Green(worm)er Pastures

Raffle prize for Greenworm Anon

“Help me!” A woman screamed in terror as the children around her cried with fear. 
	A beastman wielding a short wand and a shield grunted and huffed air out of his nose, “Shut the food up!” He yelled at another beast. The second, a bull-headed minotaur, merely grunted as he raised his hefty axe. The minotaur raised it over his head, ready to bring it down on the innocent woman. 
	A bolt flying through the air, as swift as the wind and glowing a bright blue, struck the beast’s wrists and pierced both, tearing them off and skewering them to a tree. It took a few moments for the pain to register in the beastman’s mind before he let out a shriek of pain. A second bolt silenced his braying. Another, brightly glowing bolt went straight through his throat, nearly decapitating him. The three remaining beasts dropped their prey and stared through the trees. Illuminated by the moonlight, atop a small hill was a man with a hood and a cloth covering the lower half of his face, his body shrouded by a leaf-covered cloak. The man’s crossbow glowed a slight blue as he pulled the string back and loaded in another bolt, with the chanting of a short incantation, the bolt began to glow a fiery orange. The beastman shaman opened his mouth to bellow and order to the others before taking said orange round to the face, his furred body being engulfed in flames within seconds. 
	Enraged, one of the two remaining beast men began to charge the hill. A black form, even darker than the rest of the night, leapt from the trees, knocking the beast man aside as it tore out his throat. The fourth raised it’s crude axe to attack the animal that had set upon his friend but found it’s swing blocked by the blade of a longsword. The ranger clad in leaves swiftly cut down the last of the monsters, all four of them lying lifeless on the ground. 
	The family who had been beset by beastment rose from where they cowered as the ranger beckoned to his trusty panther companion. The big cat licked it’s maw clean as it’s gaze wandered over the human family. It blinked and turned to leave as the ranger did, the two walking side by side back into the darkness of the dense forest, “T-thank you!” The woman shouted at the stranger who, without turning, raised a hand and gave a little wave as he vanished into the night.

	Ura woke up as the morning light crested the hills nearby. The trees cast long shadows, but somehow the sunlight still shined directly into her eyes. She groaned and stretched before folding up her little blanket and attaching it to her backpack. Ura stretched all her little limbs that ended with small black claws and put her thick cloak over her soft green body. Using the numerous feet on her worm body, she easily climbed down from the tree she had spent the night in and down to the forest floor. The green worm adjusted her short green hair and used a headband to keep it out of her face. She paused, “What am I doing out here...?” She wondered aloud to herself with a groan as she looked around. She reached into her satchel and pulled out a shiny red apple, measured it up for a moment before she took a loud, crunching bite from it. Ura felt eyes boring into the back of her head, she turned slowly and found herself staring into the face of a large black panther. It stared at her with eyes wide and yellow. The beast started to circle her, its animal face was almost completely unreadable. As her heart began to race, Ura dropped the apple and let out a scared shriek. This was it, this was the end and she hadn't even found a man! She was scared, but also angry at herself for deciding to go looking for a husband in the woods of all places!

	A shrill shriek awoke Hannibar from his slumber. He shot up from where he sat against a tree and took the hood of his cloak off as he listened to the forest around him. Fang was gone, but that was to be expected, that panther did what it wanted. Hannibar grabbed his crossbow and dashed to where the scream had come from. The wind shifted to pushing against his back, carrying him along as he ducked and weaved through the trees. He came to a small clearing with many flowers. Fang was here, poking a curious paw at a small, green and squishy monster. The creature whimpered as the panther licked her hair, “Fang!” The ranger shouted as he put his hood back up, “What have you found?”
	The panther bit the small monster’s backpack and dragged it over to the ranger, “No… no… no…” Ura whined as she was pulled over to the new voice. 
	Hannibar looked at what his panther friend had brought to him, looking quite proud with his tail flicking from side to side. The ranger sighed as he got a good look at the green creature, “Fang, release her. Mamano of all kinds are friends, not food,” The panther dropped the green worm and stepped away, clearly pouting, “Don’t give me that!”
