Multifold Manus Chapter 17

From the sky, a downpour of powdery, white snow came. Inside the safety of the library on a cold, snowy morning, Suzie Bottomhill took her time going through her notes. Every so often, she would pause and check her phone, quickly going through her various social media accounts. Cat pictures, book releases, art, gnomish parables, … Continue reading Multifold Manus Chapter 17

Summoned Family

Commission for AnonymousWeeb556, this is an afterward for Summoned Affection. Thanks again for commissioning me! A wailing echoed through the twists and turns of the castle. The impossible geometry of the demon realm castle still echoed sound off its stoney walls. Purple banners hung on the inside and outside and long flags of the same … Continue reading Summoned Family

Swords of a Feather

Commission for Anon. Thank you very much! I grunted as I pulled my arms forward, the weights on the machine making me strain my muscles to try and do my work out. I huffed and puffed as I let the machine return to its resting place. I took another breath, straining myself again as I … Continue reading Swords of a Feather

Game Set Matched 2

Comm for Breast Milk GamingThanks again for your support, bro! The whistle blew, signaling to start. With all her might, the team captain kobold served the volleyball, sending it spinning over the net. On the other side of it, a hellhound knocked the ball into the air and an amazonian set it up. A massive, … Continue reading Game Set Matched 2