A Snake As White As the Moon

    When we heard about monsters coming out portals into our world, my friends and I thought that this was the end. Surprisingly, they weren't here for war, the “monsters” were hardly monsters, women - dare I say VERY beautiful women, had used magic to come to our world. This first group, were very forward with the knowledge of their people, offered to teach magic, their biology, anything we wanted, in return for a new home. Of course, humanity agreed quickly.  
    Wave two showed up a short hour later, with a tide of hunger and lust. I was lying low, inspired by others on the internet to pursue my hobbies. I was in no rush to find myself a wife. There were still plenty of women on the prowl for men with compatible “spirit energy” as they called it. A sort of lifeforce of us human. When humans learned of why they were so hungry for men through demonstration, and then by teaching from these monster girl scholars, we understood why they came here. Their supply of human men ran dangerously low in their realm, so they came here.  
    After that two week time of everything on earth being shut down because “HOLY CRAP MONSTERS AND MAGIC ARE REAL!” The monster girls had integrated into society and things returned to semi normality. As did my life. After finishing my backlog of homework, hobbies and games, I finished college, dodging hellhound rape, yeti hugs and cheshire tricks for my final few terms. I got a full time job in IT, and started renting an apartment. The job was nice, paid well and I’m pretty sure I only got it because the tanuki boss wants my dick. The apartment was a cozy one room.  
    “Want me to set you up with a date yet?” The neighbor manticore, Alison, asked me. “I know a lotta girls trying to find a man like you.” Luckily she was already married, I don’t think I could fight her off; unlike that kobold who lives a floor down. 
    “Not yet. I want to figure out if I want to stay in this job and if it is gonna be stable to support-” 
    “Oh come on, Anon. You’re just scared.” She teased.  
    I grunted and walked past her smug look and entered my apartment. I flipped the lights on and got to work preparing a dinner for one. I quickly realised that I would need to venture out to buy more food. I groaned, going out meant fending off more girls. It was tiring trying to hang onto my virginity with a death grip. But, a man's gotta eat. 
          The drive to the grocery store was easy enough, no one jumped in front of my car to stop me, thankfully. It was a smaller, local store, the meat and produce was all very high quality so I chose to shop here, despite the slightly higher price. I wandered inside and got to shopping. I mostly got the usual mundane things like chicken and bread. I meandered through produce past the new monster cultivated fruits that I didn't recognize. I ignored it, I didn't think I need to put demon energy into my body right now. I started picking through apples, looking for the ripest fruit. A woman walked up next to me and started looking at the citrus.  
          “Excuse me, can you tell if this is still good? I don’t work with limes often,” she asked, turning to me. 
          I took the limes from her, my previous experience in service industry kicking in. “They’re too yellow and hard, you want the light green, soft ones.” I looked up at her. The first thing I noticed was her hair, or should I say her snakes. About eight of them, two dangling in the front, by her face, staring right at me. Their white bodies shining from the overhead lights. The woman wore sunglasses so I couldn’t see her eyes, and a blue casual dress. Her lower body turned into that of a snake, also white. A medusa. I turned back to the limes and grabbed a few ripe ones for her, trying not to be overcome by her beauty. “These are what you want,” I tried to hand her the limes back. 
          “You are not afraid of me?” confusion showed across her face. All of her snake hair turned to face me, coming over her head and around it, as if curious to see me. 
          “Should I be? I don’t usually fear beautiful women.” My filter had completely shut off for just a moment, enough for me to flirt. I screamed internally. 
          Her face turned beet red. The snakes were really interested now and the tip of her tail wagged. She crossed her arms and turned away from me. “Well, I-I- you- should, uh, should be.” She took the limes from me. We both got even redder as she accidentally touched my my hand in her haste. She slithered away quickly. I finished my shopping quickly and headed to check out. I got into line and waited for my turn. Who should get in line behind me, but that medusa.  
          Everytime I glanced in her direction, she would quickly turn away, her snakes however were uncooperative and kept looking at me. Her face was still kind of red. It was really cute. It came to my turn, so i pulled out my card. The medusa was close to me now. I looked around and I noted that people nearby were uneasy. Luckily for them, I was holding all of her attention. My aching heart told me to talk to her, but my brain and memories told me not to.  
          I listened to my brain. 
          Taking my groceries, I turned back to her. She didn’t look away. I gave her a smile and left. 
          I sat at home, at my small table, still embarrassed about my encounter at the store. “A woman that gorgeous has to be married,” I told myself, “Hopefully her husband doesn’t find me...” I put in my headphones as the volume of my neighbor’s lovemaking increased. Sounded like Alison next door gave her husband a triple dose. I think she gave some spines to the holstaurus two doors down some as well. I was glad that I lived on the edge of this block of apartments. I went to bed with an aching heart. 
          I came home late that friday, had a server go down because of some dumbass in accounting. Still not sure how he had access to those files that should only be open to those in IT. As the manager, it was on me to get it fixed the day of. Even though it was 20 till five. Luckily that gremlin and another one of my underlings were nice enough to stick around and help me. I paid them both with pizza. It was 7:30 when I got home, and I was ready to sleep. I trudged up the stairs to my level. I was stopped by the holstaurus, Haley, “Here, Anon,” she handed me a bottle of her milk. “Thought you might want it since you’ve got that new girlfriend and all.” She gave me a big smile and headed back inside before I could ask who she was talking about. Haley held the extra key to my apartment and I held hers, just in case either of us ever lost a key. 
          Alison’s husband, Brent, was fiddling with the lock to his apartment, looking like he was heading somewhere. “Think you and Alison could keep it down a little tonight? I haven't been sleeping well recently,” I joked. 
          “You know that I can’t control that woman. But I’ll tell her you asked,” Brent replied with a smile. “Mistress says we should go on  a triple date sometime, us, Haley and Jim and you and this new girl.” 
          I looked at him blankly. “What girl? I don’t have a girlfriend.” 
          Brent scratched underneath his marriage collar. “Mistress told me a woman came by looking for you. We assumed she was your girlfriend.” 
          I thought for a few seconds, “Musta been a delivery girl, I’m expecting a package soon. I’ll talk to you later,” Brent waved as he left. I unlocked the front door and walked in. My room looked a lot cleaner than when I had left this morning. Probably just going crazy, I thought. I took a sip of the milk and put it in the fridge. I was surprised by how good it was, seemed like the legends were true about the taste, unsure about how it would effect my ‘spirit energy’ or whatever. I ate a few crackers and went to room to sleep. I opened the door and scooted in. 
          “You are late,” a familiar voice said softly. I looked up to see the medusa, wearing one of my shirts, lying on my bed. She hugged my large stuffed shark closely. “I was starting to think you would never come.” 
          I sat at my computer chair across from her and started taking my shoes and socks off. “What do you want from me?” 
          “I want you.” 
          I looked up at her. Although the room was dark, I could see her emerald eyes staring at me, “I don’t know why you’d want someone like me. You can do way better than-” 
          I was cut short by her tail quickly wrapping around me and pulling me to the bed. I was on my back, with her over me. I avoided her gaze. “The way you looked at me, Anon, I felt like a girl, instead of a monster,” her hand gently pushed my chin, forcing me to face her, “Why would I not want a man like that?” She kissed my chin, then my lips. “Why so, hesitant, dear? Let me give you my love,” I turned away from her again, desperate to escape. She looked like she had a realization in that moment, “Who hurt you?” 
           “Women I fell for in the past.” 
           She tightened her grip on me a little bit, hugging my body with her cool, smooth being. “That holaustarus said she suspected that much. Here,” her grip loosened and released me. “Change out of those uncomfortable clothes and come lie down.” 
           I sighed. There was no getting rid of her. “Haley gave you the key to get in, I assume.” 
          “Yes. She seemed to worry about you, a very nice girl.” 
          “Yeah, she’s sweet. Gave me a bottle of her milk today because of you.” 
          “The manticore next door gave me some of her spines as well. I will not use them on you unless you ask.” 
          “How did you find where I live?” 
          “I saw your license at the store. I apologize, but I could not go on without seeing you again,” I finished changing and lied down on the bed next to her. “Now, please, let me mend your broken heart and make you feel loved. Do you enjoy lying in my coils?” 
          “Yeah it was nice...” I whispered sheepishly. 
          She leaned into my ear as her snake body wrapped around me, leaving my arms free this time. “Good,” she smiled. “You will keep me warm and I will keep you feeling loved,” she rested her head on my chest and wrapped her arms around me. Her snakes rested on my body as well, stealing my warmth, “Sleep well.” 
          “You too,” I whispered, pulling a blanket over us. 
          Despite my neighbors, it was the best sleep I ever had. 
          I woke up without the warmth of a partner in bed with me. Once I had come to my senses, I smelled food. I found the medusa in the kitchen, still wearing my shirt and a small skirt. A stack of pancakes on a plate nearby. “Right on time, dear, good morning,” she turned to me with a big smile as she put the last of the pancakes on the plate. She had already set up the table for us, I was waved over to eat.  
          “Good morning. I just realised I don’t even know your name, lady,” I sat down across from her. 
         “Well, good morning, Selene,” we ate quietly, making small talk and lame jokes. Her tail was wrapped around my leg the entire time, as if severing that would mean I was gone forever. “What are we doing today?” I asked I after finished eating.  
          “Back to bed, dear?” She mused. I didn’t have time to respond before she planted a big kiss on my lips. Her long tongue attempted to invade my mouth. She pulled away and pouted. “Still resisting my love? Maybe I should use the spines on you. Or turn your limbs to stone. Or just the old fashioned hold you down with my tail.” I didn’t like the way she and her snakes looked at me. 
         “Please, Selene. I can’t move as quickly as you in a relationship.” 
          “But why not? You energy is screaming at me that we are completely compatible, like I was made for you and you for I.” 
         I moved to the couch, she followed quickly, allowing me a small amount of space. I sighed. “I want to love, to be loved. But I’ve been hurt so many times that I don’t think I can love again. I don’t think I deserve love, either. I’m just-” 
            “Stop,” Selene looked like she was about to cry. “Please; I cannot bear to hear you talk like that,” She pulled me into a big hug. “You deserve every bit of love that I give you. I will spend everyday reminding you until you believe it!” I pulled away from her and looked into her eyes. I didn’t have words for her. I placed my head on her lap, looking up at her. She placed a hand on my head and one on my chest. “Lie here as long as you wish, darling,” She whispered. I simply nodded in response and closed my eyes. 
    Selene ran her fingers gently through my hair while we rested in silence. Everytime I opened my eyes, she was smiling at me. I couldn’t help but laugh. “Here I am, falling for a woman who broke into my home just for the chance to see me again. Let her sleep in my bed with me and feed me breakfast.” 
    She laughed in response. “I hope you can forgive me for entering like that. I was hoping to surprise you in some way.” 
    “Well you certainly did.” I checked my phone. 8:40. We had gone to sleep early, so I wasn’t too surprised.  
    “Can you explain more of your realm’s technology to me?” Selene asked. 
    “What do you mean? My phone?” I asked, trying to sit up.  
    She wrapped her tail around my waist, forcing me back down. “All of it. In my home lands we have nothing like phones or ‘tee vees.’ I wish to know more.” 
    “Ah, well, this is a smartphone,” I handed her my aging Android device. “I can call, text, browse the internet or use apps on it.” 
    I looked up at her. She looked overwhelmed. “Explain further, please.” 
    I spent an hour detailing how each of these things works, as simply as I could. I found it more difficult that usual, using terms that anyone could understand. Selene was obviously smart, but she had no frame of reference for electronics. The only thing I could think of was magic, but I had no idea how monster magic worked, I knew she had innate magic in turning people to stone, but she didn’t seem to know other magics. I had no frame of reference for her to tell me about magic either. I was familiar with Dungeons and Dragons magic, but this was REAL magic. That was weird to think about.  
    “Magic being... real now is so weird for me,” I told her. 
    “Why is that? Are you not happy about it?” She crooked her head in confusion. 
    “I guess I should be? Though knowing me, I won’t be until I’m throwing lightning bolts at bandits.” I joked. 
    “Combat magic is one of the most difficult types to learn, if you really wish to learn we could try to see if you have the gift of magic. Starting with illusions or summoning elements is a good idea.” She sounded completely serious. 
    I had to think about it, ”I think I’ll pass. I doubt I’m special enough to be good at magic.” 
          She moved a hand to caress my face. “You speak so low of yourself, why is that?” 
         “Depression with a combo of low self esteem that has been a problem for me for a long time,” I reached up and touched her face, “I’ll try to stop being so negative towards myself. For you.” 
          “Thank you, dear. Now, show me more of your technology,” she finally let me sit up. 
    I spent the rest of the day teaching her about the TV, phones and video games. She got sucked into playing the first Zelda game for hours. I checked my phone: it read 9:35. “Do you want me to take you home at some point?” I asked. 
    Selene pausd the game and looked at me. She hesitated, “Do you desire for me to go?” It was obvious that she didn’t want to leave.  
