A Hell of a Day

A commission for Anon. Thanks again for commissioning me!

	Tick, tick, tick, tick...
	The sound of a wall clock ticking away, counting all the seconds in a day. Eighty six thousand and four hundred seconds in a day, one thousand, four hundred and forty minutes in a day, and twenty four hours in a day. Sanura could count the seconds in her head without the clock's aid. She woke up precisely at six every day next to her wonderful, loving boyfriend that she hated leaving every morning. Her shower took twenty minutes every day, doing her hair and brushing her teeth took another twenty, and eating a breakfast of toast and eggs took thirty minutes every day. She left her home at seven ten and got to work at seven thirty. She was usually on the elevator and down to her work precisely at seven forty five. 
It was currently eight oh five. Sanura’s red eye twitched. She wasn’t even on the elevator yet. Lost souls had flooded into the office and few were being particularly difficult in actually going down to the underworld to be judged. She stood on the tiptoes of her anubian dog-feet, her claws scraping the linoleum tiles of the above ground office as she rose up and peered over her co-workers and the souls of the dead. She kept telling her superiors that they needed an additional elevator just for staff, but they refused to listen to her. ‘Judging souls is hardly a profitable business already,’ they would say, ‘We can’t afford such frivolous expenses.’
	With the impatient tapping of her foot, her leather sandals slapped against the floor with a noise hardly audible over the chatter of her fellow anubis, sphinx, mummy, and a few apophis and pharaoh co workers all milled around along with the few human and non-Egyptian mamano that worked in the office. Most were in line for the elevators alongside the semi transparent, near shapeless, ghostly forms. 
	“Some morning, huh?” A sphinx stepped into line next to Sanura, “I wonder if we’ll be stuck up here ‘till lunch again.”
	“I cannot say now, Ami,” The anubis mumbled in an agitated fashion, “I am already very late. I may have to skip lunch.”
	“They better not demand we come in on Saturday…” The sphinx grumbled as she adjusted her well combed black hair with a yellow colored cat-paw-hand, “I’ve got a big dinner planned for my husband,” She eyed the anubis for a short time, “You’re looking sharp today.”
	“Thank you, I try,” Sanura felt a bit of pride and happiness, shortly distracting her from the agitation she felt. Her suit was all black with a long black skirt. Not a speck of dust or hair was on it. She kept a lint roller in her suitcase just in case she needed it. Her long hime cut hair fell gracefully on her shoulders. Sanura fidgeted with her golden studded earrings, her tall jackal ears twitching as she considered a response, “I will say, minus the cat hair you cover yourself in, you look quite fine today as well.”
	“Hey, that's not MY hair, the ‘fur babies’ as my husband likes to call them cover me in it. We should have gotten a hairless cat or two,” Ami sighed. She was in a white button up top with khaki slacks. Each was covered in a few colors of cat hair, “Hey, I’ve got another riddle for you.”
	Sanura nodded, “Go ahead. Anything to pass the time.”
	“What is always on its way here, but never arrives?”
	“Uhm,” The anubis started to think about it, “This must have something to do with time, yes? You love time-related riddles.”
	“Is it?” The sphinx gave a grin that would make a cheshire cat swoon, “Maybe it isn’t, huh?”
	“Well…” The elevator in front of the duo dinged and everyone snapped to attention as most of the souls were pushed into the large elevator, “Oh, finally.”
	The sphinx made a buzzer noise with her mouth, “Finally is not the answer!”
	“I wasn’t–” The anubis groaned at her friend and coworker, “I wasn’t answering the riddle! I’m saying that the line is finally moving!”
	“It is? Ah, it is. Looks like we’ll be on the next elevator,” Ami frowned, “Looks like we’ll have to do some real work soon.”
	“Is that a problem to you, Ami?” 
	“I’d rather stand here and spitball riddles with you…” She sighed as the two filed into the next elevator that dinged as the two metallic doors slid open. A few ghosts, their co workers, and some of the maintenance crew piled in for the elevator ride, “Any other guesses?” The sphinx prodded.
	“I’ve hardly had a moment to start thinking again. I’ll have another guess by lunch,” Sanura folded her arms as the doors slid closed and the elevator began to rumble on downwards. It moved quickly at an almost nauseating pace. Ami’s breakfast hit the top of her stomach and made her shudder and gag, just like every morning. Sanura’s foot tapped as she ran the riddle through her head again and again, “Time is never something you expect to arrive. What is something else that never arrives?” She mumbled to herself, “The night and day come and go. Retirement? Who knows if we’ll retire in this day and age?”
