Anubis Story

    “Slave boy, you’re late!” Aya scolded me as I entered the class room. Everyone turned and looked at us, snickers and smug looks around.  
    “There was a line,” I handed her the coffee and change. “I’m only-” 
    “No excuses, boy. 1.83, exact change, good boy,” She pat my head when I took my seat next to her. More giggles around the classroom. 
    I looked the anubis in the eyes. “What did you get on assignment five?”  
    “A plus, nothing less from the perfect student and her perfect homework slave,” Her brown eyes looked back at me, eyeliner curling at the ends, like the pharos are depicted as wearing. She brushed her shoulder length black hair away from her face with her larger furred hands. Her regal black and gold dress perfectly accentuated her curves, demanding that you admire her body. Custom made heels kept her feet from ever touching the ground ‘like a peasant,’ as she would put it. To top it all off, her skin was a delicious caramel brown. 
    “Right, well, when do you want to work on six?” I asked, peeling my gaze away from her chest. 
    “Tonight sounds good. It will leave me time to work on personal hobbies this week.” 
    “Usual time online?” I asked, pulling my laptop out and logging in. 
    “Next assignment is a group task. We would do better to work together in person,” Aya wrote something down on a piece of paper and handed it to me, I looked at it then looked at her, “My address, where we will be meeting.” 
    “Ah, ok,” We quieted down as the professor stood at the front of the room and began lecture. 
    “Will you need a ride tomorrow?” Aya asked me when class ended.  
    “Nah, I’ve got my car. Why do you suddenly want to meet at your place? You’ve never invited me there before,” I started to pack up my things.  
    “I believe you are ready... Anon,” The way she said my name sent shivers down my spine. I had never heard her use my name in all the time I had known her. I stood frozen for a few minutes, unsure of what this meant. Aya just stared at me, a smile on her face. Once everyone had cleared out of the room, she stood and pat my head again, “Come now, slave boy, it is time for lunch.” 
    I nodded and picked up my things and headed out after her. 
    Lunch was different today. She loaded me into her car and drove us to a restaurant. I looked at her, confused, as she pulled into a parking spot, “Something wrong?” She asked me as she got out of the car. 
    “You’ve just been acting weird today, Aya,” I spoke quietly, almost hoping she wouldn’t hear me. 
    “Weird? You’ve been just as odd, slave boy,” Aya took my arm in hers and pulled me towards the door. 
    “Like this, right now. You’ve never done this before! Patting my head, smiling at me even calling me by my first name. Am I dreaming?” I felt like I was going to have a panic attack. 
    Aya stopped me and grabbed the sides of my face. “Calm down, please. I have just- just feeling generous today. Please, let's have a nice meal together.” 
    I nodded at her and let her take my arm again. I let Aya do all the talking to the over zealous kikimora who was running the front. We were seated in a two person table. The restaurant wasn’t very busy at this time, so it was very quiet. I looked the menu over, looking for something cheap.  
    “Get whatever you want, on me. The very best servent deserves it,” She gave me another wonderful smile. It made my heart race whenever she did that. 
    “Thank you, Aya,” I whispered. 
    “Take all the time you need, our class at one is cancelled today,” she showed me an email on her phone, confirming that it was, indeed, cancelled. I gave her a skeptical look, “I am just making the most of a situation.” 
    “Alright. What are you getting?” I asked. 
    “The lobster, of course. Cheeseburger for you? Only onions and ketchup?” She gave me a small smug smile. 
    You scare me with how well you know me sometimes,” I looked down at my hands.  
    Her regal laugh was always infectious, I smiled a little bit, “Are you alright, Anon?” 
    “Yeah I’m ok. You’ve just had the same routine for nearly two years with me. Strange to see you change it up. Especially using my first name,” I smiled at her weakly. 
    “So you prefer slave boy, hmm?” She smiled at me again. 
    “No its not that I prefer it... I’m just used to it. You’ve called me nothing but ‘slave boy’ and the occasional ‘servent.’ Two years of never using my name, despite coming over to my house and shouting at me to eat my favorite ice cream when I was in a bout of depression.” 
    “What was it I would shout at you?” She laughed again. 
    “Was it; ‘slave boy, eat your favorite ice cream!’ Something like that,” I did an impersonation of her that made her laugh. 
    “That sounds right to me. How have you been feeling lately?” She switched to serious mode. Even though she acted like I was her property, she really did care. 
    “I’ve been ok. I don’t think I can feel lonely with you constantly calling me and barging into my house at six in the morning. I still don’t know how you learned everything about me.” 
