In The Court of the Crimson Queen

	So, you wish to read a story? Of a hero who conquered a great evil? Of love and lewds and sweaty, plump and curvy thighs and lucious, soft and full breasts?
	Well, I do have one that may fit your qualifications, friend. An old legend, few alive still know the tale and most that do say it's nothing but a fairytale. But I, I know it's real. 
	Well, friend, cozy up in a nice, warm blanket and grab a snack, sit back and relax as I tell you the tale of: ‘The Bard in the Court of the Crimson Queen.’

	It was so long ago now, in the old world. Where man and mamano fought for dominance. Contested by both sides was a land known as Orchadia, known for it being the place of unspoiled men for monsters to take as their husbands and the humans knew of it as a land of boundless riches and dangerous beasts. T’was a land ripe with adventure! But unfortunately soon after the Maou had vanished for a time, a terrible drought came. Druids and wizards could only save small pockets of fauna with their weather magic. People were forced east to the Human Kingdom or west, deeper into the Mamano Conglomerate to keep from starving. Few towns were fortunate to have the magically created rains and one such fortunate town, where our story-- and another you may have read already-- begins; Goldcrest.

	A bard in lavish clothing colored red and gold sat in the center of town on the edge of a long since dry fountain. He idly played a tune upon his fiddle, his dark leather hat hiding his eyes from the sun. Slowly he pulled the bow across the strings and hummed along to himself. A small group of children, boys, girls, and even a few mamano, cautiously approached him, “Bard? Will you tell us a story?” They asked.
	The bard nodded, “But of course. What is it you want to know about?”
	“Will the rain ever come back? The real rain?” A young weresheep pleaded. The other children nodded in agreement.
	The bard frowned but nodded, “Well, I know of something, a rumor mostly,” The smile returned to his bearded face as he put down the fiddle and pulled a flute from his bag. He played it for a short time, setting the mood as somewhat down and dreary. A small crowd had formed, “In a place far away-- or perhaps it is quite close, there is a woman. A monster who lives within the woods. But not just any woods, she dwells within her domain, the Enchanted Fae Woods.”
	“The fairy world?” One child excitedly cried.
	“Yes, of course,” The bard continued, “Atop her throne of thorns and roses, sits the queen of that realm. A terribly powerful spell caster and the most beautiful fae to ever exist: The Crimson Queen,” He paused for dramatic effect, “The lone monarch of the red faries and pixies sits waiting for the one who can tame her lonely, cold heart. All those who try are seemingly locked away, never to be seen again.”
	“Why does that happen?”
	“Who’s to say? None have ever returned. Perhaps their gifts were lacking, maybe their spirits weren’t strong enough, yet they may have never caught her eye in the first place if I had to guess,” The bard shrugged and played his flute again, “The legends say that this Crimson Queen can control many things, men’s hearts, the changing of the seasons, fairies of all kinds… but most importantly, she can change the weather. If a man could win her heart and take her as his own, perhaps he could convince her to bring the rain back too.”
	“Have you looked for her!?” A starry eyed child shouted.
	The bard sighed, “Of course I have. Just getting to gaze upon her beautiful visage would be good enough. Getting her to change the weather would be an entirely different ordeal,” He played his flute absent-mindedly for a few moments, “That is, if she even exists. She is only a rumor and legend afterall,” The children all vocalized their disappointment in one big ‘AWW.’ The bard chuckled, “Don’t take the talk of legends and myths as law, children. We have seen many legends come true in recent years, unicorns, cursed pirate queens, my friend claims he met a leprechaun once… many more things could become reality soon. Mayhaps - and it is my hope, too - that even the Crimson Queen will appear. Don't stop believing!”
	With the ending of his story and hope returning to the children, the bard stood up on the fountain and started to play his flute again in a little cheery tune for everyone around him to hear. As his song and dance ended, he bowed as the crowd clapped for him. A few coins were tossed his way before the crowd dispersed, going back to their business.
	A figure in a dark green cloak smirked as she watched the bard quickly scoop up his coin, “Goodness, what wondrous song. I just hope that he won’t take long. Although, I can wait a tad for my fun. After all, this has only just begun,” With a giggle, she disappeared into the dark alley she stood near.