	“Now that’s a riddle,” The sphinx grunted to herself, “Is that your answer?”
	“No, sheesh, do you think about anything else?”
	“Lunch. Dinner. Going home. My husband,” She listed quickly as she regained her bearings, “How’s your man? Greg was his name, right?”
	Sanura nodded, her tail started to wag as she pictured her sweet lover in her head, “Yes. Greg. I think of him almost every moment I am here in this accursed office.”
	“Could be worse,” Ami grunted, “I’ve heard too many horror stories of working in the mummy wrapping biz,” She shuddered, “I don’t want embalming fluid covering my hair and fur. My hubby loves it when I come home and smother him in my well kept paws~	“ The sphinx giggled as she thought about it.
	“Well then,” Sanura smirked as the elevator came to a halt on their floor after a very long descent, “If those rumors about budget cuts are true, especially in your department, I hope you aren’t forced to go into mummy care.”
	“T-that’s not true,” Ami started to sweat. Her ears flattened on her head and her tail drooped as she started to wring her hands together, “Y-you’re just joking. R-r-right?”
	The anubis shrugged as she stepped off the elevator with a few other chatty workers, “Maybe. That’s a riddle for you to think about.”
	“THAT’S NOT FUNNY, SANURA!!!” Ami shouted as Sanura hurried off to her department.

	The underworld. Or ‘The Office Under the World,’ if you wanted to go by the rebranding that the higher ups were trying to push. Sanura didn’t care much for it. The underworld was the underworld, there was no sugar coating it. Even if rather than large, expansive caves it was now an overly sterile looking, boring, and sprawling office complex. Where the elevators came down after a ten plus minute descent was a few offshoots; a long winding line where the souls of the dead waited for ‘deliberation.’ A front desk where a few receptionists sat, mostly sphinxes, each one checking paperwork and making sure each soul has their heart before sending them on to the judges, or deliberators as they are now referred to as; the judges, usually Anubises of high stature often hear the sins the dead have not committed and pass their deliberation.
	Sanura hurried off to this deliberation wing, she wasn’t usually a judge, but she worked in paperwork. Looking around as she went past the cubicles where younger, less experienced people worked, she saw that nearly everyone was late just as she was. It was nearly eight thirty. The anubis kept rushing to her office, she had work to do and she was already a whole half-hour behind schedule. Her door was one of many dark wooden doors that broke up the sterile, off white walls. There were a few ‘Hang in there’ motivational posters with cute little cats hanging on branches, a few diagram charts that showed what to do in specific emergency scenarios like a fire, earthquake, or cheshire outbreak. A few water tanks and meeting tables also sat around the communal office space.
	There was an audible sigh of relief as Sanura found her office. 341a, that was her number. Doors may appear almost every day as more and more workers get promotions into real jobs, but Sanura’s door number always was the same, her only real consistency down here in this crazy world– that and getting to go home and see her boyfriend. The anubis prepared to step into office 341a with a wagging tail and briefcase in her fluffy hands. The door unlocked at just her touch, recognizing her as its master and let her in with a soft jingle of chimes, a sort of welcome or greeting the spell would sing as if it were a living thing. Sanura hardly understood magic. Some anubises had minor magical abilities, but Sanura had very little if any at all and it was completely out of her control– something she did not like at all. She scanned her office quickly with her red eyes and saw that nothing was out of place. She had a dark wooden desk, a big leather office chair which was claw resistant for those stressful days, a little printer, a metal filing cabinet, and a bookshelf. There were some framed awards on the walls and two thick tubes that came from the ceiling halfway down the wall to little hatches that could be opened after popping off some latches and three that went into the floor with one of the hatches colored red.
Sanura popped open her briefcase and retrieved her laptop which she set up on the desk and plugged in the power. It turned on swiftly as it was a newer model of iClopes laptop, the Beast Book Mach Four Electric Pro, as they called it; a model with extra large keys for monsters with big paws such as herself, a scratch resistant touch screen, voice to text capabilities, and the ability to use a stylus rather than fingers. It was the perfect tool for an office lady beast type monster girl.
