Buzz Off

Commission for Bugseid, thanks again! “How does this look?” Trent asked as he held a collared shirt up on his chest. Isabel crossed one leg over the other as she looked her husband up and down. She tilted her head and frowned, “You look kinda gay in sky blue, Trent,” She cackled with an impish … Continue reading Buzz Off

Bogie Woman

Commission for Iphidiris! Thanks again! A couple sat on a bench in the park, the sun was shining, a nice, gentle breeze was blowing, and the birds were singing in the trees overhead. The man was a bit short with pasty white skin, a bit of chub on his body and dark brown hair. The man … Continue reading Bogie Woman

Four Plus Me

Commission for Denda! Thanks again! I lay in bed, the only light illuminating the room was a tiny nightlight in one corner. My mind was already racing, but another bump in the night made my heart skip a beat. I rolled toward my nightstand and turned on the light, wrapping my arms around my shirtless … Continue reading Four Plus Me

The Death Bat

Commission for Anon. Thanks again! It was late December, the start of winter back home with only snow to look forward to, but down below in the southern hemisphere it marked the beginning of summer. The heat of the South American jungles made sweat roll down my skin and soak into the light cotton clothes … Continue reading The Death Bat

Creatures of the Night

Raffle prize for IfTheArtistConsents A zombie put down a box, the glasses inside clinking together loudly, “Be CAREFUL with that!” The woman shouted at the hired help, “My drinkware is made of the finest glass! It would take four of your paychecks to replace just one of them!” “Miss Gastov,” The necromancer pleaded, “I can … Continue reading Creatures of the Night

Slice of Unlife

Raffle prize for Barthurs! “…and that is how our bodies generate more mana. Morgana? Young lady, are you paying attention?” “Hm?” Morgana, the young seven year old lich, looked up from her doodles of magical sigils and at her mom, “Mom, I already know this stuff,” Morgana was a lich, just like her mother, with … Continue reading Slice of Unlife

Green(worm)er Pastures

Raffle prize for Greenworm Anon “Help me!” A woman screamed in terror as the children around her cried with fear. A beastman wielding a short wand and a shield grunted and huffed air out of his nose, “Shut the food up!” He yelled at another beast. The second, a bull-headed minotaur, merely grunted as he … Continue reading Green(worm)er Pastures