    “N-no... I was just wondering if you wanted to go home at some point.”  
    “The feeling I get here, when I spend time with you... This is the closest I have ever felt to truly being ‘home’ ever since I came through the portal. I only have had a place where I live before now.”  She looked so guilty, as if she had done something wrong. 
    “Where do you live now?” I placed my hand on her shoulder. 
    She moved my hand to her face and closed her eyes. Her snake hair all fought to touch my skin as well. “As a medusa, I am very solitary and my eyes do not adjust well to bright light. I live with five other girls in a small house. The only way I can get some peace is locking myself in a closet. Sadly, because of my size, I cannot fit into most closets.” Her head moved to my shoulder as she smiled. “But here... I feel peace. No more oni drinking contests, no jinko sparring, no shouting harpy. Just me and you, my perfect, quiet, man.” 
    I wrapped my arm around her. “Well, I guess we had better go collect your things tomorrow then, huh?”  
    “Truely? Do you mean it?” 
    “Yeah, I can’t have my woman in a place like that.” I hardly had time to finish before being constricted, the air in my lungs being squeezed out.  
    “Thank you, Anon.” With a kiss on the cheek, she hugged me very tightly. I struggled a bit, trying to catch my breath, “Oh, sorry dear,” She let up a bit so I could breath. 
    I awoke in the morning, the room was dark with the only light coming into the room was from a little bit of sunlight coming over the window. I watched the ceiling for a few moments, shifting under Selene’s weight.  My gaze shifted down to my guest. Selene’s white scales glinted in the low light, her pale skin seemed to glow as well. I ran a hand over her cool, soft scales. I had handled small snakes a handful of times, my friend had had one years back, it felt exactly the same; the slickness almost felt slimy, but I knew better than to think it was. The only difference being the size of the scales. Each one was at least the size of a silver dollar, and the cracks between were incredibly small. I took another look at her face, perfect and smooth, I could stare at it forever.  
One of her serpents was awake, it stared at me. I reached my hand out to it, offering a sniff of my flesh. Its tongue flicked out, touching my skin; like a cat, it began to rub its face against me. I scratched underneath its chin with one hand and pat the top of it with the other. I had no idea what snakes liked. Slowly, the other serpents rose, each of them trying to take the first snakes spot. I changed my petting tactic to rubbing the top of the head with my thumbs, and my index and middle finger under the chin. I gave each one about a minute of petting each before moving on to another snake. They started getting antsy and jealous of each other before long. As soon as they started getting aggressive with one another, Selene woke up and they calmed down. I breathed a sigh of relief while she yawned and stretched her arms before wrapping them around my neck. “Good morning,” she said with a smile.  
“Mornin’ beautiful,” I smiled back and without thinking, I started scratching her chin while patting her head. 
“Darling, what are you doing?” She laughed.  
“Sorry, I was petting your uh... hair... snakes like that. They seemed to like it,” I started to pull my hands away. 
“I call them my girls. And keep petting me, your queen demands it,” she smiled as I started petting her again. 
    I laughed, “My queen?” 
    “Just let me have my fun.” 
    “Fine. But you have to do something for me.” 
    “What is it, dear?” 
    “A kiss.” 
    “Why of course, sir!” she said in a mockingly regal tone. Selene climbed onto me so that we were face to face, she gazed into my eyes for a few moments before placing a smooch on my lips and returning to her position resting her head on my chest. “Can I ask you something?” 
    “Yeah, of course,” I said, patting her head reassuringly. 
    “Why are you not afraid? You look me dead in the eyes and even smile. Most people will not give me the time of day because of what I am,” she squeezed me tight with her tail and arms. “You make me feel like a real person and not a monster.” 
    I thought for a few moments. “I don’t know, to be honest. I don’t understand why people would be nervous around you to begin with.” 
    Selene gave me a blank look, “Are you being serious?” 
    I looked her in the eyes, “Yeah.” 
    “Look at me anon!” Her serpents suddenly hissed in anger and her eyes began to glow. “I have snakes for hair and the lower body of a snake for crying out loud!” I could feel my legs and arms becoming heavy. “I can turn people to stone!” The heaviness and cold kept creeping to my legs and arms. “The only friends I have are monsters who expect me to turn boys to stone for them for easy sex,” My body froze. 
    “Selene-” I tried to call out to her but got interrupted. 
    “I should just be left alone in a cave somewhere and-” 
    “Selene!” I shouted. The cold stopped at my neck. Her serpents stopped hissing and the glowing stopped.  I couldn’t move at all. She looked down at me in horror at what she had done. My body had turned to stone. Tears rolled down her face and for the first time since we had met, none of the serpents looked at me. 
    “I am so sorry!” She cried. She massaged my body, and slowly my skin returned to its normal state.  
    I wanted to say something to her. Anything. I wanted to make her feel better but I didn’t know what to do. “Selene-” 
    She cut me off again. “I should go. I will just hurt you if I stay, Anon.” She got off of me and started towards the door. 
    “You’ll hurt me more if you leave. Don’t make me go back to being alone. You’re not a monster.”  
She stopped, hand on the door knob. She smiled a little bit. “You really are a fool, Anon,” she wandered back over to the bed. “Do you really want me to stay?” 
“Yes. More than anything.” 
She sighed and slithered back into bed, lying next to me, face down in the stuffed shark. “Why are you so nice to me?” 
    “Because you’re the first person to make me feel like I should keep existing.” 
She coiled her tail and arms around me again and buried her face in my chest. “That makes two of us, I suppose.” 
I stroked her head and kissed her scalp, “Wanna go take a hot shower together?” 
    Selene didn’t speak for a few minutes. “Yes...” She looked up at me and smiled, “I would like that.” 
    The hot water ran over our nude bodies. Most of Selene’s body was outside of the shower, it was tough to fit both of us in. She ran her hands over my body, slathering me in soap. “I wanted to apologize for my outburst earlier,” she said to me. 
    “You don’t need to apologize. I was being dumb and provoked you,” I replied. 
    “But I nearly turned you completely to stone!” 
    “Eh, its not like it hurt me.” 
“Stop brushing it off, please. This is something very serious to me.”   
“Okay, okay. I accept your apology,” I turned around to her and kissed her on the lips. I took soap in my hands and spread it around her body. She gave me a warm smile as she sniffled a little bit. “You really are shook up bout this, huh?”  
She nodded. “I prided myself on the fact that I had never turned anyone to stone. The first person I used my power on is the man I’m in love with.” 
I gave her a hug in an attempt to make her feel better. “I love you too.” 
Another smile from her beautiful face. “How about you help me wash my tail darling, it will go a lot faster with the two of us!” 
    I got dressed in the bathroom because Selene didn’t want me to watch her change. I didn’t understand since we had gone groin to groin and we had just showered together. I got finished and stood outside my room patiently waiting for her. She came out after a little while wearing a cute blue dress with a white coat over it. She smiled at me, a few of her serpents were looking at me finally, “You look cute,” I told her. 
    “Thank you, dear. Are we headed to gather my things today, dear?” Selene asked after giving me a kiss and putting thick sunglasses on. 
    “Sure, anything else you want to do?” 
    “Just spend more time with you before having to go back to work on monday.” 
    “What do you do for work?” I asked as we headed out the door. 
    “I am a teacher at the middle school up the road. I teach literature and history of the realm that I and other monsters girls come from.” 
    “Ah, alright. You’ll have to teach me about that stuff some time. I’m not too familiar with either topic,” We got to my car and I stopped, wondering how this would work, “So, you could either sit in the front with me, and put your longer body in the back seat or sit in the back and I can put a seat down so you can put it in the trunk.” 
    She looked at me blankly, “I’ve never been in a machine like this before, so I would like to be up front with you.” 
    “Alright, cool,” We struggled for 15 minutes trying to find a way for this to work. First she sat up front and we tried to pull it all into the backseat but it wasn’t really working. Then we tried her getting into the back first and climbing up front while I tried to load the rest of her into the back seat. Selene was about twelve feet long, not the longest snake body in the world but not the shortest.  
    “Comfortable, Selene?” I asked after I had finished loading her in.  
    “Comfortable enough, I suppose,” She squirmed in her seat, “Do I really need to wear this binding rope?” 
    “Yes, you do. I don’t want to have to pay for a ticket today. It’s been nearly ten years with no violations so I’m not starting today.” 
    “Alright, I will wear it for you,” She huffed. 
    “Thank you,” I got in and gave her a swift kiss. I turned the key in the ignition and the engine roared to life. The color drained in Selene’s face as she gripped my arm, “Are you ok?” 
    “Is it supposed to sound like that?” Her grip tightened. 
    “Yeah it sounds like that normally. Grab that handle up there if you need to steady yourself,” I pointed to the handle on the roof of the cab. She grabbed it quickly, her other hand still gripping my arm tightly, “So, where are we going?” 
    “O-oh, um... I will direct you there. Its not too far,”I nodded and drove out of the parking lot. I had to drive one handed since Selene had my other in a death grip. Thankfully, we didn’t miss any turns despite how nervous she was. She was so thankful when we pulled up to the place and she could get out. It was only ten minutes but she must have thought it was about an hour. Selene slithered up to the door and produced a key from her purse. Her hands still shaky from the ride, she struggled to unlock it. I stepped in and inserted the key for her, and helped her turn the lock as well.  
I grasped her shoulder and gave her a reassuring smile, “You excited to be moving out?” 
“Yes. I’m ready for my life to really-” Selene was interrupted by the front door being slammed open. We both jumped. 
“Ah, so you’re the one,” Standing in the doorway was a jinko. Her green eyes glared at me, “Thought you could kidnap my friend and just drop her off an be in the clear?” She cracked her clawed hands loudly.  
“Stripes, this is my boyfriend, Anon,” Selene stopped her, wrapping her arm around me. 
“Oh!” Stripes laughed, “My bad. I’m a little disappointed though, I was looking forward to making him cry for mercy.” 
“Not that you would have shown him any,” Standing behind us was a harpy, “You should have seen what she did to those two men that made the mistake of breaking in last month. Perfectly good men, and Stripes here tore them in half,” She pushed past me and Selene and stood on the porch. 
“That is Gepepi,” Selene told me, “This is Anon,” She introduced us quickly. 
“Do you have any brothers you could introduce me to, Anon?” Gepepi asked. 
“Only an older brother, he’s married though,” I replied. Gepepi groaned and went inside. 
“Why is it so loud out here? Mine head hurts something fierce,” A large horned woman poked her head outside. 
“Selene’s back, and she brought a man home,” Stripes explained.  
“Good for her, let them in Stripes! You’re just letting the hot air in,” The oni pulled the jinko inside and waved at us to enter, “Dee,” She put out her hand. 
“Anon,” I shook it. 
“Selene you should have told us sooner!” Dee turned to her and scolded her jokingly. 
    “It all happened quickly, Dee. I did it how Molly said to,” Selene laughed. 
    A fourth girl, some sort of mouse girl, appeared, “What about me?” She looked over from Selene to me, “You actually broke into his house? Nice!” 
    “His neighbors were more than happy to give me the key to his house,” Selene explained, “The holstaurus and manticore even gave us gifts to commemorate their favorite neighbor getting a girlfriend.” 
Dee and Molly laughed, “I hope we get as lucky as you someday,” Molly commented. 
“Maybe we could set you all up with a date or two. I am sure Anon has single friends,” Selene looked at me. 
“Well, yeah I do. But-” 
I was cut off by Gepepi flying into the room, “Tell me about them! Where do they live? What kind of dates would they like? Should I just break in like Selene did or...” This went on for the entire time we were packing up and moving Selene’s things. 
The house wasn’t very big. A three room house with a small kitchen, dining room and living room. The group had turned the dining room and living room into living quarters. Selene lived in one of the two smaller rooms. She had a small mattress, some blankets and pillows and a closet half-full of clothes. We loaded the clothes and blankets into two boxes. Stripes and Dee were kind enough to carry them out to my car for us. We left the mattress behind. 
“Gepepi, stop pesterin’ Anon. You’ll meet his friends eventually,” Stripes berated the harpy. 
“We all want to meet single men, but pestering Anon won’t get you any favor with them,” Molly told her. 
Gepepi pouted, “Fine. But I get first pick when we meet them.” 
“Sure, whatever, just stop being so loud!” Dee complained, she had taped two frozen bags of peas to her head. 
“You two are gonna stay for lunch, right?” Molly asked. 
“Sadly, no. We have plans,” Selene explained. 
“You two come back to visit soon. Or have us over,” Stripes called as she went back inside. 
“Send your friends by sometime, Anon,” Dee joked. 
Selene and I waved goodbye and got in the car. Both of us were frazzled by the encounter, “See what I mean about them being loud?” Selene asked as we drove off. 
“Yeah. I understand why you couldn’t stand it there,” I answered, trying to shake the harpy’s shrill voice from my head, “What did you want to do for lunch?” 