	The screen flashed on and after a quick log in and a check at the time, eight thirty five, Sanura got to work. First was her emails, while she usually allotted twenty minutes to checking and responding to her mail, she only had five today. Anything non important merely got the ‘remind me later’ mark. Next was onto her bookkeeping app, ‘Under Taking,’ checking the souls that were coming in and processing their paperwork before their deliberation. She glanced at the framed photo sitting at the head of her desk depicting her boyfriend that she took during a sunny trip to the beach. Seeing his smiling face staring at her, even if it was just a photo gave her some semblance of strength. She took a deep breath and opened up one of the tubes coming down from the ceiling and retrieved a plastic cylinder inside with a stack of papers in it. She opened the cylinder and started inputting data from it into her Under Taking app.

	Two hours passed before Sanura even realized it. Ten thirty. Time to get some coffee, just like she did every single day of work. The anubis rose from her desk and stretched her arms and legs, affording herself very little time to really get the kinks out of her muscles. She carefully stepped across the carpet and opened her door before hurrying down to the break room to get some much deserved coffee. 
	The break room was where it usually was, ten doors down from 341a and in a recessed alcove that led into a hallway with some bathrooms and the break room with little more than a sink, fridge, and the much needed coffee maker. Safety papers, workers comp info, and various other information that needs to be posted somewhere in every single work place. A single other person was in the break room, a mummy who kept opening the fridge, staring inside and closing it before repeating these steps again. The anubis wondered who gave her instructions to retrieve something from the fridge, “Mummy,” Sanura said calmly, “What is your task?”
	“Ring Tail Tea…” She moaned, opening the fridge again. There were some sodas, bottles of tea, and some water but no Ring Tail Tea.
	The anubis sighed, “Get a Fluffy Mocha for your master. Take it back to her and remind her that you need instructions in case you cannot complete your task.”
	The mummy nodded slowly and picked up the orange bottle of tea before shambling away. The jackal woman cursed herself, she was wasting precious time. With haste, she refilled the water tank of the coffee machine and put the grounds in. She tapped her sandals on the floor impatiently as she waited for it to pour. As soon as her cup was full, she dashed back to the comfort of her office. Another anubis waited outside of 341a, a woman with long gray hair and fur with amber eyes. She looked at Sanura over her glasses and folded her arms, “Taking a break on a day like today?” She asked. It was merely teasing, thankfully and not evidence of an annoyed anubis.
	“Just getting some coffee, Janissa,” Sanura explained with a little nervous chuckle, “Did you need something, boss?”
	The older anubis nodded and adjusted her tie, “We are behind on quotas. You need to do some deliberations. You’ve caught up on you Under Taking work, right?”
	“Well… yes I have, but I have more to do. You know I’m no good at deliberation!” Sanura protested.
	Janissa nodded, “I know. But you simply need practice. You only need to do twenty today.”
	“I--” The young anubis swallowed her words, “Yes ma’am. I’ll get it done.”
	“Good. Just do your best, alright?” The elder anubis smiled before walking away to the next office.
	With another sigh, Sanura stepped back into her office. This would only slow her down more. She took her seat and set her laptop aside. From a disused drawer, she brought out a golden scale, a feather and rubbed her face to try and get herself ready. 
	Something came in through one of the mail tubes. The anubis quickly undid the latch and retrieved the package. A still beating heart encased in a plastic tube came for her. ‘K6542F’ the label read. With swift fingers, the jackal woman typed in the label on Under Taking and brought up her first soul’s file. Very little on the file was important to deliberators, it was mostly just bookkeeping information. The name Anderson was all she really had. With the press of a button on her screen, she called in her first soul. Phasing in from the purgatory, the first ghostly form appeared. It was almost the shape of a person, but more of a blueish green silhouette with a vague human shape. A fat human shape, to be entirely honest, and not in any sort of attractive capacity.
“Name,” Sanura barked.
	“Where am I?” The ghost wailed, “Who are you?”
	“The underworld. Your deliberator. Name,” She repeated.
	“Underworld!? What is this? Some kind of afterlife?” He whined.
	The jackal rubbed her face with her furred hand, “Yes. You died. Sorry for your loss and all that. I am deliberating your heart. Name,” Her professionalism was coming off as almost rude curtness.
	The soul folded his arms, “I see. This is just a hazy dream before my soul is obliterated into nothingness,” He stated smugly.