	“Howard. Wake up.”
	The bard grumbled as his companion nudged him with a foot. He opened his eyes and found himself on the floor. Again. He stretched and pulled himself off the wooden floor, “What is it–” He yawned, “What is it, Shawn?”
	“We’re leaving soon,” The gruff warrior explained.
	Howard got up and started preparing for the day’s trek, “Any dreams?” The bard asked.
	“Don’t dream of women,” The bard reminded his companion, “they’ll only bring you down.”
	“You’re the one dreaming of that red fairy,” Shawn grunted, “That sounds a lot more dangerous.”
	“It's something I’ll probably never see. Something to give people hope and to dream about. Like a rainbow in the dark,” He sighed, “Besides, I had the dream about defeating a great evil again.”
	“I know. You’re always dreaming about how you want to defeat evil. A noble dream, but will it really happen?” The warrior shook his head and grabbed his bag.
“Who knows? Are the others ready?”
	“Probably not. You know how those three are.”
	Howard sighed and led the warrior down to the main room of the inn. The two got some breakfast and waited for their companions. Soon, the three others appeared. A valkyrie woman, wearing a simple blue tunic with long blonde hair and large white wings and her husband, a paladin who sported a similar tunic. The last was a dryad with legs covered in bark and short, green hair that fell gracefully on her shoulders. Shawn stared at the graceful dryad like he did every morning. If the way he stared at her didn’t mean Shawn wasn’t madly in love, Howard wasn’t sure what it meant, “Morning,” The bard called to his companions.
	“Just ‘morning?’” The dryad, Elma, scuffed, “It is quite a good morning today, Howard,” She carried a little sapling in a clay pot with her that she set on the table and poured a cup of water on it.
	“The sun will be shining upon our trek today,” Verdandi, the valkyrie, said with a smile.
	Ivan, her husband, nodded, “Aye. We just need a hearty breakfast.”
	“Lots of meat and vegetables, please,” Verdandi grinned.
	“Just veggies for me,” Elma commented.

	The group of five adventurers left Goldcrest with the sun shining down on them. The woods were bathed in dark shadows cast by the tall, ancient trees. Elma stopped every once in a while to admire a tall tree. Now and then, as a stiff wind blew through the woods, she would whistle back to it then nod or smile. 
	“I still don’t understand what you’re doing,” Verdandi bemusedly explained to the dryad. 
	“I talk to the wind,” Elma clarified as she glanced around at the foliage. 
	“Whatever you say, moonchild,” Howard chuckled as he hopped from rock to stump and to another rock as he tried to entertain himself.
	“Moonchild? What are you, a thousand years old?” Shawn scowled, quickly coming to the defence of his crush.
	“Shawn, no need to get upset on my behalf,” Elma assured him, “The ancient slang doesn’t upset me. It's almost comforting, as if the lives I lived before this one are feeling nostalgic for it. But Howard, you should be careful doing that. You could slip and hit your head…”
	Howard stopped on a rock and played a little tune on his flute, “Eh, I don’t fear the reaper. She might be cute.”
	Ivan snorted and shook his head, “You are the only man alive who fantasized about bedding death.”
	“Doubt it,” Howard replied with a grin before getting down.
	“I hate to say it, but Howard is right,” Elma chuckled.
	“Lusting after death is not the worst thing our bard friend could be doing,” Verdandi smirked.
	Ivan still shrugged, “I don’t know…”
	“Do you want to live forever?” The valkyrie teased.
	“No, but we’re bound for your valhalla when we die, right? I’d rather go there than deal with the reaper,” The paladin shuddered.
	“What’s your plan for the future, Elma?” Shawn asked.
	“Well, I still haven’t planted my tree,” She hefted her little sapling as she walked, “I’ll plant it once I find a nice valley with a lake I want to settle down in. Maybe I’ll find a man to watch the phases of the moon with.”
	“See? Moonchild,” Howard whispered to Shawn.
	“Shut it,” The warrior hissed.
