Scraps from my unused stories

A collection of drafts from stories that never came to be for one reason or another. I’ll list them with their names and any comments I have. These are presented with little to no changes and in newest to oldest order. I hope you enjoy reading through these scraps!


	I stomped through the rain, pulling my trench coat tighter around me as I ducked my head down. I watched an officer roughly pull a man from his truck. The hellhound started barking questions at him at a rapid pace as the man shrunk away, terrified of the hound woman and her minotaur partner. They looked pissed about something, but I didn’t bother to stick around and find out what it was about. 

As long as you did what they wanted, monster girls weren’t so bad. 

In a few moments, I knew I was going to be gobblin’ that ass.

“Swords to Plowshares”

	In the old age, before the time when mamano ruled these lands, or the current Demon Lord took her throne, during the reign of the old Lord of Demons, there was an age of horrible strife. Most races of man were hounded by various demons. Heroes of all races rose to fell foul beasts, monsters, and all manner of unspeakable horror. While most heroes did not etch their names into the metaphorical hall of heroes, most left their mark in one way or another. Saving others, transporting vital cargo, or passing on their training and skills to other would be heroes. When passing on their skills, training, and teaching some lineages would pass down weapons as well. Staves, bows, spell books, shields, and most importantly: swords. 
	One such sword, The 

“Gremlin Mechanic”

I shuddered as the commander stepped up to me, a large salamander with an eyepatch over one eye. She looked me over as I stood at attention, “Clean fatigues. Polished boots,” She grabbed the pin on my shirt pocket and adjusted it slightly, “And you even put this in the right spot,” She still gave me the same blank, expressionless look she had given everyone else when she chewed them out. Man and mamano, neither were spared from her ire. She scowled as I was a little too nervous to say anything, “Come on, speak, private.”
	“T-thank you, ma’am,” I stammered out.
	She nodded, “Quiet and you follow orders. UNLIKE THE REST OF YOUR PLATOON!” She turned away as she shouted in irritation at everyone else, “Get your ass down to mechanics and do whatever Warren tells you,” She put another pin on my shirt by the other one. It had a wrench on it, “And I had better not see you as clean as I do now when you’re done for the day.”
	“I-- uh--”
	“MOVE, PRIVATE, MOVE!” She shouted, making me turn heel and hurry out of the barracks. 

	My trek across the grounds was simple thanks to all the signs. Platoons and squads trained, ran laps, whatever else out here. I was fresh in the military, monster girls had shown up, taken over most everything and were not bringing on new recruits in case the countries they left free decided to rebel against their new masters. I still wasn’t sure why I joined. The benefits and pay were nice, so I couldn’t complain much. There were a bunch of powerful girls around so that was another plus. 

This one turned into ‘Snow White Love’ eventually. I’m pretty glad I went in the other direction.

	I growled as I slowly rumbled down the dark road in my little car. The engine sputtered as it tried to keep going, but the cold was getting to my old beater. Even with a cheap demon mana engine rather than a diesel, it struggled just as much. Snow fell in large clumps on the windshield, my wipers were hardly able to keep up as the glass fogged up on the inside. The broken ac spewed nothing but mildly warm dust at me as I tried to keep the road visible. I couldn't see shit due to the snow falling in front of me, the snow piling up on the road, my window fogging and my horrible headlights. I was starting to doubt if I'd make it home in one piece tonight.
	"C'mon, girl," I mumbled to my car as the fuel indicator hit one eighth, "We can make it, we--"
	With one final, loud cough, my headlights and the rumbling engine went out. With the last of my momentum, I carefully brought the car to the shoulder of the road and put it in park. I was in the dark. I shivered as the cold slowly started to creep into my already cold car. I whimpered as I started to shiver. 
Staying here didn't seem to be an option, I only had a thick wool lined hoodie and jeans on, “No, it won’t snow, Anon,” I mimicked my own mother mockingly, “Just because a bunch of snow monster girls moved in and its forty degrees in the middle of summer doesn’t mean it might snow on your way home from college! I’m gonna kill her if I die out here,” I hissed to myself before checking my phone. Cellular was completely out. I sighed, “I’ll come back for ya, girl,” I told my car as I pat the dash. I didn’t know how far it was to the next town, but that seemed like my only chance at warmth. Last I checked, my car had said twenty degrees out. I pulled my coat around me and hopped out, a frigid blast of air making me shudder and cause my teeth to start chattering. I put my hood up and pulled the strings tight before I started to trudge through the deep snow. I was desperate to get to civilization and warmth as quickly as possible, I knew the road I had been traveling curved back to go around the woods. I decided the woods would be faster and started to venture into the darkness of the trees. 
	I shambled through the darkness for a time, running into bushes and trees as the snow blinded me. I had no direction to follow, but I was quickly becoming too lost to make it back to the road. The cold was becoming unbearable, I was almost numb to it now. I groaned, the cold was sapping the strength from me. I tried to keep moving but my ankle hit something, sending me face first into the snow. I was fading quickly, but I finally felt some warmth. I closed my eyes, maybe sleeping was a good idea? Yeah, just sleep the cold off, I told myself before closing my eyes. 

	My eyes opened slowly as I was jostled around. I was flipped onto my back as someone with big, warm hands gripped my wrist, “Faint,” The mumbled to themself with a very soft, and sweet sounding feminine voice, “But alive.”
	She scooped me up and started to carry me in her arms as she hurried through the snow. Despite being ankle deep, it didn’t seem to slow her down at all, “Are you an angel?” Was all I could mumble out at her. My eyes stung from being full of snow and water, I couldn’t even get a good look at her.
	“Oh, you’re awake!” She laughed, “I’m surprised, really. Who knows how long you’ve been face down in that snow bank,” I said nothing as I started to shiver again, “You poor thing,” She sighed, “We’re almost there, just hang in there!” I nodded at her sweet words as I lay limp in her grasp. 
I couldn’t tell how much time had passed before I felt her move me to being carried in one arm. There was a long ziiiiip noise before I was hastily deposited on the ground. Unlike where I had been laying before, it wasn’t wet and cold. In fact, I was a little warm now. The woman climbed in and stripped herself down as she removed two layers of coats from herself. I felt a surge of warmth as she clicked a dial on something on the far end of the tent, “Just relax,” She instructed as she grabbed the zipper of my coat and pulled it down, “You won’t get any warmer in frozen clothes,” She chuckled as she helped me remove it. She tossed a towel on my face which I gladly used to dry myself as she removed my shoes and socks. I still felt just as cold, unfortunately, but every time she ran her big, soft hands over a part of me, I felt much warmer.
	I wiped the water out of my eyes and set it aside. Although I was still shivering and my teeth were of my eyes and turned towards my savior. She was gorgeous, with caramel brown skin and blue eyes that stared at me amongst the other soft and beautiful features of her face. Her plump lips gave me a worried smile. She grabbed my arm with a big fluffy hand covered in white fur. It felt so soft and luxurious as she simply checked my pulse again. She used her other hand to brush her short white hair out of her face, “How are you feeling?”
	I stared at her dumbly for a few moments, my brain was still waking up as I shivered again, “You are an angel…” I mumbled at her with a little smile.
	Her cheeks turned red and she avoided eye contact with me, “Haha,” She sheepishly chuckled, “Look, your pants are frozen too. I’m gonna have to pull them off. L-let’s not be weird about this, okay? I’m just trying to help you warm up,” With surprising dexterity, her big hands undid my belt and started to shimmy my cold, frozen pants off of me, “Thank the Maou your underwear is dry,” She sighed before grabbing a thick blanket and wrapping me in it. Next, she grabbed my burrito’d form and plopped me down on a little stool. I kept shivering but I was definitely improving, “Alright,” The woman breathed a loud sigh as she removed the last of her snow clothes. She went down to just a sports bra and tight yoga pants. I could see her toned abs with a few beads of sweat running down them. She plopped down onto her sleeping mat and looked up at me, “What’s your name, champ?”
	“Uh… Anon,” I mumbled out with a shiver, “Y-yours?”
	“Ada,” She gave me a look, “What the hell were you doing in the snow in JEANS, Anon?”
	I sniffled, “Car broke down. It was either die of cold in the car or try to make it to town and maybe die of cold,” I shuddered again, “I’m so damn stupid,” I slowly added as the last of the fog left my mind. The cold stung, my body was still heating up and I felt awful. I started to whimper as I realised just how close I had come to death.
	“You poor thing. C’mere,” Without asking, the woman grabbed me and pulled me onto her lap. She was bigger than me, probably six and a half feet tall so her chin was on my scalp. As soon as her big fluffy arms wrapped around me, I felt like the ice inside me was melting. Warmth finally spread throughout my core. I found myself leaning back into her to get more of her heat, “It’s, uh, gonna be cold tonight. 

“Yeti thing I guess”

Carol frowned as she placed her big fluffy hand on her husband’s forehead. He writhed from his discomfort and the added heat of his wife’s natural power, “Oh, sugar,” Carol whimpered as she gently caressed her head. She hesitantly removed her hand as he moaned and shifted in discomfort, “You’re burning up.”
	He gave her a weak smile, “Sorry, fluffy,” He tried to sit up, “But you’re gonna have to take a raincheck on date night.”

