Multifold Manus Chapter 1

2 thoughts on “Multifold Manus Chapter 1”

  1. Praise:
    1) Great job, will it be a long story about everyday life at the magic academy? I think you have a couple of fresh ideas for this plot.
    2) I still don’t understand what type of monsters that girl was, to be honest. Is she a faerie?
    3) I didn’t realize it was a reference to Balthazar Geld until he joined the transmutation school! It was fun!
    Wishes and advice:
    1) Since your story clearly doesn’t intend to outshine the J.K. Rowling series in size, I advise you not to reveal too much characters who won’t be heavily involved in the future. This is important so that the reader’s attention is not scattered to memorize all the characters.
    2) You have a good storytelling pace, how big would you like to make this work? Will it develop in a “Choose Your Own Adventure” style?


    1. Glad you liked it!
      1) Yes it will be a long form story mostly taking place in a magical academy. Romance and such will follow.
      2) She’s not an MGE monster. I’m doing my own thing with this setting and moving away from MGE for once. I will only say for now she is a kind of fey creature.

      Also thank you for the advice, I will not be making this a CYOA as doing that for Stranger has made it really hard to write it at this point.


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