	“Where are we headed, again?” Elma wondered, completely air headed and forgetful as always.
	“Down to the Pirate Coasts,” Ivan reminded her, “Those damned fish people have been giving the pirates a bit of trouble and the guild is sending adventurers to investigate.”
	“Gotta scoop up the bounty before the guild does,” Shawn smirked.
	“I would rather we use it for good than let the guild fill their coffers with it,” Verdandi nodded, “We should send most of our share back to the church, Ivan.”
	“I know. We’ve been slacking on it,” The paladin sighed.
	“Don’t beat yourself up over it,” Howard patted him on the back, “We needed it. We’ll last longer with those supplies. Can’t send money back if we all bite it.” 
	The trek continued on with the group being mostly silent as they moved past trees, rocks, and underbrush.
	All of the sudden, Elma stopped, “Hm? Do you feel that?”
	“Feel what?” Verdandi asked.
	“It's as if the plants all around us are shaking with power,” She whispered, “There is magic in this area.”
	“Is… that bad?” Shawn muttered.
	“No, something powerful is nesting here,” The druid clarifies as she bends down and scoops up some dirt, with Shawn not missing an opportunity to stare at her ass, “Strange. I feel eyes upon me as well.”
	“We don’t have a wizard so all we can do is move on,” Ivan ordered, gesturing to the others to follow, “Unless you think they’re hostile, Elma.”
	The dryad shook her head, “They would have had ample time to mess with us. Perhaps they would have harmed us already.”
	“I wonder if a unicorn made its home here?” Verdandi speculated excitedly, “Do you think it would let me pet it!?”
	Howard laughed, “Didn’t most unicorns turn into monster girls? That would be kind of like asking Elma if you could pet her.”
	“Well-- I--” The valkyrie started to sulk, her hopes dashed.
	“Don’t look so glum, friend,” Elma smiled, “You can pat me if it makes you feel better.”
	“I’ll pass…”
	Shawn looked like he was desperate to take her up on the offer but hesitated to voice it, “I think I’m starting to feel it too,” The warrior muttered all of the sudden, “My body is tingling. Like a magic spell is reaching out and tickling me.”
	“We should hurry,” Ivan decided as the group wandered into a clearing covered with small ponds and puddles glistening in every color the five travelers could think of, “Don’t touch the water.”
	Silently, the entire group agreed with their leader and started to slowly pass through the area, “Something magical is going on here,” Elma whispered, a bit of fear in her voice, “Strange and magical.”
	“Rainbow water means… something,” Shawn was wracking his brain as he stood close to the druid to keep her safe.
	Ivan shook his head, “It doesn’t matter, just--” He turned back to see Howard kneeling by one of the larger ponds. There was a look in his eyes, hollow and distant like he wasn’t in control of himself, “HOWARD!” The paladin screamed as he shoved past the warrior and druid.
	The bard couldn’t hear him. His ears were full of music, a symphony of strange and heavenly voices that all called out to him. He could hear it, it was bubbling in the water. He just needed to reach out for it, let the voices take him. Was that a woman in the reflection of the water? Grinning at him, beckoning him in, asking him to join her. She was gorgeous, Howard couldn’t refuse. Ivan had nearly reached him, ready to yank him back and snap him out of it. The bard put a hand in the shallow water and with a loud splash and a spray of chromatic water, he was pulled in, vanishing into the half inch deep pond.
	“Howard!” Elma cried, dashing to the pond that Ivan sat on his knees, staring into it as the rainbow sheen of the puddle vanished. The power in the air faded as well, leaving the remaining four balking in confusion.
	“W-what do we do?” Shawn mumbled.
	“Where the hell did he go!?” The valkyrie hollered, nearly jumping into the shallow pond.
	Ivan folded his arms and shook his head, “We’ll come back for him. We have to keep going. We have people waiting for us.”
	“What!?” A few cried out.
	“I just… got a feeling that he’s fine,” The leader turned and started to trudge out of the clearing.
	“I think he’s right,” Elma smiled, “I think Howard is exactly where he wants to be,” She followed Ivan and the valkyrie and warrior just gave one another confused looks before following as well.