“A Tiger’s Stripes”

Kimiko laid her hand on Calvin’s forehead. Despite the striped tiger fur on her hand, she could feel her husband’s heat quite well, “Fever,” She told him simply. 
	“I’m telling you,” Calvin grunted as a shudder wracked his body, “I-I’m fine,” Despite the cocoon of blankets around him, he still felt cold. 
	“You never were a good liar, my dear,” Kimiko found his cellphone and navigated to his contacts. He frowned at her but lay still, not wanting to fight with her. She dialed his work and explained to his boss that he had fallen ill. She again stared at her husband. He looked so weak and frail as he lay there, “Poor boy,” She grunted as she stroked his hair.
	He didn’t resist his wife’s touch, “You should get the kids up. You’ve gotta head to work soon, don’t you?”

“Bridgett Turns into a dragon”

Gwen pulled up to the large manor. Her husband, Theodore, was half asleep in the passenger seat. He had managed the twins, Ross and Samantha nearly all night. The three year olds were a handful. Not to mention their eleven year old. While the female of the twins was a weresheep just like her mother, the eleven year old, Bridgett, was a dragon. Green scales, sharp claws and hair matching her father’s. Her blue eyes matched her biological mother. Gwen shook herself, she didn’t need to think about Emily right now, “Mom! Mom!” Bridgett called from the back seat in between her younger siblings. Bridgett was huge for her age, “There’s Miss Kimiko!” She excitedly announced as she pointed to the front door at the huge samurai. 
	“And Maxine. I just know you love her!” Gwen laughed as her daughter’s face turned pale. The witch was standing proudly on the porch in her usual black robes and witch hat with her massive jinko bodyguard 
	“A-And you’re gonna leave my babies with her?” Bridgett whimpered as she got protective of her younger siblings. Gwen couldn’t explain why Bridgett was afraid at just the sight of the witch. 

“Druid Dad”
Green text I never finished.

>Be me
>Love my two sons and my wife
>Love my store too
>My dad passed it down to me when he croaked
>Keep it alive for his memory
>Sell outdoors stuff
>Not guns, that shits too much of a hassle in the new regime
>Monster girls or mamano or whatever came through those portals a few months back
>Took over
>Don’t give a shit
>Reason one: they’re hot
>Reason two: crime rate is way down
>Reason three: they don’t steal shit from my shop
>Reason four: did I tell you they’re hot?
>Sitting in my store, reading newspaper
>Look up as I hear an impact on my glass door
>Monster for sure
>Small and wearing a green cloak
>Two more girls behind her, also wearing green cloaks with the hoods up
>One of them is bright enough to open the door
>The smart one takes her hood off 
>Kinda small red oni
>Recognize her, she has the hots for my eldest son
>Poor girl, the boy hardly knows she exists
>Grunt at her in greeting
>Her small friend immediately knocks over some planting pots
>Grunt again, telling her that she’s paying for anything she breaks
>She removes the hood, apologising profusely
>Tiny elf girl, looks nearly in tears over it
>Third girl, some kind of bee girl tried to calm her down
>Oni chats me up, asking about first son
>Humor her, but I’m not giving much info about him
>If she wants him she’ll have to take him
>The three bring a few things to the front
>Gardening shit mostly
>Fine by me
>And the pot the elf cracked
>More than happy to pay for it
>Bought two more too
>They leave and leave me alone to close up shop
>Close up
>Drive home
>Step out of car
>Lawns looking shitty
>Nothing I do works
>Grass is dying and the plants never grow well
>Frown at it
>Trudge inside and find my wife waiting for me
>Same thing she’s always on about
>Sell my store 
>Sell the house
>Move out of town
>Give her my reasons for staying, leaving out the first and fourth reasons
>Throw in a few made up ones to bring it home
>Continues to shriek at me
>Give up and get myself a beer
>If she wasn’t going to work, maybe she could cook at least
>Damn woman
>Did I say I loved her?
>That might’ve been a lie
>She finally leaves me alone and I’m left alone
>Damn yard
>Gotta fix that shit

“Drake and Josh”

	“Yeah, just gotta go get the--” Josh stopped as he walked into the thin wooden wall of the tree house him and his wife were building, “Honey,” He started as he stared into the wooden wall.
“Hm?” His wife Megan gave him a quizzical and smug look. She was a beautiful and proud woman with beautiful leathery wings for arms, long grey hair and horns coming out of her lovely head. A drake. 
“Where’s the door hole?” He asked with an upset expression as he folded his arms.
	“Its right there, we drew it in with a magic marker,” The drake smiled. 
	Josh sighed, “You were supposed to cut it out with the power saw!” He growled in annoyance, unsure if his wife had done this with malicious intent or she was actually just scatter brained.
	“I’m gonna!” She huffed and gently flapped her wings.
	“Oh really!?”
	“Yes!” She snapped.
	Josh paused and angrily swallowed the saliva in his mouth to keep himself from yelling at his lovely wife, “Then go get the power saw.”
	“Okay I will!” She grumbled angrily before walking face first into the same thin wall Josh had. She pressed her little talons against the wood as she tried to get the drawn on door to open. She swung around to her husband with a look of fear on her face, “I see the problem,” She whimpered.
	“Oh, do ya!?” Josh cried out in agony as a bit of anger came out in his voice.
	Megan shrunk away from him, “H-how do we get out of here?”
	“C-can you go out the window and glide down?” 
	She shook her head, “My boobs are too big!” They had made the windows small on purpose so their drake daughters couldn’t fly out of them and hurt themselves, “I could smash down the wall so we could get out!”
	Josh groaned and stuck his head out the window and prayed any of his kids were outside. They weren’t. The eldest drake must be keeping them inside as the younger kids would have probably played with the powertools. He turned back to his wife just in time to watch her run across the small treehouse and slam herself in the wall, “Megan!” Josh shouted as he ran to her. She fell onto her back, her nose bleeding a bit of blood.
	“What do we do!?” Megan asked as she started to panic. 
	“Calm down, we’ll get out. We just need to--”
	“I need more strength,” Megan grunted as she got up and leapt at her husband. Her claws adeptly tore at his shirt and pants. 

“Some Kind of Torture”

	“Is that it? The end of us?” Bill mused angrily as he threw his weapon on the ground. Everyone in the room tested their weapons. None of them even clicked as people racked the slides and pulled the triggers. Everyone just put them down, all we had now was knives. Not even everyone in the room had them. Bill looked at the screens as guards, soldiers and civilians were all run through by the torrent that was the mamano forces. Anne turned off the screens. Bill started shouting at her and she screamed back. I slid to the floor with my head in my hands. I wasn’t a soldier, I was only a civilian. I had only come into the command room to deliver some supplies when the mamano forces ambushed our little town. The outer walls were shattered by long, heavily scaled and armored snake girls and massive demonic spider girls wielding wicked clubs. They did very little damage to the buildings inside the outer walls.
	A loud wailing was heard, “SURRENDER NOW, ‘RESISTANCE’ FIGHTERS,” The loud, regal, sultry voice said resistance in a mocking tone, “IF YOU LAY DOWN YOUR ARMS YOU WILL NOT BE HARMED.”
	“Bull shit!” Bill screamed back. 
	The door to the command room was thrown open and the room was bathed in a bright white light. I could hear everyone around me scream before my ears started to ring. I kept myself tucked into the corner, whimpering and shivering in fear. The ringing stopped and the bright light in my eyes faded slowly. A hint of courage entered my heart and I peeked through my fingers at the mamano forces that had ambushed us. The monster girls were all huge and easily pinned human bodies to the ground. They struggled and shouted as they were put in manacles and led out of the room. Another monster towered over me just to keep an eye on me. She made no motions to grab me, merely stared at me with her red eyes. I whimpered and pushed myself further into the corner. I watched something terrifying unfold as Bill shouted and struggled. A woman in a black uniform and a long purple snake-like body coiled around Bill tightly and roughly. He writhed as he cried in pain. 
The woman got near Bill as she examined his face. She had purple skin, dark purple hair and what seemed to be a cobra hood. It matched her purple snake body, “This is their leader?” She asked no one in particular. Her forked tongue flicked out of her mouth as she smelled Bill, “Eugh. Disgusting,” She threw him to the floor, knocking the wind from his lungs. The snake woman sighed wearily, “I will keep looking, I suppose. Take him to the prison. Yes, you know EXACTLY which one,” She hissed as two large red girls picked up the coughing and sputtering Bill. She was definitely the voice from the announcements. She sighed wearily as her eyes scanned the other prisoners, “Place their higher ups within that same prison. Perhaps they can be redeemed, but I doubt it.”
	A mamano soldier starts to speak, “Normal--” 
	“Yes, we will deal with all but their leader in the normal way,” The snake woman rolled her eyes.
	“What of this one? The fearful one?” The guard near me hesitated to grab my arm. She doesn’t and leaves me cowering.
	I watched in fear as the snake woman slithered towards me. She stared down at me with her terrifying, piercing eyes. She had black sclera, yellow irises and black, pupil slits. She bit her bottom lip, revealing a pair of fangs on her top row, “Rise, boy. We will not harm you,” The guard somewhat gently pulled me to my feet. I was still pressing myself into the corner to keep as far away as I could to keep away from the terrifying snake woman. She grinned, possibly because of my fear as she inched closer. She flicked her forked tongue out at me, “Yesss...” She hissed with a smile, biting her lower lip again, “You will do. You will do quite nicely,” I yelped as she suddenly lept towards me. She wrapped her tail around my abdomen and put her hands on my shoulders, “Mmmm,” She giggled as she leaned closer. I turned away from her, still quivering in my boots with fear. She leaned and put her mouth next to my ear. She breathed a cold breath on my ear, “You are just so cute when you are scared~” She teased before kissing me on the cheek. The fear left my body, replaced with complete confusion as I touched my still slightly wet cheek that she kissed, “Where are your quarters?” She suddenly demanded in a commanding tone. I was compelled to answer her demands. I meekly told her where my small room was and what the room number was, “Already following orders?” She grinned maliciously, “Such a good boy already. Take him to the cell. The nice one. And be very gentle with him, please!” A bag was put over my head and manacles were slapped on my wrists. I was lifted over a large woman’s shoulders and carried off.

