Beloved Bengal

	The rain poured down on a dreary new years eve. I was fresh out of college, I had a backpack on with a freshly made meal for two, a case of ‘MAD OGRE’ brew in my hand, and a movie in the other. I stomped up three flights of stairs and got to the top of the apartment. There were six apartments in this building, all connected by outdoor stairs with multiple other buildings surrounding it. Most apartments still had some of their Christmas decorations up, but this one that I was headed to most likely never even had them up in the first place.
	I grabbed the knocker and slammed it down four times, hoping the occupant would hear me. I heard her stomp to the door and open it slowly, “Anon?” She asked drowsily as she rubbed her eyes and looked down at me, “What are you doing here?”
	I gave her a look, “I texted you multiple times that I was gonna come over tonight, Zara. Have you just been dozing off on your couch?”
	Zara folded her arms. She was still in her work clothes. A skirt and a nice dress shirt with a tie. She had already taken her suit jacket off, at least, “I have not,” She calmly declared, “I merely like to spend time away from my phone as to not get addicted to it like so many in this age.”
	“Yeah, because that ancient flip phone totally has Facebook and Twitter on it,” I scoffed as I ducked under her arm and walked into her apartment. 
	“Are you planning on spending New Year’s Eve here?” Zara asked slowly, completely unsure.
	I turned back to her and saw that the large tiger woman, who had an almost sheepish look on her face, had put her tiger print fur covered hands behind her back, “Yeah. My parents are out of town and everyone else is hanging out with their girlfriends,” I hesitated when I thought about admitting the next part, “And I don’t want you to spend the holidays alone.”
	She sighed and put her big tiger hand on my head, “I can not believe you are still this infatuated with me.”
	I shrugged, “It gets worse. I made some dinner,” I handed her a little plastic container with her crispy chicken sandwich in it and a few little containers with condiments in it including the spicy sriracha sauce I knew she liked.
	Zara sighed again, “Thank you, Anon. Make yourself at home. You are always welcomed here.”
	“Thanks, Zara,” I plopped down on the couch with her. The entire couch was warm so I knew I was right; she had been dozing off on it just before I got here as she laid across it. 
	“How long has it been since we met now?” She asked as she prepared her sandwich. 
	“Feeling nostalgic, are we?” I placed the bags of chips I had brought on the coffee table along with the beer.
	“I was feeling a little misty eyed after I received your gift, Anon,” The jinko admits as we settled into her couch in her little one bedroom apartment, “What grade were you in again? I was in seventh, correct?”
	“I might have been a kindergartener,” I admitted, “I loved tigers when I was tiny and then I met a real tiger lady and I thought she was SO cool,” We both laughed as we recalled the tiny town we both grew up in and the K through Twelve school we both attended, “Man I remember bawling my eyes out thinking I’d never see my best friend again after she graduated.”
	“You always were a strange one. When I cried as I accepted my four-point-oh diploma at my graduation, I was crying over how sad you were. You thought of me as your best friend when you were that young...” She chuckled again, “I considered you mine, honestly. I did not have many-- any friends. I still do not.”
“Hey, stop being so hard on yourself. You’ve gotten nothing but straight A’s. I know you sacrificed your social life, but you helped me get as good of grades as I got with all that tutoring,” I put my hand on her shoulder and watched her take a big bite of her sandwich, “It’s not like I have many friends either,” I grunted as I cracked open a cold one and downed some of it.
“The twenty three year old engineering graduate and the lonely thirty one year old office lady. The two of them spending the holidays together. What a story,” Zara awkwardly put her hand on my head again in her usual way of giving physical affection, “Thank you again for wanting to spend the holiday with me. Another thank you for the meal,” She grabbed my second beer out of my hand and opened it by jabbing her claw into the lid. 
	I huffed and grabbed a second can for myself, “Yeah, of course. Gotta pay you back for that time you were the only person to come to my birthday party. Twice.”
	“I did do that, huh?” She leaned back on the couch and I did the same. 
	“How’s work?”
	“Fine. Boring. A bit lonely.”
	“You keep saying you’re lonely,” I pointed out.
