Game Set Matched 2

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	The whistle blew, signaling to start. With all her might, the team captain kobold served the volleyball, sending it spinning over the net. On the other side of it, a hellhound knocked the ball into the air and an amazonian set it up. A massive, eight foot tall chimera leapt into the air and spiked it with all her might. The kakuen on the receiving team barely managed to knock it back into the air, her arms turning red from the impact. The game continued, though it was just practice, every girl on the field gave it their all. 
	A few spectators sat in the second row of the stands behind where the team would sit. Mostly young men, all of whom went to the school and showed up to support their loved ones. Within the crowd was Barry and his eyes were transfixed on the chimera. Her muscles rippled as she swiftly moved across the court, her powerful crimson and brown lion legs let her jump high into the air while her fur covered hands and forearm easily delivered powerful strikes to the volleyball. Her long, leathery manticore tail and her large wings were both bound to her back with a rope to keep them out of the way. As she spiked another volleyball, scoring again on the other team, she ran her clawed hand through her short crimson hair with cream highlights and between her long, brown, minotaur horns as she wiped some sweat from her brow. She gripped the neck of her form fitting jersey that compressed her breasts and pulled rapidly on the neck to let her chest and cream and brown mane breathe.
	The coach stood and blew her whistle. The older, yet still short, kobold’s tail was wagging due to how excited she was for this upcoming volleyball season, “Alright, Zephyr, sit out for a bit so the other girls can practice. You’re ending the games too quickly.”
	“Sure thing, coach,” The chimera called back before stepping off the court and moving to the stands.
	Barry cupped his hands to throw his voice, “Zephyr!” He hollered.
	The chimera looked up at him, smiled and climbed up the stands to sit with him. She wrapped an arm around her boyfriend, “I did not see you come in, ‘stud.’”
	“Of course I came to watch you play. I always do,” He replied as he tried to wrap an arm around her massive torso. 
	“Come now, do not get so clingy right now, I am covered in sweat!” She giggled as she pat his head.
	Barry smirked, “What if I said that was the best part?”
	“Then I would say that you are into strange things,” Zephyr replied as she rested her arm atop his shoulders, “What brings you here?”
	“I just wanted to see you. Volleyball season is coming up and I’m always excited to watch you play. This is just a little sneak peek, I guess.”
	“Hmph. Impatient boy, are you? Well, since we have a moment, do you have any wishes for dinner?” Zephyr asked, her manticore tail, although bound, was swaying from side to side.
	Barry wondered for a moment, “Hmmm… how about we go to Chili’s?”
	“I am unfamiliar with this Chili. If you wish for it, we can go,” The griffon, manticore, and minotaur combination chimera quickly conceded to her boyfriend, “Who is Chili?”
	“You said the restaurant was Chili’s. Is Chili a person? Or is it the country? The dish?”
	With a shrug of his shoulders, Barry looked up at his girlfriend, “You’re funny. You know that?”
	Zephyr simply gave him a blank look, “I know not what you mean. No one says that I am funny. You are either yanking my chain or leg or whatever.”
	He chuckled and decided to drop it, “Alright, I’m just messing around.”
	“Zephyr!” Shouted the coach, “Stop mackin’ your boy friend and come and show these girls how to REALLY spike the ball!”
	“Understood!” The chimera hollered back. She pat Barry’s head again, “I shall return,” She leaned in and kissed him on the cheek. The two enjoyed their brief moment before Zephyr stood and left, sauntering back onto the court where she started to bark orders at her teammates.
	Barry sighed, madly in love with the massive and intimidating chimera woman.