	“Alright, I can see that you’re in denial. Your name is Anderson, correct?” Sanura was quickly losing her patience. She had some paperwork that needed to be filed and now she had to work on this.
	“Yeah, that’s me. What kind of ‘deity’ are you? You don’t look like Jesus or Satan,” He scoffed as he looked down at the scale on the anubis’s desk, “Look at this gaudy shit.”
	The anubis held out Anderson’s heart, “I am not a deity. Just a deliberator. This is your heart. I am going to weigh it against this feather while you tell me the sins you haven’t committed,” She began to gingerly prepare the scale, making sure it was properly balanced before putting the heart or feather on it.
Anderson chuckled, “What even counts as a sin? I am not tied down by religion like those idiots that believe in their great, magic, sky dad. How ridiculous is that? If heaven is real why can’t it be seen from space?” He chuckled with satisfaction, “I wish my wife and her boyfriend were here, they’d laugh at this ridiculous shit too.”
	“You have done nothing but told me sins you have committed,” The jackal woman could hardly keep herself from growling at him, “Swearing, blasphemy and cuckoldry. You better start telling me things you have not committed.”
	“Why? Are you gonna tell your sky dad on me? This is just a dream, I’ll be moving onto the great nothingness of unconsciousness soon along with my fellow intellectuals. Can I use your computer? I should make a post about this on r slash atheism so my girlfriends can see it!” He laughed and laughed to himself.
	With shaking hands, Sanura’s tuning of the scale was completely undone. She turned to the wall and looked down at the three mail tubes that led into the floor, “Well,” She grabbed the heart and opened up the tube labeled ‘AMMIT DEPARTMENT,’ and opened it up, “I think we’re done here. For your crimes of being a cuck, adultery, having an open relationship, blasphemy, and, worst of all, using Reddit; I cast your heart to the Ammit department,” She shoved the heart in and closed the hatch. The heart was sucked away and the anubis let out a contented sigh as she turned back to the soul, “Goodbye.”
“What? Am I gonna wake up?” He smirked, “I’m probably just asleep. I’ll wake up and--” The ghostly form shuddered, “Oh, what the hell? A-am I having a heart attack? Again? I-I--” The soul let out a pained cry that was cut off as the soul vanished.
	Sanura shuddered and adjusted her clothing, she had no idea what went on in the Ammit Department, nor did she know anyone who worked there, but she had heard the stories of that dark, seemingly endless department under the rest of the office. Maintenance men would vanish all the time down there and the company from then on strictly hired married maintenance men. No one ever saw workers coming and going from the department, further shrouding it in mystery. 
	The anubis shook her head. She needed to focus on getting this deliberation done. She had… nineteen more to go, “Wonderful,” She muttered to herself and pressed the button to let the next soul in.

	Slowly, Sanura slipped her laptop into her briefcase and packed in a few papers. She yawned and slammed it shut before hopping up and leaving her office, locking it with just a touch as the magic door let out a deep, almost sad chime. The anubis yawned and stretched as she made her way to the elevators to leave. She felt exhausted both mentally and physically. The rest of the deliberation had gone just about as well as the first one had-- that was to say: poorly. The rest of the day had been spent working on bookkeeping in Under Taking while skipping lunch. Her stomach growled, she just wanted to go home. She needed a hug after all the abuse she had taken.
	Sanura stepped into line along with a few others who had clocked out and sleepily stood in line for the elevators, “Sanura! Sanura!” Ami called as she took a spot next to the anubis. The sphinx smiled, “Hard day at work?”
	The jackal woman nodded, “Yeah. They had me judging-- DELIBERATING souls,” She corrected herself in an annoyed tone. 
	“Sounds rough. I had to spend most of today herding lost souls back into the other ones. They wanted to send me down to check something in the Ammit department, but I said no,” She shuddered, “I don’t want to know what goes on down there.”
	“Neither do I.”
	The line kept moving, teasing the two girls with the thought of going back above ground and into the fresh air, “Hey,” Ami nudged her friend, “Didja figure out that riddle? What is always on its way here, but never arrives?”
	Sanura cursed herself silently. It had completely slipped from her mind. She would have to ask for an extension on her time, “Tomorrow. Tomorrow I’ll--”
	“That’s right!” Ami purred while beaming at her friend, “Tomorrow is the answer.”