“Anything. I just want you and a dark room afterwards,” Selene was relatively calm this drive. I nodded. I could go for the same thing. 
We had sandwiches for lunch. We were both quiet, sitting across from each other looking over lit candles into eachothers eyes. She would smile at me when I looked up from the food into her eyes. When she looked up at me I would make a goofy face. She laughed every time. Thank goodness she didn’t choke. After lunch we cuddled on the couch, her cold, slick scales sapping the heat from my body. Selene wanted to play Zelda again so I just relaxed, lying wrapped in her coils, my head on her lap. Everytime she fought a snake enemy, she would pass me the controller and cover her eyes, then retake the controller and continue playing. 
“Why is it called the triforce when there are eight pieces to it?” Selene asked me when she entered dungeon four. 
“I dunno, because its a triangle I guess. In later games there’s three parts of it,” I explained. I never really understood it myself. 
“There are more of these games!?” Selene got really excited and squeezed me tighter. 
“Yeah, there's another on this Nintendo and the best one is on the Super Nintendo.” 
“I will start one of those once I beat this one”,” Excitement renewed, Selene gripped the rectangular controller, she was determined to defeat Ganon. 
    “You’re adorable,” I whispered. 
    Selene used her tail to lift me up to her face without having to stop playing and gave me a kiss on the lips, “You are mine forever,” as if to prove a point, she gave me a tight squeeze with her tail. 
    “Can I ask you something, Selene?” I looked up at her, hoping to get something that had been bothering me. 
    “Of course! What do you want to know?” 
    “I don’t want to kill your mood or anything, but why are you so against turning people to stone?” 
    Selene paused the game, “I do not want anyone to have to fear just looking at me. Strangers, friends and even my husband, you, should not need to feel threatened just looking me in the eye. Before you speak, I know you do not. You are strange and are not afraid and I thank you for that, but others do and that is why. I just want to be a normal person who can have normal interactions.” 
    She grabbed my hand with hers and held it up to her face. I stroked her cheek and looked up into her beautiful eyes, “Thank you, dear.” 
    “Anything for you, my love.” 
    The next day at work was torturous. I had been with Selene all of one weekend and I already couldn’t stand to be apart from her. All the monster girls at work could smell Selene on me and teased me constantly, asking who the lucky lady is. I declined to answer, because I was sure they would want to come meet her. On lunch I went out and bought her a phone so that we could call each other on lunch. I also thought about getting her a laptop so she could start using the internet but I decided to not overwhelm her. The phone was an older model, one I could activate parental controls on to slowly give her access to features so she wouldn’t have too much to learn.  
    I picked her up from the school she taught at after I got off work a little early. She must have been watching me through a window because she came out as she could as soon as I pulled up. She got into the car in the way we had figured out before, where she got in through the back and climbed up front. I put it in park and helped her put the rest of her body in again. She put her seat belt on and looked at me, “I have never felt a bigger pain than being apart from you for that length of time.” 
    I told hold of her hand, “Same here. It was excruciating.” 
    “I hope you are ready to snuggle when we get home~” She said with a big grin. As we drove away she gripped my hand tighter. I gave her a reassuring smile in response, “How was work?” She asked. 
    “Other than painful because I was away from you? Fine. How about you?” 
    “The kids were a little uppity today as were my girls. I think they might have missed you more than I did.” 
    “I’ll just have to give them lots of pats today, huh?”  
    Her serpent hair pushed towards me, trying to get closer to me, “Not while he is driving, girls,” Sadly, the obeyed Selene and returned to a resting position on her head. 
    Selene and I were stopped on the way to our apartment by the duo of Haley and Alison, “You gonna introduce your girl, Anon?” Alison asked. 
    “This is Selene, we-” I was interrupted by the two of them pushing past me to get closer to Selene. 
    “I love the way the sun glints off your scales, Selene!” Haley complemented. 
    “Are you or your snakes venomous? Do you use it on Anon?” Alison asked. 
    “Uhm, thank you. I am not venomous, but I can turn people to stone of course,” Selene nervously replied. 
    “Anon, we’re stealing your wife for girls’ night,” Alison told me. 
“That’s a great idea, Alli! We can do her nails and her hair- I mean, her makeup!” Haley said as they dragged Selene into one of their apartments. 
“You three have fun!” I called before slipping into my own apartment. I was behind on chores since Selene had shown up unannounced. If I had known I would have cleaned up a bit more. Having Selene around had upped my energy, I made it through work days without feeling like I was going to fall asleep or even yawning. Looks like she cured my insomnia somehow. I got changed into something comfortable and put on some music while I cleaned up. Loaded in the laundry, picked up the games and blankets in the main room, did the dishes and prepared the sheets to be washed as soon as the clothes were done being washed. I sat on the couch and messed with the phone I got for Selene for a while before dozing off on the couch. 
    I was woken up by Selene coiling her body around me. She looked exhausted, “You alright?” I asked drowsily. 
    Selene nodded, “Hold me tight, please,” I did as she asked, sitting up and letting her sit as much of her body as she could on my lap. She sat with her back to me, my arms wrapped around her stomach and my head resting on her shoulder. The serpents strained to get close to me and feel my warmth. Selene used her tail to turn on the TV, the NES and bring the controller to herself.  
    “Really? I thought you were exhausted.” 
    “I just need two more dungeons to finish the triforce, then I win, right?” 
    “No, you have to go slap Ganon dead.” 
    “Right. Then I win.” 
    “Here, I picked this up for you today, I thought the case matched you perfectly,” I handed her the phone in a white case. 
    “A phone? For me?” She paused the game and gently took the phone from me. I couldn’t see her face, but she started sniffling as she turned the phone on, “T-thank you, Anon,” She turned around to face me, tears rolling down her face. 
    I dried the tears with the sleeve of my sweatshirt, “Are you alright?” 
    She nodded, and nuzzled her face into my neck, “I love it, thank you, dear,” her tail nearly shattered my spine from how tightly she squeezed me.  
    “Ack!” I cried as she squeezed the air out of me.  
    “Sorry,” She blushed, “I have never received anything as kind as this.” 
    “Are you sure? It’s just a phone.” 
    “I grew up very poor, Anon, poverty even. It may be mundane for you but this is the most expensive thing I have ever owned,” Another squeeze, “I need to do something for you now, hm?” She set the phone aside and slithered off my lap and onto the floor in front of me. 
“You don’t need to, Selene. Being with me is gift enough,” I ran my hand over her scalp, the snakes were more than happy to return the love. 
 “Oh, you’re so humble. I’m going to do something for you,” She pushed my shirt up and started slowly untying the strings of my sweats. The bedroom eyes she gave me got me hard already. She kissed my stomach and slowly pulled my pants down, “Already hard for me, hm?” She slowly ran her long, nicely painted nails down my chest. When they reached my underwear, she slowly began to pull them off. 
There was a loud knocking on the door. 
“Who is interrupting my man time?” Selene stormed towards the door. 
“Man time?” I asked, pulling my pants up. 
Selene threw the door open, “What?” 
I heard a familiar voice, “I-Is Anon here?” 
“What do you want with my man?” 
“Selene let him in!” I called, “He’s a friend.” 
“Mph, fine,” She pouted letting the man past. 
“Hey, Anon. Got yourself a wife, huh?” 
“Yeah, Josh. You doing okay?”  
“No,” Josh sat next to me on the couch, Selene’s angry expression turned slightly sympathetic. “I keep getting harassed by those crazy hags on campus, shit about human extinction and monsters being evil. I’m so sick of this shit, dude. I had to get out of the housing where they spam their shit,” He picked up a pillow and screamed into it. 
“Are there no monster girls on campus?” Selene asked, “I am sure they would not take any of that.” 
Josh and I shook our heads, “I graduated from there. I moved down here to get away from that cancerous trash.” 
“He was lucky, graduating only a few weeks after those portals opened, I started late and this is what I get. AND you’ve got a pretty wife,” Josh pouted. 
“You looking to crash here tonight?” I asked. 
“I hope that’s ok with you two, I just really needed to get out of there after almost getting assaulted for not leaning far enough their way,” He explained sheepishly. 
“You’re welcome to stay a night or two,” Selene sighed, “Just please don’t interrupt our quiet time together.” 
“You won’t hear a peep out of me at night ma’am, though I don’t know how you sleep with Anon, on account of him snoring louder than a jet plane,” Josh chuckled. 
Selene smiled, “I have my ways of dealing with it,” Selene joined us on the couch, forcing me into the middle. She wrapped her arms and tail around me and pulled me into her, “So what kind of girl are you looking for, dear?” Selene asked despite Josh not saying anything related to girls. 
“Oh I dunno. There’s so many different body types and personality types to go along with them... uh, I don’t think I caught your name.” 
“Selene. It is true that there are many different types of girls who would love to get their hands on you, and I personally know a few. Go ahead and name off some traits.” 
“What are you doing, Selene?” I asked. 
“Looking out for your friend as well as mine, dear. Now hush.” 
“Well... This is embarrassing... I’ve always had a thing for taller girls,” Josh said, his face red as a tomato. 
“There is no judgement here, keep going, I know at least five tall girls,” Selene ran her fingers absentmindedly through my hair. 
“S-sassy, strong, protective, needs to like to cuddle.” 
“I know just the girl!” Selene exclaimed and whipped out her phone. 
“Dee?” I guessed.  
“Heavens no. For an oni, she's not very strong. Not sassy at all either,” Selene got off the couch and slithered into the bedroom excitedly. 
We could hear her talking on the phone, but it was too quiet to make out the details, “I’m nervous, dude,” Josh whispered, “Have you met her friends?” 
“A few just yesterday, yeah. I don’t remember any of them really fitting the bill though,” I mumbled. 
Selene returned after just a few minutes, a sly smile on her face, “She should be here soon.”  
“Its like eight, who would want to walk her this late?” I asked. 
“Someone desperate enough to do it.” 
We waited in anticipation for fifteen minutes maybe. There was a loud pounding on the door as they tried the knob. Selene gracefully got up and opened the door for them. Stripes stormed into the room, panting, “Where is he?” 
I was surprised, I didn’t see stripes as the kind of girl who would want to cuddle with anyone. Josh got up and approached her, “H-hi,” He whimpered, awestruck by her rippling physique.  
Stripes was a good foot taller than him, she seemed for mean to me than sassy, “You Josh?” She panted, most likely she ran over here. 
He nodded, “I-I like wha-what you’ve done with y-your hair,” Josh stammered out. 
Stripes bellowed a boisterous laugh and ran her large clawed hand through her messy hair, “You. I like you. Compliment me more.” 
“Oh uh, I,” Josh grasped her hand with both of his, “I think you’re really pretty.” 
Stripes face got really red. She stammered a bit, trying to decide what to say, “You’re not too bad looking yourself, idiot,” She finally said. 
“You two are adorable together!” Selene exclaimed, squeezing me once more in excitement. Stripes pulled her hand away and crossed her arms, she was trying to look tough but her face gave away her embarrassment. 
“You wanna get out of here?” Josh asked her. 
“Yeah, let’s blow this joint,” Stripes agreed she threw her arm around him. They walked out the door and were gone. 
“That was really fast,” I commented. 
“Mhm, another successful match,” Selene stretched and picked the controller back up with her tail. 
“What do you mean, another match?” I laid out on the couch, head in her lap. 
“I had to pay my own way through school, Anon. I was a matchmaker. It paid well and I just had to be able to figure people and monsters out.” 
“Huh. Why did you want to go to school bad enough to pay your own way through?” 
    She ran her fingers through my hair again, “I did not want to be like my parents. My mother was a very cold woman. I have no idea what she saw in my father. She could have done so much better, married an upstanding man and had a wonderful family.” 
    “What was wrong with the family she had?” 
    “No amount of mamano mana could change my father. He was a very standoffish, stubborn person. Despite what everyone thinks of monster families, it was not perfect. A lot of them fighting. I got old enough and I left for the closest monster friendly city.” 
    “Sounds rough.” 
    “I wanted to get educated so I could find a nice city man and have a wonderful family with him and not live in a cave. Then the portals opened and I got here as fast as I could, itching to find a husband. My friends and I got a house together and I was saving up to... do something to get myself a husband. But you found me, did you not?” 
    “Yeah, I guess I did. I tried to run away from you too.” 
    “You did not get away for long~” Selene’s tail wrapped around me, holding me close. 
    “You pulled some stalker-like maneuver! What was I supposed to do about that?” I threw my hands in the air.  
    She gave me a quick kiss and got back to playing her game, “Thank you for being in my life, Anon. I could not ask for a better husband.” 
    “Thanks for being in mine, I feel a lot happier with you around.” 
    “I am going to snuggle you to death when we go to bed, dear,” Selene giggled. 
Friday rolled around, I had the day off because of required vacation time. I hadn’t told Selene I had the day off because I knew she would try to skip out on work to spend the day with me. I dropped Selene off at work with a kiss goodbye she gave me a sad wave. I got back home and relaxed on the couch. I finally had a moment to myself, time to play some video games, I decided. I got up to get some chips and noticed that Selene left the lunch I made her at home. I thought for a few moments. This was the perfect time to visit her at work and embarrass her in front of her students. 