	Ura hurried away from the panther with surprising speed and hid behind the man, watching as the panther vanished into the trees  “Oh! Thank you, thank you, thank you!” She hugged the man’s legs, her head nuzzling against his hips, “I thought that monster was gonna eat me for sure!”
	Hannibar smirked but felt a little awkward as the monster girl clung to him, “Fang is mostly harmless,” He patted the worm’s head to try and calm her down, “Why are you out here so early?”
	“I camped out here, stranger,” Ura explained, still clinging to him, “Maybe I should just go back to town…”
	“You should. There are beast men out here. They must have been driven from the east. Goldcrest isn’t that far away, go there.”
	“Are you going there?” 
	Hannibar shrugged, “I go where nature calls.”
	“Ooooh… to the potty, then?”
	“W-what!? No! I mean I go where the wind and the trees tell me, I protect nature!” Hannibar spat, feeling quite insulted. Fang, from where he lounged in the morning sun, was quite happy watching his companion squirm.
	Ura skittered back a little, undeterred by the man’s outburst. She looked at his face, she could really only see his piercing blue eyes, but staring into them she quickly knew that she needed to travel with him, “I should go with you! You saved my life after all and I need to make it up to you!”
	“I travel alone,” Hannibar stepped away from the green worm as if to emphasize his point. 
"What about your cat friend?" Ura asked with a pout.
He walked towards the woods, “He doesn’t count. Come on, Fang” He ordered and started to wait for the cat to join his side. He waited nearly a minute before turning back and looking for the panther.
	“Hehehe!” The green worm giggled as Fang rubbed his cheeks against her and licked her nose, “I think he likes me!”
	“Traitor,” Hannibar seethed, “Fine. Come if you want but I am not responsible for your safety,” With that, the three walked further into the woods.  As the ranger’s ears perked up, a faint whisper on the wind gave him direction.

	Fang prowled through the underbrush, pushing past uncountable plants and insects as he sniffed the air. Whatever scent he had, Hannibar had it too as the duo tracked their target. Tagging along was Ura who was very surprised at how quickly she was scuttling along the forest floor. Due to being only about six feet long and a little under four feet of that went toward her height, weighing so little, and her body being so soft, she usually struggled while traversing the woods. But today it was as if the plants were shifting out of her way to let her easily slide past them. She had a big smile on her face due to her excitement. Ura was close to a man and not just any man, he seemed like quite the catch and him playing hard to get just made her a bit more excited. Fang glanced back to make sure that Ura was still following him and the ranger. 
	When she made eye contact with him, Ura could see some intelligence in his eyes. The panther was definitely not an ordinary animal, but the green worm didn’t know how to explain it. She jumped, being roused from her thoughts as Hannibar and Fang both stopped under a large red oak, “What is it?” Ura meekly asked as she joined them.
	“Just taking in the sight. Don’t come this way too often,” Hannibar looked down at the green worm, “This is one of the oldest trees in these woods. Ancient elves planted this entire forest and this is one of the remnants of what they left behind,” Ura stared back with her soft, orange and curious eyes, “I don’t expect a city dweller to understand it.”
	“No, I get it, you just like big trees!” She nodded. Fang rubbed up against her again.
	The ranger pinched the bridge of his nose as he seethed, “Do not encourage her, Fang.”
	“No need to be embarrassed about it, uh, I never got your name,” Ura found herself unable to tear her eyes away from his intense gaze.
	“I’m Ura.”
	“Yes, well, Ura,” The name did not roll off his tongue with any grace, “The tree is significant. It is one of the biggest sources of natural magic in the land, perhaps this whole continent. Nature provides for all things, like supplying us with air and--”
	Ura’s tummy rumbled loudly, interrupting Hannibar with a loud growl, “Oh, my tummy…”
	“Can we stop to eat? I’m really hangy,” Ura whined.