	“Tomorrow never arrives… today is never tomorrow, I suppose,” Sanura chuckled, deciding it was best to say nothing about her accidental right answer, “Did you come up with that riddle yourself?”
	“Well… I was doing some research on harder riddles and I really liked this one. But you’re still too good at this!” She complained light-heartedly, “Hey, we’re up.”
	The two stepped into the elevator and rode it up along with some other tired employees, “At least they didn’t ask us to come in tomorrow,” Sanura grumbled, “I need my weekend.”
	“Right!” Ami nodded, “We should go on another double date sometime. Maybe on Sunday?”
	“Right now I’m feeling like I’m going to lay in bed all weekend. I’ll see how I feel, friend,” The anubis’s tail wagged as she thought about her boyfriend and her mouth started to water as she imagined what food he was cooking up right now, “I just need my boyfriend to help me recharge.”
	The sphinx nodded, “Yeah, doing a lot of cuddling might be in order. Have you thought about marrying your boyfriend? You’ve been together for nearly four years, right? That’s twice as long as it took for me to marry my man!”
	Sanura nodded slowly, “We just wanted to take it slow.”
	“You love him don’t you?”
	“More than anything,” She affirmed in a stern tone.
	“Then maybe it is time. I’ll bet you’ll look great in a wedding dress!” The sphinx laughed before standing at attention as the elevator dinged, “Finally. I’ll talk to you sometime this weekend, okay?”
	“Alright. See you around, Ami,” Sanura gave her a small wave before leaving that building and stepping out into the cold evening air. The walk home was only a short trek, and the thought of a meal was all that kept her tired legs moving.

	Sanura groaned, her body ached and her mind was focused on only one thing. She stumbled to her apartment and quickly slid a key into the lock and opened the door, “I’m home,” She called before dropping her briefcase and taking off her sandals.
	“Welcome home!” A man called from the kitchen of their small two bed apartment. The scent of cooking meat permeated the air and drew her to her man. The anubis stared at her boyfriend as he turned and offered her a small smile as he looked away from the steak he was cooking on the stove top, “Food’s almost done. How was work?” Wordlessly, Sanura stepped up to her man and pressed her body against him, wrapped her arms around him and put her head on his shoulder. With a chuckle, he hugged her back with one arm, “Rough day, huh, Sanura?”
	“It's always rough when I have to be away from you, Gary. I wish I could work from home with you,” She whimpered before kissing him on the cheek.
	He returned the kiss and pulled away, “Go take a seat, I’ll bring over some mashed potatoes and steamed carrots in a moment.”
	The jackal woman nodded as her tail wagged. She loosened her tie and took off her over coat as she watched her handsome, apron wearing boyfriend prepare dinner for her, “Thank you for being as punctual as usual today, Gary. Unlike everyone at my work,” She groaned.
	“Ah, that’s why you’re so out of sorts!” He laughed, “How bad was it? How off was it from your meticulously carefully planned day?”
	“I was a half hour late getting to my office since the lobby was full of souls who refused to go down to the office!” Sanura complained as her boyfriend brought over the cheesy mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables, “Then I had to rush through my work until I took a break to get some coffee. Then my boss DEMANDED that I do some deliberation!”
	“Oh, you always hated that,” Gary smirked, “Did you feel really bad sending someone’s heart to get eaten?”
	Sanura turned to him with a carrot in her mouth, “Mnot aft all!” She glared before swallowing her food, “A bunch of… a holes today! The first guy was a cuck and he used Reddit while he was alive!”
	The mention of that accursed site was almost enough to make Gary sick, “Don’t bring that up at the table,” He groaned before bringing over both steaks, “Medium rare, just how you like it,” He kissed the anubis on the forehead as he presented her with her meal.
	“Thank you, love,” Her tail wagged as she waited for the man to sit next to her.
	“Oh, hey, I went shopping today on my lunch. Got you a little treat,” Gary rushed over to the fridge and produced a twelve pack of bottles which he proudly showed off.
	Sanura gasped with delight, “Baromet’s Brew!?” She gladly took one of the bottles, “Steak and my favorite beer! You’re spoiling me today!”
	“You’ve been stressed and working hard all week. I’ve finished all my work so we can spend some time together for the next two days,” He smiled warmly as he took a beer for himself and sat across from her. The two said grace together as they always did before starting to eat, “Did anything else happen today?” The man asked before starting to cut into his steak.