I cleaned myself up and got dressed. I packed myself another lunch as well because I might as well have lunch with her. I got a text from Selene between classes. It was just a bunch of heart emojis. I sent some back. In less than an hour I was heading out. The middle school was just four blocks away, so I really didn’t need to drive, but that didn’t stop me from driving there. 
I stopped at a convenience store and picked up some sprite for the two of us. I parked along the side of the building and strided to the front. I pressed the button to be let in and heard the lock click open. I opened the door and went to the front desk. There was a moth woman at the front deck who smiled at me, “How can I-” She took a closer look at me, “Anon McAnon?” 
“Uh, yeah that’s me,” I was shocked that she knew me. 
“Kelsey, we went to school here together, remember? Well, I used to be human so I understand if you don’t.” 
“Oh yeah! I remember,” I was lying. 
“Well, when Selene talked about you I didn’t think she meant that Anon. She talks about you a lot, even started using your last name recently. Here to see her?” 
    “Yeah, I am. She left her lunch at home and I wanted to surprise her.” 
“That’s sweet of you,” Kelsey handed me a badge with my name on it, “Maybe I’ll find a sweet man some day...” 
“You’ll find someone. Everyone will,” I took the badge and stuck it to my shirt. 
“She’s in room 112, head that way and left at the T-junction.” 
“Thanks, Kelsey, see you around,” I waved as I walked off. I wasn’t surprised at all that she had monsterized, I could recall her talking about not being happy with her body even in middle school, and the little bit I talked to her later on it was still apparent. Glad she hopefully found a way to be happy. 
As I walked to Selene’s class room, I hear humming. It was Selene for sure, she was humming the Zelda overworld theme. I peeked around the corner to see the last bit of her tail disappear around the corner. I had no idea where she was going, but she was out of the classroom. Perfect. I probably would have combat rolled across the floor to make her laugh if she was here. I moved quickly to her classroom and threw the door open. All conversation in the classroom stopped as a room full of children stared at me with their big eyes, “Hi, class. Uh, I’m Mr. McAnon and-” 
“Are you Mrs. McAnons husband?” A wurm who dominated the backroom asked. 
“Are you stupid, Wendy? Of course he is,” A succubus retorted. 
“Are you gonna teach us now?” A boy asked. 
“Yes. Who wants to know how the internet works?” I got a resounding yes from the class so I started drawing diagrams on the whiteboard. I don’t know if they were expecting something exciting from this lecture, but it was one of the most boring things I could talk about. I used as many small non-jargon words as I could. Explaining those I couldn’t avoid. “...So, here is your computer, connected to this server, which houses the websites you want and its connected to-” 
The door was opened by Selene who was going through some papers in her hands, “Okay class, I have the tests here. Wendy, can-” She looked up at me and her serpents shot straight up in the air in surprise, “W-What are you doing here?” She moved towards me slowly and gave me a quick hug. 
“Teaching your class about the internet. So, as I was saying, the server is connected to other servers or nodes that...” Selene sat at her desk while I finished the short lecture.  
“... and that's pretty much it, any questions?” The class looked at me with blank expressions, “Alright cool, I’ll pass back over to Mrs. McAnon now.” 
“Alright I have the test for you all here. Darling can you help me pass this out? It should not take you very long, take your time and let me know if you have any questions.” 
The bell rang and her class filed out for lunch. Selene pulled me into her office and closed the door. Before I could speak, she pushed me up against the wall, nearly knocking the wind out of me, “I am glad you came Anon,” She kissed me deeply on the lips, her tongue entering my mouth, touching mine, “I missed you very much,” Her hands held my head still while she kissed me up and down my face. She suddenly stopped, with a sigh she straightened out her clothed and wiped off my face, “I... am sorry. I need to restrain myself more. I just find you so intoxicating,” She rested her head on my shoulder as she wrapped her arms around me. 
“Maybe we can go to bed a little early tonight, if ya know what I mean. You’ve been coming to bed late between grading and video games leaving almost no time for quality time together,” I gave her a swift kiss on the cheek before sitting down and handing her the lunch and a soda. 
“But I have to save the princess!” Selene was completely invested in the game. 
“I know, I know. Do whatever makes you happy, dear.” 
“But what about what makes you happy, darling?” She grabbed my shoulders. 
“You make me happy, not c’mon lets eat before lunch ends.” 
Selene gave me another kiss, “Alright. But when we get home, you are all mine~” She licked her lips and gave me ‘the look’ as I’ve come to call it. The bedroom eyes combined with the biting of her bottom lip. It made me sweat bullets. 
Selene came home to a wonderfully clean apartment and a candle lit dinner. She had stayed at the school late to finish grading tests. I had prepared chicken and pasta for the two of us, laid out a tablecloth and lit candles at the small table, “What is the occasion for all this?” She asked. 
“You plan on making me your husband through traditional mamano means, right?” 
“Only if you’re ok with it, Anon. I don’t want to push you into it.” 
“I want it more than anything, Selene. In fact,” I got down on one knee in front of her. Her eyes went wide and her serpents stood on end again, “I wanted to make you my wife in the traditional human way,” I produced a small box and opened for her, revealing a ring, “Would you make me the happiest man alive, Selene?” 
“Oh my god, Anon! Yes!” I was wrapped up in her arms and tail as she relentlessly started kissing me.  
“Honey the foods gonna get cold!” I laughed as she tried to drag me to the bedroom. 
“I forgot about the food!” She laughed back at me, “I love you so much.” 
“I love you too,” I told her as I put the diamond ring on her finger, “Now let's eat, please, I worked really hard on this.” 
“Yes, lets,” Selene took a seat, refusing to let go of my hand. Her look of lust had been replaced with a big adorable smile. She wiped tears out of her eyes, “Maybe we should wait.” 
“Wait for what?” I asked, about to put a big bite of food in my mouth. 
“To consummate our marriage. The day we get married we can do that as well. Imagine the love and passion! You in a most handsome suit and me in a beautiful gown!”  
I smiled back at her. “I think you’d look amazing in a gown. If you want to wait, we will wait.” 
“I love you, darling husband of mine.” 
“I love you too, wonderful wife of mine.” 
    Saturday morning was particularly cold and rainy morning, Selene was clutching me tighter than normal, attempting to sap my heat even more than she already was. She was just so cute that I couldn’t resist her. The snakes looked at me expectantly. I gave them all quick pets before turning to my phone. My parents had sent me a text asking if I could come over to their house today and help set up their new computer. I realised that I had to introduce my new fiance to my parents. I had known Selene for like a week and I had already asked her marry me. I was head over heels in love with her despite how my previous relationships had ended. I told them I would show up around noon. 
    I was patting Selene’s head while browsing my phone when she woke up, “Good morning,” I greeted her. 
    “Morning, handsome,” She slid up my body and planted a kiss on my face. She buried her face in my neck this time. 
    “My parents need me to head over to their place this morning. You want to come with?” 
    “You have not talked about your parents before, what are they like?” 
    “They’re fine. Not a lot to say about them, really. No story of me running away or anything. I think you’ll like them.” 
    “I hope they like me,” Selene whispered. 
    “Honey, they’re gonna love you!” I said, trying to keep her spirits up. 
    “Maybe I should just stay here. I can finish my game while you are gone!”  
    “If you don’t want to go just say so. We don’t need to do everything together,” I pat her head, her serpents rubbed up against my arm. 
    “But I wish to spend every waking moment of my life with you, Anon. I will go with you. Should we get ready now, or do I get more time with you here?” 
    “We can be lazy here a bit longer. Or do you want to go finish your game?” 
    “Mmmm. Can we take the cuddling out to the entertainment room?” I got another kiss on the neck. 
    “What should I wear, dear?” Selene asked me after we had showered. 
    “Something waterproof. You can borrow my big sweatshirt if you need it,” I told her, putting on my usual t-shirt, jeans and a hoodie. 
    “Does it smell like you?” Selene put on a long sleeve shirt and some kind of pants equivalent for a lamia type monster girl. It went from her waist about two feet down her serpent body. It looked like the inside was coated in wool and the outside was a waterproof nylon.  
    I tossed her my coat, “I dunno. I can’t really smell myself.” 
    She quickly brought it up to her face, and inhaled heavily. “Ooooh yes. Your odor is heavy on this coat,” She put it on swiftly and took another smell. 
    “You’re weird.” 
    “If I can not be intertwined with you constantly, I will take the next best thing. The smell of you,” Selene pulled me close with her tail and gave me a peck on the cheek before letting me go. 
    “Whatever you say, Selene. Though getting to be lazy with you all day does sound really nice.” 
    “Perhaps tomorrow we can spend the day just you and I. Maybe I can finally repay you for the phone as well?” 
    “Selene. Don’t feel like you need to repay me for that or anything else I do,” I sat on the bed and laid back. 
Selene got on the bed next to me and took my hand, “I know I do not need to, but you deserve it. Everything you have done for me has been so kind. You have given me so much and what have I given you, besides my undying love? Nothing.” 
“You’ve given me someone I am willing to spend all my free time with. That’s a pretty big deal for me.” 
    “You are so sweet and innocent my darling. But my desire to do something for you will not be stopped,” She gave me a grin and squeezed my hand tightly with hers. 
    “Come on, let's get going. I’m sure they have lunch being made and I’m getting hungry.” 
    The drive to my parents house wasn’t too bad it was about twenty minutes there. I was getting hungry and impatient though and Selene had to keep telling me to calm down. I hadn’t had dad’s cooking since thanksgiving. But, usually when they had me over to do something for them they made me food. I hadn’t told them Selene was coming, but I was sure they wouldn't mind. Every time my mom saw me she would ask about her grandchildren. Being the eldest child, it was supposed to be my job.  
    “Are you sure they’ll like me?” Selene asked, doubt creeping into her mind. 
    “Of course. They’re my parents. They’ll be happy I’ve brought any prospective woman to them,” I put my hand on her tail, attempting to comfort her, “They’re kind enough people.” 
    “What if they don’t like me, and they demand that you to leave me?” She scooped up my hand with both of hers and clutched it tightly. 
    “We’ll run away, then. Not sure where, but we’ll make it,” I did my best to comfort her again. 
    “I cannot tell if you are playing a fool again or if you mean it,” She pouted a little bit at me. 
    “Hey, look at that, we’re here,” I completely dodged the question as we pulled into my parent’s driveway. She looked at me, giving me a look of slight annoyance. I turned to her and smiled, “Don’t worry. You’ll be fine.” 
    “I should have worn a beautiful dress. Should I have put-” 
    I interrupted her with a kiss on her soft lips, “You look gorgeous, dear. You worry too much,” She grumbled incoherently in response, “I love you too,” I smiled before giving her another kiss. 
    I got out of the car and walked up to the front door. Selene slithered quickly across the stone pathway, hoping to get out of the rain as fast as she could. She left the hood of my coat up as she brought her entire body underneath the porch cover. I rang the doorbell and waited for someone to answer. My mom threw the door open, “Anon! So good to see you!” She grabbed me in a big hug and kissed me on the cheek, “And who is this?” My mom asked cheerfully. 
    “This is Selene my-” I started. 
    “His wife,” Selene finished, acting more cold than I had ever seen before. 
    “You got married and didn’t invite your own mother to the wedding?” She stared at me in disbelief, looking like she was about to cry. 
    “We’re not married yet!” I quickly corrected, “Just engaged right now.” 
    “Well,” My mother regained her composure, “You two come in, its cold and wet out here!” We filed into the first room of the house, “Let me get you a towel or two dear, so you can dry off. Husband!” She shouted suddenly, “Your son is here and he brought a cute girl!” 
    I took my coat off as my mother walked around the corner and I turned to Selene, I could see her serpents squirming underneath the hood. Selene herself was squirming uncomfortably as well, “Selene what’s wrong?” I had never seen her act like this, the worry must have been obvious in my voice. 
    “I was  completely wrong about your mother and I have no idea how to act now,” She admitted, refusing to look me in the eyes. 
    “Just be yourself, Selene. You don’t need to put on an act.” 
    “I just- just fear someone taking you away from me!” She finally looked up at me, sniffling. She lunged forward and latched onto me, crying into my shirt. 
    “Do you two need a moment?” My mom asked, returning to us. She offered me the towels. 
    “Yeah, we’ll be a moment,” I took the towels from her and helped Selene dry off when she was done crying, “Do you want to rest in my old room while I put the computer together?” 
    “I want to stay by your side,” Selene told me. I dried her eyes and gave her a smile. She smiled back and hugged me again, “I am such a mess...” I gave her a kiss in response. I tried to hold her hand for comfort as we talked into the living room, “Not in front of your parents, Anon,” She said sternly. 