	Hannibar stared at her, “Hangy?” Was all he could utter. A mere repeat of what she had said, a word that mystified him.
	“Yeah. Hangy. I need to eat,” Ura’s lips curled into a frown, “Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaase?”
	“If it will make you cease your constant whining, then we can stop!” Hannibar snapped as he sat at the base of the tree, his cloak wrapping around himself. 
"Besides, you'll get to look at your tree some more!" The woman laughed.
	Out of curiosity, Fang prowled up next to the now excited green worm and watched her rummage through her bag as she found another big, shiny red apple and started to munch on it. She offered the panther a bite but he took a few sniffs of it and dashed off into the woods in search of food. Ura shrugged and made her way over to the cloaked man. Without asking, She threw open his cloak and climbed onto his lap, “Aaaah~” A contented sigh left her lips as she pulled the cloak back around her.
“H-hey!” Hannibar protested but the green worm had already gotten quite comfortable, “Cut that out! Get offa me!”
“Mph,” Ura huffed at him as her little legs clung to whatever purchase they could get, “Have you eaten today?”
“I-- No, I haven’t, why does it matter? Nature will provide for me when I need nourishment.” 
“Here,” A shiny, uneaten, red apple poked up through the cloak, “You can have this in trade.”
“Trade?” He scoffed as he took it.
“Yeah. See, nature gave me this apple when I bought it at the market. Since it comes from nature, right? Then nature brought you to me and now I’m giving you the nature. That’s how it works, right?” She grinned, “I’m providing you with the nature-food and you’re providing me,” She adjusted herself slightly, “a warm place to nap when I’m done with first lunch.”
	“Then second lunch in a few hours?” Ura gave the ranger a completely mystified look due to the confusion in his eyes. She couldn’t see the rest of his face but she didn’t need to, “Then first dinner, second dinner, maybe a third if you’re feeling quite spicy, and then your before bed desert. Oh, and then there’s your breakfasts, the numerous snack times, and don’t even get me started on brunch, I had to skip that today! Its basic understanding of cuisine, how do you not know about this? Were you raised by wolves?” She looked him up and down, “Don’t answer that.”
	Hannibar’s head was reeling as he watched the green worm quickly consume her apple. She snuggled up to the ranger and put her head against his shoulder before yawning wide, “Are you really going to--” He was cut off again as the worm started to snore. As anger crossed his face, the ranger went to grab the worm. Something bit down on his arm, holding it in place. Fang had reappeared. As the two locked eyes, Fang let out a low growl in warning. Hannibar sighed and relented, realising he had no choice as the panther crawled under his cloak to cuddle with the soft, warm worm woman. He stared at the red apple in his hand and with a shrug he bit down, feeling the juice flow down his chin. It was the most delicious apple he had ever eaten. Soon after finishing it, he stretched out and let his magical cloak conceal the three of them before dozing off himself, one of his hands on each of his companions, lightly petting them idly.

	Night was quickly setting upon the forest. Shadows cast by the trees and plants appeared as dusk came about, throwing long and spooky dark lines across the ground and plants, at least Ura thought they were spooky. The green worm stayed close to Hannibar as every little movement and shifting of the dark shadows startled and made her whimper. Her little hand pressed against Hannibar’s as she silently begged for a little bit of comfort. Fang was on her other side, his warm fur was calming as Ura placed one hand atop his back. An early rising owl hooted overhead, making the green worm cower in fear. She whispered, “C-can we stop soon?”
	“Stop? What is it for this time? I’ve been stopping numerous times a day for an entire week for you!” Hannibar struggled to keep his frustration from boiling over, “We’ve hardly made any progress today! There was lunch, dinner, your naps…” The ranger groaned from his weariness of dealing with the green worm and Fang, “We-- I have important things to do like protecting nature!”
 	“Then why did you stop at that tree? Or that deer? Or that blueberry bush?” Ura reminded him.