The anubis nodded and chuckled, “Ami gave me another riddle, ‘What is always on its way here, but never arrives?’” 
Gary folded his arms as he thought about it, “If I wasn’t tired, I might be able to figure it out. What’s the answer?”
	“You’ll tell me tomorrow?” Gary smirked at his own joke.
	“No, tomorrow is the answer!” She groaned, “Stop pretending to be a dummy! I KNOW how smart you are!” With a huff, she stabbed a piece of steak with her fork and put it in her mouth, delightedly chewing on the juicy cut of meat with wonderful spices and salt, “You’ve really outdone yourself, Gary. This is fantastic!”
	“You say that every time, Sanura. Is praising me on your schedule?” He chuckled but was blushing because of the praise.
	“No, I mean it. You’re getting really good at cooking, honey,” Sanura gave him a grin before digging into the mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables. Using her claw, she popped off the top of her beer and downed some of the sweet tasting nectar. All the flavors mixed together to form a wonderfully intoxicating taste that she just couldn’t get enough all while downing more and more alcohol. 

	“Can I have some more snacks?” The jackal woman asked with intoxicated and slurred words.
	With a frown, Gary presented the now empty bowl to Sanura, “You ate all the popcorn, Sanura. In fact, we’ve eaten everything I had prepared and the candy I had bought...”
	“But I want some mooooore,” The obviously intoxicated anubis whined. She threw her head back and howled weakly, “Hubby, make some mooooore! It's so tasty!” 
	“Hubby!?” Gary was a little shocked at what she had called him. He glanced at the clock, “I-It's getting late, Sanura. You like to be in bed by eleven,” He pointed out as he turned off the movie’s closing credits.
	“Just… one more beer. Then-- then bed,” She decided, knocking over a few of the seven bottles she had already downed. 
	“You’ve had more than enough, Sanura,” Gary told her sternly as he blocked her path. The anubis stumbled as soon as she put one foot on the floor and fell into her boyfriend who struggled to catch her. They were nearly the same size with the anubis being taller by a technicality due to her ears. She was lithe with muscular limbs and the added weight of all her fur and big paws. 
	As she fell into him, her arms instinctively wrapped around his neck for support before putting her head on his shoulder, “I love you…” She drunkenly admitted with a furiously wagging tail. 
	“What am I gonna do with you?” Gary sighed as he hugged her back.
	“Take me to bed, pet me, and tell me I’m pretty?” The anubis grinned. 
It wasn’t completely obvious to Gary if she was joking or not, but either way he nodded and helped her stand on her own. The anubis grabbed his hand, clinging to him as he brought her to the bedroom. With very little grace and care, the anubis flopped onto the bed on her back, “Ready for bed? What about your pajamas?” The man asked, going to the dresser and looking for something for her to wear. 
When he turned back around, the anubis had already stripped down her underwear and was laying out with one arm propping up her head and crossing one leg over the other with a rapidly wagging tail. Her face was flushed red and so was her boyfriend’s at the sight of her nearly nude caramel skin, “How about we get a little intimate tonight?”
	“W-well--” He swallowed nervously as he approached the bedside, struggling to keep his eyes off his love’s deliciously tanned skin, “Uhm…” Sanura took his hand and pulled it to her body, forcing his palm to graze across her warm skin. She shuddered at the joy of just being touched by her loved one, “I, uh, love you too, Sanura,” The man said quietly, shivering with anxiety. 
	The jackal sat up at the bedside and slowly put her fingers under the hem of her man’s shirt and lifted it up, revealing his stomach. She kissed him on the chest as she helped him get undressed and then moved onto his slacks. She grazed her soft black fur and sharp, manicured claws over his skin giving him prominent goose bumps across the surface. Even if she was very intoxicated, she easily undid the belt and dropped his pants, “Oh, is that all for me?” She gently rubbed his package while giving her boyfriend a sultry smile. 
	“S-Sanura--” Gary grunted.
	“What? We’ve fooled around a little bit before,” The anubis assured him, “We could... go a bit further, hm?” She leaned back on the bed and pulled Gary on top of her, wrapping her arms around his back and one leg on his rear to hold his crotch against hers.
	“But what about getting married?” He whimpered, slowly relaxing and putting his face on her shoulder, “We wanted to do that first.”
