Multifold Manus Chapter 8

With slow moving and unblinking eyes, Manus’s gaze scanned across the papers in front of her. Two sets of documents, tournament related paperwork specifically, sat before her. One for Galahad and one for Fredrik. It was her duty to work on the golden wizard’s paperwork, but she was doing Galahad’s out of kindness. The young … Continue reading Multifold Manus Chapter 8

Doggy Paddling

Commission for Anon! Thank you so much for commissioning me! The roar of the waiting crowd made Garmra’s canine ears twitch. Anticipation made her heart pound. She sat in a dark room, only dimly lit by a lantern in the corner that cast an orange glow. The weapons racks, armor stands, benches and tables all … Continue reading Doggy Paddling

A Hell of a Day

A commission for Anon. Thanks again for commissioning me! Tick, tick, tick, tick… The sound of a wall clock ticking away, counting all the seconds in a day. Eighty six thousand and four hundred seconds in a day, one thousand, four hundred and forty minutes in a day, and twenty four hours in a day. … Continue reading A Hell of a Day

Butterfly Kisses

Commission for Anon, thank you so much for commissioning me! Trent glanced out the window of his small one bed apartment. The leaves had long since turned brown and orange and had begun to fall out of the trees en masse. The sidewalks and roads in some places were absolutely covered in leaves. The man … Continue reading Butterfly Kisses