	Howard came to at the bottom of a deep body of water. He stared up at the glow coming through the shimmering, multi-colored water. Strangely, he found he had no trouble breathing despite being completely submerged in the strange water. It was warm and soothing other than the sound of cacophonous sloshing water in the bard's ears. He stretched before starting to swim to the surface of the water. It was easy, well as easy as flying though molasses would be. It felt like he was being weighed down as he climbed through sticky syrup that was as clear as glass. Stained glass might be more applicable, due to the shimmering rainbow colors all around. 
Howard broke the surface of the water and took in a deep breath of air. He was in a lake, it seemed. Covering the lake was a thick fog with the canopy of the surrounding trees poking out the top. The leaves of the trees were almost that of autumn, mostly red and deep crimson. The bard swam to the edge of the lake and pulled himself from the water, resting his weary muscles as he lay on the sandbank. With a sigh, he pulled himself to his feet and brushed the sand off his bizarrely dry clothes. The sun was out, but only barely, it was hanging low on the horizon, bathing the world in a red glow of dawn or dusk-- Howard couldn’t really be sure. It was plain he was somewhere else and he was quite thankful that it didn’t seem to be Wonderland, at least based on how he had heard it described.
Leaving the fantastical, rainbow sheened lake behind, Howard wandered into the woods, noting how most of the foliage was red. He started to wonder again if he was in Wonderland and the Queen of Hearts had decided that all plants should be red now. 
	The fog was thick as the bard stomped through the crimson grass. He couldn’t tell if the movement in the corner of his eyes was the trees swaying or something else moving. It didn’t look big enough to be a person. After some time of walking, Howard stopped at a large rock to take a break, still weary from his swim. He pushed the thoughts of where on earth he was from his mind and just decided to go with the flow, just like he’s always done. Slowly and carefully, he pulled a small harp from his bag and started to play. His lips curled and he whistled along to the softly shaking trees as he strummed on his sweet sounding harp. 
	She was drawn to the music, as were her subjects. Little crimson colored pixies hid amongst the similarly red foliage as they watched the bard play. She sat on a branch overlooking the small clearing where her dear Howard had stopped to rest. She swooned over him, loving his music as it drifted on the wind. She needed to make her move soon, she desperately wanted to be closer to him. As Howard finished his song, the queen of the red fairies watched as her pixies flooded the clearing, getting closer to her man and starting to fight over the bewildered bard.
	This would not stand. Infuriated that her subjects would dare to touch her prize. She stretched her large, crimson wings and gracefully floated down to the clearing and folded her arms. Every single one of the pixies tugging on the bard’s clothing and flesh stopped and nervously gawked at their queen who furiously shooed them away without a single word. She adjusted her red gown and presented herself to the slowly recovering bard.
	Howard brushed himself off, glad that the mob of fae had left him alone. As he started to fear what had scared them off in the first place, he saw her. Standing before him in all her grandeur, was the Crimson Queen. A titania, standing around four foot seven inches, a tastefully plump body with light red skin and long pink hair done in graceful curls with a deep red gown. All the words had left the once witty bard’s mouth as he stared agape at her.
	“Close your mouth, Howard. You will swallow one of our subjects like this,” Her bright red wings fluttered as she approached the bard who scrambled to regain his composure, “Come, this way. This is not the place to speak. Our court will welcome you warmly.”
	“I-If you say so,” Howard nodded and began to follow the titania through the forest, “You’re the Crimson Queen, aren’t you?”
	“Why, of course. Who else would look this grand in red?” The fairy giggled and continued to lead the man. 
	“I’m sure all would ill compare to your beauty, m-my queen,” Howard praised, his mind still trying to figure out what he needed to do now. The Crimson Queen, right in front of him. A lifelong search come to fruition, but why him, why now? What did he do to gain her eye? If it even was her that brought him here.