    I didn’t question it. The living room was spacious with two couches and a TV. Off the room was my father’s office on one side and the kitchen and dining room on the other. My father and mother were talking quietly in the kitchen that was separated from the living room by a half wall. They smiled and waved at the two of us, “Is the computer in the office?” I asked. 
    “Yeah, everything should be on the desk,” My dad called. 
    I pushed the office door open and held it open for Selene, “They are talking about us,” Selene whispered. 
    “You’re being paranoid. No one is going to take me from you,” I grabbed the pre built PC off of the desk and set it under the desk. Set the monitor on top of the desk along with the mouse and keyboard. 
    “Is this what you do at your job?” Selene asked. 
    “Kinda. I manage bigger machines that house a lot of important data. Remember what I talked about during your class?” I explained while plugging cables in. 
    “Not very well. You talked about things I just do not understand. We should teach each other more when we have the chance.” 
    “I would like that. I still want to know the history of your people,” I turned the computer on. 
    “And I wish to know more about technology, you have told me about computers and phones but I know nothing about these games I play and how they work.” 
    “Oh that stuffs easy, we can talk about that later. I’m too hungry to think straight,” I quickly configured the system and let it begin the self setup process, “Good to go.” 
    “Already? That was quick,” Selene gave me a confused look. 
    “They just ask me to do it since my dad’s back is pretty messed up and the computer can be a little heavy. Plus I know what I’m doing.” 
    “I see,” Selene gave me another hug before we went and sat at the dining table. My mom sat down across from us. 
    “What are you two planning for the wedding?” She asked. 
    “You are a lot more open to this than I first expected ma’am,” Selene said. 
    “I want to see some grandchildren before I die. Lord knows his sister won’t give me any and his older brother most likely won’t have any,” My mom explained darkly. 
    “What is the problem with them?” Selene asked.  
    “Steve’s wife doesn’t want kids, and Samantha can’t keep a boyfriend for more than a month. I’m hoping you two might be able to change Steve and this wife’s mind.” 
    “We could monsterize her. A high exposure to mamano mana could cause the change,” I almost couldn’t believe what Selene was suggesting. 
    “Turn my other daughter in law into another beautiful, polite woman? I agree with this plan!” 
    “Mom, how do you know about monsterizing?” I butted in. 
    “I watched a lot of documentaries that came out when they came over to this world. Beauty, a high drive to produce more offspring... the only down side seems to be low fertility rate,” My mother explained. 
    “I will ask Molly for aid, though her price will most likely be a husband of her own after how we helped Stripes. We may as well help Gepepi and Dee as well while we are at it.” 
    I sighed, “I have ideas on who might be interested. Especially in Gepepi.” 
    “Is he one of those ‘lolicons’ that I hear the news talk about?” My mom asked me. 
    “Mom! You shouldn’t know about this stuff! No, its Ben.” 
    My mother nodded like she understood. My father called from the kitchen, “Dish up!” 
    The four of us sat around the dining room table. My dad let my mom do all of the talking. We had pulled pork sandwiches and chips with two of my dad’s homemade dips, a french onion dip and a salsa. Selene seemed to really like the salsa. 
    “Why are you wearing that old coat still, dear? Is it too cold in here?” My mom asked. 
    Selene pulled the hood over her face a little more, “O-oh, no reason. Its just comfortable.”  
    “You could at least take the hood off dear. Its considered rude in this household to wear headgear at the table,” My mom said while my dad nodded. 
    Selene looked at me nervously, her face was beet red. I gave her an encouraging nod. She reached up and slowly removed her hood. She must have been focusing on commanding them very hard because the serpents were the most well behaved I have ever seen them. Six flowing down at the back of her head and two at the front who acted like additional eyes, constantly on the lookout. Selene’s gaze was in her lap, as if she was a child ready to be scolded. My dad’s eyebrows raised a little bit, but he didn’t stop eating. My mom’s eyes sparkled.  
    “They’re so cute!” My mom exclaimed. 
    Selene looked up at her in surprise, “Excuse me?” 
    “You look so cute when you’re embarrassed, dear. I can see why you like her, Anon.” 
    “Well when she broke into my house and seduced me I didn’t really have a choice. But yeah I love her,” I told my mom between bites of food. 
    “So she’s a crafty one! Cute, smart, and polite! You better keep her, Anon!” My mom nearly shouted.  
    “I will. Selene, you’re gonna keep me right?” I asked. 
    Selene was covering her face with her hands. She nodded, “Unfortunately,” She mumbled. 
    My mom and dad laughed, “Don’t be embarrassed dear, we’re just teasing you. After lunch I have something to show you that I’m sure you’ll love!” My mom told Selene.  
    I knew what was coming, I had to avoid this, “Actually, we have somewhere to be.” 
    “What? I was not aware of this,” Selene looked at me, confused, “You don’t want me to see this, do you?” 
    “W-well I-”  
    “Mrs. McAnon. I wish to see whatever it is you have to show me as soon as possible,” Selene started eating her food again. 
    I was powerless to stop it. All I could do was wait. 
    My mother went upstairs to grab the book. I sat on the couch with Selene while my dad did dishes. Dread showed across my face, “Do you really not want me to see this?” 
    I looked at her, “Its fine. Just embarrassing. She does this when I bring anyone over here,” I explained.  
    “Here it is,” My mom set a large tome on Selene’s lap. 
    She opened it to a random page and gasped, “Is this you, Anon?”  
    It was a picture of me, less than a year old on halloween. I was dressed up like a pea pod, with my head being one of the peas, “Yep.” 
    “You were so cute!” Selene started browsing pages carefully now, making comments and talking to my mom about nearly each baby picture, “Why are you not this cute any more?” 
“I’m in my twenties now, Selene,” I slumped in my seat waiting for the torment to end. 
    “You two have fun!” My mom called as we left her home. The rain had stopped, thankfully. 
    Selene’s spirits were high, “They were really nice!” 
    My spirits, much lower after Selene was shown baby photos for an hour. My mom really loved her scrapbooking afterall, “Uhuh.” 
    “Cheer up Anon, we have the rest of the day to do whatever we want,” Selene gave me a swift kiss on the cheek. 
    “Yup, we should get groceries so we don’t have to tomorrow or this week.” 
    “Sounds good, dear. I should call Molly later before I forget. Do you know anyone we could hook her up with?” 
    We got in the car and drove off while I thought about it, “I could call up a few people and invite them over, you could talk to them and figure it out.” 
    “Tomorrow? We should invite Josh and Stripes over too! I want to see how they are doing!” 
    “Works for me. You won’t get to do whatever you have planned for me if we do have them over.” 
    “I will do it when you least expect, Anon. So you better watch out!” She teased. 
    I looked at her, her mischievous smile didn’t help calm me down, “O-Okay, dear,” I laughed nervously. 
    The trip to the store and the ride home were uneventful. When we got home Selene got back to playing Zelda until around dinner where she made dinner for us. A baked macaroni dish, I think. At the table, Selene asked me a question, “What do you think about your siblings?” 
    “Samantha needs to get her act together. I know she has issues, but she could do better than sleeping around with random guys and living at their house for a month before being kicked out for being lazy,” I said. 
    “I do not understand why someone would waste time with a man they do not have the intention of marrying or at least just friends with.” 
    “Its a huge cultural difference between humans and girls like you. In the past decade or two people have started sleeping around with whoever, not even people they’re dating, just anyone whos down.” 
    “That makes me sick to my stomach,” Selene set her fork down, bowl more than half full. 
    “Hey, don’t be like that. Things are getting better now. Things are better now that we’re together.” 
    Selene looked at the ring I had given her on her finger, “Yes. Things are better,” She picked her fork back up and continued eating, “Thank you, Anon.” 
    “Thank you as well, Selene.” 
    “Tell me about your brother.” 
    “He’s cool. We were really close way back. We drifted apart a little bit when I was in middle school and he was in high school. Then when I was in the later part of highschool, he started dating that chick he’s married to now and she was just insufferable to be around. Steve and my relationship just fell apart, especially since the girl I was dating at the time and Steve’s wife didn’t like each other.” 
    “Did you and this girl you dated ever have sex?” 
    “No, she kept trying to pressure me into it though. Then she cheated on me and that was the third time I ever had my heart broken,” I poked at my food for a bit. 
    “I am sorry for bringing up these memories, darling. Do not feel pressured to talk about anything you do not wish to,” Selene put her hand on mine, she and her serpents all looked worried. 
    “Its good to vent. If you have anything to get off your chest, let me know.” 
    “Only that I love you very much!” 
    “I love you too.” 
    Sunday morning rolled around, we got cleaned up, dressed and ate breakfast together. Selene kept teasing me about the baby pictures. I had no retort for it, other than calling her cute. It didn’t work at all. Josh and Stripes came by pretty early to hang out before others showed up. We got lucky and Molly as well as two of my prospective bachelor friends were free. I did have to lie to the two of them and claim it was for board games. Gepepi would hopefully show up later, as Selene wanted to surprise her. Selene did want to play board games as well, but with six people in my little apartment I didn’t know what we could do.  
    “How has your relationship been, you two?” Selene asked them. 
    “Its been great! Though I still haven't beaten anyone up in Josh’s name yet,” Stripes said. 
    “You scare the shit out of them! The entire football team thinks you could rip them in half! At once!” Josh exclaimed. 
    “I could and will if they fuck with my sweetie! I mean- uh, my boyfriend,” Stripes wrapped on arm around Josh’s shoulder and pulled him close, leg over both of his. 
    Selene leaned really close to me, “Josh absolutely reeks of Stripe’s imprint,” She whispered. 
    “Do I smell like you then?” I asked, whispering. 
    “Not as much, since we have never had sex, but I definitely have imprinted on you. Monster girls should know that you are taken.” 
    “What’re you two whisperin’ about?” Stripes called. The two of them were sitting on the couch, I was lounging on Selene’s serpent body, and she was leaning on me with her human upper half.  
    “Just how cute you two are,” Selene lied. I nodded to affirm this. 
    “When are the nerds suppose to show?” Stripes growled. 
    “Molly should arrive at any time, and Anon and Josh’s friends didn’t give an exact time. Can I play more Zelda, Anon?” 
    “Selene, we have company,” I said leaning back a little more. The snake tail was much more comfortable that I expected ten feet of what is essentially scale coated muscles to be. 
    “I know, but I am on the last dungeon!” 
    “Selene does he have you playin’ those video game things? I don’t understand ‘em,” Stripes commented. 
    “I started her out with Mario on the Wii,” Josh cut in, “Too hard I think.” 
    “Nothin’s too hard for me. I just don’t get it. Why does the red man keep needin’ ta save this Peach girl? The big turtle keeps stealing his girl and red man just lets him live! Just kill this big turtle guy!” 
    “Look, Stripes, he doesn’t kill him because its a kids game!” 
    “That’s a dumb fricken reason.” 
    There was a knocking on the door sometime later. A light rapping followed by heavier pounding followed by the door bell. I was too slow to get up, as Stripes lept from sitting half on top of Josh and sprang over to the door and threw it open. Three people filed in, Molly, Ben and Chris, “Anon, I thought we were playing board games,” Ben said. 
    “Pull up some chairs, we’re just hanging out for now,” I told them. Molly took a seat on the couch next to Stripes and Josh, while the other two brough chairs over from the dining room, “This is my fiance, Selene.” 
    “Pleased to meet you,” Selene greeted, polite as always. 
    “I’m Stripes. You already know my man,” Stripes was very aggressive with introducing herself, leering at the two of them. 
    “Stripes calm down. They’re some of my best friends next to Anon,” Josh was surprisingly firm with Stripes. She grumbled and folded her arms in response. 
    “Molly. What board games did you bring? I’ve only ever really played Monopoly. No one will play that with me any more after I destroyed them at it,” Molly asked, pushing her glasses up on her face like some sort of anime character. 
    “Uh, I’m Ben, this is Chris. We’re brothers. We brought Secret Hitler, Eldritch Horror, Splendor... a few card games as well,” Ben listed off games to Molly who listened intently. 
    “Can we play Splendor?” She asked. 
    “Yeah, totally. It’s only four players so, uh, we’ll have some people sitting out.” 
    “I will watch, Anon as well,” Selene answered for me. I just shrugged. 
    “I’ll sit out on the nerd stuff. Anon where’s the booze?” Stripes asked, standing up.  
    “I don’t got any. There’s leftovers in the fridge if you want some though,” I told her, sinking deeper into Selene’s embrace. 
    Josh, Ben, Chris and Molly sat around the coffee table. Molly picked up the game quickly, learning and devising strategies quickly. She was two steps ahead of everyone except Ben. She kept inching closer to him as they played, as if stealthily trying to invade his personal space. 
    “Looks like you were wrong,” Selene whispered into my ear as we lounged about on the floor nearby.  
    “Uhuh. I’m not an expert like you are,” I replied, keeping my voice down. 
    “I feel bad. Chris looks so uncomfortable.” 
    “He’s not the best with new people, he’ll warm up though. Not sure how he’ll handle Gepepi.” 
