The Little Things in Life

	“Kiara!” Pin hollered.
	“What?” The hellhound looked back at her gremlin friend who was busy driving.
	“Get your damn head back inside before you lose it!” Pin pulled Kiara back into her seat. 
As their truck rounded a bend, Kiara clutched the bag she brought with her. The short hellhound’s eye flames burned bright with excitement. She wore her usual getup of a blue and white striped Argentina soccer jersey with skin-tight black spandex shorts. Her black hair fell on her shoulders in messy locks, “How much further?”
	Pin sighed in the driver’s seat, “We’re almost there. You keep asking, dammit,” She smirked. The gremlin’s seat, pedals, and wheel were all specially adjusted for her to drive. It was a 1973 El Camino in metallic green with GREMTECH plastered on the sides in big black letters over a golden gear with a pair of big fluffy gremlin ears. The gremlin wore jeans, a Gremtech shirt, and her long green hair was pulled back into a ponytail. The bed of the El Camino was full of tech.
	“Right, right,” The hellhound sighed, “I’ve just never been to ShortCon before. I guess I’m allowed now since the world all kinda grew around me.”
	“Huh– Oh, yeah. It’s like some sabbath spell went haywire,” Pin replied, “I’m glad you’re coming with me this year. I’ve never been a real seller at an event like this. I don’t know who else I would have brought.”
	“Why not Jack?”
	“I’m always worried about losing it if some sabbath bitch starts hitting on him,” The gremlin admitted, “Nothing to worry about with you here.”
	“Right,” The minute hellhound nodded, “I get it. Think the boys will be alright without us for a day or two?”
	“Yeah, they’re just gonna rewatch Gundam or something. Hey, there’s the expo hall,” Pin gestured to a large collection of buildings. The duo had driven three towns over to the convention for a weekend.
	“Finally!” Kiara breathed a sigh of relief, “I’m tired of being cooped up in this car.”
	“Hey!” With a huff, Pin got off the interstate, “The Gremobile is cozy…”
	“It is, you two did a good job fixing it up, but I just hate sitting in a car for hours.”
	“Right, right… Well, get ready to stretch your legs, I’m gonna need a hand getting set up.”

	Kiara slipped a blue Gremtech shirt over her jersey before putting the remainder of the shirts on the snap together shelves at the back of the booth. A giant banner with the Gremtech logo hung at the back of the booth, a table with shirts and various tech sat at the front where Pin stood on a little stool. A small TV played commercial-like demos of various tools the gremlin had designed to help the shorter monsters live comfortably during everyday life in a big world. 
	“Done,” Kiara announced as she joined Pin at the front.
	“Thanks,” The gremlin sighed, trying to get all the nervousness out of her small body, “Only thing left to do is wait for the doors to open.”
	Kiara looked up and down their aisle. Across from them was a larger booth focused on selling dresses to shorter women. To the left was a product called the “Hubby Harness.” There was a man with a backpack on which had a platform placed on the middle of his back, some handles on the shoulders, and a place to attach a rope in case you fall. The hellhound, totally enamored, watched a little gnomish woman climb up on the step as the man knelt down and grabbed onto the handles. Using a mock shelf, she showed how easily she could grab things off tall shelves and even kiss her husband’s scalp. There was a second man with a harness on the front. There was a goblin tied up in the harness, her feet bound over her head and arms bound together. Had the two been naked, Kiara was sure they would be having sex. The goblin, most likely thinking this, was flush in the face and panting heavily.
Kiara looked away and down to the next booth. At the far end there was a massive banner practically screaming “THE BIGGER AGENDA,” and “Meet Alexia Jonesis!” There was a single greasy and busty goblin in a two piece suit sitting with copies of a book all around her.
On the other side was a booth with a familiar, a gremlin, and a witch unloading boxes full of what seemed to be bras. Kiara peered at a nearby sign, “B.O.O.B.S.? Enhance your game with our patented biosynthetic optical onii-chan bewitching stimulant?”
	“Don’t give those flatties any attention,” Pin seethed, “Fake ass boob wearers. I hate these Heretech ladies. Look,” She pointed as one of them put the bra over their clothes. With the press of a button, the breasts expanded, “Lying shits. But I guess the sabbath would have to lie to pull their precious onii-chans, huh?” The gremlin chuckled to herself.