	“Your queen?” She giggled again, “My, you have not even been in our court and you are already calling us you queen? Your eagerness is appreciated. As is your compliment,” Before the bard could ask anything, he was led into another clearing. The ground here was tiled with glistening red stone, a set of stairs going up a small hill had been erected, and a magnificent throne made of red felt and dark red wood sat at the top of those stairs. With a single fluttering of her wings, the Crimson Queen took her seat on her throne and began to lounge. The rest of her court sat amongst the trees on the edges of the outdoor area, each one watching their queen intently. The titania smiled at her guest, he was putting on an adorably stoic face that was betrayed by how he quivered in his boots, “Now, what to do with you…?” 
	“Uh, I know I’m just a guest in your court, your highness,” Howard started, “But may I ask you something?”
	“Oh, of course, dear guest. But, I would like to hear you play first,” The red fairy grinned excitedly, “Something sweet, if you would.”
	“Is this why I was beckoned here?” Howard asked himself, but didn’t complain as he procured his harp.
	The Crimson Queen feigned ignorance, “Pardoned? Beckoned here?”
	“I-I heard voices in the water that pulled me in and brought me to your domain, O’ lovely queen of sanguine.”
	The Queen already knew she liked him, but she was really starting to love how much he complimented her, “My, how strange,” She gave him an expectant look.
	“Oh, right, music.”

	Howard wasn’t sure when he was allowed to stop. The Crimson Queen seemed to be enjoying it at least, but his lungs were starting to give out. It wasn’t obvious what time it was due to the unmoving sun in the sky. As the song he played on his flute ended, he pulled it away and did his best to catch his breath.
	“Tired?” The Queen asked as the rest of her court slowly started to chatter.
	The bard nodded sheepishly, “My lungs need a rest.”
	“Ah, mortals and your silly organs,” The titania yawned, “Your sweet and soothing songs have made me somewhat tired,” She waited for a few moments, “But, I believe I owe you one question or so. Well, what do you want to know, Howard?”
	The bard straightened up, “I… I have a request. To tell you the truth, I have searched you out for a long time. My home, Orchadia, is in the middle of a terrible drought,” He explained, “I’ve come to request your help, O’ powerful and beautiful Crimson Queen. How may I convince you to aid my people?”
	“Hmm,” The queen of the fairies gave Howard a bored look, “I am not interested in the plight of mortals.”
	“They have drawn my ire, Howard. Not a single red banner flies in the mortal world, red has fallen out of fashion, and the color red being seen almost nowhere but battlefields and the leaves in fall,” The fairy explained as she was brought a red cup of dark red tea, “Besides, what do I stand to gain from doing this?” She gave an impish grin as she hammed up her ‘evilness’ to the hero.
 “I--” Howard couldn’t believe what he was hearing, “Then what would you have of me? I-I know I’m just a bard, but I’ll do anything you ask!”
The queen fairy stopped mid sip and set her cup down. She interlocked her fingers and smiled, “Anything?” Her entire court chattered excitedly, the bard was playing right into her hand. 
“Yes! Anything! Direct your ire at me, not at them!” He exclaimed.
The Crimson Queen grinned and slowly rose off her throne, “My, how selfless. I have just the thing for you. Come along. The rest of you, scram, I wish to be alone for this,” The court grumbled and slowly left, leaving Howard to follow the queen a ways into the forest. There was a stoic look on his face but from the rapid beating in his chest it was obvious to the Crimson Queen that he was troubled. While she was glad that he was playing along, she didn’t want to cause him this much strife, but maybe that would only add to the excitement?
	Howard found himself staring at a tall crimson tower. It towered over the trees in all of its sanguine glory. The Crimson Queen led the bard in through the front door and locked it tightly behind them. Looking around the brightly lit foyer, Howard saw the glossy red wood flooring, plush red couch, and similarly glossy red table. Along with these, there were a few windows that surprisingly weren’t tinted red, but the dawn or dusk’s glow did cast a cherry colored light about the room. Howard was getting sick of the color red, but he didn’t dare tell the queen that, “I can see from that maw, you are simply in awe,” The Crimson Queen chuckled to herself.
