“Jinko Story”

Another unfinished story. I think this turned into ‘Striped Samurai’ eventually. I’ve included both versions of it. I lie in wait. Waiting for my prey to wander by. There was a bear in my woods, and I needed to get rid of it before it killed my elk. I had tracked it for a few … Continue reading “Jinko Story”

Tough Love

Commission for Zarama. Thanks again! I stared out the window of my tiny home. The sun was high in the sky, the gentle breeze was blowing, and the sound of birdsong filled the air. I turned away from it, I knew I had a few things I needed to do, simple chores and such. My … Continue reading Tough Love

Yuletide Blues

[Hello!While not completely required, I do recommend reading the following stories before this one for a bit of context on some events mentioned.Bridgett Means Fire and Little Dragon GirlThe Black CatThe Striped SamuraiMan’s Best Friend + Kobold’s Best FriendMy Friend From HellI hope you enjoy, and Merry Christmas or whatever it is you celebrate!]     … Continue reading Yuletide Blues