	“It is lonely at the top, Anon,” She explains before taking a quick chug. After putting it in my free hand to hold it for her, she grabbed her tie and loosened it before undoing a few buttons. I could see the very top of her cleavage and the faintest hint of her bra. I stared at her open palm as she asked for the drink back. Her hands were big, covered in tiger striped orange and cream fur, and ended in well manicured, sharp claws. The fur continued until mid way between her shoulder and elbow. Between her arms sat her bosom, the breasts there were shapely and big. Above that was her neck, covered in fluffy jinko fur and even further was her face; aged like fine wine, stoic, beautiful and wise, all these words I would describe her with, especially in the dim lighting of her home. Her hair was long, easily going down past her shoulders. Her locks were mostly dark brown with a black stripe in it. She also had big, round tiger ears atop her head in lieu of human ones on the sides.
	I reverently handed the beer back as her long tiger tail flicked from side to side. She folded one leg over the other, showing me her large, similarly colored tiger-like feet. She kicked off the heels she wore on the bottom of them and let out a relieved sigh. I had forgotten how pretty she was in our time apart, “What do you mean about being lonely at the top?”
	“Success breeds jealousy. I am at the top of my field, eying a big managerial position that I am a shoe-in for. None will get very close to me and I will not let them get close for fear of being backstabbed,” She calmly and sadly explained as she downed her drink then crushed the can and picked up another. Zara opened it the same way she had before and downed it, “I am just so angry at myself. I spent all that time that I should have used looking for a man on studying and taking tests,” The jinko woman growled as she quickly chugged her next can of beer. 
	“No need to be so hard on yourself, Zara. You’re so successful! You’re the kind of girl everyone wishes they could be!” I assured her.
	Her stoic expression had gone to anger and now to depression, “You seem to be the only one that thinks so highly of me,” She downed her next can and went to pat me on the head but missed and wrapped her arm around my neck before leaning on me, “Anon. You are so nice to me,” Her chin pressed against the top of my head as she started to sniffle.
	I ran my hand up and down her back, “What are friends for, right?”
	The big tiger woman was silent other than the noise of her chuffing in my ear, a rare occurrence that I had only heard a few times. Still chuffing, she rose off me and downed another beer before going for another and the chips, “Hey, put on that new years thing, on the TV, okay?”
	Her speech was starting to slur, but I wasn’t about to say no when her big claws were this close to my organs. I turned on the TV for her, just putting on a random show as it was a little early for the new year’s celebration. Zara kept leaning on me, chuffing quietly in between eating her chips.

	There were very few beers left when midnight started to roll around. Zara had drunk most of them and she was still chuffing away, leaning on me as she slowly ate the second bag of chips. The tiger woman pulled her tie completely loose and tossed it aside with a chuckle, “There it goes!” She unbuttoned a few more spots on her shirt revealing more of her heavenly rack, “Good Maou, I HATE working!” She cried as she snuggled up against me, wrapping two arms around me.
	“Is it really that terrible?” I whimpered as her claws dug into me.
	She gripped my chin with her other hand and looked me in the eye with her own, golden yellow globes, “I am just so unhappy. It would stop being so horrible if I could come home to someone I love. Someone to support me, love me, help me unwind…” She shuddered as she let out a deep breath, “I just need someone, do you think so?”
	“Uh, maybe,” I just shrugged as we both turned to the TV. 
	The ratatoskr on the screen looked excited as the big shiny ball started to drop, “I did not even realize it was this close to midnight,” The jinko would not let me go, “Do people do anything for new years? I usually sleep through it.”
	I nodded, “Some people kiss who they love, I guess. Like right when it rolls over to the new year.”
	“I see,” The jinko nodded and stared at the screen. 
	“Five! Four!” The countdown went, “Three!” I felt Zara tense up, her breathing getting a little heavy, and making me smell the booze on her breath, “Two!” The jinko grabbed my face again, putting both her hands on the sides of my head, “One!” Without further hesitation, she pressed her lips to mine as the crowd cheered, their cries blaring through the TV. 
	Zara stared at me, both of us in complete shock at what she had just done, “I-I am s-sorry,” She whimpered and backed away, “I-I-I have no idea what came over me.”
