“Why? Why have you been tormenting me?”
“I was trying to make you feel good. I feed off of your dreams,” She looked ashamed.
I thought for a few moments, confused. Was I still sleeping? I pinched myself. No, awake. I had a real life monster standing before me. I spoke before thinking, “Are you... a demon?” 
“Am- Am I that ugly?” Tears rolled down her face as she began to sob.
“No! No!” I tried to comfort her, “You’re very pretty.”
“You’re lying,” She whispered through tears.
“Here,” I offered her the scythe. She slowly took it from me and looked up at me, confused. I grabbed her in a hug and pressed my lips against hers. She yelped as I grabbed her and dropped the scythe. She was already panting with ecstasy. She grabbed my hips with a surprisingly hard grip and grinded against my crotch. She pulled my pants down and got on her knees. She started hungrily sucking on my erection. It felt better than it ever had in my dreams even though she was much worse in real life. I ran my hand through her feathery hair as her head moved back and forth. She quickly got me to cum in her mouth and on her face.
She looked up at me, even more hunger and lust in her eyes than before. I could feel my own lust building as well as she silently pleaded with me to violate her. I had no control as I gave into her pleas. I got on my knees behind her. Her pussy already leaking with fluid. As soon as the tip of my penis was inserted, she tried to move backwards to force more of my member inside of her. I thrust into her as she moaned loudly. Despite her being larger than me, her pussy was extremely tight and hot. It was almost difficult to thrust into her despite how wet she was. I gripped her body tightly as both of us moaned 
After only a minute her body shuddered and her pussy contracted nearly crushing my cock as she orgasmed. Even after she orgasmed once, she kept trying to get more of my shaft inside of her. I kept thrusting, trying to sate both of our lust. I kept thrusting to the hilt each time, letting pleasure wash over me. Marie moaned my name and kept pushing herself against me. I slapped her as and started thrusting quickly. Her loud moans kept pushing me to thrust even faster and harder. 
She orgasmed again a few minutes later, this time she coaxed an orgasm out of me as well. We were both incredibly loud as I came inside. I gently pulled myself out and saw my seed leak out of her. She turned back to face me. Both of us were sweating, panting messes. I flopped onto my back. She crawled over to me and started licking and cleaning the cum off my shaft. She started sucking again, hungrily trying to get me to orgasm again.
I lie back and let her do her work. She switched to using her hands on my already lubricated shaft. I was almost too much pleasure in a short time. I moaned and as she worked her hand up and down. The other hand was massaging the tip of the penis. I shuddered as I got close to cumming. She smiled at me, “Cum for me Anon,” I did as she asked. Relaxing and letting her make me orgasm again. I blew my hot liquid on the both of us. I passed out from exhaustion again.

I woke up to my alarm. Marie wasn’t here. I felt energised for the first time in a few months. I quickly dismissed last night as nothing more than a dream. I looked around, the mess in the room telling me otherwise. I was a mess, covered in what I assumed was Marie’s saliva. I got up to clean myself off before class. The only thing I had on my mind was Marie. After a quick shower and getting dressed I started to head downstairs. I stopped myself. We were loud as hell last night. How would I explain it to my parents and brother? I took a deep breath and walked downstairs. No one said anything out of the ordinary to me. Confused, I ate breakfast and headed to class.

“Yo, Anon!” Max called out as he approached. He held his hand out for fist bump.
“Hey dude,” I reciprocated the bump.
“You look awake for the first time in ages! You wake yourself up?”
I hesitated, unsure how to tell him about Marie, “Oh, yeah man. I told her off and I woke up.”
“Nice!” He slapped me on the back, “You gonna try lucid dreaming soon?”
“I’m sick of dreams right now. I just want to sleep Max.”
“Alright, alright. Just let me know, I’ve got a bunch of tips for you.”

I was up late working on a paper. I should have started it sooner but the exhaustion had stopped me. It was two AM when I finished it. Thank god I had no class the next day. I turned it in and spun my chair around, fists in the air. I heard a quiet giggle. I stopped and looked towards my bed. Marie was here. She gave me a nervous smile, “Good evening, Anon.”
“Hey,” I got up and got changed quickly. I was hoping she would come back.
“How was class today?”
“Fine. How was whatever you do?”
“It was good, thank you. Is-Is there any acts I can perform for you?” She stared at my crotch when she asked that.
“Not tonight. Just let me sleep,” I flopped down and let Marie lie next to me. Her horse body hardly had enough room here, “Goodnight,” I yawned.
“Goodnight Anon. I love you,” She rested her head on my chest, just below my chin and gently hugged me.
I smiled at her, wrapped my arms around her and kissed the top of her head. I fell asleep quickly.