	I was placed in a chair and the bag was removed from my head, “Gently!” The purple snake woman hissed at the red woman. She sighed as she rubbed her temples. I took a quick moment to look around the room. I was sitting across from the snake woman at a very nice wooden table. Behind her was two armored guards and a heavy looking metal door. The room was a square shape and quite large. There were windows behind me on two of the walls with curtains drawn over them. The floor was covered in rugs. The lights overhead were fluorescent but kind of pleasant. In the corner between the walls with windows was a large bed that had been neatly made. In another corner was a familiar desk, my desk from my tiny room. All of my computer parts and TV were set around the desk. There was a comfortable looking leather couch against one of the walls, a wooden dresser and a closet against one wall. A few cardboard boxes were sitting neatly in the corner.
	I turned back to the snake woman. She had a small smug smile on her face, “How do you feel about your abode, Anon?”
	“H-huh?” I gripped the edge of the table nervously.
	She seductively bit her bottom lip again, “What do you see when you see me?” She gave me bedroom eyes as she started to breathe a little heavily. 
	Admittedly, she was a gorgeous woman. But I couldn’t let her know that, “A conqueror,” I grunted, putting what little courage I could muster behind the venom in my words.
	“Oh! Such a sweet talker,” The woman swooned, “Anything else you wish to say, darling?”
	I felt a little strange as I stared at her. Probably just confused, “W-who are you?”
	The snake lady furrowed her brow and tapped her long fingernails on the table. She adjusted her black uniform and breathed in deeply as if she was trying to psych herself up, “You may call me Miss, or Madam if you would prefer it.”
	I blinked at her, “Seriously?” 
	She huffed in a childish manner, “If you would prefer it, I could also demote you from this cell into one without even a bed. Am I understood?”
	I couldn’t believe I was being threatened like this. I stared at her. The threat didn’t seem hollow at all. I nodded, “Yes, uh, Miss.”
	“Goood boooy,” She cooed at me before placing both hands on one of my wrists. Her skin was incredibly soft, as if her hands had never endured hardship in her life, “You two may leave, if he gets uppity I should be able to deal with him myself.”
	The two guards left 


	Kimiko gripped the hilt of her sword as she stepped through the wooden halls of her home. Her powerful tiger claws gently scraped the floor making a distinct noise. She used her thumb to push a little bit of the blade out of its sheath. Even with only one good eye, she could see incredibly well in the dark. She saw movement out of the corner of her eye as she walked into the living room. She drew the sword with precision and deftly blocked a blow before dropping low and grabbing the assailant and lifting them up over her shoulder and bringing them crashing down into the floor. Kimiko got up, sword still at the ready. She looked down at her husband as he groaned on the floor, “Was I too rough, Master?” Kimiko asked jokingly and teasingly.
	“You know damn well what my limit is,” He groaned. Kimiko’s husband, Calvin, had back hair and dark brown eyes. He was wearing a pair of basketball shorts and a tank top. 
	“Yes, yes... I push you to your limit every night,” Kimiko got down on top of her husband, straddling him and taking his sword, “Shall we--”
	“Mommy?” A little voice asked, “What are you and daddy doing?”
“Hm?” Kimiko looked up as her smallest of three walked into the dim light of the moon streaming through the windows. 
“We are just playing, Aika,” Kimiko kissed her husband on the forehead before rolling off of him and offering a hug to the young jinko. She wore her little pajamas that were blue with little rubber duckies on them. Her hair was completely white to match the white fur with black stripes on her arms.
“Are you playing the baby game?” Aika quickly walked into her mother’s arms and clutched her stuffed tiger close to her chest.
“No, no. Not tonight,” Kimiko kissed her on the cheek, “I can hear you two hiding in the dark.”
Two more children stepped from the hallway, “Hi, mommy,” The two look alikes, Junko and Haruki stepped out. Junko was a little bit bigger with cinnamon colored fur on her clawed arms and legs and brown stripes while the hair on top of her head was brown like her mothers. Haruki’s hair and fur was completely black, taken from her father. Each daughter’s eye colors matched their mothers: orange. They were both well trained and kept their hands behind their backs.
“What are all my little soldiers doing up so late?” Kimiko frowned as she put the smallest one down.
“Is daddy okay?” Junko asked as she poked her father’s face.
“I’m okay,” He smiled as he tried to sit up. The two look alikes of the triplets jumped on him, eager to play wrestle.
“Off your father. I already hurt him enough. Go to sleep you three,” Kimiko ordered as she helped her husband up.
“Can you tuck me in again?” Aika asked.
“I’ll do it,” Calvin grunted as he handed his sword to Kimiko.
“Me too! I want daddy to tuck me in too!” The two look alikes demanded as well, making Aika shrink back and clutch her stuffed toy. 
Calvin picked Aika up, “Alright, alright. I can tuck all three of you in but you need to stay in bed this time.”
“What if I have a bad dream?” Aiko whined. 
“Then you can come get me and I’ll make sure the bad dreams go away,” He kissed her on the forehead and took her to her room as the other two filed into their own rooms. Kimiko sighed and retired to her bedroom, waiting for her husband to return.
Calvin put his smallest daughter in her cute pink bed, “Those two made you get up?”
“Yeah,” Aika frowned.
“I’m not mad,” He slowly tucked the blankets around her and handed her a stuffed toy, “Get some sleep, alright? I love you.”
“I love you too. Tell mommy I love her too.”
“I will. I’m sure your mom wants you to know that she loved you,” He smiled softly before leaving and closing the door behind him. He moved onto Haruki’s room and braced himself as the small jinko leapt at him from the dark. He easily grabbed her before she could sink her claws into him and slammed her onto the bed. She laughed and struggled as she was wrapped up in a blanket. Calvin kissed her on the forehead, “Go to bed. No more roughhousing.”
“Okay...” She pouted, “Love you dad.”
“Love you too sweetie,” Calvin left and gritted his teeth as he went to the last room. He stopped outside the room and tapped on it, “If I come in there and you draw your sword on me I’m gonna leave,” He announced before poking his head in. Junko pouted and put her little wooden sword back in its sheath, “Ready for bed, kiddo?”
“I wanna spar with daddy too,” She whimpered.
“We can spar tomorrow. I’m already sore from what your mother did to me.”
“The baby game?”
He rolled his eyes, “No baby game tonight,” He picked her up and put her into bed and tucked her sheets around her, “Do you need anything?”
“No. Love you.”
	“Love you too. Sleep well,” After another kiss on the forehead, he left the room and headed to his own room at the end of the hall. He had one more girl to tuck in, his loving, massive tiger wife. Expecting another attack, he tensed up. Kimiko was sitting up in bed, a book in her massive claws, “Not gonna throw me around before bed?” He nervously asked.
	She sighed, “Although I love being rough with you in bed,” She cracked a smile, “Even you deserve a break. Come,” She set the book down and reached into a drawer and pulled out a small purple bottle. With a relieved look on his face, he reached under their bed and pulled out a firm mat and lay down on his stomach, “So eager for a massage, hm, master?”
	“Its what I look forward to. You know how my back is.”
	“I know, master,” She poured some of the clear, purplish liquid on her hands. It was a mamano mana infused oil with various effects, mostly as a pain reliever when applied to the back and will increase sensitivity when applied to the genitals, “Breath in,” She instructed as she rubbed the oil across his back, “And out,” She roughly ran her palm over his spine popping it loudly. He sighed with relief as the pain left his aching muscles.
	“Thank you--”
	“Sssh, let me work, master.”
	“If I refuse?”
	“You will not be getting your happy ending, Calvin,” She chuffed lightly as she kissed him on the back of the neck. Her hands were like magic, working every kink and pain out of his aching bones and muscles. She moved onto his legs, rubbing them down before grinding her elbow into the soles of his feet. He was rolled over onto his back as Kimiko started rubbing lower on his body, “Ready for that happy ending, master?”
	“I told the girls we weren’t doing the baby game tonight.”
	“You were wrong,” She breathed onto his neck.