	Emboldened, I grabbed the remote and rewound it to the countdown, “Three! Two!” I leaned forward and gave the confused tiger a kiss on the lips, “One!” The light peck on the lips still managed to convey how her mouth tasted of liquor. I wrapped my arms around her when I pulled away and she wrapped hers around me, letting me lay on top of her as she laid out on the couch. 
	Zara stroked my hair as she put my head on her bosom, “You really are a strange one, Anon. Do you really have feelings for me?”
	“I do. I have for so long but I’ve been so scared to say so for the longest time. I was always just some kid to you,” I explained, “A-at least that’s what I assumed.”
	The jinko kissed the top of my head, “You have always been my best friend and I have watched you grow into a wonderful young man. You have become the man I wish I had in my life but I always thought you had eyes for another.”
	“Who? Suzie? I’m not a fan of lizards, Zara. I’d much rather stroke your soft fur than her scratchy scales,” I laughed before being pulled into a tighter hug, “I’ve always thought you were so pretty. Since I was little I wanted to tell you that I would marry you when I got older.”	
	“Do you want to?” She asked quietly while squeezing me.
	“Y-yeah. Of course I do. Do you want me still?” 
	“Yes. I love you very much, Anon,” She purred, “How about I show you? Stand up.”
	I did as the gorgeous cat woman asked. She had her hands on my hips as her tail swung to and fro, “Z-Zara?” I was starting to feel a little nervous.
	“Ssh,” She purred, “A wife’s place is to serve her husband in any way and I know you could use some… ‘service,’” She grabbed my belt and swiftly undid the buckle. My pants were dropped next and my already hard member fell out onto her breasts, “Is this what you like?” She grabbed her large breasts and shook them teasingly for me, their soft skin lightly slapping the bottom of my manhood. I just nodded sheepishly, my penis throbbing at the thought of getting to see her heavenly body. With feline grace, she ran the tips of her fingers along my shaft. She chuffed as she watched me squirm and gasp at her simple touch. Zara stood up, towering above me as she reached down to grope my member further. With one hand, she undid the last buttons on her shirt, tossing it aside and revealing her full, toned form to me. She had a mildly defined set of abs and a big rack of heavenly breasts, “Go on. Touch. My body is here to serve you as yours is here to serve mine.”
	I couldn’t hold myself back, my hands ran up and down her chest, first feeling her toned stomach then moving my hands up gleefully to her breasts as she removed her skirt to show me her cute tiger print panties. She rubbed my head, stroking my hair as she chuffed and bit her bottom lip. Her tail flicked before she gripped my head again and forcibly kissed me. This time her tongue rolled out, licking at my lips, pleading to be let in. I could only oblige, opening up for her rough, but pleasantly slick muscle to enter my mouth and clumsily feel around. I reciprocated the best I could, still fondling her breasts as she stroked my head and back. She removed her black, lacey bra for me, her large breasts flopping out without anything to hold them back. I could only stare in awe, not noticing as the jinko grabbed the back of my neck and forced my head between them. Zara’s chuffing only got louder as I tried to push myself even deeper into her bosom with my mouth moving as if of its own accord as I kissed her between her cleavage.
The jinko had to remove me, otherwise I would have stayed in there until suffocation, “You seem to be having fun,” She teased as she reached down and groped me teasingly.
“All my teenage wet dreams are coming true,” I panted as I squeezed both breasts again. 
	With a laugh, Zara picked me up and kissed me again as she hoisted me off the ground. I was quickly taken to the bedroom and dumped on the bed. I looked up, expecting her to climb atop me but I watched her lie right next to me, “Anon? Could you… make my dream come true as well?”
	“Anything for you.”
	“Then… take charge tonight, please,” She meekly pleaded as she rolled onto her back and pulled off her panties, showing off thick strands of her love juice that was stuck to them. 
	I nodded, “I-I’ll try,” That was all I could stammer as I took my position between her powerful legs. I felt her legs brush up against my hips, making me shudder with anticipation. 
I took a deep breath and grabbed her hips, pulling her toward me, making her swoon instantly as her face turned tomato red, “Such a big, strong man!” She cried out, panting at my simple gesture.