	“I was observing nature, helping animals or collecting some of the forest’s bounty. Unlike you, the things I do are important! You’ve done nothing other than fill your stomach this entire trip!” 
	“That’s important too,” Ura pouted and folded her arms, “I even gave you food. Now I’m running out of fruit… Why can’t this forest have apple trees? Or at least peach trees? Or pears… or plums,” She noted with a disappointed look and a furled brow.
	“Then go back to town and get more. Maybe then you can leave me be,” Hannibar growled as anger flashed across his face.
	“But I don’t want to leave you be,” The green worm folded her arms and puffed out her lip, “I like being around you.”
	“I-- Do you really?” Hannibar found himself asking.
	“Well, when you’re not mad, like you're hungry or need to poo, or when you’re grumpy and whining, you make a nice chair. I like it when you use me like a pillow when sleeping,” Ura giggled.
	“T-that was Fang! Not me!” He tried to cover his ass by throwing the panther under the bus, “I’m not using you like a pillow.”
	“Yeah, okay, guy,” The green worm giggled.
	“Stop giggling like we’re in love or something,” The ranger groaned. He scowled at himself, he was a ranger, a loner, he didn’t need some soft, squishy, warm, and… nice worm following him around. It had been a week of putting up with her. He had been losing ground with her around, all her incessant stopping and going. Naps and meals. The much slower pace and the time spent with her had been… pleasant, admittedly, but she was ultimately holding him back.
	“Oh? You mean you don’t like me? Is that what you’re saying?” 
	“That’s…” The ranger bit his tongue.
	Ura’s smug smile got even more smug, “Why haven’t you tried to get rid of me yet if you don’t like me?” 
	If he could purr, Fang would have been shaking the earth with how elated he was watching his human companion squirm, “Cut it out,” Hannibar grumbled.
	“You haven’t even told me to get lost. Haven’t even tried to get rid of me at all. I’m starting to think you like having me around.”
	Hannibar scowled, “Just because Fang approves of you being here doesn’t mean I do. You have bribed him numerous times in giving him a big portion of your dinner.”
	“I’d rather eat fruit and vegetables. He can have the meat,” Ura smirked, “Do you really hate having me around?”
	The ranger drew his sword in an attempt to intimidate the green worm, “Don’t test me.”
	“You don’t have the guts,” Ura shot back with the smuggest face possible. She could have put a cheshire to shame at that point. Fang emitted a low growl to back the green worm up.
	Hannibar scoffed, “I would never hurt an innocent. But the damage you have been doing to my pride removes you from the innocent category.”
	“I think you’ve done all this damage to yourself, bub. I think we should stop for the night,” She quickly added as the ranger’s pace turned to a slow trudge. She started to wonder if she had gone too far with her teasing as the ranger plopped down next to a tree, his eyes focused on the forest floor as he adjusted his cloak, “Hey, I think I smell some berries over here. Wanna get a fire going to cook that meat you caught?”
	Hannibar nodded slowly and started to collect leaves and sticks from the forest floor. With the wave of his hand, a nice, big, and dry branch from a nearby tree snapped off and fell to the forest floor. He drew a hatchet and began to chop the wood into smaller, more manageable pieces for a fire. He glanced up, watching as Fang found a comfortable spot of grass to settle down in, “Why must you encourage her?” He grunted at the panther. The big, proud cat lazed about in the grass as a fire was set up. He could feel nothing in the forest around him for the first time in many years. To control the aether and magic around one’s self, from a wizard to a warlock and a sorcerer, most casters needed to keep their emotions in check to keep their magic in check. All of Hannibar’s magics were definitely not in check. The wind didn’t whisper meaningful advice to him, the bushes hardly shifted and moved out of the way, and even the act of magically starting a fire was taxing. He sighed, Ura was a smug little brat, but there was a certain charm to her. He couldn’t get her off his mind. He could only wonder if she was as enamored with him as he was with her. 
	Fang shot up as he heard a noise. Hannibar frowned, unable to hear what he did. There was a shriek and the ranger could instantly tell who was crying out. His senses cleared and he heard where to go.