“Gentle Ushi Oni”

	I sat on the couch as the giant woman excitedly chattered to herself. She had the torso of an ashen skinned, muscular, yet incredibly feminine woman. Her face was stoic, smiling nervously as she shoved furniture around to make room for herself. She had horns coming out of her silky black hair and a red sash over one eye. Her hips and lower down was that of a giant spider covered in a thick coating of hair with each leg ending in sharp spikes. Her arms were also covered in thick, soft hair and ended in sharp claws. She had numerous red sashes with strange runes drawn all over them. She easily picked up the whole coffee table and set it aside gently before settling in front of me, plopping down on the floor. She looked up at me, her nervously shaking hands were placed on my knees. I looked down at her, sweating slightly. I knew I was pitting out right now. My heart was racing as the woman that had just slammed down my door gently grabbed my hand. I looked back at the hard wood floor that had numerous scratches in it from our initial scuffle. She took my hand in her giant claw, running her other claw over the folds of my palm. She looked up at me with a big smile and asked me a question in her strange gibberish language. Her front tiny legs scraped against each other as she anticipated a response. I frowned at her, tilting my head at her. 
	Her face lit up in realization. She put her front legs on my knees, holding me down as she reached into her messenger bag. She proudly presented a necklace with numerous bones and crystals on it. Each had various runes burnt into them. She held it with both hands and reached to put it around my neck. I pushed my head back, afraid of what it would do. She frowned, pausing for a moment. She instead put it into my hands. I gave her a confused look. She patted her chest right below her neck and smiled at me. As I reached forwards with the necklace, she raised her chin, giving me space to put the necklace on her. I could feel her hair and smooth, warm skin as I put my hands on her. I did the little clasp on the necklace and pulled my hands away. The woman cleared her throat and began to speak. Her voice had changed to another language, it sounded a little bit like German. I frowned again prompting her to frown too. She tapped on the crystals and bones, “Hello?” She asked, “Does this work? Do you understand me?”
	“Uh, yeah,” I nodded.
	She let out a sigh of relief. It sounded more like a growl or roar that shook me to my core, “Are you alright? Did I hurt you earlier?” She brushed the back of her hand against a scratch of my cheek. The coarse hair smelled nice.
	“A little,” I felt tiny in her presence.
	“Oh, darling,” She cupped my face in her claws, “I am so sorry.”
	She took her hands off of me and removed her front legs from my knees. She took my hand and placed it on her face, “I’m, uh. I’ll be alright.”
	“Can... I know your name?” She continued nuzzling up against my hand. 
	“A very cute name. You look so scared. I would make you some tea if I had the supplies to dig a pit with me,” She frowned. She was gripping my arm, running her massive, powerful claws up and down it absentmindedly.
	“What are you doing?”
	“Hm? Oh... I-- I need to... I need some tea,” She whined as she nervously and hesitantly let me go. She plopped down on the floor, getting off of me and shaking the foundation. She folded her arms and readjusted her sashes. She started to sniffle like she was going to cry. 
	“Hey, I’ll get some water boiling for your tea, alright?” I offered, “The electricity is out but I’ve got a little propane heater we can use.”
“R-really?” She suddenly jumped up with a big smile on her face and threw her arms around me. I could hear my back popping as she squeezed the life out of me, “You are such a sweetheart! I knew I picked a good one!” She easily lifted me off the couch as her bearhug continued. She shook as she started to cry happily into my shirt.
“Y-you’re gonna break a rib,” I grunted.
“S-sorry,” She ‘gently’ put me down by dropping me onto the couch.

“Based on my Dreams”
Not really sure if this was meant to be a nightmare story or if I did dream about this.

	I sat at my desk, typing away at my keyboard. Another email came through, a manticore complaining about a man not letting her rape him. Consent was required in the workplace, but some girls still wanted to refer to it as rape. I groaned, I hated dealing with this shit, “Oi, Anon,” The fairy I shared our little office with, “What the fuck is the matter?” The yeti, my other HR coworker, cringed as the tiny fairy swore. The fairy had short orange hair,  bright green eyes and matching bright green butterfly wings. She wore a formal forest green dress and no shoes. There was always a slight alcohol smell about her as if she would explode if placed too close to an open flame.
	“That manticore in finance again,” I told her, “The same guy in IT won’t reciprocate her feelings.”
	The fairy laughed, “What a fuckin’ loser!”
	“Fíon, language, please,” The yeti reminded her meekly. Our yeti friend had snow white hair, a bob cut, blue eyes and wearing a dress shirt with a long skirt. The hair, or was it fur, on her arms and legs was one of the softest materials I had ever felt.
	Fíon glared at her for a moment before softening her gaze, “Right, sorry.”
	I snickered as the two of them returned to their work. The fairy glared at me as she took a sip from a tiny flask. The yeti had an oversized keyboard for her larger fingers, and Fíon had a tiny computer, “What do I tell her?” I asked.
	“Tell her to stop being so soft an’ just fu-- just flippin’ rape ‘im,” Fíon told me.
	“Tell her to ask him calmly for a date at a coffee shop,” The yeti told me.
	“Take him on a cute date, and when his guard is down, rape him. Got it,” I sent the email.
	The door to our little room was opened up, “Hey, all,” A cheerful voice called, a weresheep entered, “Did you finish that report I asked for, Fíon?” She had cream colored wool and hair, light brown horns on the top of her head, green eyes and an unusual amount of fluff around her neck. I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I thought Theodore was a lucky man for getting to bury his face in that wool.
	“Ye I did, Gwen. Want me to print it for ya?” The fairy told her.
	“Yes please. Are we still on for poker tonight?”
	“Of course!” Fíon cockily told her, “I’m ready to take it all home again!”
	Gwen chuckled, “If you say so,” She looked at me, “Will you be joining us, Anon? Bridgett’s been pestering me to have you over again.”
	“Does Theodore not play games with her anymore?” I chuckled, “Yeah I’ll be there.”
	“He’s busy with his own work and the twins,” She explained sadly, “I assume you’re busy like every friday?” She finally asked the yeti.
	“Mhm,” She confirmed, “Friday is cuddle night with my hubby~”
	“Every night is cuddle night for you two,” Fíon teased.
	“Fridays are special! Don’t you and your husband have a special day, Fíon?”
	She thought for a moment, “Saturdays. We drink. A lot. What about you Gwen?”
	“Everyday with Theodore is special,” She smiled. We all groaned at her cheesy answer.
Gwen turned to me, “What about you and your wife, Anon?”
“I’m single, Gwen. You know that,” I reminded her quietly.
“I thought you were dating that human chick?” Fíon chimed in.
“I said that I was before monsters showed up, we had a fight about the whole situation and she dumped me.”
“I apologize for that mistake, Anon,” Gwen got embarrassed. I shrugged at her.
“Gwen,” The fairy was quick to change the conversation, “Who's gonna be there? The Hamiltons and Toras?”
“Maxine said she was accompanying her husband on a business trip overseas, hence why she's been out of the office,” Gwen explained, “Kimiko and company should be there along with Meg.”
Fíon smiled, “Its been awhile since I’ve seen her. See ya tonight, Gwen!”
“I will see you both there!” Gwen left.
I returned to my work, tapping on my keyboard, counting down the minutes, “Oi, Anon,” Fíon called out to me quietly.
“Hm?” I mumbled, turning to her at her tiny desk on top of my long desk.
“How’d ya manage ta avoid a wife this long?”
“That’s a bit personal, eh?”
“Oh come now, I’m just tryin’ ta get to know my new cell mate a bit better!” She laughed.
“This,” I pulled off the ring I was wearing, “Its like kryptonite to single monsters. Makes me look like I’m engaged.”
“Sneaky bastard,” She mumbled, flipping the ring over, “Not even real silver is it?”
	“Does silver hurt fey?” I put it back on.
	“No. Why tha fuck would it?”
	“Old folklore. Anyways, I’m gonna get back to work.”
	“Hmph. Fine.”

	I drove out to Gwen’s place along dark streets with Sean sitting in the passenger seat, Fíon in his shirt pocket, “Oi, Anon, hurry the fuck up! I want to start drinkin’!” The fairy demanded.
	“Leave him alone, dear,” Sean silenced her, gently nudging her deeper into his pocket. She quieted down and started lovingly swearing at him in a hushed tone, “You ready to lose money, Anon?”
	“All day, my guy,” I shook my head, “I’ll probably be babysitting Bridgett the whole time.”
	“That's not too bad.”
	“Yeah, I know. Hopefully she tuckers out early,” I pulled in front of their house, “I actually want to play a bit.” 
Sean laughed at me, finger pointing, “Never gonna happen,” He hopped out of my car. I put it in park and sighed, picking up my bag of goodies.
I entered at the same time as my passengers to the sounds of greetings. I looked around at everyone slowly. Kimiko, a large jinko with short hair, a kimono, an eyepatch and a never ending scowl towards me, sat on the couch, helping Bridgett, a young dragon girl with emerald green scales, brown hair and blue eyes, paint her nails. Both of them had large claws, so it was pretty easy for Kimiko to give her tips. Kimiko’s husband, Chris sat nearby, watching them work. Chris wore a dark red hoodie and jeans, a sword matching Kimiko’s at his hip. Sean and Fíon had moved to the kitchen and had quickly began pouring shots for an exhausted looking Theodore, two small children in his arms. Gwen took their crying baby boy from him so he could relax a little bit. I sat near Chris and breathed a sigh of relief, glad to be free of Fíon’s unending chatter, “Good evening, Anon,” Kimiko greeted me without looking up with a growl.
I frowned, “Hi, Kimiko.”
“Leave him alone, Kimi. Our kids are gonna come out hating him too at this point,” Chris scolded. He was the only person she would ever listen to, “Hey, Anon. You doing alright?” I nodded, giving him a small smile.
“Hi, Anon!” Bridgett greeted me excitedly, “Did you bring any games?”
“Bridgett. You need to sit still,” Kimiko gently told the young dragon.
	“Yeah I brought some stuff,” I told her with a smile. I knew she looked forward to this every month. Kimiko glared at me. She thought I was a terrible influence on the young girl. I ignored Kimiko. There was more to life than swords and fighting, plus Theodore was intent on keeping her away from violence, “How’s work you two?” I changed subjects.
	“I’m working for that coven now,” Chris explained a wary smile on his face. As if anticipating my next question, “I’ll explain at the table. Everyone is gonna want to hear it. How’s working with Fíon?”
	I shrugged, “She smells like liquor--”
	“DID AH HEAR MAH NAME AN’ LIQUOR!?” Fíon flew over, already hammered, “Who needs uh shot!?” Kimiko and Chris both raised a hand. Bridgett, not really understanding put up her hand too. Kimiko pulled her arm down gently, “Arright, jus’ ah moment!”
	Theodore wandered over, tired children in his arms. He set them in their play pen and stretched, “You guys need anything?” He asked. He wore a polo and khaki pants.
	“Fíon has us covered, thank you,” Kimiko nodded, “Wonderful hosting as always, Theodore.”
	“Dad! Look how pretty I am!” Bridgett hopped off the couch and ran to him.
	“Wow, look at you,” Theodore kissed his daughter on the cheek, “Lets show mom, too.”