    Selene sighed, “None of your friends will look me in the eye.” 
    “They’re just shy, Selene. People just don’t look you in the eye because they don’t know how sweet you really are.” 
    “You two whisperin’ about stuff again?” Stripes asked, a spoonful of cold macaroni in her mouth.  
    “Leave them alone Stripes,” Josh said firmly, she went back to eating. 
    “Josh its your move,” Molly said, completely monotone. 
    “I’m workin’ on it...” 
    “Yeah Josh come on!” Ben said jokingly. Molly stared at Ben. Ben looked up from his phone at her and smiled. Her face went beet red in under a second and she looked away, “How’d you two meet, Josh?” Ben asked, trying to fill the silence in the air. 
“Selene introduced us,” Stripes answered for him, “She used to matchmake professionally.” 
“Is that so...” Ben looked down at his phone. After a few moments he looked up at Molly then turned to Selene and me, “Is that why you invited me over? Matchmaking?” He was more confused than angry. 
“I invited you over to hang out. If you leave with a girl in your arms then that’s good for you,” I told him, sitting up. 
“Dude, you know how I feel about dating. I’m sick of that shit.” 
“We can skip dating if that’s what you want!” Molly said, “I think datings kinda lame too, you can just bend me over this table and plow me!” 
“What? No!” 
“O-oh. I-if you think I’m ugly we can put a bag over my head,” She leaned to him and grabbed his jacket.  
“No its not that you’re ugly or anything. I’ve just-” 
“Please, I need you,” This was getting sad. 
“You’re being too forward, Molly. Didn’t even flirt with him,” I called. 
“You need to tell him how smart and handsome you think he is!” Selene added. 
“Take him to dinner before you beg him to plow you in front of your friends, christ,” Stripes mumbled. 
“You have to turn the charms up to eleven if you’re gonna get a man like my boy Ben,” Josh stated. 
“Uh, ah,um, uh,” Molly looked around the room at all of us, fear on her face, “I-I uh, I’m so bad at this!” She started lying on the floor, facedown. 
“C’mon, bro, you need to get back into a relationship and you know it. Its the only thing that kept you alive,” Chris finally spoke loud enough for everyone to hear.  
“Alright, alright. I’ll give her a try. But I’m not plowing her in front of you,” Ben picked the sniveling Molly off the floor and held her in his arms, “Feeling better?” She nodded vigorously before hiding her face in his coat. Ben sighed. 
“Where’s my girlfriend, Anon?” Chris joked. 
“Selene?” I turned to her. 
She was already on her phone, “On it.” 
“Wait, you- you actually have someone?” Chris looked nervous. We nodded, “Oh boy.” 
The four of them got back to playing Splendor. 
Another knock. Stripes got it again, since she can’t sit still. I was surprised once more, as Dee entered my small home, small beer keg under her arm, “Aw here we go!” Stripes giggled, taking the keg from her. 
“H-hello,” Dee waved a little bit.  
Chris waved at her, “Hey.” 
I saw what Selene was going for as Dee introduced herself to everyone. Both were shy and incredibly quiet. I watched them stand by the window and chat quietly, despite the background noise. Both had a glass of booze in their hand, joking and laughing with each other. Gepepi showed up soon after with five pizzas. I expected her to be upset when we didn’t have a boyfriend for her but she said; “Now I have more people to poach brothers from!” 
“Two more successful matches!” Selene kissed me on the cheek.  
“I don’t know how you do it. Probably magic,” I guessed. 
Selene laughed, “Maybe. Sit up dear,” I did as she asked. 
“Yo, Anon, Selene. You want a beer?” Stripes asked from the kitchen. 
“Sure I’ll take one,” I replied. I looked around the room at the various conversations going on. Selene’s family mingling with my collective of friends. It was nice. I was surprised everyone got along so well. The only conflict was when Gepepi got a little too close to Josh and Stripes snapped at her. The beer got passed along the room to where I was sitting with the love of my life. Selene took a sip before it got put in my hands. I looked around the room again before taking a sip. I watched as Dee pulled Chris into a big hug that would have broken the back of a lesser man. I chuckled and laid back again as I drank. 
The night wound down as the sun set. Dee had fallen asleep, her head in Chris’s lap. Stripes and Josh talked quietly on the couch and Molly, Gepepi and Ben played games quietly at the dining table. Selene and I were sitting on the floor still, “We need to do this more often,” Selene said to no one in particular. 
“I hope we’re not expected to host every time,” I commented. 
“Course not, me and Josh’ll have a bigger place soon,” Stripes offered. 
“Our place isn’t much bigger, but it could work,” Ben called from across the room. 
“It’s really only me and Dee and Gepepi at the house now, so we could host too!” Molly added. 
“We could get together weekly and have a big meal!” Gepepi cried. 
“Only if we can play poker,” Josh requested. 
We all talked back and forth for a while before deciding on thursday evenings. We had to guess Dee’s schedule since she wouldn’t wake up until we had already decided. People started to leave soon after, leaving Selene and me alone. She kissed me again, “Ready to watch me beat this game?” 
“Of course, I’m gonna clean up a bit first. You get it started,” I replied as I got up to clean up a bit.  
Selene nodded, using her tail to turn the TV on, grab the controller and turn on the console, “Did you have fun, darling?” 
“Of course. You look like you did too.” 
“Yes I did. I am glad that everything worked out and everyone got along. Also,” Selene pulled a small red vial from a pocket in my coat that she was still wearing, “Molly slipped me this. Potion that should infuse the drinker with demon energy.” 
“And cause them to change form?” I guessed. 
“Yes. Should work on your sister in law. Or your sister.” 
“I just hope they don’t hate us too much if we do this,” I returned to the couch and laid my head in Selene’s lap. 
“As long as it makes your mother happy, then I am fine with any repercussions.” 
“Hm, yeah. You’re right. Man, you got to the dungeon fast.” 
“Mhm. I have been playing so much that I have commited the map to memory. I found all the secrets by trial and error, and grinded enough gems to buy all upgrades. I am ready.” 
“I can see that, only missing one heart, wow. Take the potion even though I told you not to?” 
“Yes. I shall not be tricked again going forward!” She was quiet for the rest of her play through. Making only small noises when taking damage or beating enemies. But she did ask me one thing, after fighting a miniboss, “Are some people just bad?” 
“I guess so. In the context of this game Ganon doesn’t have a real reason to be bad, I think, other than he’s a bad guy doing bad things.” 
“And they deserve bad things to happen to them?” 
“I suppose so.” 
“The extent of what bad they deserve comes on a case by case basis in my mind,” I nodded in response, unsure of where this was coming from, “Am I a bad person?” 
“Why would you think you’re a bad person, you teach, are super sweet and help people find happiness through relationships,” I sat up and looked at her, “Is something wrong?” 
“I am just thinking aloud, darling. Nothing is wrong,” She went back to focusing on the game. 
She actually managed to beat the dungeon in one try, surprising me, “Wow. You’re good.” 
“Thank you, darling. I am ready for the next game,” She was itching to keep playing games. 
“It’s late. Tomorrow.” 
She pouted a little bit, disappointed, “Okay...” 
    Selene and I were getting ready for work in the morning. I had just put my pants on when she called out to me, “Darling, can you help me?” 
    I quickly walked over to her, ready to be of assistance, “What’s up?” 
    “I can’t get my bra on,” She turned her back to me, holding the bra on her breasts, “Just hook the clasp in the back please,” I did as she asked. It was much harder than I expected it to be, “Thank you,” She gave me a kiss on the lips before going back to getting ready. 
     I could see on her face how uncomfortable she was, “Bra too small?” I asked. 
    She sighed, “Yes. I do not want to go out and buy more. Unfortunately, your radiant spirit energy has affected my body,” She turned back around to me. I hadn’t noticed before, but her breasts and hips were much bigger than when we had first met. She had been pretty flat and slim but now her breasts were getting to the size of large grapefruits. 
    “I’m sorry dear.” 
    “Do not apologize. You are changing for me too,” She looked at me and licked her lips. She was right, I had lost pretty much all of my fat. Now I was starting to gain muscle mass, despite not working out much. 
    “We should head downtown after work, get you some new clothes,” I tried to change the subject. 
    “I can refit my clothes if I need to, but I could use new bras,” She looked hesitant, “I will go.” 
    “Its a weekday so it shouldn't be too busy. A quick in and out and we’re done.” 
    Selene gave me a quick hug and a kiss, “Alright. I will take your word for it.” 
    I picked Selen up from work as usual. She looked nervous, her serpents writhed and she squirmed in the seat next to me, “Are you okay, Selene?”  
    “I hate places crowded with strangers,” Selene told me. 
    I laughed, “Same here. It will be over before you know it.” 
    “I hope so. I get to play Zelda two tonight, right?” 
    “Well... I was thinking we could just skip that one, go right to Link to the Past.” 
    “What? No! I have to play them in order, I will miss out on the story!” Her nervousness was completely gone. 
    “I’m just trying to protect you from that one. None of the games are really connected anyways.” 
    “It is a child’s game, Anon. You do not need to protect me!” 
    “Alright, you win.” 
    I was right about downtown, pretty slow and quiet. I got a good spot in the parking garage and we headed inside. Selene clung to my arm for comfort. We got pretzel dogs on our way to whatever store it was that she bought bras from. She dragged me inside, I knew better than to complain when shopping for clothes with ladies, “Help me pick out some cute ones!” Selene commanded. I nodded and smiled weakly. I walked with her through the store, letting people that worked there know that we didn’t need help. We chose six of them and Selene went to try them on. I was dismissed from her side and went outside the shop to sit on a bench. This was the first time I had done something like this where there were no other boyfriends waiting for their girlfriends. 
    I messed with my phone, texting friends and responding to work emails. A small group of people approached me, “Sup, Anon.” 
    I looked up. It was my third ex, Sarah and a group of her cronies, “What do you want?” 
    “Watch your tone with my girl, punk,” The guy who I assumed was her boyfriend stepped forwards. 
    “Just seeing what my favorite fuck up is up to,” Sarah replied, ignoring her boyfriend. 
    “Nothing. Leave me alone,” I said firmly, unsure of where this new courage had come from. 
    “I told you that you can’t talk to her like that.” Her boyfriend got in my face. 
    “Get away from him, cur,” Selene seethed as she quickly slithered towards us. The guy backed off us in surprise. 
    “Oh, god, what a freak!” Sarah laughed, “I always knew you’d end up with some fucking weirdo, Anon.” 
    Selene ignored her and grabbed my arm, “Let us go. I do not wish to be tainted by the presence of such filth.” 
    “Oh we’re not done here, snake bitch,” Sarah grabbed my other arm as Selen pulled me away, “You and this fucking loser don’t get to just walk away from me!” Selene was frozen in place, face away from us. Her serpents stared back as us, hissing softly, “Did you hear me freak?” 
    “Shut up,” I tore my hand away from Sarah, rage building, “Get away from us you ugly skank.” 
    “What did you just call her asshole?” Her boyfriend got in my face again. 
    “I called that slut a-”  
I got punched in the face. It all happened really fast. I fell backwards into Selene who was ready to catch me. The ambient hissing of her snakes rose as she joined them as well. There was a flash of light that came from Selene. I watched as the faces of Sarah, her boyfriend and her two girlfriends turned from smug satisfaction to horror as their skin turned to stone. I was gripped protectively by Selene, as Sarah tried to step forward. It happened too quickly for any of them to scream, unlike the time it had happened to me. I watched as her gaze turned every inch of them to stone, each frozen in a different pose. The constant being their terrified expressions. 
    “Are you alright, Anon? Did he hurt you?” Selene quickly released me with her arms and moved around to my front. I was too stunned by everything that had just happened to speak, “Oh, darling, your eye!” She touched the area around my eye. It hurt. I assumed it didn’t look too good either. I looked around, bystanders stood still, staring at the two of us, 
    “Excuse me, ma’am?” A woman approached us. Selene looked like she was about to bite their head off, but seeing who it was, she calmed down quickly and released me from her protective grip. The woman was a dog woman security guard, an older woman. She was trailed by a human security officer, probably her underling. She greeted us with a genuine smile on her face, “Are you two alright?” 
    I nodded, “Yeah, I’ll be okay.” 
    “Do you want to press charges? Its pretty easy to arrest them in this state,” I shook my head. I really didn’t care. 
    “Ma’am? Aren't they dead?” Her underling spoke up. 
    “Of course not! I wouldn’t be this calm if they were!” She turned back to us, “You took a pretty solid blow there, kid.” 
    “My darling in tough. I will make sure he has a speedy recovery,” Selene’s arms wrapped around me from behind. 
    “Glad to hear it. You!” She turned back to her underling, “Go down to the potion shop and ask for a batch of reverse petrification. Use my name and put it on our tab,” He saluted her and hurried off. 
    “Do you require potions often?” Selene asked, trying to calm herself down more. 
    “Nah, this is just the first time we’ve had people turned to stone so we don’t have any on hand. You two get on home. I wouldn’t want to be around when they wake up. Unfortunately, I will.” 