	A large beastman held Ura with two hands. Her squishy green body writhed as she tried to escape the filthy, smelly monster’s grip. One of the four looked her up and down, “Looks meaty,” He poked at her belly. 
	“Lemme go!” Ura was being held by the bottom half of her worm body. She flailed helplessly, her weak body was no match for the beast man. 
	“How we gonna cook her, boss?” A starving monster asked, his fur mangey and ratty, his ribs mostly visible even through the fur, “I’m starving!”
	“A stew!” A third offered, his stomach growling.
	“Roast,” The fourth argued.
	As the beastmen started to argue amongst themselves, Ura continued wiggling. She started to use her long body to her advantage, whipping her upper body around. The beast man ignored her but the green worm whipped her body up and flung her head at the monster, smashing her crown into the monster’s snout. He cried out and dropped Ura as he bit down on his own tongue, chopping a bit of it off. The green worm quickly snatched up her bag and began to scuttle away as quickly as she could. One of the beasts grabbed their club and reared it back, ready to smash the worm. Ura dodged to the side, but her smaller limbs made it hard for her to out run any of them. As the monster brought his club up again to swing, a bolt pierced his chest and the glowing green energy in it exploded into a tangle of thorny vines. The beastman went down, struggling against the tighter and tighter binds, the thorns pushing past the beast’s fur and digging into the softer flesh underneath. He fell to the floor as Hannibar appeared from the darkness of the trees. The shadows had almost completely enveloped the forest around them. Ura hid behind the ranger’s legs as he cast another enchantment on his crossbow.
One of the beast men lurched forward, angered that his meal had gotten away. The next magical bolt pierced this monster’s body, igniting him into flames. He stowed the crossbow and drew his sword as the last monster looked for his scrawny friend for back up, quickly spotting his throat being torn out by the black panther. The last one nervously grabbed his spear and turned to his attacker. The ranger stood at the ready, his sword lowered and prepared for a slash. The beast man charged forward, desperate for food. As he lunged with the spear, he caught Hannibar in the side with a stab. It made him grunt in pain as some of his crimson blood sprang forth. With anger, the ranger’s sword slashed at a horizontal angle, cleaving through the beast. As the last monster fell, Hannibar put his sword away and clutched his side.
	“You saved me again,” Ura stared up at Hannibar as Fang joined the two, rubbing his face against the green worm’s shoulder, “You’re hurt!” She gasped as she saw the glistening red on his cloak.
	“I’m fine,” He insisted with a grunt. 
	“No you’re not! Come on!” She dragged the ranger back to the small camp site they had begun preparing and forced him to sit down by a tree. After a short time, she had used a few of the bandages from her bag to stop the bleeding, “There. That should keep you alive.”
	“Thank you, Ura,” Hannibar mumbled before using some of his magic to ignite the fire in front of him. The green worm crawled under his cloak and popped out by him, “What is it?”
	“You’ve saved me twice now and all I’ve done is tease you,” She chuckled while touching the ranger’s shoulders, “You don’t hate me, do you?”
	“Of course not.”
	“Then… maybe I can repay your heroics in some way?” Ura pulled off her shirt and tossed it aside, revealing her soft, nude chest.
	“Ura…” Hannibar trailed off, unsure what to say.
	“I’ve loved the week I’ve spent with you. I want to make that week turn into a lifetime,” She cooed as she touched his face, her little claws anxiously wishing to tear his mask off.
	“I can’t. I can’t have you getting hurt. You nearly got killed by those beast men because I got careless.”
	Ura huffed, “So? You saved me. I know you’ll do it again. But maybe we can go live closer to a town. Maybe in a lovely little cabin. Start a family… I love you, Hannibar. I can’t go back to living without you.”
	The ranger stared at her, seeing only sincerity and love in her eyes, “I’m not the dashing rogue you want me to be. I’m a disfigured loner who prowls around in the woods,” He sighed and took off his hood to reveal his long brown hair. Hesitantly, the mask came off.