“I guess I can understand the boob issue, but what about their butts?”
	“Exactly! You know what our husbands say, right?”
	“Uh, big boob fills your hands, while a big butt fills your heart?” Kiara guessed.
	Pin paused then nodded, “Well, yeah, but Bob says that one. No, the thing where a girl can have a big butt and no boobs and look good, but a girl can’t look good with no butt and big boobs.”
	“Ah, right,” She changed topics quickly “So what are we selling?” 
	“So, we’ve got these self-folding and rising stools,” She set out the step ladder, “Press here and it raises up,” Just like the gremlin said, the ladder got three feet taller, “Small and compact. Easy to take with you. Just like a shortstack,” She joked, “Over here, we’ve got these grabby arm things.”
	Kiara picked one up. It had a rectangular handle with a trigger and a robotic hand attached to a small metal pole. The hellhound pointed it at the sabbath booth next to them and pulled the trigger. The arm shot out, the pole part extending impossibly long and grabbed one of the B.O.O.B.S. units before it collapsed the pole on itself and brought the product back to them, “Sorry!” Kiara called as she pulled the trigger again and dumped the device on their table, “Uh, handy.”
	“These very fashionable ties too,” She put one on and yanked on it, “You can have your man wear it and you can tug and yank on it to bring him down to your level for a smooch without strangling him. And, if you’d rather be brought to his level, I have these plates,” She pointed to the ceiling where they hand hung a smooth blue mana salt marbled panel. Pin put on a dark leather harness and pressed a button. A magical blue rope stretched down from the ceiling and hooked onto the harness. With another button, she was raised five feet into the air, “And then you can kiss or bully him. I know I do both to Jack. Flusters the shit outta him.”
	Kiara took a turn putting the harness on and lifting herself, “I like it. I didn’t see this the last time I was over, did you just invent it?”
	Pin nodded, “Yeah. Like, it went into production stage last month. I use similar magic to move heavy equipment, like parts for your plane. There are a few other things, but these are the main ones for our fellow shorties. Like I’m selling those hand warmers and a few bottomless bags.”
	The ringing of a bell made the hellhound’s ears twitch. A cart was making the rounds through the aisles. A logo on the side said, ‘Shorty’s shortcakes (and other baked treats.)’ The woman pushing the cart was a chubby halfling dressed like a chef looking for buyers for her delicious smelling sweets. Kiara waved her down, “I’ll take two,” She said, handing over some copper coins for it. The two short cakes were covered in strawberries and cream. Kiara was quick to dig in, eating half of the delicious morsel in just a few moments as Pin put hers in her lunch box for later.
	The gremlin sipped a mimosa from one of a few flasks she kept in her bag. SKRRRPT! </I> A tearing noise made Pin perk up quickly. The Gremtech shirt that Kiara was wearing was tearing at the seams on the sides, “K-Kiara?” She stammered.
	The hellhound turned to her friend after downing some water, “Huh? Are you… shrinking?” She peered closely. She knew she was about a foot taller than the gremlin, but she felt nearly two feet taller. 
	“No! Kiara–” Pin kept her voice down, trying to not draw any attention, “Shit, I think it's wearing off. Gah, why couldn’t Gordon have shelled out a little more!?” 
	“What’s Gordon got to do with this?” The shirt tore off the hellhound. Thankfully, her Argentina jersey and spats grew with her. Kiara glanced around, “Everything </i> is shrinking!”
	Pin saw the sabbath heretech group glance over and start talking amongst themselves. The gremlin started to sweat before grabbing Kiara’s hand, “Come on!” She dragged the hellhound off to the side and into a door. An empty tiled bathroom with buzzing lights was a good place to hide, the gremlin thought. She pushed Kiara into a stall, “Just sit tight.”
	“Pin?” The hellhound had grown to her original six and a half foot height.  She felt huge, maybe a little fat too. She fully filled out her clothes as she sat on the toilet lid, “What’s going on?” She whined.
	The gremlin shuddered, “Well…” She dug through her bag, pulling out an L shaped gadget with a trigger and a nozzle on the business end and a few dials on the top.
