I THINK this turned into ‘The Black Cat’ but I’m not entirely sure. I waited anxiously for the mistress to finish her incantation. Her slow murmuring of the magic words was excruciating. I had just had to watch her scry her own favorite human from this other dimension. I shifted nervously, what had he been … Continue reading “Kikimora”

Yuletide Blues

[Hello!While not completely required, I do recommend reading the following stories before this one for a bit of context on some events mentioned.Bridgett Means Fire and Little Dragon GirlThe Black CatThe Striped SamuraiMan’s Best Friend + Kobold’s Best FriendMy Friend From HellI hope you enjoy, and Merry Christmas or whatever it is you celebrate!]     … Continue reading Yuletide Blues

Maid of Paradise

I blinked slowly, spacing out as the young, healthily tanned, brown furred yeti on the computer slowly and nervously tapped on the keys of a keyboard. With a myriad of ‘ohs’ and ‘ums’ she huffs a relieved sigh, “Alright, dude,” She smiles at you and adjusts her hawaiian shirt, “You’re room is 546. I- I … Continue reading Maid of Paradise