	I swallowed and grabbed my member, lining myself up to pierce this black striped pussy’s pussy. With a little nudge from her foot, she pulled me in, giving me enough confidence to shove myself into her. She cried out as I took her virginity and she snatched mine. I started to thrust into her, pushing through the resistance and burying my member within the halls of her soft, wet insides. We both shuddered, the walls of her pussy convulsed, already pleading my cock to release. I started to thrust, slowly at first as I fell into my clumsy, passion filled rhythm. I penetrated her, putting my hips into it as the jinko clawed at her sheets and moaned. I pulled her toward me again, making her cry out with joy again as I pushed myself deeper into her. Her powerful legs wrapped around me, the fluffy fur on her legs and feet brushing against my skin and giving me goosebumps as I gripped her wide hips and continued thrusting my member. I fell into a steady pace, watching her shapely breasts bob up and down in rhythm with me as we both moaned and groaned together from the shared pleasure. 
Zara rose up, wrapping her arms and legs around me, “Anon,” She panted my name, “Hold nothing back. I want you more than anything,” The jinko held me tight as I grabbed her hips again and continued thrusting into her as vigorously as I could. She stroked my hair and held my face in her bosom again. My member thrust deeper and deeper with Zara moaning and roaring with every movement of my hips. Her claws raked across my back, “Ahn~ Anon!” She roared my name as all her muscles tensed up and pulled me close.
	The walls over her love tunnel convulsed on my shaft, bringing me to orgasm as I did my best to continue rocking my hips despite her vice grip. I came inside her, grunting as I pressed myself into her, feeling her hold me tight as my member spurted out its desperately desired baby batter. I rose out of Zara’s breasts, only to be assaulted by a few kisses as she tried to pull me even deeper into her. We orgasmed in unison, feeling it slowly fade together as well as we both made out, tongues twisting and writhing in one another’s mouths as we passionately explored each other’s body by inches, groping, stroking and squeezing each other.
	Zara pulled me onto the bed and yanked me under the covers where she pressed herself against me and chuffed as I patted her head and teasingly poked at her ears. She pushed me onto my back and lay her head on my chest after giving me a quick, loving kiss on the cheek, “You did wonderful, Anon. I have no doubts about your feelings for me.”
“Of course. I love you very much, Zara. I’m just so happy you feel the same,” I yawned, finally feeling the stinging of the claw marks on my back.
“Of course I do love you. I always have,” She kissed me again and settled in, “I finally feel stress free having you around.”
“Oh, yes. I am going to need many more of those loving, passionate dickings from you in the future,” She chuffed loudly before rubbing her cheeks against mine like a housecat.
I suppressed a groan as I felt how weary my body was but I nodded, “Of course. Anything for my lovely wife.”
“Good. Now rest, my sweet. I will require your body again soon!” She giggled before quickly tucking us both in.

I had been enjoying my life as a househusband for a few months now. I struggled to remember how long it had been due to time not really mattering to me since I had no real schedule-- other than to deep clean the house every other week. I wore an apron as I worked at the stove, cooking up a wonderful meal for my wife who would be home soon. I thought I had more time, but I realized my time was up as the front door unlocked, “I am home, my darling husband!” Zara called as she dumped her workbag next to the front door and started to remove her jacket.
“How was work?” I asked as I wiped off my hands on my apron.
“It was good today. The lunch you made definitely helped!” She smiled before turning away from me and tried to stretch using the couch, “Hmm, my back needs to pop…”
She glanced over her shoulder at me and smiled as she used her tail to lift up the skirt she wore, “Zara…” I started to get a stiffy as I saw her cute tiger stripe panties. 
	“Hm? What is it?” She played coy before beckoning me closer, “Are you thinking of using your wife before dinner?”
	I sighed and started to strip down, “You’re the one who wants to use me.”
	“And? I do not hear you complaining about having loving, passionate intercourse with me~”
	I nodded and slapped her ass, making her moan before I started fucking her, “I love you,” I said as I inserted myself.
	“Ahn~ I love you too!” She cried as she leaned into me.

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