Game, Set, Matched 3: The Split

	The cold of the night was staved off by the brick and mortar of the esteemed diner where a couple were spending their date night. Zephyr, the massive manticore, griffon, and minotaur mixed chimera sat in a little booth across from her boyfriend, Barry. They were at Chili’s, a place that they had talked about going to on a date for a long time. 
The more than eight feet tall chimera wore a tight fitting skirt, a white button up whose buttons barely held on against the might of her large breasts, and a blue sweater that contrasted her crimson furred arms and legs. Her large wings were brown and cream colors. With a clawed hand, she ran her fingers through her red with cream striped hair, “Barry,” She flipped through the small menu.
	“Yeah?” He replied. He also wore a button up, but his was a dark blue and covered in pictures of red and blue chili peppers as well as pictures of bottles of hot sauce. 
	“Should I get the brisket burger or ribs?” The chimera asked, fully invested in picking out her food.
	Barry looked away from the baseball game that played on a ceiling mounted TV, “Ribs. You love ribs.”
	“Well, I do,” Zephyr looked up from her the menu at her boyfriend. 
        God, he’s so cute! I just want to pick him up and give him a big smooch! a part of her brain fawned over him. I must keep him protected. 
        Hold him tight and keep him away from the harsh world, The second piece sternly demanded. 
        The third was quiet, but it made her manticore, mace like spiked tail sway back and forth, Rape. Rape. Rape. Rape.
	“Zephyr?” Barry’s query made Zephyr snap to attention, “You’re making that face again.”
	“Huh? Which one?” She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and slouched as much as she could in the much too small booth. 
	“With the blushing face, the bedroom eyes, a smile on your face… a little drool,” He added quietly, “You already wiped it off.”
	“Ah, sorry,” She smiled warmly, “Sometimes I kind of space out as I listen to those little voices in my head.”
	“Is that normal?”
	“Well, it’s been a recent thing. I don’t think it’s anything to worry about. If I start splitting into three separate personalities, then we can be worried,” She smirked.
	“Right. Most chimeras act like that,” Barry cited his light research into other chimeras, “Weird how that works. Anyways, I might get some chicken strips. Maybe that crispy chicken burger.”
	Tell him I wish I was part chicken instead of griffon with how much he likes chicken, The horny voice chuckled.
	“Go for it,” Zephyr smiled, struggling to keep the intrusive thoughts at bay. 
	“Which one?”
	“Oh, the sandwich, sorry.”
	Barry frowned, “I know you’ve been training hard, but maybe you need to chill on that. You keep spacing out and going unresponsive. Maybe you need to rest, Zephyr.”
	“Oh, you’re so sweet, Barry,” She reached across the table and took his much smaller hand in her giant paw-like digits. Her tone was suddenly sickeningly sweet, “Maybe we should rest together tomorrow. I’m sure the team will let me take a sick day.”
	A massage would ease my weary muscles, the more stern voice in her head admitted.
	“I’m sure they will. Even if you’re their ace, you need time off too.”
	“Maybe I could get your–” The more animalistic voice in her head came out, “A little mana,” She finished in a calmer tone.
	“Yeah. Of course,” Barry smiled, making the monster’s heart flutter.
	“Alright, folks,” The kikimora server returned and set a drink in front of each of them. A foamy beer for Zephyr and hard cider for Barry. The woman brushed her hands on her black apron adorned with a Chili’s logo, “Can I get anything started for you?”
        Keep your eyes off my man, the stern, angry voice in Zephyr’s head growled.
       “I think we’re ready to order,” She decided for the two of them, “I’ll have the barbeque ribs with fries.”
	“Would you like a double order?” The server asked.
	Zephyr slowly nodded, her stomach growling quietly, “Yeah. Yeah I’d like a double.”
	“And I’ll have the crispy chicken sandwich. How about some fried pickles to share?”
	“Sounds good to me,” Zephyr agreed. 
	The server wrote it all down, took their menus and left the couple to enjoy one another’s company. Barry sipped on his cider until he felt his girlfriend’s tail rub against his leg, “Come on, not here.”
	Oh, just rip those pants off, stud, The lusty inner monologue growled. 
        “You are right,” The stern voice took over, “I am sorry for teasing you.”
