Vamp Mosquito Story

    I cast my line. I adjusted the sunglasses that were just a little too big for my face and looked out over the shining water, “Not a lot of bites today,” I grumbled as I cracked open a beer. It was day two of my camping trip. It was a sunny day in the beginning of fall, no one else was around and I had the lake to myself-- other than the mermaid and her husband that lived beneath the water. I reapplied my bug spray to keep the bugs off of me. I gave it another two hours before sighing and reeling in my line. No fish for dinner tonight. I rowed back to shore and brought my little wooden boat onto land. I meandered into the treeline, stowing my tiny cooler and fishing supplies in my car. I grabbed a pack of hot dogs and got to building a fire.  
    I watched the sun set, the orange glow of the sky slowly turning to a deep purple over the lake. I sighed, “Wish some of the boys coulda come with,” I told myself as I stoked the flames, eager to cook up some dogs. I heard a low droning noise as I put my first hot dog on a metal stick. I frowned and grabbed my bluetooth speaker and got some John Denver playing, “Country roads, take me hoooooome,” I sang as I stared at the fire, the droning getting louder. I grabbed my old single action revolver, loaded with demon silver rounds, unsure of what was coming. Be it man, beast or monster, I was ready for it. I kept the speaker playing, finding when I focused on the buzzing I tended to space out horribly.  
    I didn’t have time to react as something dashed out of the treetops at me. I was knocked onto my back off of the log I was sitting on as a small girl started grabbing at my clothes, “Let’s get rid of these!” She cackled, “Then--” She stopped as she smelled the air around me. She wretched, “Oh merciful Demon Lord! What in--” She dry heaved, rolling off of my legs and onto the nearby grass. 
    I rose quickly to my feet, eyes darting around for my revolver. I got a better look at my assailant as she stood and faced me, disgust on her face. What I noticed first were her wings, large oval shaped wings of a grey color. She had the abdomen of a bug on her back to protect her wings when they were tucked behind her. Her arms and legs were covered in something akin to chitin, also grey and black. Her torso was covered by a black dress with red lace along the edges. She looked at me with fearful red eyes. Her long black hair was done up in ponytails on the sides of her head. She certainly wasn’t the worst looking monster I had ever seen, “Hi,” I said rather casually. 
    She cocked her head, “Hi,” She repeated back, “You’re... Not disgusted?” 
    “I’m fine with bugs. Want a hot dog?” I felt a little bad having nearly made her vomit with my bug-off. 
    Her eyes lit up, “Sure!” 
    I handed her a hot dog on my spare stick and got myself a new dog, leaving the one covered in dirt to be eaten by crows, “Never seen a girl like you before.” 
    “No love for vamp mosquitoes these days,” She sighed, “Or ever. Can you believe that someone would rather fuck a mushroom?” 
    “You suck blood?” 
    “That’s not the only thing I’ll suck, big boy,” She gave me a grin. 
    “Your hot dog is burning,” I nodded. 
    “Oh, shit!” She panicked and started shaking it. 
    “Blow it out, you’re gonna hurt someone shaking it like that!” I commanded. 
    She looked at me and nodded, bringing it to her face and blowing hard, putting the hot dog out, “I did it!” She laughed a little bit, nervously. 
    “Here's a bun, want some mustard and ketchup?” 
    “Yes please. What’s your name?” 
    “Anon. Yours?” 
    “Jamie. What are you doing out here alone?” 
    I sighed, “Me and my friends used to come out here every year. Now they’re too busy with their families to hang out any more.” 
    Jamie scooted a bit towards me on the log, forgetting about the bug spray, “At least you have friends.” 
    I looked at her sad face, “You’re all alone?” 
    “I have my sisters and parents, of course. We all work from home and don’t get out much.” 
    “How’d you come out here then?” 
    “I don’t live far from here, I saw you on the lake and... I thought you were cute,” She blushed. 
    I looked at her, “Hmph,” I blew air out of my nose, “What do you like to do?” 
    “Like, hobbies?” She squinted at me, scratching her head. I nodded, “Uhm, movies? I like horror movies?” 
    “That’s pretty good. Anything else?” 
    She looked like she might cry, “N-no...” 
    “Hey-- Hey don’t cry. I understand not having a lot of hobbies. It seems like most monster girl’s hobbies are their husbands,” I joked as I turned the speaker back on. Gorillaz played quietly. 
