Creatures of the Night

Raffle prize for IfTheArtistConsents A zombie put down a box, the glasses inside clinking together loudly, “Be CAREFUL with that!” The woman shouted at the hired help, “My drinkware is made of the finest glass! It would take four of your paychecks to replace just one of them!” “Miss Gastov,” The necromancer pleaded, “I can … Continue reading Creatures of the Night

Stone Sisters

“Do I have to, Tera?” “Cleo, I paid A LOT for these!” Cleo frowned and stroked her snake hair. They hissed nervously at her friend as she held up the article of clothing for her, “I-I don’t know…” Tera stomped her clawed foot and flapped her grey wings, “Come on! If it goes bad tonight, … Continue reading Stone Sisters