    “A woman must keep her secrets, slave boy~” She giggled at me again. 
    “Fine then.” I chuckled and shook my head. The waitress came over and Aya ordered for the two of us. The waitress left and Aya turned back to me, staring down at my hands. 
    “I am sorry, are you ok with me ordering for you? We never have gone out for food together, have we?” 
    “No, we haven't. The most we have before is had lunch together at university. Or at my house.” 
    We sat in silence for a few minutes before Aya spoke again, “What do you like in a woman?” 
    “Aya I-” 
    “N-n-no real reason, slave boy, just wondering,” She interrupted me. 
     “Uh, well... I’ve never dated anyone before you...  If we are even dating, you just started acting like you owned me and everyone believed we are.”  
    “Do you believe we are?” 
    I froze for a few moments. Aya had started breathing a bit heavier, and the look she gave me was one of lust. I sighed. “Yeah, I do.”  
She bit her bottom lip. “Good, good. Ah our foods almost here,” Sure enough it arrived soon after she said that. Aya thanked the waitress and then turned back to me. “Enjoy your food Anon.” 
I woke up the next day as early as I usually do, six AM. No particular reason, mostly just because Aya would show up super early and I wanted to be awake to see her. I contemplated on that, a lot of my life revolved around this woman who treated me like she owned me. She didn’t treat me like dirt, so I was fine with it, and after how depressed I was before she met me, someone showing me any sort of attention was what I needed. I spent the morning texting Aya, she said she ‘had a surprise for me,’ completing that promise with a winky emoji. I had no idea what to expect. Aya didn’t make me pay for things the few times we had gone out to do something. I had always just assumed she was royalty or something.  
I arrived at Aya’s a little before noon, I knew how she could be about timing and expecting me to be there at the exact time she specified, no early or later than when she expected me. The house I had been sent to was large, of course, but not as regal as I expected. The front of the house was barred by a gate. I pulled up and pressed the button on a speaker. There was a buzz, followed by a few seconds of silence and the gate slid open. I drove slowly up the driveway, heart pounding in my ears.  
    I pulled up in front of the house, as if reading my mind, I got a text from Aya telling me where to park. I pulled into a parking spot out front, got out and went up to the door. I took a deep breath and rang the doorbell. I expected Aya to let me in, but the woman who opened the door was older, much older. She was an anubis, but much older than Aya. She wore a black business suit. Her hair was a dark grey, but other than that looked almost exactly like Aya. She gave me a warm welcoming smile, “Oh, you must be Anon! Aya’s told me a lot about you!” 
    “You must be Ms. Rania, nice to meet you,” I awkwardly put my hand out to shake hands with her, unsure of what to do. 
    “Ara ara~ No need to be so formal dear, I may be dressed formally, but you can just call me mom,” before I could act she pulled me into a hug, when she pulled away she took one look at my confused expression and let out another of those anime old woman laughs. “Well, I won’t hold you up any longer, Aya would be furious if I did. Erin! Take Anon here to Aya’s room please!” 
    A miniature anubis ran into the foyer when she was called. She hid behind her mother and looked at me with amazement, like a kid seeing Santa at the mall for the first time, “You’re Anon? Big sis said you were cute.” I laughed. 
    “Erin!” Her mother snapped. “What did I tell you?” 
    “Be nice to Mr. Anon,” She looked down at her feet.  
Erin wore a pink dress-up princess dress. Compared to Aya and her mother, Erin’s pointy ears were much shorter, but her tail was very fluffy. She also had green eyes compared to her mother and sister. She waved at me to follow. Her mother waved goodbye to me and Erin as we walked into a main room. I would call this a living room, there was a big TV, comfy looking couches and expensive looking paintings along the walls. Strewn about the room were children’s toys, hopefully Erin’s. We walked past another anubis, lounging on the couch as well as a boy, who couldn’t be much older than Erin. The anubis had red eyes like unlike the others, her skin was much darker as well. The child had dark skin as well and similar facial features, leading me to assume that he was one of the family. The boy waved at me and the anubis sneered. I kept following Erin, we went up two flights of stairs and started down another regal hallway. 
    “Are those two part of your family too?” I asked, trying to make some sort of conversation in the silent halls. 
    “Yeah. Biggest sister and brother. Biggest sister doesn’t new people. Brother and I didn’t think you were real.” 
    “Anyone else I haven't met yet?” 
    “Just Papa. Papa’s at work today. Mamas working from home today just to meet you. She wanted to see if you were real.”  
    “Ah... okay.” 