    She blinked at me, “Oh my god. You’re so right!” She stood up, “THAT’S why I can’t make friends, I don’t have that connection with most girls!” 
    “Maybe its because you’re a shut in and a homebody?” I suggested, “I know that’s why I don’t have a ton of friends any more.” 
    “Do... you want to hang out? Maybe be friends?” 
    “I gave you a hot dog. We’re already friends,” I laughed. 
     She smiled at me, tears rolled down her cheeks, “Thank you, Anon,” She moved closer to me, pressing herself into my side as she ate her hot dog. The bug spray must have worn off. 
    We sat together in the dark, talking quietly over the music that I would hum along to during moments of silence. I checked my watch, “Hey, I should head to sleep soon. I gotta wake up and get back on the lake early,” I absentmindedly spun my unloaded revolver in my hand. 
    “Can I come!? Fishing sounds fun!” Jamie gave me a huge grin. 
    “Sure. You want to meet back here in the morning? Or would you rather camp with me?” 
    “Camp with you!” She looked back at the tent and excitedly bounced up and down. 
    I chuckled, “Sure. I’ve got some extra blankets, you want the sleeping bag?” I got up and headed to the tent after cleaning up my campsite. She buzzed excitedly as we got in the tent. I turned on my electric lantern. 
    As soon as I took my shirt off, Jamie’s eyes were glued to my upper body, near my neck. I gave her a confused look, “Your-- Your shoulders look... Good.” 
    “Uh, thanks,” I felt like I was forgetting something, “The air mattress should be big enough for the two of us. No funny business, Jamie.” 
    “Okay!” She dove into the sleeping bag and gave me a smug, comfy look. I chuckled and wrapped myself in some blankets, “Anon?” 
    “Hm?” I turned off the lantern. 
    “I’m not gross, right?” 
    “Course not. Do you think I’m ugly?” 
    “No! You’re pretty cute,” She laughed, “Well, good night, Anon.” 
My alarm went off at six, I got up and turned it off. I turned to Jamie, staring at me with wide eyes. I scratched my shoulder. It was hot and uncomfortable. I put some itching cream on it and threw a shirt and coat on, ready to brave the morning air. I offered Jamie another coat since she only had a dress on. I stepped out into the cold morning and stretched, greeting the sun as it was just coming up. Jamie quickly followed me out. I opened the trunk, put my revolver in my pocket and grabbing my two fishing rods. I gave Jamie the smaller one. She was a little over five feet tall. She rolled up the sleeves of my coat she wore, still drowsey. I loaded up the boat myself and picked up Jamie, causing her to blush. I put her in the boat before I pushed it back into the water. I climbed into the boat and rowed us out into the lake, “Wanna put the worm on the hook yourself?” 
“Sure!” She smiled and followed my instructions to bait her hook. I showed her how to cast her line. She did it to the best of her abilities, not bad for her first time.  
“Nice!” I patted her on the back before I cast my own on the other side of the boat, “What’s your family like?” 
“I have three sisters, I’m the third sister. Mom and Dad live on the other side of the state so I don’t see them often,” Jamie told me. 
“I’m sorry to hear that,” I pulled on my line. 
“My sisters and I live together like I said. They’re really all I have. But, I’ve got you now, right?” 
I smiled, “Right.” 
    “What happens now, Anon?” She switched to talking about fishing. 
    “We wait. Hope the fish come.” 
    “Have they been biting?” 
    I looked over my shoulder at her shining, smiling face, “Not really. I did hook a mermaid two days ago.” 
    “What did she do!?” She laughed. 
    “Asked me to get the hook out of her arm. I apologized profusely. Her husband gave me a fish to show that we were cool.” 
    “Oh. That’s not as funny as I was hoping,” She frowned. Her pole was nearly torn from her hand, “Oh fuck, oh merciful Demon Lord! What do I do, Anon!?” 
    I secured my rod and sat behind her, “Grab that and start reeling it in slowly.” 
    I held onto her shoulders, making sure the fish didn’t pull her into the water, “There it is!” The fish broke the top of the water, “Keep reeling!” 
    She reeled it in, I pulled the fish into the boat, “Now what!?” She asked excitedly. 
    “You wanna put it down, or do you want me to?” 