	Zephyr left the locker room with her bag hung over her shoulder. She had skipped showering to get back to her man faster. Barry was obediently waiting around, still idling in the benches and playing on his phone, “Barry. Come along,” The chimera called.
	He shook himself and hopped up, hurrying to her side, “That was fast.”
	“I wish to shower in my dorm today. Besides, you left for two weeks and I have been missing you very much,” She teased him with her scolding.
	The man’s face turned red as the chimera took his hand, her big paw-like hands easily and completely enveloped his, “I’m sorry. It was supposed to be a quick trip to see my parents. I would have taken you along if I thought it would have been much longer.”
	“I understand. Keep pace with me, we have much to catch up on,” Zephyr explained. Barry swallowed nervously. Her long tail was swaying back and forth like a feral cat on the prowl for its next meal. He knew that only meant one thing and he didn’t dare keep her. He hurried along, being pulled by her big, strong and fluffy hand. 
	The dorms quickly came into view, the larger women's dorms and the male’s dorms sat next to one another, “So, uh, shower and then Chili’s, right?” Barry prodded quietly, “M-maybe a movie later?”
	“Chili’s?” The chimera seemed genuinely confused.
	“D-dinner, remember?” He whimpered.
	Zephyr kept on stomping straight to the women’s dorm and pulled Barry inside with her. She pressed the elevator button as she genuinely seemed to be running the question through her head. She shook her head, her ears twitching slightly, “Right. Dinner. It must have slipped my mind. My apologies. I have something else in my head at the moment.”
	Barry just nodded and watched her repeatedly mash the elevator call button. Every other girl around– mamano or no dared not get too close. Barry swore he saw one start to pray for him. The elevator dinged and he was pulled inside. The door closed behind them and Zephyr squeezed her man’s hand. Barry felt trapped in the claustrophobic elevator, even as the woman let him go and waved a hand in front of her face, “Quite hot today, yes?”
	“Yeah, I guess,” Sweat poured down his face. 
	The elevator dinged again and Barry was dragged out by the eight foot tall chimera. She grunted and huffed as she went to her room and unlocked the door. She shoved Barry inside and followed him in, locking the bolt and knob behind her, “Now then,” Zephyr grunted as she turned the AC on, “I need a shower. Why do you look so nervous?” The chimera’s long, mace-like tail swung around her man, pulling him closer as she removed her jersey, showing off her tight fitting sports bra. A surprisingly gentle hand brushed Barry’s cheek, “Why do you smell like fear? I thought you were not afraid.”
	“W-well…” Slowly, very, very slowly, Barry calmed down a bit, “You make me nervous when you get impatient and agitated.”
	The chimera nodded before wrapping her arms around her boyfriend and holding him close to her hot, steamy body, “My apologies. Why does that frighten you so?”
	“I’m never really sure what you’re going to do. You’re already aggressive and intimidating, on top of that I had been gone for a few weeks. The way your big and somehow adorable tail swishes to and fro makes me think you’re going to pounce at any moment,” He pressed himself against her and gave her a firm hug that she quickly returned, “I wouldn’t be able to fight back if you… ya know, tried to have your way with me,” He pulled away and gazed up at her, “But I’m not really sure I’d mind if you did that.”
	Zephyr frowned, “I would not dream nor think of doing that. I am sorry for making you think this way. Yes I missed you dearly, but I have had other plans on things we need to catch up on.”
	“Like what?”
	Zephyr leaned down and got in his face, smiling seductively, “Showering together. I wish to feel your intimate form against mine. I have craved it so.”
	Barry nodded quickly as the chimera laid her bosom bare for him to gaze upon, “I– uh, well–”
	“If you wish to touch. I will let you lather me up,” Last to come off was her tight fitting shorts and panties, gladly showing off her well kept bush before stepping into the small bathroom. Barry took his sweaty clothes off and quickly followed her in, the two standing together in the shower as Zephyr turned on the hot water. Zephy’s tenseness quickly dissipated as she let the hot water run over her body. She pulled her man closer using one hand to hold his head between her massive breasts and the other to playfully run her claw down his back. Her tail wrapped around one of his thighs, “I missed you very much. You owe me so much cuddling time,” She warned.
	Barry just nodded into her titanic cleavage, “Mmph.”
	“I am unsure if we will make it to Chili’s restaurant tonight. You are going to be cuddled tonight. I am going to hold you very tight,” She teased, gently petting the man who just nodded again into her breasts, “You are such a good boy, stud. I am very lucky I have such an understanding boyfriend.”
	“Mmby timb,” He mumbled his agreement as she held him tighter. Since she already had him close, Zephyr soaped up her own hair and Barry’s as well as her fluffy appendages. Next was their bodies, which she gladly let Barry do. He reverently anointed her body with the sweet smelling soap and helped her wash off before she did the same and the two returned to cuddling until the water got cold. They stepped out into the now cool apartment after drying themselves off. Zephyr put on another sports bra and panties and ‘forced’ Barry to just put his shorts on. He got pushed onto the couch with Zephyr straddling him for a moment and giving him a big hug before getting off and pulling him onto her lap, his back to her and his head resting on her boobs. Her hands wandered as Barry turned the TV on, opening up a streaming app to put on the first almost interesting thing they saw, “What do you want to eat?”
	The chimera pat his head and paused for a moment, “Other than you? Hmm, sandwiches?”
	“I’ll order some,” Barry replied.
	“Make sure mine has extra meat.”
	“And no mayo.”
	“I know you don’t like that.”
	“Can I have cheese on mine too? Pepper jack?”
	“Right, right, right…” Barry started tapping his screen as Zephyr idly ran her claws over his skin. She rested her chin on his head as she quietly purred in his ears, “What chips do you like, again?” 
	“Extra hot…” She timidly asked as she cuddled closer to her man.
	With a nod, Barry reached up and scratched her head, “Anything for you. Drink?”
	“Mhm. Can I have the one you like? That soda stuff?” She mewled meekly, feeling embarrassed asking for all this food.
	“Of course,” Barry quickly added his food and sent off the order to the sandwich place, “Should be here in thirty minutes. We better put clothes on then, right?”
	Zephyr trapped her prey as soon as he started to stand. Her claws held him tight, “We still have 30 minutes of cuddling before they arrive. You WILL cuddle with me, no?”
	“Y-yeah. Of course I will, haha,” Barry chuckled nervously as the massive woman kissed his ear, then his cheek.
	“I love you very much. Now you say it,” Zephyr teased.
	“I love you too.”
	“How much?”
	“A lot?”
	“Hmph. Good enough,” She decided as she forced him into laying on his side with her, “A cat nap sounds wonderful right now… after dinner maybe,” She decided as she yawned and took the remote, “Time for more Hell’s Kitchen!”
	Barry just sighed and nodded, nestling against her soft, warm body and closed his eyes.

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