	I quickly picked up my package from the lobby. I hastily snatched it up and ran up the stairs to my apartment. I unlocked the door and locked it behind me as I entered. I gently set the box on my tiny table. I frowned, I only had one order, why was the box so large? I shook my head, just being crazy, of course. I used a box knife and gently opened the shipping box. My apartment had one tiny room. I had a small bed, a dresser, a book shelf, a tv, some video games, a desk and a computer. The bookcase as well as the shelves mounted on the wall were covered in small, displayable items. Mostly the figurines I collected. There was no shortage of cute statues now that monster girls were around. I pulled my prize from the box, a figurine of a heroine from a new anime I had been watching. An adorable baphomet in a cute, frilly pink dress. I placed it gleefully on a shelf next to other statues in similar garb.
	I turned back to the box the figure came in, ready to dispose of it. There was something else in it. A small, unmarked cardboard box. I opened it carefully, not wanting to damage it. There was a doll inside, encased in clear plastic. She was made of plastic, posable with ball joints. She had no stand to help her stand on her own and no props. Her long blonde hair was very soft to the touch. Every part of her was completely poseable, down to her fingers and toes. She wore no clothes, her body was completely lifelike with modeled... naughty bits. Her breasts were wonderfully perky as well. The doll smiled at me with bright blue eyes and carefully modeled lips.
	I hadn’t ordered this. Was it some sort of bonus or loyalty reward? I shrugged. I wasn’t about to send it back, she was very cute. I dug through a drawer, looking for something to cover her in. I had a few cloth dresses about her size. I managed to fit her into each of them as I tried them on, quite easily as well. I settled on a white dress for her. I cleared a spot for her underneath a soft lamp to illuminate her features.


	My slow morning was quickly hurried up when a small animal came into my room and started rubbing her face against mine. The small ball of fluff meowed at me to wake up. I grabbed my cat, Lily and started petting her soft, white fur as she squirmed to get out of my grasp. I let her go and got up, going to her food dish as she loudly made noise at me, rubbing against my legs as we went. I gave her a few pets before putting some food in her dish and filling up her water. I quickly got ready for work and headed out, leaving my beloved pet behind to entertain herself.
	I was out on my route when all hell broke loose. 


	I let out a loud moan as I let loose the last of my seed. It was as if her steaming hot pussy was milking me for every drop. I fell forwards, resting my head on the horse woman’s back. She let out a contented sigh as I pulled out of her, surprisingly she wasn’t leaking at all, “All spent, dearest?” She asked me with a smile, rotating around to face me with surprising flexibility. I nodded, panting, too tired for words as I lie on the makeshift sleeping arrangement. Pillows and blankets were strewn across the floor with my bed pushed to the side, “Come here, let me take care of you,” She got on the floor with me, her two horns glinting in the soft glow of the lights distracting me from her shapely breasts-- only for a moment. Our hot, sweaty bodies pressed against one another as we drifted off to sleep, my head resting firmly between her breasts. 
	I woke up in her warm embrace. She stroked my hair as I slowly woke up. I checked my phone to see all the commotion going on in the world. I was surprised to see overwhelming support on all sides for these monsters, “What are you reading?” She asked me as she pressed against me more.
	“Just the news,” I replied, “So, uh, do you want breakfast before you go?”
	“Go?” She asked, frown on her face. She was wearing a pink collar with a little red heart shaped charm on it this morning.
	“Like, leave my house?”
	“Oh, did you need me to go out and get groceries, dearest husband?”
	“H-husband?” I stammered, staring at her nervously.
	“You lovingly inseminated me last night, making us a loving couple now! Oh, we are going to have such a wonderful, large family!” She wrapped me in a hug, planting numerous kisses on my face.
	“But-- But--”
	“Hm? You want to... Oh, husband! How scandalous! But, if you insist~” She got up and presented her rear to me, lifting her tail up. She had a big, happy grin on her face as her pussy dripped with excitement.
	“Horse lady, I don’t even know your name! How am I supposed to be your husband!?”
	She sat down and looked at me, “How rude of me, I am Amanda, a bicorn. Could I be graced with your lovely name, dearest husband?”
	I stared at her, the loving smile on her face my cold heart melt, “Anon,” I uttered, almost hoping she wouldn’t hear me.
	“Anon~!” She sang as she pulled me into a hug, more kisses assailed my face, “Do you want to go out today? Get some lunch, go shopping and afterwards we can have sex again?”
	“I’d like to stay in for a few days and let all the commotion die down, Amanda.”

I think this eventually turned into the also unfinished ‘My Jailer’

	Its been about a month since the monster girls came from their reality into this one. Total global domination over night. Resistance landed you a fast pass into prison. I had been a rebel against their sudden rise to power. It wasn’t even a fight, it was a slaughter with us being the cattle. It hadn’t been the usual forces that had taken us down, it was some kind of militia. Some slaver’s private military. I had expected to be some monsters dinner, but these slavers have kept us well fed. I sat in my tiny cell along with anyone else the new dictatorship decided to put in jail. I sighed as I listened to the mournful wail of someone’s harmonica, “Hey, Anon,” The guy across the hall from me called out to me.
	“What is it, Ethan?” I asked.
	“What do you think they’re gonna do to us? They already took all the women somewhere. None of us are selling.”
	“Maybe they’re gonna eat us. I dunno. I don’t care if I die, I just want out of this cold cell,” I tugged at the enchanted slave collar with no way to remove it.
	“They feed us decently enough, at least.”
	“Mhm,” I rolled my eyes and looked at the stone walls. I heard a group walking down the hallway. I peeked out to see that tanuki that seems to run the place, two oni guards and a cloaked figure with the hood up.
	“This is the last group,” The tanuki told the cloaked individual. I couldn’t hear what they asked the tanuki, “Treason, rebellion, all that sort of thing,” She answered, “They don’t sell much so they’re quite cheap, as far as slaves go.”
	I finally knew what they were doing with us, at least. Still trying to sell us. The cloaked figure walked slowly between each cell, ending with mine. I looked at their red glowing eyes as they looked me up and down, “This one,” She uttered.
	“The scrawny one? Hmph, if you say so,” The tanuki whipped out her abacus, “That one is a premium--”
	“I wonder how your boss would feel about this operation you run?” The cloak figure hissed, “I’m sure she would LOVE to know how you are working under her nose like this. Especially while under her employ.”
	“He-He’s free! Think of it as a gift!” The tanuki laughed nervously.
	“A gift? I love it, thank you,” The figure chuckled, “I’ll take wonderful care of him,” I could have sworn I saw her lick her lips. One of the oni opened the cell and pulled me out forcibly. I was pushed onto my knees before the woman who now owned me. The tanuki gave the cloaked woman the key to my collar, “Rise,” She commanded. My muscles moved on their own, rising me to my feet. She caressed my face with a rather well-manicured hand, “I hope they haven't beat the rebellious spirit out of you yet, Anon.”
	“We don’t beat our stock!” The tanuki gasped, offended.
	The cloaked woman pulled up my sleeve to reveal a small bruise, “Well, I hope you can prove that when your boss catches wind of your operation here. You poor thing...” She ran her fingers over the bruise causing a dull pain. I winced and she pulled her hand away. I got it a few days ago when an oni gripped me a little to hard pulling me out of my cell for an inspection, not a big deal to me.
	“I implore you to reconsider, ma’am!” The tanuki pleaded, trying to block her path, “Take any other boyim you want! Anything!”
	“Step aside,” She demanded before turning back to me, “Come, slave boy.”
	I didn’t fight it, instead moving of my own volition. I just prayed my new cell was more comfortable, “Yes, ma’am,” I was almost happy. As happy as a slave could be, “See ya, Ethan.”
	“Bye, Anon. Good luck,” He called back.
	I was brought outside into the red moonlight of the eternal night. I filled my lungs with fresh, cold air and breathed a sigh of relief. I thought I would never see the sky again. The woman took off her hood and led me to a horse drawn carriage, “Be a gentleman and open the door for me, hm, Anon?” I did as she asked, rushed ahead and pulling the door open. I got a good look at her, long blonde hair atop her head, crimson eyes, slightly pointed ears, and a beauty about her that felt completely forign to me but somehow familiar. I was completely entranced by her beauty as she gave me a small smile before climbing into the carriage, “Come now! I wish to be home soon,” She pat the seat across from her.
	My muscles forced me onto the seat and the carriage quickly lurched forwards. I sat staring at her, unsure of what to do now. I cleared my throat, “Permission to speak?” The collar forced me to ask.
	“Oh, come here,” She produced the key. I eagerly put my head down so she could remove the collar. With a click, the collar fell to the floor. I sat back with a relieved smile, “I wouldn’t get to comfortable yet, Anon. I still own you.”
	My smile left my face, “Then why take the collar off?”
	She waved her hand, a collar made of a crimson energy encased my neck along with a leash. She pulled on the leash, bringing me face to face with her, “So I can get a full view of you,” She caressed my face again, running fingers over my neck. She seemed fascinated by it, “I’ll take much better care of you than they did,” She gave a smug laugh, “Don’t look at me like that. This is for your own good.”
	I knew better than to snap at her, “How?” I mewled.
	“Since you were caught by slavers, the census never got you written down. You don’t exist. You not existing would lead to questions. Then you give answers as to who captured you, which leads to more questions and ultimately could get a lot of people in a lot of trouble. You don’t want any of that trouble, do you, Anon? Especially when they find out YOU spilled the beans?”
	I looked at the floor, “No.”
	“Good boy,” She pat my head before letting me sit back again, “We’re here~ Your new home!”