    She looked at me, smile dropped from her face, “We--We kill it?” 
    “Well, yeah. If we want to eat it,” She looked like she might cry. I changed my tune, “I’ll throw it back if you want. I’ve got more hot dogs.” 
    “Throw it back, Anon.” 
    I nodded and put the fish back, making sure to remove the hook, “That fish will continue to live a... Fishy... Life.” 
    “Good,” The smile returned to her face, “That was fun!” 
    “Let me put another hook on your line and you can go again.” 
    I picked up my rod as she cast her line again, “What do you do, Anon?” 
    “Carpenter, you?” 
    “I transcribe videos from home. Its boring but pays the bills.” 
    “Nice. Well, I guess that's not the right word.” 
    She laughed a bit, “No, that's fine.” 
    I rowed us back to shore around five. I was getting frustrated by my bad luck. Even when I switched sides with Jamie, she would still catch more fish. I caught one, a tiny fish that she made me put back. Jamie caught five good sized fish. I scratched my shoulder and brought the boat back onto shore. Jamie helped me put the boat back onto its trailer, “Going home?” She asked sadly. 
    “Tomorrow. You gonna hang out more tonight?” I asked her. 
    “I would love to!” She happily sat on my lap, “Do you have another sandwich I can have?” 
    “No, I’m all out. You ate the last two,” I shook my head. 
    “Do you want more hot dogs?” I offered, having no fire built yet. 
    “How about I get some of your weiner?” She turned around to face me, cheeky grin on her face. 
    “Is that a joke or a real attempt at getting in my pants?” 
    “Well,” She reached her hand up and grazed a finger across the itchy spot on my shoulder, causing me to moan in pleasure. I looked at her, confused, “I suck blood good, but if I’m anything like my mom, I suck dick even better~” 
    This was the most awkward flirting I had ever seen. It was working on me, “Right now?” 
    “Mhm,” She crotch-checked me and eyed the tent, “Already hard for me?” 
    “You’re lucky I like flat chests,” I teased as I was pulled into the tent rather forcefully.  
    I was thrown onto the air mattress, my pants torn off in an instant as she immediately started to suck greedily. She slowly sucked on my member, one hand at the base of the shaft, the other gently grazing my thighs. Her tongue was long and wrapped around my cock, teasing it gently. She looked at me with hungry eyes as I moaned from the pleasure. She pulled her mouth off of me, “Wanna cum in my mouth or on my face?” 
    “Do whatever you want,” I moaned, eager for her to get back to it. 
    “Whatever I want, hm?” She gently bit down on my leg, still stroking me, causing me to bleed. She greedily lapped up the blood as I started to break into some kind of rash. It felt even better than when she was sucking on my cock, “GOD you taste SO GOOD,” Hungrily, she bit into my other leg, more bleeding, another rash and ultimately more pleasure. When she was satisfied and full of my blood, she climbed on top of me, pushing herself down on my cock, “Fill me up, Anon!” She laughed as I grabbed her hips, violently thrusting into her. She reached climax rather quickly, moaning loudly as her tight pussy attempted to bring me to orgasm. I grabbed her and put her on her back, fucking her missionary now. I kept thrusting into her, her legs wrapped around me and her arms clinging to my neck as she bit into my shoulder, causing me to moan loudly. I orgasmed before I even realised it, filling her up, just like she had demanded. 
    I scooted back from her, admiring my work as love juices oozed from her pussy. She was drenched with sweat and had a bit of blood running down her chin. I got on the makeshift bed next to her, “Now neither of us have to be alone any more,” I grabbed her in my arms and held her tightly. 
    “Anon?” She panted, trying to hug me back. 
    “I think I love you. A lot.” 
    “Well, I think I love you too,” I gave her a smooch on the cheek, not wanting to kiss the mouth that had just been kissing my dick. 
    She smiled at me, “We should come back here and do this every year!” 
    “Fuck like animals in the woods?” 
    “Yeah! Well, I meant the fishing mostly.” 
    “I’d love to do that. Fucking and fishing, I mean.” 
    She gave me another huge smile, “Let’s go cuddle by the fire! I want a hot dog still!” 
    “You just ate a weiner and now you want another?” I teased. 
    “Oh, fuck off or I’ll put bites all over you while you sleep!”     “Please don’t.”

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