    “Thank you. Come, Anon. We should go home.” 
    I nodded and let Selene lock arms with me. I turned back to look at the statues and watched as a kid took a selfie with them. I chuckled. I stopped us at a vending machine close to the exit, bought us both a sprite. I used it to ice my eye and keep swelling down and Selene looked like she could use a drink. We loaded up into the car, threw the bras in the backseat and drove off. I was silent. Still in shock over what had happened.  
    “Are you really fine, dear? You are usually much more foolish when we’re out,” Selene broke the silence. 
    “Still reeling a little bit from getting hit. I didn’t think you could be like that,” I said quietly. 
    “I do not like to. My mother do that a lot, usually to any people we found hunting near our territory, either to scare them off or to steal their food. But that woman is not allowed to talk like that to my husband and no one may lay a finger on him. They were bad people and deserved something bad to happen to them, right?” She grabbed my hand with hers and smiled at me. 
    I nodded, “I love you, Selene.” 
    “I love you too, Anon. When we get home I am going to spoil you. I need to make sure you recover quickly.” 
    The weekend came slowly, especially after a fun thursday with our friends where pretty much everyone said they were going to tear Sarah’s boyfriend in half. The only one I thought might follow up on the threat was Stripes and maybe Gepepi. Despite how friendly and small she was, when she got mad it was scary. Friday after work Selene finally started to play Zelda two. Four days of pampering me and doing everything around the house. I was thankful for what she had done, and the swelling and discoloration were almost entirely gone.  Good thing too, as we had a dinner date with my family tomorrow. 
“You sure you want to play this, despite my warnings?” I asked from the couch. 
“Yes. I am not a baby, I can handle a challenge,” Selene confidently booted up the game and pat my head. It was in her lap, of course. She entered the selection screen and made a new file, naming it after me. She started the game and stood still on the opening screen. She tested the controls silently. The game play jump from adventure to action platformer. She took time to explore the opening area, slowly losing life and lives as she went. She made it to the temple with no extra lives, and a half full life bar. She died to the infinite kobolds and glowing skulls pretty quickly. When the silhouette of Ganon appeared and laughed she quickly shut off the console. 
“May I play the next game instead?” She asked. 
“I’ll get it the emulator box set up,” I told her. 
“What are we taking to your parent’s tomorrow?”  
“We don’t really need to take anything. My dad should be cooking up something big.” 
“What about the potion for our sister in law?” 
“I still don’t know if we should do it,” I finished plugging the console in. 
“It is something your mother asked of us. I know that a wife monsterizing can save relationships! Think of how you could be helping your brother.” 
“Would you want to be changed into a human without your consent?” I turned to her, my voice raising a little more than I wanted it to, “Its just all so crazy to me, just being around you is changing my body and being around me is changing you. An old friend of mine was working the front at your school and she’s a moth now!” 
I sat back on the couch and put my face in my hands. Selene sat still in her seat, unsure of what to do. She slowly grabbed me in a hug, “Are you okay?” 
“Yeah. Yeah, I’m fine. It just feels to wrong. This shit would be at home in a horror movie, but here it is in real life. It just feels... romantic and weirdly right. We’ll do the potion. Pour it in a two litre of sprite with some cherry flavoring to hide the red coloring of the potion.” 
“Are you sure?” 
I looked Selene in the eyes, “Yeah. By the way, what does the demonic energy do to men and monster girls?” 
“Just makes them incredibly horny. You should drink some!” 
“Not right now, thanks. Just play your game dear.” 
The best feeling in the world was waking up with Selene in my arms. Her comfortable, cool scales helped me sleep soundly despite the heat, and helped me keep in the warmth when it was cold. I woke up without her saturday morning. I felt lonely instantly. I was about to jump up and go look for her, but she entered before I could get up, “Sorry, Anon,” She whispered, gracefully sliding back into bed. 
“I just had a really bad feeling of loneliness without you here,” I told her.  
She kissed me on the forehead before scooping me up and holding me in a spooning position, “I am here now. Go back to sleep dear, it is two in the morning.” 
“Why were you up?” 
“I had to get the potion mixing into that bottle of soda. I forgot to do it last night because Zelda three was so much fun.” 
“Yeah its a good one.” 
Selene kissed my scalp and ran her fingers through my hair, “Go to sleep, darling.” 
I did. 
    After a quick trip to the store at the request to my parents and a short drive, we had arrived. Samantha as well as Steve and his wife Claire were already here. We had brought a bottle of wine for my parents, as Selene said was customary, the soda and potion mixture which I had labeled ‘DEMON JUICE’ and a bag of chips.  
    Although she hadn't needed to, Selene had gotten all dressed up. Since it was a nice day, she wore a light blue dress, at her request, I wore a light blue polo and khaki shorts. I sighed as we approached the front door. Unsure of how I was going to introduce Selene to my siblings. 
“How am I less nervous that you, Anon?” Selene teased. 
“I don’t know. I’m just working myself up,” I told her. 
We were let inside by my mother again who hugged both of us. We were led into the kitchen where my mom who spoke very quietly to us, “Is this it? The demon stuff?” 
Selene nodded and handed her the bottle, “Only drink it if you want to change as well.” 
“Lets wait till the night is winding down before we do it,” I suggested. 
My mom nodded and put the bottle of wine and the cursed drink up in a cabinet. She shuffled us into the living room from there. Samantha was sitting on the floor in the corner of the room on her phone. She looked up from her phone at us, “You’re a lot prettier than mom made it sound.” 
“Um, thank you?” Selene replied. 
“Samantha, Selene. Selene, Samantha,” I introduced them quickly. They waved at each other. 
Steve and Claire were sitting on the three person couch, they took both end spots. Steve looked like he was concentrating on breathing and nothing else. Claire looked sick. She kept scratching her head and her lower back, “Steve? Are you two okay?” I asked. 
“Huh? Oh hey anon. This the lucky lady?” Steve said weakly. 
“Yeah this is Selene. Selene that’s my brother and that’s Claire,” I performed more introductions. 
“Ngh, its too loud,” Claire grumbled. 
“Are you two sick?” I asked. 
“No, I don’t know what it is, we were passing through downtown and there was some fight nearby. Some huge chick built like a tank went ballistic on some protesters that attacked her and whoever she was with,” Steve sat up. 
“Was it an ushi oni?” Selene probed. 
“I don’t know anything about monster girls, Selene. So I can’t say,” He grabbed a pillow and held it in his lap. 
I looked at Selene who was tasting the air, “What do you think?” I asked. 
“Claire, are you feeling discomfort on your skin?” Selene asked turning to the woman. 
“Yes. All over,” Her skin was a bright pink from all the scratching she was doing. 
“I can smell demon energy on you both. Claire your body is most likely changing.” 
“What do you mean changing?” My dad, brother and sister all asked at once. 
“Do not think of it as transforming, more of a metamorphosis!” Selene’s eyes sparkled. 
“But I don’t want to change!” Claire shouted. 
“As we stand currently, there is no way to undo this process when it starts, through magic or medicine. What is best for your body right now, is to relax and let go, the stress can leave you exhausted if you keep fighting,” Selene looked really excited over this.  
“This is so exciting!” My mom added with a big grin on her face. 
“Why are you excited!?” My brother shouted at her. My mom was taken aback, “My wife is turning into a monster! We don’t want this!” He turned back to Selene, whose smile had fallen very far off of her face, “Now, what’s wrong with me!?” 
“Don’t fucking shout at her,” I seethed at my brother.  
“Why, she’ll give you another black eye!?” 
“I should tear-”  
Selene grabbed my wrist firmly, shaking her head at me silently. Her head was bowed, “Your body is screaming at you to reproduce. Common in human men who are exposed to a burst of demon energy. Excuse me,” Selene wandered out of the room and up the stairs.  
I heard a door open and close upstairs, my old room, “What the hell is your problem, dude?” I asked. 
“We didn’t choose this, Anon. Why should I be happy?” My brother was furious. 
“Its not like she did this to you!” 
“These things are dangerous, Anon. I can’t believe mom would let you bring one here, with all of us being here.” 
I finally understood. Understood why people gave Selene bad looks when we went anywhere. Why mothers pulled children to the other sides of themselves when we walked by. People crossing the street to avoid us, dirty looks, mean comments behind her back.The horrible comments to her face. Through this interaction with my brother and the interaction with my ex girlfriend. 
“You don’t know her. You haven't been pulled from the darkest depths of depression by her. You haven’t been protected by her. You don’t know what kind of person she is,” I walked out of the room, steaming. I could hear my mom start to cry in the living room while I poured that demon liquid down the drain. 
I found Selene in my room, the first one at the top of my stairs. I hadn’t been in this room in quite a while. My parents had put a twin sized bed in here, where Selene lie. She was lying facing the wall, her serpents were all down as well, “Selene?” I called walking towards her. 
“Hello, darling,” She whispered.  
“You alright?” I stood at the side of the bed, looking at her. 
“As long as you still love me, I am,” She turned over to me a weak smile on her face. She had been crying.  
“I’m sorry, Selene,” I sat on what little space I could on the side of the bed. 
“You do not need to apologize for your family. You do not control them,” She sat up and rested her head on my shoulder. Her arms loosely wrapped around my neck. 
“Selene...” I sighed and wrapped my arms around her, “Do you want to go home?” 
She pulled away from me and shook her head, “I want to be here to support Claire.” 
“You’re too kind, Selene. I’ll stay here with you until you feel ready.” 
“Thank you, darling. I love you.” 
“I love you too.” 
“You two are pretty cute,” My sister walked into the room. 
“What do you want?” 
“You’re really protective of her Anon. Its cute,” She cracked her weird smile. I couldn’t tell if she was being sincere. 
    “Can we help you, Samantha?” Selene dried her eyes on me. 
    “Just wanted to check on you two. Mom asked me to. Don’t let Steve get you both down. You know how he gets.” 
    “I don’t. I haven’t been friends with Steve in years, Samantha. Claire took him away from me,” I said. 
    “Maybe he thinks Selene will take you away from him, hm?” Samantha gave another smile. 
    “That’s stupid. If he wanted to rekindle our relationship he would have tried by now. He’s been pushing me away for a few years.” 
    “Darling,” Selene wrapped her arms around me again, “I know you are angry. But please, maybe give him another chance.” 
    I grumbled indistinctly, “Want me to call you two down when the slop is hot?” 
    “Yes, please,” Selene replied. My sister closed the door again, “I do not like that word.” 
    “What, slop?” I asked, drawing out the pronunciation. 
    “Ew, yes. Please do not utter that,” She shuddered. 
    I laughed a little bit, “Alright, I won’t,” I wrapped an arm around her shoulders and held her close. We sat in silence together for a few minutes, enjoying each others presence. I ended up breaking the silence, “I think I finally understand why people are so mean and rude to you.” 
    “Why is that, dear?” Selene asked, gripping my wrist again. 
    “Humans are the real monsters,” I whispered. 
    Selene rested her head on my shoulder and let out a sigh, “I just want everyone to get along, Anon. No monster or human separations, just people being together.” 
    “I want that too, Selene. I hope it happens one day.” 
    “Anon! The slop is hot!” My sister shouted from downstairs. 
    “I do not know if I want any now, Anon,” Selene whispered. 
    I dragged her downstairs to the dinner table, Steve and Claire were absent, “Did they leave?” I asked. 
    My mom nodded, “He stormed out when you went upstairs. Claire followed him. We don’t need him to have a wonderful dinner, do we?” 
    “No, we don’t need that turd burglar,” My sister added. 
    I rested my head on my hand, pretty bummed out that he would just leave. Selene put a hand on my back, “Do not think too hard about it, darling. He must be going through a lot of stress right now.” 
    I nodded. A plate of spaghetti was placed in front of me along with my dad’s fantastic garlic bread. The meal was pretty quiet, with my mom and Selene trying to start conversations every so often. Most fell flat. No one really seemed to be in the mood anymore.  
    After dinner my mom tried to get a game of poker going. Selene and I declined and headed home, “I do not want any more drama today,” Selene told me as we got in the car. 
    “I could do without it completely,” I groaned. 
    “Thank you for standing up for me, darling. You have become so much more confident as of late,” Selene took my hand again. 
    “I don’t know where this sudden willpower and assertiveness has come from. I used to back down from conflict, now I’m holding my ground.” 
    “I think it is a good change.” 
    “Yeah. I hope so.” 
    We made it home quickly. No stops on the way home this time. Selene and I avoided neighbors and got to our little home. I sighed with relief as I unlocked the door. Nothing else could ruin my night now. I was wrong. A woman lounged on my couch, her lower half was that of a large black snake, similar to Selene. Her head was topped by serpents, all with onyx scales. She wore a regal black and gold dress that commanded respect. Her fingers and ears were adorned by golden jewelry. A woman who was in charge. She looked past me, “Ah, my precious daughter has returned to her home,” She spoke in a very kind tone, but her tone shifted to the completely opposite side when she spoke about me, “Unfortunately she has dragged the filth in with her.” 