	“This is getting married in my kind’s eyes,” Sanura kissed her love on the lips, sneaking her tongue into his mouth to playfully lap against his tongue. She pulled away and rolled onto her side and forced him onto his side. The love birds stared at one another, each one staring deep into the other’s eyes, “I love you, Gary. I want you to be mine.”
	He held her closer and got a tight hug in return. He could hear the slapping of her tail against the bed, “I love you too. If this is what you want, then I’m ready.”
	“Wanna take the lead?” She excitedly asked, kissing her boyfriend on the lips and holding him close.
	“I don’t know… I’m nervous.”
	“Did you know,” She started to tease as her hands traced down his body, “An anubis’s husband is tasked with fluffing and brushing his wife’s ears and tail?”
	Gary laughed which made Sanura push him onto his back and climb on top, straddling him with her hands on his shoulders,  “That’s my big payment? The privilege of grooming you?”
	“I thought you loved my ears and tail!” She gave him another kiss as she stripped down to her birthday suit.
	“I do. They’re very cute and add to your charm,” He took a deep breath to calm himself, “Well…” He blushed as he felt the anubis’s loins press against his crotch, “You really wanna do this?”
	“Of course I do. I have spent every day for as long as I can remember loving you, Gary,” Her claws traced a big heart starting both fingers at a point in the middle of the man’s chest and ending just below his belly button, “I’m ready to make you mine forever. I want you.”
	Gary stared into her crimson eyes and brushed her bangs out of her eyes. He could feel her caramel colored cooter casually caressing his cock while her tail wildly wagged in the wind. He took a deep breath and put a hand on her breast, giving it a firm squeeze, “Alright. You wanted me on top? Is that to make you or me feel better?” He wondered aloud as Sanura crawled across the bed to get comfortable with her head on the pillows and her rear in the air. 
	“Why don’t you give it a shot and I’ll ‘evaluate,’” She smirked back at him, the wag of her tail swaying her hips for him with an almost hypnotic motion. 
	“Bringing your work home then, huh? I thought you hated those deliberations!”
"No more talking," the anubis shushed him, rolling over to beckon him to her with a single finger, “Unless you want to keep this silly foreplay going, hm?” Her head was on the pillows and her nude body was laid out for her lover atop their bedsheets.
"I was just wondering what you wanted to do for our first time. Face to face, or… something more ‘traditional?’” He nervously asked.
	“I want you to stop beating around the bush and I want you to start having sex with me, Gary,” She giggled, “Do what feels right.”
	Gary watched Sanura get comfortable before patting her thighs in a beckoning fashion and reaching her arms out to him. Her fluffy digits wiggled in a manner as if to entice him into her hug. The man just sighed and crawled across the bed to her, his already hard member throbbing at the thought of getting intimate with his caramel-skinned jackal lover, “Alright. Let’s do this,” He approached her, letting her reach down and grab his member. She softly stroked him before guiding him down into her waiting, softly dripping womanhood. With a bit of force, pushing past Sanura’s tight pussy lips and going into her, about half way down as the two both cried out in pleasure. The anubis quickly turned into a shivering, whimpering mess as the man started to gently thrust, only going about halfway in with each push. Gary grunted and panted, quickly exerting himself as he tried to find a comfortable rhythm in his love making. 
	Sanura threw her arms around her man and held him close, “Uoah~” She moaned in his ear as her claws dug into his back. The man thrusted a little deeper and hit something in her, “Gary! Oh, Ammit! Oh, Ra! Gary! Gary! Gary cum in me!” She hollered, wrapping her legs around her lover’s waist and forcing him down to the hilt in her. Both of them started to smash their privates against one another, desperately trying to bring the other to orgasm. 
	Gary swore loudly, his body tensing up as the feeling in his loins gave way to a new pleasure as hot, sticky ropes were blasted into the anubis’s womb. In an instant, she hit climax and started to shudder, her pussy clamping on the man’s cock as she desperately tried to drain him of every drop. As the throes of the climax ended, both went limp, laying together in a pool of their congealed sex sweat. They hugged, neither wanting to speak as Gary rolled onto his back, pulling Sanura on top of him. The two kissed and embraced, gently running their fingers over the other’s skin as they started to drift off to sleep as they basked in the afterglow, “I love you,” Was all Sanura could think to whisper to her husband. Gary just nodded and weakly repeated the three words, making the jackal’s tail furiously wag as she drifted off to sleep.

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