Multifold Manus Chapter 8

2 thoughts on “Multifold Manus Chapter 8”

  1. Hey, I think we’re almost at the climax of this story! In addition to how well the emotional experiences of all the characters who are familiar with Galahad were conveyed (and even the prepared ace in the sleeve showed itself with the help of our imp joker!) I really like this mystery of the main protagonist, which the author will keep from us, it seems until the end!
    Also I would like to note the sense of humor in this chapter: even if it didn’t make me laugh, I kept smiling while reading this chapter.
    Question to the author: approximately how many chapters are you going to release for this story?
    Besides, I wish you good luck, I follow your updates!


    1. Glad you’re enjoying it so far!
      As for the question: I know this first arc has two more chapters.
      The entire novel might be more than thirty, but I’m not completely sure yet.


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