	“Can I at least know your name?” I asked politely.
	“You don’t remember me? I’m hurt, Anon!” She feigned hurt as she teasingly gasped.
	“I don’t know any monsters beyond those slavers.”
	“I haven’t always been a monster, Anon~” She gave me a smug grin, showing off her sharp teeth. 
	I searched my mind for anything. I saw it in my mind, a face I hadn’t seen in a long time, “Sierra!?” I gasped.
	“Ding ding ding! Winner!” 
	“You-- What happened to you?” I leaned forwards. 
	“I became something BETTER than human, Anon! A vampire!” She cackled. All it was missing was a crack of thunder. 
	I couldn’t help but laugh a little myself, feelings and memories came rushing back to me, “You always had a strange fascination with blood. Nursing school didn’t work out?”
	“Watch it, slave,” She gave a firm tug of the leash, “After my sister died, my father wanted me to start taking over the businesses. Then, monster kind came into this reality. My mother worked out a Now, my mother is in charge, also being a vampire she decided my father was unfit to rule his business.”


I waved my flashlight around in the dark, trying to find the path again. I was mildly intoxicated from that party in the woods. I had wandered off the path to piss and managed to lose my way nearly instantly. I sighed, cursing at myself for being a dumbass. The dense vegetation forced me to move slowly. The cold air bit at my exposed skin, causing me to shiver. I zipped my jacket up and pulled up my hood trying to heat myself up a little bit. I pointed my light around again and kept walking. I stared at crispy brown the leaves that had recently fallen to the ground. Winter would be here soon. 
I continued wandering. I started looking towards the sky. The full moon softly illuminated the foliage around me. I got distracted and tripped. I got up, dusted myself off and turned around to look at whatever tripped me. My heart raced, I wanted to scream but the sound got stuck in my throat. A detached arm lie on the forest floor. I slowly got over my initial shock and took a closer look. The arm was a pale skin color with wires coming out one end and a joint where the elbow should be. I sighed with relief. It wasn’t a human arm. It looked like a robot arm. Might have been some kid’s art project or something. I picked it up, expecting paper mache or something but I found it was made of some soft flesh-like material. Chills ran down my spine, “What the hell?” I asked myself in disbelief. 
I looked around, starting to sweat. I saw overturned earth nearby, like something had skid across the ground recently. With the flashlight in one hand and the arm in the other, I followed the marks in the ground. My hands shook as I looked for whatever the arm belonged to. I looked where it sat, slumped against the tree. A humanoid body, covered in that strange skin-like pale material. The robot looked incredibly human. Like a human female as evidenced by the mounds on its chest as well as long blonde hair. She also had a strange black vertical oval object on her forehead with a green glass orb on it. She also had horn-like accessories on the sides of her head. She looked oddly peaceful despite her lifeless grey eyes. I brushed the dirt off of her body. It was a really well made, lifelike doll. Who would abandon something like this? It must have cost half a fortune! I made the decision to take her home, clean her up and possibly sell her to some degenerate. I made an attempt to shove the arm back onto the shoulder. Nothing. I sighed and picked up the doll in a princess carry. She was much lighter than I had expected.
I shook the dirt off of her. I stuck my flashlight under my beanie and managed to use it to guide my way. I wandered around for a while more, the cold beginning to slow me down. I shivered again. I started to concede to the face that I may die of exposure. As I let despair overtake my thoughts. I felt a gentle tug to my right. I looked around quickly, trying to find where that tug came from. I didn’t see anything. I shrugged and headed in the direction of the tug. I sighed as I found my way to the path. I saw the notes left by other party goers and managed to make my way back to town. I lived on the edge of town so I wouldn’t have to worry about being spotted by someone on my way home.

I woke up close to noon the day after the party. I looked around at my messy room. It was a lot messier than I remembered. Usually, I just have clothes on the floor, cards on the furniture, some tools on my desk. There were tools all over the floor near the robot doll. She had both her arms as well. Wasn’t that removed earlier? I shook myself. My head still hurt a little bit from the hangover. I was probably just imagining things. I got out of bed and took a closer look at the robot. Her right eye was cracked. Her hair was definitely synthetic, but was really nice to touch, despite how dirty it currently was. Rather than having flat feet, her legs ended in more of a stump.
I picked her up and took her to the bathroom. I sat her in the bath and started running some water. I used the detachable shower head to spray the loose dirt off. It looked like she had been dragged around through some mud before being set against that tree. I hummed as I scrubbed her body. She was actually really pretty. I was almost embarrassed to be running my hands over such a beautiful and toned body. I had to remind myself it wasn’t a real person. I used my sister’s shampoo to clean her hair. I also used her body wash for the hell of it. I drained the water and left the room for a few moments to get a towel. As I returned to the room, I heard a faint noise. It sounded a little bit like humming. Humming the same song I was earlier. I threw the door open, throwing caution to the wind. The robot was sitting with her head hung on the side of the bathtub. Water dripped off her body and pooled on the floor. I shook my head, “What the hell?” I mumbled to myself. I slowly approached her and touched her shoulder. I shook her a little bit. I breathed a sigh of relief as nothing happened. I pulled my hand away. I turned back to pick the towel up and felt a hand clamp around my wrist.
I slowly turned around, heart about to beat out of my chest. The robot was looking at me, her uncracked eye glowing a slight green. She stared at me with a blank, unblinking expression that felt like she was staring right through me. I froze in place. Using me as an anchor, she stood. Her knees buckling, she moved a hand onto my shoulder to steady herself. She looked down at the floor, face the same stony look as before. 
I slowly worked up the courage to speak, “Uh, are you okay?” I asked, trying to get a better look at her face, “Can you speak?” I waited for almost a minute, seeing if she would do anything. She kept looking at the floor. I reached out to put a hand on her shoulder. She grabbed my hand firmly, stopping me from touching her. She looked at my shocked face and let go of me with both hands. Her knee joints buckled 


	“Anon, you have a visitor,” My mom cracked the door to my room. 
	“Who?” I asked trying to sit up a little.
	The door was pushed in and a woman walked into my room. The first thing I noticed about her were ears that raised above her head like a dog’s. She wore a classical frilly black and white maid uniform, “Hello, Anon. I am Svetlana, a pleasure to meet you. I hope you are comfortable having me around.”
	“Svetlana here is going to be helping take care of you!” My mom explained.
	“I don’t need anyone to take care of me,” I protested.
	“Don’t think of it as me coddling you, think of it as me aiding in your recovery,” The woman said as she sat in the chair at my bedside. I rolled over away from her and grumbled, “I come from a long line of healers, Anon. Please trust me to aid you.”
	“If you need anything you can ask Svetlana for help, Anon, be nice to her,” My mom left the room.
	“Can I get you anything, Anon?”
	“No,” I grumbled.
	“Okay! Just let me know,” Svetlana opened her bag and rummaged through it, procuring a journal. She wrote something down, put it away and pulled out a book which she started reading.
	“So what are you, lady?” I asked struggling to turn back over to her.
	“I am a kikimora. My kind have been serving as maids for a very long time. Anything you need or wish, is my command,” She got up and did a little spin for me, showing off her form. She had a feathered grey tail, that matched her feathery grey hair that came down to her shoulders. There were also feathers on her wrists as well. She had piercing green eyes above a soft smile. I wasn’t sure if she was wearing makeup, but she sure was accessorizing with a white flower pin in her hair with a green gem on it. I assumed it was there to keep her bangs out of her eyes, “May I ask you a question now?”
	“You just did,” I joked.
	“What about two more questions? Including this one,” She retorted.
	“Damn, you’re good. You can ask more than the two.”
	“If you’re alright with talking about it, how did you get injured?” She was pretty apprehensive about asking.
	“I was coming home from a track meet. I was a sprinter, a pretty good one too. I was listening to the radio in my car and the music cut to what sounded like someone just getting information in about those portals you all came through opening around the planet. I turned it off because I was confused. I was going through an intersection and one of those portals opened right next to me, and the other driver freaked out and swerved into my lane, hitting the drivers side of my car. I passed out, but I was lucky to be alive. Apparently it took two or three huge girls to pull me out and pass me off to the paramedics. I woke up about a month late, now I’m paralysed from the waist down and I won’t ever run again. Probably not even walk ever either.”
	Svetlana moved slowly from the chair she was sitting in to sitting on the side of my bed. She put her hand on my arm, “I will do everything I can to help you recover Anon. I will get you back on your feet,” She gave me a smile. 
	“You just met me and you already want to get me back on my feet?” I laughed, “Lady, I don’t think you’ll like me if you spend longer than a few days with me.”
	“Why is that? How do you know what my tastes in men are?” She challenged, she looked upset.
	“How do you know what kind of person I am?” I snapped.
	“Your mother talks about you a lot, I stalked your social media accounts, I looked into your background. I think I can assess the person you are from that,” She reached into her back again.
	“But, I-”
	She started reading from her journal, “You enjoy track and cross country, running the 200 meter and the five K. You’re majoring in architecture. Have a close friend group of about five. Two ex girlfriends, one for two months the other for one year. Your personality is-”
	“Stop. Please,” I asked quietly. 
	“...As you wish,” Svetlana set her things down and looked at me, a small smug smile on her face, “Can I get you anything, or would you rather me do some cleaning instead?” 
	“Do whatever you want, I’m fine,” I rolled over again facing away from her. Svetlana nodded and got to cleaning up my room.