	“Uh, I guess I am. But I shouldn’t really be surprised that everything is red,” He shrugged as he climbed a set of stairs to the second floor. This looked like a lounge with a long, red, chaise lounge seat with a reclined headrest and ornately carved red wooden frame. Next to the obviously crimson seat was a small table with a bowl full of pomegranates, strawberries, red grapes, cranberries and red apple slices, “I can see that even your tongue likes red things.”
	“It does not matter what I eat,” The Crimson Queen huffed, “I just think they have a taste that can’t be beat!”
	The stair climb continued as Howard thought about the fairy’s sudden rhyming. The third and final floor was a bedroom, as evidenced by the huge, king sized, bright red bed with a shear cloth hanging from the ceiling surrounding it. Other than that there was a dusty, disused desk, a wardrobe, a dresser and a vanity. Each was made of a red colored wood, of course, and each was ornately carved with wonderful swirling designs. The bard looked around, expecting another surprise, or some kind of torture device, “So… now what?” He wondered nervously, preparing himself for the worst.
	As he turned, his eyes bulged at what he saw. The Crimson Queen had already disrobed. Her red skin glistened as she presented her nearly completely nude form to the bard. She was only wearing a pair of pink panties with a crimson heart pattern on it. Her large, fat breasts jiggled slightly as she gently rocked herself back and forth. Her bright pink nipples were inverted, puffy and large, her wings were spread out, showing Howard their beautiful splendor, and her body was covered in something glistening in the dim red light that streamed in through a window. The thick, curvy, woman grinned, “Once more you stare in awe. You must really love what you saw!”
	Howard struggled to comment on her arousing body, “W-why are you rhyming?” Was all his mouth could sputter out.
	“Think nothing of it. I am forced to rhyme without my flock. But wait one minute. I’m almost ready to receive your cock,” Like a streak of red lightning, the titania dashed at him, she hardly had to apply any force to stun him with her magic and easily pull him to the bed after stripping off his pack. With the wave of her hands, binds made of red, magical light snagged onto each of the bard's limbs and forced him into a spread eagle pose as he lay on the sanguine sheets. The Crimson Queen straddled herself on the chest of her red faced ‘victim’ and grinned. Howard could feel the heat of her body through his clothes, but he wasn’t sure if the dampness was her pussy or sweat on her body. She leaned in, running her hands on his face, “If the rain it is you seek, then the Crimson Queen you must defeat. Now hurry up and use those lips on my waiting Crimson slit.”
	Before the bard could open his mouth to complain, he got a face full of the Crimson Queen’s warm and plump breasts, his tongue tasting a hint of sweat on her skin. She playfully smothered him, running her fingers through his hair as she stripped off her wet panties, giggling the whole way. Howard found himself enjoying it, surprisingly. Well, how couldn’t he? Bedding the Crimson Queen had been nothing more than a wet dream before today, and now it was wet reality. The soft, pillowy mounds completely enveloped his head, like a massive bag of water, hot, sweaty water that is. She rose off his face, letting him pant for air as she removed his clothes slowly, stripping him down to his underwear as she used a rose colored knife to cut off his shirt and pants, “Oh my god…” Howard was already at full mast. He stared at the Queen’s gorgeous face, “Am I dreaming? Is this real?”
	“Fortunately for us both, a dream this is not. But I am glad that you find me so hot~” She giggled and sang as she straddled his chest again. Her body was hot all over, like a heated blanket. The Queen forgoed all further pretenses as she wrapped her hot, sweaty thighs around the man's head, planting her slit right on his mouth, “Lick, lick, lick, boy! Become my special toy!”
	Without another thought, Howard did as she commanded, licking at her red slit the best he could despite his inexperience. The Crimson Queen moaned and panted as the man licked at her, her hot body getting even hotter as the mood got going. The bard’s tongue pierced deep, almost ravenously tasting her womanhood. The Queen played with her new subject’s hair as she gently grinded against his face. Her climax neared, making her press her plump thighs against his head as she refused to let him go. Her fingers grabbed a handful of his hair as her orgasm came, pushing her lower lips against his lips as she howled out in pleasure. The Crimson Queen’s body shuddered and she was thrown into the almost violent throes of pleasure.