	“You’re acting a little funny…” Barry decided to not start an argument and dropped the idea, “You’re probably just getting hangry. We’re nearing the full moon as well, right? You’re pretty sensitive to that.”
	Zephyr slowly nodded, starting to feel a little weak, “Yeah. I just need to eat,” She started to sip her beer and attempted to play footsie under the table with her boyfriend. Her much too large paw banged against her date’s legs as she reached her hands across the table and gripped Barry’s, “I’m sorry for acting like this,” She squeezed his hands tightly as she sighed deeply, “I’ve got those… What did your friend call it? The one with the goofy cat girl wife? Brain goblins? Yes, I have a lot of those today.”
	“Intrusive thoughts, huh?” He carefully tried to avoid the claws on her feet as he struggled to reciprocate the footsie, “Hey, I get those too. Like the voice in my head tells me to put my face in your knockers all through the day. But you’re strong, I’m sure I’ll get through dinner unmolested.”
	“Hopefully…” She replied.
Hopefully not, the voice in her head retorted. 
Sssh, The sterner voice ordered. 
The hungry, ravenous voice paused C’mon. Right here. Just under the table, keep it and him quiet if you have to.
	But our cute, precious hubby asked if we could later… The third, quieter voice mumbled.
	“Just gotta eat something. Keep the hunger at bay,” Zephyr said aloud, her tail swaying back and forth, her wings flapping gently, and her leg bouncing under the table, shaking the earth beneath Barry.
	The man used two hands to squeeze one of Zephyr’s, “Hey. Should I ask for the food to go?”
	“No! No, no,” She shook herself, “I just–”
	“Here’s those fried pickles for ya,” The waitress placed the basket of pickles before the two, “Are the drinks okay so far?”
	“Of course, thanks,” Barry answered quickly as if to shoo her away. 
The waitress smiled before stepping away, “Your food should be out shortly.”
Zephyr’s stomach rumbled like thunder. While she attempted to maintain a semblance of her composure, the chimera gingerly picked up a fried pickle and dipped it into the spicy ranch sauce and bit down on it, swallowing it quickly without really tasting the morsel. The fried food sat in her empty stomach, only making her feel hungrier. She trembled, grabbing a few at once and skipped dipping them in the sauce. Barry watched, sneakily grabbing one as the manticore gobbled the rest up. She followed up the hot food by chugging her beer. She felt warm and sweaty, despite not being dressed heavily, “C-can we…”
	“Get it to go? I’ll wave someone down,” Barry gave her a small smile, “Feeling feverish?”
	“Maybe a little bit…”
	“Alright, just wait here. I’ll go find a waiter.”

	Zephyr was sprawled out on the couch with her head laying on the arm rest. A soft, fluffy blanket was laid over her weary body. The remnants of her brought home meal were set on the coffee table, the only thing left in the plastic container was some of the sauce and bones from the ribs. Barry sat on the floor near her as he finished up his sandwich. On the TV, they watched a somewhat uninteresting romcom. Both of them had moved into the same small dorm room since they spent most of their down time in one another’s rooms and it saved them a bit of money in their college expenses.
The manticore, wholly uninterested in the movie, reached over to him and pat him on the head, “I think you should come sit with me,” She mumbled.
Barry nodded and set his leftovers aside, “Alright, let me wash up and–”	
	“Now,” The hungry voice growled. After freezing for a moment, Barry timidly moved to the couch and sat next to her. Zephyr easily pulled him onto her lap, one arm wrapping across his chest and the other hand rubbing his head gently, “You’re such a good boy. A real handsome stud,” She cooed gently before kissing him on the ear, “Could I trouble you for, mmh, some mana?” She spoke in a sweet, loving tone that Barry struggled to say no to.
	Yes, yes, yes, YES! The voice of lust cried in the manticore’s thoughts, Just TAKE it! He’s RIGHT THERE!
	Let him consent. Allow him as much comfort as we can afford, The sterner voice ordered.
	Barry nodded, “Sure, I had a feeling you’d ask for it.”