	Svetlana was going in and out of the room, removing litter, plates and dirty clothes. I did my best to ignore her. I wasn’t in the mood after she shat on me verbally. I was browsing the internet on my phone. 
	“I wish to apologize for earlier. I was out of line and I have upset you,” Svetlana sat on the edge of my bed again, “I am prepared to do whatever it takes to earn your forgiveness.”
	I set my phone down and sighed. I looked up at her and nodded slowly.
	“It is getting late. Shall I go prepare dinner for you? I am aware of most of your favorite meals and have an idea as to what I could prepare quickly.”
	“I’m not hungry. You should just head home,” I said lying back down.
	“Anon, I am going to be staying here overnight. My job is to make your recovery as painless for you and your family as possible.”
	“More like even they are giving up on me,” I mumbled, pulling the pillow over my face.
	“Do you really believe that, Anon?”
	I sprang up and looked at her, rage on my face, “Yes! Yes I believe that!  No one visits me any more, even if they say they will. I’m all alone, Svetlana. I don’t have anyone,” Tears rolled down my face uncontrollably. I flopped back on the bed, staring at the ceiling.
	Svetlana climbed on top of me, I tried to push her off but in my emotional state I was no match for her. She grabbed my wrists and put them above my head as she lie down on top of me. She let go of my wrists and wrapped her arms around my head. She gently caressed my hair as she whispered softly into my ear, “Let it all out, Anon. Cry as much as you need to.”
	For the first time since the crash had happened, the raging fire in my heart calmed down. Her warmth spread through my body. The way she 


	I groaned as I closed my laptop and set it aside. I laid back on my bed and stared up at the ceiling. Even though the term had just started, I was stressing over a paper due at the end of the next term. I had put it off last term, so I was one third behind. I had gone into psychology to help people, not write dumb papers, darnit! I checked /human/ on my phone just trying to get my mind off of this paper. Most of the posts happening were girls complaining about not being able to find men who suit their tastes or how a man wouldn’t date them or they’re not strong enough to rape a specific man. It hit a little too close to home for me. My grandmother constantly berated me for not going out and charming myself a man or raping one the old fashioned way. I set my phone aside and sat up. I looked myself in the mirror. I kept my curly, wooly hair about shoulder length, and the wool that covered a lot of my body was short as well. It was still fluffy and nice to touch, but I liked it short. Other weresheep sometimes use their wool as built in clothing, but I enjoyed wearing clothing not made from myself. I returned to my work on a blanket made from my wool. My close friends all already had a blanket from me, and I had three other blankets already made, sitting in my closet. I didn’t know what else to make, though, and I wasn’t about to just throw away something as sought after as a weresheep’s wool. I thought about selling it online, but the thought of some gross pervert getting their mitts on my wool made me shiver. If I could find myself a husband I could make lots of things for him. 
“Kids! Food’s hot!” My mother called from downstairs. I sighed and set down my work. I wasn’t a kid anymore.
	I walked out into the hallway just in time to see my younger siblings sprint past me, “Walk, you three!” I called. They giggled at each other, ignoring me. I made it down to the dinner table shortly after them. Mother had made her award winning stew, the four of us looked at the pot on the stove, the wonderful smell wafting around the room. 
	My 13 year old sister, Samantha, a minotaur, cried out, “Can we eat now?”
	The 10 year old sphinx, Sophie, nodded her head vigorously, nearly drooling over the promise of mother’s stew, “Please mom?”
	Eight year old brother, Tom, bounced in his seat in anticipation, as my other brother, Anthony, 18 years old walked into the room. Mother chimed in, “You three settle down, follow Mary and Anthony’s example and wait patiently,” Mother was a kikimora. If it wasn’t obvious, all of us are adopted. Mother and Father don’t speak much on why they could not have children of their own.
	“Yeah, guys, come on!” Anthony said jokingly as he was texting his girlfriend on his phone. 
	“Anthony, no phones at the table, you know this,” Mother scolded gently.
	“Yeah I know... Dad working late today?
	Mother nodded. “Make sure you all save some stew for him and me, please.” I wanted to be like her when I became a mother. She was beautiful woman, despite working a job and cooking for us at home, her maid uniform was always clean and without wrinkles. She took care of us five when Father wasn’t home, and took care of him too when he was home. She dished up five bowls and passed them out to us. We all thanked her as we got a big bowl. Mother then placed a plate of fresh made bread on the table for us. “You kids eat up!”

	“You doing alright, Mary?” Anthony asked me after the meal. 
	“I’m fine. Just worried about my big paper,” I told him. 
	“You’ve got like two terms to write it, sis. You worry too much.” 
	“It does not matter if I have a lot of time. I don’t have a darn idea what topic to write on,” I threw my hands in the air in frustration.
	“You like helping people, why not write on that?” Mother chimed in, returning to the kitchen to do dishes.
	“Just find a guy who needs your help, Mary. There’s gotta be someone on campus who could use a sweet girl like you,” Anthony suggested. 
	“Ooooh, I like that! You have heard the stories about how your father was before we got together, right? You just need to push someone to be their best!” Mother told me.
	I thought for a few moments, “I guess I’ll look into that. No idea if it will go anywhere...”
	“You’ll figure it out, sis. See ya around,” Anthony left the room quickly after giving Mother a hug.
	Mother waited for a few moments before speaking again, “You’re upset about what your grandmother said last week, aren't you?”
	I hid my face in my hands, “Yes. I am.”
	“Oh, honey,” She pulled me into a hug, “You’ll find yourself a husband soon. Maybe the man you find for your paper will like you and you can date him!”
	“I hope a boy can like me back.”
	“Mary. Don’t talk like that,” Mother pulled my chin up so that we were looking eye to eye. “There’s a man out there for you.”
	“Do you really think so?”
	“I know so, dear,” Mother kissed me on the forehead, “Go on, get some rest tonight dear.”

	I spent the next day of classes scouting out boys. I was hoping that I could find an insomniac as I wanted to test the supposed sleeping magic of weresheep. Oh, and he had to be cute. I prowled campus looking for prospective men for my paper. most men were accompanied by a girlfriend or their passive spirit energy deterred me from getting within ten feet. I knew I couldn’t be picky, but I didn’t want to marry a man I was incompatible with. After two classes, the feeling of hopelessness was creeping in.  I couldn’t let it get to me after only one day of searching. 

Weresheep Story”

	I wracked my brain trying to figure out a topic for my paper. I went into psychology to help people! Not write dumb papers, darnit! I sighed and flopped down onto my bed. I checked /human/ on my phone just trying to get my mind off of this paper. Most of the posts happening were girls complaining about not being able to find men who suit their tastes or how a man wouldn’t date them or they’re not strong enough to rape a specific man. I groaned, I just wanted to see pictures of cute boys, not monsters whining. I set my phone aside and sat up. I looked myself in the mirror. I kept my curly, wooly hair about shoulder length, and the wool that covered a lot of my body was short as well. It was still fluffy and nice to touch, but I liked it short. Other weresheep sometimes use their wool as built in clothing, but I enjoyed wearing clothing not made from myself. I returned to my work on a blanket made from my wool. My close friends all already had a blanket from me, and I had three other blankets already made, sitting in my closet. I didn’t know what else to make, though, and I wasn’t about to just throw away something as sought after as a weresheep’s wool. I thought about selling it online, but the thought of some gross pervert getting their mitts on my wool made me shiver. 
	“Kids! Food’s hot!” My mother called from downstairs. I sighed and set down my work. I wasn’t a kid anymore.
	I walked out into the hallway just in time to see my younger siblings sprint past me, “Walk, you three!” I called. They giggled at each other, ignoring me. I made it down to the dinner table shortly after them. Mother had made her award winning stew, the four of us looked at the pot on the stove, the wonderful smell wafting around the room. 
	My 13 year old sister, Samantha, a minotaur, cried out, “Can we eat now?”
	The 10 year old sphinx, Sophie, nodded her head vigorously, nearly drooling over the promise of mother’s stew, “Please mom?”
	Eight year old brother, Tom, bounced in his seat in anticipation, as my other brother, Anthony, 18 years old walked into the room. Mother chimed in, “You three settle down, follow Mary and Anthony’s example and wait patiently,” Mother was a kikimora. If it wasn’t obvious, all of us are adopted. Mother and Father don’t speak much on why they could not have children of their own.
	“Yeah, guys, come on!” Anthony said jokingly as he was texting his girlfriend on his phone. 
	“Anthony, no phones at the table, you know this,” Mother scolded gently.
	“Yeah I know... Dad working late today?
	Mother nodded. “Make sure you all save some stew for him and me, please.” I wanted to be like her when I became a mother. She was beautiful woman, despite working a job and cooking for us at home, her maid uniform was always clean and without wrinkles. She took care of us five when Father wasn’t home, and took care of him too when he was home. She dished up five bowls and passed them out to us. We all thanked her as we got a big bowl. Mother then placed a plate of fresh made bread on the table for us. “You kids eat up!”