	In the dim moonlight Ura stared at the man’s face. From his left ear to his chin, there was a long scar, like a clawed animal had slashed his face, “That’s…” Ura’s little hand traced the red scarring.
	“Off putting? Horrific? Disgusting?”
	“So rugged!” She squealed in delight. Her hands touched his face, “You’re so much more handsome than I had thought! Oh, look at you…” She smooched him on the lips, “I just HAVE to have you now!” Hannibar was pushed onto his back with Ura clinging to him, “Come on! Just say yes.”
	The ranger stared into Ura’s face. She was eagerly grinding against him now as she expectantly looked him in the eyes. His hands touched her soft and nude form, her warm, squishy body reacted to his touch by shuddering slightly. The words were stuck in his throat as he anxiously tried to find said words, “I-I love you too,” He admitted quietly, hardly having another moment to breathe before the green worm assaulted him with a barrage of kisses. He could feel her lower legs working on his belt while Ura’s lips kept him occupied. She pulled away and grabbed his wrists, forcing the man’s hands to her chest. While not completely visible on her otherwise light green body, Hannibar found that the green worm had small, perky nipples. As he massaged them gently, Ura moaned softly.
	Suddenly, Hannibar shivered as a cold gust of air touched his groin. Just as quickly, the member was enveloped by a soft and warm feeling as the green worm pressed her body against him, “You’re so big, Hannibar. I don’t know if it’ll fit,” She giggled as she rubbed herself against him. Both found themselves gasping or grunting as their loins rubbed against one anothers. Fang, knowing better than to stick around, headed deep into the woods in search of a meal.
	Small appendages touched and stroked the man’s member as she worked at getting him hard. She giggled with delight as she felt the penis start to throb. She rose up slightly, standing the member straight up before bringing herself down on it. A powerful shiver ran down her spine, making her throw her head back as the ecstasy coursed through her. She slowly lowered herself down, her hot, wet pussy enveloping every inch of her sweet heart’s member as she felt every little inch of him. Hannibar continued to grope Ura’s chest as she sweetly and gently rode him. The slow pace slowly got faster and faster, the moaning of the pair was quiet as they started to cling to one another, “How is it?” Ura teased, “Having fun?” Hannibar just grunted back as he pulled the cloak around them, encasing them in the warmth of a cocoon. Ura’s soft body squished against the ranger as she continued to ride him. She gasped and shuddered as she took her lover’s member to the hilt. Hannibar groaned as he felt her squeeze tightly on his member. Her hips moved quickly, rising up and slamming back down at a rapid pace, “Ahn~ Hannibar!” She cried out. Silently, the ranger clutched her tight, the contents of his balls being shot out violently as he emptied them into her womb. Ura cried out as she orgasmed, her soft, hot pussy squeezed the ranger’s member. As she started to slowly ride him more, she forced out every last drop of his semen as she could, making sure that he filled her to the brim. Neither wanted the ecstasy of their shared orgasms to end, but like all good things it slowly subsided, leaving the two laying in the heat of their post sex warmth, the coccoon of cloth holding them together. 
	Hannibar rolled the two onto their sides as he held the green worm against him. He stroked her hair gently and kissed her on the forehead, “So… should we--”
	“Sssh, we can talk tomorrow about the future. Don’t ruin tonight’s memory,” Ura giggled as she gave him a kiss on the cheek, “We should sleep.”
	“...Yeah…” Hannibar sighed and closed his eyes, “I, uh, love you.”
	Ura giggled, “Oh? You do? Well, I love you too,” She giggled and assaulted him with light, teasing smooches. She cuddled up to him and basked in his body heat. Both fell asleep quickly. When Fang returned with a full stomach, he spotted both sleeping and lay across them to provide them with a little more warmth. Hannibar put one hand on the back of Ura’s head and the other on Fang’s back. Ura had a big smile on her face, she finally had her man.

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