	“Thank you,” Zephyr purred as she gave him a tight hug. Her tail was already excitedly trying to get past his jeans. Her wings held him tight as she pulled his pants down, gently rubbing the already hard member of her boyfriend before her large tail bulb enveloped it. One of Zephyr’s hands pressed against Barry’s chest, holding him against her stomach while the other hand covered his mouth, placing his head between her massive breasts. The tail’s numerous tongues lapped against her man’s meat, slathering it in slick, glossy saliva. Barry twitched as his member was worked, unable to move from how wrapped up he was in Zephyr’s limbs. Feeling his legs move, the manticore trapped them under hers, forcing them apart as the tail did its work. The manticore purred loudly and kissed her man’s scalp.
	Feeling that she had teased him enough, the tail opened slightly before starting to glide down and up the shaft. She was hungry, starving even. All three voices in her head were all talking at once, making it difficult for Zephyr to keep herself calm. Keep him held tight, remind him who he belongs to, The stern voice commanded.
	The third voice sighed and cooed as the chimera kissed and cuddled Barry, I can’t wait to cuddle and pamper him~!
	The tail was slow and well controlled despite this. The man whimpered and shuddered before grunting into Zephyr’s fluffy hand. She could feel the warm, sticky liquid as it was shot into her tail as the stroking got loud. With a noise, Zephyr quickly gulped down her man’s mana, giving him a few moments to rest as she removed the hand from his face. Barry panted, filling his lungs as he nestled deeply in her grasp, “Another?” He asked.
	“You’re so sweet,” Zephyr ruffled his hair before covering the mouth again. This time her tail was relentless. It pumped her man’s shaft rapidly, desperate for his mana and semen. The pumping of the tail plus the licking and stroking of the tongues was too much for him. Despite his second orgasm, Zephyr kept pumping and stroking, cooing and kissing him as she coaxed a third from him. After the third, Zephyr released her hold on him and gave him a kiss on the ear, then the cheek, and finally passionately made out with him. Her large, rough tongue slipped into his mouth, tangling playfully with Barry’s. She pulled away, forcing his head into her fluffy mane as she stroked his hair, “Love you, my handsome guy.”
	“Love you too…” Barry weakly replied as he tried to reciprocate the hug. 
	The TV was shut off and the two laid out on the couch, “Was I too rough?” She meekly asked.
	“No. Until you start clawing me, we’re fine,” He smiled as he snuggled in tight, “Wanna know something I thought of the other day?”
	The manticore nodded, “Yeah, what’s up?”
	“What if I had more of you to cuddle with? Like, I saw an ad on the internet for one of those doppelganger potions and it got my brain gears turnin’. I could be sandwiched between two huge breasted, built like brick house women!” He laughed, “It's dumb, I know. You’re perfect how you are.”
	“Thanks, sweetie,” Zephyr yawned, the two of them quickly falling asleep on the couch. The chimera was glad that the voices had finally subsided, but there was a strange feeling in her body. Along with the warmth of her man, she felt an odd heat. Disregarding it, she closed her eyes and tried to get some sleep.

	Barry woke up in bliss. He knew the feeling of using Zephyr’s large body like a mattress, and always enjoyed the warmth it provided. But something felt off. It took minutes for the stupor of sleep to wear off, but once it finally did he realized that the neck fluff on his loving girlfriend was gone as was the warm fur on her limbs. He tried to get up, gently trying to remove her arms in the dark of the early morning sunshine. 
	“Where are you going…?” She groggily asked as she hugged him tighter. With his face in the woman’s bare breasts now, Barry felt at ease. These were definitely Zephyr’s breasts. 
	“Is he in of need of disciplining?” A second, sterner voice wondered. Barry felt a taloned hand on his back that firmy rubbed the area between his shoulder blades, “No, he is just sleepy, hm?”
	“Maybe he needs a raping,” A third voice chuckled before yawning loudly. The familiar fluffy paws grabbed his hips, “Hand over the goods!”
	“Let him sleep,” The first, sweet voice huffed, “Barry needs to rest after how much we drained him yesterday.”
