Wonder(ful)worm Kisses

Commission for Symphony. Thanks again!

	A purple haze rolled over the bright, neon-colored, green grass that sprouted up under the tall, dark, brown and pink trees that dotted the gentle hillside. A stiff, cool breeze threatened to blow the sweet smelling smoke away, but as if by magic, the fog remained. 
	I lazed about, taking in the sweet smelling fragrance and staring up at the pink fluffy clouds overhead. The pillowy object I used to support my head wiggled as I adjusted myself, rolling onto my side and running my hands over the little, tiny, clawed feet. They pulled away, “Cease this,” The owner of said light-bluish legs scolded.
	“Why should I?” I smugly wondered.
	She rolled her eyes before coiling her long, soft, deep blue worm body over my chest and pulled me closer. I opened my mouth to say something else, but she put herself on top of me, gravity pulling her long blue hair down into my face. She brought her pipe to her mouth, inhaling deeply before blowing purple smoke into my face. I felt my body untense, unable to fight back as she held me close. Her lips curled into a smirk, “Because I will punish you, husband,” The wonderworm explained as her purple eyes gazed upon me. She smiled and licked her lips before once more kissing her pipe, exhaling slowly, letting the sweet, fruity, smoke flow over the two of us as her long worm body coiled around me. She puckered her lips, pressing them to mine for a swift kiss. She chuckled as I smiled back at her, her cue to go for another kiss. She started at my ear, then my jaw, my cheek, then to my lips where I received a long, passionate kiss. Her lips pulled back, smiling at me as I got a moment to catch my breath. She kissed her pipe again, drawing a tiny bit before going in for another kiss, unleashing the smoke into my mouth which I gladly took into my lungs.
	My head felt hazy, my face was full of elation, and my body was very sensitive to the little tickles dealt by her tiny little claw legs on her warm worm body. I struggled gently against her, mostly playfully, as she laid herself atop of me gently sucking on her pipe and blowing smoke out of her mouth after sucking it down into her lungs. I breathed in the second hand, sweet smelling smoke while she smiled at me and played with my hair. She took lengths of it between her fingers and coiled it around her soft, delicate hands. 
	I tilted my head, but my wonderful worm wife gently gripped my hair, keeping my head upright as she went in for another kiss. First was a swift, wet smooch on my cheek, then a longer one on my nose and finally, she went in on my neck. Her plump lips kissed and teased while her hands wandered up and down my chest, drawing little circles and hearts on my skin. She licked my neck and nibbled on my shoulder, making me twitch and gasp. She giggled and picked up her pipe once more, sucking in a mass of smoke and putting on a pretty smile. It gave me the impression of a cat playing with their prey. But she was ready to go in for the kill.
	With the smoke still filling her lungs, one of her hands gripped my chin, squeezing my cheeks gently to purse my lips. The wonderworm’s plump, warm, and wet lips pressed to mine, planting a few kisses on my lips. Teasing and playful kisses, signalling to me what came next as little puffs of fog came from her lips. Her hand wrapped around the back of my head, caressing me as she pulled me close. 
	A long, passionate kiss was bestowed upon my lips that trembled with excitement. The wonderworm’s lips parted slightly, letting her tongue slink out and part my lips. The mouth muscle wrestled playfully with my own, swapping spit with me before blowing the lungful of sweet smoke into my mouth. I was powerless against her, all my arms could do was hug her back. Her worm body unwound around me, now letting her body press to mine, her soft and tastefully thick body heating me up quickly.
	Her tongue continued to playfully battle with mine, making me moan and groan, writhing and whimpering as she continued to assault my mouth. With one final long and loving kiss, she finally relased me with one long, sticky strand of saliva connecting out mouths as she looked down at me as I panted and shuddered, softly coughing up bits of sweet and wonderfully smelling smoke.
	“You know,” My wife began to muse as she sat up on her plush mushroom where she took in the sunlight, using her worm body to pull me onto her, resting my head on her bossom where she gently played with my hair. She put her pipe in my hands, “You taste just as wonderful as my pipe, dear,” She said with a smile on her face as she towered over me. I grabbed the nearby jar full of a purple jelly like substance and scooped some up in the pipe and set the concoction of Wonderland fruits with a match from my pocket. I took a quick puff of it and handed it to my wife who bit the mouthpiece and held it there for a moment before blowing a smoke ring in my face. 
	I sighed happily, watching as she recreated the haze around us, “I hope I’m as filling too.”
	“Oh, you will be tonight,” She giggled as her worm body was laid over my chest, keeping me in place while she idly stroked my hair, “Maybe I shall… suck on your pipe?” She giggled in a teasing tone as her grip on me tightened.
	My face blushed, but I nodded, “I… I wouldn’t put up a fight if you wanted to…”
	“Of course. I shall get my kisses and you will get the pleasure of my mouth. But rest now, I shall give you more love momentarily~”

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