	I had another dream that night, definitely brought on by Marie. I was back in that house from last night. I wandered the halls again. I passed the library again and decided to walk through. I found the glass of wine I had left there last night. I opened up the books again and found wholesome romance stories. There were still lewd scenes, of course. The same faceless butler as last time approached me, “The mistress requests your presence,” He told me, “Follow me, please.”
	I nodded and put the book back. I followed him through the halls to a wing of this manor I had never been to. The architecture was surreal and dreamlike. Sometimes we would walk down a hallway, take a right into a room, then take another right in that room to end up in a straight hallway. It felt like I was on a tour rather than heading to one place. The gothic architecture was still stellar. The skulls in the stonework was a little too much for me, but the dark reds and wood floors made up for it. All the stoneworks made me think this was more like a castle. Could use more swords and axes on the walls, though. The only thing that really disturbed me was the various paintings made of me. Me in armor holding a lance. Me in wizard robes with a staff and book. I admit, some were absolutely badass. It was just weird to see. 
	I finally arrived in the dining room. It was a long wooden table with ornate wooden chairs. The red curtains were open revealing the night sky. A woman I assumed was Marie sat at the far end. This form was similar to the demon priestess from a few nights ago, “Hello Anon~” She called out to me.
	I walked over to her and took the seat next to her, “What’s with the demon form?”
	“You like cool, confident, sexy girls right?” She asked.
	“Well, yeah. But I’d rather you just be you.”
	She blushed, “D-do you mean that? B-but I’m not any of those things,” She began stammering. 
	“You don’t need to put on an act for me. Just be you. Unless roleplay is your fetish or something, that’s a different story if it is,” I gave a small laugh and the eyebrow raise.
	“Okay. If that’s what you want,” She scooter her chair out and stood up.
	“If you’re not comfortable being you then I understand, uh, not being you.”
	“No, no. You want me to be me so I will,” With little more than the wave of her hand, she changed forms to her centaur form. Rather than the purple cloak she wore in reality she had a purple sundress on. Her cute dress and embarrassment made my heart beat a little faster, “Are you pleased?” She asked.
	“Yes, thank you. Can I ask you something else?” The butler came out of a door and poured wine for the two of us.
	“Of course, Anon,” She gave me a wary smile.
	“What is this place? This castle?” I looked around at the architecture again. 
	“You could call it a dream home. A sort of reflection of my own desires... Which is why it is adorned with paintings of you,” she explained sheepishly.
	“I’m a big fan of the architecture here. The paintings are a little weird, but everything else makes up for it.”
	She sighed, a look of relief on her face, “I was afraid you would hate it,” Food was brought out by a second faceless being. It looked like some kind of filet mignon with a side salad, “I hope you enjoy the food, Anon.”
	It was delicious. I woke up soon after eating.

	I woke up without Marie by my side again. The initial disappointment eventually faded and I got out of bed. I felt energized once more. I got back on the computer and got to work on homework. Sadness on top of sadness was difficult to work through, but I got it done. As soon as I turned in my last assignment I heard a voice behind me, “All done, Anon?”
	I turned around quickly, Marie stood behind me. Surprisingly, on two legs this time. She was wearing that sundress again, “Marie?”
	“Mhm. Here to spend the day with you Anon~” She smiled at me.
	I looked at her lower half, “What happened to your legs?”
	“Oh-- do you not like it?” She pulled her dress down trying to cover her now human legs.
	“You’re cute no matter what you do,” I blinked, “I don’t know how you’ve made me fall for you so quickly. Or how you changed your legs.”
	“M-magic... and having sex with you in your sleep,” She explained quickly.
	“Like a magic stockholm syndrome?”
“No! Well, a little,” She looked down, ashamed, “I’m sorry.”
I pulled her against me and hugged her, “Don’t apologize,” She hugged me back slowly, “Hey, I’ve got a few more questions,” I let go of her and waited for her to let go of me.
“Yes?” She finally stopped clinging to me and sat on the bed.
“Are there more like you? Nightmares?” I sat next to her and wrapped my arm around her shoulders.
She paused for a moment, “I don’t believe another nightmare came to this world when we did, but one could be another here now.”
“What do you mean by we?”
“A group of other monsters and I all came from our home realm to here to assess how things are here.”
“And now you just spend time with me?”
“I have done all I can for the mission. I am now trying to become strong enough to aid in opening a portal on this realm back home.”
“I feel like I should be concerned about this, but whatever charm you’ve got on me is making me hope it happens soon.”
She got offended by that comment, “I am not forcing you to love me! Your spirit energy and my mana are very compatible. Your body craves me just as mine craves you,” She frowned at me.
“Sorry, sorry,” I kissed her on the cheek to try and calm her. It worked, “Thank you for answering my questions. Is there anything I can do to help you?”
“Well, I-I know one thing... ” She started to climb onto my lap. She kept looking at me like I was going to tell her no. I didn’t. Marie placed her plump behind on my crotch. She leaned down and pressed her lips against mine. Her tongue and mine met, desperate to taste each other, “Use me, Anon. Give me more of your energy, Anon,” She panted, a strand of saliva between our mouths.
	“My whole family is home, Marie. We should wait.”
	“They won’t hear us,” She went back to invading my mouth with her tongue. I shrugged and grabbed her ass, giving it a good squeeze. She moaned and began grinding against my crotch. She pulled away from me again and lifted up her dress revealing she wasn’t wearing any panties. I pulled my pajamas down and adjusted my position. Marie skipped the formalities and foreplay and slammed herself down on my shaft. I grabbed her hips and started thrusting. Her hot, tight pussy squeezed around my shaft urging me to continue. She wrapped her arms around my neck, her head right next to mine. I could hear her moans and gasps in my ear. I leaned forwards nibbled on her ear. 
“Ah! Anon! I’m-- Ah!” I could feel her body shudder as she slammer herself down on me one more time as she orgasmed. She nearly shouted as she orgasmed. Her iron grip around my neck nearly crushed my windpipe. I paused momentarily, letting her catch her breath. I slowly began thrusting again. Marie took the lead, grabbing my shoulders and pushing me back. She greedily pushed herself down onto my cock, trying to get me deeper and deeper each time. I reached up and fondled her breasts. I rubbed her nipples a little bit causing her to grip my shoulders tighter and increasing the pace of her riding. I could feel myself getting close to climaxing. I could tell Marie was getting close too from the way her moans increased in pitch and volume. She looked down into my eyes, pumping up and down on me, “Cum in me, Anon-- Ah!” Her pussy clamped down on me again, making me orgasm as well. We both held onto each other, breathing heavily.
“I love you Marie,” I told her, hugging her close.
“I love you too Anon.”

A few weeks later, the rest of the monsters came through.

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