	Barry felt her hands move letting him finally sit up. He had been laying on the body of a large woman on the floor, slightly shorter than Zephyr, but she had the face, eyes, and horns of the chimera. Her crimson hair had cream colored spots in it and was tied back in a ponytail. She had the look of an average minotaur, if Zephyr had been one she might have looked like her. To his left was a griffon, like the cow woman she had a share of Zephyr’s features like her crimson and cream hair that came down to her shoulders along with the brown and cream wings and crimson furry legs. The third was a manticore with a big grin on her face. She had the tail, the mane, and long hair. Each was just under seven and a half feet tall with massive breasts and huge muscles, all dressed in  loose shirts and tight fitting shorts, “Uh? Zephyr?” Barry balked at all of them.
	“Yes?” They replied in unison.
	“Is this not what you wanted?” The griffon part asked as she ran her taloned hand through Barry’s hair.
The minotaur pulled him back into a hug, “Three women to play with the breasts of, right?”
“Three women to molest you,” The manticore grinned, brandishing her spiked tail pussy, “Ready to start?”
	“Oh, let him rest, we’ve startled the poor thing,” The minotaur stroked his hair. 
	“Come on! I’m starving here! Lemme just get a little bit of that mana at least!” The manticore whined, “Just a little sucking!”
	“No,” The griffon folded her arms and frowned, “You will have your turn. But we must fortify him first, lest we injure and drain him too much.”
	“Milk first. Come drink up, sweetie,” The minotaur lifted her shirt, revealing her massive mammaries. The pink, puffy, inverted nipples leaked a tiny bit of milk, “Have some breakfast, sweetie,” She offered, putting her arms out and her palms up as if to take him in a hug. Unable to resist, Barry joined her on the couch, letting her pull him onto her lap and holding his head gently in one arm, bringing him up against her nipple, “Drink up. I know how you’ve sucked on our nipples before, you’re just a hungry little guy, aren’t ya?”
	As he opened his mouth to reply, Barry’s mouth was forced against the nipple and almost instantly, a mouthful of it sprayed into his mouth. The minotaur moaned as if she suddenly felt a wave of relief wash over her. After swallowing the first warm and milky mouthful, he began to suck on the nipple, sucking down as much milk as he could. She was right, he had desperately wanted this, but was a little too shy to admit it.
	“Look at him,” The manticore licked her lips and ran a hand down Barry’s chest, “And how hard he is~” She put her big paw hand on his crotch and started to rub and grope his manhood.
	“Allow me,” The griffon took her turn, placing her hand on his groin and gripping his balls through his underwear, “They feel heavy. Wonderful.”
	Barry felt a needle jab into his arm as the manticore grinned from ear to ear. His already hard member now started to ache, throbbing and desperate for release.
	“Poor Barry,” The minotaur smiled and licked her lips, “I think you wanted to go first,” Barry was lifted and handed to the griffon, “Be gentle~”
	With the griffon holding him in a princess carry, the manticore tore off his underwear and shirt, revealing his member to the cold world. Barry was laid on his back as the three busty women stripped naked. Each grinned at him, eager to use his body. Barry was sat up as the griffon got on his lap facing him, his member scraping against her already wet pussy. She crossed her legs behind him and pulled his head into her breasts. With a deep breath, the griffon pierced herself on his member, riding him down to the hilt. She rose slowly and brought herself down, gripping the man tightly as she used his body to pleasure herself.  Barry put his hand on her hips, trying to help her as she went down and up on him. All three girls moaned in unison as they watched and fucked Barry. From behind, the manticore pressed her breasts against his head, smothering him in a breast sandwich. The griffon’s claws dug into Barry’s back, “Ah, Barry!” The griffon cried. As she orgasmed, her pussy gripped Barry’s cock, forcing his overly sensitive member to cum inside her.
There was a short period where Barry was allowed to rest as the griffon caught her breath. With another deep breath, she started to ride him again. She shoved his hands off of her, letting the manticore grab his arms and hold them back as she rapidly rode him. His member throbbed, cumming again and she continued her wild riding. The griffon growled and moaned as she kept using his member to pierce herself, taking him deep, down to his balls as she felt every little bit of his penis. It didn't take long for her to cum again as she was overwhelmed by the feeling of her beloved’s penis. With a powerful orgasm, she milked a third orgasm from Barry.