    “Here’s sister’s room,” Erin stopped at a door that was identical to the other six in this hallway. Erin then wandered off, back towards the living room. 
    I knocked on the door, “Come in, slave boy!” I heard Aya call. I sighed and opened the door. Aya’s room was big, she was sitting on her bed, king size, of course. Soft pillows and blankets were gracefully strewn around her. The room was very cold, the curtains were closed, and the lights were dimmed. “Ah, slave boy, come here. I need some... help from you.” 
    I set my backpack down and walked over to her bedside. “Problems with the assignment?” 
    Aya was wearing a fur coat, but what was weird is she was under the blankets as well. “You are supposed to crawl across the bed to me,” She pouted. 
    “What? Aren’t we doing homework?” 
    “I... already did it. I got anxious waiting for you. Now, come here. Correctly this time. And take your shirt off while you’re at it.” Aya shooed me away with her hand. 
    “Uh- I- Wha-” I stammered, unsure of what she wanted of me. 
    She sighed, “Here, come sit down, slave boy,” Aya scooted over to give me room to sit next to her. I did as she asked, sitting on top of the comforter, it was incredibly plush as were the pillows behind me. Aya leaned over to me and gently ran her hand over my chest, “Are you alright? Am I going to fast?” 
    “N-no, I’m fine. Just nervous.” 
    “I can feel that,” she gave a small nervous laugh, resting her hand on my pounding heart. “Want me to stop?” 
    The look she gave me was one of disappointment and sadness, my brain shut off and my heart and dick took the wheel, “No,” I said simply. 
    Aya gave me a big smile and a deep kiss on the lips. Aya threw the blanket off of herself and pulled the fur coat aside. She was wearing sheer black flower patterned lingerie. The top barely covered all of her breasts, the top trying its hardest to keep them from spilling out. The bottom was attached to leggings that ended at her natural leg fur. “Like what you see, slave boy?” She bit her bottom lip and her face got red. I nodded, mouth agape, as my heart rate increased, “Well? Go ahead and touch, Anon. Your goddess is waiting.” 
    I did as she said, her calling herself goddess went right over my head. Aya’s hands were behind her head and her legs crossed. Her inviting expression made all my fears melt away as my brain shut down again. I sat in front of her on my knees. My hands gently felt her legs, the luxurious fabric contrasted her natural, thick fur. I couldn’t stop myself from rubbing her thighs for much longer than I’d like to admit. Aya let out small gasps and moans as I squeezed the meat of her thighs. Aya leaned forwards and grabbed me, pulling me onto her lap. She grabbed my face and licked my lips once before going for a deep kiss that I reciprocated. Both of us were breathing heavily as she started gently removing my shirt. With my shirt off, she gently ran her nails over my skin. I gasped as she found where I was the most sensitive.  
    “You are not done touching your goddess, right? My puppies feeling unloved~” Aya rubbed my crotch we her knee as she said that. My hands dashed to her breasts. Aya let out a moan as I squeezed gently. I was grabbed again and thrown to the side, onto my back and Aya quickly straddled me. The fur coat came off, revealing her almost nude body. She quickly started attempting to undo my belt while I ran my hands over her stomach. With the belt undone, my pants were quickly torn off. She started gently grinding her pussy on my dick through our underwear. I could feel how wet she was despite the two layers or clothes. My hands returned to her breasts again and she let out a loud moan, “Take my top off Anon, now.” The way she demanded that made me even harder than I already was. I reached up and undid the latch in the back, letting her breasts loose. Before I could marvel them more, Aya leaned forwards and wrapped her arms around my head, holding it between her breasts. Her grinding increased in pace until before long her entire body shuddered from an orgasm. She let me go as she sat up and looked at me, panting hard, her face red and her hands shaky.  
    “You’re going to give me lots of children right?” She asked suddenly. 
    “At least three,” I told her voice still shaky from being suffocated. 
    “Good boy. We’ll be together forever, slave b- I mean, Anon. It is time for you to please your goddess,” she slowly pulled my underwear down, revealing my dick. Aya licked her lips and moved her undies aside, making way for me. With both of us moaning, she slid onto my shaft. I put my hands on her hips as she started moving up and down. She went slowly at first, but went faster when I told her I was close. She grabbed my wrists and held them over my head. Her speed quickly coaxed an orgasm out of me, causing me to cum inside as her pussy convulsed from her own orgasm.      Aya looked at me again, big grin on her face, “I hope you  didn’t think we were done, Anon,” Aya started riding me again as I could  only squirm under her, “Oh, I love it when you struggle~”

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