    “Mother. Why are you here?” Selene’s tone was respectful but I could hear poison in her voice. 
    “I have come to collect you. I have found a respectable, strong young man with a good career for you to marry.” 
    “I have a husband, mother.” 
    “What, this flabby child? What does he do for a living? Wash dishes?” 
    “I manage a team in tech,” I told her proudly. 
    “Child. The adults are talking,” Selene’s mom’s snakes hissed as her eyes flashed in a bright light.  
I fell to my knees as I felt my feet grow cold and heavy. I was turning to stone. Selene began shouting while her mom spoke with that same venomous tone. The cutting voices in my head drowned them out. The cold heaviness crept further and further up my body. Fear and sadness gripped my mind as her mother’s petrification whispered words of doubt to me. ‘You will never see her again,’ it said. ‘She is MINE.’ 
 I caught bits of the conversation where Selene shouted that she loved me and wanted to be with me. Her mother told her to stop being foolish and to go with her. She grabbed Selene’s arm with the intention to drag her out the door. I couldn't let her take Selene. The only thing in my life that mattered any more to me. I was focused on my breathing, trying to keep the petrification from enveloping me. 
“Come with me, daughter,” The woman commanded. 
“Let go of her,” I demanded in a firm voice. The cold darkness fell off, replaced with only thoughts of Selene. I rose to my feet, slowly regaining feeling in them. Both of them looked at me as I slowly moved across the room. Selene had a look of awe on her face while her mother looked at me in horror. They were both frozen in shock. I grabbed my soon to be mother-in-law’s hand and removed it from my love’s arm, “You can’t take her from me.” 
She quickly regained her composure, “Fine. You have proved your worth to me. You may marry my daughter,” She looked at me smugly, pretending that she had planned this from the start. I didn’t have the energy to call her out. 
“How did you find me, mother?” Selene asked. 
“There was a news article about four people being turned to stone after attacking someone. Their description of the medusa matched you. You did so well to cover your tracks up until this point, luckily I had a small enough area to divine your location with my limited ability. Is he alright?” She whispered to Selene. 
“I’m fine,” I growled. I slowly slouched onto the couch, sweat dripping down my brow. 
“You are much stronger than you look, child,” I wasn’t sure if she was praising me or not, “Perhaps you will give me strong grandchildren.” 
“That is his mother’s motivation as well,” Selene laughed nervously, “Where is father?” 
“At home. I did not need him to help me in this. Selene,” She moved to face her daughter, placing her hands upon Selene’s shoulders, “I... am proud of you. I know I was not the best mother in the past. I just wanted you to be strong. I wanted you to have a better life than I did.” 
“Mother,” Selene looked at her almost crying mom, “What are you talking about?” 
“Your father and I fighting all the time when you were young. You left home when you were so young dear. I- I am sorry.” 
“If I had not grown up in that environment, I would not be who I am now, mother. I would not have met the love of my life either. I forgive you,” Selene’s sweet smile made her mother cry. They embraced each other. I couldn’t help but smile. They were too cute. 
“I will be taking my leave now,” Selene’s mom told us as she gathered her things.  
“What are you doing for a living, if I may ask?” Selene asked. 
“I am managing a bank currently. A lot better than I did back home, hm?” She opened the door and looked back at us. 
“Goodbye, mother,” Selene said happily. 
“Yeah. Bye,” I mumbled. 
The long dark body of the snake woman dragged out the door. As soon as that door was closed again Selene dashed over and locked it. She sprinted back over to me and wrapped me up in a huge hug, “Anon, Are you alright?” 
“I don’t know. I feel weak,” I went limp in her grasp, letting her shift me onto her lap.  
Selene removed my shoes and socks, “Are you petrified still?” Selene moved her hands up and down my legs, checking me.  
“No. I have no idea what happened, either,” I was sweating all over my body. 
“You overcame my mother’s gaze attack! Do you know how amazing that is?” 
There was a pounding on the door. Selene got up from the couch and threw the door open. It was Haley, tears in her eyes, “Is everything okay? That woman said she was your mother so I let her in here and- and I heard shouting and-” Tears started to roll down her cheeks. 
“Anon fully nullified my mother’s petrification!” Selene boasted. 
Her crying stopped almost immediately, “What!? Is that possible without magic?”  
    “Is that true, Anon?” Alison and her husband poked their heads in. 
    “Yeah. With the power of love or something I didn’t turn into a rock,” I coughed. 
    “Damn. Tough kid.” 
    “How tough is that?” Her husband asked, genuinely curious. 
    “Imagine being able to keep up with me in the bedroom. Now imagine being able to go longer than even I can, without magic. That tough,” The manticore explained. 
    “Holy shit,” He just looked like he had his entire world view destroyed. 
    “You two have a good night. Come out on a triple date with us soon. Anon said you would sometime,” She wrapped her arm around her husband’s waist and pulled him into their apartment. 
    Haley nodded and left, “I hope you two sleep well.” 
    Selene returned to my side after locking the door, “Do you wish to head to bed now, my dear?” 
    “I could use a bath first.” 
    “Want me to wash your back?” Selene smiled.  
    “I’d love that, Selene. Thank you,” I put my feet shakily on the floor. I took two steps and lost my footing. Thankfully, Selene was right there to catch me. 
    “What am I going to do with you?” She smiled. Before I could say something sassy, she picked me up and set me on the couch, “Let me get the bath warmed up first. Just lie here and rest, Anon. You have deserved it.” 
    I nodded at her and watched her slither over to the bathroom. I didn’t have the energy to stare at her hips for once. I stared at the ceiling listening to the water run, waiting for her to come back and help me to the bathroom. My phone buzzed. A text from my brother. I thought of ignoring it, but curiosity got the better of me. I slowly opened the text. I was surprised to see a photo of Steve and Claire together. Claire had turned into a weresheep and was holding Steve close with one arm and taking a selfie of the two of them together. I could easily see the drowsiness on both of their eyes, even with the smiles on their faces. I read the text; ‘Hey, I’m sorry, Anon. I want to apologize to Selene as well. We should get together sometime soon. Claire really wants to talk to Selene again.’ 
    I replied with one word; ‘sure,’ not sure if I was ready to forgive him yet.  
    Selene returned to me, before I could speak she scooped me up in her arms into a princess carry. Even though it was just the two of us, I got beet red in the face, “Surprised at how strong I am?” She laughed, noticing my face. 
    “A little,” I chuckled nervously.  
    I was moved into the bathroom where I stripped down, peeling the sweat soaked clothes off of my body. I dipped down into the hot water, wincing as my skin turned red. I looked at Selene who was sitting by the side of the tub, “Just rest for a bit, dear.” 
    I nodded at her and sank lower into the hot water, “Any idea how I managed that?” 
    “Resisting the petrification? It might have to do with my adversity to using my own ability,” Selene wondered. 
    “Like how you freaked out when you did it to me on accident. You want it to never happen again.” 
    “Yes. You are also standing up for yourself more. Very sexy,” She started running a soapy cloth over my body. 
    “Hah,” I chuckled. I thought for a few moments, “I don’t think I ever thanked you, for what happened at the mall.” 
    “I did not enjoy it,” She said darkly. 
    “But still, you-” I started. 
“Darling. I appreciate how thankful you are, but I do not wish to speak of my actions. I lost my head and went too far,” She stopped washing. 
“That guy decked me! You didn’t go far enough! You-” 
“Darling,” Her voice was firm telling me to stop, “I am no better than them. I used my petrification.” 
“You’re not a monster, Selene. Don’t ever think that you are.” 
“You are such a sweetheart. Being with you makes me almost feel human. Here, let me finish cleaning you up,” She went back to lightly scrubbing, smiling at me. 
“I want to make you feel human, like a real person. Someone who deserves everything I can give you.” 
“Only if you deserve the same from me,” She leaned over and kissed me. 
Selene was awake before I was. She was staring at me, “Can I help you?” I asked sleepily. 
    “I dreamt of our wedding,” She whispered, “You and me... at the altar...” She sighed happily, “Can I tell you about it?” 
    Four months later, I stood across from Selene at the altar. We had had a small party beforehand. Selene’s approach to the altar had been illuminated by the sunlight coming through the stained glass. Despite everyone saying that I would, I managed to not cry when I saw her in her beautiful gown. The officiant was going through the usual religious words. My parents were religious so we were doing it like this at their request. Everything else was to Selene’s specification. Our parents were taking care of most of the costs, thankfully. Thought it was more of a show of power from both of them. 
    Behind us were our friends, Dee, Stripes, Molly, Chris, Josh and Ben. The crowd was pretty small compared to the other weddings I had been to. The crowd was only 20, not counting our friends. The entire event was a blur of anxiety and happiness to me. Luckily my brother got the whole thing on video for us so I could watch it later. When we got to doing the vows, I stumbled through mine. A standard, “I Anon, take thee, Selene to be my wedded wife...” It was tradition in my family that went back many generations. 
The bride usually has a standard set of vows, but Selene does what she wants, “I love you, Anon. The way you make me smile and feel loved, I want to be with you forever. Ever since we have been together, I have felt this way. I promise to keep you close, to be by your side and to love you forever, through everything.” 
We exchanged rings, I could hardly stumble through the last of my words. Selene said, “With this ring I seal our wedding pact.” 
    “I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride,” the officiant hadn’t even finished before Selene had wrapped herself around me and pulled me into a kiss. 
    Selene and I looked out over the ocean. We sat close to each other on the couch, holding hands for the first time as a married couple. We were staying in a beach house for a week for our honeymoon. Neither of us had taken our wedding attire off, “It has been a long road, has it not?” Selene asked. 
    “Yeah. Its all been worth it,” I rested my head on her shoulder. 
    “Yes it has. Do you remember a promise I made months ago?” 
    “The one where you said you’d buy me ice cream if I did the dishes?” I joked. I knew what was coming. 
    “Not that one, darling. Consummating our marriage,” Her hands wandered lower. 
    “I’m nervous,” I admitted, undoing my tie. 
    “I am too, darling. You are all mine tonight and I am yours. Relax and give your body to me as I will give you mine,” my belt was undone. 
    “A-alright,” I started sweating as I began to strip. 
    Selene quickly took her gown off. I stared at her naked body, “You like what you see, darling? Touch me, Anon,” She told me seductively. 
    I did what she said as she moved her hips hypnotically from side to side, “You’re so beautiful, Selene.” 
    Selene pulled me onto the floor and got on top of me, our soft naked bodies gently rubbed against each other, “I love you, Anon,” Selene’s hot tongue ran up and down my neck slowly. 
    “I love you too, Selene.” 
    I woke up early in the morning, Selene clung to me as usual. I tried to reach for my phone, but my arm was restrained. I looked down to see our daughter wrapped around my arm. She looked up at me with her big eyes, “Max won’t let me have his warmth.” 
    “You have an electric blanket, Ann. Use that,” I told her. 
    “It’s not as good as a real person... Can I just sleep here every night?” 
    “No, dear. Your father’s warmth is mine alone,” Selene laughed drowsily. 
    “But I’ll die!” Ann exclaimed, squeezing tighter. Selene laughed and peeled our daughter off my arm. Her little snakes writhed in anger. I pat her head as her mother gave her a small kiss on the cheek, “I want papa’s heat!” She pouted. Ann reminded me so much of her mother. 
    “You may lie between us.” 
    “I love you mama!” Our daughter clung to her mother. 
    “I love you too, dear. What are we doing today, Anon?” 
    “Yeah! Papa! Can we go to the arcade again?” 
    “Maybe. We have to take your brother too.” 
    “Can I play House of the Dead, papa? I’m five now! I should be old enough!” 
    “Are we going to the arcade?” My son, Max, entered the room.  
    “Yeah! Papa’s gonna let me play the zombie shooter!”  
    “You are not playing that game. Your father is a dead man if you play that,” Selene scolded her daughter before turning to our son, “Come lie down with us, honey.” 
    Begrudgingly, he crawled into bed with his mother. The four of us shifted around trying to get comfortable. I hugged my wife and gave her a kiss on the cheek, “Papa! Get up so we can go to the arcade!” 
    “They don’t open till one,” I mumbled. 
    “I get to play the SWAT game right? I’m eight so I should get to,” Max told me. 
    “No shooting games. Either of you,” Selene hissed. Still upset her daughter had horrible nightmares the last time we went to the arcade. 
    The two of them tried to argue with their mother, begging her to let them play the violent games, I chimed in, “They can play LA Machineguns. That’s got robots and not people.” 
    Selene groaned and the children cheered, “If they come in here in the middle of the night from nightmares, you are sleeping on the couch.” 
    “Got it. You kids have nightmares and I’m taking your bed.” 
    They started to complain until Selene shut them down, “If you do not want that, do not play those games.” 
    “Okay mom,” They both whined. 
    I leaned over and gave Selene a kiss. 
I love my family. 

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