	While the intense feeling faded, the titania plopped onto her back, laying on Howard’s chest as she panted and giggled while the bard got as much air as he could, his chest heaved as he tried to fill his lungs with fresh, precious air, “I need… a break…” He huffed and puffed.
	“You require a break?” The queen laughed, “Then one you will take. I am not without mercy, bard,” She pondered for a moment, “Perhaps we should have some red custard?”
	“Mayhaps when we’re done,” Howard hoped that she planned on riding him.
	“Oh? You’re not ready to be done?” The red titania grinned and shoved her large rear in his face, sitting on it firmly, “Then we shall have a bit more fun. You make a fine chair,” She decided, “And seem to love getting smothered by my derriere,” She got off of him, letting him gasp for air again.
	It was obvious his member was throbbing, contained only by his quickly removed underwear that was tossed aside. Howard’s heart was pounding in his chest, anxiety and excitement coursing through him as he felt the Queen’s hands rub his thighs, teasingly grazing against his member slightly to make him shudder. He couldn’t find the words to tell the queen that he was ready for her.
	The Crimson Queen rose up from straddling her man and sat on his thighs, facing him and stroking his member. Her hands felt up the throbbing erection, twisting slightly as she felt the veins against her palms. She was panting, most likely even more excited than the man was. She didn’t wait for his permission before going in, rising up and lowering herself onto his member. She rubbed her slit on the head, her love juices leaked out onto it, showing Howard just how ready she was. With giddiness and force, she pushed herself down onto him and pierced herself with his rod, both moaning as she took him down to the hilt. The red titania felt a shiver down her spine, the anticipation was getting to her. Howard writhed as the walls of the Queen’s love tunnel brushed against his member as she slowly rode him. The lust and hunger for one another took control as the Crimson Queen went faster and faster, her moaning and howling begged the bard to grant her release without words. She rode the bard like a stolen horse-- a stolen human in the clutches of a powerful mamano, one used for pleasure, and the target of the mamano’s strange attraction and love. Howard didn’t know why the titania was infatuated with him, but he felt the same about her. He did his best to relax, letting the woman take control and use him to her liking. It was heavenly, the way her large breasts bounced as she rode him and the jiggling of her ass and thigh meat against his hips pushed the experience to the next level.
	“Oh, I can feel the orgasm!” The Crimson Queen cried, moving even faster, “Let me watch you spasm!”
	She ran her slender fingers over the bard’s chest, digging her nails into his skin. Howard grunted loudly, his loins could feel the pressure building. He opened his mouth to tell her, but moans and groans were the only thing that escaped his lips. The titania ravaged him, taking him as deep as the cock would go in her. She could feel him throbbing, his member pulsing and telling her that she should be receiving her reward soon.
	All at once, the pair shuddered, each one howling as they released. The man’s balls emptied deep into the fairy’s pussy that spasmed and twitched, further teasing his member and coaxing out more and more of his precious seed. As the throes of elation ended, the Crimson Queen collapsed forward, her mind clouded with all the pleasure she had received. Howard’s binds released him, letting him gently scoop the queen up in his arms, “D-Did I do well?” He asked as he pulled her into a hug.
	“Of course you did,” The Queen replied with a smile, “Who knew that your lovely cock was so well hid?”
	“Do you really have to rhyme like that all the time?” Howard chuckled.
	“No, of course not. I tricked you~” She giggled before kissing him on the lips and rolling over onto her back and pulling the man’s arms around her, “I desire to be the little spoon, dear husband.”
	“May I ask you another question?”
	“Of course.”
	“Why me? What did I do?”
	“Hm? Why I picked you? Well, you look quite dashing in red, Howard,” She giggled, “And before you ask, you have defeated me. I will summon rain to save your home, my dear.”
	“Defeated you? I feel like you defeated me,” He stroked her luxurious hair idly before pulling the comforter over their nude forms.
	“Hush. You won, you’re the hero you always wanted to be,” She rolled over and wrapped her arms around his neck, “Now sleep. Your body needs to recover for our next bout of love making.”
	“Yes, my Queen.”

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