	The griffon released him before giving him a gentle kiss on the lips. Barry barely had a moment to catch his breath before he was snatched by the manticore. He was forced on his knees with the growling monster behind him also kneeling. Her hand pulled his head between her breasts as the tail snaked forward under the pair and opened up, sitting near the tip of the penis but not yet swallowing it. Her other big, fluffy paw rubbed the man’s chest and stomach, “I hope you’re ready~” She grinned before grabbing his cock, feeling it throb and pulse in her hand. With just her thumb she stroked the shaft teasingly, “Such an eager stud,” She loudly licked her lips, “Can’t wait to eat you up.”
	Now using two fingers, she rubbed the head of his penis, stroking just the small top of it. Barry’s moans were muted by the fluffy manticore paw as he was slowly and agonizingly jerked off, “More? Alright!” The manticore gripped the shaft, now using all of her fingers to stroke his slick penis.  She brought her hand down the shaft and let go, taking her sweet time in rolling his balls back and forth between her fingers, “I can hear the cum sloshing around in there. You need it all milked out, huh?” She giggled. She dipped her fingers into her tail and scooped out some of the slick lubricant which she rubbed on the palm of one hand. The manticore gripped the shaft again, gripping it tightly before beginning to stroke. She was fast, bringing her hand up and down the penis at a rapid pace. Barry was almost howling in pleasure, desperate to cum now. 
His very sensitive member throbbed painfully, “Cum for me,” The manticore whispered playfully. As if she had flipped a switch, the member shot its hot load into the tail that was still eagerly waiting to suck it down. The manticore kept stroking the shaft as the tail bulb gripped the head of the penis, eagerly licking and sucking as Barry was milked. He had no time to rest before the manticore started stroking again. She panted as her sensitive tail pleasured itself on the head of the penis. Barry was forced to cum again, making the manticore, minotaur and griffon all shudder in their own tail pussy orgasms.
	The manticore wasn’t done yet. She still hungered. The overpowering lust in her body forced her to put Barry on his back. The man finally got to pant for air, only for it to be knocked out of him again as the manticore aggressively straddled him, piercing herself on his member. There was no gentleness in the manticore’s desperate and horny riding. Her hips rose and fell rapidly, crashing back down into Barry’s hips. He could only weakly lay on his back, panting and moaning as the manticore pleasured herself with his body and member. The manticore was howling and running her claws down the man’s chest before pressing one against his face and the other on his chest. The minotaur laid on the floor with him, holding him in a tight hug and kissing his cheeks and forehead teasingly, “Ahn~” She moaned along with the other two, “Such a good boy, letting us milk you dry~” She cooed as she pushed off the manticore’s hand. She put her nipple in his mouth again, giving him a little pick-me-up and energy as the manticore brought her hips down in a loud plap. The manticore howled as a powerful orgasm shook and rocked her body. Barry came inside her, his cum splurting again and again and again into her womb. The manticore rolled off of him, laying on the carpet before giving Barry a kiss on the cheek.
	The minotaur wiped his mouth of extra milk and helped the tired man sit down on the couch with gentle, loving care. She kissed him on the forehead before caressing his hot, sweaty body. Barry smiled weakly. He had claw marks on his chest and back along with bruises on his hips. She gently gripped his head and kissed him on the lips before kneeling on the floor in front of him. Although it was fading, the manticore’s venom was still circulating through his body, “Let’s get the rest of that nasty stuff out of you,” She sweetly offered as she ran her hands down his thighs, gently rubbing her fingertips on the more sensitive inner part.
	With his penis already slick, Barry’s member was easily enveloped by the cow’s bossom. The mounds of warm flesh sloshed quietly as she slid her breasts down the shaft. Slowly, she brought them back up. Barry moaned and tried to thrust into the breasts, “Looks like he’s loving it,” The manticore grinned as she sat next to him on the couch. She put a leg over his to keep him still as the griffon sat on his other side. She wrapped an arm around his shoulders.
	Barry groaned. He struggled to speak as his mind was clouded from the constant sex. The minotaur simply smiled sweetly as she continued to work his member with her massive, milky tits. The manticore touched herself, softly moaning as she watched herself titty fuck her man. Feeling hot and bothered now, the griffon did the same, all three of them now moaning together. Barry, completely exhausted, had the last of his energy and strength sapped from his body as he was brought to orgasm again. He had lost track of how many times he had came just that morning, but now his precious baby batter was leaking all over the minotaur’s mammaries. She just smiled as she gently worked through his orgasm, waiting until the penis stopped throbbing before she stopped the titty fucking.