	“You doing alright, Mary?” Anthony asked me after the meal. 
	“I’m fine. Just worried about my big paper,” I told him. 
	“You’ve got more than a year to write it, sis. You worry too much.” 
	“It does not matter if I have a lot of time. I don’t have a darn idea what topic to write on,” I threw my hands in the air in frustration.
	“You like helping people, why not write on that?” Mother chimed in, returning to the kitchen to do dishes.
	“I would have to come up with a new way to approach helping or even healing someone effectively.”
	“Just find a guy who needs your help, Mary. There’s gotta be someone on campus who could use a sweet girl like you,” Anthony suggested. 
	“Ooooh, I like that! You have heard the stories about how your father was before we got together, right? You just need to push someone to be their best!” Mother told me.
	I thought for a few moments, “I guess I’ll look into that. No idea if it will go anywhere...”
	“Keep your chin up, dear. You’re smart. You’ll figure it out,” Mother kissed my forehead, and gave me a hug.

	I was distracted all day at university. I was too busy looking for single men to pay attention. Even though I switched seats in each class, I couldn’t find a prospective male to be a subject for my paper.  Everyone was either taken or one of those guys that even monster girls avoid. I got to my last class, a low level art class with my best friend Leah, a yeti. I told her about my plight, the struggle to find someone to be the focus of my paper.
	“You just need to take a chill pill, Mary. You’ll find your man, we both know I did,” Leah replied with, I was ready to tear the wool off my body.
	“You fell for the first man who gave you a good hug back. But I will admit, he's pretty much perfect for you,” I rested my head in my hands, trying to think of some other topic. 
	“There’s that Reece guy,” Leah whispered, pointing to the other side of the room where a man sat alone at a two person table. I had seen him round campus before and had a class or two with him. He was quiet, didn’t seem to have a lot of friends and looked exhausted all the time. I think I had only heard him talk a handful of times. He spent most of his time writing either in his notebook or a laptop. Large dark bags under the eyes, unkempt hair, stubble, dark clothes, all signs of someone who could use the help I’m looking to give; and as a plus, he was kind of cute.
	“He looks the part... I’m not sure if he’s single though.”
	“He is,” Leah showed me her phone, she had found his profile on social media site. Current status: single. 
Jackpot. I had found my man. 
I started to get up but Leah stopped me, “You can’t just go over there and talk to him!”
“But he’s right there! All I have to do is go over there and ask!” I struggled against her furry grasp.
“You can’t make the first move. If I’m right on this and I know you, you want to snatch him up for yourself.” I sat back down next to her. 

He looked up at me and quickly shut his notebook, “Uh, sure... Mary, right?”
	I took the seat next to him and produced my piece for him to critique. “Yes. How’re you today?” I asked cheerfully.
	“Tired. Same as always, thanks for asking. You?” He spoke quietly as he pulled out his drawing for me. His brown eyes darted up and down, sizing me up as he pushed his black hair aside. 
	“I’m doing great, why are you so tired?” I took a look at his drawing and gasped, “You like Kemono Friends too?!” He had drawn an adorable rendition of Serval from that anime along with an actual serval.
	“Yeah... its a guilty pleasure for me,” He said sheepishly.
	“Oh my god, me too!” Why had I never talked to this guy before? He gave me a weak smile. “Oh, right. What were you saying about being tired?”
	“I just have a hard time sleeping on top of anxiety, depression and all that. It can be pretty crappy some days, ya know?”
	The smile fell off my face, “I’ll be honest, I don’t know.”
	“Mph, well, that's good for you at least. It feels like a lot of you girls are just happy all the time,” he looked away from me and poked at his pencil. 
	I decided to just be forward about this, no reason to lie. “Listen, I’m working on a paper for my degree. I want to write about the process of helping someone. Could I work with you on this?”
	“Uh, yeah I can edit pretty well and if you need help writing anything you could ask me,” He gave me a small smile and yawned, “Excuse me.”
	“Well, that’s not what I meant, but thank you. I’m asking if you will let me help you. I don’t mean to offend you, but you look like a mess and have since you started going here.”
	He blinked at me and sat up, “Do I really look that bad?” He stared down at the desk.
	Without thinking, I put my hand on his cheek and turned his head towards me. My mother used to do that when we were feeling down. “No, no! You don’t look bad! I just can tell that you could use some help being the best you can be.” I realised how weird this must be and was going to pull my hand away but the face he made stopped me. His eyes closed, pushing into my hand, he looked at peace if only for a few moments. He let out a loud sigh and pulled himself off my hand, sitting up again, “S-sorry, I don’t know what came over me.”
	“It was nice,” He gave me a big smile. “You have soft hands. If the helping is going to be more of that I might be in,” he gave a small laugh.
	“Well, if that’s what makes you feel better, there may be,” I gave him a wink, trying to be cute.
	“I guess I’m in then,” he thought for a few moments before looking at me again, “Should we, like, start dating, so its not weird if we’re like... hugging?” His face was red.
	“Y-Yes, sure. That makes sense,” I grabbed his wrist and started running my finger on his palm. 
	“What are you doing?”
	“Oh! Uh, its a nervous habit I picked up from my mother. I do it to my siblings when I get nervous.” I stopped and looked away, too embarrassed to look at him. I looked at Leah, who gave me a thumbs up and a big smile.
	“So... what do we do now?” Reece asked nervously trying to straighten out his hair.
	“Do you wanna come over tonight? My mother’s making chicken tacos. Maybe we can get her to cut your hair too.”
	“Sure, sounds nice, Mary. Are we gonna figure out a plan for this paper as well?”
	“I already have some ideas. Mostly get to know you better for now, then I’ll have a week where I observe you going about your daily life. From there we come up with plans and actions to improve whatever is really ailing you,” I had a big grin on my face. I was so excited to finally indulge in my passion and I was dating now!
	“Damn,” Reece thought for a moment, “The observing would be happening at my house, right?” I nodded, “That might be a problem. My parents are pretty anti monster.”
	My heart sank, “But you’re not, right?”
	He shook his head, “No, I wouldn’t be talking to you right now if I was. If you want to back out now, I understand. You could totally do better than me anyways.”
	“I’m not going to back down on you. I can disguise myself as a human with magic or something if I need to. Mother used to do a bit of alchemy back in the day, so she might be able to help with that.” 
	Class ended and I took Reece home with me. He rode in back by choice and Leah sat shotgun. Leah lived close to me but the drive was still about half an hour.

“Nightmare Story”

	I awoke in the morning. Another restless night after having dreams about that woman again. I couldn’t stop myself in my dreams, like I know a disaster is coming but I’m powerless to stop it. Every night, she asks me how my day was, has a small conversation with me; then she rides me hard and afterwards cuddles me gently. Whenever I have these dreams I wake up in a cold sweat, my cock hurting, and I feel like I didn’t sleep at all. I got up and hopped in the shower. The cold water didn’t do much to wake me up or wash away my pain. I shivered, I had no idea what kind of curse was affecting me, with all these different monster girls running around throwing magic like its going out of style. I wasn’t thirty year old virgin (yet) so I apparently can’t learn any magic. But with what’s been going on with me recently, I’ll probably be dead from exhaustion before I can learn to protect myself. I left my apartment and hopped on my bike and headed out to my work.
	The ride to work was uneventful. I was lucky, as monster girls had been ignoring me recently. I had no idea why, but I was thankful for it. I had wanted them to either just leave me alone or just get it over with and take me. I got my former wish, I guess. I parked my bike at work and chained it up. 
	“Hey, Anon! How’s it going?” My coworker Drew shouted as he walked to me across the parking lot. 
	“Mmph,” I grumbled.
	“No sleep again? You really need to talk to someone about that.”
“Who the hell would I talk to? I don’t know any human wizards.”
“I know you don’t trust monster girls, but my kitsune wife is pretty adept with magic. She might be able to figure something out.”
	I threw my hands up. “Sure. I’m gonna die from this exhaustion anyways.”
	“Hey c’mon don’t talk like that, man. You’ll get this figured out,” Drew clapped me on the back. 
	“I hope so, gonna find whoever’s causing this and give them a piece of my mind.”
	“I’m sure you will, haha!” Drews constant upbeat attitude really helped me in a time like this.

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