“Don’t lie to me, Pin. I want you to tell me the truth. Gordon told me it happened the first time due to some research he helped you and Jack with that somehow rubbed off on me, and that stuff made it so I didn’t shrink when everything else did. What really happened? What does Gordon have to do with this?”
	Pin sighed and leaned against the locked door, “Men are weird, ya know?”
	“Pin, don’t dodge the question.”
	“I– Right. Well, I don’t know what was going through his head, but he wanted to help his mana along. You were already shrinking in height really slowly, and he wanted my help speeding it up. I dabble in magic, you know that, but I got my hands on a sabbath spell book. The only thing I was after was a shrinking spell. You don’t know how hard it was to find one that’d keep your assets.”
	“Did he pay you for this?”
	“Yeah. We had a deal. Some payment, some trade,” She admitted quietly. 
	Kiara and Pin were both silent for a time, “Why would Gordon lie to me? Why did he want me short?”
	“He loves you a lot, Kiara,” Pin reminded her, “Everything he gets up to with you he does out of love, I’m sure. Remember when the two of you stole that ice cream truck? Or when he played along after you put him in the hospital and impersonated a doctor? All those times he bailed you out? Men are weird,” She reiterated, “Like, Jack wants to hold me, have me sit in his lap, tease me, man handle me. Then other days I’ve got him tied to the bed and I’m dressing up like a witch. Maybe Gordon just wanted to do the holding for a while?”
	“I just don’t know why he’d keep it a secret from me,” Kiara sighed.
	“Maybe he didn’t want to make you mad? Do you… want me to change you back?” Pin loaded a long aether crystal into the nozzle of her gadget, “I can sneak you out and get you a ride home if you don’t.”
	The hellhound looked down at her big fluffy paws before pulling off the torn up Gremtech shirt. She thought about being big, like when she met Gordon for the first time at that cookout. She could remember man handling him, picking him up, throwing him around, and overpowering him pretty easily. While she remembered enjoying it a lot, she could remember the feeling of frustration from her husband being unable to take charge. While being small, the tables had mostly turned. Gordon would pick her up and carry her around, which she definitely loved. While still stronger, with his size, her husband could overpower her sometimes. She felt like it was fair how it was now. Not to mention how much she liked being held. Kiara nodded, “Do it.”
	“R-really?” Pin perked up.
	“Yeah, change me back,” The hellhound decided, “If he wants it, then I want it. Gordon is a knucklehead, but holy hell do I love him.”
	“More than Argentina?” 
	“Jeez, don’t make me pick… Yes, I love him more than Argentina,” She decided with a little smile. 
	Pin nodded, “Got it. Close your eyes. You’ll be back to your short self soon.”
	“Thanks, Pin,” Like the gremlin said, after a few moments, the hellhound was back to her shorter form. Kiara stretched, “There we go… We better get back out there, huh?”
	Pin nodded, “Well, here. Take it,” She offered the hellhound the device. The gadget hummed as the aether crystal glowed a bright red, “If you want to change back, please use this.”
	Kiara nodded, looking over the knobs and dials as the two made their way back to their booth. When they got there, a few security guards were snooping around their booth as a familiar and baphomet from the Heretech booth stood by, “Excuse me,” Pin growled, “What do you think you’re doing?”
	“We had reports of a bigger on the premises. Do you two know anything?” The dwarven woman asked.
	Pin swore at her in dwarvish, “You think I’m harboring the leader of the Mootriarchy here? I’m not a damn bigger lover! Leave us in peace!” 
	While her friend and the guards argued in dwarvish, Kiara leveled the device towards the all too smug baphomet and pressed the trigger in. With a mock gasp, Kiara shouted, “We’ve got a bigger here!” Pointing to the now five foot eight and curvy baphomet. An improvement in her eyes, but not to the legion of shorties now yelling at her and one another as the Heretech sabbath tried to defend themselves. 
	Pin and Kiara watched the chaos together as the opening of the expo hall neared, “You didn’t have to do that, Kiara.”
“If my husband wants me tall again, I’ll become tall. But until then, I’m happy,” She smiled softly, “And besides, anything to piss off the sabbath.”
“Hell yeah, sister,” The two fist bumps and went back to preparing the booth. 

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