“Still a bit more,” She smiled, seeing how he was still hard. She pursed her lips and kissed the head before she took the penis in her mouth. Her lips slid down the shaft with her tongue working the bottom of it. As she rose back up, the griffon grabbed the penis and started to jerk it as the cow woman kissed and sucked on the head of the member. Barry’s body felt numb and dry, barely able to think as the women continued their constant barrage of pleasure. The manticore reached over and gripped his balls, gently squeezing and caressing them. Barry started to moan, his cries only stifled as the manticore and griffon smothered him with their breasts. He was in heaven, loving every second of their molestation and love in the form of sexual pleasure. All three women moaned loudly as well as they touched themselves, the minotaur picked up the pace with her sucking as the other girls jerked him faster. With a cry, Barry shot his load into the minotaurs mouth. She kept sucking until she felt the pusling member stop moving. She opened her mouth, showing Barry the load before swallowing it, making sure to show she had sucked it all down. 
Barry barely saw it before he went limp, fucked to unconsioucness by the horny Zephyr looking trio, “Awww…” The manticore whined as she touched his now soft penis, “I wanted another round.”
	“We are going to suck the soul from his body if we keep going!” The griffon smiled, her sternness wavering as she stared into the adorable face of her future hubby, “We need to marry him soon.”
	“Yes! We do! I’ve been saying that for months!” The minotaur scoffed as she went to find a towel to clean them all up.
	The griffon scooped the man up in her arms and kissed him on the forehead as she brought his limp body to the bathroom. The minotaur put soap and water on a towel and wiped down all of their sweaty bodies. Taking him to the bed, The griffon laid with him as the big spoon while the minotaur laid in front of him, all three of them still naked. The manticore got herself a beer and laid a blanket across the others. After finishing her drink, she got in the bed and fell asleep along with her two other parts and the love of their life.

	Barry woke up hours later. It was now mid day judging by the bright lights streaming in through the blinds. The morning had been spent sleeping, at least he thought so. He was naked with a single Zephyr laying behind him. She held him tightly as she snored quietly. Barry laid in her warmth and fur, patting one of her hands firmly.
With a yawn, he stretched out and tried to remember what had happened that morning. Last night they had gone to sleep on the couch, but now he was snuggling up on the bed. He was naked too. Had there really been three Zephyrs?
As if on que, the chimera stretched and yawned, “Good morning, Barry,” Zephyr sleepily greeted.
	“Morning,” Barry yawned and rolled over to give her a hug.
	“What… Happened this morning? Did I hurt you?” She asked as she saw the claw marks on her husband’s chest. Her memories of the morning were very foggy. It also felt like she had more than one memory of it, like she had observed it in a few ways. It hurt her head to really think about it. Looking at the chimera, the memories in Barry's head began to churn as he recalled everything that had happened.
	“Did you split yourself this morning?” Barry rushed into the real question, “Can chimeras do that?”
	“Well, I think we can,” Zephyr scratched her head, “I guess maybe it had to do with you saying something about multiple of me after you gave me a bunch of mana. You got fucked hard this morning, huh?” She gave him a smile, “Sorry I– we– were rough with you.”
	“It was heavenly,” He sighed dreamily, “I wouldn’t mind doing it again.”
	“Oh, you’re definitely going to get it,” All three of the voices in Zephyr’s head cried out in joy as she kissed Barry, “Hey, wanna go to the jewelers today?”
	“Oh? You wanting a necklace or something?”
	“Ah, something like that,” Zephyr giggled slyly as she forced him onto his back and laid atop him, “I’m goin’ back to bed for now.”
	Barry just sighed and scratched her head, “Yeah. Wake me up when it's time to shower.”
	“Can do. We love you, Barry,” She said with another yawn.”
	“I… I love all of you too. Sleep well.”
	Zephyr nodded as she held him tightly. While the voices in her head weren’t totally subsided, the brain goblins had mostly backed off and left her alone. She didn’t feel sick anymore, she felt happy, especially as she day dreamed about marrying Barry and having a ton of kids with him.

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